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PR: J-Zone on Pay Phone Pimpin', Upcoming Book

PR: J-Zone on Pay Phone Pimpin', Upcoming Book

Courtesy of J-Zone.

First order of business - Pay Phone Pimpin' makes a triumphant return

Clark Kent didn't change into Superman at a T-Mobile store. 

From the debt ceiling debacle to poor communication in relationships, every problem in this world can be traced back to one common cause – the morbid and slow death of the pay phone. 

There's nothing more nauseating than watching an adult fully-engaged in an incessant, “LOL” / “OMG” / :)-laden all-day text-a-thon. Especially when it’s a grown man attempting to gauge his chances of getting some play from the woman he’s texting. You lil' broad, put some damn bass in your voice and call the chick up already – preferably from a pay phone. You'll have an answer in four minutes or less. Barry White and Luther Vandross would be disgusted if they were alive to see this milquetoast, emoticon-driven softness. The gradual disappearance of pay phones disturbs me so much that I've filmed a video demonstration on the lost art of Pay Phone Pimpin'.

Read my explanatory blurb and see the Pay Phone Pimpin' video here


Click here to go directly to YouTube and see a real Pay Phone Pimpin' tutorial (given by yours truly) 

Second order of business – my upcoming book

Root for the Villain: Rap, Bullshit, and a Celebration of Failure will be released this fall (I'll have an exact date in September). I held off on posting the previously promised excerpts from it this summer because...well, that's no longer an issue; the summer is over. I'll be back in September with the promised excerpts and much more. To all my newbies receiving a lengthy unsolicited e-mail from me for the first time, find out what this book is all about on my website, Scroll to the bottom of the home page to find the "If You" bullet-pointed list of gripes and idiosyncrasies you absolutely must have in order to enjoy this collection of think pieces, memoirs, and curmudgeonly rants. If none of those bullet-points speak to your personality, you're better off reading Eat, Pray, Love or Rich Dad, Poor Dad or some sh*t. 

Here's a link to a photo synopisis of the book for those with ADD or muthaf*ckas who can only understand things with pictures and sh*t. 

If you're one of the 0.0000002% of the people in the world that will appreciate this book, stay tuned. I'm the Crazy Eddie of insubordination and lampoonery (without the fraud charges).

Third (and final) order of business – recent J-Zone articles and press

Until the book drops, here are some recent editorials I've written and posted on my Ego Trip blog for your reading pleasure. 

Click here to read about why rappers must understand that “conversate” is not a real word. "Imaginate" and "Pronunciate" don't exist, either. They sound fairly impressive and have high syllable counts, but nah fellas, y'all are f*ckin' up. And although you can drive a Mercedes, you cannot drive a “Moorsadus”. Rap music has bludgeoned the English language with glee for over two decades, and quite frankly, she's tired of it. I'll be damned if pronunciation and grammar faux pas in rap music ain't highly entertaining, though.

Click here to read my tribute to the late, great Peter Falk (aka Columbo) and a host of other great, disheveled, and overweight '70s cop show stars. TV in 2011 is pure trash. How can we have villains in one hour TV cop shows and they're scared of Trans fat, do cardio six days a week, and use V-05 Wet Look in their hair? Picture Wo Fat from Hawaii Five-O on the South Beach diet. And what the f*ck is with this Detective Eliot Stabler clown from Law & Order: SVU? He's partnered up with Olivia Benson for 14 years and never tried to lay any pipe on her? That woman is built to last. Joe Mannix or Jim Rockford would've broken Olivia Benson's headboard a few dozen times already.

Click here to read why Tim Dog's Penicillin on Wax is the greatest rap album ever made. Better yet, it could be the greatest album ever made period. (EDITOR'S NOTE: We also have a review HERE on

Of course, you can find these articles (and many more), a few recent interviews I've done, and all things noteworthy at

That's all I've got for now, but I'll be back book chapters very shortly. In the interim, stop “LOL” texing and get your wanna-be mack daddy, Teddy Ruxpin-cuddlin' asses on down to a pay phone. Stop being soft.


(aka "The Pay Phone Pimp", "The Onion Ring Pimp", "Chief Chinchilla", "Captain Trans Fat", "$ir Charge")

PR: Koncept (Brown Bag AllStars Edition) T-Shirts Available

PR: Koncept (Brown Bag AllStars Edition) T-Shirts Available

Courtesy of BBAS.

Koncept (Brown Bag AllStars Edition) T-Shirts are now available!

Order your T-Shirt HERE.


If you haven't yet make sure you check out Koncept & Tranzformer's "Day Dreaming" video off their EP "More Than Meets The Eye". The EP is available for free download HERE.

MP3: Hollywood FLOSS - "Stalker" (Prod. By brandUn DeShay)

MP3: Hollywood FLOSS - "Stalker" (Prod. By brandUn DeShay)

Courtesy of Audible Treats.

One Fan At A Time Scheduled For September 22 Release, Offered To Fans For Free Download

The Song:

With August fast entering the rearview, the September 22nd release of One Fan At A Time draws ever closer. To get fans ready for the new album, H-Town rapper Hollywood FLOSS is releasing the first official track from the album, "Stalker," which is produced by brandUn DeShay, whose previous work includes tracks with artists such as Curren$y, Dom Kennedy, and Danny Brown, among others. "I've been a fan of brandUn's production from early mixtapes of his," explains FLOSS on the pairing. "I love collaborating with artists like brandUn who get my sound. It makes music that much more fun."

And with the track, FLOSS approached a topic that relates back to the One Fan At A Time album title, bringing it to it's logical, if extreme, extension: stalkers. " Stalker documents a story of a love crazed women who wont take NO for an answer," explains FLOSS, who weaves his story throughout the track, rapping, "Went on one date, matter fact yesterday/ Now my inbox got 30 messages to play." Serving as both an entertaining tale and a warning to those in search of love, the story of a woman over indulged in her emotions even leads FLOSS to get a "restraining order just in case."

Download "Stalker" here: .

Video: Yung Ralph Changes His Name

Video: Yung Ralph Changes His Name

Courtesy of DJ Smallz.

Yung Ralph Changes His Name from DJ Smallz.

Hailing from the streets of Cleveland Ave and Jonesboro Rd in Atlanta, Yung Ralph aka "The Juug Man" has announced a change in his current rap moniker. Watch the clip to find out what it is.

Lil Wayne, Action Bronson & More: Update for 8/31/11

Lil Wayne, Action Bronson & More: Update for 8/31/11

We have new lyrics from Action Bronson, Big K.R.I.T., Cam'Ron, Chamillionaire, French Montana, Jadakiss, Jim Jones, Lil Wayne, Shawn Wigs, Styles P, Uncle Murda, Vado, Vakill and more on! Feel free to share or retweet these daily updates.

Game Authors First Book "The Making of The R.E.D Album"

Game Authors First Book "The Making of The R.E.D Album"

Courtesy of Greg Miller.

Debut Book From Multi-Platinum Rapper Reveals Exclusive Stories About Recording His Fourth Album With Dr. Dre, Rick Ross, Pharrell, Cool & Dre And Others

LOS ANGELES, CA (August 29, 2011) Multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated rapper Game has authored his first book. The Making Of Game's The R.E.D. Album chronicles the making of the music superstar's fourth major label album.

"With my book The Making Of Game's The R.E.D. Album, I wanted to give my fans a behind-the-scenes look of how my new album came to be," Game says. "These are my stories in my own words. This book is the only place where you'll learn all the stories behind the music -- how I got the beats, what inspired my lyrics and how the album was put together."

The Making Of Game's The R.E.D. Album is available digitally for $4.99 through and The digital version of the book can be read on a PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, iPad and Android, among other devices. The book will be available soon on iTunes and in paperback through

In The Making Of Game's The R.E.D. Album, Game describes how he was able to get Dr. Dre to let him use the song "Drug Test" on The R.E.D. Album instead of its original destination, Detox. Game also reveals how and why "Speakers On Blast" is the first four-verse song of his career. The rest of the book includes exclusive revelations regarding Dr. Dre, Rick Ross and Pharrell, as well as Game's approach to songwriting.

Game is one of the most successful artists in rap history. The Compton rapper's first three albums - 2005's The Documentary, 2006's Doctor's Advocate and 2008's LAX - have sold millions of copies and have spawned such hit singles as "How We Do," "Wouldn't Get Far" and "My Life." In addition to his robust music career, the Grammy-nominated artist has also appeared in the blockbuster films Waist Deep with Tyrese Gibson and Street Kings with Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker. Game also runs The Black Wall Street entertainment company and has had his own line of sneakers.

Free Download: ScholarMan & Jonesy "The Surface Under" EP

Free Download: ScholarMan & Jonesy "The Surface Under" EP

Courtesy of Soganic Music.

ScholarMan & Jonesy return with their third EP, “The Surface Under” – a brief but effective project with aggressive beats and venomous rhymes that embraces the spirit of boom bap hip-hop. On this five track project the duo continues to crack the mold and break barriers via their movement of hip-hop soul. What lies beneath? The Surface Under.

Download the EP here: .

Mixtape - "Dave's Story: The Best of Mr. Miranda 06-Infinity"

Mixtape - "Dave's Story: The Best of Mr. Miranda 06-Infinity"

Courtesy of Mr. Miranda.

Well, the wait is over, here is my new mixtape with DJ Madd Rich "Dave's Story: The Best of Mr. Miranda 06-Infinity"!!! 32 tracks giving it a solid 1 hr 20 min of musical pleasure and a brief description from myself on some of the records on here, making it a real story. Guest features are: Writer's Guild, Ciphurphace, Jaz-O, Buff1, DJ Les, Simone Hines, Chino-D of Sol Camp, and Novelty! Production credits: Dn3, D'Matikk, Trellmatic, Speek Greene, EOM, Jimmy Nelson, Hexsagon, Theta Mindset, and Ronin. Enjoy!!
Intro - Prod. by D'Matikk '11
Eastsider - Prod. by Dn3 '11
Been A Long Time - Prod. by Dn3 '07
The Game Plan - Feat. Jaz-O prod. by Jimmy Nelson ( cuts by DJ Madd Rich ) '09
Slippin Freestyle - '08
Sunny - Prod. by Jimmy Nelson '10
Moment Of Truth - Prod. by D'Matikk '07
Key To Success - Prod. by Hexsagon ( cuts by DJ Madd Rich ) '11
Just To Do It - Feat. Novelty prod. by Jimmy Nelson '06
Girl Next Door - Prod. by Speek Greene and Dn3 '08
Let Your Feelings Show - Prod. by Trellmatic '11
Letter To Hip-Hop - Prod. by Trellmatic '06
This Is Where It's At - Prod. by Ronin '07
Tell Me - Feat. Buff1 prod. by Mute '11
Wednesday - Mirandom prod. by EOM '11
Lyrical Beams - Prod. by Jimmy Nelson '09
No Fear  ( Fear Remix ) - '11
Go James - feat. Simone Hines prod. by Hexsagon '11
Come On - Prod. by D'Matikk '07
Exhale - Feat. Simone Hines prod. by Dn3 '11
I Listened - Prod. by Jimmy Nelson '10
Miranda's Rights - '11
Lost Direction - Prod. by Jimmy Nelson '10
Cool - Prod. by Speek Greene and Dn3 '08
Now That You Got My Love - Prod. by D'Matikk '07
Better Plan - Prod. by Jimmy Nelson '08
We Be Gettin Down - Feat. Ciphurphace, RoQ'y TyRaid, and Chino-D ( cuts by DJ Les ) prod. by Jimmy Nelson '11
Funky La Bamba - Prod. by Mute '11
Somethin Happens - Prod. by Jimmy Nelson '09
LA Fire - Writer's Guild prod. by Dn3 '11
Unthinkable Freestyle- '10
Letter To Benjamin - Prod. by Theta Mindset '11
Soundcloud link: .

MP3: French Montana f/ Uncle Murda - "Ya Mean"

MP3: French Montana f/ Uncle Murda - "Ya Mean"

Courtesy of BF Blasts.


MP3: Gutta & Chris Carbene - "Megaton"

MP3: Gutta & Chris Carbene - "Megaton"

Courtesy of J-Ronin.

Gutta from Phoenix Arizona (former Vietkong General and member of Society of Invisibles) and now member of All Elements Crew and founder of Block Settaz Gang teamed up with Chris Carbene from Detroit who's been featured on and worked with 50 Cent. Together they are Super Power

Check out the first song they did together entitled "Megaton"


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