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Video: Amadeus the Stampede - "Scars of Life"

Video: Amadeus the Stampede - "Scars of Life"

Video: Kid Cudi f/ MGMT - "Pursuit of Happiness"

Video: Kid Cudi f/ MGMT - "Pursuit of Happiness"

Video: Big Sean f/ Chris Brown - "My Last"

Video: Big Sean f/ Chris Brown - "My Last"

Video: Ron Artest Talks About Carmelo & NBA/NFL Lockout

Video: Ron Artest Talks About Carmelo Anthony Trade & NBA/NFL Lockout

Video: Lil B - "Illusions of Grandeur"

Video: Lil B - "Illusions of Grandeur"

Video: Kyle Rapps - "Me" / EP Release

From Audible Treats:

Video: Kyle Rapps - "Me" / EP Release

The month of March has been a busy one for Kyle Rapps. The hip-hop artist took a break from the 15 shows he has booked this month alone (!) to be the sole host and to perform songs from his debut EP, Re-Edutainment, at SXSW for Audible Treats’ annual showcase. Now, just a week and half later, Kyle Rapps releases Re-Edutainment, his revisit of the Boogie Down Productions classic. Clocking in at eight tracks, the EP features the Edutainment originator himself, KRS-One, as well as Joell Ortiz and U-N-I and producer Kev Brown, who pays homage by incorporating some of the same loops, chops, and breaks found in the original.

Also out today is the new music video for "Me," a single off Re-Edutainment that was first previewed last week. The funky track serves as an ample introduction to the world of Kyle Rapps, including set-backs, realizations, and accomplishments, "I got a Bill Gates grant and a Today show feature." Rapps also explained that on the track there was some heavy influence from his slam poetry group, Mayhem Poets, formed in college days, and the visual direction of Alex F. Ghassan reflects this well. The video throws a rhyming, edutaining Rapps in front of likely backdrops, a classroom, a library, a schoolyard, etc., complete with a visual filter reminiscent of crumpled notepaper. Throughout the video one thing is made clear, this is Kyle Rapps' assembly and he's announcing his debut to hip-hop on the auditorium stage, "I'm in the building chillen'/ trying to make a killin'/ Doin' what I'm feelin'/ If you got a hand go and lift it to the ceiling."

Video: Reggiimental - "When I Close My Eyes"

From Park Street PR:

Video: Reggiimental - "When I Close My Eyes"

PR: 'Best of DJ Khalil' - The Grammy Edition

From Greg Miller:

'Best of DJ Khalil' - The Grammy Edition

Los Angeles based hip-hop producer DJ Khalil teams up with Crooks & Castles clothing to release a compilation of extraordinary work on Best of DJ Khalil - The Grammy Edition. Khalil had a remarkable 2010 producing four records on Eminem's critically acclaimed and Grammy winning album, Recovery as well as the lead single, "Kush", off of Dr. Dre's highly anticipated final album Detox.  Already an accomplished producer, Khalil has worked with an impressive roster of heavy hitters (Jay Z, Drake, Snoop, Rick Ross, Game, Pink, Nas) and continues to push the boundaries of his music making talents in 2011, working with new artists outside his typical hip-hop genre. Not only does DJ Khalil produce tracks for multi-platinum selling artists, but he also has had his hand on music production for many popular video game titles including EA Sports Fight Night Championship 4, Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and 50 Cent's Blood on the Sand.

Check out the video interview with Crooks & Castles on his Grammy success below:
DJ Khalil Grammy Interview with Crooks & Castles

Click link below to download 'Best of DJ Khalil' The Grammy Edition from Crooks & Castles Blog:
Best of DJ Khalil Grammy Edition
Mixtape: Silly - Silly City 2.5: The Blackout

From Clout Media:

Mixtape: Silly - Silly City 2.5: The Blackout

Hosted by DJ Boof & DJ Brooklyn Don

Up-and-coming Brooklyn rapper/producer Silly, formerly known as Dot Silly, is back at is with his mixtape Silly City 2.5: The Blackout. Hosted by DJ Boof and DJ Brooklyn Don, The Blackout features more dynamic lyicism from the budding rapper over industry beats.

2.5 is the follow up to Vol. 2, which was credited to be more of a street album, with the majority of the songs produced by Silly. On The Blackout Silly turns the lights out on 16 industry tracks, showcasing his incredible lyrics and rhyme schemes.

Download: Silly - Silly City 2.5: The Blackout Hosted by DJ Boof & DJ Brooklyn Don
* *


    Boof Speaks
    Sunday Morning
    Get Ready pt.2
    Blow Up
    Drop The World
    Keep Pushin
    Dead or Alive
    Off the Wall
    Say Sumthin
    Off the Wall
    Passing Me By
    Fly Like the Wind
    Been a Pleasure
    Boof Outro
    Tears of Joy

MP3: Marc Antoni - "Minor Setbacks (Freestyle)"

From J. Melo:

MP3: Marc Antoni - "Minor Setbacks (Freestyle)"

A real emcee from the east coast, Marc has some incredible talent. His forthcoming "Overnight" EP will be entirely produced by The Trackslayerz (T.I. "I'm Back") and J Cardim (Joe Budden, etc). Features will come from Laws, Smoke DZA, Theo Martins and more.

"Overnight" (EP) will be hosted by DJBooth as they were wow'ed by his talent when we submitted it to them.

Here goes a little appetizer before the EP arrives. The perfect introduction to his rhyming ability, Marc Antoni attacks Jay-Z's "Dead Presidents" instrumental on his own take, "Minor Setbacks." Enough talk, let the music speak for itself.

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