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Video: Cee-Lo Green - "Bodies"

Video for Cee Lo Green's Bodies motion picture by Mikael Colombu Films. Featuring Cee Lo Green, Kerry Washington, Janelle Monae, and Karl Lagerfeld.

MP3: Bruno Mars f/ Lil Wayne - "Grenade (Remix)"

From M3W:

MP3: Bruno Mars f/ Lil Wayne - "Grenade (Remix)"

* *

MP3: Snoop Dogg Presents Damani - "Been This Way"

From J. Melo:

MP3: Snoop Dogg Presents Damani - "Been This Way"

As Snoop Dogg protege Damani preps to release his "On Vacation From Vacation" album on February 23rd, he drops his new single "Been This Way" produced by Hit-Boy (Pusha T "My God"). 

"Been This Way" (Prod. Hit-Boy)

"On Vacation From Vacation" will be released for free on February 23rd and feature guest appearances from Snoop Dogg, Crooked I, Latoiya Williams and more.

PR: Hieroglyphic's Opio To Headline 13-Date West Coast Tour

From Audible Treats:

Hieroglyphic's Opio To Headline 13-Date Back To The Future West Coast Tour

Souls of Mischief Member Performing Alongside Mistah F.A.B., Elijah, The Bayliens, XienHow & Canibal Lecture

The Tour:

(February 14, 2011 - Brooklyn, NY) Coming off the recent Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tour with his Hieroglyphics crew, Souls of Mischief member Opio is hitting the road once again to headline a thirteen-date tour spanning February and March and making stops up and down the West Coast. Sponsored by LivenFire Records and The Space Station, the tour will kick off Saturday, February 12th in Scottsdale, AZ making stops in Denver, Portland, Reno, San Francisco and more, before wrapping up on March 6th in Mammoth Lakes, California. The tour will feature performances from Elijah of the Living Legends crew, Mistah F.A.B., The Bayliens, XienHow and Canibal Lecture. DJ's Lex and True Justice will handle DJ duties throughout the 13-date run, while Flossafee will serve as host for the entirety of the tour. In addition to taking part in the tour, Opio is also currently putting the final touches on his new solo album, which will be released through the Hieroglyphics Imperium imprint this spring titled. The album, titled Vulture's Wisdom 2, is the follow up release to the critically acclaimed Vulture's Wisdom 1, released in 2008.

The tour dates are as follows:

Sat, Feb. 12 - Scottsdale, AZ at Chasers
Tickets: .

Tues, Feb. 15 - Denver, CO at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
Tickets: .

Thurs, Feb. 17 - Salt Lake City, UT at Bar Deluxe
Tickets: .

Fri, Feb. 18 - Park City, UT at Harry O's
Tickets: .

Sat, Feb. 19 - Boise, ID at The Reef
Tickets: .

Tues, Feb. 22 - Bozeman, MT at Zebra Nightclub
Tickets: .

Wed, Feb. 23 - Missoula, MT at The Palace
Tickets: .

Thurs, Feb. 24 - Spokane, WA at A Club
Tickets: .

Fri, Feb. 25 - Portland, OR at Whiskey Bar
Tickets: .

Sat, Feb. 26 - La Grande, OR at Eastern Oregon University

Sun, Feb. 27 - Bend, OR at Domino Room
Tickets: .

Tues, Mar. 1 - Eureka, CA at Knockurnum

Wed, Mar. 2 - Sacramento, CA at The Colonial Theater
Tickets: .

Thurs, Mar. 3 - Lake Tahoe at Cal Neva Lodge
Tickets: .

Fri, Mar. 4 - Reno, NV at Club Underground
Tickets: .

Sat, Mar. 5 - San Francisco, CA at The Rockit Room
Tickets: .

Sun, Mar. 6 - Mammoth Lakes, CA at Whiskey Creek
Tickets: .

MP3: iLLA - "Cranberry Vodka"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: iLLA - "Cranberry Vodka"

* *

MP3: Freddie Gibbs - "National Anthem (Remix)"

From Dunn Deal PR:

MP3: Freddie Gibbs - "National Anthem (Remix)"

official dubstep remix by DJ QUICKIE MART

New Orleanian DJ/producer Quickie Mart presents the official, Gibbs-approved remix of "National Anthem". Quickie Mart's three-volume Haze Diaries mixtape series with NY rapper Gotham Green features Gibbs as well as Planet Asia, El Prez, Sum, IamOmni and more. His Gypsyphonic Disko mixtape features Chali 2na, Juvenile and Gift Of Gab and blends New Orleans bounce, klezmer, hip hop and Balkan music. 


Video: Swazy Styles - "Like This"

From Yo! PR:

Video: Swazy Styles - "Like This"

Miami Electro emcee Swazy Styles is excited to announce the release of his official "Like This" music video, directed by Bobby Viera, well-known for his work on Pitbull's "Calle Ocho" video. The electrifying club hit is already making its rounds in clubs around the nation and the hipster video is sure to keep the people dancing.

"Like This", produced by Lavi Hoss, is Swazy Styles' follow-up single to his charted hit song "Birthday Suit", which reached #2 on the independent charts. "Like This" maintains Swazy Styles' originalist style while breaking new sonic ground in this ever changing music world. The Miami rapper is working non-stop in the studio on new original songs and crazy remixes, narrowing down a hot track almost weekly. Expect Swazy's new mixtape "Fist Pumpin Music" soon, which is hosted by Miami Power 96's DJ Def.

Official: .
Facebook: .
Twitter: .
MySpace: .
YouTube: .

Video: Warlok f/ A.G. Lyonz - "Do You Think About Me"

From Semp Rok:

Video: Warlok f/ A.G. Lyonz - "Do You Think About Me"

Miami emcee, Warlok releases an appropriately fitting track for Valentine's Day featuring A.G. Lyons. He takes on 50 Cent's "Do You Think About Me" with the visual assistance and direction by William Vargas. More is to come from this Miami Beat Wave affiliated talent.

Stream: .

About Warlok

Carlos Alberto Martinez, born December 27, 1982, better known by his stage name Warlok, is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, whose music elements involve hip- hop, Miami bass, drum and bass, electronica, and rock n roll. Martinez was born in Union City, New Jersey to Cuban immigrant parents. At the age of 2 his parents decided to move to Miami, FL for a better opportunity. As he became older he became interested in hip hop music. He was inspired by The Beastie Boys, Wu Tang, Snoop Dogg and Notorious B.I.G. Once he started high school, he began to write his own lyrics. His friends started to notice his lyrical skills and pushed him to battle against other fellow rappers in his school. Martinez began battling artist such as Pitbull, Ghost Wridah, and Dela Candela who at the time were not famous. When Martinez finished high school he began recording songs with Brandon Toledo from Miami Beat Wave. He was featured in various mixed tapes and street albums and is currently working on his own album titled “The Deadline”. He features different aspiring music artist that he has known throughout his years as a musician. His latest track “Do You Think about Me” was featured on Davincci “Getting Up” mix tape.

Martinez’s goal is to one day have the opportunity to make an impact in the hip-hop industry.

Video: N.B.S. - "Champions"

From Big Bang Records:

Video: N.B.S. - "Champions"

    Big Bang Records, Mr. Peter Parker, DJ Dow Jones, and Shadyville DJ’s worldwide bring you the second visual from the ground breaking compilation “The Free Trade Agreement” (following the thunderous Warren G produced cut featuring Bishop Lamont, Nate Dogg, and Sonnreal). Dow Jones and Peter Parker enlist the services of long time collaborators N.B.S. (E’Flash and V.Knuckles) for this monstrous cross-national anthem entitled “Champions”. N.B.S. once again displays their always impressive verbal abilities trading verses atop of the production by Canadian wunderkind Keenotherapy, with visuals provided by the always innovative 20/20 Vizin.

    View the video at: .

The (W)rap Up - Week of February 8, 2011

""Previously on The Greatest Story Never Told..." is how the long-running episodic saga of this album's release is expected to begin, at which point one proceeds to detail Saigon's long and tumultuous rap career from the last decade plus. On the other hand a writer can easily think "There is almost NO chance the reader/viewer/listener would be here if they hadn't followed the last ten years of Saigon's career." If you've stuck with Saigon from the point this album was SUPPOSED to come out until now, congratulations on your perseverance. If you're the one who happens to stumble into this story halfway through and has no idea what we're talking about, flash back to episode one and episode two to bring yourself up to speed; if that doesn't get the job done then just Google his name. There's no shortage of coverage of Saigon's drama out there. It's a little bit odd to find that this stalwart of the Brownsville, Brooklyn hip-hop scene (Buckshot, Masta Ace and M.O.P. are all from around his way) is signed to a label that has at times in the past made Caspar Milquetoast look like a man with a tan. Suburban Noize Records continues to embrace hip-hop artists far from their middle class white rap rock roots though."

Dale Baker :: The Canary in the Coal Mine :: Long Range Distribution
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon
[The Canary in the Coal Mine] 
"From that point on Dale Baker begins to thank said cats in alphabetical order. Mr. Baker, consider that your notice that the liner notes to "The Canary in the Coal Mine" were in fact read. Then again as a music critic I may be the exception to the rule as I was trying to glean some sort of insight into who you are and what your album was about. Like so many albums I receive from Long Range Distribution this one was completely bereft of a press release. I'm not dogging or faulting them per se, I appreciate them servicing our website with material to review, it's just sometimes hard to get a handle on why someone is being presented to us for coverage. Usually the label has some sort of angle they're trying to hook you with - some interesting biographical fact, some locally successful single, some history of being a misanthrope that suddenly found the light through music, et cetera, etc. "

The BrainStormers :: The BrainStormers EP :: The BrainStormers
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[The BrainStormers EP] 
"The BrainStormers make a bold statement even before you download the free EP on their Bandcamp page: "The BrainStormers were conceived due to the success of its predecessors - Wu-Tang Clan, Task Force, The Arsonists, Jurassic 5, Slum Village, and most recently Slaughterhouse." When you set expectations that high, disappointment is almost inevitable. No matter how good these BrainStormers might be, they now have to be a hip-hop group whose debut rivals the quality of "Enter the Wu-Tang" and the "Jurassic 5 EP" on their very first try. Being just "decent" or "aight" wouldn't do when you consider yourself to be the successors to hip-hop classics, conceived in their legendary greatness. We've got good news and bad news for The BrainStormers, but let's start by introducing you to their lineup. Cayoz Da Beast hails from California, A.L. Laureate is straight out of Florida, you've probably already heard Virginia's Praverb the Wyse by now, the newest member of the posse O*Zee is coming out of Maine, and Dj Grazzhoppa hails from Belgium. "

Jungle Brothers :: Straight Out the Jungle :: Idlers/Warlock
** RapReviews "Back to the Lab" series **

as reviewed by Matt Jost

[Straight Out the Jungle] 
""It's like a jungle, sometimes it makes me wonder / how I keep from going under" is one of the essential lyrics that have accompanied rap for much of its existence. After Melle Mel and Duke Bootee first made the statement on "The Message," it was sampled and cited many times. But what makes it so universal? As a summary of "The Message," it heralds rap music's role as a mouthpiece for urban despair and hope. "It's like a jungle" is both a finding and a warning. It cautions us to be alert when we enter the impenetrable, dangerous perimeter that compares to a jungle. "Sometimes it makes me wonder / how I keep from going under" is doubt and triumph at the same time - the triumph (the keeping from going under) always imperiled by the impending downfall. Since then legions of rappers have gone to lengths to explain how they keep from going under, with the most dramatic accounts often getting the most attention. Few, however, went about it as cool, playful and informed as the Jungle Brothers in 1988. True to their name, the Jungle Brothers presented themselves as a product of their environment. They came to us live and direct, straight from the concrete jungle. And as such they were well versed in the ways of the jungle"

Maggot Mouf :: You're All Ears :: Broken Tooth Entertainment
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

[You're All Ears] 
""You're All Ears" is the debut album from Melbourne rapper Maggot Mouf. He offers up fifteen tracks of horror-tinged hip-hop, taking inspiration from the Wu-Tang Clan and Gravediggaz. The album cover let's you know what this record is going to sound like: it's an ink sketch on crumpled paper of a guy wearing a necklace of severed ears. The lettering looks like a message from a serial killer, and the whole feel is grimy. The opening skit on the album is audio from a horror movie, which further sets the tone for the album. "Village of the Damned" name drops every horror movie from "Children of the Corn" to "Bad Taste." The beat, supplied by the aptly named Joey Gargoyle, uses a loop of a stringed instrument to creepy effect. While "You're All Ears" is inspired by horror movies, Maggot Mouf doesn't do horror rap. Instead, he uses horror imagery to describe everyday life. The prime example is "Footrot Flats," an examination of a housing project that makes it seem like it should be on Elm Street. Maggot Mouf captures the drama, desperation, and despair of Footrot Flats inhabitants like Edgar Allen Poe spitting rhymes. "

Richie Rocket :: Zero Gravity ::
as reviewed by Mike Baber

[Zero Gravity] 
"There's no denying that hip-hop has changed substantially over the past decade. The mainstream market today is dominated by artists such as Drake, Kid Cudi, and T-Pain, who blend elements of rap, R&B, and pop music to create a distinct new-school sound. The question of whether this is good or bad for hip-hop music as a whole is a debate best saved for another time, but the fact remains that, in the digital age where it is easier than ever for artists to get their music out, the market has become flooded with hundreds of new-school emcees who don't offer much when it comes to variety. While the Internet makes it easier than ever to drop a mixtape and gain followers, it also creates a free-for-all environment with low entry costs and lots of unfiltered music, making it harder and harder for emcees to distinguish themselves. Richie Rocket is a Chicago-based hip-hop/R&B artist who is trying to do just that – stand out amid a sea of mediocrity by producing meaningful and creative music – and his debut mixtape, titled "Zero Gravity" and presented by DJ Smallz, allows him to showcase his skills as both a rapper and a singer."

Tornts :: Deadbrain Diaries :: Obese Records/Hired Goons/Broken Tooth Entertainment
as reviewed by Pete T.

[Deadbrain Diaries] 
"Earlier this week I was moseying about Whole Foods surveying overpriced produce when my eyes fell upon the packaged peculiarity that is buffalo shrimp. Buffalo shrimp struck me as such an oddity not because it wouldn't conceivably be good, but because it requires that a consumer possess two distinct and simultaneous tastes: penchants for small, delicate crustaceans and smoky, spicy poultry. Australian horrorcore strikes me in much the same way—done right, I suppose it could be good, but it combines two subgenres with such restricted audiences in their own rights that marketing it could only be difficult. From where I'm standing, Australian rap in general is a tough sell already, mostly because it tends to be performed by Caucasians with the same accent as Steve Irwin, and the same can be said for horrorcore, the bastard stepchild of gangsta rap and slasher films. Regardless of whatever audience may or may not exist for such a product, Melbourne's Tornts makes no concessions in his hardcore style on 2010's "Deadbrain Diaries." "

Travis Porter :: Simply Stylez Presents Travis Porter - The Down Pour ::
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[The Down Pour] 
"The group Travis Porter is probably more known for starting shit than being the shit after a short three year hip-hop career, but they always say it's better to have people talking than to not be talked about at all. Based on that standard they can at least claim some level of success, as the Decatur rappers have already been embroiled in feuds with other notable successful Southerners like Roscoe Dash and Young Dro. For those not in the know the gist of the beefs between the Porters and these rappers is leaks on underground mixtapes with disputed ownership claims. To put it more plainly, they each accused the other of "Jackin' For Beats" like Ice Cube, with the most famous example being that T.P. claim to be the originators of Roscoe's hit single "All the Way Turnt Up." Quite frankly that's not one I would WANT to take credit for if I was the Porters, but the song did make Roscoe and Soulja Boy a grip of money and get hella spins, while Travis Porter is still being confused with the drummer Travis Barker of Blink-182. Ironically the group chose the name Travis Porter when they decided "Hard Hitters" wasn't distinctive enough."

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