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Wednesday October 22, 2014
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[Paperwork] No trouble this time, man.

T.I. Review

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Chosen Few - "Elevation" Featuring Opio (Souls of Mischief)

From Audible Treats:

Chosen Few - "Elevation" Featuring Opio (Souls of Mischief)

K-Murdock + Raheem DeVaughn = "Ms. High Heels"

From K-Murdock:

K-Murdock + Raheem DeVaughn = "Ms. High Heels"

This track was originally recorded years back for a side project i was doing with Raheem, but we never finished it and so i chose to use it for "Piano-rama" instead.  However, with all the drama that comes with dealing with major-label artist- even if they are close friends, i decided to release this song for FREE as promo and its been spreading like wildfire the last couple weeks!  I would of posted it up earlier, but between mixing other soon-to-be released side projects and digging my way out of the "snow-pocalypse" that's hitting the East Coast (of the US), i been crazy busy!  If you dig Raheem's amazing vocals, then be on the lookout for his latest album, "The Love & War Masterpiece", dropping March 2nd!

Ms. High Heels  by  Neosonix

BTW- speaking of "Piano-rama", check out these great reviews of my album on the homie Kevin Nottingham's site & at The Find Magazine.  Also, please feel free to let me know what you personally think too by dropping me a comment... feedback is always appreciated!




Grammy Award Winning Chamillionaire Rounds All-Star Lineup

From Nancy B:

Grammy Award Winning Chamillionaire Rounds Out All-Star Lineup

Houston, TX – This Thursday, the city of Dallas will begin welcoming the throngs of sports fans and celebrities rushing to partake of the many NBA All Star celebrations going on throughout the weekend. Amongst them will be Grammy-winning, Houston artist Chamillionaire, who has put together a Texas All Star line-up of his own; namely Paul Wall, Slim Thug and Dorrough, for a music video shoot to Chamillionaire’s brand new song, Main Event. The plan is to shoot each of the guys guerilla-style, as they walk red carpets and mix and mingle at the many A-list events they plan on attending; a style of shooting that award-winning video director, Dr. Teeth, is very comfortable with. The final video will also feature a grand finale performance scene featuring all of the artists to be shot at an undisclosed location.

“I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind the rest of the world that Texas is still doing it big when it comes to music.” Chamillionaire says of his ambitious endeavor. “Every artist on the song with me has independent hustle and strength in the streets. It’s an All Star song so what better place to shoot the video than All Star Weekend, right here in our own backyard.”


Chamillionaire “Main Event ft. Paul Wall, Slim Thug & Dorrough” Dirty - .

Chamillionaire “Main Event ft. Paul Wall, Slim Thug & Dorrough” Clean - .

Kottonmouth Kings Release Clockwork Orange Theme Video

From Kerosene Media:
Kottonmouth Kings Release Clockwork Orange Theme Video
The Kottonmouth Kings have released their ‘Clockwork Orange’ themed video for “Stomp/Rampage” online at . The tracks are taken from the California based group’s new album, “Long Live The Kings”, which hits stores on April 20th, 2010 through Suburban Noize.
"One of my favorite movies was 'Clockwork Orange', so we decided to put our own spin on it for our first video off our new album," says Daddy X. "We had a crew of top stuntmen come down for the gang fight scene and we had a great time recreating this cult classic. 'Stomp' and 'Rampage' were our first videos with Dirtball as a new king and the music speaks for itself."
“What a great experience it was to work with so many amazing people on these videos,” added Dirtball.  “The chemistry amongst the group, the filming crew, and the stunt team was incredible!  The fans will want to watch them over and over again, simply for the fact that they are dope songs and that they carry a killer theme throughout.  We stompin' on them bugs and goin’ on a rampage!  Watch out!”
The planets have aligned perfectly for the release of the Kottonmouth Kings’ new studio album, “Long Live The Kings”, which coincides with the counterculture pot-smoking holiday observed each April 20th.

T-Pain DJ'ing at Play in Miami, Florida

T-Pain DJ'ing at Play in Miami, Florida

The Understudies' "Collective Compliments 3.5" Mixtape

 From The Understudies:

"aboveGround Magazine - The Understudies crew is like a fine-tuned machine, having put out a barrage of 8 albums in just under 2 years of existence. Don't let their youth fool you, these guys have taken the West Coast by force, touring with the Bay Area greats: Hiero, Legends, Shapeshifters and more. Collective Compliments 3.5 Mixtape is your chance to act like you've been bumping The Understudies since day 1. Enjoy."

Click here to download aboveGround Magazine x The Understudies - CC3.5 (Mixtape)

Sole Leaves Anticon

"Today, with a heavy heart I end 11+ years of working with anticon. In the early days of the label, anticon was a pet project of mine, a life-long dream. We fulfilled the dream of a collectively run record label and put out many great records and stood as an image of defiance against the music industry. Those memories, I will always have and be proud of. Sadly, those times are gone, and I need to live in the present as I prepare for the future."

Read the full statement at .

The (W)rap Up - Week of February 2, 2010

Dillon + Paten Locke :: Studies In Hunger
Domination Records
Author: Steve 'Flash' Juon

"Last time around, Atlanta resident Dillon served up a "Southern Scramble" mixtape to feed those hungry for rap with underground grit and a little bit more heat. He was on the right track but with limited distribution not many people got to savor the flavor, but as luck would have it his skills in the kitchen got him noticed by people in higher places. Enter Domination Records - perennially hungry for dope hip-hop and looking to showcase the best chefs in the underground. Dillon didn't necessarily need a partner to help him cook, but I don't think it hurts him to find a likeminded heat seeker looking to blow up the spot with food that's hot. Enter Paten Locke. What do you get when all of these forces collide? A new cookbook called "Studies In Hunger"

AC :: 9/11 In Retrospect - AC's Memoirs :: Rare Unlimited
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"AC's "New Soul Remix" came my way due to the recommendation of a good friend, and his reinterpretation of the Yael Naim song made famous by an Apple commercial struck me as witty and hip. AC even parodied various Apple promo materials in a Steven Tapia video based on the song. When I got back to my advice giving friend he recommended another AC download for me to check out: "9/11 In Retrospect - AC's Memoirs." Even though I went ahead and grabbed the zip file right away (why not the shit was free) I had a hard time with actually unzipping it to listen. To me it swung the pendulum too far in the other direction - I had just gravitated towards AC as a lighthearted, humorous rapper and here he was rapping about one of the most somber and shocking events of my lifetime. Even though after eight years I thought I was over it, the truth is, I'll never be over it. I stood right in front of the Twin Towers back in 1999, looking up in awe at the brash and bold statement they made not only for New York City but capitalism worldwide. Never did I imagine they'd pancake into a smoldering pile two years later with thousands of innocent people buried underneath. It will haunt me my entire life.  "

Chosen Few :: New World Symphony :: Hiero Imperium Records
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor 

"Chosen Few is a group made up of rapper Cold Showda, rapper/saxophonist Charles "Chop" Cooper, and beatmaker Unjust. All three are originally from Ohio, but came to the Bay Area separately to work and make music. After going at it solo for a while, they decided to join forces as Chosen Few. "New World Symphony" is their first album. Chosen Few are on the Hieroglyphics label, home to Souls of Mischief, Del, Casual, Prince Ali, and Opio. They are the conscious end of Bay Area hip hop, in contrast to the street rap coming out of neighboring labels like Thizz. Chosen Few continue the Hieroglyphics tradition with their jazzy beats and uplifting lyrics. They bring to mind Brooklynatti rappers Tanya Morgan, who also look to early 90s hip hop for inspiration. The beats are all provided by Unjust, but he mixes it up and the album never feels monotonous or samey. He knows how to keep it funky: he does Bay funk on "Heartbeat," space funk on "King Kong," and laid-back funk on ""Can't Stand Still." Chop contributes his sax skills to create some stellar jazz rap on "Few Are Chosen," "The People," and the instrumental "The People Reprise." Unjust also experiments with different sounds, doing some uptempo dance rap on "Knock Knock," incorporating rock elements on "Elevation," and building hook around an acoustic guitar on "Ride."

Komp'l :: Tunnel Vision :: Gemstars
as reviewed by Susan 'susiQ' Kim

"A sense of style and a sense of passion lives through a solid rapper. NY's Divine "Komp'l Thomas has lived and breathed hip hop ever since he was young. Komp'l was fortunate enough to catch a break in a private show at the ever-so-popular Apollo Theater and caught the attention of Melle Mel and Afrika Bambaataa. With the support of friends and family, Komp'l only grew in his career through the years while taking into consideration his love for individuality and fashion. With this in mind, Komp'l has been featured in a Japanese Magazine for his fashion sense and fresh new look. Komp'l debuts with a fourteen track mixtape and features production from Gemstars producers Marv, Bobby, and Majestic. After long hours, countless re-recording of tracks, and cooperation from the whole team, "Tunnel Vision" attempts to defy the rules of hip hop and make an impression on the music industry. With his skills and production, Komp'l ensures his music "has the power to bump in the club as well as appeal to true hip hop fans because of the wordplay.""

RJD2 Mix (iPhone App Review)
Posted by Steve Juon at Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 at 12:00AM :: Email this articlePrint this article  ::

"It should come as no surprise that more and more artists and record labels are embracing the iPhone and iPod Touch as a new means of marketing themselves to today's generation of heads who are either covertly or overtly electronic geeks. In December we took a look at the Delicious Vinyl DJ application, and now to kick off February 2010 we're taking a look at the RJD2 Mix application to see whether or not it's something you'll want to throw down $2.99 for! RJD2 Mix is a bit obtuse at the start, as you're offered the screen pictured at the right with no explanation what you should do next. Fortunately it's a loading screen so if you simply do nothing a menu pops up with one big blue button in the middle that says Start To Mix, and well below it you are offered three other non-game options: RJD2 on Twitter, RJD2 on iTunes and More Touch Mix - the latter being a whole series of iPhone app made by Future Audio Workshop similar to this one. In the press release accompanying this game FAW says that "RJD2's iPhone remix app finally (gives) fans and tinkerers alike the chance to experience a bit of what it sounded like in RJ's studio as he worked on upcoming LP The Colossus." That's a bit daunting given RJ has to have tens of thousands of dollars of equipment in his studio - how could a $2.99 touch screen app possibly even come close to reproducing that?"

Strong Arm Steady :: In Search of Stoney Jackson :: Stones Throw Records
as reviewed by Matt Jost

"Stones Throw makes it happen. A Strong Arm Steady album. Some would say another Strong Arm Steady album, but apparently the group regarded "Deep Hearted" more as a compilation than a proper album. Their long-intended debut "Arms & Hammers" still awaiting a release, "In Search of Stoney Jackson" it is, then. The initial idea behind Strong Arm Steady was to create a movement of MC's who wouldn't conform to industry stereotypes. Regardless of whether that notion was called for or not, or its implementation successful or not, the set-up of SAS remains the same. The core members seem to have been reduced to Phil Da Agony and Krondon, but other Strong Armers were readily available, among them Mitchy Slick, even tough he was expected to be a more active member. Think of them as a loose collective that reps the West Coast without any prefix to their brand of rap. "

Why? :: One Dark Eskimo Remixes :: anticon
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"I find myself in the odd position of reviewing an EP of remixes from an album called "Eskimo Snow" that I've not even heard. Perhaps that's for the better though as the artist in question ends up being a question with no good answer. WHY? There's no doubt Jonathan 'Yoni' Wolf is a creative and artistic individual, but his art really doesn't have any hip-hop appeal. He's not rhyming, he's not even singing rhymes a la T-Pain or Kanye West, he's just singing - singing weird folksy pop tunes that probably appeal to people who like Live, Blur or Incubus. If that's your cup of tea, fine. I'm not hating on your choices, I'm just stating (perhaps somewhat emphatically) it's not USUALLYAlopecia" was my ears. If you want to know how Why? got a second chance under the circumstances, I can honestly say I took this EP on for review for two reasons - the short length promised not to offend me (too much) and all of these tracks were specially remade by noted producer Amp Live. Now this too is slightly problematic because I was not a fan of Amp's "Gary Is a Robot" release, but his work for other artists like Zion I had been to my liking in the past." mine. Why? was marketed to me as an album from the anticon label's core, and that core was at one time hip-hop's bleeding edge. The only thing that bled when I listened to "

Ozomatli Set to "Fire Away" on April 20th

From Julio Trejo:

Ozomatli Set to "Fire Away" on April 20th

2010 includes an Ozomatli performance at the TED Conference, two shows at SXSW, a collaboration with the Boston Pops, three weeks in China as US Cultural Ambassadors, and headlining at the Hollywood Bowl

Celebrated Los Angeles culture-mashers Ozomatli are set to release their new album, Fire Away, April 20th on Mercer Street Records / Downtown Records.

Fire Away is the Grammy Award-winning band's fifth studio full length, and first for the NYC based Mercer Street Records / Downtown Records. Produced by acclaimed producer Tony Berg, Fire Away features eleven new Ozo songs (full tracklisting below), including the first single "It's Only Paper", currently being serviced to radio.

Ozomatli's music -- a collision of hip hop and salsa, dancehall and cumbia, samba and funk, merengue and comparsa, East LA R&B and New Orleans second line, Jamaican ragga and Indian raga -- has long followed a key mantra: it will take you around the world by taking you around the city of Los Angeles.

This certainly resonated with producer Tony Berg (Aimee Mann, Pete Yorn), who describes working with Ozomatli "like visiting seven continents simultaneously". Berg believes the Fire Away sessions "captured the spirit of the band's live show without being a live album," and he sensed Ozomatli stretching themselves in the studio, adding "each of the members had grown as a writer and as a musician. I think Fire Away reflects their true songwriting talents--everyone's point-of-view was captured. That is the spirit of Ozomatli. They're pan-cultural, and they somehow manage to be raucous and thoughtful at the same time."

Fire Away is arguably Ozomatli's most diverse album yet, ranging from the emotionally resplendent ballads "It's Only Time" and "Love Comes Down," the 60's Stax influenced vibe of "45", to the Spanglish of "Nadas Por Free".

"Malagasy Shock" recounts singer and guitarist Raul Pacheco's harrowing near death experience, electrocuted on stage in front of thousands of people during the band's recent State Department trip to Madagascar. Pacheco offers, "Sometimes you are shocked into realizing life must be lived with a profoundly energetic fervor." He pauses, then adds, "...and sometimes you are just actually shocked!"

Fire Away also includes "Gay Vatos In Love," one of the more controversial songs Ozomatli has ever penned. Some may raise eyebrows that a group with no gay members would address same sex unions, but the subject matter doesn't seem so contentious in the hands of a band with a longstanding mission of peace and tolerance.

Raul poses a simple question, "Do you believe that everyone deserves love? Even gay vatos? Quickly adding, "Yes, for sure. It is always a good time to challenge our own notions and boundaries of what can be. Especially in the ever present natural need and quest for love. We say, let every person have the right to choose who and how they love one another... "

2009 proved to be a busy year for Ozomatli, serving as US cultural ambassadors with a US sponsored State Department trip that included Ozomatli community outreach and performances in Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand. The band was also honored to play for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's 32nd Annual Award Gala, held in Washington DC in September.

2010 looks to continue Ozomatli's feverish pace. In addition to taking their incendiary live show on the road in support of Fire Away, in FebruaryOzomatliwill be performing at the TED Conference and two shows in Hawaii, March brings two shows at the SXSW Festival in Austin, collaborating with the the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra as well as the Boston Pops Orchestra for the 125th Pops Anniversary Celebration in early May, and once again serving as US Cultural Ambassadors with a State Department trip to China and Mongolia (details forthcoming).
Ozomatli "Fire Away" tracklisting
1.  Are You Ready?
2.  45
3.  It's Only Paper
4.  Elysian Persuasion
5.  Gay Vatos In Love
6.  Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
7.  It's Only Time
8.  Nadas Por Free
9.  Malagasy Shock
10. Love Comes Down
11. Caballito

Ozomatli 2010 - more dates to be announced
Feb 10 - Long Beach, CA (private show)   TED Conference         
Feb 19 - Honolulu, HI   Pipeline Café  
Feb 20 - Maui, HI   Maui Arts & Cultural Center     
Feb 24 - Los Angeles, CA (private)   Gibson Showcase          
Feb 26 - Anaheim, CA   House of Blues  
Feb 27 - Anaheim, CA   House of Blues            
March 5 - Tucson, AZ   Rialto Theatre  
March 6 - Scottsdale, AZ   Martini Ranch     
March 9 - Colorado Springs, CO   Black Sheep  
March 10 - Breckenridge, CO   Three20South  
March 11 - Vail, CO   Agave  
March 12 - Aspen, CO   Belly Up  
March 14 - Ft. Collins, CO   The Aggie            
March 17 - Austin, TX   SXSW  
March 18 - Austin, TX   SXSW             
April 17 - Houston, TX   World Stage                    
April 26 - Washington, DC   9:30 Club  
April 27 - Baltimore, MD   Ramshead Live  
April 28 - Philadelphia, PA   World Café Live    
April 30 - New York, NY   Highline Ballroom  
May 1 - New York, NY   Highline Ballroom  
May 2 - Burlington, VT   Higher Ground         
May 4 - Chicago, IL   House of Blues  
May 5 - Urbana, IL   Tryon Festival        
May 7 - Boston, MA   Boston Pops  
May 8 - Boston, MA   Boston Pops 
May 14 - St. Louis MO St. Louis Symphony

Video - Kam Moye "Forever Fresh"

From Audible Treats:

Video - Kam Moye "Forever Fresh"

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