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Video: Mack & Malone - "Everybody Gotta Go"

From Chris at E1 Music:

Video: Mack & Malone - "Everybody Gotta Go"

Video: J. Sands - "Friend" (K.R.Sands Exclusive)

From BUKA Entertainment:

Video: J. Sands - "Friend" (K.R.Sands Exclusive)

MP3: Kosha Dillz f/ Homeboy Sandman & More - "The Alien Song"

From Matt Diamond:

MP3: Kosha Dillz f/ Geo (Blue Scholars), Homeboy Sandman & MC Lars - "The Alien Song"

Check out Kosha Dillz' "The Alien Song" - he's teamed up w/ Homeboy Sandman, MC Lars & Geo (of Blue Scholars).  The tracks produced by Shuko & Fonty.  Click here to give the track a quick listen. Looking to rally as much support on this record as possible - this track's a banger and a good representation of the quality of music featured on Gina & The Garage Sale.

DOWNLOAD:  "The Alien Song"  

MP3: Juicy J & Lex Luger - "Who Da Neighbors"

From Future Star Music:

MP3: Juicy J & Lex Luger - "Who Da Neighbors"


* *

This is the WORLD PREMIERE of the new Juicy J & Lex Luger record "Who Da Neighbors" which is also produced by Lex Luger.  This is a street smash that will quickly become every hoods anthem.  Juicy J has been going real hard lately releasing a lot of music and teaming up with some of the hottest new artists in the business.  He's a major problem right now and this song proves it once again.  DJ's we need this one on every mixtape for the streets.  It's a brand new exclusive so jump on it first in your city!!!  Set the streets on fire and feed them the music they are asking for.  Believe me this is it!

MP3: Fly Moon Royalty - "Lemonade"

From Sportn' Life Records:

MP3: Fly Moon Royalty - "Lemonade"

Introducing the debut single "Lemonade" from "Fly Moon Royalty"

The newest addition to the Sportn' Life Family                         

DOWNLOAD "Lemonade"

Fly Moon Royalty
  "Lemonade" (mp3)
from "Fly Moon Royalty"
(Sportn' Life Records)

  Buy at iTunes Music Store
  More On This Album

STREAM "Lemonade"

Watch Fly Moon Royalty during a recent jam session

VIDEO: Fly Moon Royalty

"Betty's Kitchen" Jam Session

fly moon royalty -jam-


Fly Moon Royalty is a newly formed, Seattle based duo comprised of Adraboo and DJ Action Jackson. Action Jackson, the DJ/producer/emcee of the two, got his start in Grand Rapids, Michigan, spinning classic hip hop and old school music at various venues. He's also half of the hip hop group, Sex Panther.

Adraboo, a Seattle native, started in local theater and can be seen hosting events of all sorts, from club nights to burlesque shows. She’s also half of Luxury A.K., an electro-pop all girl group. It was during the production of Luxury A.K’s first E.P, which was produced by Action Jackson, that the two discovered their common love of all types of music.

The group delivers emotionally charged Electro Soul/R&B/ &Hip Hop with a bit of the post punk era thrown in for good measure.

"Fly Moon Royalty" by Fly Moon Royalty

also available online at

EPK available at

Free Music Friday: We Ain't Foolin' Edition

Big K.R.I.T. :: ReturnOf4Eva

Return Of 4 Eva

I'll let a 9th Wonder post that I found on Facebook describe this mixtape, because he described it the best: "If OutKast, Goodie Mob, Field Mob, Cool Breeze, Tela, Slimm Cutta Calhoun, Big Rub and Society of Soul had a child......his name would be BIG K.R.I.T." What else is there to say? Download away!


Camp Lo & Pete Rock :: 80 Blocks from Tiffany's Mixtape

Camp Lo. And Pete Rock. Doing a mixtape together. Forget the upcoming joint album that they're ALSO releasing, by the way. Just a Camp Lo and Pete Rock mixtape alone is enough to make me holla "OWWWW!!!!" a la Pete Rock. It's the Chocolate Boy Wonder with the Lo-wah, throwin' Luchini and sippin' ah-mah-red-duuuh! 


DJ Quik :: The Audio Biography of David

Are you new to the sounds of DJ Quik? Relax, don't worry. I won't harp on you or burst out in laughter (just yet), I'll just lead you to this link giving you just a peep on "The Audio Biography of David" which contains some of DJ Quik's best solo works. The three bonus track included in the end are from his upcomin album "The Book of David" to keep the already-Quik-fans something to check out, as well. But if you're not up to Quik already, your secret is safe with me. Just click the link and don't tell nobody else.


Mateo :: Love & Stadiums

Here's a soul mixtape to remind you why it's called Free Music Friday as opposed to Free Rap Music Fridays. But for all the hip-hop heads who got their Jansports in a bunch, this mxitape includes appearances from Ab Liva, Pusha T, Kardinal Offishall, amongst others. While one wouldn't get the link of love and stadiums, Mateo blends the two together well in this mixtape.


That's it for the "We Ain't Foolin' Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....

Video: Yonas Interview w/ Karmaloop TV

From Audible Treats:

Video: Yonas Interview w/ Karmaloop TV

RR Contributor Arrested On Possession Charges


Dear Reader, 

If you're wondering why you haven't seen too much of me lately here on RapReviews, there's a good reason for it. Simply put. I was wrongly accused of cocaine possession a few weeks back and it has taken a bit of a mental toll on me. Of course I plan to fight this as best as I can until my good name is cleared. Well, my name...I'm not sure as to how "good" it really is. For any of you who were concerned and wanted to reach out to me, I thank you for that support. It really means a lot to me and I'll use that as fuel to keep on pushing [no pun intended]. I managed to get a picture of the news clipping and they really tried to drag me through the mud...I guess that's the media for you though. 

Take care, 


Free Album: Cam Capone - "Controversy"

From J. Melo:

Free Album: Cam Capone - "Controversy"

West Coast rapper Cam Capone releases his new street album "Controversy" for free hosted by DJ Nik Bean. With all original production and guest appearances from G. Malone, Kokane, Knoc-turn'al, Sly Boogy and more, the project is loaded with west coast anthems. Track list below and cover art attached.

Download link.

1. Gang Raid News
2. DJ Nik Bean Intro
3. Watching Me (f. C-Doll)
4. G'd Up (f. Troublesome)
5. You Know Me (f. G. Malone & Out West)
6. All The Way To The Top (f. C-Doll)
7. Summertime Everyday (f. LaLa, Troublesome & Mr. Crazy)
8. Nasty (f. Troublesome)
9. Hustler Music (f. Troublesome & Bigg June Bugg)
10. Back It Up (f. Knoc-turn'al & Sly Boogy)
11. Next on the West
12. I'm a Hustler (f. Marlon)
13. Bartender (f. Out West)
14. Cruz' Wit' Me (f. Kokane)
15. IxE Bangin'
16. Getting It All (f. Stage & Marlon)
17. DJ Nik Bean Outro
PR: Shaft D.A. Releases "Rise, Puff, & Grind" Mixtape

From Boss Up Family:

PR: Shaft D.A. Releases "Rise, Puff, & Grind" Mixtape




     Coming from Brooklyn, New York, emerging Hip-Hop artist Shaft D.A has no other choice but to grind, hustle and go hard or go home. To prove that he is here to stay, Shaft D.A released his fifth and long awaited mixtape "Rise, Puff & Grind", hosted by DJ WhiteOwl and DJ Don P.

     "Rise, Puff & Grind" is 27-tracks deep and showcases the Brooklyn's Rappers hypnotizing, hard hitting Rap skills and top-notch lyricism .  Shaft also showcases his engineering and production skills as he recorded, mixed, engineered and even produced a couple tracks him self on his new mixtape from his own home studio in Brooklyn. The songs on "Rise, Puff & Grind" are inspired by real moments and experiences in the life of the Brooklyn rapper.

     Born of Haitian American parentage, SHAFT credits his musical career and his relentless hustle mentality to make it as a recording artist to his childhood years growing up in poverty and without a father figure. Growing up in Brooklyn and being the son of a Hustler naturally made SHAFT the independently entrepreneur minded emcee that he is today. When it comes to hustling and grindin’ it’s obvious that SHAFT got that from Brooklyn.
     It’s a fact that Shaft D.A is the hottest upcoming artist in HIP HOP, PERIOD!!! His intelligent rhymes mixed with animation and jaw dropping punchlines is sure to capture the world by storm. His ambitious mind set lead him to form his own label called BOSS UP RECORDS INC. Shaft D.A is the CEO of his own record company and leader of the new Hip Hop Generation.
1. Intro
2. Lethal Poison -  Feat. M.I.A (Prod. By Blackout)
3. Look At Me -  (Prod. By Chemical Beats)
4. Piff - Feat. Flert D Con
5. Why You Mad - (Prod. By Blackout)
6. Grind & Hustle
7. Getting Twisted - (Prod. By Sky Carter)
8. That’s Right -  (Prod. By Shaft D.A)
9. Nothing In The Hood
10. Damn Girl
11.The Block
12. Im Ill Freestyle
13. BMF Freestyle - Feat. Sha Doe
14. Pop Bottles - Feat. Mims (Prod. By Blackout)
15. Shorty Got A Body
16. Top Down
17. Im Sorry
18. Soon Come - Feat. Sha Doe
19. What, What  -Feat. Diva Jonez
20. Take It To The Top  - Feat. Ava Mae (Prod. By Blackout)
21. Make It Hot (Prod. By GQ Beats)
22. Diesel, Kush or Purple
23. Bring Back Your Love Feat. Deep (Prod. By DJ Ron G)
24. Its Over FreestyleBy
25. Obama for MommaBy
26. Forever Freestyle
27. Outro
All Songs Mixed By Shaft D.A

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