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PR: Polemikk (Nefew) Talks Us Through Man vs. Many Project

PR: Polemikk (Nefew) Talks Us Through Man vs. Many Project

Courtesy of Melanie J. Cornish.

I've been reading a lot of track-by-track breakdowns in recent weeks and since we do not have the funds or the buzz to invite renowned journalists to a listening session in some fancy hotel in New York, L.A., Paris or Sydney, I figured I'd play the role of a music journalist myself. And even though this breakdown might not be featured on the major sites around the globe, like the run down of the Watch The Throne listening session by Jeff Rosenthal, I am certain that some of you might appreciate this excursion into the minds of those responsible for "Man Vs Many".

1. Intro:
I'm sure this track sounds familiar to many of you. This is a remixed version of the final piece on our free LP with 2dopeboyz and Puma. We thought it was cool to start the project with this song and kind of give it the feel of a sequel to Antihero Begins.

2. Game feat. Dwele
For many years I hoped that hip-hop music would find its way back to its true essence and that we would not have to compromise our art to reach a broader audience. Not exactly sure where hip-hop is right now, I chose to address this conflict in the second song of the LP.

3. Self Made
A piano driven and very epic song that reflects a moment of courage when all else seems to collapse around you. I think the key to a successful career is the way you behave when there is no way out. Plus, I think the song depicts our influences in 70s rock very nicely.

4. Learned in School
I've seen a lot of people fighting for a cause and really believing in what they do, and I'm not talking about a political cause, I'm talking about dreams. But once you get into the comfort zone and money starts to matter, you're likely to give up on those dreams. Being in a safe place is not always a good thing.

5. Let it Be
Some things might not turn out the way you want them to be, but if you can't accept that losing is a part of life you'll have a tough time getting back on your feet.

6. Come and Get It
See, here's the thing, a lot of people perceive us as conscious artists, and sometimes this can be more harming than it is helpful, especially in today's music environment when artists rarely get credit for being positive and smart. So I decided to be more battle-ish on this song.

7. Things We Do feat. Souleez
This is probably the most poetic song on the album. Money and fame do not legitimize your position in society, it takes a lot more than cars and gold to be respected and admired.

8. The Fan feat. Nottz
This is hip-hop in its purest form; real heads will definitely appreciate this joint. Today's music consumers usually walk around with an iPod filled with two million songs. Everything's available, this is why I don't believe there's a fan culture anymore, I'd call it a recycling culture where songs get exchanged in a matter of minutes, and there is no place for identification with an artist.

9. Fade feat. Liya
A very personal cut, and it basically describes how relationships can and when specific goals start to shift. She is ready to make the next step while you're caring more about your dreams and how you can make them become reality. What arises is a conflict of interest that can lead to a painful breakup.

10. Turn It Up
I guess this is our "Encore", the closing track of a showcase, the Grande Finale. What makes this song stand out is the delivery of the lyrics with no clear structure, just a free flow. I wrote that in a couple of minutes and I think it fits the music perfectly.

11. Phase Me feat. Lenny Harold
The fight for recognition can be very tiring, especially when you always have to prove yourself in front of people that might not necessarily be qualified critics. But this is the music business and some acquaintances might not favor you, but you still have to be able to deliver when asked, no matter who it is.

12. Hard To Find
A few years ago all a musician had to do was to write and record music. His field of competences was limited to the creative aspect of a project. Today, with new production technologies and the unlimited possibilities offered by the Internet, artists are forced to become multitasking machines. We write, produce and record our own music, shoot our own videos, take our own pictures, mix and master our songs, plan our budgets, book our own shows and program our own websites. We are one-man companies.

13. Work It
Well, I guess this is the prototype of a club banger. A couple of very entertaining punch lines on top of a heavy Timberlandish beat. Let's clink our classes, this is a no brainer, but fun to listen to.

14. Live Life feat. Tyler Woods
We've all heard the subject matter of this song before. It's about finding the right tools that will assist you in surviving the daily struggles whether you're on the job or in the streets. The one thing we all have in common is the bills that we have to pay at the end of the month. It's up to you to choose the path that will provide you with liquidity.

15. Be Free
You see all these rappers living the high life and spending a crap load of money on things they don't need, but, the question is, if you had that same amount of money, would you behave any differently? This song is about the things that I value in life, BUT, maybe money will change them too one day. We shall find out when the time is right...

16. Witness
It is hard to carry the burden of authenticity on your back, especially when you see that it is never paying out. And even though we are purists and love true hip-hop, a man can't" live on bread alone...

17. It's Music feat. Lenny Harold
...but at the same time we should never forget what we're in this for, and it's certainly not wealth, but the music...if there is no love and happiness in what you do you'll never reach perfection, word to Aristotle.

Video: Ms. Lega-C Raps Fast

Video: Ms. Lega-C Raps Fast

Courtesy of Bayer @ Block Starz.

German-American digital imprint Block Starz Music,
www.blockstarzmusic.com, has announced the signing of Tulsa, Oklahoma
rapper/singer/producer Lega-C, whose viral video, "White Girl Raps
Fast", has generated nearly 70,000 views on Youtube in less than three months.

Video: Kidd Called Quest f/ The Teamsterz - "Heavy"

Video: Kidd Called Quest f/ The Teamsterz - "Heavy"

Courtesy Jason M.

Download: Mic Audio - "The X Filez EP" (prod. X the Detective)

Download: Mic Audio - "The X Filez EP" (prod. X the Detective)

Courtesy Wanja Lange.

Online Stream & Download: http://thestereoboyz.bandcamp.com/album/the-x-filez .

About the EP:

Stereo World presents a verbal comic series by two Detroit heroes named X the Detective and Mic Audio (of the Stereo Boyz). The X Filez is a 3 part series of 3 issues. Each track is a comic and is made to entertain both hip hop and comic book lovers.

* www.StereoBoyz.com *
* http://soundcloud.com/xdetective1 *

T.I. Back In Federal Custody

From Associated Press

ATLANTA (AP) -- Grammy-winning rapper T.I., who was freed after months in prison, was back in federal custody Thursday because of a flap over his use of a luxury bus to report to a halfway house, his lawyer said.

Steve Sadow told The Associated Press that the Federal Bureau of Prisons "has moved T.I. to a different facility" because of an issue involving the rapper's 375-mile trip Wednesday from the Arkansas lockup to Atlanta in a gleaming motor coach.

He did not elaborate on the exact nature of the problem federal authorities had, but said it was not drug-related. He said they are trying to resolve the problem.

T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, traveled with an entourage to check into the halfway house, stepping off the bus clad in a red and blue striped polo shirt and white sh[o]rts.

"There appears to be confusion surrounding the method of transportation," Sadow said.

Federal authorities had no further information late Thursday night where Harris was taken.

Traci Billingsley, a spokeswoman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, told the AP that she couldn't comment on the rapper's status or his immediate whereabouts.

T.I. had initially served about seven months at the prison in 2009 after he was arrested for trying to buy unregistered guns and silencers from undercover federal agents. He was on probation after he was released and ordered not to commit another crime or to illegally possess any controlled substances.

He was arrested again in September 2010 in Los Angeles on drug charges after authorities said he was found with four ecstasy pills. He was sentenced in October to 11 months in prison for that violation, and had been set for release at the end of September but was let go early.

The prison agency's website said late Thursday night that Harris was "in transit" but didn't say where.

T.I. had left the Forrest City low-security prison and was driven in the bus with dark-colored windows, followed by four other cars.

"The storm is over & da sun back out. IT'S OUR TIME TO SHINE SHAWTY!!!!!" the rapper posted on Twitter shortly after his release. "Welcome to the beginning of our Happy Ending!!!!

"It appears a flock of cameras will follow T.I. regardless of where he goes next. VH1 said Wednesday that the network was filming T.I.'s journey home from jail and would debut the show in December. MTV aired a similar reality show on the rapper in 2009 called "T.I.'s Road to Redemption: 45 Days to Go," which chronicled his attempts to help others avoid his mistakes.

T.I. has also finalized a book deal. A representative from HarperCollins told AP that T.I. has written a book called "Power & Beauty" that's set to be released in October.

The novel, which was co-written with David Ritz, is a fictional tale about two childhood friends torn apart by dangerous dealings on the streets of Atlanta.

Source: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_PEOPLE_TI?

Video: Tragedy Khadafi "Ill-Luminous Flow Trailer"

Video: Tragedy Khadafi "Ill-Luminous Flow Trailer"

Courtesy of Matt B.

Fellow Juice Crew member and Hip-Hop icon, Tragedy Khadafi is set to release a new Street-LP, Thug Matrix 3, on September 20th, 2011.  Thug Matrix 3 features Killa Sha with production by: araabMUZIK, Shroom, Audible Doctor, Now & Laterz, and Ayatollah.

"Ill-Luminous Flow" is the first single (Produced By Now & Laterz) off Tragedy Khadafi's Thug Matrix 3.

Directed By Donald Robinson Cole & Olise Forel and Illustrations by Vaksart.

Video: Sean Hines f/ Hit 1 - "Next Level"

Video: Sean Hines f/ Hit 1 - "Next Level"

Courtesy Major Music.

Video: Neon Hitch Covers Kreayshawn's "Gucci Gucci"

Video: Neon Hitch Covers Kreayshawn's "Gucci Gucci"

Courtesy of Debbie @ Girlie Action.

Video: The Black Opera - "M.A.S.H."

Video: The Black Opera - "M.A.S.H."

Courtesy of Steph @ A-Side Worldwide.

MP3: Fly Moon Royalty f/ Spac3man - "Back to You (Butter Remix)"

MP3: Fly Moon Royalty f/ Spac3man - "Back to You (Butter Remix)"

Courtesy of Sportn' Life Records.

* http://flymoonroyalty.bandcamp.com/track/back-to-you-butter-remix *

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