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[Ludaversal] Grappling in the Ludaverse.

Ludacris Review

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Video: Diddy x Rick Ross - "Another One (Official Video)"

From Rap Star Promo:

Video: Diddy x Rick Ross - "Another One (Official Video)"

Video: Big Sean x Jessie Maguire Interview

From Jessie Maguire:

Video: Big Sean x Jessie Maguire Interview

PR: Eternia - Live in Europe Now

From DJ Sav One:

Eternia - Live in Europe Now

    "She looks like the girl next door but she sounds like she'd knock your teeth out..."

"...what makes Kaya so compelling is that she doesn't fit many rapper stereotypes, even though she has shared a stage with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Common. Her posse is the middle-aged Italians from her neighborhood whom she calls her family. She packs heat in the form of a Bible and an aqua blue marble notebook that she has filled with verses about deeply personal subjects like domestic violence and abuse..."

Read NY DAILY NEWS Feature here: .

+ ETERNIA TOURING EUROPE NOW! Scroll Down for Tour Dates

READ Eternia Feature in the NY DAILY NEWS!
Subotage Ent. Announces:

Subotage Ent. & WILDSTYLE Magazine Announce European Tour Dates!

    ft. DJ XRated & DJ Sav One

    • NOV 26: Eternia @ Nexx in Brussels, Belgium Nov 26th
    • NOV 30: Eternia @ L’Assomoir in St. Etienne France
    • DEC 1: Eternia @ La Marquise in Lyon, France
    • DEC 3: Eternia @ The Infamous in VilleFranche, France
    • DEC 4: Eternia @ CSOA Zapata in Genova, Italy
    • DEC 7: Eternia @ Kapu in Linz, Austria
    • DEC 8: Eternia @ Conne Island w/ PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTH in Leipzig, Germany
    • DEC 8 (late night): Eternia @ Cassiopeia w/ SHAD in Berlin, Germany
    • DEC 9: Eternia @ Bohannon w/ PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTH in Berlin, Germany
    • DEC 11: Eternia @ Skaters Palace w/ PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTH in Munster, Germany
    • DEC 16: Eternia @ Subway in Cologne, Germany



THIS WEEK: Eternia in FRANCE! check FB Page Daily for Tour Updates!

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Unlocking the Mysteries of Mystere Jones

Mystere Jones has a theory about how his music should be; “we grow as people everyday, so I show that growth in my music with every project I do.” This is why while he says his album True Playa is “grown folks music with a little street element,” his next project, No Identity, will reveal more about himself, and the album he’s currently working on, Love Jones, “explores a more mature me.” Music isn’t the only way Mystere Jones expresses himself, though. Also an actor, he recently completed shooting his first two films, Hood Boogas, and The Trouble with Cali, the latter produced by Paul Sorvino. This week I caught up with Mystere Jones to find out more about his music, his movies, and is he has any mysteries that lay beneath the surface.

Read the full interview at:

MP3: Metafortae - "Naaaw Bra"

From DMN:

MP3: Metafortae - "Naaaw Bra"

* *

MP3: Nappy Roots - "Reality Check" (prod. Drum Gang)

From DJ Smallz:

MP3: Nappy Roots - "Reality Check" (prod. Drum Gang)




Video: Trademark & Ski Beatz Discuss Super Villain Issue 3

From iHHD:

Video: Trademark & Ski Beatz Discuss Super Villain Issue 3

Reggae: Dennis Brown Featured in the New York Times

From VP Records:

Dennis Brown Featured in the New York Times

(The New York Times, November 16, 2010) - Dennis Brown (1957-1999) was one of the greatest singers of the last half-century, his voice improvisationally resourceful, graceful, resonant, optimistic: maybe Jamaica's Sam Cooke. His reggae records - made with the best Jamaican producers and rhythm sections, full of Rasta rhetoric while covering the American soul and pop he had his ear to - maintained a high level through the '70s and '80s. There's already a collection out there with a very similar title released by Trojan, in which you'll find many of his more famous tracks. This one goes deeper into his catalog, with songs produced by Phil Pratt, Joe Gibbs and Niney the Observer, among others; they include "What About the Half"; "So Long Rastafari Calling"; a cover of "Black Magic Woman"; and the super-lovely "Rocking Time." A companion DVD contains a charismatic show from the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1979, on which Brown beams through some of the hits not included elsewhere in the set, like "Wolves and Leopards" and "Money in My Pocket." (17 North Parade/VP, two CDs, 1 DVD, $25.98) - BEN RATLIFF

Video: CRB Radio (Scheme, DJ Scend, Astonish, & More)

From Scheme:

Video: CRB Radio (Scheme, DJ Scend, Astonish, & More)

Free Music Friday: The Black Friday II Edition

D.N.A. (Drac n Antalyst) :: The Evolution of the Double Helix
The Evolution of the double Helix Cover Art
[Here's a mixtape bubbling from the underground to the outer space (as they call themselves Da Godz from Outer Space). D.N.A. brings out their intellectual flows, as well as their hard-hitting beats.]


theFEW :: FEWnification

The Few

[LA's Kida, New York's Focus..., and Atlanta's Al Gator come together to bring hip-hop in a combination of the three coasts! aFam brings dope music like no other and it's amazed that it's still for FREE! Guest appearances include Marsha Ambrosius, Chino XL, and many others. You even have a choice to get the dirty or clean version of the album, so what's to lose? D/l!]


Rain :: The Magic Hour

[Shout out to for the link! This North Carolina rapper really brings it in. It's obvious that Rain aims to go for the number one spot, but he got the flow that never compromises his position in hip-hop. Check it out and see if you can stand the Rain.]


Sene & J57 :: eye don't dream...but i do.

[Salute to the Brown Bag Allstars for this record here. Sene and J57 have a collabo-album on the way, until then you can blast this around before they drop it. Any hip-hop head will know what time it is, 'cause eye know i love this better than most  so-called retailed albums.]


Young Chris :: The Reintroduction

[It seems that even though the Roc doesn't shine as much as it used to, you can't stop, won't stop this Young Gun name Young Chris. If you allow this Philly native to reintroduce himself, you'll know him as the cat who's beyond a dude who used to run with Jay. You'll know Young Chris as a man who's making his fire on his own.]


That's it for the "Black Friday II Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....

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