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PR: Sacramento Rap Group The CUF Ready New LP

From Ballin' PR:

Sacramento Rap Group The CUF Ready New LP

Hip-hop crew The CUF, an acronym for California Underground Funk, are readying their latest project CUF Caviar Vol. 1 on CFO Recordings. Their newest release adds more of a nuanced sound and technically sophisticated LP to their ever-expanding discography. This 5-man wrecking crew is comprised of MCs: N8 the Gr8, Pete, Crush, Brotha RJ, and Taktics (Lil N8). Guest appearances on CUF Caviar Vol 1 by R&B singers D Moe (cousin of LA MC Dudley Perkins) and fellow CFO Recordings artist Maryann round out this release.

Based in Sacramento, CA, the CUF took years to complete this record, but it is their most dynamic work to date. On the track “We Keep the Flame Lit" N8 explains that they wanted to do a song that speaks to how they are still doing what they’ve always done, which is make quality music. “That's fire!” he declares.

On the last track, "More" MC Pete sums up the album’s theme: "We never made cuts to be famous, he notes. “All we ever wanted to do was rap in different places!”

The guys met in in 93, where they were working and MCing on their own in Sacramento. “We were all struggling on our own so thought, we should join forces,” recalls N8 of how the group formed.

Gaining national exposure by performing on The World Famous Wake Up Show two consecutive times with Notorious B.I.G. in 1996, The CUF’s sound and live shows have influenced many of the Bay Area’s current icons including Living Legends, Hieroglyphics, and Bored Stiff.

Their new release is their fourth album together. In 96, they dropped Federal Expressions which was followed by 1997’s I Love this Game. After back-to- back releases Cufbaby (1998) Cufilation in 99, and the critically acclaimed Cufdaddy in 2000, they went on a brief hiatus from the group.

In between albums, the guys dropped solo projects like Good4Nuthin (Pete and N8 the Gr8) in 2001, then two albums under the name Deep Fried Funk Brothers where they collaborated with artists such as The Grouch, Casual, Murs, Bicasso. Pete B also dropped two solo albums, including the well-received 2008’s Beans and Rice.

In the past fifteen years the CUF has blessed over 500 stages worldwide along side some of the biggest acts, including KRS-One, Dr. Dre, RUN-DMC, Xzibit, and the Living Legends, to name just a few. CUF songs have appeared on Microsoft's Xbox video games Amped and Amped 2.

The CUF today is a bit more refined but they are still making great pure hip-hop. CUF Caviar Vol. 1 drops direct to fans on CFO Recordings on April 26, 2011 and to the rest of the world in late May, just in time for the summer.

MP3: Tony Yayo f/ 50 Cent, Roscoe Dash - "Haters"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: Tony Yayo f/ 50 Cent, Roscoe Dash, Shawty Lo - "Haters"

(Clean/Dirty) .

Video: Red Cafe - "Put It In The Air (Smoke Weed)"

Video: Coolzey & Wrinkles - "Enjoy Your Holiday"

From Ballin' PR:

Video: Coolzey & Wrinkles - "Enjoy Your Holiday"

Please check out Iowa-native hip-hop artist Coolzey's video for "ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY." Produced by Brooklyn Academy beat-maker Will Tell, the video was filmed in Coolzey's apartment in Iowa City last summer and stars Wrinkles the puppet-dog.

Enjoy Your Holiday by Coolzey - Beat by Will Tell from Public School Records.

Video: Boog Brown - "U.P.S."

Music video for "U.P.S." off the Brown Study CD release by Boog Brown & Apollo Brown (released by Mello Music Group).

Follow on twitter: @boogbrown @apollobrown @mellomusicgroup

Video: Big Sid & Killer Mike - Behind the Scenes (SXSW)

From Nancy B:

Video: Big Sid & Killer Mike - Behind the Scenes (SXSW)

Killer Mike had to be one of the hardest working artists to make a showing at SXSW this year, with several shows each day, including AllHipHop’s Breeding Ground Vibe House event and The Fader Fort. He still took time for the homie Big Sid though on whose mixtape he has a single called “See You Later.” The two shot the video during all the festivities last Thursday, taking full advantage of the ambiance only SXSW could provide.

MP3: Cam Capone f/ Knoc-turn'al, Sly Boogy - "Back It Up"

From J. Melo:

MP3: Cam Capone f/ Knoc-turn'al, Sly Boogy - "Back It Up"

Los Angeles buzzing rapper Cam Capone has over 20,000 hits on youtube. After appearing on the news and in the newspapers in Los Angeles for what the media dubbed a "violent music video", Cam is dropping his appropriately titled "Controversy" street album for free next week. Here goes the second leak as Cam hooks up with west coast fan favorites Sly Boogy and Knoc-turn'al for "Back It Up."

"Controversy" also features Kokane, G. Malone and more. Stay tuned for it's release next week.
Free Mixtape: Armandi - "The Cover Up"

From That's Major:


Sometimes you just drop something to keep the people on their toes. Amandi snatched a few industry joints and flipped them his own way. Completed in a week, The Cover Up is a project that shows what happens when a talented songwriter has some free time between crafting hits for others. And the results are classic Nyce Guy style. Still creative. Still fun. And still Amandi.

MP3: Big Pauper - "Big Sick"

From Riot Act Media:

MP3: Big Pauper - "Big Sick"

Download and share Big Pauper's lead single, "Big Sick", off of Beyond My Means! The album drops April 26th from Circle Into Square Records.
Big Pauper has had a busy twenty six years on earth. Formerly performing under the name Panzah Zandahz, Portland's Big Pauper is an acclaimed producer, deejay and visual artist with a penchant for forgotten media and discarded technologies. His ten year stint managing the abstract hip hop label Token Recluse found a wide variety of projects in his lap. Pauper established himself with the notoriety of a full length cut and paste reinterpretation of first Radiohead, and then Beck. In their wake, Pauper performed at Scribble Jam & the Red Bull Music Academy, toured Europe a handful of times and worked with the likes of Two Ton Sloth, Cut Chemist and the Dandy Warhols. Big Pauper also has been producing circuit bent video work within the world-renowned sound art collective Folktek and gearing his projects towards a variety of video-art installations.

His most recent effort Beyond My Means sits comfortably somewhere between a 93 era instrumental hip hop record and some of the best downtempo electronic work out there today. It is a dusty, glitchy and often times noisy tapestry of found sounds, VHS beats and analog synth textures. The album has it's roots deep in sixties psych rock, the dregs of new age tape crustiness, our waning industrial society and most evidently, schlock cinema (everything from Portuguese horror, to the sleaziest of nunsploitation). The album draws comparisons to recent works from the Books, Broadcast, Odd Nosdam and Edan. Beyond My Means unfolds like a grindhouse double feature, that private press record you can't believe you found, or your third eye chakra babbling on after a group reiki session.

Big Pauper's Beyond My Means will be available on vinyl, cassette and digital this April 26th, 2011 via Circle Into Square Records/Fake Four Inc! Download and share last fall's  Cops Eat Flowers EP,   your free introduction to Big Pauper's planet.

Download and share "Big Sick" with your readership!
Big Pauper Press Page
Big Pauper Artist Page
Circle Into Square
MP3: Nametag f/ Guilty Simpson, Nameless - "Raw-Dirty-Filth"

From DubMD84:

MP3: Nametag f/ Guilty Simpson, Nameless - "Raw-Dirty-Filth"

"Raw-Dirty-Filth" is the lead leak taken from "Classic Cadence Vol. 3", the final mixtape in the "Classic Cadence" series. This track features a collaboration with Guilty Simpson, produced by Nameless, who also created the cover art!
* *
Look out for "Classic Cadence Vol. 3: End Credits" as it hits the web on May 23rd, 2011, as ever it's Nametag featuring the usual mixture of exclusive, collabo, freestyle and remix tracks. With production from Black Milk, Nameless, Black Bethoven, Piece Of Mind, Flawless Tracks and more.

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