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Video: Locke Kaushal - "Rich Man Begging"

From Dreamout Loud:

Video: Locke Kaushal - "Rich Man Begging"

MP3: Y-Dresta f/ Bizzy Bone - "Married to the Music"

From J. Melo:

MP3: Y-Dresta f/ Bizzy Bone - "Married to the Music"

Y-Dresta is an up and coming emcee based in Las Vegas. Feeling that the love for the music is gone with most of today's rappers giving credit to the trap and drug sales for there come up, we've forgotten to pay homage and give our love to the music itself.  In order to get his message across, Y-Dresta recruits the legendary Bizzy Bone for "Married to the Music." The song is produced by WHP & Y-Dresta and is available on iTunes now for anyone looking to support. Y-Dresta's EP, "Inside The Mind" drops March 22nd

"Married to the Game" (ft. Bizzy Bone)

MP3: Belly f/ Kobe - "Back Against the Wall"

From M3W:

MP3: Belly f/ Kobe - "Back Against the Wall"

* http://mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/bellykobe/video-blast-page.html *

MP3: 2 New Joints From J-Ronin/All Elements

From J-Ronin:

MP3: 2 New Joints From J-Ronin/All Elements

TIMBO KING - G-SHOCK  http://hulkshare.com/gdfyfg79j5v8      - TIMBO KING - GRINDWAVE HOSTED BY J-RONIN DROPS NEXT WEEK 2/8

FOLLOW TIMBO KING ON TWITTER http://twitter.com/timboking1    -    

TIMBO KING FT. MATH HOFFA-  THE ALLIANCE - http://hulkshare.com/txoaeoj7eabp
Video: Wispers f/ Mario - "Show Stopper"

From Dunn Deal PR:

Video: Wispers f/ Mario - "Show Stopper"

Thousands of spins nationwide. Three legendary mixtapes. A botched label deal. Heavy jail time. A few bullets at close range. The murder of his brother right before his eyes. And there’s still no stopping him. You think you know, but you have no idea. Presenting the force of nature known as WISPERS. Boston stand up. Shout outs to Mario, Dame Grease, Candace Jones and DigiWaxx. Download the Ain't No Plan B mixtape at http://www14.zippyshare.com/v/67767362/file.html.

MP3: Kyle Rapps f/ Joell Ortiz - "Hard Knock Children"

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Kyle Rapps f/ Joell Ortiz - "Hard Knock Children"

First Single From Re-Edutainment EP Looks Back, Offers Hope For The Future Generation

The Song:

Re-Edutainment, the upcoming debut EP from Kyle Rapps, is the New Jersey native's own take on Edutainment, the highly regarded Boogie Down Productions classic released over 20 years ago. Bringing his own lyrical and thematic touches to this eight-track EP, Kyle enlisted the production efforts of Kev Brown for the entire project. Brown produced a reinterpretation of his own; he researched and only used the dusty loops, chops, and breaks that were sampled on the BDP original. Fittingly, the EP features KRS-One, on "Rent Remix," in addition to Cali crew U-N-I, and Brooklyn's own Joell Ortiz, who is one-fourth of the recently Shady Records-signed group Slaughterhouse, and is also featured on the EP's first single, "Hard Knock Children."

On "Hard Knock Children," Kyle Rapps brings you back to the good ol' days of grade school. The lyrics conjure up images of all your favorite parts of those forgotten times: recess, trikes, Lite Bright's, and candy cigarettes. Kyle Rapps credits these often fleeting memories, and the revisiting of these memories with engineer and long-time friend Nate Greenberg, to what made the song so much fun to create, "The most enjoyable part of the song was reminiscing with my dude Nate G about our childhood experiences that made us who we are today."

But nostalgia aside, the lyrical content of "Hard Knock Children" also has a greater meaning. Beyond the superficial reflections, it offers Kyle Rapps, who performs throughout the year at high schools, universities, and juvenile detention centers, the chance to reach out to today's youth, offering his support. "Overall, its clear to me that although technology is different, the inner-struggles of coming of age remain similar," says Kyle. "I want today's youth to know that I see them, respect them, and believe in them even during times when they don't believe in themselves."

Kyle Rapps' debut EP, Re-Edutainment, will be dropping March 29th.

Download Kyle Rapps' "Hard Knock Children" featuring Joell Ortiz here: http://media.audibletreats.com/Kyle_Rapps-Hard_Knock_Children_Ft_Joell_Ortiz.mp3 .

Layzie Bone Clarifies Supposed Obama Diss - Albums In Stores 2/22

From RBC Records:

Layzie Bone Clarifies Supposed Obama Diss - Albums In Stores 2/22

In the lead up to the release of Layzie Bone’s two new albums “The Definition” & “The Meaning” on Feb. 22nd, the unsupported mixtape “Thug Luv” was released that appeared to have controversial remarks regarding President Obama and his administrations policies on the current prison system. On the track “Doin’ Life”, Layzie Bone says “I been lookin at the world from a whole ‘nother angle, since you’ve been gone/ seein’ how penitentiary’s a big business and the President doin’ us wrong.”
But in a recent Hip Hop DX interview, Layzie Bone clarified that the bars were not meant for President Obama, but rather President Bush, stating, “I gave that project to [the company] like 5 years ago, when my brother [Flesh-N-Bone] was locked up. It’s really not enough being done to rehabilitate people coming out.” Additionally clarifying, “Obama wasn’t even in office yet. That was directed towards the Bush administration. Flat out.”
When asked about hip hops tendency to “fight the power” and the conflict that may bring with the first black president, Layzie went on to say, “I think we should support any “first black” situation, because he did open up the door for a lot of our issues to be heard that wasn’t heard. Of course, I support him all day. As long as he ain’t doing no Bush shit. I see more good than I see anything wrong he doing.”
The Definition & The Meaning – In Stores Feb. 22nd.

The Meaning & The Definition

MP3 + Video: A Breezy - "We Like Dat"

From BF Blasts:

MP3 + Video: A Breezy - "We Like Dat"

(Produced by Sean Thrilla) http://www.mediafire.com/?qmmctm6zq90uuct .
**WE LIKE DAT VIDEO** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRCIGsvtnsg .

Video: DJ Smallz Introduces The Renegades

From DJ Smallz:

Video: DJ Smallz Introduces The Renegades

DJ Smallz introduces Florida production duo, The Renegades (Fear Factor Music Group/We The Best Music), who just garnered their first major single placement with DJ Khaled's first single "Welcome To My Hood" featuring Rick Ross, Plies, Lil' Wayne & T-Pain off his forthcoming "We The Best Forever" album at Club Skye in Tampa, FL.

Fear Factor Music Group is a collective movement of Trendsetters, Songwriters, Producers and Artists with a simple objective - building the stars of the future. By focusing on the production, development and marketing of brands, Fear Factor Music Group offers a variety of insightful and effective services - from consultation to digital marketing campaigns - all designed to provide clients with the best opportunities to take their brands to the next level.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKN-E3bI7v0

MP3: Benzino - "Dhat's Gucci"

From BF Blasts and Chris at E1 Music:

MP3: Benzino - "Dhat's Gucci"

(Clean/Dirty) http://www.mediafire.com/?zlu2x9od3li58r3 .

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