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Video: Sway - "Still Speedin'"

Video: Sway - "Still Speedin'"

Courtesy 730Promo.

SWAY IS BACK!! With the first official single 'Still Speedin'' taken from 'The Deliverance' album.  Look out for the UK remix with Kano dropping next week and a U.S remix featuring a VERY special guest coming soon.

Video: Zach89 - "Rap Regulator"

Video: Zach89 - "Rap Regulator"

Courtesy Dove @ Tygereye.

"Rap Regulator" is Zach89's reimagining of M.O.P.'s classic anthem "Ante Up", complete with Zach's live percussion over the track!
JoJo Simmons makes an appearance in the video, along with additional vocals from Reggie of Team Blackout, who also hosts Zach89's RapZhody mixtape, slated for October!
Watch the crew unleash their end-of-Summer antics and enjoy!

PR: Houston's Marcus Manchild Joins Method Man On Tour

PR: Houston's Marcus Manchild Joins Method Man On Tour

Courtesy Nancy B.

Houston, TX ~ Houston's up-and-comer Marcus Manchild is coming to a town near you soon, courtesy of The Smoker's Club Tour, joining Method Man, Curren$y, BIG K.R.I.T and more. The tour will last a little over a month, hitting 32 cities including Phillie, New York, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta and D.C. First stop will be Toad's Place in New Haven, CT on October 12th. Marcus joins the tour after a week of promotion in his home state, celebrating the drop of his new mixtape, "Preseason 2", hosted by DJ Ill Will and due out September 26th.

The first single off of "Preseason 2" was the Big K.R.I.T. and Travis Porter assisted "A Million" . Next up is "Big Boi Sh*t ft. Killa Kyleon & Bulu." The song was produced by T.A.

Marcus Manchild has been a fixture on Houston's new school scene since joining local independent label, AMG (Authentik Music Group), dropping two projects, "The Preseason" and "SPACEDOUT." It was this second project that produced the break-out hit, "Get Off Me", bringing him to the attention of radio. Marcus' music has amassed over a million views on YouTube over the past couple of years, affording him the opportunity to record with a host of household names in rap. Of course, the labels are calling, but AMG doesn't see a 360 deal in Marcus' future. While Marcus may currently be in the preseason of his career, sources indicate that he is destined for nothing less than the majors.


"A Million ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Travis Porter"

"Big Boi Sh*t ft. Killa Kyleon & Bulu"



9/28 - Scott Gertner's Sports bar

9/29 - Schotzi's Bar (205 University Drive, College Station, TX)

9/30 - Club Eldorado (6035 S. MLK Parkway, Beaumont, TX)

10/1 - SF2 Clothing Store - Meet & Greet Mixer 6-9PM - (7204 Sw Freeway, Houston, TX)

Follow us on Twitter via @MarcusManchild & @RapPublicist

Video: DaVinci - "A Fillmore Story"

Video: DaVinci - "A Fillmore Story"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

DaVinci: A Fillmore Story from WEREHAUS.

In March 2010, DaVinci released The Day The Turf Stood Still, a truly striking debut album, and one that allowed listeners to share DaVinci's gaze as he watched his neighborhood, the historic Fillmore District in San Francisco, experience an overhaul due to impacts of gentrification and urban renewal. DaVinci's new EP, Feast Or Famine , released for free download late last month through his label, SWTBRDS, largely follows in those footsteps, while taking a broader look at the ills that affect – both good and bad – inner city communities across America."

Central to both projects is DaVinci's quest to find a voice that not only represents his own views, but also the struggle, pain, and celebration of those around him. And, inspired by the young rapper's work, Brian Chu and Austin Chu, collectively, set out to capture just that with their mini-documentary, "DaVinci: A Fillmore Story."

"Working on this project with SWTBRDS and DaVinci has been more than we could have asked for," explain Brian and Austin, noting that the project was their attempt to create, "an honest piece about the struggle to find oneself, and develop a voice that represents where one's from." Opening with an acapella take on a verse from previous single "D.R.E.A.M.," the mini-documentary chronicles DaVinci traveling throughout the city – home, the studio – as he speaks on how growing up in The Fillmore impacts his outlook on life, the struggle and care for others that permeates his music, and much more.

MP3: Fat Pimp f/ Big K.R.I.T. - "Got It Going On"

MP3: Fat Pimp f/ Big K.R.I.T. - "Got It Going On"

Courtesy DJ Smallz.




Video: Bi-Polar Bear - "F#$k Her"

Video: Bi-Polar Bear - "F#$k Her"

Courtesy Setting World Records.

MP3: Khingz - "Monster's Lib" (prod. Rel!g!on)

MP3: Khingz - "Monster's Lib" (prod. Rel!g!on)

Courtesy Dunn Deal PR.

listen/download/embed at .

MC KHINGZ reps Seattle's southside to the fullest and unleashes his demons on the REL!G!ON-produced "Monster's Lib", the first single from the former gangster turned poet's new album Liberation Of The Monster.  Feeling boxed in by labels and expectations of fans and friends who tried to subtly direct him to a more spoken word bohemian feel, KHINGZ reacts with this visceral and at times painful album; a declaration that he will not be boxed in or defined by anything but his own actions or anyone but his own heart. Listen, digest and free your inner beast.

MP3: Nas - "Your Mouth Got You In It"

MP3: Nas - "Your Mouth Got You In It"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

Video: Skipp Whitman - "Famous"

Video: Skipp Whitman - "Famous"

Courtesy Skipp W.

Free Music Friday: The Digital Diggers Edition

This week is dedicated to all of those internet diggers out there who want to get as much dope free music as possible. Well, here it is! And one of the free projects are released under a VERY LIMITED time, so I suggest you cop soon!

Dam Funk :: InnaFocusedDaze

Dam Funk

Funk isn't dead, y'all. It just smells funky and Dam Funk is the funk musical witness to that. Here's a free-P of his songs released with four songs for everybody to jam to. Check this one out and have a clothespin ready for your nose fpr the funk that you're about to download.

1. Forever
2. Don’t U Know (That This Funk Iz Real)?
3. Inside Of U
4. InnaFocusedDaze


Domo Genesis :: Under The Influence

Domo Genesis

For those who's been itching to check out Odd Future members not named Tyler, Hodgy, and Frank Ocean, here's a free project from OFWGKTA's own Domo Genesis. OF fans show crazy love to the project, so you already know that they're under the Wolf Gang influence. Check it out for yourself!

1.Mission Statement
2.Boss' Life
3.Guess Who's Back
4.L-Boy Interlude
5.More Clouds Feat. Remy Banks
6.Whole City Behind Us Feat. Ace
8.Lets Smoke
10.We Major
12.Mind Games (Snippet)


Ess Vee :: The Veelude

Ess Vee

Ess Vee aims to give Joe Buddens a run for his money as the most hustlin'est hustler comin' straight out Jersey! You hear me, my brother! Ess Vee come from a long way, yet he's just gettin' started and "The Veelude" shows as a prelude for what's next to come from Ess Vee. Guest appearacnes include Mike Jaggerr and QuESt.

1. We Are Young (Intro)
2. Backyard Sippin'
3. Cadillac in Effect (f/ Mike Jaggerr)
4. Just a Touch
5. Leave Me (f/ D/A)
6. Feel Music (f/ ESSO)
7. 5 in the AM
8. The Edge
9. Miss Ya Love (f/ Imagine)
10. Live (f/ QuESt)
11. I Go Thru It

Hollywood FLOSS : One Fan at a Time

Hollywood FLOSS

His name says Hollywood, but he reps Houston. Here's an up-and-coming emcee who's been featured in countless blogs, yet making his FMF debut with this free project here. He reps for his fans before he ends up blowing up and earn more fans who are just fans because he blew up. Guest appearacnes include Jackie Chain, Brian Angel of Day 26, Laws, Naledge of Kidz in the Hall, and more.

1. Dear Fans
2. Line 'Em Up (f/ YP)
3. Lights Out
4. Exhale (f/ Brian Angel of Day 26)
5. Contact High (f/ Jackie Chain)
6. H-Town Chicks (f/ Solution)
7. Home
8. Dream Killer 2.0 (f/ Laws)
9. Stalker
10. Champion Sh(t (f/ Naledge)
11. Fan Mail
12. So Much to Say (f/ Brian Angel)


In Case of Emergency :: We Are I.C.E.

We are I.C.E. Cover Art

Here's a new hip-hop band that brings you all to mind of Stetsasonic and the Roots. Hip-hop with lyrics and real-live instruments, what can go wrong with that? Check this one out!

1. Hip Hop Taking Over the World
2. DJ Lobotomy Interlude Pt. 1 (Making of "Play My Demo")
3. Let's Go KRAZAY (A Dedicat
4. Type of Woman
5. DJ Lobotomy Interlude Pt. 2  (Making of "Play My Demo")
6. Feeling Good...
7. I'll Take Her
8. DJ Lobotomy Interlude Pt. 3 (Making of "Play My Demo")
9. Play My Demo

Johnny Spanish & T-Razor :: 2 The Top

Johnny Spanish

Here's one of those free mixtapes that might as well be an album. F'real, Johnny Spanish & T-Razor makes it thier mission to make this not your average mixtape and they accomplished it well. Spanish and Razor keeps on rising "2 the Top!"

1. Mixtape Shit
2. 2 The Top
3. Roll Up
4. On It
5. Back My Way (f/ Cam Dollaz)
6. I Know
7. Got' Damn Shame
8. Make It Take It (f/ Jackie Chain)
9. Day in the Life (f/ BST Gang)




This album will be free for a limited time, so I suggest you download this one A.S.A.P. If you've been sleeping on this former U-N-I rapper, then I suggest you download this A.S.A.P. also. With features from Black Thought, Strong Arm Steady, and others (as well as production from DJ Khalil and Ro. Blvd.), this debut is a must-download. And if you want to show support, you can also buy it on the same site.

1. Molotov Cocktail
2. Rodney King
3. Fuck The Police
4. Colors (f/ Strong Arm Steady)
5. Hell’s Angel (f/ BJ The Chicago Kid)
6. Two Clips (f/ Kobe)
7. Riot (f/ Black Thought)
8. The Killers (f/ Jazzy)
9. Niggas
10. Big Ball
11. Prayer (f/ Cheryl Johnson)
12. Manifest Outro
13. Los Angeles
14. Dope


That's it for the "Digital Diggers Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love...

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