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MP3: Diddy-Dirty Money - "First Place Loser"

From M3W:

MP3: Diddy-Dirty Money - "First Place Loser"

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Mixtape: DJ EFN - "Diggin' in the Tapes"

From Crazy Hood:

Mixtape: DJ EFN - "Diggin' in the Tapes"

Mixtape download link: .

Front cover: .
Back cover: .


In celebration of 15 years in the mixtape game, Miami heavyweight DJ EFN has hooked up with to drop a brand new compilation project, Diggin’ in the Tapes.

Assembled over the course of an extensive search through his archives of DAT tapes, A-Dats., Mini Discs and 4-Track tapes, the set is a collection of both classic and unreleased freestyles, as well as original tracks recorded for EFN’s mixtape series. Included on the street album is the underground hit single "Corleone" which features Ras Kass.

Among the big-name artists to make appearances throughout DITTT are Kanye West, Rick Ross, Bun B, Cam’ron, Ras Kass and the late Guru. Beats come courtesy of The Alchemist, Miami Beat Wave, Plex Luthor, Hazardis Soundz and many more!

Track Listing:

01. Intro (ft. Kanye West)
02. Freestyle (ft. Kardinal Offishall)
03. Weight of the World Pt.1 (ft. Bun B, Grafh, & Stat Quo)
04. Corleone (ft. Ras Kass) [prod. Nick Fury HD]
05. Freestyle (ft. Capone-n-Noreaga)
06. Interlude (ft. Pharrell, Compton Ass Terry, & N.O.R.E.)
07. On & On (ft. N.O.R.E. & Sean Kingston) [prod. Hazardis Soundz]
08. Freestyle (ft. Joe Budden*)
09. Why Wouldn’t We (ft. Mr. Cheeks & Iconz)
10. My Block (Miami) (Remix) (ft. Pitbull, Garcia, Brisco, Heckler, Gunplay (of Triple C’s), Flo-Rida, Cubo, DJ Khaled & Smitty) [prod. Miami Beat Wave]
11. Freestyle (ft. Stat Quo & Kardinal Offishall) [prod. Da Riffs]
12. Get That (ft. Heckler, Capone-n-Noreaga & Lil Jon) [prod. Midi Mafia]
13. Freestyle (ft. M1 (of Dead Prez))
14. Freestyle (ft. Guru (R.I.P.))
15. Yes-N-Deed 05’ (ft. Wrekonize (of ¡Mayday!) & Rick Ross)
16. Freestyle (ft. Pitbull)
17. High as F*ck (Freestyle) (ft. Redman)
18. Give Em’ a Song (ft. ¡Mayday! & David Banner) [prod. Plex Luthor]
19. One to Da head (ft. Garcia & Sean Paul)
20. Bilingual (Remix) (ft. Wyclef*) [prod. Hazardis Soundz & Maximus]
21. Freestyle (ft. Cam’ron)
22. Freestyle (ft. Buckshot)
23. Freestyle (ft. Smif-n-Wessun & Mecca)    
24. Frontline (ft. Bun B, I-20 (of DTP) & Heckler) [prod. Big Drain]
25. Drink Champ Pt.1 (ft. N.O.R.E.) [prod. The Alchemist]

Video: The Niceguys - "The Good Shepherd"

From Audible Treats:

Video: The Niceguys - "The Good Shepherd"

The Niceguys - The Good Shepherd from Evesborough Films.

Free EP: IMAKEMADBEATS - Nightlight EP

From Audible Treats:

Free EP: IMAKEMADBEATS - Nightlight EP

Producer IMAKEMADBEATS Releases Second Half of Daylight/Nightlight Dual-EP

The EP:

Producer IMAKEMADBEATS is back again with the release of the free EP Nightlight as the second half of his dual-EP concept album Daylight/Nightlight. Daylight/Nightlight takes a multifaceted look at the highs and lows of life, evident through the stories delivered by collaborators Butta Verses, the lyricist behind the Daylight EP, and Nightlight emcee MidaZ The Beast, most recently heard on his last mixtape The El MidaZ Affair and as a guest on Alchemist’s GTA: Chinatown Wars Gangrene Mix. While the two EPs are being released separately in a radio edited digital format, IMAKEMADBEATS and Doxside Music Group will later release both for sale together in an unedited physical format.

Nightlight finds MidaZ delving into the darkest corners of the mind with ferocious vigor. As IMAKEMADBEATS’ partner-in-crime in the grimy duo known as BlakOut, MidaZ masterfully manipulates words in the same style that has helped build his reputation in underground circles as a force to be reckoned with. IMAKEMADBEATS completely flips his style on this half of the project, providing MidaZ with tense, hard-hitting beats to vent over – musical beds that fit the edgy tone set throughout the EP. Songs like "Subliminal Diss" and "Word Of Mouth" capture the Nightlight theme, exploring unfiltered angst, while previous single "Flyers" features MidaZ taking shots at lazy and incompetent show promoters.

On January 18, 2011 IMAKEMADBEATS will drop his self-titled solo debut, featuring Black Milk, Von Pea of Tanya Morgan, Butta Verses, Hezekiah, and more on Doxside Music Group.

Download Nightlight EP here: .

Just in case you missed it, download Daylight EP here: .

The Background:

IMAKEMADBEATS has built his reputation on an obsessive dedication to his craft and a mad scientist-like approach to tweaking samples, drums, and live instruments - proving himself to be both a rapper's producer and a producer's producer. Most people first became aware of IMAKEMADBEATS from his 2009 collaborative project The Transcontinental with Oxnard rhyme-slinger Roc C (a project that featured the likes of Oh No, Big Pooh, Rakaa Iriscience, and Chino XL), which subsequently led to the nationwide Smash Mouf Tour. In addition to the much-anticipated forthcoming Doxside Music Group self-titled debut, IMAKEMADBEATS is also unleashing his dual-EP concept album Daylight/Nightlight, featuring Butta Verses and MidaZ the Beast respectively. Also in the works are projects with Beretta 9 (Wu-Tang's Killarmy), his BlakOut album with MidaZ, an instrumental project, and more placements on projects by artists seeking the "IMAKEMADBEATS" treatment to their music.

Video: Grafh - "So Appalled" Freestyle

From Chris at E1 Music:

Video: Grafh - "So Appalled" Freestyle

Video: Illa Ghee & Big Lou - All Elements Cipher

From J-Ronin:

Video: Illa Ghee & Big Lou - All Elements Cipher

Video: Ameer - "Fresh Out the Oven"

From Ameer:

Video: Ameer - "Fresh Out the Oven"

Mixtape: HookUpMix Vol. 3 - All About the Wu-Tang Clan

From Mo-Beats:

Mixtape: HookUpMix Vol. 3 - All About the Wu-Tang Clan

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MP3: T-Pain f/ Richie Wess - "Motivated"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: T-Pain f/ Richie Wess - "Motivated"

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PR: DJ I-Dee - "DJ's Have Feelings Too... But Can't Rap"

From Isito Music LLC:

DJ I-Dee - "DJ's Have Feelings Too... But Can't Rap" (March 15, 2011)

Artist: DJ I-Dee
Album: DJ's Have Feelings Too... But Can't Rap
Release Date: March 15, 2011

Available on itunes, and select record stores

Label: Isito Music

01 - 1987
02 - Part-Time MC (feat. Eli Porter)
03 - IBS
04 - Dr. Fresh
05 - I Will Not Play Your Song (feat. Wrekonize)
06 - Battle Rap (feat. Traphik aka Timothy DeLaGhetto)
07 - Off The Decks
08 - Moral Sensitivity (feat. Jean Grae & Oddisee)
09 - Suicídio
10 - Post Apocalyptic D.C. (feat. Seez Mics)
11 - Vocal Debut

"This is my 2nd album and the follow-up to my debut, Solitude (2008). This project marks my vocal debut at my attempt at rapping while trying to shed some insight into my personal life. All in comedic fashion of course. However, halfway through the album, it takes a more serious route focusing on drug addiction, thoughts of suicide, domestic violence and so on. There hasn't been a DJ album that clearly gives the listener a precise assumption of what a DJ has or hasn't gone through in their personal life both on and off the turntables. My goal is to show that we're just as complex mentally just like any other singer or rapper, the only difference is that we speak with our hands."  - DJ I-Dee

DJ I-DeeGrowing up in suburban Washington D.C., DJ I-Dee (born Isaac DeLima) began his DJ career in the mid-nineties at the tender age of 10, where I-Dee would sneak into his older brother's room and practice scratching on his turntables while he was out of the house. With nothing but school, homework and video games, time was ample for the turntable prodigy to perfect his craft. In 2002, I-Dee was ready to make his transition from the bedroom to the live stage. Little did he know, a handful of extremely prestigious victories were right around the corner...

DJ I-Dee has carved out a name for himself in the world of scratch music and is within a small handful of turntablists who have left an impeccable record on the DJ battle circuit. In 2005-06, he conquered the battle scene by winning three of its most prestigious titles--the DMC Battle for US Supremacy, Scribble Jam and Roc Raida's First Ever Gong DJ Battle --all within six months of each other and by the age of 19. With recognition accomplished, I-Dee was then able to elevate his career and perform his eclectic sets around the world in such places as England, Australia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Brazil, Taiwan, and China.

"Miami-based Isaac DeLima, better known as DJ I-Dee, is not even old enough to drink yet, and he's already got several DJ Championship titles to his name." - Elisa Padilla, URB (May 2007)

With a battle career fulfilled and touring lifestyle engraved, I-Dee transplanted to Miami Beach, Florida and switched his focus on creating new music as a producer by using the skills he developed as a deejay. In 2008, I-Dee was already seasoned turntablist and on the heels of releasing his debut LP "Solitude" on the late Grand Master Roc Raida's Adiar Cor Records.

 "...just as b-boys are dancers, I-Dee reminds us that DJs are entertainers."  - DJ Q-Bert

Fast forward to 2011, I-Dee is back with his 2nd album of original material entitled "DJ's Have Feelings Too... But Can't Rap". With his signature playboy hat on top and flip-flops below, the future still looks bright for the 23 year-old turntable funny-man.

Critical Reviews: DJs Have Feelings Too...But Can't Rap

"This album is ridiculous, bizarre, hilarious, contemplative, dope, and always entertaining.  I-Dee had me captivated the entire time because I truly had no clue what was going to happen next.  An utterly unique listening experience." - DJ Shiftee (DMC World Champion)

"I-Dee's 'DJs Have Feelings Too... But Can't Rap' is a sonic breath of fresh air for DJs and DJ fans alike. Think of I-Dee's LP as a musical pulp fiction of stories which touch on subjects such as the passing of our fallen comrades GM Roc Raida and AM on "Off The Decks" and domestic violence, in easily my favorite song off the album, "Moral Sensitivity" featuring Jean Grae and Oddisee.  Looking for good music?  Then look no further than "DJs Have Feelings Too...But Can't Rap.'"  - DJ Rob Swift

"Easily the most immature, offensive yet thoughtful and brilliant album I have ever had the pleasure to publicize. From his exquisite creation of diarrhea noises via scratching on "IBS" to reflections on when a star DJ passes away in "Moral Sensitivity"; from offering problem solving solutions for DJs on "I Will Not Play Your Song" to glorifying the 1987 Chevy Nova, DJ I-Dee is clearly not just another DJ. In fact he's even rhyming on "Part-Time M.C." Comedy reigns supreme on some tracks while on others, the topics are deadly serious. This is the type of album Adult Swim wish they would have commissioned." - Christie Z-Pabon,  DMC USA


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