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Tuesday September 30, 2014
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[Neverlove] Juno what I'm sayin'?

Buck 65 Review

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Neosonic Productions - Breaks, Rhythms & Loops

From K-Murdock:

Breaks, Rhythms & Loops"BR&L" is my latest instrumental project which i been working on since last year.  Essentially, its a collection of some of my favorite beats that never got picked to be songs or in some cases, were created to be stand-alone instrumental arrangements.  The album will be out right in time for Xmas and features some known but mostly unknown and unheard instros straight from my beloved MPC!  I will be selling the project online via my Bandcamp site, and for those (like me) who still buy cds, i am pressing a limited run up for $10 that will feature an exclusive bonus track!  You can pre-order the cd now at:

I will be previewing some tracks from "BR&L" next Wed night at 9pm EST on my Ustream show- "Neo-sonix"... tune in!



Lil Boosie Gets Four Years

NEW YORK (Billboard)">">Billboard) - Rapper Lil' Boosie was sentenced to four years in prison on Monday by a judge in Baton Rouge, La., for violating his probation, according to the city's CBS affiliate WAFB.

The rapper, whose real name is Torrence Hatch, was placed under house arrest with an ankle monitor after being convicted of drug and gun charges in September. But the monitor indicated that on more than one occasion that Hatch violated the terms of his release.

U.S. District Court Judge Chip Moore revoked Hatch's probation, and sent him to jail for four years, twice the originally envisaged term. He is expected to serve a maximum of two years now.

Hatch, 26, took a plea deal to a third-offense marijuana-possession charge in September in connection with an October 2008 arrest when police found a bag of marijuana, a blunt and a gun in a vehicle he was driving. The drug charge alone would have landed him in prison for 20 years, with a mandatory minimum of fives years for the gun charge.

After the plea, Moore ordered Hatch to be electronically monitored and to clear all concert dates with the court while awaiting sentencing.

Source: Reuters

Gangs of Hip-Hop

From Udub News:

When Young Jeezy proclaimed, "Catch me walking through the club with my black flag" on the track, "Bang" off his debut LP, "Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101"- it had the distinct resonance of a checkered past. That flag, a black bandana, and the words that followed, "If you don't like it do something nigga, where I'm from if you don't like it you do something nigga" leaves an ominous residue. Hip-Hop culture, once a beacon of hope for communities decimated by government ploys and internal struggles, now is in a severe role reversal phase:life imitating art. 

In 1999, President Clinton asked the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice to conduct a study on whether firms in the movie, music recording and video game industries were marketing violent materials to young people. This study came partially from the statistics of the time: 7 youth were gunned down everyday in America in 1999. FTC Chairman, Robert Pitofsky referenced the words of Sissela Bok from her book, ‘Mayhem: Violence As Public Entertainment, "is it alarmist or merely sensible to ask what happens to the souls of children nurtured, as in no past society, on images of rape, torture, bombings and massacre that are channeled into their homes from infancy?" As more and more youth begin to shape their decisions based on entertainment nuances it is overdue that gang and hip-hop history is again explored within present-day context. 

Read more at Udub News

“MEET MoSS" f/ Primo, Termanology & Statik Selektah

From Clockwork Music: 


In Episode #13 the world is introduced to super-producer MoSS. Admittedly an elusive cat, MoSS appears w/ Eternia on FLOW 93.5 FM in Toronto to debut the world premiere of a song from "AT LAST". DJ Premier, Termanology & Statik Selektah speak on why MoSS is that dude, & MoSS gets excited over some banned vinyl from Chile. Just another day in the studio...

In the upcoming months, Eternia will release steady video & audio leaks leading up to the highly anticipated release of eternia & MoSS's debut album, "AT LAST". Follow them as they shop for a record deal, promote the album, and countdown to the release date. And you just never know what special guests may pop up... stay tuned!

Wu-Tang's Allah Mathematics & Streetlife Arrested In Arkansas

Two of Method Man's longtime proteges have been arrested, reports. Method Man's deejay and longtime Wu-Tang Clan producer Allah Mathematics and emcee Streetlife were among eight people arrested during a traffic stop of a tour bus, last night in Arkansas. Police reportedly discovered marijuana and Ecstacy tablets before arrests were made.

Mathematics is best known for producing Ghostface Killah's 2000 underground hit "Mighty Healthy" as well as GZA's "Publicity." With Nature Sounds Records, Mathetmatics has released four albums and compilations between 2003 and 2007. Streetlife, first appearing on Method Man's 1994 debut Tical, has released three albums, most recently 2008's Back To Back: Uncut on RBC Records.

Source: Hip-Hop DX



Come listen to 'Uzi Does It' a record that some have called the "hip hop album of the year" on Tuesday, November 10th at ZUNE LA located 8275 Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles from 7-10pm.

Get Busy Committee features Ryu (Styles of Beyond, Fort Minor), Apathy (Demigodz, Army of Pharaohs) and producer Scoop Deville, known for his work recently with Snoop Dogg, The Game, Clipse, and many others.  Scoop, who is the son of rapper Kid Frost, also lends verses to half the songs on the album. 

Get Busy Committee have collected fans across the board with fans ranging from Mike Shinoda to Rob Dyrdek to Snoop Dogg raving about the new album.

If you haven't checked out Get Busy Committee, please do so at

In addition to listening to the new album, music will also be provided by DJ Cheapshot.

Let me know if you'd like to attend!

Greg Miller
Big Hassle Media
310.428.2064 /
New Haji P - "Good Grief"

From Routine Fly: 
Haji P., of North Carolinian duo Brown Co., sets up for the release of his first solo project, Neighborhood Kid.  A follow up to Brown Co.’s 2007 LP, Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. The lead single, “Good Grief” (produced by DJ MF Shalem) offers a brief autobiography of the rapper; spanning his childhood in Hawaii & Jersey City, his coming of age in the south, and his most recent move to  California’s bay area. Dope, right? The entire life of one mildly remarkable entertainer, summarized into four minutes of melodious rap song.  How could  you not love that? And if  by some horrible mistake you decide you don’t love it…give it a second listen and correct that mistake. Peace. -Haji P*

Big ups to Charlie Brown for the song title. Good Grief!

The Game - Big Money (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: The Game
Title: Big Money
Label: Black Wall Street/Interscope Records

We're a long ways away from "The R.E.D. Album" as it doesn't even have a confirmed release date for 2010, and Game singles that hit the internet have a way of not making the cut when the final project drops, but with Cool & Dre on the beat this one may just survive. "Your girlfriends is extras, baby you a star/And it's time to burn rubber, no stuntman involved/Doin a hundred on the highway, she pullin on my gear shift/Your girl got her hand on my cock but I ain't Will Smith." The last bar's punchline is either corny or hilarious, but given the nice beat Game is riding to here I'll give it a pass, and when he says this is what you should listen to while waiting for "Detox" it's hard to argue. Props to Game as well for the Geto Boys reference in the chorus.

50 Cent - Crime Wave (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: 50 Cent
Title: Crime Wave
Label: G-Unit/Aftermath/Interscope Records

50 may be getting sensitive to the criticism that he's not coming out hard any more, because this leak from "Before I Self Destruct" is one of the heaviest tracks he's done since Dr. Dre took him from mixtape bling to hip-hop king. The name Team Demo doesn't ring any bells, but their beat certainly will - it's a malodorous melody made up of massive bass, heavy piano keys, and a sinister drum track that eats pop music for breakfast and shits out bullets for lunch. "'tack time is crank time, I flip that, get that back/Louie V. napsack filled up with G-stacks/I'm sick in the head, me I'm all 'bout the bread/Go 'head fuck with the kid, see it's just what I said." Whether the rest of BISD can live up to this standard is uncertain but he's certainly off to a good start.

Jay Soul's "RapReviews: The Album" - A New Concept For 2010

Jay Soul has a new concept for 2010 he wants to lay on the readers of!

RapReviews: The Album
by Jesal 'Jay Soul' Padania

Oh yeah, it's on!!

You read that correctly. RapReviews is going to curate an actual living, breathing ALBUM. Who are the artists that will be featured on it? Well, YOU, of course… This really is history in the making!

So let's start from scratch. I had the idea six months ago on a crazy night when I couldn't sleep til 9am the next morning. We have such talented artists that get reviewed, not to mention a huge readership that are artists/producers themselves, struggling for a break. For example, I voted Grip Grand's "Brokelore" album of the year in 2008 – yet 99% of you would never of heard of him. If he were to put a track on our album, it would be exposed to a huge potential audience, one that he richly deserves. That in turn would build interest for his own catalogue. Or if you are an up and coming MC without a deal, but you have a few fantastic tracks that you want to get out into the community, this could be your ideal starting point.

The main thing to realise here is that RR will attempt to curate a real album, not a mixtape. In other words, as Executive Producer, it is my duty to help choose (with the RR staff) and sequence a well-balanced wonder album with brilliant lyrics, banging beats and a variety of topics/themes. That means, for example: that head nod boom bap shit; socially conscious records; club bangers; incredible concepts; heart-wrenching emotional shit; lyrical genius… All kinds of tracks, as we are all multi-faceted actual people.

What are the rules of eligibility? Well, the artist sends us the track. That could be any artist, at any level, ANYWHERE in the world. So whether you're from the US or UK, Jamaica or Japan, South America or South Africa, you are eligible. Whether you are completely unsigned, on a small label, on your OWN label, or on a major, you are eligible. Group? Solo? Doesn't matter – you are eligible.

However, your song, on the other hand, faces stricter regulations. Get this straight, it must be COMPLETELY devoid and free of ANY samples. NO SAMPLES. So your lyrics must be original. Your chorus must be original. Your instrumental must be 100% original. Why? Well, the reasons are twofold. Firstly, it is much easier to put together an album which has completely original music, from a legal standpoint in particular. Second of all, trust in your own ability to CREATE beautiful music, not just sample some other musician. There is a lot to be said about crafting your own 100% original beats.

How about the selection process? Well, you send us your track – NOT your whole album, only your absolute best SONG – via email and we root through them all, separating the average from the good, the good from the great. After the cut off point, we whittle them down to a manageable list. Finally, the RR staff will debate over who they think should get on the album. But understand this now, it had better be fantastic. If you think your shit is "pretty good" don't hit and hope. Only the strongest will survive!

So put your money where your mouth is. Send in your absolute best track, or go and create one from scratch right now. You never know, you could make it onto the RapReviews Album and it could be the start of something big. The song itself should be mixed, mastered and ready to go straight onto the album – however, we are willing to consider very special circumstances, like if you are a ridiculously talented kid with NO money. Otherwise, you should be ready to roll (though we may request the original WAV files if we feel it needs remastering).

Regardless of anything else, the aim here is to create a great album for people to really LISTEN to on repeat. Not a mixtape, not a compilation… an album – one that, if dropped through our letterbox would receive at least a 9 out of 10. Don't get it twisted – this is first and foremost an ARTISTIC move, not a commercial one – you can't bribe us, no payolas, free gifts are futile... We all bitch about the greed of major labels and focus group-driven music-by-numbers – to that end, we will initially be making it available as a FREE download.

Send your track to Jay Soul once you are ready.

The cut-off date for sending in tracks is simple – you have until the end of this decade. In other words, the 31st December 2009, and as soon as that clock strikes midnight, the sending in phase is over, and the selection process begins. You will all, of course, be in the know as the process switches stages, with regular updates on the progress. So spread the word... "RapReviews: The Album" is real, and it will be coming out in 2010. Get busy.

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