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Friday December 19, 2014
Feature of the Week

[The Pinkprint] Did we dog her buns?

Wu-Tang Clan review

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MP3: Wiz Khalifa - "Black and Yellow"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: Wiz Khalifa - "Black and Yellow"


Video: All Elements TV Cypher w/ Conceited, DNA & More

From J-Ronin:

Video: All Elements TV Cypher w/ Conceited, DNA & More

Video: Yukmouth feat. Mistah FAB - "Dats Outta Here"

From RBC Records:

Video: Yukmouth feat. Mistah FAB - "Dats Outta Here"

MP3: John Regan feat. Pack FM - "Paint the World"

From Wil at Culture VI:

MP3: John Regan feat. Pack FM - "Paint the World"

Here's the first single from John's album "Sorry I'm Late". Hope you like it! The b-side "She & H.E.R." produced by Needlz will be released later this week.

We've also gotten hundreds of downloads on our new free Culture VI iPhone app, where we'll be releasing these records days earlier. If you have an iPhone - go ahead and download it!!


Artist: John Regan
Title: Paint the World ft. PackFM
Album: Sorry I'm Late
Producer: YZ

MP3: Double D - "My Real Life"

From DJ TD:

MP3: Double D - "My Real Life"

* *

Video: Das Racist - "Who's That? Brooown!"

From Chris at Koch/E1 Entertainment:

Video: Das Racist - "Who's That? Brooown!"

MP3: Dorrough feat. Ray J - "Breakfest In Bed"

From Chris at Koch/E1 Entertainment:

MP3: Dorrough feat. Ray J - "Breakfest In Bed"

* *


MP3: Rah Digga - "Straight Spittin' IV"

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Rah Digga - "Straight Spittin' IV"

Digga's Latest Single Continues "Straight Spittin'" Series

The Song:

After last week's release of "This Ain't No Lil Kid Rap (Remix)" featuring Redman, Rah Digga continues to preview her much-anticipated sophomore LP, Classic, with "Straight Spittin' IV." Producer Nottz worked this and every song on the album and the collaborative power the two artists share is on full display here.

Those familiar with Rah Digga's past work may recognize "Straight Spittin' IV" as the latest in a running series of "Straight Spitttin'" tracks, the second of which appeared on her debut, Dirty Harriet. This installment features Digga in peak form, rapping energetically over a propulsive, guitar-based instrumental. You can hear the conviction in her voice and, when she delivers lines like "I'm spittin' till I'm thirsty, but I don't need a chaser / I'll probably be spittin' 'till the day I meet my maker," and "Straight spittin' on it, you could call this Illimatic / Think I'm lying when I say I got a basement for an attic / I'm spittin' for that cabbage, that scrilla, or that fetti / That hold up press rewind spittin', I don't think they're ready," you know she's telling the truth.

Rah Digga's sophomore album, Classic, will be available September 14th via Raw Koncept Media Group.

Download the clean version of Rah Digga's "Straight Spittin' IV" here: .

The dirty version of the song is now available on iTunes. .

PR: DL Releases "King Of Paper Chasin'" Lead Single

From Yo! PR:

DL Releases "King Of Paper Chasin'" Lead Single

MP3: DL - Fresh (Shawty...Move Sumthin')
Radio: .
Club: .
Instrumental: .

Aspiring actor, filmmaker, and rapper DL releases the official lead single, "Fresh (Shawty…Move Sumthin')" from the critically-acclaimed Crime/Drama film "King Of Paper Chasin'", presented by Triplebeam Pictures in conjunction with E1 Entertainment and "Fresh" is a high energy street banger coming straight out of the streets of NYC.

The semi-biopic "King Of Paper Chasin'", directed by La Monte Edwards, is available in select cities on September 17th, 2010. The New York City Crime/Drama is inspired by actual events and is brilliantly captured and told by first time feature film director La Monte Edwards, executive produced by Dwayne "DL" Clark himself, who plays the role of main character "Carter Blanche", while Actress/Model Piarry Oriol takes on the role of DL's distrusting girlfriend "Thaila". Additional cast members include Lauren Hooper ("Rachel Anderson"), J. Stephen Williams ("Uglyman"), Joe Soma ("Agent Richardson"), Jason Rivera ("Dell") and Dennis L.A. White ("JB") among others.

SYNOPSIS: In the city of 9 million people, everyone is engulfed in the everyday rat race chasing that almighty dollar. This movie tells the story of one of its own Carter Blanche (Dwayne "DL" Clark), a self-made entrepreneur who prides himself on the unconventional pursuit of money and success and the dream of becoming a Rap star. Carter has staked his claim to the American dream but history teaches us that behind every wealthy empire is a major crime -- Carter's rise to power is no exception. Trying to go legit to leave his past ways behind, Carter is faced with deception, betrayal, and self serving agendas from those closest to him and must maneuver his way through all those who want to crumble what he has built. As he determines who's friend or foe, the decisions Carter makes can, and will cost lives.


* *
* *
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Official: .
MySpace: .
Twitter: .

PR: Les Claypool Becomes Professor at Funk University

From Dunn Deal PR:

Les Claypool Becomes Professor at Funk University

Primus bassist/frontman joins an all-star teaching lineup at the world's first Funk University

Beginning this week, Les Claypool of Primus begins his tenure as the latest in a remarkable line of world-renowned guest professors at the Funk University (, the online bass guitar school created and curated by the legendary Bootsy Collins. The eccentric Primus frontman joins the likes of Victor Wooten, P-NUT, Meshell Ndegeocello, John B. Williams, Divinity Roxx, Dennis Chambers, Thee Ram Jam, Frankie "Kash" Waddy, Bakithi Kumalo, Blackbyrd McKnight, TM Stevens, Norwood Fisher and Bootsy himself as part of the most esteemed collection of bass guitar luminaries ever assembled, sharing the wisdom that made them greats. Each day, new multimedia content – everything from lessons and tutorials to lectures on funk history and philosophy - is premiered at F.U.’s ‘virtual campus’ for the benefit of enrolled students.  Periodic staff reviews of students’ performance and an assortment of community tools make the F.U. experience fully interactive.
Claypool is a bass guitar trailblazer. Primus’ breakthrough 1991 album Sailing The Seas Of Cheese was for many their introduction to ‘funk-metal’, a genre Claypool has become synonymous with thanks to his frenetic, virtuosic combination of strumming, tapping and slapping, a style which and has spawned legions of imitators. Claypool is also one of the most unique personalities in a field bursting with them. Album titles include Pork Soda, Suck On This and Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People, and aliases Colonel Claypool and Snapdad are just two of his many outlandish aliases. But make no mistake: musicians and fans worldwide know that when it comes to skill, Claypool's bass licks are no laughing matter.

Bootsy's Funk University is produced by SceneFour, the notorious L.A. creativity house responsible for projects wit h Al Gore's Current TV, MTV-U, Nine Inch Nails, the RZA, Fishbone, Public Enemy, Helmet, Marilyn Manson, The Pixies, and Beck. Interested players are encouraged to sign up for exclusive information at .

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