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Friday August 22, 2014
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[Preparanoia] ALL CAPS when you spell the man's name.

LMNO Review

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E-40 f/ B-Legit, Young Jeezy - Get Money (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: E-40 f/ B-Legit, Young Jeezy
Title: Get Money
Label: Sick Wid It Records

The leaks from E-40's forthcoming album "Revenue Retrievin'" have already begun, and the first joint to land at is "Get Money," produced by Drew Money. Coincidence? Probably not. The song IS money though. E-40 is at his pimptastic best, saying he'll if you get in his way you "get smacked with the K" and he'll "cook you like Bobby Flay." I wouldn't doubt him for a second. The song is heavy on the electronic organ sound often heard from DJ Khaled tracks or productions by The Runners. Coincidence? Definitely not - they do all of Khaled's hottest best tracks. If Drew Money is styling himself after them, he at least picked a good role model. Young Jeezy and E-40 is a natural collaboration uniting Atlanta with the Bay Area, and it's only surprising they didn't do it sooner. This one should burn up mixtapes soon.

Samson - Call Me Samson (Single)

Review by Matt Jost

Artist: Samson
Title: Call Me Samson
Label: DSR

Samson is advertised as 'one of the UK's most anticipated grime/hip-hop artists' and "Call Me Samson" 'is predicted to be a club banger and a staple anthem in the grime/hip-hop scene whilst warming up his fans for the eagerly awaited "Black Magic" album.' Maybe it is time for these and/or 'grime/hip-hop' semantics to go away, because musically "Call Me Samson" isn't so much one or the other as it is safe, standardized urban music. Slightly stuttering drums that move along at a moderate pace, lots of synths to create what apparently is perceived as 'anthemic.' It's highly conventional from a contemporary dance music point of view, and that's putting it mildly. The rapper himself is a bit stiff compared to the UK's premier league, but he has the authority and attitude to match the assertive beat. The major stumbling block, however, is the song itself. Samson is also known as Black the Ripper. (It says so in the hook.) Why he now wants you to call him simply Samson (with an album entitled "Black Magic" on the horizon, nonetheless) is explained nowhere in the song. Singles should be self-explanatory, but this one raises more questions than it answers. Too bad, because the lyrics suggest that Black hasn't watered down his content for 'his most commercial record to date.'

Hip-Hop Shop #48 w/ Steve 'Flash' Juon

Hip-Hop Shop Episode 48 features 30 minutes of hot new music from Bekay, Kam Moye, Wordsmith and Akir plus much more! If you would like to sponsor Hip-Hop Shop please send an e-mail to for more information. Hip-Hop Shop features podsafe music, so distribute the show and tell your friends to check us out every week at!

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* Arsun F!st - Working (Day Job)
* Bekay - I Am
* Esinchill - Weekend Girl
* Tha Connection - Raw Skills
* Kam Moye a/k/a Supastition - Blue Skies
* Wordsmith - Half Bar Half Amazing
* AKIR f/ J-Ro - Let's Work it Out
* Bex - I'm a Nerd
* K-Murdock - Neo-Sonic BOOM!

The Adam B Experience (ABX) Podcast #26!

The Adam B Experience

Adam B: "September's edition of The Adam B Experience is jam packed with great new songs from some of your favorites, like Sketch Tha Cataclysm, Homeboy Sandman and Vinnie Scullo. In addition to the artists you may already know, you'll also want to check out the podcast debuts of Plus and Logic. Finally, I also have a throwback joint from an NYC underground legend that's gonna get you REALLY hyped. Hit me up with feedback at" The Adam B Experience is 100% PODSAFE and TOTALLY FREE for listeners at - no worries about downloading or sharing this show. Tell your friends to check out ABX right here at!

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Neosonic Productions - Subsoniq: "Instru-mentals" (Special Episode)

From K-Murdock:

Sorry for the delay yall, but to make a amends for the tardiness, I got not 1, BUT 2 episodes of "SS Instros" this month for yall!  First up is this special mix assembled and arranged by the homie J. Nota.  It features a gang of unreleased dopeness from the likes of producers such as Ski, K-Def, Damu the Fudgemunk & even me!  J manages Damu and has always shown love to myself and Panacea, so i decided to return the favor and let him fulfill a dream he wanted to do by doing a guest mix!  Listen below and feel free to download it through my Soundcloud page or through this MediaFire link.  Oh yeah, special shouts to the legendary artist, Joe Buck... not the sports commentator, lol, i'm talking about the brother who helped design some of De La Soul's most memorable cover art (namely THIS ONE)!

SS Instros (J. Nota Mix)  by  Neosonix


(K.Murdock Intro) The Heist - Large Pro

African Joint - Ski Beatz *
Beat Goes On - Damu The Fudgemunk *

Dawn - Floyd Da Locsmif

Memory Lane - Oddisee
Coolie High - Ski Beatz

How Nice I Am - K-Def

Butter (Fresh for 2K9) - K.Murdock *
Get There - DJ Ian Head *
Black Jesus - RZA

Niggaz Know - The Beatnuts
Mushroom Rocket - tREBLEFREE *

Sunshine - Ski Beatz & Apple Juice Kid *

Common Trend - Remot *

Like It Is - Side Effekt *

Last Chance - IV *
Suit Up - Def Dee *

Amazon - Def Dee *
Battle Cry - Audible Doctor *

Untitled Track - K-Def *

Walk In The Park (Remix) - Damu The Fudgemunk *

(K.Murdock Outro) Peace Im Out The Door - Damu The Fudgemunk



Saigon Teams Up With In Arms Reach for Charity


September 21, 2009


(NEW YORK, NY) – Rapper SAIGON will once again be participating in a charity event for IN ARMS REACH on September 29th at City College in Harlem, U.S.A.

SAIGON and IN ARMS REACH will be empowering kids of incarcerated parents with Art and Music to help them develop new skills and realize their full potential.  SAIGON will sit down with the kids and gives them guidance and show them how to deal with issues differently through outlets such as music.  

IN ARMS REACH, INC. is a non-profit art, music, prison visitation and educational mentoring organization that exclusively services children whose parents are or were formerly offenders of the criminal justice system. IN ARMS REACH, INC. works in conjunction with City College for the City University of New York in partnership with the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education. Programs and workshops are run on the City College campus.  This September event will be the Orientation for the First Class of the year. SAIGON will be introduced as the instructor and he will give an intro into the course.

This nonprofit event, gives SAIGON the opportunity to give back to the community and inspire kids suffering from neglect.


What: Non-Profit Organization empowering kids of incarcerated parents Art and Music to develop new skills and realize their full potential

Where: City College (Harlem), 160 Convent Ave, New York, NY 10027

When: September 29th 5 -7 PM

In Arms Reach Inc. recruits through after-school programs, group homes; foster care agencies, NYS and federal prisons, community-based youth and social service organizations. Members are required to attend regularly and present their report cards in order to remain in the program. Other artists who have worked with In Arms Reach are John Forte and Remy Ma.

SAIGON’s new album, “Warning Shots 2,” will be released on October 6th, 2009 on Amalgam Digital/E1 Music.

For more information please visit .


About E1 Entertainment

E1 Entertainment (AIM: ETO) is a leading independent entertainment content owner that acquires film, television and music rights and exploits these rights in all media in more than 190 countries.

The company currently operates in Canada, the U.S., the UK, Holland and Belgium through its four primary businesses units: E1 Television, E1 Films, E1 Music and E1 Distribution.  These businesses collectively represent E1’s extensive expertise in film distribution, television and music production/distribution, Kids content, Licensing and Distribution.

E1’s content library includes more than 3,700 feature films, 2,700 hours of original television programming and 15,000 music tracks.

About Amalgam Digital, Inc

Amalgam Digital is hip-hop’s first genre specific digital retail store and record label. The objective of the digital retail store is to offer an easy-to-use platform with a unique relational database to allow users to conduct searches by artist, album, track, label, or producer. Along with offering content from a catalog of the top independent artists and labels, the company also boasts its own label brand of artists that symbiotically promotes the web site brand. The company offers digital distribution services and recently announced a new User Generated Content module, which enables independent artists and labels to set up a vendor account and directly upload content making it immediately available for purchase in the Amalgam Digital store.
J.Monopoly - Hollis, Queens' Next Great Emcee

Hollis, Queens has been home to a number of hip-hop’s legends. From Run-DMC to LL Cool J, the small section of NYC has always seemed to produce great emcees. J.Monopoly has spent his entire life in Hollis. Want to take a guess at what he’s great at? Yeah, he can rock the mic. For J.Monopoly the obsession started early and he pushed all other potential hobbies and distractions to the side to focus on music. “When I did well in school,” he remembers, “my pops would reward me with a trip to Tower Records and I got to pick out anything I wanted and for Christmas I always got CDs and cassettes.” Now, at the ripe old age of 21, J.Monopoly is poised to be one of the leaders of the next generation of NYC hip-hop artists and this week I caught up with him to find out more about his music, his history, and if there’s anyone in the game that the “Right In The Kissah” emcee would like to give a “boom, pow” to.

Read the full interview at:

The (W)rap Up - Week of September 15, 2009

Kid Cudi :: Man on the Moon: The End of Day
Dream On/GOOD/Universal Motown
Author: John-Michael Bond

"Whether "Man on the Moon" catches on with music listeners or is the biggest hype bomb since Canibus doesn't matter in the realm of art. Regardless of this record launches Kid Cudi into the stratosphere of hip hop royalty that makes him the next Kanye West or if he ends up hustling mix tapes on the corner in another two years broke as hell "Man on the Moon" is an artistic high water mark for a genre where musical evolution happens as often as Fox News says something nice about Obama."

Boo :: 48 Minutes :: 404 Music
as reviewed by Susan 'susiQ' Kim

"With his continuous exposure on R. Kelly's albums, Boo's popularization began to increase as he caught the attention of Jermaine Dupri and was featured on his single "Get Some." Subsequently Boo was then featured on Ja Rule's "World Wide Gangstas" and was soon offered a deal with Cash Money Records. After signing with them in 2001, Boo was featured on yet another single with Big Tymers on "Oh Yeah" and then decided to venture out on his own project with his close friend, Gotti. The two paired up for the Cash Money Records album, "Perfect Timing" which included the popular single, "Ain't it Man" which featured Lil Wayne. Despite all of his opportunities, Boo sought out his goal of releasing a solo album and turned to 404 Music while signing with Mob Boss Entertainment for his debut album "48 Minutes.""

Drake :: So Far Gone EP :: Young Money Entertainment
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"Originally released as a promotional mixtape earlier this year, Drake's release could have maintained that unofficial status had "Best I Ever Had" not blown up to a RIDICULOUS degree. Knowing that a full-length release was still a long way off but wanting to capitalize on the marketability of the song, "So Far Gone" was shortened to an EP containing five of the original mixtape tracks and adding two new songs - the Needlz laced "I'm Goin' In" featuring Lil Wayne and the DJ Khalil produced "Fear.""

King Cannibal :: Let the Night Roar :: Ninja Tune
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"Dylan Richards a/k/a ZILLA has what might be called the prototypical background for an experimental house/techno/hip-hop/trance/dub artist - unsatisfied art school student by day with a side gig making music at night. His Ninja Tune bio sports phrases guaranteed to make his meteoric rise sound impressive, describing his sound as "the link between [the] party starting crunk of Lil' Jon and the dancefloor destroying sonics of The Aphex Twin." Surely this is high praise given the large number of records the artists named have sold, not to mention how their sound has shaped the musical landscape as we know it. In fact reading it one would hardly think this was his DEBUT album for Ninja Tune - you'd think it was the 10th in a series. ZILLA sounds like he's been using his revolutionary uptempo electronica to break people off on the dancefloor for years, and possibly break a few ankles too as people try to keep up in vain."

KRS-One & Buckshot :: Survival Skills :: Duck Down Music
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"Buckshot and KRS-One are the latest in a long series of 2009 dynamic duos to drop an album together. To be perfectly fair they were one of the first to announce their collabo' and leaked out the single "Robot" to radio and mixtape DJ's well before most of the other all-star team albums came out. Whether music industry politricks or the relentless perfectionism of the two artists on "Survival Skills" are to blame for the delays is up for debate, but as the critic reviewing this album I choose the latter. The two artists involved are known more for their longevity in rap than for being in a hurry to do shit. Two albums in one year, or one album in four years, it doesn't matter. Whenever they drop a project, it's worth the wait to their fans, and "Robot" was the kind of song that told you "Survival Skills" wouldn't be a disappointment."

Lil Boosie :: Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz :: Trill Entertainment/Asylum/WBR
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"Despite what previous reviews may have indicated, I don't hate Lil Boosie - I'm just totally underwhelmed by his releases. The Baton Rouge native does have a few things going for him including a very distinctive high pitched flow and Louisiana drawl that stands out in the commercial rap scene. He's also proven an ability to coin catchphrases, create chart-topping singles, and generally speaking when he makes a guest appearance on a track his 16 bars make it more interesting. Given all of those factors it's quite perplexing that Boosie's albums have been so boring. He offers nothing but tired platitudes to being the "Bad Azz" that he is nicknamed, proclaiming how hard and how real he is to the point I'd happily accept it at face value if he'd shut up about it."

Masta Ace & Edo.G :: Arts & Entertainment :: M3 Music
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"It's the season for supergroups and collaborations. We've already seen Slaughterhouse bring four popular underground rappers together for the better, Del the Funky Homosapien & Tame One will be dropping "Parallel Uni-Verses" in just a month, and in the latest development Masta Ace & Edo.G have joined forces to form A&E, short for Arts & Entertainment. Cleverly their name also implies their membership - Ace & Ed. Okay, perhaps that's not so much "clever" as it is "obvious," but it still beats the pants off Cool C and Steady B claiming to Count Endless Bank. The potential of the group is unlimited regardless of how the name is received. Both rappers have dropped timeless classics over the years, but have had a hard time achieving commercial success equal to their stature amongst hardcore hip-hop purists. Joining forces unites both their incredible talent and their loyal followers, so it would seem to be a no lose proposition"

various artists :: New Jack City Soundtrack :: Giant Records
** RapReviews "Back to the Lab" series **
as reviewed by Emanuel Wallace

"In 1991, following in the footsteps of his famous father, independent film director Mario Van Peebles released his first theatrical film, "New Jack City". Considering the relatively small budget, the film was a box-office success making nearly six-times the production cost. For those too young to remember the movie or just never saw it for whatever reason, "New Jack City" starred Wesley Snipes and Ice-T in the story of a drug kingpin's rise to, and ultimately fall from power. Chris Rock, Allen Payne, and Mario Van Peebles also had supporting roles. The accompanying soundtrack contained original material from many of the stars of the era including Troop, Christopher Williams, and Color Me Badd. Much like the other urban films that would follow ("Boyz N The Hood", "Menace II Society", "Above The Rim", etc), members of the cast also contributed to the soundtrack. In this case, it was the aforementioned Ice-T, Christopher Williams, and also Keith Sweat"

Sunset Terr :: A Prelude to Sunset Terr :: Nightbreed Entertainment
as reviewed by Eric Sirota

"Throughout Sunset Terr's debut, "A Prelude to Sunset Terr," this DC Metro hip-hop foursome, comprised of producer/rapper LK and MCs Tilden, Dexter, Jay Biggz, and Aapex, brag about the fact that they don't curse. I don't think anything is wrong with cursing. I fucking curse all the time. For no reason. Cock. Nothing's wrong with swearing. And usually, I wouldn't take well to this sort of petty moralizing. Just last week, I panned Khalil's debut for its self-righteous piety. The point is, I should hate this album."

Teleseen :: Fear of the Forest :: Percepts Records
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

"When a critic is given material outside his/her comfort zone to review, they have four options: pretend like they know what they are talking about; trash the album for not sounding like what they're used to; write a cop-out "if you like this kind of music, you'll like this" review; or own up to their complete and total ignorance. I'm gonna go with option #4. This is not, so readers will have to forgive the fact that I know little about the genre that Teleseen is working in. Not that I'm totally clueless about electronic music; I've listened to my share of it. Still, it's hard for me to know where to start with an album like Teleseen's sophomore effort, "Fear of the Forest," which combines electronic music and dub."

Trick Daddy :: Finally Famous: Born a Thug, Still a Thug :: Dunk Ryder Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"Unless I missed something, Trick Daddy Dollars was a famous rap star when he and only got MORE famous when he released his Book of Thugs album almost ten years ago off the popularity of songs like "Boy" and "Shut Up." Since then Trick Daddy has been an icon of hip-hop success, a legend in the Southern rap scene, and the stepping stone for a bevy of Floridian rappers from Plies to Rick Ross to Trina to get to the next level. It's fair to say that without Trick Daddy the entire history of rap in the 21st century would have to be rewritten. He's not "Finally Famous," he's finally BACK. After a three year hiatus and an unceremonious split from Slip-N-Slide, Trick Daddy has finally returned and it's good to welcome him back on the scene."

Time :: Naked Dinner :: Dirty Laboratory
as reviewed by Justin 'Tha Shiznute' Chandler

"The third album from the underground artist Time is a dark and brooding album that makes no effort in seeking commercial appeal. That's a statement most evident by the cover – a dead cockroach lying on its back atop a dinner plate... "Naked Dinner" indeed. Maniacally the album ensues with an ominous synth-driven beat on "End of the Fork." Guest Damon Jevon offers a melodic little bridge to Time's rhymes on the track, which is pleasant but completely abandoned as it continues forward until the very end instead of carrying it out as a chorus. The listener will quickly realize if Time for them upon hearing his choppy flow."

Neosonic Productions - "Guest Blogging"

From K-Murdock:

Today I made my first post as a "guest blogger" over on "The Couch Sessions".  I decided to share my love for videogames and reviewed the new Batman game that dropped for Xbox 360 & PS3 last month!  Click the link below to read my assessment and please feel free to leave me some feedback (be it good or bad)!

"The Couch Sessions" is just one of a few sites i have contributed my love of writing to, here are some others: Vinyl Meltdown, Strictly Beats & Acapella Archives... all dope sites in their own right, who have long supported me and my Neosonic productions!




R.I.P. Roc Raida

Sad news to report this Sunday, following up on our previous report from September 4th of Roc Raida having emergency spinal cord surgery following a car accident. The Epoch Times confirms that Anthony Williams b/k/a Roc Raida passed away yesterday at the age of 37. We never learned any details of the accident that originally put him in the hospital, but it seems that he had a lot of complications from the second of two surgeries that eventually took his life. Our condolences to his family, friends and many fans this world class DJ accrued over his lifespan. We offer you the following video to enjoy below in tribute to his DJ legacy.

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