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Press Release: Sir Tomz Remix Opportunity

From Park Street PR:

Press Release: Sir Tomz Remix Opportunity

Sir Tomz has already achieved a lot in his musical career. His Joe Buddha produced track 'Sky Fall' got licensed to Tim Westwood's massive UK Hip-Hop compilation that was released a few years back as well as featuring on Big Dada releases "Permanament" by Gamma and the compilation album 'Extra Yard' where he produced three tracks including a remix of Roots Manuva's 'Bashment Boogie'. Tomz has also played live all over the UK as well as venues in Spain, France and other European countries, as well as featuring in various magazines and websites.

Now those kind people at Jailhouse Ltd have offered an olive branch to those beatmakers and producers who would like the opportunity to remix one of his tracks for a future release. There are six tracks for people to choose from and each link is to a zip file that contains the original song and an accapella. Regardless of your demographics if you think you have got those hot beats then you need to get in touch or simply download, remix and send a link direct to Jailhouse Ltd on the contact details below. Please remember to title the name of your remix correctly!

25 Pence: .
Lockdown: .
Stack It Up: .
The Struggle: .
What You Know About: .
Lockdown The Mixtape: .

Send your MP3 or link to listen/download to

'Lockdown The Mixtape' FREE download link .

Full versions of each track are also available at the official Jailhouse Ltd website .

Press Release: SEEK Performing w/ Onyx in Europe

From ProTalent:

Press Release: SEEK Performing w/ Onyx in Europe

As The European Survival Tour continues on, SEEK finds himself in the studio with Lyon, France artist Don Smokilla. This multi-talented Hip Hop artist can rap in three different languages, English, French, and Madagascar. Here he shows off his skills with the latter. 'Where We From' is produced by Maescro. The video was also shot and edited by him. For more info check out the SEEK's Fan Page, link is below.

Where We From feat Don Smokilla | VIDEO


Upcoming Date(s)
May 21st Chambery @ 'Jardin du Verney
May 26th Paris @ Glazart w/ Onyx

PR: Street Heavy DVD Vol. 3 & Kapabal Release Date

From Superior 4tress:

PR: Street Heavy DVD Vol. 3 & Kapabal Release Date

New Zealand’s only Hip Hop DVD series is back with more Music Videos, Freestyles, Interviews and behind the scene footage of some of the most talented and hardworking Hip Hop Artist in New Zealand/Aotearoa. Edited by Acebeatz and hosted by Kapabal, this is New Zealand’s very own window into our Hip Hop scene documenting it as it is.
DVD features: Audiocity (Konflikt, Bash & Akuse), PHD, ill-z, Kapabal, Tyna, Impakt, H.F.S., Ray Tait, One-Two, Heavy trade, Big Willz, Leary, O.R.F., Hurrikane Pre (Phatty Lumpkins), Lenz 22, Choirboy, Dj Alphabethead, Blakout & more.
DVD is available online here:

Amplifier also accept bank deposits for those who don’t have a credit card.


The first two volumes are also available here:


Official Release Date Announced for Kapabal’s  Forthcoming Album!
The official release has been decided for Kapabal’s new album titled “No Rest”. The album will be available in stores and digital stores September 12. The album will feature the two lead singles “Touch The Sky” and “Rude & Abracious” available on iTunes and digital stores now! You can stay up to date with important updates and leaks/previews of the album via Kapabal’s Facebook page.
Digi Crate Records Presents: God Sense "SUN RAYS"

From GSB:

Digi Crate Records Presents: God Sense "SUN RAYS"

God Sense started out in 2002 in a one bed room apartment with Tislam The Great wanting to put sounds he like together as one. He started out with Playstaion One and MTV Music Generator and help from his mentor 40D(Frody). Soon he later worked with Fruity Loops Studio and now with other tools and more to come he has improved on his sound and flavor.

With the help of Digi Crates Records God Sense is now able to share their vibe with the world!  Bellow is the link to the iTunes page for the US release of SUN RAYS

The digital album is available in the US and Japan.  With in 2-3 weeks hard copies will be available at, and more!  The hard copies will contain 3 extra tracks not in the digital release.

Bellow are links to the newly created youtube page with beats not on the album and also the myspace page also with beats not on the album.

PR: Far East Movement Performance at 2011 Billboard Awards

From Greg at Big Hassle:

Far East Movement Performance at 2011 Billboard Awards

Far East Movement rocked this year's 2011 Billboard Music Awards performing two of their smash hits, "Rocketeer" with Ryan Tedder of One Republic, and "If I Was You (OMG)" with Snoop Dogg.

In case you missed the performance, check out the link below:

Far East Movement will join the second leg of the Lil Wayne 'I AM MUSIC' tour this summer along with Rick Ross, Keri Hilson, and Llyod. For tour dates visit WWW.FAREASTMOVEMENT.COM.

The group will be performing their Free Wired hits on the June 6 episode of ABC's Bachelorette.

Their debut album FREE WIRED is in stores now!
PR: Newark's Emcee Composition

From Artist PR:

Newark's Emcee Composition

* *

Emcee Composition, better known as just Composition or Comp to some, was born in Bronx, NY and raised in Newark, NJ. Living in NJ for most of his life with no doubt reflects in his rhymes and technique. Growing up listening to Nas, The Fugee’s, Outkast, The Roots, Kool G Rap, and Goodie Mob made his taste extremely fined tuned as far as hip hop is concerned. With a firm belief that hip hop should be about inspiring the masses and evolution of the genre, it’s no wonder Composition has worked with the lyrical artists such as Elzhi and Joelle Ortiz.

Most recently, Emcee Composition has taken the sound of hip hop to new levels as far as content and music structure. Combining an unseen mixture of classical and hip hop, along with a deep context and wordplay focused delivery has resulted in a very dangerous combination. His debut album “Garden Statements”, releases June 21, 2011, has made an undeniable impact among names not known for working with unknown artists. Now Comp has connected with producer Kno of Cunninlynguists, who is rarely known for working on projects outside of his camp. It’s obvious that he has talented artists attention, and once you hear his music it’s obvious it’s for a very good reason.

In a time where the goal of a hip hop artist of an artist is to party hard, Comp’s goal is making the hairs on your arm stand from amazement hip hop like his exists. If you enjoy artists who care more for their legacy than the money being made then you need to immediately get up on Emcee Composition.

Cormega, Redman & More Record - "I Made a Difference" Song

From Lamar @ Red Music:

Cormega, Redman & More Record - "I Made a Difference" Song



After a successful coat drive this past winter and performing at the Hip-Hop For Haiti concert at S.O.B.'s in New York, Cormega continues to use his talent to make positive contributions to the devastated island. His new song, "I Made A Difference," featuring Redman, General Steele from Cocoa Brovaz,  Stic Man from Dead Prez, Lil Fame from MOP, live band The Revelations, singer/songwriter Maya Azucena andmusician Jazimoto (who played keyboard) will be distributed digitally by Sony/RED Distribution, in conjunction with Whatevaok Entertainment, to online retailers with proceeds benefiting J/P Haiti Relief Organization (JPHRO -  The J/P Haitian Relief Organization is a registered non-profit charitable foundation established by actor, Sean Penn, to help the people of Haiti recover from the earthquake on January 12, 2010 that nearly wiped out the entire capital of Port-Au-Prince leaving over 300,000 dead and millions homeless.

Inspired by Cormega's visit to Haiti just 5 months after an earthquake, the heartfelt song is a tribute to Haitian resilience in such a dark time.  "The thing that grabbed me the most about Haiti is the spirit of its people.  They're in a situation that would break a lot of people. It was humbling when I went because there was rubble everywhere, people were living in tents and the things we take for granted like water were a luxury, yet I met Haitian people who we just grateful to be alive. I saw them partying, dancing, and enjoying their lives in the middle of all their troubles. They deserve all the help they can get," explains Cormega.

While a version of the song hosted by Haitian DJ Whoo Kidd has been leaked by Legal Hustle Records, the official song will be distributed digitally through Sony/RED Distribution on June 14th, 2011. "I decided to donate the proceeds from digital sales of 'I Made A Difference,' directly to Sean Penn's earthquake relief efforts because when I was in Haiti, I heard directly from the people and saw for myself the work that his organization was doing.  I gained a lot of respect for Sean Penn while I was in Haiti. Here you have an A-list actor who was out there wading through water, putting up tents helping the people. The media attention has shifted, yet the suffering still continues. His organization still continues to service those displaced by the earthquake, living in refugee camps. This song is dedicated to him and all the unsung heroes who continue to make a difference even when it seems like the world has moved on."

Many people within the Haitian American Community are ecstatic with Cormega's dedication and commitment to revitalizing and rebuilding since his visit after the disaster. Ernest Kebreau, the first Haitian American to be elected in the city of New York as the State Committee District Leader of the 86th Assembly stated... "If everyone plays a part and brings their ideas and resources to the table as Cormega has, we can collectively bring about the change that Haiti needs. I always say saving Haiti starts with me, meaning it starts with you. Cormega is a prime example of this."

"The song was originally scheduled for release on May 18th, Haitian Flag Day, a major holiday in Haiti, but the opportunity to distribute through SONY/RED came through.  But if you think about it, the release date for the song doesn't really matter.  The suffering still continues and we need to send a message to the Haitian people that we still remember them and some of us are still trying to make a difference."  "I Made A Difference," will be digitally released with all proceeds going toward JPHRO. To make your donation directly to the organization and for more information on Sean Penn's efforts in Haiti and JPHRO, visit more about the making of "I Made A Difference," on Legal Hustle TV at Video .

Cormega's sixth studio album, Cormega Raw Forever, will be a two disc set to include a greatest hits compilation and a second disc with all new tracks recorded with his live band, The Revelation.

Video: Block McCloud - "Crazy Man (Straitjacket Remix)"

From Well Done Entertainment:

Video: Block McCloud - "Crazy Man (Straitjacket Remix)"

MP3: Mr ShaoDow f/ Ghetts, Vader - "Stay Away"

From 730 Promo:

MP3: Mr ShaoDow f/ Ghetts, Vader - "Stay Away"

Stay Away ft. Ghetts & Vader. The third track from Mr ShaoDow's upcoming single 'Get Stronger The Single' Produced by Mr SnoWman and featuring Ghetts and Birmingham's very own Vader.  The single will be digitally released on Friday 3rd of June and the animated music video will premiere on SB.TV on Saturday 4th of June

Download MP3 .

Soundcloud .

As a totally independent artist (no Management, Record Label or Outside Funding) Mr ShaoDow (pronounced Sha‐Ow‐Dough) is no stranger to knock downs. At age 18 he traveled alone to China in order to learn Shaolin Kung Fu & fulfill a long held dream. Whilst studying the art of fighting he also discovered the art of music.  "Over 4,000 CDs sold across the UK on his own." Unwilling to sit around & wait for success to come to him, he began a journey that would span the whole of the UK. Armed only with a bag full of his CDs, his lyrical skill & passion he has single‐handedly sold over 4,000 copies of his CD across the country.

MP3: Young Soulja f/ Royalty - "Shake It"

From M3W:

MP3: Young Soulja f/ Royalty - "Shake It"

* *

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