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Friday March 06, 2015
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[Soul Veggies] It's good AND good for you.

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Free EP: The Left - Gas Leaks

From Audible Treats:

Free EP: The Left - Gas Leaks

Detroit Trio Release Free EP In Conjunction With Highly Acclaimed Debut

The EP:

Coming off the success of their debut album Gas Mask, Detroit trio The Left, made up of producer Apollo Brown, rapper Journalist 103, and DJ Soko, are treating fans with the release of a brand new EP -- for free. Gas Leaks is comprised of unreleased material from Gas Mask, and while Gas Leaks was initially intended for release prior to the album, the group explains, "we wanted to bring a shock value for this album since it is was highly anticipated and Gas Leaks just puts more value and credibility to 'Gas Mask'".

Gas Leaks kicks off with the drum- and horn-heavy "Scared" as Journalist 103 kicks things off with, "You will now bear witness to the Left-ist movement/ So if you know like I know, step aside for the improvement." Apollo Brown continues to show off his own abilities, fusing soulful samples while DJ Soko compliments Apollo's work behind the boards with seamless cuts on the tracks "One Day" and "My Green," a track that starts off with sweet sounding melodies before quickly taking a turn to the gritty. So enjoy the Leaks, but don't forget – you'll need to grab your Mask for the best results.

Download Gas Leaks here: .

Video: Yo Gotti Breaks Down His Mixtape Game

From DJ Smallz:

Video: Yo Gotti Breaks Down His Mixtape Game

Yo Gotti Breaks Down His Mixtape Game from DJ Smallz.

MP3: 4th Pyramid f/ Greg Nice - "It's So Hot"

From LTG Entertainment:

MP3: 4th Pyramid f/ Greg Nice - "It's So Hot"

Check out the lead single "It's So Hot" off upcoming solo album The Pyramid Scheme. The song features Pyramid's vocals & production alongside fun-times Capitan, Greg Nice of the legendary Nice & Smooth, and P's Sheen Bros compadre Cosmo Baker on the cuts.  It's a prime time party record that'll leave dudes sweaty and girls ready.

The Pyramid Scheme:
This Spring 2011, bear witness to the debut solo album by your favorite globetrotting MC:  4th Pyramid.  You know he's been making magic with hip-hop's elite for years, but now he's about to perform his greatest feat to date: The Pyramid Scheme. Hear the red-raw rhymes and party time highs of Toronto's top hustler.  Buy into it and get rich quick with sure-thing guests and production by Greg Nice, Saukrates, Cosmo Baker, Sheen Bros, Marco Polo, Rich Kidd, Simahlak, Showtyme and more.


PR: Producer Rel!g!on Launches New Record Label

From ArtistPR:

Producer Rel!g!on Launches New Record Label

Seasoned film and hip hop music producer Rel!g!on (aka Hayden Baptiste) adds another title to his resume with the launch of his record label, Wandering Worx Music. The label is the music division of Wandering Worx Entertainment, also home to an award-winning film production company.

Since its official launch in early October, the label quickly announced the addition of two hip hop veterans to the Wandering Worx Music family – Jasiri X and Planet Asia – with albums scheduled for release in early 2011. The company’s first album release, Rel!g!on’s own Revelationz 1, features the legendary Chuck D, Grammy nominated Planet Asia, west coast favourite Moka Only and more. Wandering Worx Films produced the video for his album’s first single – Lucid – featuring Moka Only and E.D.G.E., now in rotation on Much Music.

“Rel!g!on’s debut on the label has already drawn notable attention to what we hope will be a strong new force in hip hop,” says Wandering Worx Music partner Rodney Davidson. “He’s been practicing his craft and working with some of the biggest names in the industry for a long time now. I’m honoured to work with someone so hardworking and passionate about breathing new life into the music industry.”

An Ottawa, Ontario native, Rel!g!on grew up influenced by his father’s musical talents, including live instruments and vocals, in addition to an extensive record collection, which are all evident in his unique production style. At a young age, he started experimenting with keyboards, organs and a Casio SK 1, and often demonstrated his skills with entertaining tracks for his high school classmates. His years of practice and dedication have resulted in collaborations with big name hip hop artists from Vancouver to New York, and his new record label, Wandering Worx Music, opens the door for more opportunities for creative development.

For more information on Wandering Worx, visit: .

MP3: Dirt Dolla f/ T. Loc - "Diamonds in the Sky"

From Future Star Music:

MP3: Dirt Dolla f/ T. Loc - "Diamonds in the Sky"


MP3: Nicki Minaj f/ Kanye West - "Blazin"

From M3W:

MP3: Nicki Minaj f/ Kanye West - "Blazin"

* *

Download: Lefty a/k/a the L.E.F.T. - "Kill the Messenger"

From ISLH:

Download: Lefty a/k/a the L.E.F.T. - "Kill the Messenger"

Album: Lefty aka the L.E.F.T. - Kill the Messenger

Check the new album from the Bay Area recording artist
 Lefty aka the L.E.F.T.

Stream the Album here: .

Download the Album here: .

Track listing: Kill the Messenger
1. Mr. Kill the Devil
2. Left Field  ft: DJ Icewater
3. Eyes Wide Open
4. Fix It For You  ft: Roch
5. Turn on the Wheels
6. See No Evil  ft: Scarub of Living Legends
7. Never Knew Me
8. High Society  ft: Oneself Davinci  
9. American Zombie Voodoo Child
10. Devil's Diary

Lead single

Turn on the Wheels

Stream / Download here:

Explicit: .

Clean: .
About Lefty aka the L.E.F.T.

Lefty is one half of the underground duo Bash Bros. Combining solo & group efforts Lefty has moved more than 15,000 units during his 5 years on the international hip hop scene. Having collaborated with underground heavyweights such as: Sean Price, Dilated Peoples, Reef the Lost Cauze, Living Legends, Little Brother, Chali 2na & Planet Asia to name a few Lefty proves he can stand on hip hop's highest stage. Lefty delivers the groundbreaking album "Kill the Messenger" to step into the elite category of hip hop artists.

For promotional use only

Feel free to spin this, blog, burn and play it.

MP3: Chris Brown f/ Drake, Kanye West - "Deuces Dream Team Remix"

From Raquel Sweets:

MP3: Chris Brown f/ Andre 3000, Drake, Sadaday, Kanye West - "Deuces Dream Team Remix"

* *

MP3: Young Don f/ Project Pat - "Shawty Bad"

From M3W:

MP3: Young Don f/ Project Pat - "Shawty Bad"

* *

MP3: Jermaine Dupri x Bassjackers - "Showrocker"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: Jermaine Dupri x Bassjackers - "Showrocker"

* *

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