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Video: NYCE & Freeway Canadian Tour Behind The Scenes Footage

Video: NYCE & Freeway Canadian Tour Behind The Scenes Footage

Courtesy Jon Asher.

SolidGround TV has posted recent video taken from Montreal hip hop artist NYCE's Canadian tour last March with American rapper FREEWAY where the two artists perform in Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver & Whistler, BC. In the two part video, Solid Ground TV follows NYCE and Freeway from city to city capturing behind the scenes clips along with live performances.

PR: Ruste Juxx - "Hardest From the Underground"

PR: Ruste Juxx - "Hardest From the Underground"

Courtesy Matt B.

Music from Ruste Juxx's new album, 'Hardbodie Hip Hop,' out now.

Video directed by Anthony Sylvester. DP: Ant DeRose.

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MP3: 2 Brand New Freestyles From Ransom

MP3: 2 Brand New Freestyles From Ransom

Courtesy Papa Smirf.


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Video: Lil B - "Whodie Whodie" #TYBG

Video: Lil B - "Whodie Whodie" #TYBG

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

Lil B drops a video for his new freestyle "Whodie Whodie."

Event: Stereo Boyz TONIGHT at Tiger O'Stylies in Berwyn, IL

Event: Stereo Boyz TONIGHT at Tiger O'Stylies in Berwyn, IL

Courtesy Wanja Lange.

Back from their three-month Europe tour, the Stereo Boyz (Detroit) are well prepared for the "Midwest Neighbors Tour", which will take them from their hometown across the midwest throughout March & April 2012. Rocking stages, recording and networking all over Europe added to their 10 years of performance and recording experience. Mixo and Mic Audio are no rookies to the game and their stage presence always wins both fans and critics over. Their EP "Live from the Ghettoblaster" with singles "Circus Act" and "Robots & Miniskirts" has gotten praise from listeners worldwide and after laying down the groundwork they are now ready to take the Midwest by storm. Following the overwhelming requests of fans in Chicago to see them perform live, the Stereo Boyz want you to become part of the movement, let them rock your stage!

Midwest Neighbors Tour 2012

Tiger O'stylies, Berwyn IL
April 08th 2012 - 10pm
All Ages - $7

Line up:

Stereo Boyz (Detroit, MI) .
Dj Ki' of NC (Chicago, IL)
Be.Water (CA / Chicago, IL)
Classk (Chicago, IL)
Vic Freeze (Bedford Heights, OH) .
@reddhanded (of Street Justice) (Detroit, MI)

Video - David Banner on Trayvon Martin: "This Happens Weekly"

Video - David Banner on Trayvon Martin: "This Happens Weekly"

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

"The famed rapper details his thoughts on the Trayvon Martin case, the impact on our culture and what he thinks should result from the incident."

PR: Virginia Emcee Gearing Up for Release of "InVitro"

PR: Virginia Emcee Gearing Up for Release of "InVitro"

Courtesy RMG.

(Virginia Beach, Virginia) -- “I’m just a black man trying to see the light in the tunnel.” Much holds true to this statement for Eyerone (Virginia Beach, VA) as both a person and an artist. It is from this human approach that each song is individually crafted & released. Eyerone (pronounced “Irony”) is a rapper who hails from the suburbs of the resort city of Virginia Beach, Virginia; home to successful artists such as Timbaland, The Neptunes, The Clipse, and more.  As the son of a Navy father, Eyerone was afforded the opportunity to live overseas for several years, which helped cultivate him & broadened his horizons and perspectives.  Returning to Virginia Beach with a broadened focus, he was able to refine his creativity and talent for short stories & poetry into lyrics that would later manifest into full-length songs.

Inspired by the likes of the representatives of his state (Teddy Riley, Timbaland, Missy Elliot, The Neptunes, The Clipse, Skillz, Chris Brown), the sounds of various regions of the United States (early 80s-90’s East Coast Rap [Rakim, Slick Rick, Notorious B.I.G] early to mid-90’s West-Coast Rap, The Midwest [Bone Thugs n Harmony/Twista] and the vibe of all around good music, Eyerone aims to relate to the “Average Joe” while maintaining a commercial feel.  His rhymes have been described as “no-frills”, “authentic”, and “true to life.”  With a passion for wordplay & storytelling, Eyerone strives to take hip-hop listeners & fans alike back to a time in Hip Hop where things were “normal” and felt “right.”  Eyerone aspires to have listeners take an auditory journey with him with the release of his two upcoming projects InVitro (May 2012) and Rhyme & Reason (November 2012).  He hopes you join him as he aims for that ever-fleeting light at the end of the tunnel!

Eyerone has partnered with media and marketing company, Revo Media to release his upcoming project, InVitro on May 8th.  InVitro will be Eyerone’s first solo project.  So with the upcoming release Revo Media will be releasing songs and visuals so the listener can really understand who Eyerone is.  The InVitro project will be released through multiple platforms and will be distributed digitally.  Eyerone and Revo Media would love to get your support on this project since we feel it’s a great project filled with thought-provoking content.

Listen to Eyerone’s first release from InVitro, Unfamiliar Places below.


Video: Pavy - "Kamikaze"

Video: Pavy - "Kamikaze"

Courtesy Dunn Deal PR.

S.U.H. Entertainment presents the Thomas Price-directed music video for "Kamikaze", the KP Beats-produced single from Pavy's recent mixtape  The Book Of Pavy. His new album Middle Class Ignorance features Capital K, Vic Spencer, The Boy Illinois, D2G, JDP, Ashley Laschelle and Ca$hflow Ellis.

Random a/k/a @MegaRan: That's What She Said...

Random a/k/a Mega Ran: That's What She Said...

I didn't think it would be this quick!

I never send email blasts 2 days in a row, ever. But I wanted to say Thank You for helping us reach our $3000 goal already!! In about 14 hours!?!

As a former teacher, I know that once a top notch student exceeds his goal, the only way to go is UP! New goals!

So since we managed to achieve phase one in record time (thank you!!!) let's elevate the game and warp to the next level!
Your first gift: 30% off any digital downloads at

Just enter the code paxeast12 and save money.

And now, the next movement.
---LEVEL 2- $5000 -If we make it to $5000, I can afford to shoot a professional music video for the first single "Wake Up," featuring Storyville, produced by myself and dannyB ("Super Meat Boy").

---LEVEL 3 - $7500 - Android/iOS version. If we make it to $7500, I can put the Language Arts video game (which will already be free for all) on the Apple and Android App stores in a touch version!

---LEVEL 4 - 80+ page Graphic Novel! If we can make it to $10,000, we can make the original Language Arts comic into an 88 PAGE GRAPHIC NOVEL in addition to single issues.

 I'll release new music at the $4,000 level and every $1000 after that. I better start writing.

See you at PAX, or on the internets.
Give yourself a pat on the back today!


Video: Napoleon Da Legend - "Junk Yard Dog"

Video: Napoleon Da Legend - "Junk Yard Dog" (dir. Crazy Al Cayne)

Courtesy NDL.

This latest joint is called “Junk Yard Dog” and it features cuts and scratches by DJ Leecy T and #SpittinInDaWIp Alumni DJ M-Tri, the video was directed and edited by Crazy Al Cayne. You can download “Junk Yard Dog” on -------> .

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