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Friday August 22, 2014
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[Preparanoia] ALL CAPS when you spell the man's name.

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Audio: Seneca ft. Joe Con - "Co-Pilot"

Bonnaroo Festival Mixtape Download

May 18, 2010

Diwon remixes the Bonnaroo Festival Bands

Diwon (the American-Israeli DJ/Producer extraordinaire behind the Shemspeed record label) has just released "Bonna Jamz", a collection of remixes showcasing numerous Bonnaroo artists for this year's festival. Artist that were chosen to be remixed by Diwon span a variety of genres and include: Miike Snow, Nas & Damien Marley, The National, Manchester Orchestra, Fanfarlo, Snoop Dogg, Kid Cudi, Jay-Z, LCD Sound System, She & Him, Stevie Wonder, Neon Indian & The xx.

As a bonus Diwon remixed the hilarious Aziz Ansari over a signature diwon breakbeat and the guitars of Tokyo Police Club.


(feel free to include the free download link in your blogs, tweets & reviews)

Free Mixtape: Northern Hospitality - "Bad Language Mixtape"

From Leeds Hip Hop:

[Free Download] Northern Hostility - Bad Language Mixtape

Leeds super crew Northern Hostility and DJ Garrud present ‘The Bad Language Mixtape’, a collection of tracks recorded over the space of 2 years showcasing the cream of local and UK talent. Northern Hostility was started by MC Matter, who noticed all the different crews around Leeds and the mad potential they all showed. He decided to try and unite them under a single banner with the ultimate aim of providing a platform for the fledgling  Leeds scene.

The mixtape features members of local crews Alphabetix, Defenders of Style, Invizible Circle, Verbal Contact, Crackhouse Recordings and LS7 Battlers, as well as guest spots from UK hip hop luminaries such as Jack Flash, King Kaiow (The IRS), No Pretense and Breaking the Illusion. The beats come from local producers such as Sonar Cousin (who performs cuts and scratches), Sarantis, Prolific and Mr Mowgli, as well as French producer Consensus Lo-Fi.

Due to the large number of emcees and producers involved, the end result is extremely diverse and varied, with each track bringing a unique flavour and style. The classic boom-bap sound is heavily present and dubstep, glitch and soul all get a look-in too. The lyrical content switches from social commentary, abstract wordplay and concise concepts to tales of life in Leeds and love songs to music, mayhem and smoking out.

The mix was put together by DJ Garrud from live dubstep/grime band The Foot Clan, and he has done a beautiful job of melding all the tracks with their different influences together. He splices in vocal samples and mixes in well-known beats to fantastic effect, giving it the feel of a solid piece of work rather than just a collection of tracks mixed together.

Northern Hostility are no longer functioning as a crew but all members are still going stronger than ever with their various projects, and this free release captures the vibrancy of the scene in the time period it was created, and will hopefully expose all artists involved to a wider audience.

Free Download Link:

Useful Links:

Leeds Hip Hop Scene

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Twitter >> @leedshiphop

Video: French Montana x Wiz Khalifa x Nipsey Hussle x Big Sean

From Zack Einhorn:

Video: French Montana x Wiz Khalifa x Nipsey Hussle x Big Sean



* *

* *

Cocaine City representer (and Dice Music extended family) French Montana teams up with Wiz, Sean and Nips for this Mazi O-directed in-studio video for their song "I'm On It" Produced by Johnny Juliano.

LOST Series Finale + ˇMAYDAY! = Perfect

From CrazyHood:

LOST Series Finale + ¡MAYDAY! = Perfect

As the TV series LOST comes to an end, the ¡MAYDAY! crew felt inspired to leak the title song from their upcoming album “Stuck On An Island"


or go directly to

Not only that, but as the finale to the series approaches - take a look back at the season that started it all (set to the sounds of ¡MAYDAY!'s "Stuck On An Island.”

Word to John Locke!Stay tuned for more ¡MAYDAY! treats before the new album drops on 9/7/2010. Look out for ¡MAYDAY! in a city near you.
Chali 2na (Jurassic 5) - Fish Market 2 Trailer & Free Download

From Mitchell at Red Music:

Chali 2na (Jurassic 5) - Fish Market 2 Trailer & Free Download


* *

Chali 2na – New Single “Go-Go Gadget” (Free Download)

* *

Video: Kae Sun "On the Lookout"

Video: Kae Sun "On the Lookout"

Video: David Banner - Death Of A Pop Star Interview

From Audible Treats:

Video: David Banner - Death Of A Pop Star Interview

David Banner Delves Into The Album's Meaning, Speaks On His Collaborative Work With 9th Wonder

The Video:

As the heavily anticipated Death Of A Pop Star album release date approaches, David Banner took a few moments of his time during a recent studio session to talk about the collaborative album he's releasing this summer with 9th Wonder. Banner talks passionately about what the album represents, both for him and for hip-hop - Death Of A Pop Star isn't just another run-of-the-mill hip-hop album. For Banner, the album represents hip-hop beyond the quickly compiled throwaway projects, which Banner claims are hurting more than helping the art. Feeling trapped in this modern trend, the album is a breath of fresh air and a way for artists and fans to work toward achieving a musical balance. In addition to discussing the album, Banner also takes time out to discuss what it was like collaborating with 9th Wonder in making Death Of A Pop Star.

Look for David Banner and 9th Wonder's collaborative album, Death Of A Pop Star, this summer via Big Face Entertainment.

Check out David Banner's In-Studio Interview: .

The Background:

9th Wonder has a history of teaming with legendary emcees and crafting dream projects that have resulted in both critical and commercial success. A producer from North Carolina, 9th Wonder started his career as the main producer for the hip-hop group, Little Brother. Leaving Little Brother after their second album together, The Minstrel Show, 9th Wonder has since become a producer and emcee in his own right. Working with MURS, Nas, Beyonce, Jay-Z and more, 9th Wonder has made a name for himself in the hip-hop world. Also known as his rapper alterego, 9thmatic, 9th Wonder is a modern-day hip-hop renaissance man.

Hailing from Jackson, Mississippi, David Banner has made a name for himself on the hip-hop scene since 2000. Since then, he has released four studio albums and even became a celebrated producer like producing smash hits like T.I.'s "Rubberband Man," and having smash hits of his own like "Get Like Me". David Banner's most recent successes include writing, producing, and arranging (with guidance from Jimmy Smith and The G Team at Chalt Day) the new non-hip hop Gatorade theme song "Evolve," performed by Kermit Quinn. Teaming up with 9th Wonder may seem like an unusual collaboration but as the two talented artists come together, their initial album will leave a deep impression on fans. Death of A Pop Star drops summer 2010 via David Banner's own Big Face Entertainment.


In-Studio Interview: .

Behind The Scenes for "Slow Down": .

"Evolve": .

Facebook: .

Twitter: .

Suge Knight Arrested in L.A.


LOS ANGELES -- Hip Hop producer Suge Knight is in trouble with the law once again.

Knight, whose real name is Marion Hugh Knight, was pulled over by California Highway Patrol officers around 12:30 a.m. Thursday in the area of Crenshaw Blvd. and 147th Street in Gardena, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Knight was accused of pulling a gun on a man in South Los Angeles a short time earlier, according to LAPD officer April Harding.

Nearly a half-dozen officers surrounded Knight's white Cadillac Escalade. He was then handcuffed and taken to the LAPD's Southwest Division headquarters for questioning.
Knight was booked for assault with a deadly weapon involving a gun, and driving with a suspended license -- a misdemeanor charge, police told KTLA.

No further details of the alleged assault were released.

Knight, 45, was booked at the Metro jail in downtown Los Angeles, and bail was set at $65,000, police said. He could face more prison time if he's found guilty of violating parole.

The co-founder and former CEO of Death Row Records has a long history of being in trouble with the law.

In 1996, he was sent to prison for a parole violation.

The following year, he was sentenced to 9 years for the violation.

He was released in 2001 but was sent back to jail in 2003 for another parole violation.

Knight was implicated in the March 2009 armed robbery of Los Angeles-based R&B/Hip Hop producer Noel "Detail" Fisher.

He was most recently accused of having 10 men taken jewelry from Jerold Ellis, who uses the name Yukmouth, outside a Los Angeles supermarket. Ellis later recanted the story.

Knight helped launch some of rap's biggest acts, including the seminal NWA, Snoop Dogg and the late Tupac Shakur. Knight was with Shakur the night he was killed in 1996.

Knight's name is derived from "Sugar Bear" -- a childhood nickname.

KOB Releases "All-American Reject Mixtape"

From Yo! PR:

KOB Releases "All-American Reject Mixtape"

* *

The colorful word twister and lyrical rhyme slinger KOB releases his anticipated mixtape "The All-American Reject" under the indie label Good Lyfe Musik. With an inherited passion for performance, and a dynamic song writing ability, KOB is sure to "Knock Out Bars" in a time where the world is looking for hope and inspiration.

"Our country as well as the world is struggling to keep its head above water. People are looking for hope and inspiration anywhere they can find it. 'The All-American Reject' documents my own struggles to find happiness, love and the answers to life's most difficult questions," explains KOB.

"But 'The All-American Reject' is more than just an autobiography. It's an inspirational soundtrack for anyone trying to do something more with their lives. This isn't music to dream to but music to live your dreams to!"

From learning to play drums at age four, to being signed to local labels, the aspiring up-n-coming rhyme-spitter understands each role in the music industry but KOB also experienced the difficulties in the hard knock life to make your dreams reality and to reach the unreachable.
"Now, at 22 years-old with a road of rejection, failure and hard work behind me, I am continuing to attempt to achieve the so-called impossible and make my dreams a reality. I am a representation of the 'American Dream' in action...I am 'The All-American Reject'."

Listen closely and get familiar because now it's time for KOB to tell his story with "The All American Reject".

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