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Heavy D's Cause Of Death Revealed

From TMZ:


Heavy D
died from a pulmonary embolism caused by deep leg vein thrombosis ... and a long flight back to L.A. from a Michael Jackson memorial concert may have been a contributing factor.

A pulmonary embolism is a blockage of one or more arteries in the lungs -- most often caused by blood clots which travel in from other parts of he body. In Heavy's case, the clot was formed in his legs.

Days before Heavy died, he was on a flight back from Europe, after performing at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales.

Officials from the L.A. County Coroner's Office say Heavy also suffered from heart disease, which could have been a contributing factor in his death.

The Coroner's Office has classified the death as "natural."

As TMZ first reported, Heavy died on November 9, 2011. He was 44-years-old.

Deep leg vein thrombosis is often associated with long plane flights, in which a clot can form due to prolonged immobility. 

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2011/12/27/heavy-d-pulmonary-embolism-died-cause-of-death/
700 Likes for Free Download: Llamabeats presents Beats N' Shit

700 Likes for Free Download: Llamabeats presents Beats N' Shit

Courtesy Hip Hop WVUM.

Thanks for supporting the Llamabeats movement ... we'd like to thank our fans by giving them a copy of our new instrumental(ish) album entitled Beats N' Shit.

This will be available to the public once Llamabeats receives 700 Likes at www.facebook.com/llamabeats .

Video: Big Page - "Stoners" #TYPD

Video: Big Page - "Stoners" #TYPD

Courtesy Papa Smirf.

"Uploaded by bigpagetv on Oct 10, 2011.
 This video is about page traveling to Europe in search of something."

MP3: Famous Kid Brick - "Lucy Nikki"

MP3: Famous Kid Brick - "Lucy Nikki"

Courtesy Urban Addiction.


Video: Kelz - "Christmas Special (TBK Weekly)"

Video: Kelz - "Christmas Special (TBK Weekly)"

Courtesy PR MusicHiccup.

M2Music Record Label presents the brand new TBK Weekly episode from Kelz, episode 4. Filmed at the home of M2, Kelz lands in with a christmas special this time.

Free Download: John Robinson - "Gifted"

Free Download: John Robinson - "Gifted"

Courtesy John Robinson.

(A collection of Rare and Unreleased songs)


PR: K-Murdock's Free Holiday Season Downloads

PR: K-Murdock's Free Holiday Season Downloads

Merry Christmas-Eve yall!  I'll keep it short as my legs, head & wallet hurt from the last-minute shopping i did earlier today! So let's get to it...

Since tis' the season of giving, here's the promised early gift i hyped all week on Panacea's facebook fan page. http://www.facebook.com/PanaceanMusic?v=app_178091127385 .

Click on the widget's "Info" tab above for more information on this unreleased live performance!

And here's a bonus gem that just dropped today- a beat tape dedicated to "The Wally Champ" himself, Ghostface, featuring some new, exclusive beats from some of DC's best beatmakers and i was lucky enough to be one of the ones featured! Click the cover art to download! http://www.thebeattapeproject.com/#2448215/The-Ghostface-Beat-Tape-Project .

Lastly, if you enter the code holidazed while checking out at the Neosonic Productions' Bandcamp store, you'll get 15% off ANY release (physical or digi). So Why 15 u ask? Well, thats actually the number of years i been producing music... NOW get to shopping HERE! http://neosonix.bandcamp.com/ .

AND b4 i get back to wrapping these gifts... but i'd be remissed if i didn't plug the recent EP i did for the homie/recent tourmate MC Lars...

Based on the title, you can tell it contains some rather "unique" renditions of your favorite holiday classics, but, it was in the spirit of fun! Stream/purchase at: http://mclars.bandcamp.com/album/the-frosty-the-flow-man-ep .

So much for keepin it short ;)  Have a merry Xmas & Happy New Years party people! Talk to yall in 2k12...


Video: Mr. Green - "Live From the Streets" Xmas Special

Video: Mr. Green - "Live From the Streets" Xmas Special

Courtesy Mr. Green.

Animal Bikes and Chess Move Cartel Present:
The "Live from the Streets" Christmas Special

"We never really planned on making this episode but there was so much dope Christmas music out on the streets that we just had to do it. What happened was we went to NYC to get some final shots for the Jedi Mind Tricks "Design in Malice" video (which is on youtube NOW) and while we where there we can across a couple street musicians that were just too good to pass up. The first was George, a street performer/New York native who knows how to whistle like it's the flute. He was a nice dude and was happy to tell us his story then play a few songs. After that we bumped into Saw Lady who had the coolest sounding instrument of anything we've come across so far in 'Live from the Streets'. She was also the only famous street musician we've seen. She's made several national TV appearances and has done music for feature films. You can read more about her on her website sawlady.com or just head over to the Union Square subway station where she plays almost everyday. She had been playing all day long but was still cool enough to play us her version of Silent Night and to do a quick interview."

Video: Jedi Mind Tricks f/ Pacewon, Young Zee - "Design In Malice"

Video: Jedi Mind Tricks f/ Pacewon, Young Zee - "Design In Malice"

Courtesy Mr. Green.

Peace, happy holidays.  I'm writing this proudly to announce
the release of our first official music video production since we
started "LIve from the Streets" and it's a big one...  Jedi Mind Tricks
"Design in Malice" featuring Pacewon and Young Zee.

I produced the beat, and Sam Lipman-Stern
did a brilliant job directing the video... enjoy!

PR: Street Artist Mr. Tronix Launches New Website

PR: Street Artist Mr. Tronix Launches New Website

Courtesy Park Street PR.

Mr. Tronix got into graffiti art after getting into Hip-Hop around the mid-eighties, being influenced by the sounds of EPMD, World Class Wreckin Crew, Boogie Down Productions and many more. It was the artwork covers to releases such as Afrika Bambaata & The Soul Sonic Force 'Renegade Of Funk' and the old skool Jellybean Bernitez cover with the graffiti skyrise rooftop.

Hailing from Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, Mr. Tronix is indeed from the city where Goldie first painted. Locally and internationally, Mr. Tronix was surrounded by graffiti and with the release of books such as Martha Stewart's 'Subway Art' being a major catalyst to influencing Tronix to start painting. Artists such as Seen, Vulcan, Dondi and The Chrome Angels are all sighted as early influences.

The story of how he started really is quite simple. After picking a pencil and starting to sketch his own work he soon found out that this wasn't enough. So he started getting paint and started practising in his bedroom as well as his local train station yard where other pieces could be viewed. After a while he realised that he had to step up a gear. It was after this change in energy that Mr. Tronix painted the inside of his local Youth Club, as well as some fairground rides. He then decided to go to college and doing a Graphics course being influenced by the likes of MC Escher, Egon Shielle (The line) and plenty of others. This led to Tronix to having the foundation to be asked to do an array of flyer designs for events, as well as interiors for shops and many other establishments.

Forward to 2001 and by now Mr. Tronix has fully developed his Wildstyle and other lettering techniques, as well as his characters and other techniques. After watching, adoring and actually thriving on graffiti art for over fifteen years, the times had now began to change. The restrictions on graffiti had loosened people's opinions where changing and the artform once classed as vandalism was actually starting to get recognition. The art world had changed and so had Mr. Tronix and with a new vibe and approach he got into ink and emulsion and brushwork, mixing and changing, developing and experimenting.

Now in 2011 Mr. Tronix has never been as busy or in demand. He is a well respected artist with commissions from record labels, artwork covers, designs for flyers, logos, club/home/work interiors, skate parks and tattoos under his belt, as well as deciding to start his own clothing line which kicks off with a range of Tee's & Hoodies. He also decided to sell limited edition prints and is open to all business opportunities. As well as the artwork Mr. Tronix also creates music and is always looking to push his art, music and original style of visual audio niceness. Original, diverse, unique and futuristic. Mr. Tronix has arrived.

* www.mrtronix.com *

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