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MP3: Trinity (AG, Sadat X, DJ Jab) - "The Bronx"

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Trinity (AG, Sadat X, DJ Jab) - "The Bronx"

New Album Scheduled for Summer 2011 Release; Latest Single Pays Homage To Hip-Hop's Birthplace

The Song:

If The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit got together to write a track about Hip-Hop's Holy Land, it would sound like Trinity's "The Bronx." The three members of hip-hop's new supergroup play up to their name: AG, of Digging In The Crates (D.I.T.C.) fame, Sadat X, pivotal member of Brand Nubian, and DJ Jab, owner and founder of NYC's Fat Beats Records. It's difficult to say which Holy Trinity role each artist embodies, but it's undeniable that their formation as Trinity is a breath of fresh air. The triumvirate burst onto the scene at Audible Treats' 2009 CMJ Showcase, where they performed together for the first time, and they premiered their first single, "Roc Raida Tribute," shortly there after, in honor of the fallen DJ.

Since then, the trio has been working on the project's full album, which includes their single "The Bronx." The fuzzy, electronic beat with dashes of violin and high-hats provide a dramatic instrumental for the song. Verses include shout-outs to the borough's hot spots, as well as the group's favorite places: "Up 49th St., known as The Hub/ Used to go Elliott, and spin a little dub/ They tore down the stadium and put it across the street/ Cedric Ave., home of the hip-hop beat." The single was also recently used in a national New Era commercial about the Bronx, which was played at Yankee Stadium for the New Era-sponsored Pin Stripe Bowl.

Download Trinity's new single, "The Bronx" here: .

Video: June Marx - "Trinity Site"

From Holographic Pagoda:

Video: June Marx - "Trinity Site"

Video: Zion I & The Trouch f/ Silk-E - "Rockit Man"

From Audible Treats:

Video: Zion I & The Trouch f/ Silk-E - "Rockit Man"

MP3: Dr. Dre f/ Swizz Beatz - "Chillin"

From M3W:

MP3: Dr. Dre f/ Swizz Beatz - "Chillin"

* *

Video: Fdot1 - "So Grimey"

From Park Street PR:

Fdot1 - So Grimey (Official Music Video)

Fdot1 - So Grimey EP (Out Monday 21st March 2011 - please pre-order now!)


Artist: Fdot1
Title: 'So Grimey EP'
Release date: 21/03/2011
Label: fM Inc. (independent)
Style: Grime, Hip Hop, R&B and Bashment
"So Grimey" is available for pre-order on iTunes


Born in Barbados and raised in NY, Toronto, Manchester (UK) and Harare (Zimbabwe) Fdot1 (or Flo as he is known to most) brings a melting pot of international experiences to his music. Now based in London, Fdot1's style is influenced both musically and lyrically by his global upbringing. You will hear a mix of American, West Indian and UK accents in his flows and a fusion of Jamaican bashment, Bajan calypso and Zimbabwean rhumba on top of a foundation which is firmly rooted in Hip Hop. Fdot1's style is truly unique. Since returning to the UK Fdot1 has been the catalyst behind a number of the UK and Jamaica's most prominent artists. Fdot1 has produced tracks for Tony Rebel, Queen Ifrica, Sizzla, Fredi Kruga, Asher D (So Solid), Malarchi, Giggs and produced over 40 tracks for Durrty Goodz.

Fdot1 now comes out of the studio and into the spotlight with the release of his EP "So Grimey". The EP features 4 tracks all of varying musical 'flavas', displaying his versatility as an rapper, lyricist, singer, songwriter and producer. "So Grimey" is Grime/UK Hip Hop, "Put it On Ya" a more soulful R&B feel, "Gal Ah Bawl" Bashment, and "Fyaah..!!!" is a throwback to the traditional boom bap days of Hip Hop. Fdot1 has appeared on Ras Kwame's 1Xtra show, winning his Home Grown talent competition and been a regular on DJ 279's Friday Night Flava on Choice FM. Fdot1 has performed with Ms Dynamite, Hip Hop icons De La Soul, Immortal Technique, Omarion, Lil Wayne and Malarchi. Fdot1 was previously known as Floriginul and you can find his first studio album "Part of Me" on iTunes. Fdot1's next studio album "Money MusicK", a fusion of Hip Hop, Grime, Bashment and soulful R&B, is out 4th May 2011.

"this album came about out of frustration with the current state of the industry. Being in the studio and being given so many demos that all sounded the same, no depth, whether it be a singer or a rapper, in my opinion, it was the same song just by a different person. The lyrical content either glorified violence, cash, cars and jewellery or sang about broken hearts like there is nothing else to talk about. I just stopped listening to music. Instead of complaining about it I decided to challenge myself creatively to show there are still artists out there who are creative and not just a machine marching to a major label's drum. Money MusicK is an album full of good music and good vibes proving that you can make money without selling your soul. Fdot1


"So Grimey" is the first single from the forthcoming "Money MusicK" album. A sampler of the album can be listened to at


Official Web Site:

Other Links:

PR: "Soundz of Spirit: Directors Cut" Now Available On DVD

From Ballin PR:

Award Winning Documentary "Soundz of Spirit: Directors Cut" Now Available on DVD


March 15, 2011--Oakland, CA--Established independent filmmaker, Joslyn Rose Lyons --along with Jog9 Productions-- is proud to announce the award winning documentary film,Soundz of Spirit Directors Cut is now available on DVD exclusively at

In 2005, Soundz of Spirit, which examines the creative process and spiritual connection in hip-hop, had its world premiere at the HBO Urbanworld Film Festival, London Raindance, Black International Cinema Berlin, and was awarded Best Music Documentary at the New York International Independent Film Festival and Video Festival. It's latest incarnation includes additional footage from many hip hop icons, such as Cee-Lo, Common, Andre 3000, Saul Williams, KRS-One, Michael Franti, a new music score and a director's commentary.

Joslyn Rose Lyons continues to amass a body of exceptional work: she recently directed rapper Talib Kweli's video for "Cold Rain," which premiered on MTV, MTV2, MTVu, BET 106 & Park and was ranked as the #2 music video on MTV.COM. On March 1st it will be available on MTV2 On-Demand, Music Choice On-Demand & in over 500 Foot Locker locations, as part of their hour long rotation in the stores.

Joslyn has the special skill of breathing freshness and truth into any project she takes on. She is working on a short film "The Blue Rose," about an inquisitive young girl who discovers a rare gift she didn't know she had along with finishing her documentary feature, "The Wonderful Voyage," a documentary which includes interviews with film director Amir Bar-Lev (The Tillman Story), NAACP nominated author BeNeca Ward, Grammy nominated singer BILAL, actress Janina Gavankar, Shafiq Husayn from SA-RA Creative Partners, among others.

Currently, Joslyn serves as a creative producer for Link TV and she is working with painter Justin Bua on an art contest and exhibition event entitled "Drawing Change About Community Transformation," which is slated to launch with Link TV this Spring.

Joslyn Rose Lyons has created the avenue to live her motto: "Imagine, explore, dream and create" --all ideals she applies and dedicates to her work.

PR: KeeM The FranchiZe's "Channel 1" Available For Download

From IStillLoveHER:

The Album:

Rapper KeeM The FranchiZe (Detroit, MI native | Houston, TX resident) and Producer D. DoRohnGough (Detroit,MI) join forces to present to you: Channel 1.
This free album is Hip Hop like you’ve never seen before. The concept is simple: Taking TV shows, both past and present, and creating a Hip Hop master piece.
Hip Hop’s newest phenom KeeM The FranchiZe along with new highly acclaimed producer D. DoRohn Gough, has created a superior album laced with dope tracks and lyrical content that’s unparalleled! This combination of TV shows, production, and rhymes is a force to be reckoned with.




Video "Still Standing":

Stream /Free Download "Channel 1" Album:


For promotional use only

Feel free to spin this, blog, burn and play it


About KeeM the FranchiZe:

Presently and without question the world of Hip Hop continues to expand and be influential. Influenced by Hip Hop, KeeM The FranchiZe, is now part of that expansion. Born Juaquenn Gunn II, the Detroit native recalls listening to a broad range of music growing up which helped to shape his musical interest. However, there was something magnetic and fascinating about Hip Hop that later inspired him to pursue being an Emcee.

At an early age he joined his first group, and finally performed at his first show. KeeM recalls, “That the feeling was liberating.” He was in awe of the power of the mic, and that it could cause such change in a person's life. At that moment KeeM decided to use his skills and talents to ignite a positive change in the lives of others.
KeeM was later signed to his first record deal as part of a three man group. One album and many singles later, KeeM decided to branch out as a solo artist. Influenced by artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Q-Tip, Common, Mute Math, and Daft Punk, KeeM continues to develop his style and lyrical ability. Listening to everything from Rock, R&B, Gospel, Jazz and Techno keeps KeeM well rounded and versed in multiple genres of music. Every genre is special and inspires KeeM to be a diverse artist. Audiences will witness this thought-provoking and unique fusion on KeeM's up and coming Debut Album entitled ARENA READY!
This songwriter / author / actor / student filmmaker / philanthropist is determined to make a global impact. His mission is to ignite, inspire, and influence through his words and music, and the visual presentation of his songs. After listening to his music and seeing him perform, KeeM’s hope is that audiences will feel the desire to Dream Big & Live Free!

Video + Mixtape: Cyclonious & 42nd Chamber - "The Warrior And The Blacksmith"

From Park Street PR:

Cyclonious & 4nd Chamber - The Warrior And The Blacksmith (Music Video)

Cyclonious & 42nd Chamber - The Warrior And The Blacksmith (Tracklisting)

01. Shit Is Real
02. The Weak Get Impaled
03. The Pillage
04. The Warrior And The Blacksmith
05. In The Eyes Of Youth
06. Freedom
07. Drastic
08. Never Loose Your Passion
09. When I Come For Them

Download Link:

The lyrical artist is back! Cyclonious returns with his second installment of 2011, 'The Warrior & the Blacksmith', that is set to continue the fire that 'Escape to Reality' ignited. Cyclonious is a very focused and talented songwriter and performer and over the last couple of years he has cemented himself in the UK scene by releasing quality product on a frequent basis.

Here Cyclonious teams up with the internationally acclaimed French Producer '42nd Chamber - Shaolin Beatmaker'. Here the duo have cleverly cut & crafted a hard hitting, intense, ear drum bursting, thunderous nine track EP that is destined to get the recognition that it deserves. This is high grade food for anyone that is hungry for that real Hip-Hop vibe.

There's no room for guests on this relentless release and with tracks such as 'The Pillage' and 'Never Loose Your Passion' really hitting the spot you know this release is everything you'd come to expect from such a real and talented artist. Cyclonious takes you deep into the trenches right into the thick of the raw and hard hitting action. With music videos to come from Global Faction & Badnephew, 'The Warrior & the Blacksmith' is here your listening pleasure, so please get set and be prepared to be blown away. It's so real out here!

Connect with Cyclonious:

The (W)rap Up - Week of March 15, 2011


"If 40 is the new 30 then 30 must be the new 20, because at 33 years old Reks still sounds like he was born yesterday. After ten years strong in hip-hop he seems to only get better with age, although some may have thought he peaked in 2008 with the critically acclaimed "Grey Hairs." Not so. Quietly behind the scenes Reks was working on his next big release, dropping "More Grey Hairs" in the interim to appease the fans who wanted more. What is it about Reks that creates that demand though? Well for one this Boston based rapper has a witty delivery that mocks the conventions of rap music while at the same time celebrating the art of creating hip-hop classics. On the Blaze P produced song "The Underdog," Reks uses the hook to sardonically call himself "the greatest rapper no one heard about," then goes on to prove it might be true. I'm a sucker for harps in hip-hop beats, but Reks wrecks the best one that I've heard since PaceWon had rap "Locked" while simultaneously threatening to blast Torae with his own double barrel while asking the question on a lot of hip-hop fans minds"

Jesse Abraham :: One Day :: {self-released}
as reviewed by Mike Baber
[One Day]

"And so begins the opening track on Manhattan-born Jesse Abraham's debut EP, coming on the heels of several 2010 mixtapes that garnered respect among the New York underground hip-hop community. It doesn't take long to realize that Abraham is not your typical emcee; one can probably count the number of white Jewish rappers on one hand. In no way, though, is this meant to suggest that he is unworthy of blessing the mic. Growing up during the golden age of hip-hop gave him a deep passion and appreciation for hip-hop and the culture that surrounds it, and these old-school influences can definitely be heard in his beats and rhymes. Simply put, Abraham has been a hip-hop head from day one (he claims to have written his first rhyme at the age of nine), and his understanding for the music itself allows him to come across as an intelligent and well-versed rapper. "

Brand Nubian :: Time's Runnin' Out :: Sound of Dissent/Traffic Entertainment
** RapReviews "Back to the Lab" series **

as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[Time's Runnin' Out] 
""Time's Runnin' Out" is many ways a curiosity. This is (to date) the final album in the long career of Brand Nubian, dating all the way back to the seminal hip-hop classic "One For All" in 1990. That career has not been without some tumult in their membership. Founding member Grand Puba left to develop a solo carer and wouldn't rejoin the team until "Foundation" in 1998. The critical acclaim the reunion received must not have been a strong enough motivating factor to record another album, because it would be six MORE years until the Nubians joined forced again to release "Fire in the Hole." All the while the individual members of the group made solo albums and continue to do so to this day - the most recent being Sadat X's "Wild Cowboys II" in 2010. This group often doesn't act much like one at all. Nevertheless the Brand Nubian name carries weight in the hip-hop world, and at times it has carried some controversy as well. They've been accused of everything from being racist to homophobic to anti-semetic, and through it all they've taken the criticism in stride and kept on moving."

Custom Made :: Hi-Def :: Coalmine Records
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

"L.A. rappers Custom Made have had their share of trials and tribulations since entering the rap game in 2002. They’ve had members leave, members incarcerated, and their former label sat on “Hi-Def” for over a year before the group got it released by NY label Coalmine. Custom Made haven’t let any of these setbacks get them down, however. They’ve slimmed down to a trio of  Bluff, Element, and Scoobs, and have kept releasing mixtapes in the interim. “Hi-Def” is their third official album, coming three years and a mess of label drama since 2008’s “Original Dynasty” on Babygrande. Their sound could be described as O.G. L.A. street rap. They come off like veterans who are weary from the life of streets and the life of a hip-hop artist. They are getting it from all sides: when they aren’t dealing with shiesty club owners and labels, disrespectful crowds, and the grind of touring and recording, they are dealing with the daily drama of the streets, ex-girlfriends, and soured personal relationships."

various artists :: HipHop World :: Lola's World
as reviewed by Matt Jost

[HipHop World] 
"Musical trend as well as cultural force, hip-hop went global long before the worldwide web became such a handy tool in connecting people all around the world. Yet for all the globetrotting it's done, hip-hop as a global phenomenon is rarely commemorated via compilations. In almost every hip-hop spot there are only two scenes that matter - the domestic one and the North American one. French and British rappers regularly attract their share of international attention, but on a global scale they remain exceptions. On the double disc "HipHop World," German world music label Lola's World gathers over 30 tracks from various local scenes. Led by a handful of familiar faces of international hip-hop such as k-os from Canada, Leningrad-born and London-bred DJ Vadim, Mexico's Control Machete, and Senegal's Daara J, the sampler covers a lot of unknown territory. Unlike the vast majority of compilations on the market, "HipHop World" discloses who picked the songs. That fact alone gives it immense credibility."

June Marx :: Core of Vengeance :: Holographic Pagoda Records
as reviewed by Daniel Oh

[Core of Vengeance] 
"It's hard to apply an opinion shaped by modern trends to this album. Especially when it has an opening sample that goes something like this:

I will tell you why God got furious, we did not teach our children the ancient ways of this land…all they knew were the customs. The opening track of "Core of Vengeance", "Spear of Destiny", is a throwback to the old Jedi Mind Tricks and Apathy tracks from the late 90s and early 2000s. It hits nonstop with violins and ominous bells, with an unmistakable New York accent dropping that intellectual gangsta. There are elements of established New York players like Immortal Technique and GZA/Genius in June Marx's flow, as he aims for the dome with his hard-hitting flow. This type of style doesn't having any unifying plot, gimmick, or theme to really tie a verse together; just a heavy dose of one-two-three combinations of bars that hit like a Manny Pacquiao barrage. It goes well with the unrelenting cadence that frames the song, and gives a good introduction for what's in store for the rest of the album. "

Mad Child :: M.A.D.E. EP :: Battle Axe/Suburban Noize Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"If you heard one sentence more than one time about Shane Bunting in the last 15 years, there's a good chance it's "How is he still alive?" By his own admission, Mad Child is the textbook example of letting fame and fortune be your own undoing. The success of Swollen Members LITERALLY gave this Van City rapper a swollen head, leading him to believe he could consume massive quantities of drugs and alcohol with no consequences physically or financially. His life spiraled out of control to the degree that he decided to go cold turkey in 2009, a decision that was better for his health long run but which caused the already troubled emcee to be on the wrong end of a painful detox. Thankfully when you're a rapper the best way to vent your frustrations is to write rhymes, and Mad Child has been dropping one EP after another to get the shit out of his system, figuratively and literally. And thus on "Dead Man Walking" from "M.A.D.E." you hear Shane Bunting's soul laid bare, stripped of any egotistical drug-addled superstar delusions. It's ballsy in its honesty and a perfect portrait of what coming out of a self-induced haze really feels like. If Charlie Sheen ever decides to take sobriety seriously too he might write a few poems like these. That's right - poems. They are given rap beats and on occasion rap hooks are even scratched in, but they definitely speak of personal hell and torment more than your average braggadocious rapper. "

[The Unkomfortable Silence]

"It's easy for me to believe Melo Kan is a ten year veteran of the rap game with two previous albums out. Even though we've never reviewed either of those previous releases, it may be that Melo Kan's "The Unkomfortable Silence" is a new peak of confidence for the aspiring rap artist, and as such he's seeking a far wider audience for his last album than previously local album releases. And the fact is Melo Kan is not that bad on the mic. He certainly lives up to the "mellow" part of his name - this is not a guy who feels the need to scream and shout and threaten violence to get his point across. There are some solid B+ and up songs on this CD. "I'm Still In Love With Her" has a jazzy piano backdrop from Stan Beats and nicely follows up on a concept Common introduced to hip-hop back in the 1990's. The For'Son laced "Reachin'" has brassy horns, a breezy chorus, and Melo chooses evocative lyrical descriptions you're not used to - his "palpitating heart" instead of his "beating heart" - and that's the kind of creativity that sets rappers apart." Da Legend :: The Myth or the Legend :: NDL
as reviewed by Daniel Oh

[The Myth or the Legend] 
"Versatility is an underrated talent for a lot of artists. I think it takes a lot of intelligence, deep understanding, and raw talent to be able to switch up style, flow, and tone to fit any beat. That would be the most redeeming quality of Napoleon da Legend on his 9-song release "The Myth or The Legend". That's not to say that Napoleon isn't skilled with his flow, nor am I saying that Napoleon is subpar with his lyrics. He's sharp on both major qualities of a rapper, but I'd say the one thing that helps tip him over the scales is his versatility. It might be better if I just go focus on a few tracks to describe what I'm talking about. With "The Myth or the Legend", J-Dub the Sound Professor crafts a nice combination of vocals, chimes, and staccato hi-hats and claps to give the beat a feel like a Middle Eastern minefield. Napoleon takes his time to speak over the somewhat chaotic cadence to glue the song together. He's got some nice bars like: "Couldn't follow da Legend with ankle detectors, or GPSes" and "fuck Bonaparte Josephine, I married Joan of Arc." The entire song is just a showcase of Napoleon's lyrical prowess and his ability to drop knowledge, which is pretty nice. "

[Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang] 
"Originally this album was conceived as Raekwon's response to "8 Diagrams", as he stated numerous objections to the sound and style of the album in interviews after it was released. It was stated that "Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang" would be an album of original beats NOT produced by RZA or his affiliates, featuring any and all members of the Clan who wanted to participate on it. Time passed and so did the debate about "8 Diagrams," and while there have been the usual slate of Wu solo albums and a few compilations, that "response" never emerged and in all likelihood was forgotten about by all but the most dedicated Wu-Tang Clan heads. A little over three years after "8 Diagrams" the idea of "Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang" has resurfaced in the form of a solo album from founding Wu member Raekwon the Chef. He's long been a fan favorite for his storytelling raps, raspy voice and colorful slang, and came correct in 2009 with a long awaited Part Two sequel to his classic "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx" album. Raekwon's never been the type to rest on his laurels though, whether his albums have been critically acclaimed or strictly for the underground hardcore Wu heads. It makes sense for Rae to drop "Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang" on a variety of levels." 

The Adam B Experience (ABX) Podcast #44

Adam: "There's a lot of music that I'm really excited about in this month's installment of my Adam B Experience podcast. From killer collaborations, like the ones with Navegante and iLLspoKinN, and Doug Simpson and Coole High, to some really strong solo work from some longtime ABX faves, whether alone, or with a crew, everyone shines brightly. It's 40+ minutes of music, and if you're an emcee please pay special attention to the first few minutes of the podcast, there's an opportunity in there for ya! Follow me on Twitter at @AdamsWorldBlog or hit me up with feedback at" The Adam B Experience is 100% PODSAFE and TOTALLY FREE so tell your friends to download ABX right here at!

Download Here (right click to save)

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