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Sunday September 21, 2014
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The (W)rap Up - Week of October 13, 2009

Del the Funky Homosapien & Tame One :: Parallel Uni-Verses
Gold Dust Media/!K7

Author: Steve 'Flash' Juon

"The year of hip-hop superteams continues. We've already had the all-star Slaughterhouse team, the New York dynamic duo of KRS-One & Buckshot, the Brooklyn to Boston duo of Masta Ace & Edo.G among others, and at long last it's time for Del the Funky Homosapien and Tame One to take their turn. Wait... Del and Tame? In terms of dusted, bugged out unconventional rap flows, there may not be any two rappers on Earth more well met than Tame and Del. Each one has cultivated their following over the years amongst the populace and their peers by doing shit their own way, sometimes in direct opposition to being commercially viable. No one has ever said "Fuck Del/Tame, all they do is bubblegum pop rap, that shit is garbage." These two rappers are creativity personified."

DOOM :: Unexpected Guests :: Gold Dust Media/!K7
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon 

"DOOM. The same word that excites a true rap head usually implies impending disaster in any other context, to the point that you might hear Private James Frazer in your head instead of a semi-intoxicated verbal pugilist. Nobody wants to be "doomed to their fate" unless their name is Daniel Dumile, one of the most popular underground rap icons of the last fifteen years. To become the mysterious man behind the metal face mask though Dumile experienced a lot of personal tragedy, but as he puts the metal mask on he transforms into the anti-hero who doesn't always do the right thing for the right reasons yet saves the day anyway."

Ill Mondo * Neal Rames :: Ill Mondo * Neal Rames! :: Ill Mondo Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon 

"This write-up is either early or late. The featured artist is either Ill Mondo or Neal Rames. This opening paragraph is either inconclusive or completely on point. The MC on this album is either the second coming of the Beastie Boys or the rapping version of Neal Armstrong. The producer is either friends with the aforementioned rapper or one half of a well-respected Bay Area production team. The guest stars are either Percee P, Prince Po or Sean Price. The structure of this format is either irritating you or intriguing you more."

J Dilla :: Dillanthology 3 :: Rapster Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon 

"Honestly I think it's beginning to get a bit ridiculous. I miss James Yancey as much as any man alive. The news of Dilla's death on February 10th of 2006 hit me hard - possibly too hard. It made me miss living in Michigan. It made me miss Slum Village. It made me purchase a "J Dilla Changed My Life" t-shirt that I rock with pride every summer. I have every album he released while alive, and almost all that were released (or re-released) posthumously. There's no doubt that when to' up I've shed tears in Dilla's memory, and for me his memory looms as large as Biggie & 'Pac. Despite that I think it's beginning to get a bit ridiculous. How many posthumous compilations of Dilla do we need?"

Jim Jones & Webstar :: The Rooftop :: E1 Entertainment
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"Chicken Noodle Soup with Harlem's American Gangster on the side? As odd as that collaboration might seem, both Jim Jones and Webstar are Harlem natives who love their hood, although Webstar might love his lunchtime special more - after all it's his only claim to fame thus far. At least lil' Webstar is all grown up now, because the last time out he was too young to even get a parental advisory sticker. Now he's got the R rating and a cell phone of his own, and as a result he and his crew (Young B, Young Deion, Rex & Ricky Blaze) have some advice for you: "Follow Me on Twitter.""

Knine :: Robots Have Feelings Too :: {self-released}
as reviewed by John-Michael Bond 

"One my favorite quotes of all time is from the show King of the Hill. Hank, the show's matriarch, comes across a Christian rock band whose music is frankly pretty awful. He looks these guys straight in the eye and tells them "you're not making Christianity better, you're making rock and roll worse." In my years of reviewing music this has always been my feeling on Christian rap, with the exception of a soft spot I've still got for a few DC Talk record from back in my youth. Far too often these artists try too hard to walk the line between being a minister and a pop star and end up failing miserably at both. If you're giving all your glory to God you shouldn't be writing songs that sound like strip club anthems with the occasional shout out to the Lord. The fact that you don't swear shouldn't be the only reason people think you're Christian. And you sound like a fool talking about all your money when you're spreading the word about a dude who had contempt for the rich, who walked everywhere (even over water), and didn't charge for his live show"

QN5 Music :: Baby Blue For Pink :: QN5 Music
as reviewed by Guido Stern 

"Released in early February 2008 in anticipation of Valentine's Day, "Baby Blue For Pink" showcases QN5's clever lyricism and laidback production. A quickly rising label worthy of comparisons to Def Jux and Stones Throw Records, QN5's best-known artists include CunninLynguists and label founder Tonedeff. Rightfully so—as they are ridiculously talented artists—but QN5 is also home to a number of more unheralded talents"

Shortyo :: King of the Kounty :: Affiliated Entertainment Group
as reviewed by John-Michael Bond 

"After listening to Shortyo's "King of the Kounty" I'm well aware that talking shit on him will get m shot. He tells the listener quite a few times on track 16, "Boogie Picking Angelo." So in the interest of keeping myself from getting shot I'll follow my mother's advice about keeping my mouth shut if I can't say anything nice. So I would like to formally congratulate Shortyo for having some of the best ears in the rap game. From beginning to end "King of the Kounty" is one of the best produced rap records I've heard this year."

Skyzoo :: The Salvation :: Jamla/Duck Down Records
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor 

"Skyzoo is a Brooklyn MC who has released a string of mixtapes, including "The Power of Words" with Statik Selektah and DJ Drama. "The Salvation" is his debut album. If you look at the back of the album, you'll immediately notice that there are no other rappers on the disc. Zip. Zero. No features, no phone-in verse by Lil Wayne, no posse cuts, no verses by weed carriers or friends of friends. It's Skyzoo's show and Skyzoo's alone, barring Carlitta Durant's vocals on "Easy To Fly." It's a daring choice for an up and coming rapper to go at it totally alone, but it makes sense. "The Salvation" is an intensely personal album, so it's fitting that Skyzoo tells the whole story himself. He also has the chops to pull off 16 solo tracks."

Spice 1 :: 187 He Wrote :: Jive Records
** RapReviews "Back to the Lab" series **
as reviewed by Emanuel Wallace 

"In the early 90's, the misogynistic and violent reality rap that was coming out of California was at an all-time high. In addition to the veterans like Too Short, Ice-T, and Ice Cube, it seemed like there was an influx of new rappers with rhymes to kick and stories to tell. Snoop Dogg was one of those rappers. DJ Quik was one of those rappers. Not as famous but just as revered was a rapper that was discovered by Too Short that went by the name of Spice 1. His first full length release was the self-titled "Spice 1" in May of 1992, which peaked at #82 on the Billboard 200 and featured two prominent singles, "In My Neighborhood" and "Welcome To The Ghetto". The following year, Spice was featured on the soundtrack to the coming-to-age film, "Menace II Society" with his song "Nigga Gots No Heart". A few short months later, Spiggedy Spice Wiggedy One was set to release his sophomore effort, "187 He Wrote"."



Interview w/ Dan-e-o Tonight - Replay Tuesday on RapReviews

Hip-Hop Shop 52 will feature a half hour interview with Dan-e-o about his new album Dilla Pickles and a variety of other topics, and then a half hour of hot new songs from Gift of Gab, Brown Bag AllStars, iLL-Literacy and more! If you would like to sponsor Hip-Hop Shop please send an e-mail to for more information. Check the show out at live at 9 PM EST, 8 Central but if you miss the live show the replay will be here Tuesday on
Free Music Friday: Throw Some D's Edition

Yep, this edition is titled "Throw Some D's" Edition because the majority of free mixtape/albums on here are from artists who start with the letter "D." I guess the "D" equals DOPE! But don't get the wrong idea, non-D mixtapes are equally dope as well. And they're free! Check 'em out!

Diamond District - Diamond Exchange Mixtape

[To quote Milk Dee, what more can I say about these cats, man? Them D.C. boys know how to create some tight and bangin' hip-hop music. No digging necessary because this mixtape is a diamond OUT of the rough, uncut and flawless.]


1. theyoungestkim and Oddisee - The Crazy Intro
2. Oddisee - What's Crazy
3. yU - MmHmm
4. X.O. - Time Out
5. Diamond District - Back to Basics
6. Oddisee - The Jungle Instrumental
7. Oddisee - Gully
8. X.O. I Do It for Ya'll
9. yU - FIne
10. Diamond District - Make it Clear
11. Diamond District - In the Ruff
12. Diamond District - Street Won't Let Me Chill

Digable Planets :: Sounds from the 7th Dimension

[Props to Okayplayer for this one! I thought Digable Planets were dope since 1993. The tape includes exclusive rare remixes of classic Digable Planets material, and also includes new unreleased music from Butterfly and Doodlebug.]

1.Digable Planets-Rebirth of Slick (King Britt Rmx)
2.Digable Planets-Rebirth of Slick instr (DoodlebugftDOR Outtaspacefunkadelic acc)
3.Doodlebug feat D.O.R.-Outtaspacefunkadelic
4.King Britt-Instrumental #18
5. DJ Shadow Feat Blackilicious-Swan lake
6.Ghostface killa feat MF Doom-Angels
7.D.O.C.-Its Funky enough
8.Kai Chi-Got Green
9. DJ Alex J-tribal drums (Doodlebug vox)
10.Butterfly and Doodlebug-Fresh Out
11.J.Period and K’naan -Relationships Lay (Bob Dylan Tribute)
12.Butterfly (Shabazz Palaces)-Sparkles
13.MF Doom-Dead Bent
14.Digable Planets-Brooklyn Sky
15.Young Buck-Bang Bang instr
16.Cee knowledge feat CFO Allstars-These Eyes
17.Black Moon-Buck ‘em Down-Beatminerz instru
(Doodlebug feat D.O.R.-Back in da Daze Accap)
18. DJ Premier-Its All Real instru
19.Chali 2na Feat Talib Kweli-Lock shit down
20.Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth-T.R.O.Y.-They Reminisce Over You instr
21.Talib Kwela & Hi-Tek-Back Again
22.Buster Rhymes-Put ya hands where my eyes can see instr
23.Camp Lo Feat Butterfly-Swing
24.Butterfly (Shabazz Palaces)
25.Sonny Bonoho-Judge Brown
26.J Walk-Soul Vibration
27.Digable Planets-Where I’m From RMX
28. DJ Honda Feat De la Soul-Trouble in the water instru
29.Digable Planets-The May 4th Movement
30.9th wonder-Nightriders instru

Bonus track
31.Doodlebug Feat D.O.R. JBizness,The Tones-Sweet Music


DJ Paradime & L.E.G.A.C.Y. - Whut? Thee Mixtape (Re-Release)

[Here's an old-new mixtape for y'all. L.E.G.A.C.Y. and DJ Paradime did this joint back in 2005 and they recently decided to re-release it for free now. Thankfully, this joint never lost its flavor from four years ago, proving no matter how old good joints are, they still are good joints. It's time for some action, 'cause this one here will blow your mind.]

1. DJ Paradime Intro
2. The Product - Dox f/ The Embassy, Chaundon and L.E.G.A.C.Y. - Prod. by Dox
3. Dopeman - Prod. by Khrysis
4. L.E.G.A.C.Y./Chaundon - Free
5. Pairadice - Prod. by Khrysis
6. All Real - Prod. by Khrysis
7. No Apology - Prod. by Khrysis
8. Eyewitness - Prod. by Khrysis
9. Top Seeded - L.E.G.A.C.Y./Supastition/K. Hill - Prod. by DJ Forge
10. Acapella - Recorded Live 10/7/05 - The Cat's Cradle
11. Freestyle
12. Didn't Care - Prod. by DL
13. What I Love - L.E.G.A.C.Y./Chaundon/Sean Boog/ J.O. Scudda - Prod. by Khrysis
14. Remembers Letter to Panama - Prod. by Panama Gat
15. The Weirdo'z One - L.E.G.A.C.Y./Chaundon/Sean Boog/ J.O. Scudda - Prod. by Khrysis
16. Been Here for a While - F/ Yahzarah a/k/a Purple St. James - Prod. by Khrysis
17. Melting Pot - K. Slack f/ L.E.G.A.C.Y./Median - Prod. by K. Slack
18. The Last Clown - Prod. by Marshall Law
19. Nobody Like Me Remix - O.N.E. Jones f/ L.E.G.A.C.Y./Dutch Prod. by Dox
20. Verbatim - Prod. by 9th Wonder
21. Outro

Oddisee :: Odd Autumn EP

[Huh man! Oddisee brings it to all of the seasons. Props to the hip-hop version of Vivaldi!]

01 The Supplier f. Tranqill
02 Almost A Year Since
03 Everything Changed Nothing (Instr.)
04 Every Day People (Instr.)
05 Pulp Fiction
06 Saw Myself Today
07 The Second Date
08 Grey’s Anatomy
09 Tell The Truth (Instr.)
10 Theatre
11 Autumn Run
12 Tell The Truth f. Nikki Jean (Bonus)


Stetsasonic :: The Original Hip Hop Band [Mixed by DJ ReMike]

[Much salute to DJ ReMike for giving homage to the first hip-hop band! The Roots are classic, but you can't forget the firsts who ever done it. And this NY group definitely paved the way for all in hip-hop. Yes, I said ALL! Go Stesta! Salute to my homie Kevin Nottingham!]

01. Hip Hop Band Intro
02. Showtime
03. Just Say Stet
04. So Let the Fun Begin
05. Gyrlz
06. Go Stetsa
07. Wordsmith - Interlude
08. Daddy-O - Brooklyn Bounce
09. Talkin All That Jazz
10. Speaking Of A Girl Named Suzy
11. Go Brooklyn 3
12. Hip Hop Band
13. Ghetto Is The World
14. DBC Let The Music Play
15. No BS Allowed
16. Stet Troop 88
17. Daddy-O - Flowin In File
18. Daddy-O - Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt
19. Bust That Groove
20. My Rhyme
21. A.F.R.I.C.A (Norman Cook Remix)/Outro
22. The Problemaddicts - What It Seems (Remix Produced By DJ ReMike)(Bonus Track)


That's it for the "Shedding Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....

Is Prince Markie Dee Going to Wrestle the Iron Sheik?

Iron SheikTruth may in fact be stranger than fiction. Our affiliate site has the story in their latest WWE news update HERE - it's the last item on the page.
Gift of Gab to Tour w/ Chali 2na, Mr. Lif & Lyrics Born

From Kimberly Trick:


Releases New Track featuring Del the Funky Homosapien and Brother Ali

Gift of Gab – Escape 2 Mars – Cornerstone RAS

Release Date: 11/10/09

Blackalicious MC Gift of Gab is gearing up for his second solo release, Escape 2 Mars, by touring with some of his finest peers in indie hip hop. The Deadliest Catch Tour will find Gab hitting the road alongside Jurassic 5’s Chali 2na, as well as Mr. Lif and Lyrics Born. The tour kicks off on November 7th in the MC’s native Bay Area – just three days before Escape 2 Mars hits shelves via Cornerstone RAS.

LA residents were treated to an inside look at the album last night, when Gift of Gab opened for UK grime sensation The Streets in a sold out show. For those outside of the city of Angels, the inside scoop is this…

In typical Gab fashion, Escape 2 Mars features its fair share of Bay Area heavyweights, including producer DNAEBEATS and guest stars Hednodic (from Crown City Rockers and Gab’s indie supergroup, The Mighty Underdogs), Del the Funky Homosapien, and Quannum Collective members Lateef the Truth Speaker and Joyo Velarde, and Honeycut vocalist Bart Davenport as well as a guest appearance by Brother Ali.

Listen to “Dreamin” featuring Del and Brother Ali below.

Download and Share Gift of Gab – Dreamin’ Feat. Del the Funky Homosapien & Brother Ali at .

It all goes down in less than one month. See below for tour dates and get ready for Escape 2 Mars, out November 10th!

Gift of Gab Touring with Chali 2na, Mr. Lif, and Lyrics Born

11/07 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent 21+
11/08 - San Jose, CA - The Voodoo Lounge  21+
11/10 - Ft. Collins, CO - Aggie theater
11/11 - Boulder, CO -  Fox Theater  -All Ages
11/12 - Aspen, CO - Belly Up Tavern- All Ages
11/13 - Park City, CO - Harry O's
11/14 - Bozeman, MT  - Gallatin County Fairgrounds  - All ages
11/15 - Missoula, MT - Wilma Theatre
11/17 - Vancouver, BC - The Biltmore Cabaret
11/18 - Bellingham, WA - The Nightlight
11/19 - Seattle, WA  - Neumos
11/20 - Eugene, OR - McDonald Theater
11/21 - Portland, OR  - Roseland Theater
11/23 - Sacramento, CA  - Harlow’s

Clipse to Perform for MySpace Music's "RELEASE" Series 10/20

From Tito Belis:


MySpace Music makes its way back to New York City to host a special performance by Clipse on Tuesday, October 20 at The Hiro Ballroom as part of "THE RELEASE," MySpace Music's urban music concert series. This installment of "THE RELEASE" will be a special pre-release show for the new Clipse album titled "Till The Casket Drops" (December 2009, Columbia Records) and will be held during a week where thousands of music enthusiasts visit New York City. Special musical guests will include Donnis, Jasmine Solano, Adam Tensta and DJ dB. Tickets and entry for the 21+ event can be obtained by sending an RSVP to and on a first-come, first-served basis at the Hiro Ballroom. Doors for the show will open at 9 p.m. and dress code will be strictly enforced.

One of the year's most hotly-anticipated hip-hop music releases, "Till The Casket Drops" is the upcoming third label release for Clipse and their first with Columbia Records. The duo debuted with 2002's "Lord Willin'," which reached #1 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album chart and #4 on the Billboard Top 200. "Lord Willin'" spawned the hit singles, "Grindin'" and "When Was The Last Time," which peaked at #34 and #19 respectively on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Their critically acclaimed sophomore effort, "Hell Hath No Fury," was 2006's Top 10 album in Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, SPIN Magazine & The New York Times. The duo's high-profile collaborations included Birdman's "What Happened to that Boy" and Justin Timberlake's chart topper "Like I Love You" in 2002. "Till The Casket Drops" re-unites Clipse with The Neptunes, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo who signed the duo in early 2001 and produced several tracks on the upcoming release. Pharrell is also featured on the official first single from the album titled "I'm Good." "Kinda Like A Big Deal," the scorching buzz record featuring Kanye West, was produced by DJ Khalil.

For more information, tour updates and news, please visit Clipse's official MySpace Music profile: For additional info on MySpace Music's "THE RELEASE," please visit: .

NY Event: Cormega Album Release Party at SOB's on October 29th

From Jackie O:

*** MEDIA ALERT  ***




WHEN:  OCTOBER 29, 2009, Thursday.  Doors open 8pm, Showtime 9pm.

WHERE:  S.O.B., 204 Varick Street @ West Houston, New York NY

General Admission Ticket Price: $12 adv/$15 at door

On Thursday, October 29, 2009 at S.O.B.'s in New York, Cormega will celebrate the release of his third solo release album, Born And Raised, to be released October 20th on his Legal Hustle Record label. The album features production from DJ Premier, Large Professor, Easy Mo Bee, Havoc, Buckwild, DR Period, LES, Nottz, Fuzzy Womack, Ayatollah, Khrysis and appearances by Big Daddy Kane, Parish Smith, Grand Puba, KRS-One, Tragedy, Havoc, Lil Fame, Marley Marl, and Red Alert.

MTV Finally Makes it Official - We're Not Music Television

#mtvisDEADToday's announcement just confirms what anybody who has watched MTV in the last 5+ years already knew - they're not Music Television any more. Sify News reports that as of this Saturday, MTV will be dropping their iconic MTV logo and replacing with a new (and as yet undisclosed) avatar that will no longer mention "Music" or "Television." A spokesman for the network claims in the article that MTV is "inspired by" music but not "limited by" music and this is part of their rebranding to reach a broader audience. Funny how the broader their reach has gotten, the less interesting they have become. Et tu SyFy? Get a good look at that logo - it's the last you'll be seeing it. #mtvisDEAD
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Live Streaming Press Conference on 10/21

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Uni5: The World’s Enemy

live STREAMING press conference to be held
October 21, 2009 in Los Angeles, 4pm PST (7pm EST)
WHO:                        Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (Bizzy, Krayzie, Wish, Layzie and Flesh Bone)

WHAT:                         Will be holding a press conference with a live, digital stream to discuss their
highly-anticipated reunion album, Uni5: The World’s Enemy, in stores December 22, 2009.  Local media are invited to attend the in-person Q&A session, while all non-local media can view the press conference through Fans are encouraged to solicit their questions and comments by logging into Facebook, downloading Ustream’s free Facebook application, and tuning-in.
PLEASE NOTE: For those in attendance, the group will be playing their new album Uni5: The World’s Enemy in its entirety after the press conference.
WHEN:              THURSDAY, October 21st @ 4pm PST
WHERE:             Los Angeles, CA
                        (Location will be disclosed upon confirmation of your RSVP
WHY:            Selling nearly 30 million albums worldwide, Cleveland, Ohio natives Bone Thugs-N-Harmony pioneered an innovative sound in hip-hop marked by a fast-paced, aggressive rapping style juxtaposed with harmonizing vocals. Since their inception, the group has activated a cult-like following of diverse fans across the globe while collecting numerous awards and accolades.  In 1997, the group was awarded the Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance with their song "Tha Crossroads" from their E. 1999 Eternal album.  Bone Thugs-N-Harmony have had the privilege of being the only artists who have worked with hip-hop legends Eazy-E, 2Pac, Big Pun, and The Notorious B.I.G. while they were still alive.
Bone Thugs N Harmony
Myspace - .
Facebook - .
Neosonic Productions - K-Murdock's Newest Vlog

From K-Murdock:


I wanted to welcome you to my NEW mailing list which will serve as
my conduit to connect to the fans with updates on Panacea as well as
my own solo projects! Below is the latest video blog for Panacea and i
also attached a link to download a new song from our forthcoming "12
Step Program" album as a way of saying thanx for supporting us!


       K-Murdock [1]


       Texas Jigsaw Massacre.mp3 [2]



Neosonic Productions

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