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MP3: Constant Deviants - "Sun, Moon, And Stars"

MP3: Constant Deviants - "Sun, Moon, And Stars"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

While Constant Deviants continue to finalize their forthcoming Diamond LP, M.I., the rapping half of the Brooklyn/Baltimore-based duo, is continuing to release songs from his solo EP, Allnighter, which is available on 12" vinyl today via the Bandcamp of Constant Deviants' label, Six2Six Records. To celebrate the release, the baritone-voiced emcee is dropping a track called "Sun, Moon, and Stars," which serves has his third single off the project.

As with the rest of the Allnighter EP, the production for "Sun, Moon, and Stars" is handled by Australian producer Debonair P. The song is actually a remix of the song by the same title off of Constant Deviants' Platinum: The Mixtape, and M.I. acknowledges that the sound for this song is mainly Debonair P's doing. "This one was all Deb P, we sent him the vocals and he did his thing," explains the rapper. "It was cool to hear his take on it." The original track featured a beat with heavy chimes, but Deb P replaced those sounds with a slower, more tranquil instrumental, while still managing to deliver the same mysterious feel of the original. More importantly, the calmer sound allows M.I.'s lyrics to have a more powerful impact, as he rhymes about the struggles of living in an urban environment day in and day out.

Download "Sun, Moon, And Stars" here: .

MP3: Mikkey Halsted x Lupe Fiasco - "Gone" @MIKKEYHALSTED

MP3: Mikkey Halsted x Lupe Fiasco - "Gone"

Courtesy Papa Smirf.

In light of “37 SHOOTINGS, 46 VICTIMS & 9 MURDERS” during Chicago’s first ‘warm’ weekend, the Trayvon travesty, 6-year old Aliyah Shell, and in honor of my cousins Ismail & Malik that were gunned down last summer...I felt as though this was the time to drop this song. Shouts to Lupe for helping me paint a vivid picture of what goes on everyday in Chicago and every other ghetto in America. Also, shouts to David ‘D.A.’ Doman & Jim LaVigne for providing us the perfect canvas to paint upon. @MIKKEYHALSTED  @LUPEFIASCO

* *

Video: Writers Guild Drops "The Guild" at SXSW 2012 @MegaRan

Video: Writers Guild Drops "The Guild" at SXSW 2012

Courtesy Random a/k/a Mega Ran.

During Random's set at an official Sxsw showcase, he brought up The Writers Guild (Mr Miranda, Pennywise, Roqy TyRaiD) to drop their new group single "The Guild." Look for a Writers Guild project later this year.

MP3: Wiz Khalifa f/ 2 Chainz - "It's Nothin"

MP3: Wiz Khalifa f/ 2 Chainz - "It's Nothin"

Courtesy M3W.

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Video: Jay Qwest f/ @BoogBrown - "Offiseer"

Video: Jay Qwest f/ Boog Brown - "Offiseer"

Courtesy Dunn Deal PR.

Atlanta emcee Jay Qwest proudly presents the the J. Barnard-directed music video for "Offiseer", the lead single from his forthcoming album Whiskey & Gun Powder, dropping April 24 on Elevated Press Records. "Offiseer" features Detroit-bred emcee Boog Brown (who released Brown Study in 2010 on Mello Music Group) and Methuzulah (picked by 50 Cent and Common as one of Youtube's Top 20 Indie Artists), all ATL residents. Also residing in Atlanta, Indiana-bred producer Illastrate produced "Offiseer", adding to a list of credits that includes J-Live and Treach from Naughty By Nature.

"The song 'Offiseer' was written from personal experience and frustration dealing with police in Atlanta" Explains Jay. "After writing it, I realized how the song became like my own version of  'Sound of da Police' by KRS-One. So with that in mind, I wanted to pay homage to that song too, mixing the words 'officer' with 'overseer' making the title 'Offiseer'. It is an unfortunate coincidence how this song relates to the recent shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida, as well as so many other circumstances in this country concerning people of color and law enforcement. I think it's tragic that we can't always trust the police to protect us."

Video: Bloody Monk Consortium - "Graffiti by Rebel" @bloodymonks

Video: Bloody Monk Consortium - "Graffiti by Rebel"

Courtesy BMC.

Music By:
Bloody Monk Consortium feat. PH(Pumpkinhead) & LoDeck - Blood Letter prod. Lex Luger
Labal-S - Bloody Murda prod. Logik Proof

PR: Dujeous Drops Sophomore Album "Day In Day Out"

PR: Dujeous Drops Sophomore Album "Day In Day Out"

Courtesy DM360.

The acclaimed New York hip-hop band Dujeous (doo-jee-us), are pleased to present their sophomore LP, Day In Day Outt. With an exponentially growing buzz, coupled with album cameos that include John Legend and Sharon Jones (among others), the album is set to take Dujeous to new heights.  On Day In Day Out, Dujeous beefs up their résumé as they take both their music and message a quantum leap forward.

“We expanded and stepped out of the old formulas, both our own and hip-hop’s,” says Mojo, lead vocalist, of the album. “New instruments, new guests, and new topics—we really challenged ourselves musically and lyrically.”  With a new-and-improved sound, a new focus, and a new album, Dujeous is ready for new eardrums, new stages, new continents and new levels of success.

01.  Day In Day Out
02.  Spectacular (feat. Sharon Jones)
03.  Research
04.  Death & Taxes
05.  The Band That $#%@&_'d My Girl
06.  Pro Choice (feat. John Legend)
07.  Same Ol' Sh*t
08.  Enough
09.  The New Beer Song
10.  I Witness (feat. Immortal Technique)
11.  Unchanged (feat. Akir)
12.  Mishap (feat. Jigsaw The Puzzler & Immortal Technique)
13.  Break Bread Day In Day Out only $8.99!

MP3: Kendrick Lamar f/ Dr. Dre - "The Recipe"

MP3: Kendrick Lamar f/ Dr. Dre - "The Recipe"

Courtesy Digital DJ DDS.


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Video: IAME - "SWAGGUPY" ft. Young Coconut

Video: IAME - "SWAGGUPY" ft. Young Coconut

Courtesy Heaven Noise.

IAME's new album "Lame$tream" is on Heaven Noise Recordings!  To go along with the album, the Sandpeople & Oldominion member has dropped a brand new video for the song "Swaggupy," featuring/introducing the #rapgame's next star, Young Coconut.  The song and video attempt to merge two very unrelated things: "swag" and the Occupy Wall St movement.  In fact, the only common ground that these topics might share is that they have both been beaten into the ground by band wagoneers (better yet, swagoneers).  But IAME is no hater; in his own satirical way, he is showing love to both the Occupy movement and the "swag rap" dream..  If IAME can peacefully coexist with Young Coconut, there is hope for us all.

MP3: LaTocha f/ Missy Elliott - "Nobody's Perfect"

MP3: LaTocha f/ Missy Elliott - "Nobody's Perfect"

Courtesy M3W.

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