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MP3: Random a/k/a Mega Ran w/ Storyville - "Bedrock City"

MP3: Random a/k/a Mega Ran w/ Storyville - "Bedrock City"

Happy Holidays! Is all of your shopping done yet? Mine is nowhere near. But lucky for me, I'm off this week, so I'll handle that, as well as all of the other things I've been trying to get done like sleeping.... Winter Break FTW.

Yo, did I tell you that we recorded a song IN A COMIC BOOK SHOP while on tour last month? well it's true, we did. That should go in a Guiness book or something...pretty sure that's never been done.

Anyway,that song is here, and FREE for ALL to enjoy!

DOWNLOAD "BEDROCK CITY" w/Storyville (Produced by K-Murdock) free here - http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/song_6443705?eid=A36997_6731357_19594162 .

I even put together a lil youtube vid, check that out.

Big shout out to everyone in Houston, especially those who came out to the THREE events we had there, at Cactus Music, Super Happy Fun Land and Bedrock City Comics.

speaking of comics, if any of you read comics, or haven't in a while, make sure you read Y: THE LAST MAN. It's mad old, and I'm late, I know, but I can't put it down! I'm on book 4 and there are like 10, so if anyone wants to get me a present, there ya go :-)

I hear that there will be a movie next year with Shia LeBouf and Alicia Keys...should be interesting.

already read it ? then get The Goon and Walking Dead.

More music will be coming this week, as the FIRST single from my next project, a FREE EP based on one of the greatest video game experiences of all time, will drop.

Feel free to send me your guesses, but if you listen to my music or interviews at all, I've mentioned it several times... in fact I'm not even sure why I'm being secretive about it. But anyway, it'll be on iTunes and Amazon Tuesday.

But OF COURSE, people that are on my messageboard will get it FREE and EARLY. how's that for a stimulus plan? save money and get good music.

enjoy your week and pay it forward if you can.


Random, aka Mega Ran

MP3: Rasheed, C-Logic, Shaz & Savant - "On the Asphalt"

From Savant Daggett:

MP3: Rasheed, C-Logic, Shaz & Savant - "On the Asphalt"

Presenting the inter-regional banger *"On the Asphalt"*. The record features
a thumping backdrop laced by Latvia's *"...god of sonic lacing..."*,
monkeymusician <http://soundcloud.com/nenosaukts>, and *"four flows [from]
four regions"* consisting of bars from Corvallis, Oregon's
Huntsville, Alabama's Shaz <http://www.myspace.com/shazmusic>, Chicago's
Savant <http://savantrarebreed.bandcamp.com> and Project City, New Jersey's
(Passaic) Rasheed Chappell <http://rasheedchappell.bandcamp.com>. Please
believe the* "... roster is mighty favored..."*. On another note, the poll
wherein you can vote Savant as Tucson's Best Hip Hop Artist will remain open
until 12/31/2010. Be sure to cast your vote at http://poll.pollcode.com/kUC and
spread the word.


Song Title: *On the Asphalt *(prod. by
-  1st verse: Rasheed Chappell <http://twitter.com/rasheedchappell>
-  2nd verse: C-Logic <http://twitter.com/iamclogic>
-  3rd verse: Shaz <http://shazmusic.blogspot.com/>
-  4th verse & Hook- Savant <http://twitter.com/savantrarebreed>

MP3: Dutch Defoe - "OK, All Right"

MP3: Dutch Defoe - "OK, All Right"

This weeks track is now available at www.mediafire.com/dutchdefoe for those people who want to download it. Please see link below and visit the mediafire page to download previous tracks.


Team DDF



Video: DJ Smallz on 97.9 The Beat in Dallas

Video: DJ Smallz on 97.9 The Beat in Dallas

MP3: Keyshia Cole f/ Timbaland - "Last Hangover"

From M3W:

MP3: Keyshia Cole f/ Timbaland - "Last Hangover"

* http://mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/keyshiacolehangover/blast-page.html *

MP3: Dupreme - "iPod"

From Famous Records:

MP3: Dupreme - "iPod"

Today in the world of music, it seems as though most artists are convinced that if they produce a recording the public will automatically respond in a positive manner. This is hardly ever the case! As a matter of fact, most artists never get discovered or really get heard, beyond their own inner circle of friends, and family. Unfortunately, as time continues, talent seems to have less and less to do with musical success; just listen to the radio; but every so often an artist appears that has something very, very special; then it becomes a matter of exposure, and when a manager or a recording company is blessed enough to discover an artist who works extra hard at perfecting his talent and craft…it’s going to be a really good day!!! Dupreme is such an artist!!!

Dupreme Ammonds was born in the East New York section of Brooklyn New York. In his early years, his family moved to Southeastern Virginia where he attended High School. His talent, dedication, and drive overwhelmed the entire staff of Carpe Diem Artist Development Group, and Famous Records. We all agree that we have an artist with true talent, and potential staying power… In our opinion, Dupreme is definitely destined for greatness…you be the judge. Here is his debut CD, “Humanized Robotics”.

* http://www.famousrecordscorp.com/music/Dupreme-iPod.mp3.zip *

Famous Records Artist Gdep Admits to Murder... in 1993!

From Famous Records:

Famous Records Artist Gdep Admits to Murder... in 1993!

After 17 years of living with guilt, Trevell Coleman, better known as rapper G-Dep, walked into the 25th Precinct on Wednesday and admitted to fatally shooting a man outside of an East Harlem housing project almost two decades ago. The victim was John Henkel, a Queens man whom Coleman attempted to rob on the night of October 19th, 1993. "It was just eating away at him," said one police source.

Coleman reportedly confessed that Henkel resisted the robbery and grabbed his .40-caliber gun. Coleman then allegedly pulled away and shot Henkel three times in the chest, and upon review of the cold-case file all of Coleman's details matched. Coleman was 18 at the time, but has been arrested 25 times since 2003 for drugs, burglary and grand larceny. He has been charged with murder, and is being held without bail.

Coleman is best known for his album Child Of The Ghetto, featuring the single "Let's Get It.". He was signed to rapper Diddy's Bad Boy Records at the time, and Diddy performed on the single. Coleman reportedly no longer has ties to the label and is currently signed to Florida based “FAMOUS RECORDS” headed by Industry veteran Jeffrey Collins.

Collins is reportedly “in shock”! We have recently released his NEW album “Ghetto Legend” and had some great plans for promoting his forthcoming single “Hold On” quoted one of his label’s representatives.

G. Dep originally joined the Bad Boy family during the rebuilding years following the Notorious B.I.G.'s death in the late '90s. Hailing from the same Harlem streets of fellow Bad Boy rapper Black Rob, Dep, aka the Deputy, first appeared on Rob's 1999 debut album and subsequently continued to make cameos with other Bad Boy artists. Following Puff Daddy's conversion to P. Diddy, Bad Boy entered its Saga Continues era, beginning with Diddy's album of the same name. Dep played an important role in this Bad Boy era, being second only to Black Rob as Diddy's right-hand man. Dep's debut album, Child of the Ghetto, appeared in late 2001, featuring "Let's Get It," one of the better songs on the previously released Saga Continues, along with the lead single "Special Delivery." He resurfaced in 2007 on Bad Boy with an independently produced album featuring Loon, another Bad Boy artist. Now that he has joined the FAMOUS RECORDS family, We trust you will enjoy listening to the man from the ghetto!

* http://www.famousrecordscorp.com/music/GDep-HoldOn.mp3.zip *

MP3: Stereo Boyz - "Get it In"

From TSB:

MP3: Stereo Boyz - "Get it In"

We are leaking the first song off our upcoming EP "Live from the Ghettoblaster" exclusively to selected DJs and radio stations. 

Artist: Stereo Boyz
Song: Get it in
Off the EP: Live from the Ghettoblaster (release date: Jan 22nd 2011)
Produced by Mixo aka Applauze Beetz


Download here:

Explicit: Stereo Boyz - Get It In.mp3

Clean: Stereo Boyz - Get It In (clean).mp3


MP3: Planet Asia - "Boiler Makers"

From RawDrive.com:


New track from Planet Asia “Boiler Makers” produced by Madlib, taken from his upcoming prelude album Crack Belt Theater. The LP drops Dec. 28th. Look for Black Belt Theater in 2011.

Video: Exclusive Alchemist Interview From Recordkingz TV

From Recordkingz TV:

Video: Exclusive Alchemist Interview From Recordkingz TV

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