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PR: LMNZ Featured on Nomadic Wax Records' "Diaspora: A Global Mixtape Movement, Vol. 2"

International Hip-Hop Comes Alive: Nomadic Wax Records set to release Volume 2 of “Diaspora: A Global Mixtape Movement”

Volume 2 features talent from Africa, Europe, North America, Asia and South America. A global evolution from Tony Touch’s legendary Power Cypha: 50 MCs mixtapes series, the Diaspora Mixtape brings together over 50 international Hip-Hop artists who contribute a 16 bar verse in their native tongue, showcasing the cultural, stylistic, and linguistic diversity of each region’s respective Hip-Hop scene.

The mixtape’s run time has been doubled to 50 minutes and, in an exclusive, behind-the-scenes movie [http://vimeo.com/22769542], a 30-minute video was added. Revealing details from the conception and production of “Diaspora Mixtape” including clips of each artist in their respective environment spitting their bars from the drop.

Diaspora Mixtape Vol 2 (2011): Full Video from Nomadic Wax on Vimeo.


Visit http://www.DiasporaMixtape.com/ to learn more about the project and download Volume 2 of the series.

Here’s the music video of LMNZ' contribution featuring Badkat from Florida, who he's currently also working with.


Peace and Love, LMNZ

Tracklist -
(Intro) DJ Boo – NYC
Metric Man – Trinidad-Tobago/NYC
Rafiya – Congo/Philadelphia
Hired Gun – NYC
Shokanti – Cape Verde/Boston
Alex Antonov – Italy
Amkoullel + Ramsès (Made In Africa, M.I.A.) – Mali
Outspoken – Zimbabwe
Mr. Reo – Haiti/NYC
Final Outlaw – NYC
Delaceiba – Honduras/NYC
G.O. Mantrazik – Tunisia
This Side Up – Ireland
Zero Plastica – Italy
Legijata – Macedonia
Infinite – New Jersey
Lalibella – Uganda/NYC
Senor Igor – France
Trenton – South Africa/UK
KTD – Senegal
Mohammed Yahya – Mozambique/UK
Siak De Illuminate – Argentina
Quadraphonik – Morocco
Poetes Fyziks – Gabon/Burkina Faso
Daddy Jeff – Euskadi
Entroterra Roots – Italy
Stichiz – Haiti
Baf Diguess – Burkina Faso
LMNZ – Germany

Grandmaster Chu – China/USA
Wes Chen – China
Cambio – California
Aivan – Sapmi/Norway/Malta
Seventh Mic – Burkina Faso/Canada
Monza – Mauritania
Marcianos Crew – Argentina
Yao Bobby– Togo
Njimole – Nigeria/New Jersey
Contra Las Cuerdas – Uruguay
Illard Scott – NYC
(Outro) DJ Boo – NYC

Video: Stylah - "So Sick"

From 730Promo:

Video: Stylah - "So Sick"

Video: Quite Nyce - "HMMM" (Filmed in Switzerland)

From ProTalent:

Video: Quite Nyce - "HMMM" (Filmed in Switzerland)

Quite Nyce is back with his new single HMMM off his upcoming street album entitled CRTFD that will be dropping later this month. Quite Nyce finds himself relating to the everyday 9 to 5 worker just trying to make more money to feed their families. We all can get lost in that comfort of that particular hustle and forget that life is about aspiring to constantly do better. Quite Nyce links up with FLEO a soulful producer from Switzerland , who produced HMMM. As an added bonus he was able to shoot an amazing video in Fribourg, Switzerland with the same production team THE FEPFILMS that filmed his last big single CAUTIOUS. The cinematography in this video is on a major level and competes with the best. You add that with undeniable production and lyrics with a message and that is the recipe for a big big record. Please support this record anyway you can via radio, print, social media outlets, word of mouth, etc. Again we appreciate your support and look forward to your feedback.

Quite Nyce - HMMM / VIDEO LINK
Quite Nyce - HMMM / AUDIO LINK (Dirty and Clean)

PR: Baron Von Alias to Perform at Radio One Big Weekend Festival + New Single

[Baron Von Alias] 

Baron Von Alias the Time Travelling emcee from  the UK has returned.  After achieving two top 3 hits in the US College Radio Charts and gaining rave reviews for his latest album ‘Out-of-Body Experience’, The Baron has proved he has a consistent work rate to match the best of them.  Hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North of England he has bombarded us with albums since his arrival in 2007.

The Baron is held in very high regard by various hip hop blogs and review sites and has recently been chosen by the BBC to be part of the BBC Introducing Stage at Radio Ones Big Weekend Festival performing alongside the likes of Foo Fighters, Black Eyed Peas, Tinie Tempah, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and many more. The BBC have a history of picking all the stars of tomorrow so all bodes well for the Baron in the near future. Starting off this year’s festival proceedings in the UK with the BBC Radio One Big Weekend Baron is also performing at the Evolution Festival alongside the likes of Tinie Tempah, Plan B and again many more.

February 2009 saw Baron Von Alias become the MySpace featured artist after the release of the Mechanism mixtape, which lead on to his first official album release in April 2009 named ‘Timepiece’. The Baron has since released numerous albums and singles on iTunes all gaining wide internet coverage and great reviews. Baron also has a very interesting selection of videos that accompany many of his tracks, which are all well worth a look having won Best Hip Hop video by Ourstage.com for ‘Silence Masks’ in 2008, the videos have only become more and more zany and insane.

Acknowledging the craft of his contemporaries the Baron has been joined on his intricate time travel through the present day by a hand picked selection. The likes of Hip Hop heavy weights such as Guilty Simpson, Oh No, Khrysis, T3 (Slum Village), Frank N Dank, Wildchild, MED, Wordsworth, Melanie Rutherford, Prince Po, Steesh, Foreign Beggars and many more are enjoying the enthusiasm and originality which Baron Von Alias exudes, with a new album on the way and brand new Khrysis Produced track ‘Move Over’ as the lead single it seems there is alot more to come, sooner than you think. As the Baron proves 'Time waits for no man'.

On May 30th, the single will be released through all the major online retailers like Rhapsody, iTunes, Juno, Amazon, Bandcamp and others. 

For the latest updates, be sure to check out BVA at all of the sites below:

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/iamsteesh
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thisissteesh
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/steesh.haggie
Bandcamp: http://baronvonalias.bandcamp.com
iTunes: http://www.itunes.com/baronvonalias



PR: Trek Life's Group The Kilahertz Drop First Single

From Press Life:

PR: Trek Life's Group The Kilahertz Drop First Single

Greetings good people, hope this email finds you well.  As the summer of 2011 nears, we are finally preparing for new music releases from Trek Life.  We're extremely excited to present the newness that Trek Life has been working on.  The summer promises remixes of Trek Life's Everything Changed Nothing by Marv One, J.Bizness, A3, Bombay and more.  Followed by a 3 video release by J. Williams Washington of songs from Everything Changed Nothing.  Late summer/fall will bring the release of Trek Life's new album "Hometown Foreigner" produced by Maestroe of the critically acclaimed Los Angeles production team E.Super

As you can see we have an exciting summer to look forward to, with that being said Trek Life has also joined a "hybrid music collective" crew called "The Kilahertz."  The group features Trek Life as the emcee, violinist Jason Yang, producer Speesh Beats, & DJ Buddy.  The concept was brought together when DJ Buddy & Speesh Beats felt like the combination of different musical ideas yet hardworking personalities of the groups members would be able to come up with something dope if given the chance to vibe out in the studio.  The first song "I'm a King" proves DJ Buddy very correct.  With the release of the song and official video on April 25, The Kilahertz have seen over 12,000 views on youtube to date & a large amount of blog press including a spot on Big Boy of Power 106's site.  Please check out the video for "I'm a King" below.  We thank you for your time in reading this email and look forward to another great year of good music and moves.

MP3: Big Chief f/ Rick Ross - "Nate Dogg"

From DJ Smallz:

MP3: Big Chief f/ Rick Ross - "Nate Dogg"




DOWNLOAD LINK: http://hulkshare.com/hxe5wmvpca92 .

PR: Neek The Exotic & Large Professor - "Still On The Hustle"

From Audible Treats:

Neek The Exotic & Large Professor Speak On Their New Album "Still On The Hustle"

Neek the Exotic & Large Professor take a moment during a studio session to send fans a brief message about their forthcoming full-length album, Still On The Hustle, dropping May 17th on Fat Beats Records. Both gripping the album, the hip-hop vets have one proclamation; this album is truly from the heart and is a joint effort between the two. Fans also get to sneak a peek at the album artwork and listen to special guest commentary on why the wait will be well worthwhile.

Watch Neek & Large Pro showing off the new album and talking about the project here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbEmUISN1UM .

MP3: Hot Rod - "Osama Bin Laden Is Dead"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: Hot Rod - "Osama Bin Laden Is Dead"

* http://www.mediafire.com/?34amavpl5yyhcmz *

Video: Bigg Jigg - "Gucci Girl"

From BWD Promotions:

Video: Bigg Jigg - "Gucci Girl"

Bigg Jigg found his place in the game and made his official introduction to the world back in 2005 on B.E.T’s 106 & Park Freestyle Friday. A knock out performance gave him the recognition he had been working and waiting for. He was the reigning champ for 4 consecutive weeks, and that was just the push he needed to launch his music career. “Life has a way of placing you in the right place at the right time,” Bigg Jigg says.

Bigg Jigg’s exposure and fan base emerged with an unstoppable force following his appearance on B.E.T. Since then he has toured in over 30 cities and Canada.  He has appeared on numerous mixtapes with well known DJ’s such as DJ Drama and DJ Smallz; and appeared on countless radio and television shows, including two appearances on NYC’s Video City, with host Nina B. Bigg Jigg also was a featured performer in Ohio, Florida and Virginia at the Hot Import Nights Car Show sponsored by Boost Mobile.

MP3: ScholarMan - "A Tree Grows" Free Download

From Soganic Music:

MP3: ScholarMan - "A Tree Grows" Free Download

Check out “A Tree Grows,” a single track download from ScholarMan with several different mixes featuring production from LabMatik, Coop D’Ville, Overlor, Silent War, Jonesy, X3M, Lagbara & Chad and an original self produced version.

Download it here:


Other ScholarMan news:

"Reigndrops" Official Music Video http://youtu.be/wCpU_dfhCmw

"Lyrical Baptism" on MTV! http://tinyurl.com/3uytlca

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