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Thursday October 23, 2014
Feature of the Week

[Paperwork] No trouble this time, man.

T.I. Review

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Video: Female Hip Hop Documentary - She Got Next

From Dana Dane:

Video: Female Hip Hop Documentary - She Got Next

Devo Spice to Appear on Hip-Hop Shop This Sunday Night

Tune in information: 9 PM EST, 8 PM Central, live at with a replay the following Tuesday on

From Devo Spice:

Greetings, everyone!

Everyone have a good 4th of July?  Nobody blew up anything important?  Good.  Down to business!

TODAY on The FuMP we are featuring a new track by Cirque du So What, the sketch comedy group which features me, Luke Ski, Shoebox, and Chris Mezzolesta.  Today's track is "Looking For Things: An Amazing New System" which is ripped right from Luke's real life.  Like many of us, Luke takes out his frustrations with everyday life in the form of new comedy material for all of you to enjoy.  As always it's a free download, so go get it!

In other Cirque du So What news the I WANT TILE! shirts are now available to order online.  Head over to or to order your shirt today! (Note, we are temporarily sold out of XXL.)

I've been working on updating the site and it's almost ready, so if the site magically changes in the next couple days don't be surprised.

This Sunday night at 9pm EDT I'm going to be interviewed on The Hip Hop Shop hosted by Steve "Flash" Juon, a guy I've known for many years from the glory days of the alt.rap newsgroup.  Flash and I were involved in what was arguably the first ever internet compilation album- the alt.rap.unsigned.tape, circa 1992.  Flash runs a web site called RapReviews ( and does his Hip Hop Shop show every Sunday night.

You can tune in live, but honestly I'm not sure how yet.  I'll get that information and post it on the web site before the interview.  If you follow me on Twitter ( I'll post about it there too.

July's songs of the month are now available over at  This month's free downloads are my new track I Hate Mondays and Flight Check featuring Insane Ian.

And since it's July that means that The Insider is late.  (Sorry!)  But it's now posted.  Head over to to see a very tired Devo Spice mumble and fumble my way through the video.

Here's a direct link to the video:


That's it for now.  I'm busy getting ready for Nerdapalooza which is in a week and a half.  Hope to see a bunch of you there!



The (W)rap Up - Week Of June 29, 2010

Marco Polo :: The Stupendous Adventures of Marco Polo!
Duck Down Music Inc.
Author: Steve 'Flash' Juon
Click here to find out more!

"Marco. POLO!!! A childhood swimming pool game most readers have no doubt played many times - and some may be old enough to have taught it to their children too. Of course the name's claim to fame runs much deeper than that - the original Marco Polo was a 13th century merchant and explorer whose novel "Il Milione" became one of the most widely read books of his time. Polo's account of his travels throughout China exposed Europeans to a people and culture they had not previously been familiar with, and to this day scholars still debate whether his accounts are literally accurate or embellished for the audience that would read his tales. General agreement seems to be that it's an accurate tome albeit one that has an often jingoistic Christian tone, but it's fair to say either way the influence of the book means his name is well remembered almost 700 years after his death. "

Baron Von Alias + MistaBreeze :: The Great & The Magnificent :: {self-released}
as reviewed by Emanuel Wallace

"A few months back, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne's Baron Von Alias teamed up with Arhat to take listeners on a time-traveling journey with "GMT+1: Timezones & Loopholes." One of the songs on that album was titled "Devil's Rejects" (which also appears on this album) and featured an emcee by the name of MistaBreeze. I'm guessing that Baron Von and Mista picked up on the chemistry as they've combined forces for an entire album to become "The Great & The Magnificent.""

Carnival :: Population of Invisible People :: Back Draft Entertainment
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

"Full disclosure: I'm not the target audience for this album. I'm not a practising Christian, I'm not a fan of Christian rap, and I had to look up what the HHH in Carnival's URL stood for. (It's Holy Hip Hop, a contested label for Christian rap, contested because some Christians feel that hip hop is so ungodly that calling it holy is blasphemy.) But as sometimes happens, a Christan rap album comes my way to review, and so I put my personal feelings aside, and try to appreciate the album for what it's trying to do.  This album came out a year ago, but only now found it's way to my inbox. I'm guessing the Youngstown, OH group is trying to reach a wider audience than just the Christian hip hop community, so they've reached out to RapReviews."

Tha Dogg Pound :: Keep On Ridin :: Gangsta Advisory Recordingz
as reviewed by Pete T.

"I recently read an account of the Dogg Pound discography which estimated that between solo records, group efforts, and side projects, Daz and Kurupt have put out three dozen albums since their seminal Death Row debut "Dogg Food" in 1995. While common logic would suggest that such oversaturation would lead to watered-down releases (it has) and decreasing anticipation with increasingly frequent release dates (it has), their philosophies seem to be total opposites of their early mentor and collaborator Dr. Dre's, who despite massive demand has released a grand total of two albums in two decades as a solo artist. Yet such is the way of the rap game—a frustrating perfectionist, Dre remains the West Coast's most recognizable name, while despite having sold millions of records, Tha Dogg Pound maintains a very low profile at the dawn of a new decade."

Duma Love :: Corey Vol. 1 :: Intolerance Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"While Duma Love is a new name on this website, he's not without some credentials and accomplishments before we spill a single drop of digital ink on his behalf. For those who remember the J-pop group Cibo Matto, signed to Warner Bros. Records and closely affiliated with the Beastie Boys imprint Grand Royal, Duma Love was their "go to" man. Duma was their percussionist, beatbox, worked the turntables and in general filled in on any part they didn't have a musician for. In this role he appeared twice on the David Letterman show, recorded music with the Beastie Boys, and went all around the globe and back again. Cibo Matto broke up in 2001 to pursue solo projects, and although it's not surprising that Duma Love would eventually be the next branch off that tree to grow into a full album. "

J. Keys :: The Dead Horse ::
as reviewed by Daniel Oh

"From this impressive music tradition, we get J. Keys. He currently bases his operations from New York, but he was born and raised in Detroit, and you can tell he draws a lot of his style from that gritty soul that J. Dilla symbolized. His mixtape, "The Dead Horse," tries to harken back to the days of conscious, meaningful music with live instruments and traditional drumlines, which only fits since he mostly uses J. Dilla's beats as a canvas to speak his mind. His mission statement is to "fill a void," or to play a role that's been vacated in the recent craze to get everything auto-tuned"

Ozi Batla :: Wild Colonial :: Elefant Traks
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

""Wild Colonial" is the first solo record from Shannon Kennedy, aka Ozi Batla. Ozi is a veteran of Australian hip hop, performing for the past decade-plus in groups the Herd and Astronomy Class. The Herd are sort of an Aussie Roots, performing as a full band, mixing live instruments with their machine-made beats, and offering insightful, intellectual lyrics. For his solo debut, Ozi teamed up with producer Sandro and DJ Bonez, who share his love of classic old-school hip hop. The result is twelve tracks of hip hop that mixes melodic but hard-hitting beats and thoughtful lyrics. "

ScholarMan :: Fatherhood Dreamlovers Mix EP :: Soganic Music
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"Belatedly we offer this brief review in recognition of this brief EP, given away free by ScholarMan for Father's Day 2010 in recognition of fatherhood everywhere. This one plays more to ScholarMan's strengths as a producer than as a rapper, and in fact the longest song "Heartbeat" features no vocal performances at all other than in the form of samples. Still this suits the theme of the EP well as it's entirely possible your father (certainly mine) just isn't that into hip-hop, but might feel a good beat you could cruise to. Speaking of samples on "Heartbeat" though, they're all about what it means to BE a father, from a variety of different voices of different backgrounds, all talking about fatherhood from their own perspective. "

Sick Jacken :: Stray Bullets :: Urban Kings Music Group
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"Sick Jacken's career to date has been a trial of tragedy and triumph presented as a soundtrack of psychodelic stylings. In 1997, Jacken and his brother Big Duke reached a career peak as their group Psycho Realm became affiliated with (and heavily featured) B-Real of Cypress Hill on their self-titled major label debut. Unfortunately music label politics derailed a promising partnership between both sides, and bad went to worse when Duke was shot and paralyzed from the neck down. Psycho Realm released a couple more albums together as a group after this tragedy, but Duke gradually transitioned to a behind the scenes role and let his brother represent for them both as a group artist. "

Side Effect :: Dirt Hustlin' :: Whitmore Skillz Music
** RapReviews "Back to the Lab" series **
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"Side Effect speaks from experience on "Superior," the second track from 2006's "Dirt Hustlin'." Far from a new jack, Effect goes all the way back to 1990, when rope chains and Cross Colour clothing were all the rage, when he and friend JSmoove formed the now highly obscure group II Scandalous. They had a minute where they were getting it in on the Philadelphia scene, but never managed to break through nationally and broke up, leaving them best known as a footnote in SE's career. That career got put on hold through most of the 1990's for other pursuits, but SE never lost his love of hip-hop. He started dropping independent albums early in the 21st century, joined the Vans Warped tour, and even opened for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in Philadelphia - all BEFORE the "Dirt Hustlin'" CD was released. "

Z-Ro :: Heroin :: Rap-A-Lot Records
as reviewed by Pete T

""Heroin" was first announced for 2009, a typically busy year which saw a solo release, a very good but largely unheard collaboration album with fellow Houston rapper Chill, and numerous mixtapes and lower level releases. One of the mixtapes, a two-disc set titled "Cocaine," was condensed to a single disc and repackaged as a retail album by Rap-A-Lot, reportedly against Z-Ro's will. Even if ‘Ro never meant for it to see the light of day, listeners found yet another strong collection of new material. Now that "Heroin" has finally surfaced, Z-Ro's fans may grow nostalgic for "Cocaine" and should become even more alert of the circumstances surrounding each of his releases"
Hip-Hop Shop #81 - Bumpin' Funky Video Game Beats

Every Sunday at 9:30 PM EST we air a live new edition of Hip-Hop Shop on BlogTalkRadio like the one you're about to hear - Episode #81 - Bumpin' Funky Video Game Beats! Enjoy new music from St. Joe Louis & J57, Forever Famicom, Sage Francis and more! Send all feedback on the show to Thanks for listening and remember to share the show with a friend and tell them to check out the replay every Tuesday on!

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* St. Joe Louis & J57 - Electric Company (J57 Remix)
* Random a/k/a Mega Ran - The Rock
* AAW vs. ThePlasmas - Zombie Killing, Blood Spilling
* Forever Famicom - Drop the Load (8-Bit Remix)
* Sage Francis - Mario Bros. Freestyle
* Random a/k/a Mega Ran f/ Rufus Pipes - My Love
* Joshua Morse - ToeJam & Earl Bumpin'

The Adam B Experience - BET Uncut Podcast

"On Friday, July 8th, 2006, the landmark independent hip-hop program BET Uncut aired for the very last time. It was a sad moment for those of us who enjoyed the oftentimes NC-17 rated videos by artists such as Black Jesus, Joker The Bailbondsman, and Mighty Casey. Almost two years to the day, on Friday, July 4th, 2008, emcee Chaz Kangas was a guest on my radio show and we put together a half hour tribute to the legendary late night program. Now, on the fourth anniversary of the cancellation of Uncut, and the second anniversary of my and Chaz' tribute to the show, we bring you our half hour tribute in podcast form for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! Hit me up with feedback at" The Adam B Experience is 100% PODSAFE and TOTALLY FREE so tell your friends to download ABX right here at!

Download Here (right click to save)

PS: For more on Uncut, check out Adam's in-depth 2002 story on the show, complete with interviews with artists, dancers, and BET staffers, at The Reality Box at . Chaz has also prepared a bonus Uncut Top Ten you can check out HERE.

Video: Llamabeats & Parable - Gun in My Hand

From Semp Rok:

Video: Llamabeats & Parable - Gun in My Hand

Llamabeats & Parable from Think Tank.

The crew makes a music video to their new single "Gun In My Hand." There's some pretty funny stuff going on in this one! Their mixtape, Mashed Potatoes, is set for Fall release with several singles on SoFlo Entertainment.


The Master Fader as Lazy Cop
The What's Good? as Grandma
Parable as The Purse Bandit
Spits as...The Perv, The Skater, The other words, as Himself!

Directed by: Dave Donado
YO! PR - Guru & Bob Marley - Johnny Was (Remix)

From YO! PR:

Guru & Bob Marley - Johnny Was (Remix)

Bob Marley ft. Guru - Johnny Was (Remix) .

Guru ft. Damien Marley - Stand Up .

7 Grand Records once again pays homage to one of the greatest emcees who ever graced the game, GURU. This time around, you have the chance to listen to an outstanding and very rare remix from GURU and Bob Marley .

In 1999, GURU was asked to record a remix to Marley's hit song "Johnny Was", which was originally released in 1976 on Marley's album "Rastaman Vibration". GURU's version was featured on "Chant Down Babylon" (1999), a full remix album by various Hip-Hop and Rock artists covering songs by Bob Marley & The Wailers.

"GURU was asked by the younger Marleys to record the remix song for 'Johnny Was' from their legendary father, Bob Marley, in 1999. GURU had never done anything of that sort in his career but he had tremendous respect for Bob Marley as a historic Black man," 7 Grand Records reminds.

"GURU felt honored to be involved in the project so GURU flew to Kingston, Jamaica and met the Marley family at their compound in the city. After greeting and engaging in traditional rituals, everyone was well inspired. GURU recorded his part for 'Johnny Was' and felt it was a high point of his career and one of his most favorite works."

Almost 10 years later, in 2007, GURU linked up with Damien Marley, Bob Marley's son, also an aspiring and extremely talented musician. Both collaborated on the song "Stand Up", which was featured on GURU's "Jazzmatazz Vol. 4" (2007) project

"GURU came back to Jamaica in 2006 to record a collabo with Damien Marley titled 'Stand Up' for the 'Jazzmatazz Vol. 4' album. When we gave Damien the track, we were not sure what his response would be but he killed it. GURU was blown away at the skills of Damien on the vocals he delivered and the rest is history. GURU has often said that it was a blessing to work with the Marley family."


Founded in 2008, Yo! Promotions is one of the leading boutique media relations, promotions and marketing firms in the U.S. specializing in the entertainment and urban culture. Since the company's launch, Yo! Promotions has developed a trustworthy reputation for representing up-n-coming, underground and major music acts during the halcyon days of the dot com boom.

Music: St Joe Louis / J57 Remix

From J57:

The New Jersey powerhouse: St. Joe Louis, linked up with Brown Bag AllStars' own: J57 for a track off their "The Almost There FreEp: Remixes."

St. Joe Louis: "Electric Company (J57 Remix)"


Fat Beats NY • J57 of the Brown Bag AllStars  

"Rap Is Outta Control" w/ DJ Eclipse, D-Stroy & J57  • Sirius XM Radio • Hip Hop Nation Channel •
Sunday Nights • 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Grey Matter & The Secret Power of Beatboxing

You may remember a few weeks ago I told a story about meeting two artists while waiting for the 6 train. The first artist was the recently featured Truth Now. The artist that was doing the beatboxing during their freestyle session was Grey Matter. After honing his craft and linking up with Kid Lucky and Beatboxer Entertainment, Grey Matter, although he still loves a good session on the train, has become one of the leading beatboxers in NYC. This week I caught up with him to find out more about how he became interested in beatboxing, why we see so few great beatboxers today, and the secret power of beatboxing that was revealed to him in Paris.

Read the full interview at:

Tonight: J. Period @ Brooklyn Bowl From 11 PM - 3 AM

From J. Period:

Tonight: J. Period @ Brooklyn Bowl From 11 PM - 3 AM

TONIGHT: J.Period @ Brooklyn Bowl .

TONIGHT: After the fireworks pop off and the BBQ settles in your stomach, come celebrate the 4th of July Brooklyn-style with J.Period & the Lyrics To Go All Stars, rocking the house from 11PM - 3AM at Brooklyn Bowl!  Hosted by the world-famous Greg Nice of Nice'N'Smooth, music will be provided by DJs Cosmo Baker, 4th Pyramid, Chela... and fresh off his West Coast trip, J.PERIOD!  Stay rocking all night long and be treated to a late-night surprise, as LTG imports a secret all-star DJ from Philly to help turn the party out...!

Order tix in advance today for a discount.  Plus be one of the first 25 people to purchase advanced tickets and receive a FREE J.Period mix CD. For advanced ticket purchases, cliick here - .

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