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The (W)rap Up - Week of May 29, 2012

[Season One]Saukrates :: Season One
Frostbyte Media Inc.

Author: Matthew 'Matt G' Gutwillig

"Though he may lack the international recognition of other Canadian emcees such as Drake, K'naan and Kardinal Offishall, Toronto artist Saukrates has proven to be one of the key hip-hop figures in the Great White North. Having been in the music industry for 18 years, Bigg Soxx has collaborated with Drake, Nelly Furtado, Method Man and Redman among others. He was also signed to Warner Bros. Records in 1996 and Def Jam in 2000, though he was dropped from both labels. After almost 13 years since his independent debut studio album "The Underground Tapes," Saukrates has finally come back with the April 2012 release of "Season One." The introspective material of "Season One" is the main reason Bigg Soxx stands out as an emcee and vocalist. "Before We Go" featuring Michelle Nyce contains a nice blend of orchestral and electronic sounds as the Toronto emcee reflects about his rocky relationship with a girl while he vows toward the end to make amends. As well, Saukrates' ability to seamlessly switch from rapping to singing at appropriate times during the tune is interesting. Similarly "Doorite" featuring Nickelus F and k-os is another solid track where the rapper reveals his past struggles where he misbehaved, yet his life experiences have made him more mature in the end. The standout tune on the record is the highly emotive "Sometimes" which contains effective buzzy keys and persistent drum line."

Atherton :: No Threat :: Vinyl Tap/Deep Thinka Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon
[No Threat] 
"Four years ago when I first met Atherton, I knew less than I would have liked to about him, even though I'm a self-confessed fan of most things Canadian ranging from hockey to hip-hop. To be fair though it seems to be one of my foibles to be a "grass is greener on the other side" kind of guy, as I've long believed that Japanese animation is more intriguing than its American counterpart, and if you gave me a choice between a German beer and one from here there's a good chance I'd take the former first. The older I get the more I recognize this is a fairly common human failing - the desire to seek out that which is different from what we know, what we are, what we're accustomed to in daily life. It's easy to overrate something than what you know as better, just because the sheer difference is itself enjoyable. It's only through experience that you learn to appreciate the subtle differences. There's thousands of hours of anime out there, but some are clearly better to watch than others. There are hundreds of German beers, but some clearly exceed others in the quality of flavor or alcoholic potency when consumed. In that same fashion I've come to appreciate that although Atherton can be defined as "a Canadian rapper," that there's an incredibly deep and wide variation in what a rapper from Canada can be. A first time listener might simply be impressed that dopeness springs forth from his beats and rhymes, but upon deeper inspection and comparing him to his peers, it's clear that he's something special."

The Jet Age of Tomorrow :: Voyager :: Odd Future
** RapReviews "Back to the Lab" series **

as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"If you're going to journey to a far away destination like 5th Echelon, it probably helps if you have a spaceship that can carry you there. Even if that journey is a metaphorical travel to the inner recesses of your mind, to see what dark and strange thoughts you can find, you still need a way to take that trip. Judging by the music and lyrics of OFWGKTA they probably trip a lot, and The Jet Age of Tomorrow duo of Mart Martians and Hal Williams probably trip more than most. Jet Age is best served by the fact their first official album "Voyager" was released for free in 2010 through their Tumblr page for a variety of reasons. In their typically rude and in your face manner, Golf Wang describes this album as a "fucking album full of off-kilter and unorthodox sounds" and just to make sure they make up for a lack of lyrics on it swear a little more and call it "fucking instrumentals on some space type sci-fi shit." Well how a-fucking-bout that? The description is accurate though. If this was pressed up on a physical CD, record stores would have a hard time figuring out where to shelve it. It's not quite hip-hop, even though there's a hard slapping beat to the opener "Welcome Aboard Voyager." Eventually a flight attendant informs you that you're over 53,688 hours from getting back to Earth. That works out to 2,237 days or over six light years away. "

Kosha Dillz :: The Jet Lag EP ::
as reviewed by Mike Baber

[The Jet Lag EP] 
"For casual hip-hop listeners, the name "Kosha Dillz" is unlikely to ring a bell. The Israeli-American emcee has remained an underground artist since breaking onto the New York freestyle battle scene as a teenager in 1999, and despite performing at South by Southwest in 2011, few outside the community of underground hip-hop fans are familiar with his body of work. Millions of Americans, though, myself being one of them, were unwittingly exposed to his music through the popular "Here We Go" Bud Light commercial, which features a portion of his song "Cellular Phone," after it aired during the 2012 Super Bowl. While the dog in the commercial steals the show, fetching beers for partygoers anytime someone shouts "Here We Go," I was nonetheless impressed that an underground artist was chosen for such a high-profile advertisement. I was even more intrigued after doing some background research and hearing RZA call him "one of the rawest Jewish kids I know" after the two collaborated on the track "Operator," with Kosha spitting alongside the legendary Kool G Rap. With my interest heightened, I dove into his latest release, "The Jet Lag EP," excited to hear what else he had in store. At only six tracks in length, "The Jet Lag EP" doesn't leave any room for filler material from Kosha Dillz. He makes the most out of the short time he has, though, aided by production from Nate G., who samples from the Black Keys, Wavves, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, among others. "

Oh No :: Ohnomite :: Brick Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"What do you get when you combine Michael Jackson with Rudy Ray Moore? "Ohnomite." I know that doesn't sound right, but you have to consider that there's more than one Michael Jackson, and this one is better known as Oxnard, California's own "Oh No." I suppose whether or not you're hyped about the end result at this point is strictly based on whether you're familiar with the Dolemite legacy of comedy albums and blaxploitation movies. If you're not, let's talk about the guest stars that Oh No roped into this album instead. Roc C and Chino XL both star on "Time." Green Eyed Bandit slash Funklord Erick Sermon drops in on "Runnin' The Show." You can hear Sticky Fingaz on "Whoop Ass," Termanology on "Sound Off," Damani on "Let's Roll," Rapper Big Pooh and Phil Da Agony on "You Don't Know Me" and Phife Dawg on "Dues N Don'ts." Is that not enough for you? Then peep this: MF DOOM is on "3 Dollars." Oh No has long been one of the best rated producers in reviews on this website, so if you even have the least inkling of how funky giving Oh No "unlimited access" to the archives of Rudy Ray Moore would be, I think you realize how enjoyable it would be to let him loop these beats and cherry pick his favorite emcees to flow over them."

Wordburglar :: 3rdburglar :: URBNET Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon


"It's possible that in 2012 being a punchline rapper has become passé, but Wordburglar proves on "So Much Time" that he never got the memo, proudly proclaiming "I rap for people who really love rapping/heard so much crap that they stop and say 'WHAT'S THAT?'" Both things encapsulate Matt Tomer's reaction to him in 2006. In short Tomer appreciated that Word was "lighthearted enough to avoid stagnancy" yet simultaneously disappointed Word felt "being silly [was] an adequate excuse for dropping wack rhymes." Since I own a copy of the album he covered, I feel both statements were accurate, but they also define Wordburglar as he was six years ago. Perhaps Wordburglar has evolved. As it turns out SOME of this criticism of Word is still fair in 2012. There's no question he's still a lighthearted, comical dude who believes in punchlines first in his rhymes. There are times you might even think he's only writing to amuse himself, but that's not necessarily bad. The late Mitch Herberg built his entire shtick around writing down anything he thought of that seemed funny, and as it turned out most of the time when he told other people they found it amusing too. By the "3rd" go around though, Word has delved even deeper into another thing Tomer mentioned that may or may not have been complimentary - nerdy topics."

Zomby :: Dedication :: 4AD
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

"The line between instrumental hip-hop and other types of electronic music gets hazier every day. Producers like Clams Casino and AarabMuzik make hip-hop beats that draw from ambient and electronic music. On the other end of the spectrum are albums like British electronic producer Zomby's latest, "Dedication." It is classified as dubsteb, but it sounds an awful lot like hip-hop. The album opens up with "Witch Hunt." With its skittering hi-hats and gunshots, it sounds like Southern street rap. "Alothea" has icy synths and the pulsing beat of downtempo dance music, but it has a bounce that you could imagine A$AP Rocky rapping over. "Vortex" has a nice grimey feel, and the gunshots, hi-hats, and snapping snares return in "Things Fall Apart." Even some of the more straightforward electronic songs, like the sinister and stripped down "Riding With Death," throw in what sounds like Lil Wayne saying "Yeah!" Not all of the album could be mistaken for hip-hop. "Natalia's Song," a collaboration with Brazillian producer Reark, has a hiccuping beat, female vocals, and swelllng synths. "Vanquish" is a straight ambient piece; "Lucifer" sounds like 90s rave music; "Black Orchid" is a 90-second keyboard solo punctuated with video game sound effects. "

Video: Cryptic Wisdom - "Hang Yourself"

From J Melo:

Video: Cryptic Wisdom - "Hang Yourself"

Official music video for Cryptic Wisdom's first single off his new 27-song "Words of Wisdom" Mixtape.  This song and video are a warning against the tragic consequences that can often result from the downward spiral into hard drugs by telling the story of a girl who gets addicted to drugs and hangs herself in her parents garage.

Press Release: Sadistik Signs with Fake Four Inc.!

From Sadistik:

Press Release: Sadistik Signs with Fake Four Inc.!

I'm very happy to announce that I have recently signed with one of my favorite record labels: Fake Four Inc.! My next album "Flowers for My Father" will be my first project that has not been completely self-released. This mean that it's going to be much easier for you to hear about and get a hold of my music now that I'm a part of such a talented collective. If you aren't familiar, please feel free to check out the roster at

Since I have sold out of all of the previous designs, I recently printed up a new design of shirt. As usual, these will be limited, so if it's a design you like please feel free to pick one up at

For those of you in Minnesota who may have missed me at The Triple Rock last weekend for Kristoff Krane's release show, I will be playing TG Meltdown festival in Burnsville, MN on June 7th. For more information please click here.

Jeep Ward a/k/a @HALO203: June Dates and Other Whatknots...

ShaBAMMski! Hiyooo!!!  So I have alot of cool events cracking this month as well, so here I am again asking you to let down your hair and let me climb in to tell you all about it.  I hadn't thought it would be so soon, but here we are...

Community: A Monthly B-Boy Function

This event is going to be ballistic!  The last one was super dope and if you missed it, you missed a great time early on a Sunday.  This event is ALL AGES so bring that little sibling of yours and show them some real hip-hop culture in a laid back environment.  B-Boys, DJs, Live Band, Great performances (Scienz of Life & John Robinson!) all just chilling and haveing a good time.  So take a trip out to Brooklyn this Sunday (June 10th) and see what it's all about!  For more info check the FB invite HERE... 
Legion Wednesdays!
The homie Nabil and I will be rocking the decks in the front with some great acts cracking off in the back at Legion (790 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn) on Wednesday the 13th and the 20th!  Come out and get through hump day into hump night the right way...

Macri Park Thursdays!
The dream team is back at it again doing a bi-weekly at Marci Park, with the deck open now it going to be popping (and locking?) so come down, peep some great music and have some draaanks.  We all know nothing gets done on Fridays...just admit it.

Saturday @ Bowery Poetry "Late Night Vibes"
In the works right now to get a mixed bag event together for 12-4a so be on the looks for details on that to get off soon as I get the date locked.  

Have a TON of stuff baking in the oven right now, and this summer will see the release of my elusive TIAGA EP along with some other Jimmy jazz I made as well.  My collected remixes LP will be up on Bandcamp this week as well; for an idea of what to expect from that, check my soundcloud page...

Yup my co-pilot for the CannonBRAHrun to TX this year has decided it would be fun to hate life and sleep on floors for a while this summer...more details as they come in, but it's starting end of July till August sometime...Vaugue enough for you?

Another Round?

In addition to coming out to see me spin and get drinks, you can have me serve your drinks to you as well...yup, slanging the sauce two nights a week (Monday & Thursday) as well as Friday days @ Karma Lounge NYC.  Come on in and see if I can serve it up drinks as well as I serve up sucker DJs...

Diggin in the Vaults: Podcasts

Subways & Sidewalks: Basserk Edition
A podcast I did for the Electro/Dubstep homies across the pond in Amsterdam on that I feel got a bit lost in the shuffle; click the cover above to DL or Stream on Rapreviews...

Subways & Sidewalks: Live from Portland w/Brzowski
Managed to catch up with the homie last year around his birthday and get this episode done: great music, commentary and it's HI-LA-Rious...can you tell we've know each other for a while and spend hours in a car?  Click the cover above to DL or Stream on Rapreviews...

Video: The Hip-Hop Game Is In Shambles (Comedy) @ericsworldtv

From Zack Einhorn:

Video: The Hip-Hop Game Is In Shambles (Comedy)

Comedian Eric Rosado and crew branch off from the libelous sports humor of "Shit Knicks Fans Say" and the "Amar'e Stoudemire" music video to deliver another laugh-out-loud sketch aimed at the declining level of talent in today's hip-hop industry. Eric rounds up respected emcees Sha Stimuli, Emilio Rojas, TUGE and Curtains to put his rap skills to the test in an unusual cipher. Are E's bars what the game's been missing?

Video: New Math Promo Reel #2 - EP Teaser (@newmathproject)

From The New Math:

Video: The New Math Promo Reel #2 - EP Teaser

So here it is friends.  We will still accept your images as we lead to the CD and digital release June 26 but please stay tuned.  We are grateful that our grass roots attempt to revive good music has not gone unnoticed and neither should your preferences and tastes.  Feel free to share these messages to anyone within your inner circle who you think deserves to hear quality music.  It will be your forward thinking and efforts that will help bring quality back to an oversaturated music market.

Audio: Tum Tum f/ B-Hamp, Dorrough Music - "Yeah Doe"

From Dove @ Tygereye:

Audio: Tum Tum f/ B-Hamp, Dorrough Music - "Yeah Doe"

HULK Entertainment presents "Yeah Doe", the latest single from Tum Tum featuring B-Hamp and Dorrough Music!  This track was produced by Bux Productions, and will be available on iTunes in June! 

* *

MP3: Chris Brown f/ Lil Wayne - "What Your Girl Like"

MP3: Chris Brown f/ Lil Wayne - "What Your Girl Like"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

Video: Genesis the Greykid - "A Thought"

From RMG:

Video: Genesis the Greykid - "A Thought"

"So recently I was put on to a new video from VA native, Genesis The Greykid, and I've been hearing about him a lot of the past couple of years so with all of the moves he has been making  lately, he was the perfect person to feature."

Video: Boycott Blues f/ REKS - "iNEED" (@therealreks)

From Dunn Deal PR:

Video: Boycott Blues f/ REKS - "iNEED"

On Thin Ice Records presents Boston emcee Boycott Blues' music video for "iNEED", the new single from iMERICAN BOY: The Hungrrr Games Vol. 1. The song features fellow Massachusetts representative Reks, was produced by NYC beatsmith Potent George, and was shot by Think Forward Media. Blues dropped the Clinton Sparks-hosted R.I.P. City Mixtape in 2009, following up the same year with his solo debut album Irony featuring contributions from Consequence and Insight. iMERICAN BOY marks Blues' third release this year, alongside the DeeJay Nestle Quick-hosted Duck My Sick Mixtape and the Discipline EP. iMERICAN BOY features Edo G, Qupid The Sticky Mama, EzDread, Lucky Dice and Beantown Bricks. Blues describes "iNEED" as "a social commentary on the vices that influence the urban community and the culture of Hip Hop."

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