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Video: Clan Destined - "Show Your Lighters"

From Dunn Deal PR:

Video: Clan Destined - "Show Your Lighters"

AmDex and DT are Clan Destined, the Atlanta-based duo and Rawkus 50 members who made their name with 2007's Abbracadamn!!!, 2007's And For Our Next Trick and last year's A Story Never Told. "Show Your Lighters" is the first video from their forthcoming album Self Titled dropping January 22 featuring Pudge, Stacy Epps, Boog Brown, Lyric Jones, Senor Kaos and the late, great Jax of Binkis.
MP3: N.B.S. - "Pats Music (New England Football Anthem)"

From Big Bang Records:

MP3: N.B.S. - "Pats Music (New England Football Anthem)"

    Back by popular demand, the homegrown hip-hop duo N.B.S. responsible for the smash hit unofficial Celtics anthem “Who Are We?! (The Celtics)” is back with “Pats Music (New England Football Anthem)”. This track is guaranteed to have any sports fan jumping out of their seats, with vivid imagery and stellar production that stirs the blood as soon as it hits the speakers.

    The Cambridge, MA based Hip-Hop group N.B.S. saw a great deal of success when they released their fan anthem during the NBA Finals of 2010 garnering the support of local clear channel affiliate Jamn 94.5, NBC affiliate WHDH 7 News, BarStoolSports , ThisIs50.com (The personal blog of multi-platinum entertainer 50 Cent), hugely popular new media destination WorldStarHipHop, WEEI Sports Radio, The Front Page of the Boston Herald, The Boston Globe, Yahoo! Sports, Cambridge Chronicle, an astounding half a million views on YouTube. In addition to all of these media accolades Big Bang Records gave back to fans by passing out close to 15,000 physical copies of the fan anthem around the Boston Garden during the playoff games. "Who Are We?! (The Celtics)" eventually became so popular that NBA filed an injunction against Big Bang Records, Inc for utilizing Celtics imagery without permission, while the Lakers anthem which featured Ice Cube, Ray J, Chino XL and many other artists curiously stayed untouched.

    With a pounding hip-hop beat, an unforgettably anthemic chorus, and the incredibly supportive sports community of New England behind N.B.S. and the Patriots, “Pat’s Music” Is sure to become the defacto anthem of choice for any fan of the well oiled machine that is The New England Patriots.

    “Pat’s Music” is radio and kid friendly, and available free of charge directly from Big Bang Records, Inc at: http://www.BigBangRecords.net/downloads/NBS-PatsMusic.zip .

    or, at http://hulkshare.com/7mgl8x0l1dl2 or http://www.mediafire.com/?irnptpt73ycytyi .

PR: Mega Ran - The Girl With the Makeup Gets Made Up

From Random:

Mega Ran - The Girl With the Makeup Gets Made Up

The 3rd single from the immortal Forever Famicom album with myself and K-Murdock is here! Check out "The Girl With The Make Up (Perfect Match remix)" feat. Ariano! click to listen or download on Bandcamp! http://megarankmurdock.bandcamp.com/album/the-girl-with-the-make-up-remix-single .

[The Girl With the Makeup

art by Chris Flocco.

As you know from a few months back, we're working on a vinyl version of the single, with some bonus goodies, and that'll be shipping next month. CLICK to preorder the 7'' Vinyl! http://neosonix.bigcartel.com/product/the-girl-with-the-make-up-7-vinyl .

Next... the Final Fantasy 7 album is almost done, most of the work will be digital for this one, but I will be creating a limited run of CDs, and each will be numbered and signed. Make sure you guys stay tuned to http://megaran.com/ and http://randomhiphop.proboards.com/ for info on getting a piece of an epic title!

For Doz that Slept:

If you're behind on the music we've served up in the last few, here's a refresher:

    * Random, Savant, Hexagon "Valley of Doom" prod by DN3 and Bear McCreary - http://ohhla.com/Random/ .
    * Random and Lost Perception "Aerith" - http://random.bandcamp.com/track/aerith .
    * Random, Storyville and K-Murdock "Bedrock City" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHZbwVbHHhA .
    * Random and Kosha Dillz "Video Game Jawn" - http://soundcloud.com/rami-2-2/kosha-dillz-mega-ran-video-game-jawn/s-JDQsE .
    * Random and Span Phly "Agents" feat. Judgement *NEW* - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1Qq5ug9juI .

myself and K-Murdock and DN3 and EOM and everyone else are working on a lot of great things for 2011 for you... so stay tuned!


Random, aka Mega Ran

PR: Lil B Pays Tribute to NYC, RZA, MF DOOM & More

From Amalgam Digital:

Lil B The Based God talks about being an artist; Pays tribute to NYC, Real Lyricism, Rza, Mf Doom, Jean Grae, East Coast, Hip Hop

Link here: http://thefashlifesnklxbornt.tumblr.com/post/2708792177/lil-b-the-based-god-at-his-album-listening-party .

Lil B The Based God “Angels Exodus” (Amalgam Digital)

Digital-Only Album

Available Jan 18th 2011 at www.AmalgamDigital.com w/ bonus tracks

Lil B The Based God – “Glass Face” (Amalgam Digital)

New Full Length Album coming soon!

MP3: Shinobi Stalin - "Bomb Run"

From Clay Randle:

MP3: Shinobi Stalin - "Bomb Run"

With the New Album "Invisible Man" Set for release later this year; Vets of Kin Rep Shinobi Stalin has Dropped his latest Promo "Bomb Run", in association with Civil Mics and Domination Recordings.  Produced by Tek The Intern this is one of the many solo releases you will see from Stalin in 2011.

Band Camp     http://shinobistalin.bandcamp.com/track/bomb-run
Mediafire link   http://www.mediafire.com/?33zkqcv3ljxae11

MP3: Cartier Boyz (Doe Shun & Young Dro) - "D-Boy"

From DJ Smallz:

MP3: Cartier Boyz (Doe Shun & Young Dro) - "D-Boy"




DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.sendspace.com/file/0rxyv2 .


From Audible Treats:


With Album Release Date Approaching, IMAKEMADBEATS Releases Sampler For Fans     

The Song:

After releasing the two-part EP, Daylight/Nightlight, and "I Bet," the Von Pea-, J. Freedome, and Xodus featuring first leak from the producer's forthcoming self-titled debut, IMAKEMADBEATS is now treating fans with a full sampling of the album. The LP will be released on January 18th via Doxside Music Group and features the likes of Black Milk, Steele of Smif N Wessun, Planet Asia, Butta Verses and TzariZM, and more. The album sampler is a compilation of songs that puts IMAKEMADBEATS' production skills on full display, showing off his far reaching diversity and depth of sound. With tracks ranging from hard hitting grit ("Heard Of Me," "Spazz") to emotionally charged ("What's It Gonna Be"), the album maintains a level of soulfulness that has become a hallmark of all IMAKEMADBEATS work.

IMAKEMADBEATS' self-titled debut will be available January 18th via Doxside Music Group.

Download IMAKEMADBEATS Album Sampler here: http://media.audibletreats.com/IMAKEMADBEATS-IMAKEMADBEATS_Sampler.mp3 .

Download "I Bet" here: http://media.audibletreats.com/IMAKEMADBEATS-I_Bet_Ft_J_Freedome_Von_Pea_Xodus.mp3 .

MP3: Rick Ross - "The Transporter"

From M3W:

MP3: Rick Ross - "The Transporter"

* http://tinyurl.com/RickRoss-Transporter *

MP3: Sabrina - "I Wanna Shoot Lady Gaga"

From J. Melo:

MP3: Sabrina - "I Wanna Shoot Lady Gaga"

Sabrina has worked with Nappy Roots, Focus..., Jayo Felony, Knoc-turn'al and many more. She also head the lead single off the "Last Day of Summer" film which starred Nikki Reed from the "Twlight" saga. Through her hard work and accomplishments,  Sabrina has landed a digital distribution deal through Interscope Records for her brand new controversial single, "I Wanna Shoot Lady Gaga."

"I Wanna Shoot Lady Gaga"

The single is available today on iTunes and is an exclusive ringtone through Apple iPhones.

Artist: Sabrina
Single: I Wanna Shoot Lady Gaga
Label: Interscope
MP3: Missy Burton - "Free to Be Me"

From M3W:

MP3: Missy Burton - "Free to Be Me"

* http://mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/missyburton/blast-page.html *

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