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MP3: Sweatshop Union - "John Lennon"

From URBNET Records:

MP3: Sweatshop Union - "John Lennon"

Download: http://www.box.net/shared/g6dn6ulpe0jylo4yhsva
Stream on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/urbnet/sweatshop-union-johnlennon
Bandcamp: sweatshopunionpresents.bandcamp.com
Press Images (High Resolution): http://www.box.net/shared/1k77ioh7u7

Sweatshop Union is the undisputed heavyweight of North Western hip-hop, and has earned a reputation as the hardest working collective in the region. Having performed over five hundred shows internationally, their live performance has become a mainstay of Canadian music. In 2002, a concept album was recorded called: Sweatshop Union. The record was released internationally on Battle Axe Records and the new group began their relentless touring schedule that has proven to be a key catalyst in their success.

The next three records solidified Sweatshop Union's presence in rap music. The group co-signed to EMI and went out on the road touring with the Black Eyed Peas, Swollen Members and the Living Legends as well as opening shows for Snoop Dogg, De La Soul, and The Roots. Both college and commercial radio gave the albums substantial airtime and soon after came nominations for Juno Awards, a Canadian Radio Music Award, Much Music Video Awards and more. By 2006 Sweatshop Union had begun headlining shows in the U.S. and appearing at major festivals across North America.

Recently, URB Magazine featured them in their next top 100. They're not alone in thinking that Sweatshop Union is a band worth keeping an eye on. Their consistently poignant music continues to become more relevant daily and the group shows no signs of slowing down.

May 31st, 2011, marked the release of the group's most ambitious record to date, an experimental concept album best described as a runaway mushroom trip through the inner and outer cosmos. They titled the record simply: Bill Murray. Along with recent releases from Sweatshop Unions' Dirty Circus and Pigeon Hole, the group aims to become the most prolific collective in hip hop.

Website: http://www.urbnet.com/sweatshopunion

Upcoming Tour Dates:
07/16/11: Moscow, ID - Johns Alley
07/19/11: Saskatoon, SK - Amigo's
07/20/11: Regina, SK - Cultural Exchange
07/21/11: Calgary, AB - The Distillery
07/22/11: Nelson, BC - Spiritbar
07/23/11: Fernie, BC - The Central Bar
07/29/11: Vernon, BC - Komasket Festival
08/07/11: Salmo, BC - Shambhala Music Festival

Free Music Friday: The SU...PER..FREEEE! Edition

Yes, free music overload on this one! I got LOADS of them to give away and they're all FREE AND DOPE!

Christopher Michael Jensen :: The Chris Tape, Vol. 1

One of the few rappers to go by his government name along with the middle name, Christopher Michael Jensin is releasing a mixtape, which contains all original productions. This should've been called "The Chris Free Album" then! Aw well, it's dope! Peep the CMJ Tape below.

1. Stick It in Your Ear
2. Memoirs (f/ Erok Foret)
3. The Serum
4. Aimin' For Success
5. Shadow
6. Lucid Dreams (f/ Bobby Phiser)
7. Christopher Explains It All
8. Rain
9. Throw Caution to Wind
10. Anarchy to the U.S.
11. I Just Wanna Go to the Show
13. Do It Again
14. Wings of an Albatross
14. Kill Screen
15. I've Been Down (f/ Panash, .dB, and Mary Ngunu)
16. Wake Up (f/ Andre Lipseyy, RawGee, and T.O.N.E.)
17. Hangin' Out (f/ Nickle Nelly)
18. Endorphins (f/ MC Harv)
19. Built to Last (f/ Model Citizen)
20. Late Night Thoughts

J-Lie :: Local Tourist

J-Lie, not to be confused with underground NY rapper J-Live, is a Cali-raised, ATL-stayed rapper who's currently signed to Glasses Malone's Blu Division Records. He's gained some co-sign from his coastal areas and he's looking to be co-signed worldwide and this tape may be a good start for him to do so!

1. Letting Go (f/ Conflict)
2. Champion
3. Fresher Than (A Muf*cka)
4. get it On the Low (f/ Glasses Malone and Laron)
5. Whoa (f/ Sean Ray)
6. Stay Fly (f/ Nobel)
7. Let Me Hit (f/ Laron)
8. Cuffin' Season (f/ Verse Simmonds)
9. In the Club (f/ Hott)
10. Dying to Live (f/ Mickey Factz, Nonstop, and Laron)
11. Rhythm of my Life
12. Double XL (f/ Curren$y, Mickey Facts, and Kendrick Lamar)
13. No Plaxico (f/ Nonstop)
14. Picture of You (f/ Laron)
15. Like Me
16. I Knew (f/ Jae B)


Lil Wayne :: Sorry 4 the Wait

"Tha Carter IV" is coming soon, but it isn't coming sooner than fans want. So Wayne gives away this mixtape as an apt sorry for the wait until the IV drops!

1. Tunechis Back
2. Rollin (Freestyle)
3. Throwed Off (Freestyle) feat Gudda Gudda
4. Gucci Gucci (Freestyle)
5. Marvins Room (Freeestyle)
6. Sure Thing (Freestyle)
7. Grove St Party (Freestyle) feat Lil B
8. Racks (Freestyle)
9. Hands Up (Freestyle)
10. Inkredible Remix (Freestyle)
11. IDK (Freestyle)
12. Sorry 4 The Wait

Swizz Beatz :: Monster Mondays, Vol. 1

Kanye released "G.O.O.D. Friday". Timbaland released "Timbo Thursday". Rock (Heltah Skeltah) released "Monsta Monday". Lloyd Banks released "Blue Fridays". Here's Swizz Beatz' "Monster Monday" in full! Vol. 1, that is. It's SHOWTIIIIME! 

1. DJ Play the Beat (f/ Estelle)
2. Bang Bang (f/ Pusha T and Pharrell)
3. King Tut (f/ Rakim)
4. Ya'll Don't Really Know (f/ Busta Rhymes and DMX)
5. Bad One (f/ Busta Rhymes)
6. Diddy-Dirty Money - Ass on the Floor (f/ Swizz Beatz)
7. Hot Steppa #1 (f/ Eve)
8. We Keep Ut Rockin
9. Hustle Hard (f/ Ace Hood)
10. Alicia Keys - Speechless (f/ Eve_
11. Rick Ross - The Transporter
12. Kevin McCall - Freaky I IZ (f/ Diesel and Chris Brown)
13. Musiq Soulchild - Anything
14. DMX - Time to Get Paid
15. Colin Smith - Love
16. Nas - TOp Down
17. Co-Pilot (f/ Snoop Dogg and J.R. Reid)
18. Freaky
19. Sean Cross - Ready Ready (feat. Swizz Beatz)
20. Eve - Man Down (Rihanna Remix)
21. Seizz Beats - Live from Paris (MGMT Freestyle)
22. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - We Workin'
24. Earthquake
25. Nicki Minaj - Cath Me (f/ Swizz Beatz)
26. Reebok Back (f/ Rick Ross and Meek Mills)
27. Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, and Cassidy - My Hood

Ras Kass :: Endangered Lyricist 3

If you visit RapReviews.com, there's a high chance that most of you know Ras Kass as one of the illest lyricists. While many believe that the lyricists are endangered while being ruled by the talent-lacking and money-"havin'" rappers, Kass is here to show that they're still alive!

1. Hello Iraq
2. Oral Sex
3. Inner G (f/ Killah Priest)
4. Skit 1
5. No Love
6. Elevate (f/ Crooked I and Odious)
7. Behind the Music (Original)
8. Not Give a Fuck
9. Articulate
10. Is This Love
11. The Seance
12. Go Crazy (f/ Talib Kweli)
13. I Ain't Fuckin' With You
14. Lyrical Swords (f/ GZA)
15. 4 The Love
16. 3 Card Molly (f/ Xzibit and Saafir)
17. Skit 2
18. Reelishymn

Wais P the Pimp :: Random Pimp

Wais P the P-I...M-P... is giving away his "Random Pimp" mixtape which serves as a homage to the supergroup Random Axe, composed of Black Milk, Sean Price, and Gulity Simpson. P gives his own Pimp flavor over the Milk-produced tracks and it's the pimpin' you'll definitely respect.

1. Zoo Drugs  
2. Player Call  
3. Pimp Ops
4. Hans Solo
5. Hexhawking  
6. Everybodysomebodynobody   

Zo! :: ...just visiting three


Zo! is back with "...just visiting three". And if you're not familiar with the "j.v." series, Zo! remakes many classic and soulful songs along with his Foreign Exchange folks and other friends. It may be not necessarily hip-hop, but track 1 + 7 will have y'all heads nodding if you're a hip-hop head indeed! It's good music to enjoy regardless on what genre they decide to cover.

1. Black Cow feat. Phonte and Sy Smith
2. Let It Go feat. Nicholas Ryan Gant
3. Driving feat. Sy Smith
4. Marzipan feat. Eric Roberson and Phonte
5. Everything She Wants feat. Phonte
6. Same Ole Love (f/ Jeanne Jolly
7. Playing Your Game, Baby (f/ Anthony David)


That's it for the "SU...PER..FREEEE! Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at erik@rapreviews.com. If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at erik@rapreviews.com, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....

MP3: Dustin Prestige - "Mo. City Rock"

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Dustin Prestige - "Mo. City Rock"

Latest Single From The Kelly & Jessie EP Puts On For Dustin's Hometown

The Song:

It's far from uncommon for an artist to pay homage to their hometown, and Dustin Prestige does just that with his new single "Mo. City Rock." The song, produced by Chris Rockaway, is from his latest project The Kelly & Jessie EP and he portrays the end result of a kid (himself) who grew up on "both sides of the fence" in Houston, Texas and the influence that it has had on his music.

"The main inspiration for the song was my rock and roll influence growing up," explains the emcee. And the influence is evident throughout Dustin's crafty word play as he drops the names of some of his favorite Rock and Rap artists, highlighting their role in the diversity of his musical upbringing.

The song is backed by a spacey beat, providing room for Dustin's lyrics to shine. "The song was produced by Chris Rockaway, as was the entire The Kelly & Jessie EP," explains Dustin. "When I create with a producer, I like doing more than one song, really building some sense of artistic rapport. When the chemistry is good, the end result is almost always positive." Indeed.

Download "Mo. City Rock" here: http://media.audibletreats.com/Dustin_Prestige_Mo._City_Rock.mp3 .

Trek Life Update: This Sat. 07.16 Party @ Pig N' Whistle

From Press Life:

Trek Life Update: This Sat. 07.16 Wouldn't Change Nothing Listening party @ Pig N' Whistle

Good day to ya'll, we hope this message finds you well & good this summer. We Invite you to join us, DJ Buddy TV, for our 2nd Summefling at Pig N' Whistle this Saturday. We will be celebrating the release of Trek Life's album "Wouldn't Change Nothing."

Wouldn't Change Nothing is a sonically perfect re-work of last year's critically acclaimed Oddisee produced Everything Changed Nothing. With production from Apollo Brown, J Bizness, ST MiC, MarvWon, Audible Doctor, Has-Lo, Captain, Slimkat78, Duke Westlake, A3, Bombay, and of course long time friend and collaborator Oddisee, this project has breathed new life into an already great album. Wouldn't Change Nothing is available now on iTunes and will be released on CD on July 19th via Mello Music Group. You can also buy it from Amazon here: Wouldn't Change Nothing.

Pig N' Whistle
6714 Hollywood BLVD
Los Angeles, CA 90028

MP3: Magnificent Ruffians - "Emerald City"

From Wanja Lange:

MP3: Magnificent Ruffians - "Emerald City"

"In today's rap music, a lot of people talk about diamonds, cars and clothes. We are sick and tired of hearing that same old wack shit! We are living in an Emerald City... it's time to destroy and rebuild."

The Magnificent Ruffians are back at it again with their first character album entitled, Wizards of CA. This time they colaborate with an artistic, abstract emcee by the name of Five O' Clock. The characters are as follows, Specific as the Tinman, Master Chief as the Cowardly Lion and Five O' Clock as the Scarecrow. The original movie Wizard of OZ is a very significant movie because it was the first to be shown in color instead of black and white. It also has a lot of hidden messages, ideals and morals that each character brings to the table. Red ruby slippers, wicked witches, emerald city... These are all iconic themes that the original movie has became famous for. On this project, the Magnificent Ruffians and Five O' Clock have tried to incorporate the movie into each song. They basically took a classic movie and flipped it into a raw hiphop album. This project is unlike any one they have ever done before. It's not for everyone but it is for anyone. Enjoy! 

Free Download "Emerald City":


 Magnificent Ruffians - EMERALD CITY (DIRTY).mp3 

Magnificent Ruffians - EMERALD CITY (CLEAN).mp3

Dj Pack (dirty, clean, Wav files): 


 Stream / Download "Wizards of CA" Album:


MP3: Roach Gigz f/ Lil B, Husalah - "Stupid"

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Roach Gigz f/ Lil B, Husalah - "Stupid"

Final Single Before Release Features Collaboration Of The Bay's Finest

Critical Praise for Moe Green:

"Here’s to the new age of rap. And Roach Gigz. Who is awesome." - The FADER

The Song:

"Last time I checked the Bay still goes dumb." So says Roach Gigz at the beginning of "Stupid," the latest, and final, single, to drop before the July 20th release date for Roach's latest effort, Bitch, I'm A Player. And then, over the next three minutes Roach, along with Husalah and Lil B, prove just that, spitting fun and slick lyrics atop C-Loz's bass heavy, synth drenched beat. "I just wanted to go dumb, give a little juice to the Bay Area," explains Roach. "We haven't fallen off out here, we're still raw, and this song is all about that."

Throughout Bitch, I'm A Player, the chemistry between Roach and C-Loz, who lent his production to the entire project, shines, and "Stupid" is just another fine example of this fact. Roach kicks off the song's first verse, riding the beat flawlessly with lines like, "I slap Genie Of The Lamp and Tha Carter II / Left hand got the drank, right hand trying to park the coup / And it's wet like Wonton Soup." And as good as Roach sounds on the song, Husalah and Lil B sound just as at home, with Husalah taking the second verse ("I get sucked up counting wads of money"), before Lil B closes things out with his patented on-again, off-again flow, wasting no time referring to himself as a "pretty bitch, whose still got bitches" and shouting out various cities in the Bay.

Roach Gigz' Bitch, I'm A Player will be released for free download on July 20, 2011. Fans can also look forward to the "F A Chorus," video, shot and directed by Kreayshawn, coming soon.

Download "Stupid" ft. Husalah & Lil B here: http://media.audibletreats.com/Roach_Gigz-Stupid_Ft_Husalah_Lil_B.mp3 .

PR: Shelly B Nominated For 2011 Underground Music Award

From Yo! PR:

Shelly B Nominated For 2011 Underground Music Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- Multiple award-winning female emcee Shelly B aka Hollywood Shellz is proud to announce her nomination for the prestigious 2011 Underground Music Awards (UMA) in the category "UMA Female Artist Of The Year".

"Being nominated for the UMAs is an honor for me and shows that people respect my grind," says the Carolina raptress. "The Underground Music Awards is one of the most respected award shows, especially for up-n-coming and independent artists."

Urban Threshold's annual Underground Music Awards is the biggest national award show for independent artists, producers and songwriters in the USA. Past honorees and winners include Ice T, Naughty By Nature, EPMD, Slick Rick, DMC from Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash, Nicky Minaj, Cory Gunz, Freeway, Lil Mama, Remy Ma, Styles P, Papoose, Saigon, MIMS, Lumidee, Fred The Godson and many more!

The public will be able to vote for the winners of each category via online voting. The voting is now open and ends on August 11th, 2011. The nominee who receives the most online votes will win for the category he/she is competing in. One vote per day per user.

The prestigious award show will take place on August 21st at the famous B.B. Kings in NYC.

Shelly B is already an 8x winner at well-known award shows, including the CMA's, NCUMA's, SMES, and Queen City Awards. She has also been nominated for a Southern Entertainment Award (SEA) and Ozone Award. Her blazing new single "On My Diva" is currently heating up the clubs and airwaves in the U.S. Southeast.

To get more information about Shelly B, contact her business management DeVaNy LLC at www.DeVaNyOnline.com .

Official: www.shellybthat.com .
Twitter: www.twitter.com/shellybmusic .
Facebook: www.facebook.com/shellybnc .

Video: David Banner Wants to End Regional Rap Categories

Video: David Banner Wants to End Regional Rap Categories

Video: Serius Jones - "Victory Lap"

From Chris @ E1 Music:

Video: Serius Jones - "Victory Lap"

Off Ceasar & PStarr new album "War Music" - Out July 18th 2011
* www.ceasarproductions.com *

Twitter: @thekidceasar
Directed by Fabrizio Conte

Video/MP3: Cheeto Gambine f/ 8Ball & MJG - "It's On the Flo"

From Rap Star Promo:

Video/MP3: Cheeto Gambine f/ 8Ball & MJG - "It's On the Flo"

* http://limelinx.com/files/0cd1de01b1e5e7de572e1a7be0beb880 *

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