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Devo Spice: Nerdapalooza Looms; Subscribers Get New Feature

Devo Spice Update: Nerdapalooza Looms As Subscribers Get a New Feature

What’s up, everyone?  I hope everyone is having more fun than I am.  I spent last weekend moving almost everything out of my house and carrying some very heavy stuff up a flight of stairs that is barely capable of transporting humans, let alone large, bulky pieces of furniture.  Anyway...

--== New Feature For Spice Rack Subscribers ==--
Recently I got an invitation to Google+, Google’s new social networking site, and this morning I had an idea.  I realized I could use the “circles” feature to share inside information with my subscribers as it happens.  As I’m recording a new song I can post about it, or when I book a new gig or some other cool thing happens I can discuss it before I’m ready to announce it publicly.  So this morning I made a circle called Spice Rack Subscribers and made my first post.

I’ve added all my subscribers to this circle.  If you’re not yet a user of Google+ you should have gotten an invitation from me.  If you didn’t and you need one let me know.

And if you’re not yet a Spice Rack subscriber you can get all the information and join here:

--== Next Weekend The Nerds Will Rock ==--
Next weekend in Orlando Florida is the ultimate nerd music event, Nerdapalooza, featuring music by me, Luke Ski, Insane Ian, Consortium of Genius, Schaffer The Darklord, Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew and dozens more.  The event is taking place July 15-17 at the Orlando Airport Marriott.

To get all you nerds excited about the event they have posted this video on YouTube:

For more info head to

--== Twenty-Six And A Half: A Tribute to Weird Al Yankovic Now Available ==--
Weird Al fans rejoice!  Al’s second favorite album to come out in June is now available.  (He said so himself.)  Twenty-Six And A Half is the third tribute to Weird Al and contains my song Weird Al Didn’t Write This Song.

It also contains amazing covers of Weird Al songs by Insane Ian, Worm Quartet, Kobi LaCroix, MC Chris, MC Frontalot, MC Lars, and many more, plus parodies of Weird Al songs by Luke Ski and Steve Goodie.  It really is a fantastic release.  Al said so himself: “I’ve been listening to it, and I think it’s really fantastic work. It’s actually quite amazing. The quality and production of it is mind-boggling.”

To pick up your copy head over to

That’s all for now folks.  Don’t forget I will also be at Confluence in Pittsburgh, PA on the 22nd for Friday night only.  More information here:


MP3: Angel Haze f/ Das Racist - "Jungle Fever (Remix)"

From Nancy B:

MP3: Angel Haze f/ Das Racist - "Jungle Fever (Remix)"

When Le'Roy, the talent booker at SOBs, first emailed me about Angel Haze he said, "I think Angel is the type of artist that rolls around about once every five or ten years", and....well.....I've heard that before, so I sat on the email for a couple weeks, busy with client stuff. Then I listened to the attached song. It's a collab she did with Das Racist "Jungle Fever (remix)" and I was like, "WOW! This chick can really spit", and promptly dived into the rest of the emails Le'Roy had sent me to see if there was consistence. Long story short, the reading of a few Fader write-ups and a visit to her YouTube channel later, I was hooked. This chick can REALLY spit. It's actually so much more than that but I will leave you to define that for yourself.

Tomorrow Angel Haze drops a mixtape, "King." Like many mixtapes, she is rhyming over borrowed beats but unlike many mixtapes, I got the impression when I listened that she does so for sport rather than because she has no access to production. Often, she completely bodies the original, giving each song a completely fresh take. And she does in fact have access to tracks because she plans to drop her debut album, "Men, Women & Clocks" later this summer. The album is executive produced by Le'Roy Benros, who also executive produced Dac Racist's critically acclaimed "Sit Down, Man" project.

Freshly 20, "King" is a sort of birthday thank you to the fans that she is collecting at an ever-increasing pace; Angel is becoming quite the internet phenomenon. Her songs have surpassed 40,000 downloads, her view count is over 100,000 and she has been featured already on Hype,,, Pound Magazine, Foam Magazine and a feature for - .

To keep this short, because it's far more important that you listen to the song, Angel Haze is one of those artists that only comes around every five or ten years. Like me, you may put off checking her out but, like me, once you do, you will be hooked.


Jungle Fever (remix) ft. Das Racist - .

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MP3: Jae Millz f/ Lil Wayne - "Forever Winning"

From Big Dev:

MP3: Jae Millz f/ Lil Wayne - "Forever Winning"

* *

Video: The Next 48 Hours With Prodigy Pt. 1

Video: The Next 48 Hours With Prodigy Pt. 1

Video: Shizzie - "I Said No"

From Major Music:

Video: Shizzie - "I Said No"

@IamShizzie is a 20 year old artist (and 1/2 of the group Street Status) hailing from the Boston neighborhood of Roxbury who has a lot of talent and great delivery. *Shizzie started writing his own lyrics at the age of 9 and by the time he was in middle school he joined a group called "Street Status", along with the S.B The Real Souljaboy in 2004. Since then Street Status has been focused on being street motivators to the world. Shizzie's styles reflects on his struggle, triumph, and lessons learned as a young, up and coming artist, from the inner city of Boston. Shizzie plans on opening the lane for Boston artists to expand their talent and make music other then violent songs and negativity. This kid will be around for years and years to come, while the Street Status name will only gonna get bigger.

MP3: Natasha Mosley f/ Gucci Mane - "Pretty"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: Natasha Mosley f/ Gucci Mane - "Pretty"

(Clean/Dirty) .

MP3: Mr. J. Medeiros - "Serious" feat. Stro

From Nora Ritchie:

MP3: Mr. J. Medeiros - "Serious" feat. Stro

Mr. J. Medeiros' latest album Saudade is out now on his imprint De Medeiros via Fat Beats distribution. To celebrate the album, Medeiros released a video for the first official single "Neon Signs" and the track "Swallow" a few weeks back. Today marks the release of the single "Serious" ft Stro from Saudade. Stro, who is also part of the production team The Procussions that are featured on this album supplies the vocals on this cut.

Stream Mr J. Medeiros - "Serious" ft. Stro here:
Download Mr J. Medeiros - "Serious" ft. Stro here:

Medeiros was formerly signed to Rawkus Records as part of the group The Procussions and as a solo artist. With The Procussions, he gained acclaim for collaborating with Talib Kweli and touring with A Tribe Called Quest and The Roots. As a solo artist, Medeiros partnered with international non-profit organizations to fight human trafficking and sexual abuse with his single "Constance" which has amassed nearly 500k views on YouTube. (Watch "Constance" here). Medeiros has recorded with artists as varied as Randy Jackson, Talib Kweli, Illmind and more and has been on Spike TV and Miami Ink.

Best of The Rest:
(MP3) Mr. J. Medeiros -"Swallow" feat. Logan:
(Video) Mr. J. Medeiros - "Neon Signs" :

For More Info:

PR: KC Jockey's New Single "Toast to the Dads"

From Mi2N PR:

KC Jockey's New Single "Toast to the Dads"

After bursting onto the international scene in 2010 with his chart-topping hits "Kiss Me" and "When You Look at Me", KC Jockey is ready to take the music world by storm again with his latest single, "Toast to the Dads". Having just signed a digital distribution deal with Empire Distribution, Jockey now has even more outlets to let the world hear his unique and infectious sound.

KC Jockey was born in Kingston, Jamaica but moved to Brooklyn, NY as a young child. The rising star quickly developed a passion for all things New York—both the good and the bad. The "bad" had him in the streets hustling to get all the luxuries he saw others around him enjoying. The "good" had him embracing his God-given musical abilities, which he finally realized could provide him with the same lavish lifestyle as the hustling he saw going on around him. After his mother passed from a tragic accident in 1997, Jockey dedicated himself to the studio, often working through the night to perfect his craft. The hard work paid off in 2000 when Jockey launched his own record label, Sweet Sadie’s Productions, appropriately named in honor of his mother. After paying tribute to his mom thru the naming of his label, he has now taken the opportunity to turn his grateful attention to his (and everyone’s) father with "Toast to the Dads".

Jockey’s infectious smile has landed him jobs as the face of many of the hottest new products on the market. He is currently one of the faces for the fresh new clothing line 4.U.2.N.V, who have featured him on their New York City billboards. Jockey also recently received national attention on MTV’s "Idol Party Live" during an interview with American Idol season ten finalist Paul McDonald. When Idol fans discovered that McDonald had made a cameo in Jockey’s music video for "Rub Your Body", the story and video went viral and became topic for discussion in many of his subsequent interviews.

KC Jockey already has the musical chops and resume to prove his international star power, having shared stages with the likes of 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Jay Z, Mary J Blige, Beanie Man, and many others. His consistent success on both the North American and European charts shows that his style and sound transcend borders and cultures; "Toast to the Dads" is certain to be no different!

MP3: Lore'l f/ Cory Gunz, Red Cafe - "I Got This"

From Big Dev:

MP3: Lore'l f/ Cory Gunz, Red Cafe - "I Got This"

Lore'l ft Red Cafe & Cory Gunz - I Got This (prod by Don Cannon) (dirty) .

Lore'l ft Red Cafe & Cory Gunz - I Got This (prod by Don Cannon) (clean) .

MP3: Don Trip - "Letter to My Son"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: Don Trip - "Letter to My Son"

* *

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