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Thursday April 24, 2014
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[Keepers of the Lost Art] Sahdeeq injure your fleet.

Shabaam Sahdeeq Review

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Ihiphop Targets My Mom

There are a lot of questions you expect to hear from your mom when she gives you a call. “Have you heard of someone named Nipsey Hussle?” is not one of them. Of course, because this is my life we’re talking about here, the other day my mom called me up with just that question.

Read the full story at:

Assessing Your Valentine by Their Playlist

As a public service to the world, in this week’s edition of the Fairfield County Weekly I have an article describing, in-depth, what you can discern about your Valentine’s Day date based on their choice of R&B singers. This article can be used in a number of ways. All the fellas out there can use it to figure out what kind of woman they’re dealing with, while all the women of the world can use it to figure out what kind of vibe they’re giving off.

Check out the feature at:

Snoop Dogg Says Goodbye to Geffen/Interscope

We've received word tonight via AllHipHop and Rolling Stone that Snoop Dogg is leaving Geffen/Interscope for greener pastures elsewhere. When asked for a comment Snoop had this to say: "We are pushing the envelope on getting everything finalized. But I will not be releasing anymore projects under Interscope/Geffen." Snoop had been with the label since 2004 when R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) - The Masterpiece was released. We'll keep you updated on his future plans and which new label this hip-hop/mainstream superstar will call home.
Hip-Hop Shop #20 - Buckshot, Pimp C, Royce Da 5'9" & More

The Hip-Hop Shop is the precursor to Kayfabe 4 Dummies every Sunday night, a 30 minute show of hip-hop tracks and talk. On this week's episode we've got new songs from K'Naan & Buckshot, M-Dot featuring Pimp C, Termanology and a Royce Da 5'9" freestyle with Busta Rhymes plus so much more! Tune in every Sunday at 9:30 PM EST, 8:30 Central via and if you miss the live show be sure to look for the replay here on RapReviews or via our sponsor The shows are 100% podsafe so distribute to your friends and tell them to visit Enjoy!

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KERO ONE to Release Sophomore Album "Early Believers"

From Audible Treats:

Emcee and Producer KERO ONE To Release Sophomore Album Early Believers      02.09.2009
Self-Contained Bay Area-Based Artist’s Album Features A Mix of Recording Techniques and International Guest Artists

(February 9th, 2009 - Brooklyn, NY) Bay Area producer and emcee KERO ONE will release his sophomore album Early Believers, as a follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut album Windmills of the Soul through his own record company, Plug Music Label on April 7th, 2009.

An avid fan of soul, disco, electro, and Brazilian beats, KERO ONE creates music that embraces these diverse genres without abandoning his hip-hop foundation. The underground success of his 2006 self-released, produced, and written debut album, Windmills of the Soul, went to the top of iTunes charts and led to KERO ONE embarking on world tours and producing for Talib Kweli and Mark Farina. More recently, he has also received major label attention and support from the likes of, B.E.P. front man and producer of Estelle, Nas, and Usher, who, after listening to KERO ONE's album, replied with a personal video message and a note saying: "Wow!!!..this is dope, Kero. I love it, I love it, I love it!"

Now, nearly 3 years after Windmills, KERO ONE has returned with a mission to renew the sounds of modern hip hop by melding together bits of various genres of music. In the creation of Early Believers, KERO ONE has enlisted the talents of some of his favorite singers and vocalists such as Giles Peterson’s UK singer protégé Ben Westbeech, Finland's own modern day "Stevie Wonder," Tuomo, and Portland's Ohmega Watts, to name a few. Pairing vocals with the warm tones of analog compressed drums, vintage synths, and live instruments, KERO ONE has created a 12 track album exhibiting his live instrumentation abilities, and growth and maturity as a writer, arranger, and vocalist.

Independently released with much of the same do-it-yourself work ethic as Windmills, KERO ONE once again takes full control of the music, the manufacturing, promotion, and the art direction of his second album, allowing him to maintain his full creative vision without the influence of outside forces. It is KERO ONE's ultimate hope that Early Believers, with the support of loyal fans and discerning listeners alike, will penetrate the barriers set up by corporate major labels to reach his largest audience to date.


KERO ONE- "Welcome to the Bay"
* *

Bio, pictures, and streams available here:
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Label Site:
* *

J-Zone Teams Up With Lonely Island & E-40

What's good folks? It's been a minute since I rang in with any music news, but here's my Groundhog Day appearance...a week late. I produced a song for the Lonely Island dudes from Saturday Night Live  (Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone & Akiva Schaffer) for their new album. The legendary E-40 (a personal fave of mine) is on the song as well (it's called "Santana DVX"), so it was a good look for me. I got a little mention in the New York Times yesterday, here's the link...

These dudes are funny as sh*t, take it from the former court jester of rap. Their album, Incredibad, is in stores tomorrow (Feb. 10) on Universal Republic (meaning it's easy to find), so support 'em. If they go gold, I get a gold record and I want one. I damn sure ain't sell enough J-Zone or Chief Chinchilla albums for a gold record (maybe a wooden 8-track tape), so this is my only shot at putting something on my bare walls besides on old Muhammad Ali poster. The album also features Justin Timberlake, T-Pain, Norah Jones, Sly & Robbie, DJ Numark and more, so I'm in prestigious company. If you need convincing, here are two of their videos from the album (you tube links)



I can relate to "Jizz In My Pants". That happened to me in Wal-Mart last week.

Muph & Plutonic Announce 2009 Australian Tour

For Immediate Release: February 9th, 2009
Muph & Plutonic announces the ‘Don’t Worry About Nothin’ Tour with Horrorshow

“Firmly cemented in Australia’s musical landscape” (The Independent) and touted as the country’s “best hip hop act” (JMAG), Muph & Plutonic are once again hitting the road to share their vibrant tunes with the masses. Fresh from their double placing on Triple J’s Hottest 100 Countdown (“Beautiful Ugly” #86, “Don’t Worry About Nothin’” #99) and a stellar run on this year’s festival circuit (Pyramid Rock, Solar Music, Soundscape), Melbourne’s finest hip-hop combination have announced their first major trek for 2009. The ‘Don’t Worry About Nothin’ Tour sees the group traverse the Australian landscape once again with an extended run through the Queensland sun along with stops in Melbourne, Tasmania, Adelaide, Perth, and Sydney.

Joining Muph & Plutonic will be Sydney duo Horrorshow. Rising from hip hop's tremendous undergrowth, Horrorshow hold the twin talents of style and effortless at their fingertips. Vocalist Solo is equipped with deft lyricism and melodic flow, holding court with heartfelt melancholy and redemptive optimism - cushioned with dry humour. Producer Adit has composed beautifully paced, confident beats - partnering the lyricism with flair in mood and colour.

The tour kicks off March 7th in Hobart and winds its way through Queensland before hitting both major markets and small towns, wrapping up the jaunt with a two-night stay out West. Don’t worry about a thing and come spend your summer with Muph & Plutonic.

Muph & Plutonic ‘Don’t Worry About Nothin’’ tour dates:
# feat. Horrorshow
07 Mar 2009 @ Republic Bar - Hobart, Tasmania #
11 Mar 2009 @ Bombay Rock - Townsville, Queensland
12 Mar 2009 @ Brothers, Cairns - Cairns, Queensland
13 Mar 2009 @ Alhambra, Fortitude Valley - Brisbane, Queensland #
14 Mar 2009 @ Sands Tavern - Sunshine Coast, Queensland #
15 Mar 2009 @ Fishermans Wharf - Gold Coast, Queensland
19 Mar 2009 @ Fanny’s - Newcastle, New South Wales #
20 Mar 2009 @ Oxford Arts Factory - Sydney, New South Wales #
21 Mar 2009 @ Transit Bar - Canberra, Australian Capital Territory #
27 Mar 2009 @ The Espy, Front Bar - Melbourne, Victoria #
28 Mar 2009 @ Adelaide Uni Bar - Adelaide, South Australia #
04 Apr 2009 @ Rivers Sessions 09 - Mackay, Queensland
17 Apr 2009 @ Players Bar - Mandurah, Western Australia
18 Apr 2009 @ Rosemount Hotel - Perth, Western Australia

Tickets: .
Muph & Plutonic: .
Horrorshow: .
Seņor Kaos - When Southern Hip-Hop Drops Swag and Gets Lyrical

The stereotypes of southern rappers are that of excessive jewelry, loud lyrics, and general shouting about nothing. Thankfully, Atlanta emcee Señor Kaos represents none of the above. Maybe it’s because he was literally born into Hip-Hop with his father being a DJ, B-Boy and emcee in the early 80's. Maybe it’s because he cut his teeth in street ciphers where skill was of the utmost importance. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t spent his entire life in the south. Whatever the reason, Señor Kaos is a part of the subsection of southern Hip-Hop that is the complete opposite of what people assume the genre to be and his brilliant new mix-CD, Swagger is Nothing, Talent is Everything, is a testament to that. This week I caught up with Señor Kaos to find out more about both him and his music, some of the misconceptions outsiders have about the southern Hip-Hop scene, and the very unique collaboration he’d love to see happen.

Read the full interview at:

Braille "CloudNineteen Update" - 5,000 and Counting

From Braille:

Hey Hey

This is just a quick update with some AWESOME praise reports.

1.      We’ve already raised enough money to manufacture and give away 5,000 copies of the “CloudNineteen” album.  This is enough records for the first leg of our tour which can be viewed at  We are doing shows all over Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  Many of the shows are free and our album is free at every single event!!!!  We have gigs scheduled at correctional facilities, homeless shelters, Salvation Army centers, churches, bars, colleges, skate parks and more.  We have literally made ourselves available for any type of opportunity that comes our way.  It’s been really exciting watching it all come together.

2.      We got our first two reviews and they are both extremely positive.  It’s really encouraging that this record is already getting such a good response.  We had no idea how people would respond to this album but even our close friends have been saying it’s our best work so far.  Check out the two review links below

  3. There are a lot of layers to this initiative and things can get a bit confusing.  Ultimately, this record is free and we will be giving out free copies to everyone in attendance at every one of our concerts.  However, we can’t really afford to send free copies in the mail to everyone who never makes it to a show because that would just get out of control.  (maybe next album).  This album won’t be in stores, but we are partnering with a handful of online shops to offer a RETAIL version of the record for people who either want to support us personally or who won’t be able to make it out to a concert.  So far there are 4 on-line stores taking pre-orders.  The profits from the CD sales are the only profits that S1 and myself will be making.  Since we are giving the album away at all our shows, we won’t be able to benefit from the traditional MERCH pipeline that keeps many artists alive on the road.  We could just make the record free digitally and we are willing to do that as well but I personally am still from the frame of mind that actually owning the CD is a little more special then just a download link.  Maybe CDs will be completely dead in a couple years, but in the meantime I still like unwrapping the package, reading the insert and getting the FULL audio quality rather then just having MP3s.  If your like me and won’t be able to make it to a show then here are some stores where you can order yourself a copy of “CloudNineteen”.  If you’re a regular shopper at any of the stores below then I suggest buying it from that spot because your purchase not only supports the artists, but it also supports the store.  If your not sure which store to get it from then maybe just put all 4 of the names in a hat and draw one.  You can also expect the album to be for sale at within the next couple days.

4.      It’s 4 AM in the morning and I’m about to get a couple hours of rest before leaving to San Diego for a week.  I’m going to spend some time at Syntax Studios and start recording my NEXT solo record titled “Audibly Enhanced Dreams”.  I know that sounds crazy, but basically I will be touring non-stop for 3 or 4 months so I figured I should at-least lay down the foundation for my next record so that I have time to analyze it and make it RIGHT for a potential FALL release on Syntax Records later this year (God willing).  I’m excited to go to San Diego because I’m also going to meet up with Sojourn and I was just listening the FINAL MIX of his album “Sojournalism: The Summer Articles” which is scheduled to drop in May 2009.  We will be leaking a song before the end of this month (I promise).  To top all that off, I have Feb. 16th, 17th and 18th blocked out to get in the lab with Lightheaded and start working on our third record together titled “Lo-Fi Heights”.  It’s a busy time but I’m getting prepared for this new season in my life and I feel free right now.  I’ve let go of a lot of my worries and stresses – I just want to use my life to bring glory to God.  I’m pushing myself and giving the best effort possible.  Plus, whenever I get tired I just rest  and hang out with my family. I feel totally re-energized whenever I'm around them.  My daughter is such a joy to be around and my wife is the perfect helpmate for me.  She supports me, checks me when I need to be checked, and walks with me on this journey every step of the way.

MUCH LOVE YA”LL.  Hope to see you soon on the road.  Check out all the tour dates.  The Braille and S1 “CloudNineteen” tour starts Feb. 25th.  We will even be shooting TWO music videos during the tour so you might end up in one if you come to a show.

P.S. – if there are any typos or grammar errors then please have grace on me.  It’s now 4:30 am, I’m tired and I was never good at grammar or spelling in the first place.  If it wasn’t for spell check ya’ll would get a taste of how badly I can jumble words.

Thank you, from Braille and the Hiphop Is Music team. |

Rapper Mike Jones Finds His "Voice" on April 14

From Mike Jones and Jackie O:


Southern star to release most creative album to date

Listen to the current single, “Next to You,” now!

(New York, NY) Feb 4 – The wait is finally over! Mike Jones, Houston’s self-proclaimed ‘President,’ will release his second full album, The Voice, April 14, 2009 on Ice Age/Swishahouse/Asylum.

Featuring the smash singles “Cuddy Buddy,” “Drop & Gimme 50” and “Next to You,” The Voice has been heavily anticipated by fans and industry insiders alike.

“This album is what I wanted my first album to be,” says Jones. “On ‘The Voice,’ I’m showing more of myself to the world, more of my writing skills and my personality…”

For more info on Mike Jones, visit .


You could say that Mike Jones has ‘finally found his voice’ in the years since he first emerged on the music scene in 2005 with a platinum grill and an infectious call-and-response slogan (‘Who? Mike Jones!’). These days, the Houston-born rapper is more mature and focused; he’s making business deals and giving back to his community. And on his sophomore album The Voice (Ice Age/Swishahouse/Asylum), he wants you to know that there’s more to Mike Jones than ‘tippin’ on four fours.’

“This album is what I wanted my first album to be,” says Jones. “On ‘The Voice,’ I’m showing more of myself to the world, more of my writing skills and my personality. There are many sides to Mike Jones and I want my fans to get to know all of them.”

Surely, fans are already familiar with Jones’ playful side, which he readily displays on The Voice, especially on the song “Drop & Gimme 50” (feat. Hurricane Chris), a Southern-style party anthem sure to inspire the next dance craze.

It’s also no secret that Mike Jones has a thing for the ladies. On the slow jam-inspired track “Cuddy Buddy,”, Jones raps his penchant for no-strings flings over a Keith Sweat “How Deep Is Your Love” sample. The guitar-laden “Next to You” further demonstrates Jones’ devotion to the girl in his life that “keeps it true.”

Still, The Voice isn’t all lovey dovey. Jones flexes his lyrical chops on the street banger “Done Did It” (feat. Lil Wayne):

“I see these haters tryin’ to set me up
Plot on me to wet me up
They mad at me because I run H-town and I ain’t lettin’ up
I can’t let up  ‘cause I’m a playa
H-town, I’m the mayor
Switched it up to president
My car shine like peppermint
Bentley on them fours, got ‘em coming to my residence…”

Fans have been anxiously waiting for an album like this from Jones, ever since his break-out single “Still Tippin’” introduced the world to Houston’s style of cruising in tricked out “slabs.” But Jones wasn’t exactly an overnight success. Back in 2001, he started his own independent record label, Ice Age Entertainment, with money he had saved to pay for beats and studio time. As he began promoting his music on the streets, to DJs and at strip clubs, word spread fast about the enterprising rapper and it wasn’t long before Jones had a deal with local hit-making label Swishahouse. Jones released a series of independent albums and mixtapes under Swishahouse, and the sizeable following he garnered in the South and Mid-West landed him a deal with Warner/Asylum. His 2005 national debut Who is Mike Jones? sold over 1.5 million copies, and in 2007 he returned with the EP American Dream, which was accompanied by a straight-to-DVD movie of the same name.

Over the years, when Jones wasn’t recording in the studio or performing on stage, he was securing business ventures like his recent partnership with ProConcept Marketing Group to release his own line of Cognac called “House of Dobbe’.” He’s also actively involved in his charities Ice Age for Kids and the American Dream Foundation, through which he’s hosted community youth events and supported Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

Indeed, there’s more to Mike Jones than the “good life” he often raps about. And with The Voice, you’ll hear the creativity and evolution of a young man who has something to say.

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