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MP3: Chingy - "Cashin Out (Cemix)" DJ Noize Exclusive

From DJ Noize:

MP3: Chingy - "Cashin Out (Cemix)" DJ Noize Exclusive

!!THIS IS A DJ NOIZE EXCLUSIVE!! CHINGY "CASHIN OUT (CEMIX)." Chingy jumps on Cash Out's smash hit "Cashin Out"! Check out the Cemix!


Video: SL Jones x DJ Burn One - "D.A.R.E."

From Audible Treats:

Video: SL Jones x DJ Burn One - "D.A.R.E."

Earlier this year, SL Jones and DJ Burn One announced the forthcoming release of a collaborative EP, Paraphernalia. Since the announcement, the Little Rock rapper and Atlanta producer have grown the EP into a full-length mixtape (still titled Paraphernalia), which will be released as a free download for fans in the coming weeks. Today, to celebrate the new announcement, SL Jones & DJ Burn One are excited to release the debut visual from Paraphernalia, "D.A.R.E."

The song, which serves as the intro track from Paraphernalia, is a tone-setter for the project, and the title of the song, an acronym for "Do Anything, Risk Everything," is an out-the-gate statement for a project that continues to show the Little Rock rapper getting more personal and reflective in his music. "Daring to dream, you have to sacrifice so much; you face doubt, adversity, and fear of failure," remarks SL. "You want it so bad that you're willing to almost do anything and risk everything to achieve it."

The video for "D.A.R.E.," directed and edited by Red Audio, keeps it simple with a black and white visual that adds power to the song's lyrics. "I wanted to keep the visuals subtle but honest," explains SL. "DJ Burn One's beat is so raw, so the video really accents the music and compliments the lyrics."

Video: Phraze f/ Jayroctomologist - "Game of Life"

From Bretts Davis:

Video: Phraze f/ Jayroctomologist - "Game of Life"

Once again coming from the highly anticipated mixtape Jackin4Beatz volume 2 This time we have Phraze and Jayroctomologist explaining LIFE as if it were a game. This one is filled with lots of wordplay and puns as the two Mc's cleverly get their point across.

New Audio: Jaecyn Bayne f/ Canibus - "Bis & Bayne"

From Matt B:

New Audio: Jaecyn Bayne f/ Canibus - "Bis & Bayne"

Signed to renowned Jazz label “Owl Studios”, Jaecyn Bayne’s debut LP, Audio Therapy, is slated for a 4-24-2012 release date and will feature guest appearances from Styles P, Fred the Godson & Canibus alongside production from Streetrunner and Bronze Nazareth among others. Here is the final leak from Jaecyn Bayne’s Audio Therapy, “Bis & Bayne,” f/ Canibus until after street date.

DL link to Jaecyn Bayne f/ Canibus “Bis & Bayne”: .

Video: Chuuwee - "Glorious Revolution"

From Matt B:

Video: Chuuwee - "Glorious Revolution"

Chuuwee’s Crown Me King will serve as the prelude to his long-awaited official solo-debut, Wild Style, which will be released on 5-29-2012 via Amalgam Digital. Whereas Chuuwee’s previous efforts were hybrid sub-genres he created such as “neo-boombap” (neo-soul meets boom-bap) or “hooliganarism” which Chuuwee describes as Treach of Naughty By Nature meets Wakka Flakka Flame, Wild Style can be summarized as pure 90s Hip Hop, where he is taking the classic elements of the golden era with the look, sound and the feel and then applying them to the present day. Inspired by Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, Big L, De La Soul with even hints of DMX, Wild Style promises to be Chuuwee’s break-out project, one that will showcase him as being a frontrunner lyricist from Hip-Hop’s new school; while also paying homage and respect to the great pioneers of the 1990’s. “Wild Style is the album that’s going to eradicate weak rap off the face of the map. It is the return of real Hip-Hop. It’s pure and it’s not me trying to re-make it. It’s not me telling you its 90s Hip-Hop; it is 90s Hip-Hop” says Chuuwee.

MP3: @OFFICIAL_FLO & @LADYGAGA - "Marry the Night Remix"

MP3: Flo Rida & Lady Gaga - "Marry the Night Remix"

Courtesy Poe Boy Ryan.



* *



Video: Money Makin Nique f/ Curtis Williams - "F.A.X Machine"

From Fly Kix ATL:

Video: Money Makin Nique f/ Curtis Williams - "F.A.X Machine"

21 yr-old upstart Atlanta MC Money Makin Nique calls on fellow Two-9 collective member and rapper/producer Curtis Williams (Travis Porter, Retro Sushi, Jose Guapo), for this video about leaving ex-loves behind them.  Produced by Cardo. Video features nudity and may be NSFW.

Video: SPOT - "I'm In Love" (Grand Hustle) @beingSPOT

Video: SPOT - "I'm In Love" (Grand Hustle)

New Grand Hustle Artist, SPOT, releases his first visual, "I'm In Love", off of his recently released Gangsta Grillz, The Price Iz Right, with DJ Drama.  SPOT Will Be Headlining The "Road To Riche$ Tour" Along With Yo Gotti at The Masquerade in Atlanta on Thursday May 3rd. Tickets are available though

MP3: Staxx N Waxx f/ Keak Da Sneak - "Fort Knox"

From Justin Melo:

MP3: Staxx N Waxx f/ Keak Da Sneak - "Fort Knox"

The legendary Keak Da Sneak shows up on the debut single "Fort Knox" from Staxx N Waxx's album that is being distributed through the WIDEawake Death Row Entertainment label (through E1 Music).  The album is available now through all major retailers.

"Fort Knox" (feat. Keak Da Sneak) .

The (W)rap Up - Week of April 17, 2012

If you missed any of the new reviews this past week, including Future's "Pluto" then do yourself a favor and check out this week's edition of the (W)rap Up!

[Pluto]Future :: Pluto
A1/Free Bandz/Epic Records

Author: Steve 'Flash' Juon

"One thing can be said for certain about "Pluto" - it's the most anticipated album coming out on April 17th, 2012. It's conceivable that it's the most anticipated hip-hop album for the whole month of April. And given that the release date was postponed for several months, I'll even concede that "Pluto" is among the most anticipated records of the year so far. Future is definitely that guy right now when it comes to crossing over from the underground to the mainstream. The Decatur rapper and Dungeon Family affiliate has found that right mix of what's in right now for his hit songs, like the K.E. On the Track produced "Magic," which only got bigger when T.I. appeared on the remix. That version is on this new CD. So what's the secret to Future's success? It can in large part be attributed to his flow, which I will divide like a pie into four slices. 25% is his sing-song delivery, which falls somewhere between monotonous and hypnotizing. 25% is the use of AutoTune to manipulate his vocals, turning him into a cross between T-Pain and Gucci Mane. 25% is the fact he's very well connected in the game. He's got Drake on the Will-A-Fool produced "Tony Montana," Snoop Dogg on the Jon Boi produced "Homicide" and Juicy J on the DJ Spinz produced "I'm Trippin'" and R. Kelly on the DJ Pharris & John Blu produced "Parachute" just to name a few."

Busy Signal :: Reggae Music Again :: VP Records
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor
[Reggae Music Again]
"Jamaican dancehall artist Busy Signal (known to his mother as Reanno Gordon) has gone through some stylistic experimentation since coming on the scene in 2003. His first single, "Step Out," was hardcore dancehall complete with gunshots. On his 2009 album "D.O.B." he went soft rock, covering the Commodores' "Night Shift" and Phil Collins' "One More Night." Last year he went country with a cover of Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler." For his latest album, "Reggae Music Again," he's (mostly) ditching the Auto-Tune and synthesizers and going roots. The album opens with the roots track "Run Weh." The sweet backup vocals and grooving riddim mask dark lyrics about driving the wicked out. "When the city vampires and the zombies them rise/Still he fi go hide from Jah-Jah's sunlight," he sings, and I can't figure out if he's talking about the second coming or a zombie apocolypse. "Modern Day Slavery" and "Kingston Town" both have a wicked dub riddim and explore the darker side of life in paradise. The title track sounds like vintage Gregory Isaacs, with Busy Signal getting nostalgic about the golden age of reggae. Ironically, his image of "happiness on every face/peace and love for every race" doesn't accurately describe the reggae music of bygone days. Jamaica has always struggled with poverty and political oppression, and the music has always reflected that, albeit in a much less raunchy and nihilistic way than a lot of today's music."

E-40 :: The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 2 :: Heavy on the Grind/EMI Music
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 2]
"Picking up where we left off last week on the first chapter of "Block Brochure," we're back one mo' gen to bring you a review of "Welcome to the Soul 2." Coincidentally, just like the opening of this trilogy, Earl Stevens is dropping street knowledge on the very first track. "I'm Laced" would on casual observation be a braggadocious track, and if all you wrote down was the hook, you'd draw the same conclusion - 40 is a California heavyweight. It doesn't matter if Earl has ever held a Harvard degree when he's already got a ghetto Ph.D, and he's not selfish about his street smarts. You don't have to be in search of an education when you ride through "The Soil" though, because there's plenty of entertainment in the pages of his lesson book. The pounding beat of the aptly named Chris 'THX' Goodman makes "On the Case" a dramatic win - and it even has some solid economic advice for tough times. Speaking of entertainment, I might be the only reviewer left in the world who hasn't shit on T-Pain yet, and I'm not about to on "Tryna Get It" either. As an added bonus, he produced the beat. As an even MORE added bonus, he and Twista try to one up each other on quick flipping their raps. "The Other Day Go" is a throwback to 1990's Cali hardcore with rhymes by Celly Cel and Spice 1, and the Trend produced "Function" is all the way new school with YG, IAmSu and Problem. ech N9ne fans are going to be happy with the second edition of the trilogy, as he shows up twice on "Scorpio" and "Zombie." For the most part though, Earl is still keeping his guest appearances hella local, which is thematically fine and not ear displeasing in any way. "

Giano :: B Sides and Remixes Volume 2 :: PNG Records
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

[B Sides and Remixes Volume 2]

"Giano is a Virginia rapper who has been spitting righteous rhymes for over a decade. This album collects remixes from his 2009 album "Beautiful World" as well as some tracks that didn't make it on that album. Giano is both a devout Christian and a devout hip-hop head, and he straddles the line between the two in his music. It's not totally accurate or fair to classify his music as Christian rap. True, he does have several songs that directly address his faith, but the majority of the music on "B Sides" deals with how his faith informs his worldview. Giano doesn't assume he has all the answers. His faith seems pose as many questions as answers. Giano is a talented rapper. He's been compared to Lupe Fiasco and Talib Kweli because of his intricate rhymes. The diverse production is handled by Giano, Symbolyc One, Sinuous, The Cratez, Ben B, and Major. "Salute" and "In Hindsight" are ambient rock similar to the xx; "Fantastic" is club rap complete with snapping snares and whistling synths; "Faux Interlude" is backpack rap with thwapping drums and horn stabs. The remix of "Society Conscience" adds strings and piano to the mix. "We Need"and "Prelude to A Love Song" go the R&B route, and "Spirit Vs. Flesh" mix of live instruments is reminiscent of the Roots. Giano is accompanied on the mic by Sivion, Sinuous, BenEvol and Eric Cross. BenEvol and Eric Cross offer pretty straightforward Christian rap on "No More," while Sivion and Sinuous hold their own with Giano on "Spirit Vs. Flesh" and "Prelude to A Love Song."

Mickey Avalon :: Loaded :: Suburban Noize Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"I want to throw out a shout to Mickey Avalon right at the start for doing an interview for RapReviews with Adam B. He could just as easily have told us where to go given this site absolutely SAVAGED his self-titled debut. Now I'm not telling you to read our last review - that's up to you - but when Arthur Gailes described him as having only "the slightest hint of personality" and "among the worst production ever put on record" his hip-hop career was to me an open and shut case. It was the fact he was open-minded enough to talk to us after such a scathing critique that in turn made me open-minded enough to give his new album a spin. Other factors working in his favor: 1.) five years is a long enough time for even someone wretched to become a decent artist and 2.) SubNoize probably wouldn't sign someone to a deal they think would put out an unlistenable album. Let's start with the first single off "Loaded" then entitled "More Junk." Now the snarky among the readership might find this lyricism unimpressive, and I'm not here to impress upon you that Avalon has suddenly turned into Shakespeare. What I do find though is that the press release for his album was entirely accurate about this song - it has both "sleek electro-synth beats" and "playfully spit" rhymes. This is not the music of a revolution, and Avalon is certainly not part of the 99%. The theme of "Loaded" is the 1%. I'm not sure if Avalon was living this lifestyle before he became (in)famous, but I'd bet that an Interscope contract and touring with the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers led to songs like "Drugs." "

Mike G :: ALI :: Odd Future
** RapReviews "Back to the Lab" series **

as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"While reviewing "The OF Tape Vol. 2," one of the members who immediately caught my ear was Mike G. His role in the Odd Future crew isn't as prominent as founder Tyler, the Creator or his long time running mate Hodgy Beats, which may be a reflection of the fact he was "a fan who was invited to join the group" - or so says Wikipedia. I tend to not trust anything written there further than the next edit, which is always one iota of one mouse click away. It IS true though that when you listen to the original "Odd Future" tape he's not in the mix, and that since 2009 when he joined he's gradually been featured more and more. The first step in that process was the "ALI" album produced by Syd tha Kid, which until recently was still available from Odd Future's tumblr. Since MegaUpload got shut down though, you'll have to look elsewhere around the internet to find it. The first thing to know about "ALI" is that cameo appearances are all Odd Future. Tyler, the Creator appears on "Timeless," one of this short album's most interesting songs. The background music, much like the crew themselves, is a little unconventional and weird. It's built over a loop of birds chirping somewhere in nature, and the drumbeat sounds like someone tapping silverware on pots and pans. The synthesizer sounds Sydney provides hold this eclectic mix together, and Mike G shows off his lyrical writing ability, which even at this prototype stage of his career shows a more focused thought pattern than some of his Golf Wang compadres. "

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