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Video: @ThatsShawtyLo Talks @2Chainz w/ @QtheQuestion

Video: Shawty Lo Talks 2 Chainz w/ Q the Question

Q: "Shawty Lo I get with in my latest interview as he tells me how he's happy for 2 Chainz, his current deal with 50 Cent & G-Unit, and getting into movies!"

WWS Magazine Interviews Mic Savage (@WWSMag)

WWS Magazine Interviews Mic Savage

Courtesy ArtistPR.



TEANECK, NJ - 7/31/12

Tell us about where you are from and how you got to this position today.

My family roots are in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx where I was born and grew up in, as well as moving between the North Bronx. I most recently spent time between Jersey and Baltimore.

What made you realize that music was your path?

I’ve done poetry since I was eight years old at Minisink summer camp in Harlem, and I made the transition to rap when I was in my teens. I constantly hustled though, if a dude was selling you a tape, I’m gonna throw in the lyrics in the sleeve too. I can sit down and write every word to any hot artist in ‘97, ’98, ‘99’s album, that’s probably why I’m such a perfectionist lyrically now. I can touch shit and it turns to gold.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

I would describe it as hard, cold, and slick, but smooth at the same time, similar to ice. That's how the whole Frozen Vainz movement came about. I want someone to be able to put on a Mic Savage album for regardless of whatever mood they're into. I'm a throwback dude that can do it all like a Pun or Big.

Why the name Mic Savage?

Besides being an animal on the microphone, to me I think I got a double personality between being a crude savage and being a perfectionist above all godlike, neither human.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Rakim, Kool G. Rap, LL Cool J, Scarface, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Biggie, Big Pun, Big L, whatever my older brother and cousins were playing, these are who I grew up on.

What makes your music unique?

I can go toe to toe with the best lyricists, but I can swagger around and make you dance just like any other of these new dudes if not better

Tell us more about the current song you are promoting to everyone.

I have “Twenty 4 Seven” which is an uptempo radio style joint. As well as “Your Tattoo” which is a slower tempo song off my mixtape D-Day.

Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in the industry?

I like being in control of my destiny and I would like my career to work like a microwave, but it’s more like an oven so I have to slow down. The patient and old bull gets all the cows.

What was one of the biggest set backs in your career and how did you bounce back?

I think when my debut mixtape in ’05 was leaked and bootlegged and didn’t get into the right hands. I’ve bounced back by having the blessing to be doing this interview more than 6 years later.

What are some things artists need to be careful of?

To not ever let anyone cheat you financially and to stay away from negative people because in order to be successful you have to have a camp of positive people.

What suggestions do you have for other artists like yourself?

Just to keep trying and grinding because getting on and signed is probably harder than being a pro athlete.

What is one of your favorite ways to promote yourself and your music?

I love to promote through Facebook, ReverbNation, DatPiff, and MySpace. The internet is great because it’s not throwing a pebble into the ocean, it’s like throwing a boulder into a swimming pool.

Where can people visit you?

Through Facebook, ReverbNation, DatPiff, and MySpace:

* *
* *
* *
* *
* *

What's next for you?

The world.

FREE DL! Dan-e-o & Perfeck Strangers (@Daneo10 @PerfeckStranger)

FREE DOWNLOADS! Dan-e-o & Perfeck Strangers

Lucky you! This email contains download links to all of the latest albums,
mixtapes and DJ packs from Dan-e-o and his group, Perfeck Strangers!
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Watch the music video here:






Music video coming soon!


Watch the music video here:

Watch the music video here:



MP3: Young Gatez f/ Jim Jones & Trav - "Gettin Paper"

MP3: Young Gatez f/ Jim Jones & Trav - "Gettin Paper"

Courtesy BF Blasts.

Download Clean, Dirty & Instru

Video: Trae Tha Truth - "Street Life Vlog 7" (@TraeABN @EZAccess)

Video: Trae Tha Truth - "Street Life Vlog 7"

Courtesy Papa Smirf.


Mixtape: Phraze - "Jackin4Beatz Volume 2" (@IAmPhraze)

Mixtape: Phraze - "Jackin4Beatz Volume 2"

Courtesy Daniel.

This is the latest project from Miami's own Phraze. Jackin4Beatz vol.2 Mixtape has 10 cuts featuring classic production by Drummer Boy,Dj Premier,9th Wonder, Lex Luger and others.Jackin4Beatz Volume 2 was not made to offend or disrespect. Phraze is a big fan of all the producers whose beats were selected. Thanks and enjoy!!!

Download: .
Stream: .
* *


    01. B.M.F.
    02. Walk it Talk it
    03. All 4 Da Cash
    04. Bitch Ni**as
    05. Be With Me
    06. I Love You
    07. My Florida
    08. F*ck What u Talkin Bout
    09. Game of Life feat. Jayroctomologist
    10. I'm from

Video: @MC_Alias & @FaktsOne "Dreamer" (@MacMediaPromo)

Video: Alias & Fakts One "Dreamer"

Courtesy Matt B.

Can’t stop, won’t stop! Less than a month after dropping a video for the college radio breakout single “Sorry,”, Alias & Fakts One are back with another visual from Second Chances (JWAYmedia/Brick Records) just a week before the album drops. Shot & directed by Myster DL for Ill Mannered Films.

Mixtape: @DSisive - "Asian Elvis" (@URBNET)

Mixtape: D-Sisive - "Asian Elvis"

Courtesy URBNET.

FREE Download (please post & share): .


Well, whaddaya know! New music from D-Sisive. We haven’t heard new music from him since the early eighties. When Bruce Cockburn way the Mayor of Moosejaw. Pre-Tom Cochrane’s burning barbwire tattoo, wrapped around his left thigh. Around the time “Stomping” Tom Connors placed 5th in the Cape Breton 5k National.

The good ol’ days.

It’s been over two decades since we’ve heard his nasally high-pitched tone. The wait is over. He’s back! He meaning I. I’m him, writing this thing because my hired press release writer ran off with my $700 e mail money transfer. I think he was one of the guys in Too Bad To Be True [TBTBT]. Remember them? They had a video where they built a boat.

I wanted a real press release for this one. One where I exaggerate my achievements. Mention my awards/nominations. Use adjectives like ‘ground breaking’, ‘long awaited’ and ‘smash hit’. But that would be lying and those press releases are kinda shit. Plus, nobody really reads them anyways.

So here I am.

Asian Elvis.

Back to my kleptomaniac ways. Stealing everything I can find. I wanted to rap over some of my favourite songs. So I did. Now I play the waiting game. Not for success, but for the next 10 million dollar lawsuit. I know Mac Miller’s lawyer, so I’ll be in good hands. Did I mention I’m a lawyer [name] dropper? Swag!

On this one I write about being depressed, hating the music scene, drugs, being better than everyone and French people over music by Beirut, Elliott Smith, Coldplay, Kendrick Lamar, Sonic Youth, A$ap Rocky, MGK, Cage, The Beatnuts, House Shoes, Danny Brown and Aloe Blacc.

I also have one original song, One [desolate], produced by Muneshine [who also joins me on a song], which is pretty heavy. I wanted to add a few bonuses as well. My MCA tribute, Adam, and another original, Victory Parade, which I released around my Juno Nomination announcement.

I’m really proud of this one.

So, if you have a blog and like this record, please post it. This is my only attempt at marketing. If you know someone with a blog, let them know. If you know any of the above artists’ lawyers, keep this far away from them. If you see a boat with TBTBT spray painted on the side, please make a citizens arrest.

Hope you like it.

MP3: Miltickit - "Erbody Know Me"

MP3: Miltickit - "Erbody Know Me"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

MP3: Product "Breeding Ground" + Show Aug. 3rd @ Shapeshifter Lab (@_noree_)

MP3: Product "Breeding Ground" + Show Aug. 3rd @ Shapeshifter Lab

Courtesy Nora Ritchie.

NYC-based group Product are bringing their jazz, hip-hop, and rock sound to Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn this Friday August 3rd. To celebrate the show, the group is giving away a free track "Breeding Ground," a sneak peek of what to expect on Friday.

(MP3 Download) Product - "Breeding Ground": .

Product is made up of 6 musicians who began playing music together in Boston at Berklee School of Music. Although they met in the classroom, the group soon took their sound to the coveted Wednesday night weekly gig at the esteemed Wally's Jazz Club. The group now brings their sound to New York. The individual band members have played for Me'shell Ndegeocello, Estelle, Jessie J, Raekwon, and more. Together, they create their own musical style that blends together r&b, jazz, emerging electronic sounds, and rock. The band is heavily influenced by a wide-reaching range of artists including J Dilla, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Little Dragon, Eric Dolphy, Roland Kirk, God’s Property, Radiohead and Roy Hargrove.

Justin Tyson ,drums
Nozomi Yamaguchi, piano
David Ginyard, bass
M. Jelani Brooks, sax
Billy Buss, trumpet
Victor Gould, piano
Product at Shapeshifter Lab This Friday August 3rd in Brooklyn

Product w/ Karma Exchange
Shapeshifter Lab
18 Whitwell Place
Brooklyn, NY 11215 (Between 1st and Carroll Street) Park Slope/Gowanus
Doors: 8:00p
Show: 8:30p
2 sets
Cover: $8

For more info: .

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