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Pep Love Announces New Album Rigmarole For March 6 Release

Pep Love Announces New Album Rigmarole For March 6 Release

Courtesy Audible Treats.

(January 2012 – Brooklyn, NY) Pep Love is excited to announce the release of his new album, Rigmarole. Despite having appeared on other artists' albums and touring heavily, this marks his first official solo album in 11 years. Rigmarole will be released March 6th via Hieroglyphics Imperium.

Founding Hieroglyphics group member Pep Love last released a solo project in 2001, and while that album, Ascension, is now considered one of the finest releases to come from the Hiero crew, Pep's new album Rigmarole is all about growth. "Most of Rigmarole was recorded during a time in my life when the music I was making was one of the few things that was actually working," explains Pep. "It was therapy; it made me feel better. So there was a lot of learning, personal growth, and healing that continues to this very day. I was focused on where I was headed as a human being more than as a rapper or recording artist. But in the process, I reinvented myself as an artist and discovered my love for what I do."

The album title, Rigmarole, was similarly inspired by Pep's quest to evolve as a person. "The word 'rigmarole,'" he notes, "means the necessary steps or process that one must go through to achieve a certain end. With my Rigmarole, then, it speaks to the process that I went through and go through as an individual and an artist – and also to the greater process of cultural evolution that hip-hop and society is experiencing."

Tracks like the Unjust produced "Reflections" reflect this concept of therapy and self-awareness, as Pep describes the song as "one of those old clock watches that a hypnotist would use to take you to a state of trance." Then there's "Runaway Slave," on which Pep details the process of bettering himself as both an individual and artist through the use of clever and creative metaphors.

And with these songs, and the album as a whole, Pep wants listeners to view the work as a new representation who he is as both a man and artist, rather than compare and contrast it against his previous work. "Rigmarole isn't a progression from my last album; if anything, it's a deviation," explains Pep. "This album is less about what I'm saying and more about what I went through to get it done. It wasn't created with the intention of living up to anything else."

Video: Fresco - "Stuntin" Off Whiteboy Wasted EP

Video: Fresco - "Stuntin" Off Whiteboy Wasted EP

Courtesy Brittny H.

C. Hare of Borgata Presents:
Another video preview of the Black Lung & Fresco 'Whiteboy Wasted' LP
Produced by: @Soleternity
Video by: @NicholasMcGill

Audio: Lewis Parker f/ John Robinson - "Swimming With Sharks"

Audio: Lewis Parker f/ John Robinson - "Swimming With Sharks"

Courtesy Iconoclast Multimedia.

From the forthcoming LP The Glass Ceiling,
Episode 2 of the Puzzle.


Video: Dorrough Music f/ Nipsey Hussle - "That Lowend"

Video: Dorrough Music f/ Nipsey Hussle - "That Lowend"

Courtesy Chris @ E1.

From "Gangsta Grillz: Silent Assassin"!!
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The (W)rap Up - Week of January 3, 2012

[TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition]Young Jeezy :: TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition
Def Jam Records

Author: Steve 'Flash' Juon

""What I Do (Just Like That)" is a statement of principles defining Young Jeezy's philosophy on "TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition" as well as any song could. The Atlanta all-star has a rap career dating back to 2005, where he first came to national attention as a member of Boyz N Da Hood, then very quickly eclipsed their fame on his solo debut "Thug Motivation 101." As his star rose into the sky like a cloud of marijuana smoke, fans came to know his raspy voice and unrepentant lifestyle well, flashing iced out jewelry and getting in trouble wherever he went. Showing out is nothing new, but as the title of 2008's "The Recession" acknowledges, it was somewhat contradictory to how most of his fan base was living. Since then he's been largely off the radar (police or otherwise) with "TM:103" being pushed back multiple times. Now that the album has finally arrived, any anticipation I felt has long since dropped off, right along with singles that he released before the album that are not included. If you don't buy the deluxe version of "TM:103" you won't get "Lose My Mind" or "Ballin" at all, which is especially irritating given they are two of his best songs since 2008 and feature Plies and Lil Wayne as guests respectively. It's shit like this that makes people buy the digital version on Amazon instead of physical compact discs, because none of the songs you wanted are left out."

Audible Doctor :: 2011: Year of the Audible Doctor Remix :: AMD Music
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon
[2011: Year of the Audible Doctor Remix] 
"This is an interesting twist on how to sell your work as a producer. Since Audible Doctor did a lot of remixes for different rappers throughout 2011, he's put together a free compilation of his best work that you can download at no charge. That makes sense - if he were to charge for them the rappers involved might be a little upset at not being cut in, and if he DID try to cut them in it might get too complicated to split up a small pie amongst 9 people. On the other hand if he sells an instrumental version of the album, all of the beats are his and he can collect 100% of the ducats. I like it. More producers should go that route. The free version certainly shows that Audible Doctor had an amazing year in 2011. He worked with a who's who selection of the underground's best rappers throughout the year, including the highly underrated Homeboy Sandman, who gets a "Not Pop" remix. Since there are only 10 tracks on the entire download you could literally pick any three and have them be just as dope as any others but I'm partial to Soul Khan's "Shot Glass Magnified" remix featuring Sene, Von Pea's superbly slick "Pep Rally" remix and the well positioned and subtle R&B samples looped for Boog Brown on the "Understanding" remix. "

Blueprint :: Adventures in Counter-Culture :: Rhymesayers Entertainment
as reviewed by Matt Jost

[Adventures in Counter-Culture] 
"Minneapolis MC Prof drops a compelling line on his "Project Gampo" album: "Ain't nobody stoppin' me from what I gotta do to rap." Due to him being regionally confined, few people probably care what Prof does to rap, but by taking this very personal, almost egotistical stance towards his role in rap music he inadvertently brings up a crucial quality to becoming a successful and respected rapper. Many hip-hop icons at one point faced adversity not just from outside but also from within the artform itself. But they were determined about what they had to do to rap, following an inner impetus telling them that their way was right for them. Hip-Hop fans are often appalled by what certain rappers do to rap, me included. But when those rappers respond, "Ain't nobody stoppin' me from what I gotta do to rap," I have to yield and say that's the spirit. I originally wrote the above introduction on the occasion of Ill Bill's "The Hour of Reprisal," making some argument about white rappers winding up in situations where they're forced to overcome the odds in typical hip-hop fashion. The truth of the matter is that the reasons to do things your way are manifold. Columbus rap artist Blueprint is black, but maybe the fact that like Prof he operates on the outskirts of the rap scene is what makes him all the more determined? Who knows."

Carnage45 :: The Elevation ::
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon
[The Elevation]

"If we're part of that group that put Carnage45 "in a backpack sub-genre," I apologize to the emcee in advance. When I reviewed his last album, I thought the comparisons to Cormega would indicate his lyrical appeal among many audiences, not lock him into a niche where he's not considered commercial or mainstream. Ultimately though we as critics can only take so much of the blame though, because Carnage would have to work HARD to dumb his lyrics and delivery down to a Waka Flocka level. Even if he made a concerted effort, I don't think he could pull it off. Either due to his inherent talent, years of polishing his skills in the lab or both, Carnage is about ten orders of magnitude beyond Waka even on his very best day. It's a good thing then that Carnage doesn't sound bitter about the sub-genre that he's in, because he's not likely to escape it with "The Elevation" either. Good luck with that, because if you're delivering intelligently written raps over well produced music, you're going to lean toward the Talib Kweli side of the equation whether that was your intention or not. In fact if one were to speculate on his intentions, "Prove Em Wrong" would answer many of those questions, since he seems to be out to prove that his career is for real and those who doubt him are sadly mistaken. Achieving it may not be far from his reach, if we assume that's a humanly attainable quality, or perhaps at the very least reaching a level of straight 9's or higher. One thing that mystifies me though is why Carnage45 is this talented, makes music as good as he does, yet continues to give away his albums as free downloads and mixtapes. "

Eclipse 7777 :: Eclipse 7777 :: {self-released}
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

[Eclipse 7777] 
"Eclipse is a rapper from Niagara Falls, Canada, land of casinos, strip clubs, imaginary girlfriends and depressing honeymoons. The name of the album references his birthday, July 7, 1977, and to judge by the lyrics, that date is anything but lucky for him. Eclipse has a slow, deliberate delivery, in the vein of Biggie. Eclipse presents himself as an ordinary dude, not a drug kingpin or criminal mastermind. His rhymes are incredibly earnest, dealing with the struggles of daily life, drug addiction, and trying to get by in this cold world. The beats are equally earnest, often sampling alternative rock songs to add to the emotional edge. They are well-done, but I'm not a fan of alt rock,and I found than it made the songs sound cheesy. The admirable positivity of Eclipse's rhymes is tempered by the melodrama of the beats, which gets monotonous over the album's 19 tracks. Despite my criticisms, it is hard for me to be too harsh on "7777," It has it's flaws, but Eclipse is an able rapper with a lot more heart than your average cognac-swilling rapper. "

Prof :: King Gampo :: Stophouse Music Group
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[King Gampo] 
"I'm not sure why a picture of someone sitting in a bathtub full of dirty water, eating a sloppy plate of oversauced spaghetti, while drinking milk out of a McDonald's glass would make someone want to buy a rap album. In fact I'm inclined to believe it would have almost the exact OPPOSITE effect. Without knowing Prof you'd think he's some indie rapper trying to get over by being hip-hop's new Bizarre. That tells me one thing about Prof even before listening - he has balls. If you're going to appreciate what he has to offer, you won't be tricked into it. You are going to enjoy his beats or rhymes for what they are, since he's going to sell you on the contents and contents only. That makes his cover art a form of reverse psychology that may ultimately prove highly effective - it's so bad that he MUST be good. Understanding the album's name is much easier. "Gampo" is the word Prof and his friends use to describe something really crazy or really wild, inspired by a childhood friend of the same name. The more gampo it is, the more off the chain or the more off the hook it is. Therefore Prof is declaring himself "King Gampo," the baddest and wildest mo'fo' going. "


The Hip-Hop Shop #155 - Another Commercial Free Edition!

It's time for another new edition of The Hip-Hop Shop. Episode #155 is Another Commercial Free Edition! As we do every so often, this entire show is just one block of music with no interruptions whatsoever - and what music it is! Check out tunes from Trafek & V!rtu, Fly Moon Royalty, Al Gator, Brinson and more! Thanks for listening and remember to share the show with a friend and tell them to check it out every Tuesday on! Don't forget to subscribe to our RSS newsfeed so you never miss a new episode.

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* Trafek & V!rtu - Done
* Fatal Lucciauno f/ J Pinder - Amazing
* Fly Moon Royalty - Lemonade
* Al Gator - Stop Foolin' Around
* Drapetomania - The Funk
* SoCe the Elemental Wizard - Megaman's Room
* Brinson - Tebowin'
* Moe Green - Glory

Press Release: Georgia Anne Muldrow's Seeds, March 27th, 2012

Someothaship Connect Is Set To Release Georgia Anne Muldrow's Seeds, March 27th, 2012

Courtesy Audible Treats.

(January 9, 2012 – Brooklyn, NY) SomeOthaShip Connect is set to release Georgia Anne Muldrow's upcoming album, Seeds, March 27th 2012.  Seeds not only marks Georgia's first album as a vocalist on an outside producers instrumentation, it also marks the first full length project Madlib has produced exclusively for a female vocalist.

Says Georgia, "Not handling production and focusing strictly on the lyrics and vocals was a very different experience for me.  It was as if I walked into someone else's world and built a hut.  But I'm very proud of the hut we built and am excited about the release."

Muldrow, a prolific vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist, comes from a musical family. Her father, the late Ronald Muldrow, was a jazz musician and her mother, Rickie Byars-Beckwith, a singer with the Pharoah Sanders Ensemble and co-founder of Sound of Agape Rhythms.  She's also a proud mother to her son Nokware Perkins with her life & music partner Dudley Perkins (aka Declaime).  Muldrow's discography includes various pieces of work from Soul to Jazz to Hip-Hop and is as impressive as it is long for someone her age.

Lyrically Muldrow's  themes on this album center around her wonder about the elements of life and the interconnected nature of the universe. The first single, "Seeds" will be released as a 7" via Fat Beats and digitally via iTunes on February 14, 2012.  "Seeds" asks the people of the world to elevate their consciousness and take responsibility for the future of our children and the planet. The 7" will also feature the b-side, "Husfriend," an ode to the beauty of commitment to another person.  Another highlight track, "Wind," tells an esoteric story about a fisherman and his family and how the wind carries people's stories, traditions and soul.

Muldrow and Dudley Perkins aka Declaime are set to tour the U.S. in support of Seeds in late March/April.  G&D will play Jazz Café in London, UK on Jan. 29th and in Rennes, France on Feb. 2nd at MJC Brequigny.

Listen to the new single 'Seeds' via Soundcloud: .

2012 National MC Search

From S&H Public Relations:

Los Angeles, CA/Atlanta, GA, January, 2012 – S&H Public Relations, who has been hard at work since this past summer representing some of the best up-and-coming Hip Hop artists, has partnered with one of the nation’s premier urban entertainment website, Hip Hop Wired, to kick off the 2012 National MC Search. Judged by Rapper Big Pooh from Little Brother fame, underground heavyweight Torae, and film producer Kareem Fort from “Demos”, this online talent search, beginning January 9, 2012, will give aspiring rap artists across the nation an opportunity to compete for a chance to win exciting prizes including international publicity. 


Hosted on and, the 2012 National MC Search is sponsored by some of the most respected names in the world of Hip Hop and entertainment:


  • Conspiracy Worldwide Radio – Hip Hop’s most discussed weekly online radio show, broadcasting to millions across 100 countries.
  • – The Underground Hip Hop Authority bridging the gap between the underground and mainstream.

Listen to the 3 judges talk about the 2012 National MC Search on Conspiracy Worldwide Radio:


On January 9, contestants will visit either and click on the 2012 National MC Search page or and click on “Events” in order to enter the competition.  The entry fee is $6 and artists will have until February 3, 2012 to submit their best song. All music will be evaluated by the judges and the staff of S&H Public Relations.  On February 13, the top 3 finalists will be announced and readers of Hip Hop Wired will vote on their favorite song.  The winner will be crowned on February 20.  Prizes include:

  • A part in the upcoming Hip Hop film, “Demos”
  • A song on the film’s soundtrack
  • A featured interview on Conspiracy Worldwide Radio
  • Free publicity
  • And more…

For rules and submission information about the 2012 National MC Search, visit and click on “Events”. You can also contact Sebastien Elkouby, co-founder of S&H Public Relations, at or 310-654-1681.

MP3: Common - "Stay Schemin (Drake Diss)"

MP3: Common - "Stay Schemin (Drake Diss)"

Courtesy Rap Star Promo.

* *

Audio: Jay-Z feat B.I.C. - "Glory"

Jay-Z and Beyonce's newborn Blue Ivy is only a few days old and she's already making her first appearances on tracks.  Listen to Hov and B.I.C. on "Glory"

Jay-Z ft B.I.C. - Glory

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