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Video: Eternia Versus Manifesto

From Sav One:

Video: Eternia Versus Manifesto

PR: Swollen Members to Re-Release Back Catalog w/ Bonus Tracks

From Kerosene Media:

Swollen Members to Re-Release Back Catalog w/ Bonus Tracks
Group Asks Fans To Help Design Album Art For Reissues
Vancouver based Swollen Members back catalog will be reissued through Suburban Noize and Battle Axe Records in spring 2011.Each reissue will contain bonus tracks and brand new album artwork for each of Swollen Members’ early albums - "Balance", "Monsters in the Closet", "Bad Dreams", "Heavy", and "Black Magic".
Swollen Members are giving their fans the chance to design the cover art for each of the group's reissues in a new contest online at Madchild from Swollen Members has released the following video blog announcing the contest online at .
All entries should be exactly a 1500px by 1500px @ 300dpi uncompressed JPG. All entries become property of Swollen Members and Suburban Noize Records. Swollen Members also reserve the right to use more than one entry for promotional use or band merchandise. The winning entries will be chosen by Swollen Members and announced in February, 2011.

PR: Hieroglyphics Announce Six City West Coast Mini-Tour

From Audible Treats:

Hieroglyphics Announce Six City West Coast Mini-Tour

Hiero Crew Partners With Capcom, Embarks On Late-January West Coast Run

(January 12, 2011 – Brooklyn, NY) The Legendary Hieroglyphics Crew is excited to announce a six-date west coast tour, which will be sponsored by Capcom's Marvel vs. Capcom 3 video game. All Hiero members – Del The Funky Homosapien, Souls of Mischief, Pep Love, Casual, Domino and DJ Toure – will be hitting the road for the show dates, which will kick off Friday, January 21st in San Diego, CA and wrap up 10 days later in Modesto, CA, while making stops in Flagstaff, AZ, Los Angeles, CA, Santa Clara, CA, and Petaluma, CA along the way.

Following a year that saw the release of the Hieroglyphics x GoldCoin Capsule Collection, an art collaboration with W.A.I.L., a clothing collaboration with Akomplice, and the crew's first Oakland performance in a decade, the Hiero crew is excited to kick off the new year with a string of shows and new releases. "We're looking forward to celebrating the past, with this being the 20 year anniversary of Del's I Wish My Brother George Was Here, and also to give fans a preview of what we have coming up; the whole crew is planning a variety of new projects for 2011," remarks Tajai. "And, in a time of impersonal communication, it'll be fun to interact with the fans face-to-face."

After recording the song and shooting the accompanying video for "Battle Drum" for the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 video game last year, Hiero will continue their collaboration with the gaming company in 2011. The video game will be released on February 15th and leading up to the release, Capcom will serve as official sponsor for the mini-tour. "We're thankful that Capcom is giving us this platform and allowing us to get out on the road," says Tajai. The tour will feature a special segment dedicated to the video game with a performance of "Battle Drum," and there will also be a special party in celebration of the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 game, which will round out the six-date tour.

Watch the tour promo video here: .

The Dates:

Friday Jan 21st - San Diego, CA, Soundwave (21+) .
Saturday Jan 22nd - Flagstaff, AZ, The Green Room (21+) .
Sunday Jan 23rd - Los Angeles, CA, Key Club (18+) .
Friday Jan 28th - Santa Clara, CA, Avalon (all ages) .
Saturday Jan 29th - Petaluma, CA, The Phoenix (all ages) .
Sunday Jan 30th - Modesto, CA, Fat Cat (21+) .

Video: J. Gunn - "Pinot Noir" / MP3: TJM - "A Song About Sex"

From Jacob H:

Video: J. Gunn - "Pinot Noir" / MP3: TJM - "A Song About Sex"

Hey guys, hope all of you on the east coast are surviving this snow storm. 

I thought since the storm has many of you trapped in doors, today would be a perfect day to send out some new music lol.

The track is really all about sex, the perfect activity for a snowy day!  This is the 2nd leak off the Dream Pusher EP. J.Gunn is the rapper featured on this joint.  You may remember him from his days as a member of the North Carolina group The ThyrDay.

As usual, the track is also available for download on my site:

Thank you again for listening to the music and special thanks to everyone that posted "Give It My All", the feedback and support was fantastic! very much appreciated.

-The Jake

*If you happened to have missed it the first leak was "Pinot Noir" ft. J.Gunn which a video was shot for.  That can be found here:

PR: Senor Kaos Voted One of the Top 11 Indie Artists

From The Kaos Effect:

Senor Kaos Voted One of the Top 11 Indie Artists

A picture of him is worth 3,000 words. He is the man of the hour, of every hour, every day. He can win a game of connect four in three moves. He Is Señor Kaos, "The Most Interesting MC In The World!"
What's going on everybody. If you've been paying attention to the news, you might of heard about the 4 inches of snow and ice that shut ATL down until further notice. After being snowed in my house for 2 days (48 straight hours) I've decided to leak some new music.

Señor Kaos x Boog Brown
"Master Plan Remix"
As 2011 presents itself, everybody talks about their resolutions. But what's your master plan? Señor Kaos and Boog Brown share theirs.

Download: Master Plan Remix (Radio) - .

I want to say THANK YOU to everybody who has supported my new project over the past couple weeks. 2011 has gotten off to a great start for me, and I couldn't have done it without you.
Shouts to: Creative Loafing, Dot Got It, Rock The Dub, NQM, Kevin Nottingham, The Grind Daily, Whiskey Teeth, Who Is Big Hip Hop, Jungle 45, Frolab, A3C, SMKA, Flawless Hustle, Ishmeal and EVERYBODY else who has supported the Most Interesting MC In The World.
Yesterday Creative Loafing Voted Señor Kaos As One Of The Top 11 Indie Artists To Watch In 2011.
Find Out Why...

(DOWNLOAD) Señor Kaos – The Most Interesting MC In The World - .

PR: Cashman Releases Debut Album "Take Me Away"

From Yo! PR:

Cashman Releases Debut Album "Take Me Away"

DOWNLOAD: Cashmere - Take Me Away - .

Tywan M. Harris, rapper/songwriter, and entrepreneur, better known as Cashmere, is excited to announce the release of "Take Me Away", the debut album from the Brooklyn rap messenger, including the hit singles "It's My Time" and "Where's Cashmere?".

"The title 'Take Me Away' is something I asked God to do for me. To take me away from the negative things I was around, to take me away from the ghetto, the struggle, the poverty! At the same time I wanted him to also take me away to unbelievable heights, and let me enjoy all the fruits and labor of life, the way he said we are to enjoy."

Cashmere unveils his most inner thoughts and intimate feelings about the life-alerting events that led to the making of "Take Me Away", which wasn’t an easy journey for an aspiring and amazing talented artist that has gone through a lot of trials and tribulations in his early ages.

"My debut album 'Take Me Away' means a lot to me as I put all my heart into it. It's the beginning of my new life and the first time I have really felt alive in a longtime. It's been a long road to get to where I am at now and I didn't just get here; I've had to learn the importance of patience, and understanding, and the best is yet to come."

The acclaimed lead singles, "Where's Cashmere?" (download now) and "It's My Time" (download now), have been well accepted by fans and critics alike and officially mark Cashmere's return to the Hip-Hop game -- music videos for both singles garnered more than 25,000 views on YouTube (see links below).

Cashmere, once hailed as the hottest new Hip-Hop act from the Big Apple with official co-signs by DJ Kay Slay, DJ Enuff, and Funkmaster Flex, says, "This album is uplifting -- it's 100% pure positive! Even the negative element you hear in it ends on a positive note and with a positive twist. I'm not telling my people to sell drugs, I'm not telling my people to act with violence -- I'm saying I did that and look where it got me! I found myself in the streets, getting shot and being locked up! Who would want that out of life?"

Cashmere's career dates back to 2003 when his mixtape "The Proposal" was released, hosted by DJ Kay Slay, followed by "Me & My Music" (2006), hosted by Mr. Cee -- both critically acclaimed projects. In one of many articles written, The Source claimed that, "Cashmere is leading the charge to bring the Hip-Hop crown back home." Cashmere has worked with many artists including Bun B, Big Daddy Kane, Jim Jones, Lil Boosie, Akon, Maino and a host of others while being featured on albums such as DJ Kay Slay's "Streetsweepers Vol. 1", and the follow up "Pain From The Game".

In Cashmere's music you will find that you are envisioning a story so real and full of life, revisiting a feeling you have felt, and a sound you will want to replay over and over again. Cashmere recognizes his eagerly awaited album as his opportunity to showcase his skills once again, implying that this project is the culmination of years of practice and progress.

VIDEO: Cashmere - It's My Time - .
VIDEO: Cashmere - Where's Cashmere? - .

DJ Furious Styles: Mary J. Blige Over DJ Premier Beats

From Melanie J Cornish:

DJ Furious Styles: Mary J. Blige Over DJ Premier Beats

What better way to continue a 40th birthday celebration than a project which embodies the true essence of DJing and re-examines just what a mixtape truly is. The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Ms. Mary J Blige celebrated a birthday yesterday and in honor of MJB, DJ Furious Styles delivers a project which sees him fuse together her vocals over DJ Premier beats in this, his first, Hip-Hop Soul Mastermix.


"The art of the DJ and mixtape has been diminishing lately so, I wanted to do a blend tape with two of my favorite artists from Hip-hop and R&B being showcased, which featured mixing and scratching to show how real DJs get down. Salute to all the real DJ's." - DJ Furious Styles

"This is Hot and Refreshing! Its good to hear an original mixtape in the and age full of internet DJ's and lack of creativity and originality. This is Certified DopeSauce!!!" - "WildChild" DNA

Dj Premier arguably one of the best producers ever and Mary J Blige the Queen of RnB have been brought together with the skill of Dj Furious Styles on this mixtape. The mixing is on point, the music is on point and the presentation is on point. Game, Set and Match to Dj Furious Styles!! - DJ 2Mello

Video: Clan Destined - "Show Your Lighters"

From Dunn Deal PR:

Video: Clan Destined - "Show Your Lighters"

AmDex and DT are Clan Destined, the Atlanta-based duo and Rawkus 50 members who made their name with 2007's Abbracadamn!!!, 2007's And For Our Next Trick and last year's A Story Never Told. "Show Your Lighters" is the first video from their forthcoming album Self Titled dropping January 22 featuring Pudge, Stacy Epps, Boog Brown, Lyric Jones, Senor Kaos and the late, great Jax of Binkis.
MP3: N.B.S. - "Pats Music (New England Football Anthem)"

From Big Bang Records:

MP3: N.B.S. - "Pats Music (New England Football Anthem)"

    Back by popular demand, the homegrown hip-hop duo N.B.S. responsible for the smash hit unofficial Celtics anthem “Who Are We?! (The Celtics)” is back with “Pats Music (New England Football Anthem)”. This track is guaranteed to have any sports fan jumping out of their seats, with vivid imagery and stellar production that stirs the blood as soon as it hits the speakers.

    The Cambridge, MA based Hip-Hop group N.B.S. saw a great deal of success when they released their fan anthem during the NBA Finals of 2010 garnering the support of local clear channel affiliate Jamn 94.5, NBC affiliate WHDH 7 News, BarStoolSports , (The personal blog of multi-platinum entertainer 50 Cent), hugely popular new media destination WorldStarHipHop, WEEI Sports Radio, The Front Page of the Boston Herald, The Boston Globe, Yahoo! Sports, Cambridge Chronicle, an astounding half a million views on YouTube. In addition to all of these media accolades Big Bang Records gave back to fans by passing out close to 15,000 physical copies of the fan anthem around the Boston Garden during the playoff games. "Who Are We?! (The Celtics)" eventually became so popular that NBA filed an injunction against Big Bang Records, Inc for utilizing Celtics imagery without permission, while the Lakers anthem which featured Ice Cube, Ray J, Chino XL and many other artists curiously stayed untouched.

    With a pounding hip-hop beat, an unforgettably anthemic chorus, and the incredibly supportive sports community of New England behind N.B.S. and the Patriots, “Pat’s Music” Is sure to become the defacto anthem of choice for any fan of the well oiled machine that is The New England Patriots.

    “Pat’s Music” is radio and kid friendly, and available free of charge directly from Big Bang Records, Inc at: .

    or, at or .

PR: Mega Ran - The Girl With the Makeup Gets Made Up

From Random:

Mega Ran - The Girl With the Makeup Gets Made Up

The 3rd single from the immortal Forever Famicom album with myself and K-Murdock is here! Check out "The Girl With The Make Up (Perfect Match remix)" feat. Ariano! click to listen or download on Bandcamp! .

[The Girl With the Makeup

art by Chris Flocco.

As you know from a few months back, we're working on a vinyl version of the single, with some bonus goodies, and that'll be shipping next month. CLICK to preorder the 7'' Vinyl! .

Next... the Final Fantasy 7 album is almost done, most of the work will be digital for this one, but I will be creating a limited run of CDs, and each will be numbered and signed. Make sure you guys stay tuned to and for info on getting a piece of an epic title!

For Doz that Slept:

If you're behind on the music we've served up in the last few, here's a refresher:

    * Random, Savant, Hexagon "Valley of Doom" prod by DN3 and Bear McCreary - .
    * Random and Lost Perception "Aerith" - .
    * Random, Storyville and K-Murdock "Bedrock City" - .
    * Random and Kosha Dillz "Video Game Jawn" - .
    * Random and Span Phly "Agents" feat. Judgement *NEW* - .

myself and K-Murdock and DN3 and EOM and everyone else are working on a lot of great things for 2011 for you... so stay tuned!


Random, aka Mega Ran

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