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Video: Live From Control Room #1 - Black Milk Tour

Video: Live From Control Room #1 - Black Milk Tour

Courtesy Quality Control.

Live from the Control Room is a Bay Area based hip hop production platform created by Quality Control Marketing and pro audio school SAE. The Live from the Control Room series includes a 16 producer beat battle, concert series, a string of music videos, and a professionally produced EP featuring the Bay Area’s top MC’s paired up with the hottest up and coming producers.

The first phase of the series was the “Live from the Control Room” Producer Battle and concert, which took place this past September. The battle was comprised of 16 up and coming producers from the Bay Area, with the judging panel comprised of four of the top MC’s – A-Plus (Souls of Mischief/Hieroglyphics), Lateef the Truthspeaker (Latyrx/Quannum), Moe Green (iM/Out Crowd), and DaVinci (SWTBRDS/Thorobred). The top 4 producers from the battle then were paired with the four MC’s to record and create an EP and video series. Stay tuned for brand new videos chronicling the recording of the official “Live from the Control Room” EP, filmed by the one and only Casual from Hieroglyphics and Roy Miles Jr.. Look out for the EP to be released early 2012, and the final video from the winning tandem of Lambo Gott Em and A-Plus.

Video: Tes Wesley - "Corner Store Loosies"

Video: Tes Wesley - "Corner Store Loosies"

Courtesy Langston S.

Tef Wesley
Corner Store Loosies
Inner Loop Records

Watch now the music video for "Corner Store Loosies," the title track of Tef Wesley's upcoming project.  Tef Wesley's full project Corner Store Loosies will be available online March 14th.

Video: Charlie Murphy Says Kim K Wouldn't Have Divorced Ray J

Video: Charlie Murphy Says Kim K Wouldn't Have Divorced Ray J

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

The comedian weighs in on Kim Kardashian's 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries and praises Ray J's skills as a "pimp".

Masia One Releases Single "Alright Ok!" From Forthcoming LP

Masia One Releases Single "Alright Ok!" From Forthcoming LP Bootleg Culture

Courtesy Theresa M.

TORONTO – Masia One, one of Canada’s most recognizable musical talents is ready to introduce the world to her new sound, new look, and most importantly, new music from her upcoming LP Bootleg Culture (release date April, 2012).  Following up her critically acclaimed first single “Warriors Tongue” which was set in the Philippines, her second single “Alright Ok!” is dedicated to Jamaica, and begins with a dedication to “the beautiful people of Jamaica.  Put down the guns, pull up the light.”.

Produced by Grammy Award winner Che Vicious (Dr. Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent), Masia’s melodic vocals blend perfectly to Che’s smooth production and crispy drums.  The result is a record that is equal parts groove and style.  Having just leaked to radio, fans are eagerly anticipating the visuals to go along with what is sure to be on many “best of 2012 so far” lists.

Video: DJ Clark Kent Shares His Thoughts On Foamposites

Video: DJ Clark Kent Shares His Thoughts On Foamposites

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

"DJ Clark Kent gives his opinion on the Nike Foamposite and picks 5 sneakers he's looking forward to in 2012."

MP3: MUMBLS - "Spellbound"

MP3: MUMBLS - "Spellbound"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Berkeley, California, has been a breeding ground for some of the most original and polarizing hip-hop released in recent memory. Enter: MUMBLS. The 22-year old rapper is the protégé of Bay Area legend Andre Nickatina, and is the latest product to emerge from Berkeley, pulling from its rich cultural and musical diversity – not to mention the penchant of its citizens to engage in some good, old-fashioned, recreational drug use.

MUMBLS recently released the video for "Parachute," a song inspired by innovatively taking MDMA in paper towel capsules, and now he's releasing "Spellbound," the second single from his Hella Novellas mixtape dropping March 6th. "Spellbound" picks up where "Parachute" left off, full of bluntly worded brag-raps about MUMBLS' (oddly dark) partying prowess. You think you can party with MUMBLS; but really, you have no idea.

"Spellbound," produced by Logan Foreal, is built around a sparse drum track and faint, echoing, and occasionally distorted synth plucks, all of which MUMBLS uses to give a highly detailed run down on his penchant for illicit recreation. "It's really just an unapologetic brag rap about how hard I party," describes MUMBLS, "I'm letting everyone know that, try as they may, they'll never truly hang with me on any level."

Listen to "Spellbound" here: .

Free Music Friday: The M Is Free Edition

The music is free 'cause sampling clearances cost money, OH YEAH! Here's some free joints for y'all this week to certainly enjoy.

A3C X Beatz & Lyrics to Go Mixtape Volume 2

Beatz + Lyrics 2 Go

So there was an A3C event last year and many rappers and producers who previously never worked together linked up to make some dope joints. This is a must-have for any hip-hop head!

1. Intro: Jayforce 89.3FM Atlanta (prod Lex Boogie from the Bronx) 00:55
2. Arablak - Lasers (prod Shade Cobain) 01:41
3. Boog Brown + Stanza - Together (prod King I Divine) 02:40
4. Chosen - My Soul (prod Beat Medic) 03:46
5. Mike Flo - Times Up (prod D.R.U.G.S.) 04:23
6. Clan Destined - No Squares In My Circle (prod Amond Jackson) 02:25
7. Ultrabeast + Headkrack - Like You (prod Illastrate) 03:41
8. Ekundayo + J-Live - Ascending (prod Nefarious) 03:12
9. Sha Stimuli - The Calling (prod Focus...) 04:01
10. D​.​Julien + Dox - Crown Me (prod King I Divine) 02:37
11. Laws + Mason Caine + Avon - And the Beat Goes​.​.​.​(​prod Batsauce) 02:52
12. Donny Goines - Can I Breathe? (prod The Beat Medic) 01:35
13. The 5ive - Give You Life (prod DJ Shakim) 04:23
14. Phene - Devil's Cream (prod D.R.U.G.S.) 03:40
15. Methuzulah - Twitterman Joseph (prod Radio Rahiem) 02:25
16. StaHHr - Hold On (prod Shade Cobain) 02:31
17. Focus... + Sha Stimuli - Deal With It (prod J Haze) 01:56
18. Termanology + Reks - Live From ATL (prod Tone Beats) 02:48
19. Willie Du Dat - Dat Dope (prod Tone Beatz) 03:31
20. M.E.R.C. - Lights Out (prod Maker) 02:17
21. Binkis Recs + Boog Brown - Fooosh! (prod TzarIZM) 03:01
22. Isreal - Sky Lo (prod Seven Cipher) 01:19
23. Rasheeda - Time Travel (prod Jeffmattic) 04:34

Erick Sermon :: Breath of Fresh Air

Erick Sermon

Say word? The Green Eyed Bandit himself is giving out free music? Yes indeed! The aptly titled "Breath of Fresh Air" contains many new, unreleased, and rare joints for all to download and bump. Featuring guest appeances by Rick Ross, Twon Gabz, Too $hort, Redman, KRS-One, and many others, many will probably be surprised that this isn't a retail album.

1. Jamie Foxx - Sucka Free Skit
2. Clout (f/ KRS-One)
3. What Happened
4. Ain't Me (f/ Rick Ross)
5. Fix Your Face (f/ Twon Gabz and Ryze)
6. A Way Out (f/ Jimi Hendrix)
7. Jamie Foxx - Lyrics Skit
8. Twon's Theme/Twon Gabz
9. T.R.E. - Tregram
10. Dodge This (f/ Sheek Louch)
11. I'm Good (f/ Team Hot)
12. Head Skit (f/ Eazy-E)
13. Headgames (f/ Keith Murray and 50 Cent)
14. Lil Nikki (f/ Twon Gabz)
15. Like Me (f/ Too $hort and Lloyd)
16. Commander and Chief (f/ Daz of Tha Dogg Pound)
17. Talk This (f/ Sam-Bo)
18. Jokes Skit
19. Typical Nigga (f/ Lockness Monster)
20. Look (f/ Method Man & Redman)
21. Set It Off (f/ Mone, Swizz Beatz, and Fred Da Godson)
22. Look Out (f/ Twon Gabz)
23. Whiskey And Coke (f/ Twon Gabz, Fish Grease, and Kapone)

Layzie Bone :: The Law of Attraction

Layzie Bone

In the midst of the Bone Thugs rumors that they broke up, reunited, and broke up again, Layzie Bone gives fans a solo mixtape to prove that this particular Bone ain't goin' nowhere. A mixture of new joints and joints he's been featured on in the past year, Layzie ironically proves that he's no slouch and he gives out his harmony - in the group or solo.

1. Realest On The Rise
2. Where You Been Layzie? (f/ DJ Lazy K)
3. On My Own (f/ DaSanga)   
4. Cold City (f/ Dirty Red)  
5. Chiefin In My Wahoo (f/ R.O.B and Money B of Digital Underground)   
6. 1 Day At A Time
7. Grind Hard (f/ Paul Wall & Dirty Red) 
8. Pac Man Ya Body (Pretty Ricky f/ Layzie Bone)   
9. Go Bad (f/ Too $hort) 
10.At The Top  
11. Go (f/ Maybach Dice and Boxie)   
12. Exception To The Rule (f/ Myke B)  
13. Everything Big  
14. Success   
15. Somebodies Watching Me (f/ Dirty Red)   
16. Money To Be Made (f/ LIl R3DD)   
17. Tweetin (f/ Felecia and Money B of Digital Underground)  
18. Put The Gun To Ya (f/ Big Sloan and D'Rado)   
19. 60 Second Assassins (DJ Kay Slay f/ Layzie Bone, Busta Rhymes, Twista, and Jaz-O)   
20. Take What's Mines (J Mic f/ Young Buck and Layzie Bone)
21. Law Of Attraction (f/ Maybach Dice)

Lil B :: White Flame

Lil B

SWAG! Lil B's gonna give us more flame 'til he runs out of colors...Clear Flame next maybe?

1. Fuck That Sucka (Intro)
2. Tiny Pants Bitch
3. Dirty Game
4. Bitch Of The City
5. Surrender To Me
6. Neva Switch
7. I'm Fabio
8. Fed Time
9. I'm Down 4 Hire (prod. by Lil B)
10. Watch Yo Bitch
11. Straps On Deck
12. Poppin V
13. Tank Of Propaine
14. Banga Luv (Remix)
15. In Down Bad
16. BasedGod Fucked My Bitches
17. BasedGods My Name
18. Keep My Eyes Open 2
19. Les Misrabel (prod. by Lil B)
20. Reflections
21. When I Write

Pill :: The Epidemic


Although Pill's no longer in the Maybach Music Group, his hustle didn't stop for one minute. While his upcoming album "The Medicine" drops this year, he gives us "The Epidemic" to hold us over until then.

1. Movin' Out
2. Parkin' Lot (feat. Twista)
3. All On Me
4. I'm So Player
5. It's So Hard
6. Shawty Dem And His Hoes (Skit)
7. Scarface Freestyle
8. Dreamin'
9. Memories
10. 4Life
11. Why It Gotta Be Like Dis (Mama)
12. Down For My Niggaz
13. Chill Out
14. New Clothes And New Shoes
15. Heaven Only Knows Freestyle
16. Head To Da Sky


That's it for the "BaThe M Is Free Edition" of Free Music Friday. If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....
Video: DMC Talks Battle Between Rev Run & Diggy Simmons

Video: DMC Talks Battle Between Rev Run & Diggy Simmons

Courtesy DJ Vlad.

"DMC reveals who he believes would win in a father-son battle between Rev Run and Diggy Simmons."

MP3: Shaft D.A - "Spend It (Cover of 2 Chainz)"

MP3: Shaft D.A - "Spend It (Cover of 2 Chainz)"

Courtesy Shaft D.A.

put this on ya mixtape, website, blog, project, playlist ect. & I'll tweet it


you can download the song on hulkshare: .

Video: Breaking Beyond #3 - "Beats to the Rhyme" f/ Kwame

Video: Breaking Beyond #3 - "Beats to the Rhyme" f/ Kwame

Courtesy Greg P.

Here goes Volume 3 of the series.  This week, Beyond Belief spits over Run DMC's "Beats to the Rhyme", with a featured verse from Kwame.

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