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Eminem returns!

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Video: @WWORX Web Series - "MELT Episode 3"

From Wandering Worx:

Video: Wandering Worx Web Series - "MELT Episode 3"

MELT is a new live music event that showcases Vancouver's best beat makers and artists. Also a weekly web series, MELT is about each artists musical process, their style and story. Eli "Headspace" Muro is the creator of MELT and owner of Jellyfish Recordings. This weeks episode showcases DJ K-Rec. The web series is shot and directed by Hayden Baptiste and produced by Wandering Worx Films.

@MegaRan's 5th Anniversary Edition of "Mega Ran"

Mega Ran's 5th Anniversary Edition of "Mega Ran"

Check out our review at http://www.rapreviews.com/archive/2007_07_megaran.html !

Random: "It was 5 years ago this month that I released a crazy album that I was afraid of, but wound up changing my life forever. So now here we come to celebrate!"

Next month for Comic-Con, I'll be dropping a LIMITED EDITION 5th anniversary Mega Ran rerelease with new songs, new mixes and instrumentals.

YOU guys get to preorder it first! just go here:

* http://megaran.bigcartel.com/product/mega-ran-5th-anniversary-edition-double-cd *

get it with posters, keychains, whatever ya like!

I just wanted to say thanks, and the only way I knew how was to do it BIG! Thank you again for the support. I won't let ya down.

I'll be in NY this weekend, so if there's anything cool going down, let me know. I'm shooting a video for Language Arts, Volume One. Try to guess the song. And yes, Volume 2 is still coming in August. BUSY SUMMER to say the least!

More shows with mc chris, Open Mike Eagle, Richie Branson and more.....go here and check out what else I've got planned:

* http://megaran.com/2012/06/busy-summer/ *

Also, there's some new sound FX and features added to the Language Arts game, check those out!

* http://language-arts-game.com/ *

Finally, Thank you so much for allowing me to live the dream. your support goes a LOOOOOONG Way! 5 years and counting!


PR: Lejend - The Great Truth (Album) f/ Count Bass D, Opio

From Wanja Lange:

PR: Lejend - The Great Truth (Album) f/ Count Bass D, Opio, Donwill

* http://lejend1.bandcamp.com/album/the-great-truth *

The Great Truth is a passionate and introspective piece of work. It embodies the raw energy of early nineties hip hop but the contemporary elegance of new age hip hop. With the lead single produced by Count Bass D and featuring Original Soul, it takes you back to the golden era of hip hop without sounding dated as O Soul and Lejend trade 16's about their musical prowess and pursuits. Tracks like "Prosper" and "Hiatus", two of the album's highlights, produced by Jlew SoulRehab. They really showcase Lejend's penchant for precise lyricism and a conceptual approach that he takes throughout this new offering. Lejend exposes his true depth on "Slavery2Presidency" as he waxes philosophical about the journey blacks have had in America over smooth and soul charged MSlago production with melodic overtones from Mz Fortune. He really puts his stamp on the listeners with the Juicy-produced, Donwill- assisted heater "This Life" as they flow about the trials and tribulations of This Life. Lejend spits about coming of age as an emcee and long road left to travel. The Great Truth is a powerful collection of thoughts, experiences and concepts. Accompanied by dynamic production and lyrics that go beneath the surface, you will want to hear more from this Texas emcee.

About Lejend:

A student and true fan of the "Golden Era" of hip hop, Lejend made his debut in 2005, with a collaborative effort with Champion Mathlete entitled “Unconditional.” The music drew immediate attention from the Dallas Weekly and earned Lejend opening spotlights with hip hop greats like Opio (Souls of Mischief,) and Planet Asia. Keeping his buzz strong throughout Dallas, he dropped his first and second mixtapes, “Industry Standard” with DJ Assada and “The Metropolis” with DJ B Smoove. The first single “Watch the World,” The video (produced by Tahiti) was featured in The Dallas Morning News and Quick for social impact and authentic hip hop feel. Lejend also traveled the west coast in a 12 city tour in support of the two mixtapes. Lejend is currently in the final phases of production of his second full length offering called “The Great Truth,” which features talent and production from Opio, Donwill (Tanya Morgan,) Jurah Jahveh, Mz. Fortune, Jlew, Soul Rehab, The Architect, and M. Slago. Soon the world will witness that Lejend is indeed the "Great Truth" and listening more carefully to the lyricist’s verses and mindset will bless fans with the enlightenment on why.

MP3: DOV f/ Bekay - "Ghost Rhymer" (JM HS Sex Scandal Track)

From DM360:

MP3: DOV f/ Bekay - "Ghost Rhymer" (JM HS Sex Scandal Track)

16 year old rapper and James Madison High School student DOV unleashes "Ghost Rhymer," a song which documents the sexual scandals and other tales of debauchery that have ensued at the Brooklyn school that has earned the moniker "Horndog High."  Using the instrumental from the Skillz's tell all single "Ghost Writer" (2000, Rawkus Records), "Ghost Rhymer" also features the rapper's mentor Bekay, who discovered the young emcee in his Midwood neighborhood and has since taken him under his wing as the flagship artist on his Horror Flick Entertainment imprint.  Although Horndog High has made national headlines for its sex scandals, DOV doesn't hesitate to divulge the broad range of lawlessness that occurs on the regular by the school's faculty - from alleged racism, homophobia, drug-use and more…keep f*ckin' around, and he'll put this back out with your names in it.

* http://www.audiomack.com/song/diamond-media-360/ghost-rhymer *

The (W)rap Up - Week of June 5, 2012

If you missed any of the new reviews this past week including El-P's "Cancer 4 Cure" then do yourself a favor and check out this week's edition of the (W)rap Up.

[Cancer 4 Cure] El-P :: Cancer 4 Cure
Fat Possum

Author: Patrick Taylor

"An El-P album is an event. He's only released three vocal albums in the past ten years, and each one has been a must-own, at least for fans of underground hip-hop. His albums are carefully constructed, full of complicated rhymes, themes, and beats. He does all his own production (only fitting for a man originally known as El-Producto), collaborating with a team of musicians to create music that falls somewhere between hip-hop, rock, and noise. Each of his two previous albums set such a high standard that when he announced his latest release, fans had to wonder if he could keep up his winning streak. From the first listen of "Cancer 4 Cure," the answer is clear: of course he can. 2002's "Fantastic Damage" tried to process post 9/11 New York, and 2007's "I'll Sleep When You're Dead" captured the paranoia and dysfunction of the Bush years. El-P has called "Cancer 4 Cure" his fighting record, and the man's got a lot to be angry about. The economy is STILL in the toilet, being voted out of office somehow made the right wing come back angrier and stronger than ever, we're still fighting two endless wars that we refuse to talk about or pay for, and, oh yeah, El-P lost his label AND his best friend. While the death of Camu Tao hangs over the album, the demise of Definitive Jux seems to have given El-P the gift of freedom. He no longer has to worry about negotiating with artists, vendors, distributors, and retailers. He's not bogged down in the day-to-day business of running a label, and is no longer on the front lines of the disintegrating record industry."


Bigg Jus :: Machines That Make Civilization Fun :: Mush Records
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor
[Machines That Make Civilization Fun]
"Bigg Jus made his name as a third of seminal New York underground hip-hop act Company Flow, rapping alongside El-P and Mr. Len. That group pioneered new territory in the 90s, making rap music that didn't conform to the commercial or independent rap of the day. They weren't jiggy, gangsta, bohemian, or conscious. Their beats, rhymes, and vibe were unique, a mixture of New York battle rap with a large dose of weirdness. Company Flow fell apart in 2001, although the group has threatened to record a new album and reunited for a few live shows. El-P went on to found Def Jux, do successful production work for Cannibal Ox, Killer Mike and others, and release three highly acclaimed solo albums. Jus also founded his own label, Sub Verse Music, and released several solo albums and two albums with Orko Elohiem as NMS. Both El-P and Bigg Jus are releasing their latest albums just two weeks apart. I'm not sure if it was intentional on Jus's part to put out a record so close to his former partner, but given that El-P was on a version of "Black Rose," the first single from the album, it's probable that Jus was aware when El-P's record was dropping. Either way, it's hard to listen to "Machines That Make Civilization Fun" without comparing it to El-P's "Cancer 4 Cure." Both El-P and Bigg Jus have centered their careers on making different variations on the noisy, post-apocalyptic rap that they started with Company Flow. Jus has gone in a more politicized direction than El-P, and he continues that trend on "Machines." "


Ecid :: Werewolf Hologram :: Fill in the Breaks
as reviewed by Zach 'Goose' Gase

[Werewolf Hologram]
"Minneapolis rapper/producer Ecid's latest release "Werewolf Hologram" is well… weird. Hip hop has long embraced the weirdo from Slick Rick in the 80s, Ol Dirty in the 90s, MF Doom in the 00s and in recent years, Danny Brown. Ecid wears his odd ball badge proudly as he boasts on the album's finale: "I'm trying to dumb it down but don't know infant / I'll admit I'm on the weirder side of different / But weird is in again so I'm all-in, let's start a business." Yes weird is in, and probably has been in for a while, but what makes weird rappers like Doom and ODB successful is that they have great personalities to complement their weirdness. Ecid and "Werewolf Hologram's" main drawback is Ecid's lacks a big personality to go along with his zany lyrics and production. His voice on many tracks is as grating as they come, and his style reminds me of early Geologic (of Blue Scholars) but with less charisma. It is something that he seems to improve on as the album goes on, but the first few tracks are especially hard to get through. Lyrically, Ecid is pretty solid and occasionally has pretty dope one-liners like "I've got friends that'll steal your watch, and be like ‘yo bro, what time you got?'" but has a few too many stand out wack lines like "You wanna change, but your wardrobe's limited." "


Inno :: Awaiting the Arrival :: {self-released}
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[Awaiting the Arrival]
"This is one of those classic "bad news/good news" situations. The bad news for Joseph 'Inno' Alvarez is that we missed the deadline for his Kickstarter project, which came almost three months ago. I accept my role in that I kept setting aside the album for review multiple times, although an unassuming green school folder with the album's title hand-written on the front didn't get my ass in gear nor make me want to mail it to a writer who I assumed (right or wrong) would pass on reviewing it. The GOOD news is that he did indeed meet his goals on the Kickstarter project, exceeding the $10,000 in funding he needed with only 59 backers, which I find incredibly impressive. That actually encouraged me to give the album in this green folder a spin - that and Inno's comment that "any review even after the deadline would still be helpful." Before we get any further into this review though, I still have to get into the whole "what not to do" facts for artists with albums they'd like to get reviewed, even as I know that in an increasingly digital age many of the things I'm about to say no longer apply. "


Maggz :: Soundscapes: Spring Selection :: Bandcamp.com
as reviewed by Emanuel Wallace

[Soundscapes: Spring Selection]

"I would expect to see at least one more edition to make the non-cypher complete. For those who may not be familiar with our faithful audible meteorologist, Maggz, he hails from Rochester, NY but is currently based in Columbus, Ohio. He produced Zero Star's "Don't Look Now" in its entirety and I previously reviewed his Optix-produced "Maggnetic Opposites." Going off of memory alone, this selection of choice crops is the smallest, coming in at five tracks and hovering around fourteen minutes in length. After the brief introduction, the season begins with "Morning Dew," a track that sounds like it would be the perfect compliment to an early morning jog through the neighborhood while the streets are relatively empty. The scaling synths and sparse snaps seem to echo the sentiment. "Warm Rain" is more chaotic by comparison, but I don't mean that in a negative way. It's just a bit busier with more active kick drums and snares. That moment after the heaviest part of the storm, but before the sun peeks back out is what "Clouds of Mist" seems to embody. Signs of the storm still linger, but it's evident that better days are on the horizon. By the time we get to "Blooming Sun," the birds are back out and chirping as the rain begins to drain away and we're back to the simplicity of the season. The synths are mellow and the drums are back to being sparse and faintly heard. "


Snowgoons :: Terroristen Volk :: Goon MuSick
as reviewed by Matt Jost

[Terroristen Volk]
"A German Snowgoons album has been some time coming. Despite being based out of Germany, the 'Goons knew early on where they belonged - the American East Coast underground rap scene. It wasn't until 2009 that they started to feature domestic rappers on their projects, namely the virtual Transatlantic joint venture "German Snow." After extending their portfolio with full-length production gigs for M.O.P. and Reef the Lost Cauze last year, in 2012 the Snowgoons are ready for an entire album almost completely made in Germany. Having a hard-earned reputation for being a rather one-track minded production team in terms of sound and philosophy, the Snowgoons make sure they stick to their script regardless of language. The album title "Terroristen Volk" ('Terrorist People') refers to a parody of a national social marketing campaign called 'You Are Germany.' In his video 'You Are [a] Terrorist,' visual artist Alexander Lehmann criticized intentions to curtail civil rights (especially the expansion of electronic surveillance) after the terrorist attacks of New York, Madrid and London. The clip's audio opens "Terroristen Volk," and while its smooth sarcasm isn't representative of what follows, a deep feeling of distrust drives many of these rappers in a fashion international listeners are familiar with from Ill Bill, Immortal Technique et al."


Tiger Shadow :: The Adventures of the Tiger Shadow :: TigerShadow.com
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[The Adventures of the Tiger Shadow]
"I actually thought the artist's name was "Tiger Shady" at first due to the font used in the artwork. I actually pondered that for a couple of minutes to boot. I wondered if he was Slim Shady's brother by a different mother of an Asian persuasion. I wondered if he'd be a cross between Jin and Miilkbone, yet an amalgamation that was ultimately greater than the sum of those parts. I pictured Tiger Shady pitching his demo to corporate executives who didn't understand the depth of his love for hip-hop, who could only imagine him being pigeonholed into a niche they naively believed wouldn't sell, and passing on his album - forcing him to release it himself. Ultimately at least part of that vivid daydream was accurate, and as it turns out there's nothing Shady about Tiger Shadow - figuratively or literally. Ripping this CD informs you that it's an instrumental, but whoever updated that database clearly wasn't paying attention. Tiger Shadow is an alternative hip-hop duo hailing from Leeds, a city/borough of West Yorkshire, England. Learning that made me make another assumption before listening - the lead rapper of the group would have the distinctive and commonly exported British meets West Indies flow of the UK hip-hop scene."


Romain Virgo :: The System :: VP Records
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

[The System]
"Romain Virgo came onto the reggae scene in 2007 when he won the Jamaican equivalent of American Idol, the Digicel Rising Stars competition. His 2010 self-titled debut was an excellent album, highlighting an amazing voice that belied his young age. Now, at 22, he's releasing his sophomore effort, "The System." The opening track sounds suspiciously like Train's "Hey, Soul Sister," with its acoustic guitars and "hey-yeah's." I immediately got nervous: did Romain go mom rock? Then his voice kicks in and all fears subside. The song is about the many ways in which the system lets people down, with a mournful chorus of "I feel like letting go." It's gorgeous, heartbreaking, and soulful, exactly what you've come to expect from Romain. Much of the album deals with the struggles of average people. "Minimum Wage" describes the challenge of working for peanuts. " Somebody tell me if this is not worse than slavery/Living under minimum wage," sings Romain. He follows this up with the similarly themed "Another Day Another Dollar," and the deceptively upbeat "Food Fi the Plate." Romain shines brightest on tracks like "Dem a Coward" where he gets a chance to show off both his amazing voice and his powerful yell, calling out thugs for the cowards they are. "Not Today" is another standout track, a pop ballad with Romain declaring "I looked death straight in the eye and said ‘I'm not going to die today." "


The White House Band :: Renaissance :: CapCity Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"From the jump The White House Band proclaims itself to be "the most refreshing" release in hip-hop. Okay, hyperbole is to be expected, but I'm staring at this dude who looks like a cross between Percy Watson and Charlie Murphy, which leaves me unsure what kind of "refreshment" I'm in for. I hope it doesn't involve a couch, or a German suplex, or a German suplex ONTO a couch (though that would at least be a softer landing than a canvas).Well "GangstaGrass" is actually a collective of like-minded artists and producers who believe in mixing bluegrass music with hip-hop. That's a whole different subject for a whole 'nother review. In the here and now, what you need to know is that The White House Band is (like Heath Slater) a "one-man rock band" who is his OWN featured artist in his own group. Weird? Not in this music industry, although it's arguably ever so slightly egotistical. Still anybody who can play guitar and rap at the same damn time ought to be a little bit proud of it. Apparently being a one-man rock band just wasn't enough, so for "Renaissance" the man who also goes by the name David E Beats decided to bring in Mick Boogie as the host of the album. I honestly don't know what Mick Boogie adds to this album (no offense to duke meant, I'm still a fan of his work) but after hearing the phrase "Yeah! Whattup? This David E beat is SICK!!" over and over again I'm starting to agree, maybe just by sheer repetition."


PR: Hip-Hop Group Bpos Release Single "Daddy's Gotta Fly"

From Nik @ Ballin PR:

PR: Hip-Hop Group Bpos Release Single "Daddy's Gotta Fly"

Pos Tapes The Album, by San Francisco based hip-hop collective BPos (short for Be Positive), is a 17-track collection of the best songs selected from Pos Tapes Vol. 1-3, a trilogy of self-produced “mix tape” digital albums released by the group over the past two years. BPos is D-Wiz: MC/Lyricist, Producer, Goodword: MC/Lyricist, Khafre: MC/Lyricist and their DJ Johnny Venetti. Releasing on the groups’ own label (One League Entertainment), this album marks the second full-length from the established Bay Area group and features appearances by other local artists including: Z-Man, Pep Love and Equipto, as well as a few other special guests.

After the group's debut album The Upside peaked at #4 on the CMJ Hip Hop chart in June of 2010, the group wanted to utilize a new trend in independent music that saw artists giving away music for free online as "Digital Albums." They created Pos Tapes Vol. 1-3 and released it digitally for free, exciting the current fan base as well as attracting new interest and gaining exposure.
When listening to Pos Tapes Vol. 1-3, one can hear the development of BPos' individual brand of Hip Hop music taking place. These "Pos Tapes" became something very special.  It wasn't your usual free music, rushed and pushed out without much consideration for artistic integrity.  These were full-length albums imbued with completely original material.  Each "Pos Tapes" Volume features beats from one producer (Vol.1: Big Shawn, Vol. II: Tahaj the First, Volume Three: ghostNOTES), and the trilogy as a whole showcases a splendid exhibit of BPos' musical and lyrical versatility.
Why the name Pos Tapes? One day, BPos was sitting in their studio reminiscing about the crazy ways they used to have to go about making music, and they started talking about Pause Tapes, the name for a low budget style of making beats developed in the 80's, using cassettes and a tape recorder.  They decided “Pos Tapes” was a perfect play on words that would spark nostalgia in the people who remember Pause Tapes, as well as enlighten the younger generation to the roots of Hip Hop music.
BPos’ Pos Tapes The Album drops on June 26.
Visit the band’s website www.bposmusic.us for music samples, videos and detailed bio and background information.

MP3: J Star - "Changing What Is Cool"

MP3: J Star - "Changing What Is Cool"

Courtesy BF Blasts.

Prod. by - Epik Da Dawn.

Download Clean & Dirty

New Mixtape: "#FREE AGENT" Coming Soon!!
Twitter: @fyejstar

Video: Will Phonte Work with Drake in the Future?

Video: Will Phonte Work with Drake in the Future?

http://VladTV.com - Phonte explains that wanting to work with Drake has nothing to do with the success he's earned. He simply feels that Drake is a "dope emcee."

Big Daddy Kane: "The Beastie Boys Were True to Themselves"

Big Daddy Kane: "The Beastie Boys Were True to Themselves"

http://VladTV.com - Legendary rapper Big Daddy Kane speaks on the legacy of The Beastie Boys and the impact they had on music. He also explains why KRS One and Dougie Fresh are two of his favorite artists.

MP3: @therealdubbleoo - "Fresh Out The Wrap" Ft. Big K.R.I.T.

From Audible Treats:

MP3: DubbleOO - "Fresh Out The Wrap" Ft. Big K.R.I.T.

For years, the Pacific Northwest and Bay Area have been two of the most underappreciated, overlooked hotbeds for hip-hop talent. Proudly repping both, DubbleOO has built his career the old-fashioned way, in the footsteps of the region's pioneers – the independent hustle.

In the past few years, DubbleOO has released a small handful of projects – his debut album, Space Age Hood Slap, and a follow-up mixtape, Beast Mode, Vol. 1, among them – moving tens of thousands of units along the way, and forging relationships with the likes of E-40, Too $hort, The Jacka, Messy Marv, Mistah F.A.B., Cool Nutz, and more. Now, with the release of his latest effort, Beast Mode, Vol. 2, forthcoming, DubbleOO is excited to give fans recent single "Fresh Out The Wrap" featuring Big K.R.I.T.

"Working together with Big K.R.I.T. had a big impact on the direction of the song," explains DubbleOO. "Once we started working on the track together, the music began to fly." And while K.R.I.T. has become known getting deep on much of his music, for DubbleOO and he, this track was all about one thing – having a good time. "Have fun, party hard, stay in the newest clothes and cars," says DubbleOO, describing what inspired the track. "And, of course, recycle."

Download "Fresh Out The Wrap" here: http:///media.audibletreats.com/DubbleOO-Fresh_Out_The_Wrap_Ft_Big_KRIT.mp3 .

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