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Video: D.M.P. - "Ball Game" (prod. Nottz)

Video: D.M.P. - "Ball Game" (prod. Nottz)

Courtesy Matt B.

Nottz presents DMP "Ball Game" Official Music Video from Raw Koncept.

After releasing two stellar projects off the Raw Koncept imprint, "You Need This Music" and "Rawth EP", Nottz is back in the lab hard at work, this time cooking up new material with his group D.M.P. (Durte Muzik Prahdukshun). The group is assembled of Virginia-based emcees Bigshot Manceeni, Cutlass Reid, Khizman, Starboy, Ivory Keyes, Boogie and Nottz himself. Here is the group's first effort, "Ball Game", which features the group in its entirety and Nottz turning in yet another stellar beat.

The first official video from the Virginia outfit, “Ball Game” displays the group taking control of there own turf (with revenge) and re-making the1979 classic movie "The Warrior."

MP3: One Pham - "Adrenaline"

MP3: One Pham - "Adrenaline"

Courtesy Who Got Next.

* *

MP3: Kid Crab a/k/a Lamontiz - "Mile Away"

MP3: Kid Crab a/k/a Lamontiz - "Mile Away"

Courtesy Breakin All Records.

* *

Here is the latest single release from Breakin' All Records.  Download this new AWESOME track by Lamontiz aka Kid Crab and share it with your dj friends and family so we can get this circulating IMMEDIATELY!

MP3: Maino f/ Ace Hood, Jim Jones, Wale - "Let It Fly (Remix)"

MP3: Maino f/ Ace Hood, Jim Jones, Wale - "Let It Fly (Remix)"

Courtesy Who Got Next.

* *

PR: Big Pooh Announces Dirty Pretty Things For 11/1

PR: Big Pooh Announces Dirty Pretty Things For November 1 Release

Courtesy Audible Treats.

(September 2011 – Brooklyn, NY) Rapper Big Pooh is excited to announce the upcoming release of his new album, Dirty Pretty Things. Serving as the second official solo album from the now-solo emcee, Dirty Pretty Things will be released November 1st via Big Pooh's newly formed label, For Members Only.

In 2005, Big Pooh first stepped outside of the Little Brother umbrella, releasing his debut solo album, Sleepers. Since then, the fan favorite group released a handful of highly regarded albums before finally disbanding last year, and so, as Big Pooh sat down to begin crafting Dirty Pretty Things, with his career as part of Little Brother was coming to a close, he found inspiration in a movie that he felt mirrored his own journey through music. "I always thought Dirty Pretty Things was a really dope movie," remarks Pooh. "But it was overlooked for whatever reasons, the same way I've been overlooked as a solo artist."

It makes sense, then, that an album intent on proving, once and for all, that Pooh can stand alone as a solo artist would also serve as some of the rapper's most personal work to date. "This album is me; it allowed me to give listeners a piece of my soul and reveal a lot of what I've been dealing with over the past couple years," explains Pooh. "Dirty Pretty Things is about looking past outside appearance and finding out what's really going on inside. It's about the truth."

Joining Pooh for Dirty Pretty Things is an impressive cast of producers and rappers, but more than that, they're artists that Pooh felt best complemented his own vision. "I decided who to work with based on feel," explains Pooh, who enlisted the production efforts of Nottz, DJ Khalil, Focus... , and more, while Torae, Joe Scudda, Carlitta Durand, Darien Brockington, and others lent vocals. "I'm not into forcing music," notes Pooh. "Everyone was chosen based on how I felt they would fit the puzzle I put together."

One of those puzzle pieces was Family Biz, Ent., who lent their touch to "Medicine Man," released as the first song and video from the album. Joining that track are a handful of other personal favorites of Pooh. "Free," for example, is a track about learning how to be comfortable in your own skin. "Are You Ready," featuring Torae and produced by Nottz, is another standout, as is "Real Love," produced by Focus.... "'Real Love' is about the current relationship I have with my brother," explains Pooh, and the song is just another example of how Pooh's most personal work has translated into his strongest. "All of the personal and professional anguish led up to this moment," says Pooh. "Dirty Pretty Things marks my progression as a man, my progression as a businessman, and, most of all, my progression as an artist."

Watch the video for "Medicine Man" here: .

Download "Medicine Man" here: .

Press Release: Canedra Gross - The Royal Princess

Press Release: Canedra Gross - The Royal Princess

Courtesy ArtistPR Music News Wire.

As a mother, wife, and youth minister I have grown to have a passionate desire for others on a spiritual level. I love to sing and write gospel/Christian contemporary, R&B, HIPHOP, RAP, and praise & worship songs and I'm working on my first project to promote my music in the Gospel Industry.

I'm interested in moving peoples' spirit by the power of god in my voice. I want others to hear and view what God has placed in my heart to be a blessing for others. My voice is unique and creative. My music is contemporary and a cross-over mixture of a prophetic sound that I believe will not only change the world; but will cause a tremendous impact on our nation and our God's people! I want give up I know that this is my purpose and divine destiny to become a Gospel Star for the lost at heart!!!!!!

THE ROYAL PRINCESS was given to me from God to identify me as a child/woman of god who is interested in creating music that will not only save and give people hope in God but to create an environment and atmosphere of God's powerful anointing.GOD wants his children jamming/grooving/dancing/singing/shouting/laughing back to him through the new way, his way, through my style of gospelmusic. I'm the chosen vessel in the earth that he wants to use to spread godly music for all types of people of all ages; from all different cultures; and from any type of background. Royal Princess he says you are my chosen daughter I will use you to get the job done with unusual-songs of unique and outstanding power in such a way the world will recognize that I AM GOD and you are my child whom I will use to get my GLORY reveal in the earth!! Those who will listen and receive will be saved, healed, delivered, and blessed with whatever they are in need of, because of your obedience and gifts! This is the reason I sang and sing praises to Christ and I love to write the songs he put in my heart not for me but for the WORLD!!!AMEN

Hello World it's time to talk about the New Artist Spotlight Star Canedra Gross who calls herself the Royal Princess who has been struggling for many years to get her music up in the spotlight. Chasing after her dream of becoming a star she faced many challenges as a teenager under the influence of fornication at a young age she became a teen mom. Not knowing how to pursue her career as an artist she praised her #1 fan her children and decided to drop out of school to take care of them. Canedra postponed her singing dream and went back to school years later after becoming married, born again believer in Christ, and moving into a new home she went back to school and became a licensed Cosmetologist, Administrative assistant, IT operator, Accountant Operator and helped her husband start his own business. Now the upcoming star has taking her career to another level and she's coming head strong into the production of Gospel/Christian Contemporary Music Entertainment. Royal Princess has taking the first step by recording her first single “Sound of Praise” and is currently working on her first project/album. Royal Princess has many gifts of singing/writing, modeling, acting, and dancing. She can't wait to show the world how God has blessed her with so many gifts.

Mrs. Canedra Gross the next future icon, gets her inspiration and ideas from the word of god, and experiences that life journey takes her into her destiny. She is happily married to her husband named Mr. Montray Gross they share six children who are also her GIFTED praise dancers at their church Restoration Faith Center CHURCH in Perry, FL.

The Royal Princess writes songs for her album almost every day. She sings every day, prays every day, and praises every day. She hopes to bring life and healing to the land for all mankind during these tough times we need it most. She plans on traveling to further her careers as an artist, songwriter, makeup artist, model, and actress. She and her husband are in the process of creating jobs in their community for their businesses to help build back the nation. Her song Sound of Praise was given in a dream as God showed her his worship palace full of tall drums that were so loud she felt the sound in her heart, in her heart the lord wrote the words of the song to express his love and her love as one together.


The song Raize UP is a rap song the artist wrote using Lil Waynes instrumental, she says this song was written one day she was going through a hard and difficult situation trying to figure out why demons and devils were attacking her so violently. So she called on Jesus and the lord gave her power and authority to destroy this evil by speaking fiercely to the enemy kicking them out her house by force Raize UP get yo stuff and get up out of here.


Agape Love original song was given in a dream, she was in heaven at the throne of Christ and the lord said these words: My Royal Princess and daughter sing and write these words I speak and the world will fall in love with me again and so she did three o'clock in the morning. Be blessed!!


Agape Love, I'm Fallen Apart, Wait on God, I'm GIFTED, and Writer of My Soul are all from someone else's instrumental but the artist had a one night stand with them each, she rocked out with the lyrics and the rhythm. But the artist started her first project with her producer Darrell Kelly in Panama City, FL for her songs: Agape Love, Overflow, Divine Favor, Sound of Praise, More, and Do you Know are all hers. She wrote all the material and sings everything.

My music has a cross-over, unique, inspiring, bold, unusual sound that's what sells and I sing Gospel/Christian Contemporary R&B, RAP, Praise&Worship, SOUL, HIPHOP, etc.

Her music plays on .
Her dances at .

MP3: Knoc-Turn'Al feat. 2Pac - "All In (R.I.P. 2Pac)"

MP3: Knoc-Turn'Al feat. 2Pac - "All In (R.I.P. 2Pac)"

Courtesy J Melo.

Similar to how Jay-Z & Kanye West paid homage to Otis Redding & Curtis Mayfield recently, Knoc-Turn'Al let's go a new record with a heavy 2Pac presence throughout on Pac's 15th year death anniversary.

Artist: Knoc-Turn'Al
Song: All In (R.I.P. 2Pac)
Featuring: 2Pac
Producer: J-Beam
Song Link: .

Press Release: Common's New Book In Stores Now

Press Release: Common's New Book In Stores Now

One Day It'll All Make Sense - $15.98 from!

Common has earned a reputation in the hip hop world as a conscious artist by embracing themes of love and struggle in his songs, and by sharing his own search for knowledge with his listeners. His journey toward understanding—expressed in his music and now in his roles in film and television—is rooted in his relationship with a remarkable woman, his mother, Mahalia Ann Hines.

In One Day It'll All Make Sense, Common holds nothing back. He tells what it was like for a boy with big dreams growing up on the South Side of Chicago. He reveals how he almost quit rapping after his first album, Can I Borrow a Dollar?, sold only two thousand copies. He recounts his rise to stardom, giving a behind-the-scenes look into the recording studios, concerts, movie sets, and after-parties of a hip-hop celebrity and movie star. He reflects on his controversial invitation to perform at the White House, a story that grabbed international headlines. And he talks about the challenges of balancing fame, love, and fatherhood.

One Day It'll All Make Sense is a gripping memoir, both provocative and funny.


(Press release courtesy Mitchell Dudley.)

MP3: DJ Tony Tone f/ Black Dada, Qwote - "Dance the Night Away"

MP3: DJ Tony Tone f/ Black Dada, Qwote - "Dance the Night Away"

Courtesy Future Star Music.

* *

Video/MP3: DJ Brans f/ Armageddon, M-Dot - "Worldwide"

Video/MP3: DJ Brans f/ Armageddon, M-Dot - "Worldwide"

Courtesy Chris Figueroa.

DJ Brans feat. M-Dot & Armageddon - Worldwide (Cuts by DJ Djaz) (Mp3 Dirty) .

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