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Video: Skroodle Explains How Wild St. Pete Get

Video: Skroodle Explains How Wild St. Pete Get

Courtesy of DJ Smallz.

Skroodle Explains How Wild St. Pete Get from DJ Smallz. Daily Dose of Rap Lyrics: August 15th, 2011 Daily Dose of Rap Lyrics: August 15th, 2011

The Brothahood, Doap Nixon, Elly Jackson, Jay-Z, Lounge Lo, Mr. Hudson, Royce Da 5'9, Swizz Beatz, Wax, Kanye West, Your Favorite Martian and more have new lyrics today on OHHLA!

Video: French Producer Djenius' Top 7 Beats

Video: French Producer Djenius' Top 7 Beats

Courtesy of Lil K Genius.

MP3: I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) - "I'll Take Her"

MP3: I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) - "I'll Take Her"

Courtesy of Dove @ Tygereye.

* *

For those you who appreciate live instrumentation and thoughtful lyrics, please take a listen to "I'll Take Her" from five-member Hip Hop band In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.).

This track appears on the band's upcoming EP We are I.C.E., which will be available on September 11, 2011. The six-track project is fully produced and played by group members Rob (keys), Hiro (lead guitar), Verne (bass) and Malik (percussion), with lead vocalist Props laying down the verses.

Please feel free to share "I'll Take Her"!

MP3: Amante Da Prez - "ATL State of Mind" (prod. Cool Kid Piddy)

MP3: Amante Da Prez - "ATL State of Mind" (prod. Cool Kid Piddy)

Courtesy of JME.

amante da prez - atl state of mind trailer 2 atl zones (atlanta version of nas ny state of mind)
Press Release: Zin (South Africa) Loves Hip-Hop

Press Release: Zin (South Africa) Loves Hip-Hop

Courtesy of Melanie J. Cornish.

Eager to make a lasting impression as he begins introducing himself to the American and European markets, South African born and raised entertainer Zin is proclaiming his love for music in this, the debut single WE LOVE HIP-HOP. This is the lead off single from his impending album, 7Sinz, which will be released later this year.

Teaming up with his longtime friend and production mastermind, Chico,on the infectious WE LOVE HIP-HOP, the caliber of production and the way in which the song is put together sets the precedent for what we can expect to hear from Zin in the future. His appreciation for music is present in his music and he hopes that people will be able to relate to his story-telling. Understanding that the journey to becoming a world renowned entertain is not without hard work, Zin is prepared and eager to start his travels in making it into the spotlight.

"I want to enforce just how global Hip-Hop is with this track. From the streets of Brooklyn to the townships of South Africa, it would be amazing to work on a remix from every continent in native tongues just to show how global our love for the art is." - Zin

The Modern Day Renaissance Man

Pretoria based entertainer Zin, born Bonani Phaweni, is the epitome of multifaceted. Able to wow a crowd with his energetic stage presence while instantaneously changing his mindset to that of Director when he is behind the camera shooting videos or movies, there is nothing this creatively charged personality will shy away from.

Eager to pave a way for himself and others around the globe, Zin’s philanthropic endeavors to benefit his home region are just as important as the work he does in the studio and behind the camera.

Zin established his own company QD (Quality Defined) to house the creativity which courses through his veins on so many levels. Adamant that his enthusiasm and business acumen will enlighten other performers and entertainers to reach beyond their city to promote themselves and their work, Zin strives to make a difference.

Gearing up for the release of his debut project 7sinz, Zin has already garnered an abundance of positive press from all corners of the globe. With the accompanying video to the song We Love Hip-Hop being featured on an abundance of channels and online portals Zin is primed and ready for take off.

For more on Zin check out the following sites
Reverb Nation

PR: Cormega Announces New Album Available September 27th

PR: Cormega Announces New Album Available September 27th

Courtesy of Jackie O.


One of hip-hop’s most prolific poets, Cormega, announced the release of his forthcoming musical collection:Cormega: Raw Forever to be released September 27th.  The double disc set features a collection of Cormega’s classics as selected by fans and a companion disc featuring a live band, The Revelations (of Wu-Tang's Chamber Music and Legendary Weapons fame) whose remixes bring a new live sound and instrumentation to some of Mega’s fan favorites.
The classics included on disc 1 were easy for him to select because the selections came from his active message board on and from paying close attention to audience response at his live shows.  “For Raw Forever, I knew I had to put "Saga," “Killaz Theme,” and "Dead Man Walking," on there even though, I, the new Cory, am not a big fan of "Dead Man Walking." I don't use as much profanity as I used to and I'm not as graphic now as I used to be. I know Dead Man Walking really resonates with people, so I included it for the fans. There are also songs that I really love like "Love Is Love" which I added to give the collection some balance.” Other tracks include “Journey,” “Testament,” ‘True Meaning,” and more.
The music on the second disc is a mixture of original songs and Cormega classics remixed and reinterpreted by The Revelations Band and features Lil Fame of M.O.P. and Baby Pun (Big Pun’s son); AZ and Nature; Blaq Poet, Tragedy Khadafi and Havoc; Red Alert, Parrish Smith, Grand Puba, KRS One & Big Daddy Kane. “The first time I worked with The Revelations was on the Wu Chamber Music project. The idea was really raw to me. I always had the curiosity of working with a live band, but what actually manifested our collaborations was seeing the audience’s response when we performed together at Santos [Party House in New York City] September 1, 2010. The response from the crowd was over-whelming! It was incredible!” After the show, we recorded and leaked a remix of my song,  ‘Journey’ and it too got a lot of love, so I decided to take the experiment even further and see how it would sound if they redid some of my other songs and that’s how this project came about.”
“I wanted to do Raw Forever to bring something back to hip-hop. As far as the culture [of Hip Hop], I think of it as a pretty girl...If you remember my song, ‘American Beauty,’ you recall that I compared hip-hop to a woman. Hip-hop was a beautiful woman, and then she started hangin' out with some chicken-heads, and she wanted to be like them. The chicken-heads took her to a club and introduced her to some dudes and said, "If you do this, they'll give you this." That's where Hip Hop is; she started becoming a whore. At this particular moment, she needs some sophistication. A lot of emcees, don't want to grow up, and that's what's making Rap/Hip-Hop look bad.”
Although he considers himself a veteran after over a decade recording, Cormega explains that it took him a while to finally decide to put out a best of collection. “I always wanted to do aBest Of, but I didn't feel like I accomplished enough - sometimes I still [feel that way]. At the end of the day, I’ve been in the game for a while. I’ve been making albums for 10 years and while I consider myself to be a veteran now; I don't consider myself to be a legend - that's a word that's too easily [said] from people's tongues. Certain people ain't legends. You can't call me a legend, and then call Eric B. or Pete Rock "legends." They've contributed so much more than me, and they've had so much impact that callin' me a legend is an insult to real legends. I finally decided to put all the songs that people love most together in one compilation, but I also wanted to offer them something new too.  The band definitely brings a different vibe to my lyrics.  For example we remixed the song "Get It In" from Born And Raised and added [Big] Pun's son, Baby Pun. The version on Raw Forever sounds better than the one on the original album!”
“It’s not on this album, but The Revelation and I also recorded a benefit single “I Made A Difference” to support the work that Sean Penn’s organization is doing in Haiti. I visited Haiti after the earthquake and was so moved by the spirit of the people that I wanted to do something to help. The Revelations laid down the instrumentals with keyboards by Jazimoto and I got Redman, Steele, Stic Man of Dead Prez, Lil Fame of MOP, and singer/songwriter Maya Azucena to record verses. The song was released digitally through RED/Sony distribution and is available on iTunes.”
When asked how it feels to compact almost his entire musical legacy onto a double disc and then experiment with a band to recreate classics, Cormega responds, “When I look back at my career, I see growth. Born and Raised might be my favorite Cormega album; some people might say I'm crazy for that and argue that The Realness is better. I think Born and Raised is my best album, 'cause it shows growth. I must've lost a few people with that, 'cause not everybody's ready to grow. Rap is like the guy that's getting older that doesn't want to get older, that still wants to be down. There's nothing wrong with growing and that’s what I’m doing with Raw Forever, bringing a little sophistication back to hip-hop. When you have a live band, everybody is bringin' a different ingredient to it, that’s what keeps music alive.”
* *
* *

Mixtape: Shinobi Ninja - "The Chronicles of Hashy Larry"

Mixtape: Shinobi Ninja - "The Chronicles of Hashy Larry"

Courtesy of Matt @ Coalmine.

Shinobi Ninja, the six member consortium of Brooklyn-based musicians are pleased to present their latest mixtape, The Chronicles of Hashy Larry, which is now available for free download.  This 17 track project includes original material, remixes as well as some intriguing mash-ups that showcase the group's chemistry, talent and uniqueness.  Featured on TCOHL are Liv L'Raynge, iD Vicious, Skoob (of Das EFX), EMC2, Crosby and Bazaar Royale.  Click on either of the links below to download...rolling papers not included.


01.  Intro
02.  Stupidfacedd (Shinobi Ninja Remix)
03.  Tribute To Fred (feat. Liv L'Raynge)
04.  Scatta (Shinobi Ninja Remix feat. iD Vicious)
05.  W.E.E.D. (Interlude)
06.  Duke Sims
07.  Whip My Prince ("Hashy Larry" Shinobi Ninja Remix)
08.  My Own Summer ("Rolling Stoned" Shinobi Ninja Remix feat. Skoob of Das EFX)
09.  Band In Brooklyn (Interlude) 
10.  Pass Out ("The Most Real" Shinobi Ninja Remix feat. Not Them)
11.  Ebz and Baby G (Interlude)
12.  Don't Know Me [Whatever] (feat. EMC2)
13.  Fly Girls
14.  Heavy Metal Lover (Shinobi Ninja Remix)
15.  Downhearted (Shinobi Ninja Remix feat. Crosby)
16.  D.U.K.I.E. D.I.G.I.T.A.L. (feat. Bazaar Royale)
17.  Respect The DJ (feat. DJ Axis Powers)
MP3: Presice - "Fuego" (Dominican Day Dedication)

MP3: Presice - "Fuego" (Dominican Day Dedication)

Courtesy of Rashid Littlejohn.

Download: .

"Fuego" is a record to all the hot latina ladies around the world
in dedication of the Dominican Day Parade


MP3: Detroit Rapper Off-Rip's Second Single "They Say"

MP3: Detroit Rapper Off-Rip's Second Single "They Say"

Courtesy of Juan Neal.

Artist: Off-Rip
City: Detroit, MI
Mixtape Title: The Intro: Meet Off-Rip
Single Title Attached: They Say
Twitter: @OffRip
Detroit Artist Off-Rip gears up to release second single.  Already known in the city through his affiliation with District 81 Clothing and Party Promotions, Off-Rip created a buzz with the release of his lead single Cocky and Arrogant featuring Shady Records' Artists Royce Da 5'9" and Joe Budden.  The song and video appeared on hundreds of hip hop web sites including 2 Dope Boyz, Nah Right and World Star Hip Hop.  The song has gotten radio play in several cities across the United States.  This has allowed him to develop a loyal fan base.  Now with the release of his second single They Say featuring Bobbi from his forthcoming album The Intro: Meet Off-Rip, his camp is looking to keep the buzz going.  That's where you come in!  Radio spins, club spins, links on your personal blogs, etc. could help the movement tremendously.

His first single brought him a lot of shine, but he anticipates this second single They Say to take him to the next level. This song shows his skillfulness as an artist as he cleverly addresses many of the most well-known sayings and cliches.  They Say makes you think deeply, laugh and question some ideologies.

I have attached the clean and explicit versions of both singles below. The website to hear any other Off-Rip track or read up on the artist you can visit  If there is anything else you need, please feel free to contact Off-Rip at
Off-Rip Feat. Royce da 5'9", Joe Budden - Cocky and Arrogant Video Link WWSH -


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