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Audio: Tonye Aganaba - "White Wizard EP"

Audio: Tonye Aganaba - "White Wizard EP"

Courtesy Live Vision Media.

Miss Aganaba's long awaited EP has finally been released on bandcamp. Premiered to the world for the first time to take in, listen and enjoy. This 4 track blend is defiantly something for the people of today, smooth, soulful, electrifying brilliance.

* http://tonyeaganaba.bandcamp.com/album/white-wizard *

Video: Napoleon Da Legend - "Young World" (dir. Crazy al Cayne)

Video: Napoleon Da Legend - "Young World" (dir. Crazy al Cayne)

Courtesy NDL.

Here’s the latest visuals off the Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol#1 featuring Napoleon Da Legend! This one is called “Young World” and it’s a message from Napoleon Da Legend to youth of the world to help give them a little guidance in these crazy times. Once again Crazy Al “Sugar” Cayne pulled up another beat that he created back in 95″ as the sound for Napoleon to flow on. The video was also directed by Crazy Al Cayne.

Video: Gee Dubs f/ Neta - "Lost Take"

Video: Gee Dubs f/ Neta - "Lost Take"

Courtesy giftedhoods.

This is a new Video from Queens, NY artist Gee Dubs feat. Neta (All City Crew) called "Lost Take". (Prod by Mike Chops) Just Dropped on Jan.1.2012, Peep the message in it, and if you fuck with it show some love!

Video: Sutter Kain & Darko - "The Anxiety Theory"

Video: Sutter Kain & Darko - "The Anxiety Theory"

Courtesy Never So Deep Records.

"The Anxiety Theory"
Produced, Directed & Edited
By Sutter Kain

MP3: SPOT x Don Cannon - "Turned Down"

MP3: SPOT x Don Cannon - "Turned Down"

Courtesy Booking4Cannon.

Grand Hustle's newest recruit, SPOT, releases a Don Cannon produced track, titled Turned Down. SPOT will shortly follow up this release by dropping his new mixtape with DJ Drama, The Price Iz Right, on Jan 10th, 2012.

Hulkshare: http://hulkshare.com/h6dpq9noxhyz .
Zshare: http://www.zshare.net/audio/9817923254ff6a01/ .
Link: http://twitter.com/beingspot .

MP3: T.I. f/ Trey Songz - "Oh Yeah"

MP3: T.I. f/ Trey Songz - "Oh Yeah"

Courtesy M3W.

* http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/titreysongzohyeah/blast-page.html *

MP3: Wordsmith - "The Limit" (prod. Strada)

MP3: Wordsmith - "The Limit" (prod. Strada)

Courtesy Wordsmith Music.


 (Produced by Strada)

from the Upcoming
"Prelude to the King"
Coming MARCH 2012


MP3: SmCity - "Mr. IDGAF" feat. Oddisee & Phil Ade

MP3: SmCity - "Mr. IDGAF" feat. Oddisee & Phil Ade (prod. Oddisee)

Courtesy Langston S.

Check out  SmCity's newest single from "Mr. IDGAF" featuring Oddisee and Phil Ade.   SmCity joins forces with his DMV Hip Hop comrades to let everyone know that they don't give a f*#k!  "Mr. IDGAF" produced by Oddisee can be found on SmCity's upcoming DJBooth.net sponsored project The Indie Life: Hate, Love & Money available online January 12, 2012.

MP3: SmCity - Mr. IDGAF feat. Oddisee & Phil Ade (prod. Oddisee): http://hulkshare.com/pa9kst20sz84


MP3: A$ap Rocky - "Pretty Flaco"

MP3: A$ap Rocky - "Pretty Flaco"

Courtesy BF Blasts.


from the A$AP Mob album coming February 2012 feat A$AP Twelvy, A$AP Nast, A$AP Ferg, A$AP Ty Beats & that pretty muthafucka A$AP Rocky
Look for that TRILLA video coming soon feat A$AP Rocky, A$AP Twelvy & A$AP Nast!!!!!

Devo Spice Update - 1/3/2012

Devo Spice Update - 1/3/2012

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday season.  I for one am really looking forward to 2012.  There are some cool things coming.  Anyway...


I need to give you a big thank you to everyone who has pledged so far to my new iPhone game “Rollers” and and a special thank you to those who have blogged about it or in some other way helped me spread the word.

If you missed it, I’m planning to develop an iPhone game (and later port it to Android) that plays like a combination of Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros.  In this game you will guide an alien creature who can roll himself up into a ball through a series of underground caverns to destroy all the crystals that are growing there poisoning the atmosphere.  Destroy the crystals, collect bonus items, and rescue creatures before the air in your environment suit runs out.

I will be hiring a team of talented developers to program the game while I act as art director and game designer.  And in order to pay them I need to raise money.  I have raised $1370 so far, which is great, but I need to raise $5000 in order to make it happen, and I only have 6 days left.  It’s all or nothing, so if I don’t make my goal your credit card won’t get charged and I don’t get any money.

If you pledge besides helping make the game exist you can get special rewards like game levels, a CD, a T-shirt, or replicas of in game objects such as coins, or even a plushie of the lead game character.  There’s no minimum pledge.  There’s also no maximum pledge, so feel free to send me large chunks of all that Christmas money you’re sitting on.

For all the details and to make a pledge please visit http://kck.st/sFIlTp

I am thrilled to report that the Cirque du So What track "Elevator" from our recently released album Stupid Cowboy Thing Volume 1: GRANDMOTHER (available here: http://www.thefump.com/store_release.php?id=88) made Dr. Demento's year end Funny 25 countdown of the most requested songs of the year. It snuck onto the countdown at #22.

This was another good year for The FuMP on Dr. Demento, as according to Luke Ski's Annual Overanalysis of The Funny 25 (http://lukeski.livejournal.com/707419.html) there were 10 FuMP tracks on the countdown, including the #1 and #2 songs.

I should also mention that before the countdown began on the countdown show Dr. Demento played my new song "I Am The Doctor." Thanks, Doc! Here's looking forward to more success in 2012!

And speaking of “I Am The Doctor” that song is now one of the free songs you can download over at http://www.devospice.com.  That along with “My Atari” will be available as a free download for the month of January.

Check back each month for two new free songs to download.

The first episode of Manic Mondays for 2012 is now available and in this episode we count down the dumbest people featured on News Of The Stupid.  This countdown takes into account shows from 2009 as well since the 2009 shows and the 2011 shows together make up just about a full year of shows.

You can download the episode from this page: http://www.devospice.com/manicmondays.php

The show is also available on iTunes, but note that the old one is still in the Podcasts directory as well.  I have contacted Apple about removing it but they haven’t replied.  If the last episode you see is from 2009 that’s the wrong one.  Or to subscribe directly you can use this RSS feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/manicmondays

That’s it for now.  Please help me spread the word about the Kickstarter campaign and help get me funded.

Thanks all!


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