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MP3: Gees Extortion f/ T-Eazy - "Gimme the Loot"

MP3: Gees Extortion f/ T-Eazy - "Gimme the Loot" (prod. Remmy Redd)

Courtesy: Javi S.

Real Radio Records Gees Extortion gets together with Brooklyn up-and-comer T-Eazy to put a twist on Biggie Smalls' "Gimme the Loot" in this new millenium remix of sorts produced by Remmy Redd.

Alternative link @ LimeLinx
MP3: Allie Baby f/ OJ Da Juiceman - "No Time" (prod. Drumma Boy)

MP3: Allie Baby f/ OJ Da Juiceman - "No Time" (prod. Drumma Boy)

Courtesy of DJ Smallz.



Video: Allie Baby's "12:47" Trailer

Video: Allie Baby's "12:47" Trailer

Courtesy of DJ Smallz.

Signed to Drumma Boy's Drum Squad imprint, New Orleans native, Allie Baby, is ready to unleash new music with a vengence on her new mixtape 12:47 hosted by DJ Smallz featuring Young Buck, OJ Da Juiceman, Don Trip, Gangsta Boo, Rantz Davis and production from Drumma Boy & Mannie Fresh.


Video: DTMD - "You"

Video: DTMD - "You"

Courtesy of Mello Music Group.

Who DTMD Is:

Prince George County, Maryland duo DTMD represents the youth movement among DMV hip hop. With Dunc on the beats and Toine on the mic, the moniker Dunc and Toine Makin’ Dollas is a nod to the classic East Coast act EPMD, a duo that first hit stardom before Dunc and Toine were even born, but also serves as a strong indicator of their craft—striving to produce fresh and innovative music while maintaining a deep reverence for the pioneers who preceded them.
Dunc’s rich, full-bodied production serves as a natural backdrop to Toine’s technically astute rhymes, layered deep with smooth instrumentation evocative of such luminaries as J. Dilla, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Pete Rock, each of whom shaped the classic hip hop sounds of Dunc’s childhood. Toine’s energy and bright delivery belie wisdom beyond his years, inspiring deep reflection as easily as sharp battle fare and complex rhyme schemes. Maintaining a close working relationship with PG neighbor Oddisee and assuming a strong presence in the collective atmosphere of the DMV’s hip hop scene, DTMD appeared separately on MMG’s “Helpless Dreamer” compilation, Toine rhyming on “Different Now” and Dunc producing Stik Figa’s “From the Top.”  The single "You" serves to whet appetites for their forthcoming MMG full-length “Makin’ Dollas.”
Listen & enjoy!

Free Music Friday: Sound the Bell Edition

Yo, sound the bell! School's in sucka! Some of y'all who spent all of your money on school tuitions, supplies, etc. are probably looking for some good music that are safe for yout wallets. Well, here ya go! These free music are like free portable schooling for y'all!

Bow Wow :: Greenlight 4

Bow Wow

For those who's been wondering where Bow Wow's been, aside from movie projects and news of his newborn daughter being born and such, here's the answer right here! Many people who are used to seeing Bow Wow rep So So Def may be shocked to see that he now reps Cash Money Records, the house that Baby and Slim built. THis mixtape features original beats and appearances from Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, 2 Chainz, etc.

1. Intro
2. You Drinking Too Much
3. I Got Em Let Em Know
4. Why They Hate (f/ Gunplay) (prod. KE)
5. Everywhere I Go
6. Ima Stunt (f/ DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, and 2 Chainz (f/k/a Tity Boi))
7. How Many Girls Wanna
8. Let's Get Closer
9. Alcoholic
10. Boy or Girl
11. Come Smoke With Me, Pt. 4 (f/ Snoop Dogg)
12. Sell My Soul
13. I Ain't Worried
14. Batman
15. Set it Off (Queen Latifah) (prod. Jahlil Beats)
16. Welcome Home (f/ T-Pain)
17. Ain't Thinkin Bout You (f/ Chris Brown)
18. G4 Outro

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah :: Back for More

Jazzy Jeff and Ayah

He's the DJ, she's the singer. DJ Jazzy Jeff meets Toronto songstress Ayah to create some of the most soulful music you've heard this year! This free project is demanded to be downloaded as it gives you pure and organic music that only Jazzy Jeff and Ayah can create together. Check this one out once and you'll be back for more!

1. Press Play
2. Back for More
3. Notorious
4. One Life (f/ Tona)
5. Hold On
6. Make it Last
7. Forgive Me Love
8. Tables Turn
9. Maybe We Can Just (f/ STS)
10. Telephone
11. Baby
12. The Game (Somebodies)
13. Be Alright

GLC :: I Know Who You Pimped Last Summer


GLC knows who you pimped last summer...and the summer befo' that...and the summer befo' THAT! He puts it all on the line in this mixtape as he macks all over the Chitownpimpalisticoldsmobilefunkymuzik for y'all to download for free without owing GLC money...for now! Have a good summer!

1. Family Affair Pimpin'
2. Kool Aid
3. GLC Anthem
4. I Ball
5. Out The Kitchen (Remix)
6. You Know The Rules
7. Tator Chip Macks Juicy Booty
8. To The Top
9. Get Paper Stack Change
10. Serious
11. Incredible
12. Poe Mans Dreams (His Vice)
13. On Demand
14. No Mo Lace Fronts
15. Super Lame
16. Max Julian
17. Cold As Ice (GMix)
18. Young Boy (GLC Remix)
19. Colors (GLC Remix)
20. Mirror's Edge (Benzi Remix)
21. David Ruffin (Remix)
22. What You Won't Do For Pimpin'

J-Live :: The Live Identity Mixtape


If you've heard of J-Live, download this mixtape. If you've never heard of J-Live, download this mixtape. This BRILLIANT emcee takes the concept of the "Bourne Identity" mixtape as it includes his old and classic tracks, as well as the NEW and classic tracks. Oh, did I mention that J-Live is DJin' in his OWN mixtape? Yep, an emcee/DJ/producer/engineer/ad-libber/talking isher all on one mixtape, what more can you ask for?

1. The Bourne Live Intro
2. Can I Get It?
3. The Best Part
4. A Charmed Life
5. Walkman Music
6. Aaw Yeah
7. Feel Like Spitin'
8. The Upgrade
9. Poetry In Motion
10. Talk About
11. Braggin Writes'
12. I Say Peace
13. Brand Nu Live
14. Coming Home / Coming Home Remix
15. Vacation
16. Break It Down (Brady Version)
17. Practice (Spaghetti Bender Mix)
18. This Is The Formula
19. Them That's Not
20. She Said What?
21. Parts Unknown
22. Watch Sun Watch
23. Give It Up (from Think Differently)
24. The Truth
25. No Time To Waste / 9000 Miles
26. School's In
27. Epilogue
28. Undivided Attention / Satisfied?
29. The Way That I Rhyme
30. Treadstone Outro

J. Sands (Lone Catalysts) ::: B.U.K.A. Entertainment presents KRSands the Mixtape

J Sands

J. Sands continues to rep for the Lone Catalysts, as well as good hip-hop that keeps your head noddin' and ya toes tappin'. Remaking the cover of a BDP album that seems very familiar to the reader (Hopefully! If not, look up Boogie Down Productions' second album, then come back here), Sands get on his KRS vibe (or should I say Malcolm X?) throughout the mixtape. This mixtape is mixed by DJ Bionics (official DJ of Wiz Khalifa). Hey who said Pittsburgh doesn't have each other back?

1. The 10th Letter
2. How Ya'll Want It
3. Planes, Trains and Automobiles
4. Hard Days Night
5. I'm Hood (f/ Zae Live and L.F. Daze)
6. Music Makes Me High (f/ Nila Kay)
7. Rap N Chill
8. My Babies
9. Girls Of The World
10. Fan Letters
11. The Northside
12. Why Ya'll Hating AC
13. Friend
14. Fly So High
15. The Girls Are Free Featuring Madness
16. Police Brutality Featuring Tahir Jahi
17. SXSW Freestyle

Skyzoo :: The Penny Freestyle Series - The Complete Collection


Long story short, Skyzoo dropped a freestyle once every week during the past six weeks. And for those who missed it, he put it all on this freeP for all to cop and hear in their glory. Check this one out, it's def. fresh ad Hardaway's sneakers were back in '97!

1. Boat Check In
2. This & That
3. Wonderfully I
4. Black Hero Music
5. Take it There
6. Wikipedia Rap

That's it for the "Sound the Bell! Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love...
PR: Nefew Gears Up for Digital Release of Man vs. Many 9/6/11

PR: Nefew Gears Up for Digital Release of Man vs. Many 9/6/11

Courtesy of Melanie J. Cornish.

Having spent the past few months performing on stages across Europe, Hip-Hop duo, Nefew, have managed to make time in their heavy schedules to get back in the studio and add to their earlier project MAN vs MANY.

Initially hosted by DJ Green Lantern, the project secured attention from a variety of platforms with songs such as The Fan, produced by and featuring Nottz (listen below), Game featuring Dwele and Live Life featuring Tyler Woods proving successful.

Boasting extra tracks and a video to accompany the single Fade, produced by German Hip-Hop heavyweight 7inch and featuring Liya, the new version of MAN vs MANY will be available through iTunes and all other digital online stores from September 6th.

This is the first official digital release from Nefew since their The Homesick EP, a collaborative effort with long time sponsor, Puma, back in 2009. With various other projects in the works for the duo, they have remained constant in delivering Hip-Hop and have been commended by both fans and industry professionals alike for their consistency and ability to craft songs which display concept and structure.

"A mixtape will never allow the listener to enjoy the full spectrum of the music. And since Man Vs Many is such a musical and well arranged project, it was only right to re-release it as an album. Real music fans requested it, so we've added three new songs and a video to go along with it and I'm sure the people will appreciate it even more now that they get to here all the facets of the songs" - Polemikk

"It just didn't feel not right to simply leave Man vs. Many as a mixtape with all the tags and drops. Our fans are used to quality projects from us so we never had second thought re-releasing it. The three additional songs match the LP perfectly and they make it even more versatile and interesting. - PA Double

The Fan by Nefew ft. Nottz (produced by Nottz)

    “Arrival” (Prod. Nefew & Costa)
    “Game” feat. Dwele (Prod. Nefew)
    “Self-Made” (Prod. Nefew)
    “Let It Be” (Prod. Nefew)
    “Things We Do” feat. Souleez (Prod. Nefew & Costa)
    “The Fan” feat. Nottz (Prod. Nottz)
    “Fade” feat. Liya (prod. 7inch)
    “Turn It Up” (Prod. Nefew)
    “Phase Me” feat. Lenny Harold (Prod. Nefew)
    “Hard to Find” (Prod. Nefew)
    “Live Life” feat. Tyler Woods (Prod. Nefew)
    “Be Free” (Prod. Nefew)
    “Witness” (Prod. Nefew & Costa)
    “It's Music” feat. Lenny Harold (Prod. Nefew
    “Work It” (Prod. Nefew)
    “Come and Get It” (Prod. Nefew)
    “Learned in School” feat. Tyler Woods (Prod. Nefew)

To watch Nefew perform their track The Fan at this years Graffitibox Summer Jam in Berlin, click on the link below.

Youtube link .

MP3: Beyonce f/ Shawty Put - "Best Thing I Never Had"

MP3: Beyonce f/ Shawty Put - "Best Thing I Never Had" (prod. Lil Jon)

Courtesy of BF Blasts.

* *

Video: Rain f/ Trey Songz - "If I Told You"

Video: Rain f/ Trey Songz - "If I Told You" (prod. Tha Bizness)

Courtesy of Park Street PR.

South London rapper Rain who recently released his 'London2QB' mixtape, a trans-Atlantic collaboration with New York rapper Ty Nitty, returns with 'If I Told You' ft. R'n'B Sensation Trey Songz. 'If I Told You' is produced by Tha Bizness, who has worked with artists such as Lil Wayne, Drake, T Pain, and 50 cent to name a few. Rain is currently in the studio working with Starboy Nathan, Katie Pearl and few international surprise collaborations. Expect big things from Rain, this is a man on a mission!

Audio: Lil Wayne f/ Drake, Jadakiss - "It's Good"

Audio: Lil Wayne f/ Drake, Jadakiss - "It's Good"

Courtesy of Big Dev.

Flesh N Bone to Release "Blaze of Glory" on September 13th

Flesh N Bone to release first album in 11 years, "Blaze of Glory" - September 13th!!

Courtesy of RBC Records.

Hip Hop Icon Burns Down The House In A "Blaze Of Glory"

Los Angeles, CA, Sept 13, 2011
Hip Hop and Rap Icon Stanley Howse, Notoriously Known as Flesh n Bone, Founding Member of Legendary Group Bone Thugs n Harmony, Announces the Release of "Blaze Of Glory" His First Solo Album in Over Eleven Years. Expected to Hit Stores and Online Outlets on September 13, 2011.

"The microphone is like my pistols and I'm going out blazing. I've been through hell and I'm still there." says Flesh N Bone. Flesh has had time to plan and give full attention to hard hitting details straight out of the gate.

He takes listeners on a journey of his experiences in life including his incarceration of 10 years.
"Blaze Of Glory" has interesting layers of skits to add more substance, element, and decoration that add a cinematic feel. "Blaze Of Glory" will be released on RBC Records and Flesh n Bone Global labels. The track "Heartaches" breaks down the story of Flesh's plight. "Blaze Of Glory" also touches on his love for his grandparents and members of his family suffering from drug addiction. There is even a personal story about him and his brother setting his grandparents house on fire when they were kids. There is a definite message of overcoming struggles to pursue goals and remain resilient through all of life's hardships.
In a recent interview Flesh n Bone says "I am the creator of my category. In other words, Bone Thugs n Harmony single-handedly created a style that brought a change for the better to hip hop and to this day you still hear our style emulated, not just in hip hop but in everything from Reggaeton to R&B, etc."
"My approach is the controversial element. I'm not going to name names but where you see so many rappers come and go because of their wack approach of making whole albums where they talk about their cars, jewelry, clothes, etc., you're not going to hear that kind of fantasy stuff from me. With that kind of subject matter, you can't touch your fans or carry them through those hard times when they need it most, nor will the game bless you with longevity." says Flesh n Bone.
The album features Bone Thugs n Harmony, Long-time Bone Thugs n Harmony Producers DJ Uneek & Thin C, platinum mix master Dave Banta, up and coming producer Desmond DSP Powell, and is blessed with contributors Reticom Films and Eyelevel Pictures. The album cover was crafted by Gary Lockwood, Freehand Profit, and features imagery using Flesh n Bone's facial image and incorporated a cross bone and skull to create an x-ray-like piece of art which represents flesh and represents bone in one image.
For more information visit, or .

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