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Monday July 28, 2014
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When Booty Albums Go Bad

Everyone has at least one or two, or if you’re a real ladies man, ten, R&B albums that can be easily defined as booty albums. These are your go-to joints for when you’re having a lady friend over that you’d like to spend some time naked with. Sadly, there has been an epidemic that has afflicted many potentially great booty albums, relegating them to the ranks of simply being “R&B joints.” The epidemic is that of the misplaced song. We’ve all heard it and we’ve all wept when such a song has come on, interrupting what had been up until then a beautiful bra removing, panty dropping moment. Today I’m breaking down the kind of songs that make a booty album go bad.

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Hip-Hop Shop #8 - Rap Battles!

Tonight our hosts Steve 'Flash' Juon a.k.a. Stevie J and Evan a.k.a. Captain McFly are joined by The Great Sudoku to discuss RAP BATTLES. Was Biggie and 'Pac a work or a shoot? Did Kool Moe Dee own Busy Bee? Does winning a rap battle really launch your career or only make you hot for a minute? Join us every Wednesday night at 10:00 PM EST, 9 Central via and if you miss the live show be sure to look for the replay here on or via our sponsor Enjoy!

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R.I.P. Rudy Ray Moore a.k.a. Dolemite

The great actor and comedian Rudy Ray Moore passed away from complications due to diabetes last night at the age of 71. Moore had released dozens of albums and appeared in a wide variety of films from the 1970's through today, but may be best remembered for the title role in the blaxploitation classic "Dolemite" and its sequel "The Human Tornado." Moore's Dolemite character was beloved in rap, even earning him cameos on albums by Big Daddy Kane and Snoop Dogg. Our condolences to Moore's family and friends and to the hip-hop community on the passing of this legend and icon.
Hip-Hop's Going To Be AOK

The AOK Collective

While I normally don’t make bold proclamations about the scene, this is one instance where I feel the need to get on my soapbox and let the world know about something. I know a lot of people have voiced concern regarding the future of Hip-Hop, but I want to let everyone know there’s no need to worry, everything’s going to be AOK. AOK as in the AOK Collective, the most impressive assemblage of emcees in NYC’s Hip-Hop scene today.

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Top Billing - Deviouz Dollarz

At 6 foot 4 and nearly 375 pounds, Mongo Maddness (far left in picture) looks as fit to protect Eli Manning on Sundays as he is to run a record label.

The label, Deviouz Dollarz, began six years ago when Mongo merged his company, A Dollar and a Dream, with Groucho Sparks' Deviouz Records...

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Hip-Hop Shop #7 - Arsun F!st, Joe Budden, Supastition

Tonight our hosts take a break from live chat and just play you tracks. Featured artists include Arsun F!st, Renegade Foxx, Joe Budden and we even have a freestyle from Supastition on the Wake Up Show! Join us every Wednesday night at 10:00 PM EST, 9 Central via and if you miss the live show be sure to look for the replay here on or via our sponsor Enjoy!

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50 Cent Reveals Plans For Reality TV Show

Thanks to our friends at for this tip. It seems that rap mogul 50 Cent is ready to embark on his first reality television show with media giant MTV. "50 Cent: The Money and the Power" will feature 50 overseeing 14 potential winners who'll duke it out for a cash prize of $100,000 courtesy of Fif himself. We'll let you know more about the show and when it airs on MTV as soon as we have more information.
New Wordsmith Track - Breakfast at the Brightside Diner

RhymeZwell, Black Knight & Kontact
Breakfast at the Brightside Diner


Here goes another release from HipHopdx & DJ Denox Present Wordsmith "The Revolution Begins with a Takeover" Vol. 2 Mixtape. This joint is called "Breakfast at the Brightside Diner" and it features RhymeZwell, Black Knight, & Kontact with production by Nu Revolution Camp producer Capish. Look for more material to drop in the coming weeks as October 28th nears and the mixtape officially drops.

Watch out for Wordsmith flooding the streets and online in 2008 with his HipHopdx sponsered Mixtapes "The Revolution Begins with a Takeover Vol. 1 & 2," "The Mid-Year Review," and "The 2008 Worldwide Web Wrap-Up" Also, be on the look out for Chubb Rock and Wordsmith's "Bridging the Gap" Album coming in 2009!!



* WWW.REVERBNATION.COM/WORDSMITHMUSIC * Announces Round 7 Winner - Angel Da Kid HP


New York, NY (October 14, 2008) -, we gettin it in!!

Before we get on to the other updates on the site, we of course need to extend an immense big up to Round 7 Rapper Winner Angel Da Kid HP! With DJ Peter Parker giving him the co-sign, HP turned a near miss last round into gold as he secured a spot in the Finals. Be on the look for his interview next week. For more on the other folks battling for the money and deals, check out Winner's Week in the News Section. We posted a J. Batts Interview yesterday, and a quick spot with LF Daze today.

In case you've been sleeping, debuted our new embeddable, portable profile widget this week. Click over to your profile to try it out, or give it a look here!

Our exclusive Beats By Dre Contest is officially in full swing and taking submissions! Aftermath & Interscope Records, in association with, are giving any MC that enters the contest the opportunity to get their songs heard by an Aftermath A&R, as well as the chance to win Dr. Dre's new headphones. Find out more details on here.

Our King of NY Producer Beat Battle at Don Hills went over great. Shout out to Mr B. from Chedda Records and Jay Star, they were in the building. Mr. B. won his first round but unfortunately ran into a monster known as Stefonix (the eventual winner of the event) in the quarters. Watch the video clip of Mr. B's victory here. You can also check out an interview we did with Strong Arm Management's Fort Knox and Big Tah in the News Section about the battle.

For our Favorites this week, we decided to switch up the format a little bit. We stopped through Warner Bros. Records and spoke with E-40 after his listening party and got schooled on "doing what they don't," slang, strippers and "that burgundy." Go here to see what we're talking about. For even more, check out our exclusive editorials on Applying The Ebay Model To Music Licensing and Mixtape Success vs. Album Sales.

A few other quick items of note:


* A winner will be announced October 21st
* Submissions for Round 8 Begin TODAY!
* You only have three chances left to get into the battle for $15000 and a production deal from SRC/Universal Motown - GET ON YOUR GRIND


EMCEES! Submissions for Round 8 are CLOSED!

* Voting begins today; a Round 8 winner will be announced on Oct. 28th!
* Congrats to Angel Da Kid HP (aka Garcy Vega)! His flow captured the ear of DJ Peter Parker, and after a near-miss in Round 6, he took the W this time
* With only two chances left to enter, now is the time to break out your best beats and GET INVOLVED!!!

Supastition Wake Up Show Freestyle MP3 & Scribble Jam!

Courtesy of our friends at

Supastition news: Wake Up Show MP3 & Scribble Jam! 

Here is Supastition's feature on the world famous Wake Up Show in L.A. King Tech played random beats from Keelay & Zaire and Supastition did what he loves to do! Supastition says: "being featured on the Wake Up Show was one of my dreams so this was a great opportunity for me. The look on King Tech's face was priceless, lol. Shout out to the whole Sole Vibe crew, Right Lane Ent, Fortilive and Myx Music". Supa goes on to say: "How crazy is it that I can walk into the legendary Wake Up Show and get support but yet I can't be heard on my local radio station other than recording radio intros for the DJs. That's something to think about..."

- Free Download: Supastition "Wake Up Show" Freestyle MP3

- Supastition performing at The Scribble Jam
Supastition will be appearing live at The Scribble Jam on 10.24.2008 in Cincinnati, Ohio with KRS-One, Atmosphere, Blueprint and more!

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Domination Recordings

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