Sunday September 25, 2016

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[mc chris is dreaming] Real life or just fantasy?

SkyBlew review

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Video: Six Reasons - "Behind the Bars (Drug Money)"

Video: Six Reasons - "Behind the Bars (Drug Money)"

Courtesy Sam C.

Six Reasons takes you "Behind The Bars" of DRUG MONEY.

Audio: Nick Nemesis - "Get Up" (prod. Statik Selektah)

Audio: Nick Nemesis - "Get Up" (prod. Statik Selektah)

Courtesy Nick Nemesis.

If life knocks you down ya just gotta get up!
Listen/Download ^

Dropout Live: Starboy Nathan

Dropout Live: Starboy Nathan

Courtesy Drew Bristow.

Hope you're well! Got a great Dropout Live acoustic session video for you of Starboy Nathan performing Frank Ocean's track 'Swim Good'.


MP3: Perle f/ Gunplay - "Bean'd Out" (Maybach Music Group)

MP3: Perle f/ Gunplay - "Bean'd Out" (Maybach Music Group)

Courtesy Papa Smirf.

* ( CLEAN )
* ( DIRTY )

MP3: Belly f/ Snoop Dogg - "I Drink I Smoke"

MP3: Belly f/ Snoop Dogg - "I Drink I Smoke"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

MP3: hasHBrown - "The Death Penalty"

MP3: hasHBrown - "The Death Penalty"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

MC/Producer Announces Release of Upcoming Album With New Single

Multitalented MC/producer hasHBrown is happy to announce the release of his brand new single, "The Death Penalty." This is the first single from his solo sophomore album, Break Something, which will be released as a free download on November 30th.

Coming straight out of Houston, TX, hasHBrown began his rhyming career alongside John Dew and Hip-Phonix with the hip-hop trio, The Council, until 2008 when he started releasing solo mixtapes. Fast forward three years, and now hasHBrown is ready to release Break Something, the follow-up to his cathartic EP, Relationsh*t, featuring guests like Guilty Simpson, Dustin Prestige and Dannie Walker. "It's a departure from my core sound," HB says of the new project. "This project is more influenced by rock and funk. So it's going to sound a lot different, more aggressive."

In keeping with this newfound sound, hasHBrown's first single off of Break Something is "The Death Penalty," a cautionary tale for anybody looking to question his skills or test his authority. "Any person in a leadership role will be challenged by new comers that may want the spot they obtain," explains HB. "In essence, the 'penalty' of leadership could get you killed, and in this song I'm defending my mantle as one of the best newcomers out of Houston, TX."

Although hasHBrown produced many of the songs on Break Something under his other moniker, Jett I. Masstyr, he chose a beat by another Houston producer, YPhoenix, after hearing it at a beat battle. "I'm a sucker for crazy samples and fierce drums," says HB. "We built our relationship from just talking about his production after the battle. Then, he sent it over, and natural inspiration took over." Lyrics like "This the calm before the storm/ above average to the norm/ I'm a savage Jason Bourne/ Contract killer but I'm calm," and heavy guitar-driven samples establish the song's badass attitude and reiterate what hasHBrown is about, which is, according to him, "I'm here, I'm not scared, and I go hard."

Download "The Death Penalty" for free here: .

Download: T.iM.E - "Breakthrough" (Beat Ventriloquists Remix)

Download: T.iM.E (Theimagination & E Reece), "Breakthrough" (Beat Ventriloquists Remix)

Courtesy Dunn Deal PR.

The T.iM.E Is Now album out now on Elevated Mental/Culture Digital.

listen/download/embed at
The T.iM.E Is Now on iTunes | Amazon | Bandcamp
website | soundcloud | youtubevimeo

Hot on the heels of the original version's release comes the Beat Ventriloquists' remix of "Breakthrough", the official single off The T.iM.E Is Now, the new album from producer/emcee duo T.iM.E (Theimagination and E Reece).  Check here for the original version's official music video, directed by Ilyas Nashid. "Breakthrough" is scheduled to be Google's Song Of The Day on November 12. The T.iM.E Is Now is available now on Elevated Mental Recordings/Culture Digital Music.

MP3: Red Cafe f/ Diddy - "Let It Go"

MP3: Red Cafe f/ Diddy - "Let It Go"

Courtesy BF Blasts.

MP3: .

Video: TUGE & Ariez Onasis - "What It Don't Do"

Video: TUGE & Ariez Onasis - "What It Don't Do"

Courtesy Zack Einhorn (DICE Music).

Tuge and Ariez link up to provide some visuals for the fan favorite collaboration
that appeared on both of their respective mixtapes, THE SCRIMMAGE and JACKMOVE


Video: T-Raw - "I Got Everything"

Video: T-Raw - "I Got Everything"

Courtesy Amber (Urban Addiction PR) and Flip TV.

2nd Official Video from the Forthcoming Mixtape
Directed By Lloyd Forest - Flip TV

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