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Wednesday October 01, 2014
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[Neverlove] Juno what I'm sayin'?

Buck 65 Review

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MP3 & Video: DaVinci - "Guys Wanna" Prod. By Al Jieh

From Audible Treats: 

The Song & Video:

After teaming up with Canadian producer Blunt and enticing fans with a handful of pre-album goodies, rising Fillmore District golden child DaVinci is proud to give listeners the first taste of his debut album, The Day The Turf Stood Still, with the album's first leak, "Guys Wanna." While not the album's first official single, the track shows off DaVinci's more playful side - a compliment to the social and political commentary and themes of gentrification that are often prevalent in DaVinci's music. For "Guys Wanna," DaVinci employs a handful of Goodfellas sound bites to reinforce the track's underlying message. "The guys are going to go out and play sometimes," DaVinci explains. "This song is a dedication to all the ladies who try to keep their man at home too much."

Al Jieh of SWTBRDS Creative Collective produced the track, providing DaVinci with a vocal sample-laden beat giving clear direction for the concept and title for "Guys Wanna." A jazzy, smooth background is hit with a strong drumbeat, just as the Italian-mob sampling is juxtaposed with DaVinci's commanding lyrics and raspy vocals, "LA face with an Oakland booty / A New York attitude, a Chi' Town cutie / Truly, I wouldn't underestimate your beauty / But even on the first of April you couldn't fool me."

Make sure to check out DaVinci's new album, The Day The Earth Stood Still, available both for sale and free download March 9, 2010.

"Guys Wanna" Prod. By Al Jieh: .
Video Montage (Shot, directed, and produced by Johan Thomas): .

Video Montage (Alt Link): .

The Background:

The Fillmore District has bred more rappers per capita than any other district in San Francisco, and although the older generations recall its rich musical history rooted in Jazz, the Fillmore today is rife with drugs, turf wars, and mass gentrification. DaVinci, a young MC raised in the Fillmore, is a prime example of the duality of this area, who at the age of 13 was homeless, hungry, and hopeful for a way out. Explains DaVinci, "My music has everything to do with my environment: from robbing, killing, pimpin' to selling and abusing drugs," he explains about his heavy content. "It's a direct reflection of what my friends and family have been through and are still going through." While his story is similar to many other young rappers’ upbringings, DaVinci was surrounded by an incredible pool of Fillmore talent and by studying with the greats, he was able to sharpen his skills and aim higher than most, cultivating his story-telling abilities beyond mere drug-and-gun-talk. Growing up in the same 10-block radius as Bay Area rap legends San Quinn and JT the Bigga Figga, DaVinci was content in merely watching the next generation follow in their footsteps, until he received overwhelming praise from his peers from a mixtape appearance, which then prompted him to pursue rap professionally. In 2006, San Quinn welcomed him onto the "Pressure Makes Diamonds Tour" with rap veterans Xzibit and Tech N9ne. Since the tour, DaVinci has kept busy appearing on numerous mixtapes and compilations, as well as preparing his official debut album, The Day The Turf Stood Still. The Day The Turf Stood Still will be available March 9, 2010 via SWTBRDS Creative Collective.


"Guys Wanna" Prod. By Al Jieh:

Video Montage (Shot, directed, and produced by Johan Thomas):

"Hustler's Theme" (Prod. By Blunt):

24KMilkCrate.Com TV: DaVinci Interview Pt. 1:

24KMilkCrate.Com TV: DaVinci Interview Pt. 2:

"Real N*ggaz Remix" Feat. Kaz Kyzah and ROD:

Video montage:

"Trickle Down" Prod. By Blunt:

"It's On Me" Prod. By Blunt:

Bio, pictures, and streams available here:




Official Site:

Label Site:
Braille Posts New Personal Video Blog

From Braille:

To whom it may concern, a video blog regarding my personal life.

Instead of typing something up about it I figured it was better to just speak directly.  Much love
Thank you, from Braille and the Hiphop Is Music team. |

Former Hot Boy Turk Pleads for Help Burying His Brother

From Nancy B:

Former Hot Boy Turk Pleads for Help Burying His Brother

Incarcerated former Hot Boys rapper Turk is mourning the loss of his baby brother, who was reportedly gunned down early yesterday morning in New Orleans.

It's been reported Turk's young brother, Ronald Smith, was found lying dead on behind a daiquiri shop Manhattan Street in New Orleans around 3 a.m. with several gunshot wounds to his body. Apparently Jefferson Parish authorities have 19-year-old Travis Dennis — who has already admitted himself as the shooter — in custody.

Earlier today, Turk penned an open letter to Ozone magazine asking for the hip-hop community's assistance funding burial costs for his brother Ronald. "I'm reaching out to all of you who have influence on the hip-hop community," he wrote. "My little brother and I were as close as brothers can be and it hurts me to lose him at such a young age, but as a man I must be strong."

Turk continued, "I have been in jail now for over 6yrs and there's not much I can do. My mother is mourning over the loss of her youngest child and over the fact that there is no insurance or funds to arrange the proper burial. I am asking for you to get the word out and to also help financially in any way you can. Any donations can be sent to me at the Shelby County Jail by Western Union and for those who know me personally funds can be given directly to my mother Ms. Pamela Smith."

Fans looking to contribute can send money to:
Western Union Blue Quick Collect Form
Pay to: SSC
Code City: Cobra Cash, FL
Account# 2M8115125virgil
Western Union can also be done over the phone call 1-800-325-6000

All response emails are to be sent to

Turk, born Tab Virgil Jr., is currently serving a 10 year sentence on possession of firearm charges dating back to a 2004 drug raid of an apartment in Memphis, Tennessee.

K-Murdock - RPM "Short Bus" (Fan-made Video)

From K-Murdock:

RPM "Short Bus" (Fan-made Video)

So for those who REALLY REALLY know about myself & Raw Poetic, then u know that we both have side projects outside of Panacea, and one of them is called Restoring Poetry in Music (RPM).  Actually, this is Raw P's brainchild that he started almost 10 years ago with his cousin and some college friends.  RPM has morphed over the years as members came, went... and then came back, BUT the legacy members have always been Raw Poetic along with his guitarist P. Fritz & keyboard/trumpet player Aaron "Enron" Gause (both pictured below to the right and left of me respectively).

I myself have floated in and out of the group as a producer/live sample-player, and now serve from the sidelines as a sound engineer since the aforementioned band members have finally taken up the slack of producing the music as well as playing it live!

One of the songs "Enron" produced for the 2008 Japanese RPM album, "Cave Drawings", recently popped up on Youtube courtesy of the homie Paddylane, who made this fresh and very fitting video for it...

This song is a mere preview of what you will be getting sonically from here on out from RPM as Raw P is in the process of finishing the group's new EP, which is set to (hopefully) drop this fall.  In the meantime, for those who wanna hear more of RPM's older material, you can listen & purchase it thru iTunes or CDBaby.


MP3: Jern Eye - "Get Down Remix" Feat. The Pharcyde

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Jern Eye - "Get Down Remix" Feat. The Pharcyde

The Song:

Following the success of Jern Eye's lead single, "Get Down," as well as the song's energetic video, the Bay Area emcee is proud to release the official remix for the club-oriented single. The "Get Down Remix," featuring fellow California natives and hip-hop legends, The Pharcyde, offers a fresh breath to a song already considered a fan favorite by many. While the basic elements of a James Brown sample and a raw, acoustic drumbeat, courtesy of fellow MYX Music Label producer duo Keelay & Zaire, remain untouched, the addition of such a talented and well-known group pushes the track to a new level, highlighting The Pharcyde's effortless energy and flair alongside a brand new verse from Jern full of confident braggadocio. "A little sick, so the talk's slick," begins Jern, chiming in later, "No antics, the rep's so massive/ I ain't no joke, no game, no slapstick." Working with The Pharcyde was a pleasure for Jern, whose own style is continuously inspired by the west coast legends' fluidity and power. "The Pharcyde has always been one of my favorite hip-hop groups," says Jern. "The energy and fun they put into their music has inspired a lot of what I do in my own music, so it was only natural to get them on board to do a remix for 'Get Down'. I felt like the song was perfect for them, and would really bring out that animated energy they're known for."

Jern Eye's sophomore album, Vision, is now available via MYX Music Label.

"Get Down Remix" Feat. The Pharcyde, Prod. By Keelay & Zaire: .

The Background:

Los Angeles native Jern Eye began crafting his skills early on at freestyle battles in famous L.A. clubs. Jern formed the staple west coast group, Lunar Heights, with friend and fellow emcee Spear Of The Nation shortly after high school, and the group eventually migrated north to Oakland to join the Bay Area's flourishing independent hip-hop scene. Once in the Bay, the group was joined by Khai Sharrieff as they began making a name for themselves opening for a number of well known groups, including Crown City Rockers, The Pharcyde, The Procussions, and more. The group subsequently released their solo effort, Crescent Moon, to high acclaim. Jern followed three years later with his solo debut, Authentic Vintage, in 2006, and toured with Hieroglyphics and Living Legends as a result of the album's success. Jern Eye's sophomore album, Vision, features production from !llmind, Jake One, Keelay & Zaire, DJ Vinroc, Def Supreme, Phil Jahns, and Artek, and collaborations with artists Cali Agents, Mistah F.A.B., Zion I, Guilty Simpson, Nightclubber Lang, and more looks to make the case for Jern's upward movement as a legitimate hip-hop talent on a national level. Vision is available now via MYX Music Label.

About MYX Music:

MYX Music Label began in 2007 by industry veteran Karim Panni of the Boom Bap Project (Rhymesayers Entertainment). MYX Music Label is under the umbrella of MYX TV, which is the only music and lifestyle channel dedicated to the Asian American community. Distributed nationally, MYX TV showcases the hottest major label and independent content as well as dynamic original programming that fuses fashion, comedy, and culture. MYX Music Label integrates the newest technology while developing innovative digital distribution and promotion strategies to service their artists. The MYX Music Label was created for the sole purpose of using the MYX TV visual network platform to promote the finest independent hip-hop and urban music. MYX Music Label's ambitious release schedule for 2010 includes groundbreaking works from Crown Royale, One Be Lo, Keelay, Fortilive, and more. Also, adding to their versatility as a label, MYX Music Label DVD releases include The Nutshack, Built From Skratch, Str8 Laced and Slanted Comedy, which features today's top Asian American comedians For more information on MYX Music Label, please visit .


"Get Down Remix" Feat. The Pharcyde, Prod. Keelay & Zaire: .

"Cali" Feat. Spank Pops and J. Billion, Prod. Jake One: .

"Get Down" Prod. By Keelay & Zaire: .

A Day In The Life Of Jern Eye, Part 1: .

The Eye Exam Mixtape: .

Twitter: .

Facebook: .

MySpace: .

Label Site: .

Dub B & Drew Hudson Present JYG - Take Off

From Wil at Culture VI:

Dub B & Drew Hudson Present JYG - Take Off

CG What it Dew - Boogie Board 9000

I'm not sure what explanation I can offer for this other than the HiTz Committee sent it to me, so now I'm sharing it with you. What's the power level? It's over 9,000!

CG What it Dew - Boogie Board 9000


KRS-One & DJ Premier Promise "Return of the Boom Bip"

It was announced today via KRS-One's Facebook group that KRS & DJ Premier are working on a new album for 2010 tentatively titled "Return of the Boom Bip." While nobody may have been expecting or anticipating a sequel to "Return of the Boom Bap" it's not like any fan of either artist let alone hardcore hip-hop is going to turn it down! Alleged guests on the forthcoming album are Q-Tip, Grand Puba and Ice-T. When we have more details or a possible release date we'll update you with more news.
Dana Dane Artist Eleven's Video "Ego Crusher Freestyle"

Dana Dane Artist Eleven's Video "Ego Crusher Freestyle"

Chamillionaire & Paul Wall Announce Tour Together

From HipHopDX:

Chamillionaire and Paul Wall have had a tumultuous relationship, one that has been filled with ups and downs over the years. After becoming rhyming partners, they were a staple in the independent album circuit, releasing such underground classics as Get Ya Mind Correct.

By 2005, the major label-backed emcees went their separate ways find gold and platinum success on their own. After some amicability and spot date performances in the last two years, the two announced that they are bringing their reunion to a nationwide stage.

The news comes as a confirmation from Cham himself via Twitter.

"It's official @chamillionaire & @paulwallbaby are going on tour together. ITS GOIN ALL THE WAY DOWN."

Not stopping with that, he also calls other emcees to unite.

"Don't stop with me and Paul goin on tour. I think every1 that reps Texas should work together to make these industry nut riders sick."

Cham also released Major Pain

today, kicking off a new mixtape series. He also confirmed that he has signed the first 1,000 copies.

"Just finished signing the first 1,000 MAJOR PAIN cds. Me and my bright ideas."

Paul Wall and Chamillionaire are headlining acts in this year's South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, the third week of March.

UPDATE: The additional dates are below:





3/25 TUCSON, AZ- DV8











Source: HipHopDX

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