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PR: Gyptian Wins Soul Train Award - Best Reggae Artist 2010

From VP Records:



(VP RECORDS, NEW YORK) -  VP Records recording artist Gyptian is honored with the 2010 Soul Train Award for 'Best Reggae Artist', picking up the iconic trophy following his featured performance during the show, held at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday, November 10. The Soul Train Awards was hosted by Oscar-nominated actors Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard and airs on both BET and Centric on Sunday, November 28 at 9pm EST.

The reggae category presentation followed Gyptian's performance that lit up the house with Jamaica flags on the big screens and green, yellow and black splashed across the stage, silhouetting backup dancers under the guidance of famed celeb choreographer Fatima Robinson. Gyptian first teased the crowd with his new single "Nah Let Go" before breaking into his smash breakout hit, "Hold You," much to the crowd's delight.

"I came all the way from the beautiful island of Jamaica to win this prestigious award," stated an elated Gyptian during his acceptance speech. "Thank you to BET, Centric and Soul Train for this tremendous recognition." Gyptian also thanked the entire VP Records team and all his fans worldwide for supporting him from day one.

Gyptian was also a featured speaker at a forum for The Grammy Foundation in collaboration with Centric prior to the show, along with comedian Chris Spencer and VP Records' Vice President/Marketing and Promotions Cristy Barber, where they addressed Atlanta-based students pursuing careers in the arts and entertainment. He later mingled with fellow entertainment personalities, including singers NeYo and Erykah Badu, actress and show host Taraji P. Henson, actor Lamman Rucker, BET's A. J. Calloway and even CNN's Wolf Blizter, just to name a few of the hundreds of celebs who turned out for the legendary musical event.

This is the second major award for Gyptian this year. He nabbed the 2010 MOBO Award for 'Best Reggae Artist' in October in Liverpool, England. Gyptian broke from his sold-out European tour to perform at the Soul Train Awards, and just finished opening for Mary J. Blige at the O2 Arena during her UK tour before flying to Atlanta.

Gyptian's album Hold You is now available in stores and online. Both singles, "Nah Let Go" and "Hold You" are also available on iTunes, and "Hold You" was released on iTunes UK just last week. The smash single has already sold nearly 300,000 digital units thus far.

MP3: Johnny Polygon Tracklist for Catch-Up Mixtape, New Leak

From Nora Ritchie:

MP3: Johnny Polygon Artwork & Tracklist for The Catch-Up Mixtape, New Leak

Catch-Up Release Party Announced in New York for Tomorrow @ Crash Mansion
Catch-Up Mixtape Out November 17th

In anticipation of the release of Orisue Presents: The Catch-Up Mixtape, which will be released over at http://johnnypolygononline.com this Wednesday November 17th at 12AM, Johnny is hitting you with a few goodies to hold you over including a new leak from the Catch-Up Mixtape, release party details and some visuals to feast your eyes on.

First up is the hilarious track "Man Without A Country" over the most "complicated beat ever" from The Catch-Up Mixtape. Johnny talks about his tribulations with gangster dudes and what they have underneath their FUBU hoodies, kicking it with lesbians, what a jumpoff is and why everyone is racist. This track was released when Johnny was 22 years old. Take a stroll down memory lane with Johnny.

Download "Man With A Country" here: http://soundcloud.com/noraritchie/johnny-polygon-man-without-a-country .

Johnny's video for "Riot Song" is currently on MTV and VH1, his music has been featured on How To Make It In America and Grand Theft Auto and his video currently lives on Kid Cudi's homepage. XXL named his last project Rebel Without Applause, "one of the more stellar releases this year" and YRB named Johnny their "new hip-hop hero." He has also been featured on URB, Impose and TimeOutNY. Orisue Presents: The Catch-Up Mixtape is out November 17th and his upcoming EP Wolf In Cheap Clothing chock-full of new music from Johnny is out December 15th.


Orisue Presents: The Catch-Up Mixtape is released, unreleased and rare Johnny Polygon songs starting in chronological order. The tape starts at age 17 and continues for 10 years up to the present. It features music from Kid Cudi, Nas, Adele and more. It will be available on November 17th at http://johnnypolygononline.com .

Mega Ran - Live From the Road Update

From Random/Mega Ran:

Mega Ran - Live From the Road Update

What up everybody.... so far so good. We're about to head off for Houston for the middle leg of our tour, and last of our Texas stopped. So far everything has been as wild and crazy as I expected... Austin and Dallas were off the chain rack! Storyville and K got introduced to the Con culture..and sooo many stories were told.

The Word is Bond were nice enough to ask K and I to document our adventures, and so we did, and they're right here for you! check em out. http://www.thewordisbond.com/ .

Click to view the Bits and Rhymes Tour Vlog #1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivd8KgKg7P8 .

Click to view the Bits and Rhymes Tour Vlog #2 (guest starring Brentalfloss) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBYfh5C3ea8 .

we also got some footage streamed of last night's show, check that out at http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/10870650 .(sorry about the audio, we're trying.)

Part 3 will be up soon, and that also will include a special guest.

Next up is H -Town! we're doing an instore at Cactus Music today at 530, click http://www.cactusmusictx.com/ for more details on that.

Then tomorrow is the BIG show at Super Happy Fun Land! booya! http://superhappyfunland.com/ .

See ya soon. remember the best way to stay fullly equipped with updates is to Follow me on Twitter. http://www.twitter.com/megaran .

If you're at the shows or interested in getting all the wackiness in one place, we'll hashtag the event related stuff...maybe #bnrtour? yeah that works.

Thanks again for the well wishes AND the donations... keep em coming! :)

you guys are the greatest. We'll have your free song ready for you by Tomorrow morning...

maybe we'll even record something on the road for you!



PR: Noah Francis f/ Prodigal Sunn, Shyheim on MTVU

From Laura Becker:



New York, NY -- (November 15, 2010) – After much acclaim at New York City’s CMJ, it was announced today that Noah Francis’ video for his new single “Immortal” will be premiering on mtvU, MTV’s 24-hour college network.  The song features Wutang Killa Beez members Prodigal Sunn and Shyheim who recently joined him for the CMJ performance at an exciting SOLD OUT gig at the Le Poisson Rouge.  Noah graced the cover of the CMJ Music Report Marathon Edition, and turned many converts with his new upcoming galvanizing single “IMMORTAL.”  During the week the trailer of the upcoming “IMMORTAL” video was released with an astonishing 33,000 hits in less then 24 hours.  After interviews with such press outlets like Associated Press, Fox News, Hit Parader, Source Magazine, Artisan News Service, Global Grind and others, the buildup can be felt and seems to be yielding early buzzworthy results for this eclectic UK rocker.

Among these results is the exciting news that mtvU and mtvU.com will premiere Noah’s “Immortal” on Nov 16th.   As the single continues to build heat at press and industry heads, Noah has been and will be continuing to gain converts with his single as he performs across the UK and US proselytizing a new fanbase.  Check out what people are saying across the globe - http://www.youtube.com/noahfrancislt#p/a/u/0/I7F_CvGlLrg .

Up next for Noah and Wutang Killa Beez will be the release of “IMMORTAL” in the UK December 6th and in the US on the 7th.

For more information, and to stay up to date on Noah, logon to to http://www.noahfrancis.net .

Follow him on Twitter www.twitter.com/noahfrancis , friend him on Facebook www.facebook.com/NoahFrancisL, check him out on MySpace www.myspace.com/noahfrancismusic or sign up for free goodies at http://noahfrancis.fanbridge.com .

PR: Bei Ru to Release "Little Armenia (L.A.)"

From Dunn Deal PR:

Bei Ru to Release "Little Armenia (L.A.)"

* http://www.myspace.com/beiru *

Sampling is archeology. Digging through crates for obscure old records and drafting the sounds of times past into contemporary music is as much about preserving the past as digging for bones is. Few producers take that pursuit as literally as LA native and Armenian beathead Bei Ru, who has traveled across Armenia, Lebanon and Syria on a mission to hunt and rescue rare, out-of-print Armenian 12"s and 45"s from oblivion. He breathes new life into the sounds on those records on Little Armenia (L.A.), an intoxicating voyage through rhythm and melody that serves not only as a dedication to the under-appreciated Armenian musicians of yesteryear and a homage to the Little Armenia section neighborhood of Los Angeles, but also as a musical map of the Armenian diaspora and a wake-up call to his people to take pride in their rich musical history.

Electric instruments and modern sounds began creeping into traditional Armenian music between the 1950s and the 1980s, the era Little Armenia focuses on. These are the songs Bei Ru grew up on, songs he says most Armenians have forgotten. "What inspired me to make this project was all the incredible music I'd find on these old records that most people - even most Armenians - are unaware of," he says. Bei Ru's inspiration to take Armenia's musical past into its future manifests itself in everything from the album's sound to its name. "You walk down a street in the Little Armenia section of Los Angeles, and it's as if the people brought their home country with them. These people, who keep themselves so surrounded by their culture, have forgotten how important the role of music is. Contemporary Armenian music is virtually devoid of any of the aspects of what made those old records so awesome. I felt that Armenians and non-Armenians alike should be exposed to this lost era of music that no one seems to remember." Little Armenia drops November 19th on Musa-Ler Music.

Video: Sparkz - "Hell Yea"

From Yo! PR:

Video: Sparkz - "Hell Yea"

Talented Hip-Hop newcomer Sparkz unleashes his new music video "Hell Yea N*gga" from his latest mixtape project "Blockstar", which is now available for free download via BigBiz Records. "Hell Yea N*gga" already garnered more than 4 million views on WorldStarHipHop.com's mobile video website making it one of the most viewed videos ever.

"I've always been a fan of hype music whether it's a Busta Rhymes track or a Swizz Beatz produced club banger. I enjoy hearing and recording music to get the crowd going and "Hell Yea N*gga" definitely does that when I perform it at my shows. It also describes a bit of the more active side of me as a person through the verses of the song," Sparkz explains.

When talking about the concept of the music video, the aspiring New York rapper added, "I based the visuals for the music video on two of my performances and rather then coming up with a story line to explain the song, just let the viewers actually see me performing. It just gives a clear exciting image of what I wanted this song to do in the clubs. And also you can see how I get down at my shows! The lyrics are type street and explicit but the ladies in the video seem to feel it [laughs]."

Sparkz aka Benny Stacka was raised in the cold hard blocks of Coney Island, NY. At an early age, he began to learn the fundamentals of the streets and how to survive as a hustler in New York. As heard in many stories before, music and especially Hip-Hop changed the young gunner's life when he decided to pick up the mic to tell his story. During Sparkz' come up as an aspiring and talented emcee, who is constantly improving his rap skillz, he opened up shows for established artists like Fabolous, M.O.P., Naughty By Nature, and other celebrities that rose from the streets of New York.

Label: www.bigbizrecords.com .
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sparkzbigbiz .
Twitter: www.twitter.com/sparkzbigbiz .

Video: Rock Mob f/ Short Dawg - "FRESH"

From Rap Star Promo:

Video: Rock Mob f/ Short Dawg - "FRESH"

Bop Alloy - They Got The Jazz

Substantial was one of my original Artists Of The Week when I started this feature back in 2006. Since then he’s gotten married, moved from Brooklyn back to his original home of Maryland, release a couple albums, and had a child. The one thing I don’t think he’s done is sleep, because even with all that going on he still found the time to link up with Seattle producer Marcus D to create Bop Alloy. This week I caught up with both Substantial and Marcus D to find out more about the Bop Alloy project, including how they came together for it, the musical direction it goes in that will have longtime Substantial fans cheering, and why they’re so big in Japan.

Read the full interview at: http://adambernard.blogspot.com/2010/11/artist-of-week-bop-alloy.html

Video: S.A.S. - "So Far"

From 7Thirty Online:

Video: S.A.S. - "So Far"

Video/MP3: TeV95 - "Fly Your Way"

From 95 FLAVAS:

Video/MP3: TeV95 - "Fly Your Way"

Two days after a mysterious vapor trail appeared at sundown off the Los Angeles coast a stunning replay occurred in the sky over Far Rockaway.

Man can also fly.



Fly Your Way
Music produced by TeV95

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