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Video: Savant & Big Meridox - "The Beast & The Best" Promo

From Savant a/k/a Stanstro:

Video: Savant & Big Meridox - "The Beast & The Best" Promo Trailer

Liquid Sound Productions & Passamore Powerplays Present the forthcoming "The Beast & the Best" music video. An Aglofellaz reprise of Savant's January #CrashCourse record reunites the emcee with Tucson, Arizona staple, Viet.Kong.General stalwart and renown microphone bully, Big Meridox and together the two emcees provide cinematic illustration of the rousing jawn while spotlighting several spots integral to the city's simmering yet burgeoning hip hop scene.

Song Title: The Beast & the Best (prod. by Aglofellaz)
-  1st verse: Big Meridox
-  2nd verse & Hook:  Savant
Fdot1 Joins N-Dubz, Tinchy Stryder for LIVE FEST @ O2, London

From Park Street PR:

Fdot1 joins N-Dubz, Tinchy Stryder, Roll Deep & Tempa T for LIVE FEST @ O2, London - Saturday 23rd July 2011

Catch Fdot1 live on stage at Live Fest, London's biggest indoor festival this Saturday 23rd July 2011. Fdot1 will be performing alongside N-Dubz, Tinchy Stryder, Roll Deep, Tempa T and many, many more...

Live Fest is a mud-free zone!

2 for 1 tickets are still available from .

Fdot1 will be performing tracks from his new album "Money MusicK" with special guests 2Amplified, Dray Delta, David Mensah and Kyra Simone, including the new single "She's So" due for release Monday 25th July 2011.

Money MusicK album is available on iTunes
* *

Hip Hop Hold 'Em - Biz Markie, Ed Lover, Zab Judah, The Game

Hip Hop Holdem - Biz Markie, Ed Lover, Zab Judah, The Game

I'm not sure how during the online casino boom I missed out on the phenomenon of hip-hop stars playing poker, but for a short period of time from 2006-2007 you could catch Hip Hop Hold 'Em late at night on the ESPN family of channels. Sadly there's little information out there about this show - a very incomplete IMDB entry and a few random articles that either suggest the show was badly done or possibly even racist, but very little written about it from a hip-hop head's point of view. You can watch hip-hop legend Biz Markie play a hand of Texas hold' em in the clip below. Do the cards have what Biz needs?

The show featured Ed Lover of Yo! MTV Raps fame as a host and Deric 'D-Dot' Angelettie as a commentator, who started out his career in the seminal group Two Kings in a Cipher but quickly gained more fame as a producer for Bad Boy Records. He subsequently used that tenure to portray a character called The Madd Rapper in a series of skits on Bad Boy releases, which ultimately led to a full length album and a mixtape about a decade later. I bring this up because it appears the mixtape came out after Hip Hop Hold 'Em had already gone off the air, which would have given D-Dot more to be MAD about. You can hear D-Dot sounding like Madd Rapper in this clip, commentating on a showdown between boxer Zab Judah and singer Ruben Studdard. I've seen a few poker shows and I feel like he does fine in the role. Shecky Greene (unheard here) also doles out tips.

Now if you've never played Texas hold 'em or video poker before, I realize the card action may be a little much to keep up with. Not surprisingly most of the articles online about this show are quick to jump on the players for that, criticizing them for not knowing whether they are winning or losing a hand. Quite honestly those people are missing the point of this show, and of most celebrity poker shows in general - it's about THE CELEBRITIES. I mean when or where else are you going to watch The Game, Lord Finesse and Rahzel the Human Beatbox sit down and play a hand of cards together?

If you're looking for a show with some true poker wizards, watch 'The Magician' Antonio Esfandiara or Phil 'The Unabomber' Laak on any late night poker show. If you're a hip-hop head who wants to see rap stars and celebrities from R&B and boxing play a few hands while Ed Lover cracks jokes, this show is just fine. Unfortunately this show was very clearly an attempt to cash in during the poker boom of the 2000's by marketing the game as "cool" to a demographic where it wasn't a good match, and the traditional poker players who caught this show are more likely to listen to Frank Sinatra than Big Poppa, so it's not surprising they took a big crap on it and the show quickly vanished from the airwaves. Thanks to the magic of YouTube though, Hip Hop Hold 'Em lives on.

PR: Apathy's New Album "Honkey Kong"

From Matt Conaway:

PR: Apathy's New Album "Honkey Kong"

Apathy is preparing to take his career to another level with the release of his third-solo LP, Honkey Kong, which will be released on 8-23-2011.  The Connecticut emcee and The Get Busy Committee (Apathy, Scoop Deville and Ryu released Uzi Does It in October 2010) and AOTP member has undeniably crafted his best project to date and it includes production from Apathy, DJ Premier, DJ Muggs, Statik Selektah, Evidence, Da Beatminerz and Teddy Roxpin (Mac Miller) among others.  Guest appearances on Honkey Kong include Xzibit, Slaine, Vinnie Paz, Esoteric, Ill Bill, Celph Titled, Action Bronson, General Steele (Smif N Wessun) and Mad Lion.

Tracklisting & Credits for Apathy’s Honkey Kong LP:

1. Honkey Kong featuring Vinnie Paz (produced by Vanderslice)
2. Holy Ghost featuring Slaine (produced by Apathy)
3. The Villain featuring Ill Bill (produced by Apathy)
4. Check to Check (produced by Evidence)
5. Stop What Ya Doin featuring Celph Titled (produced by DJ Premier)
6. The Recipe featuring Xzibit (produced by Stu Bangas)
7. Fear Itself (produced by DJ Muggs)
8. Who Got Da Juice starring Blacastan (skit)
9. It's Only Hip-Hop featuring Brevi (produced by Statik Selektah)
10. I Dedicate This To You featuring Tosha Makia (produced by Smoke The World)
11. All I Think About featuring Action Bronson (produced by Vanderslice)
12. Never Say Never featuring General Steele & Mad Lion (produced by Teddy Roxpin)
13. Albino Gorillas featuring Esoteric (produced by DJ Wayne Ski)
14. Peace Connecticut cuts by Evil Dee (produced by Da Beatminerz)
15. Army Of The Godz featuring Esoteric, Blacastan, Reef The Lost Cauze, Planetary, Crypt The Warchild, Motive, Celph Titled & Vinnie Paz (produced by Teddy Roxpin)
16. 1:52 AM (produced by Apathy)

*!/apathydgz *

Video: Six Reasons - "Fat Lady"

From Samuel Charves:

Video: Six Reasons - "Fat Lady"

Attention all "rappers" - THE FAT LADY HAS SUNG HER LAST NOTE... it's OVER. Here's an exclusive FREE "deleted" track for all my fans and a warning shot to everybody else. EAGLES DON'T FLY WITH SEAGULLS! .

Check out this online exclusive track Six Reasons just released – download it for FREE at .

Also, check out the single, Hello Goodbye now getting radio airplay: .

PR: Project Pat and Hypnotize Minds Team for Loud Pack

From Dove @ Tygereye:

Project Pat and Hypnotize Minds Team for Loud Pack ft. Rick Ross, Brisco & Three 6 Mafia on Select-O-Hits

Memphis, TN -- July 2011 -- Few names channel the essence of Memphis street rap like Project Pat. A true veteran in the "Dirty South" movement, Pat has delivered a slew of hits in the past decade, backed by the intoxicating production of Hypnotize Minds.

On July 19, 2011, Project Pat will deliver his eighth studio album Loud Pack in association with Select-O-Hits.

Guest appearances from Rick Ross, Brisco and Oscar-winners Three 6 Mafia accent the album's 15 booming basslines, fully produced by DJ Paul and Juicy J. Fans purchasing Loud Pack via iTunes will be treated to an exclusive bonus track.

There is no denying the chemistry between Project Pat, his brother Juicy J and DJ Paul. From their collaborations on Three 6 Mafia's "Sippin on Some Syrup" and "Poppin' My Collar" to Pat's own "Chickenhead" and "Don't Call Me No Mo," the trio has created timeless rap classics.

"The thing about Hypnotize Minds is that they know the style you're going to come with," explains Project Pat. "Working with them over the years, we just know how we're going to do it. They already know the beats. Say DJ Paul makes 10 beats, I may mess around and use all 10 of them. He already knew what I was looking for."

With Loud Pack, the lead single "Flashin'" stands out to Pat as a song that fans will gravitate to when they listen to the album.

"Flashin'" has something scary that DJ Paul put into it," explains Pat. "It's like an awareness song to let you know that you shouldn't be so flashy out here. It's ok to be flashy at a party or something, but no need to on a regular day, in a poverty stricken neighborhood. That's not good."

With nearly 15 years of music under his belt, seven albums thus far, and dozens of mixtapes, Pat has more than established himself in the memory of Hip Hop fans. But does he see where a passing of the torch will happen with new artists? Although he can find some fault with the growth of hardcore rap he loves, Pat often finds new talent in his travels to appreciate.

"When I first got in this game, I did it like this old guy told me: 'You got to get it quick and get it fast because it may not last!'" expresses Pat. "I stay blessed. Right now the industry is messed up as far as 'street music.' Me personally, I do reality street music and I have a fan base, so I'm good. The newer music is different, but it's whatever that comes. I listen to people like Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa. I like their music, it's bumping to me."

Also an active real estate investor, Project Pat attests that the recession has been good to him in every way.

"Music has been really good, but the real estate has been really good too though," Pat beams. "Houses have been really cheap to buy. So they kind of go together - I've been getting good shows, and I've been getting good money to buy real estate. I've been really blessed; I'm super good."

For more information on Project Pat, go to, and . Follow Project Pat on Twitter .

Loud Pack track list

01. Duffle Bag
02. I Play Dope Boy
03. I Ain't Got Beef
04. Guess Who
05. Flashin'
06. Bloodhound
07. I Got a Question
08. Everythangs High
09. Gang Signs
10. Ni**as So Cut Throat ft. Juicy J & Brisco
11. 7 Days a Week
12. Kelly Green ft. Juicy J
13. Money on My Mind
14. Penitentiary Chances
15. Dollar Signs (Remix) ft. Rick Ross & Three 6 Mafia
*16. Roll Over - iTunes exclusive bonus track

About Tygereye Entertainment

Founded in 2003, Tygereye Entertainment is a publicity and multi-media company representing some of the freshest talent in the world. We work with media online, with print magazines, news outlets, television and radio, both in the United States and abroad.

The Tygereye family includes entertainers, producers, personalities and industry tastemakers. Check client pages at for updates on special events, new online interviews and new music!

Video: Shaun Boothe f/ STS - "1 2 3"

From Ten Four Publicity:

Video: Shaun Boothe f/ STS - "1 2 3"

PR: Illus - "For Adam" Tracklisting & First Leak "Free"

From Matt Conaway:

PR: Illus - "For Adam" Tracklisting & First Leak "Free"

Illus is one of Hip-hop's best kept secrets- an underground emcee and artist hailing from Connecticut, Illus has toured the globe and worked with some of the greatest emcees of all time including Chuck D, Dilated Peoples, Blackalicious, R.A. the Rugged Man, DMC and more. A professional art teacher and world-famous illustrator, Illus is responsible for the official Public Enemy comic book series and has designed and illustrated album art and merchandise for KRS and BDP, Bumpy Knuckles and Statik Selektah (Lyrical Workout), J-Live, Ill Bill, Apathy, Public Enemy and more. In 2010 Illus released his album, Feel Good Music, which was hailed by Chuck D from Public Enemy as "one of the best albums of 2010".

In 2011, Illus brings us For Adam, a ten-track collection of songs that epitomize the very best of what HipHop has to offer as an art form and culture- positive, hardcore, passionate, meaningful lyrics and beats that penetrate the mind and soul and leave the audience feeling inspired. For Adam also features an incredible collection of talented artists ranging from legends like Freddie Foxxx and Craig G to game-changers like Homeboy Sandman and Eternia and musical sensations Paul Dateh and Erin Barra and is exclusively produced by JJ Brown.

For Adam is an extremely personal project for Illus, one which pays homage to the late Adam Walsh who was murdered in 1981 and whose father John Walsh went on to help create the long-running television program, America's Most Wanted. The album reflects on the darkness of murder, kidnapping, child abuse, addiction, and slavery, while celebrating the strength to overcome the struggles and obstacles of life and live it to the fullest despite the odds. It is a testament to what Hip-hop stands for, the ability to rise up out of the shadows of despair and turn "nothing" into "something"; uniting people from all walks of life and inspiring peace, love, unity and having fun.

Illus "For Adam" Tracklisting:

    Requiem For Adam featuring scratches by Public Enemy's DJ Johnny Juice
    Unstoppable featuring Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles and Paul Dateh with scratches by Public Enemy's DJ Johnny Juice
    Red Dawn
    Born Criminal
    Brighter Day featuring Craig G, Reef the Lost Cauze and Block McCloud
    Free featuring Homeboy Sandman and J.J. Brown
    Better featuring Gift of Gab from Blackalicious and Paul Dateh
    Sons and Daughters featuring Eternia, Wordsworth from EMC and Erin Barra
    R.I.F. featuring Paul Dateh
     Make Some Noize

Illus' "For Adam" will be released on July 26th

The first leaks for the project are included here.

Illus f/Homeboy Sandman & JJ Brown "Free" (produced by JJ Brown) - .

Illus f/Gift Of Gab & Paul Dateh "Better": .

Follow on Twitter: @AdamWallenta

Facebook: .
iTunes: .
Music: .
Website: .
Comic Books: .
Band Camp: .

PR: New Hip Hop Artist Scotty Woot

From ArtistPR:

New Hip Hop Artist Scotty Woot

Chicago native hip-hop artist and lyricist "ScootyWoot" is the true definition of a go getter. ScootyWoot has been in the rap game for a while now under the radar, but continues to gain new fans with his raw wordplay, his impeccable metaphors and his realistic perspective on life.

Although born in the Midwest, ScootyWoot also resided in the south while attending Grambling State University. This stimulating experience gave him a taste of both worlds which expanded his understanding of both cultures. During this critical phase in his life, he spent his time listening to artists such as Twista, Bone, 8 Ball & MJG, Ice Cube, UGK and many more.

ScootyWoot began his career with the "Zombie Tribe/ Elements of Murder" and later went on to release several solo projects. His "Monopoly" mixtape went on to do respectable indie numbers. He later released his first full length album "Stimulus Package" which has been widely distributed around the country. It is available for download on ITunes. His latest mixtape "Bleeding My Block" can now be downloaded on His hot, new single "Money Gone" featuring Atlanta native, Tity Boy aka 2 Chainz is tearing up the club scene and gaining momentum on the radio as well.

Don't forget to call in to your local radio station and request the song "Money Gone". ScootyWoot is sure to make an impact on the music scene as well as your iPod playlists. .

PR: Royce Da 5'9" Unveils "Legendary" feat. Travis Barker

From The Orchard:

PR: Royce Da 5'9" Unveils "Legendary" feat. Travis Barker

This summer, Detroit hip-hop fixture Royce da 5'9" is set to return with his fifth solo effort, Success is Certain. Due August 9th via Gracie Productions, the eleven-track triumph is the long-awaited sequel to the critical darling's 2004 LP, Death is Certain. The latest release showcases the rapidly evolving talent of an increasingly popular hip-hop star. Celebrating what is sure to be Royce's final ascent from underground to mainstream, the release features heavyweights and underground favorites alike – everyone from longtime collaborator Eminem, Blink 182 ex-pat Travis Barker and backpacker Yelawolf make an appearance.

The album also comes fresh on the heels of Bad Meets Evil's Hell: The Sequel, Royce's joint effort with fellow Detroit native and hip hop titan Eminem. Not to be overshadowed by its predecessor, which bowed at #1 on the Billboard charts, Success features the production work of Eminem and DJ Premier. The lead single, "Writer's Block (feat. Eminem)", has already sold 50,000 copies worldwide, and is quickly approaching Top 20 on Urban and Rhythmic radio.

But veering decidedly into rock territory, the soon-to-be-released single "Legendary" is a fist-pumping epic. Featuring an intro interpolated from the classic Rush cut "Xanadu," and drums from the aforementioned Barker, the single boasts some serious teeth. Produced by Eminem, and featuring one of Royce's most impassioned verses on the record, the lead track serves as the perfect introduction to Success. The single will be available at iTunes on July 19th, 2011.

Stream: Royce Da 5'9" – Legendary (feat. Travis Barker): .

Success Is Certain Track List:

01 Legendary (feat. Travis Barker)
02 Writer's Block (feat. Eminem)
03 Merry Go Round
04 Where My Money
05 ER (feat. Kid Vishis)
06 On The Boulevard (feat. Nottz & Adonis)
07 I Ain't Coming Down
08 Security
09 Second Place
10 My Own Planet (feat. Joe Budden)
11 I've Been Up I've Been Down

Royce da 5'9"s worldwide tour includes performances with Eminem at Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and on Saturday Night Live, ensuring success for Success is Certain.

For More Information: and!/Royceda59 .

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