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Friday October 31, 2014
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[Run the Jewels 2] Don't cry.

Run the Jewels Review

Latest News Headlines
Lil Flip's "Respect Me" Due Out Sept. 29th

The Lone Star State's Lil Flip aka Flip Gates to Drop New LP "Respect Me" September 29th

Distributed by E1 Entertainment (formerly Koch), prominent Indie High Powered Entertainment will release Lil Flip's"Respect Me" online and in stores everywhere 9/29

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 16, 2009 -- The Lone Star state's Lil Flip, aka Flip Gates, is back again and ready to seize his rightful spot among southern rap royalty with the High Powered Entertainment CD release Respect Me, online and in stores everywhere on September 29th.

Official Lil Flip Flyer
Official Lil Flip Flyer

With street inspired themes, state of the art rhymes, and cutting edge production, this album will most definitely keep heads banging and clubs jumping. A voracious prodigy of the late legendary mix tape visionary DJ Screw, Lil Flip has delivered a winner with Respect Me; a killer collection of 15 original certified anthems, produced by J Silva (Keyshia Cole, Lil Wayne, E-40, Daz Dillinger and more).

The title track "RESPECT ME", offers fans a glimpse into the rapper's past and present deeds, set to a hard driving beat. "SHAWTY WANNA THUGG", a swag strong Hip Hop/ R&B joint, meshes smooth vocals and Flip's magnetizing lyrics. "SWANGAZ ON BENTLEYS" is a lyrical wonderland of quick punch lines and infectious flow all topped off with a catchy, chopped and screwed hook. Other titles include the LP's 1st single; "Da #1 Fly Boy", "2 Steppin", "I Got To Be", "I'm Back" and more.

"The thing about this album is that it's so reflective of me, my music, life and lifestyle," says the laid back 28-year-old Lil Flip, "Trust me; everything I rap about is based on truth. So when I rhyme dirty style about the Bentleys, the clubs, the platinum, the girls, my life's lessons or whatever, it's not bragging, it's just fact."

The underground legendary rapper is constantly in the lab creating and striving to put out quality music for his loyal fans. Distributed by E1 Entertainment (formerly Koch), Respect Me is a solid full length LP that is sure to satiate any rap aficionado and garner Flip Gates, respect he deserves!

Want a sneak peek of RESPECT ME? Check out these links including the hot new single "Da #1 Fly Boy":




To learn more about Lil Flip or for music samples visit Lil_Flip_Myspace.

Q-Tip Kamaal The Abstract Video Footage

EXCLUSIVE Q-Tip Kamaal The Abstract Video Footage

Starting today, Jive/Battery Records will be releasing daily webisodes created by Q-Tip where he discusses every track of his highly anticipated album, Kamaal The Abstract, available everywhere September 15th.

There are a total of 11 webisodes: the first one can be found today at  The direct link to the video can be found here.

Be sure to check in everyday at for a new video.  Tomorrow we will release the second webisode where Q-Tip talks about the first track on the album “Feelin.”

Kamaal The Abstract is available for preorder at iTunes here.

All webisodes were shot by Mills Miller and produced by By Any Means.




Andreas Hale Is No Longer With BET

From Andreas Hale:

To friends, colleagues and those that should know,

As of today (September 8, 2009) I am no longer the Executive Editor of Music at

Upon entering the position at BET I said that I needed one year to see what really went on inside the belly of the beast. I needed 365 days to sleep with the enemy and infiltrate the system. One year to see if they REALLY wanted change at BET.

As someone who has been critical of BET for many years, it surprised many that I would leave my post at HipHopDX last year to take a position at BET. But it was an opportunity I absolutely had to take. I could no longer be critical of this company without accepting the opportunity to change it when given. Although I was hired to bring about change, I was systematically shut down. I wasn’t hired to make noise, I was hired to be silenced.

The truth of the matter is that everything that you thought was wrong with BET is true.

Over the past year I’ve seen a lot to reinforce my position that BET is too far gone in the negative to turn into a positive. We have all always thought the worst, but to actually see it in action is another thing in its entirety. The unprofessionalism, the tom foolery, the favors, the misappropriation of resources, the bad ideas that reinforce negative stereotypes, the emasculation of men, the meetings that break down in full fledged cursing battles, the unpaid overtime, the tears from employees scared for their underpaid and overworked positions and ultimately the unwillingness to change are all harsh realities that I’ve witnessed firsthand. 

That is not to say that there aren’t some good people who have sat in the offices of BET. Unfortunately, the good people are not in positions of power to instill any change. Instead, they work their fingers to the bone just to keep their jobs in this harsh economic climate. The other good people ran out of the door as soon as an another employment opportunity presented itself. To say BET was a revolving door would be an understatement.

I came in with a plan to provide balance and to deliver good music to the masses and help make BET relevant again - at least in the dot com world. Those attempts were shut down by out of touch executives who run a dot com but could barely turn on a computer. By those who judge their metrics by page views over absolute unique visitors (that‘s ad sales talk). By those who simply don’t understand the internet.

They brought me in because of my track record but never once took a look at my body of work. If they did, they would have known that I was the pen behind editorials such as “BET’s Coon Picnic” or were aware of the many times I have been critical of their award shows and programming. All they knew is that I played a major role in making a once unknown website into a online media outlet that surpassed theirs and they wanted a piece of the action. Too bad they never researched who I really was.

During my tenure I worked long hours and sometimes succeeded at bringing in decent content to try to reflect the change I wanted to achieve. But it wasn’t without opposition. While some interviews and content initiatives were able to make it through, many others were either shut down or met with ridicule.  I offered ideas to incorporate the blog world and to spotlight new talent before MTV did. Those ideas were met with comments such as “This isn’t HipHopDX” or “You don’t know what you are talking about.”

BET is not about the quality of your work. Rather, BET is about the relationships you have with powerful people within the company. BET is not about challenging. Instead, BET is about accepting and saying “yes.” If you have known or followed me over the years, you would know that these are things that simply are not in my character and ultimately resulted in my removal.

For the artists and labels that I have worked with for years, I tried. I did whatever I could to achieve that balance many of us wanted to see happen.  To the writers who wanted to writer for BET, I made an attempt but was never given a budget to work with.

Upon my arrival, I was told I would be given a staff. Not true. I had a staff of one to carry out daily operations on a website. I fought tooth and nail to accomplish the minimum (an embeddable player and a site people could navigate) and was constantly brushed off. It was a position that was set up for failure. But I endured as long as I could.

Alas, I have been removed from my position after infiltrating the system and the timing was perfect. I wasn’t let go because the site’s numbers were down. Not because I didn’t work hard. Simply because of a personality clash with an individual whose proverbial ass I didn’t kiss enough. Again, not about the work you do but about the relationships you keep and the sides you take.

I’d like to thank BET for covering the cost of my relocation to bring me to the great city of New York/New Jersey. I’d also like to thank them for putting me in close quarters with people who think like me and will hopefully work with in the near future. I’d also like to thank them for providing me enough controversial content that I observed firsthand and will make for many tales to be told.

I said it and I meant in: One year to either make changes or move on. I left HipHopDX on September 16th 2008. Today is September 8, 2009. Eight days short of a year. Most thought I wouldn’t even last that long. But in that year I’ve had my greatest fears about Black Entertainment Television affirmed. 

There is so much wrong with BET that I’d rather not break it down in a single email.

It is pretty good fodder for a book don’t you think?

As of today, Andreas Hale is a free agent.

Andreas Hale
Mulatto Patriot - They Don't Know f/ Pumpkinhead

Here's a new free Mulatto Patriot leak featuring Brooklyn Academy's Pumpkinhead, as well as Chi-Town family members Ka Di & Propser Jones. MP remixes the original for a new flavor to the track. The "Sonic Visuals Remix" LP is out in stores now!



Mulatto Patriot, or MP as he is also known, is not what you would typically expect of a hip-hop artist. Hailing from Chicago, IL, MP is a more than just a talented and multi-faceted producer, engineer and entrepreneur. He is an active member in his community where he engages and educates local youth with the same fervor and appreciation that attracted him to hip-hop so long ago.

Born and raised in Hyde Park, on the Southside of Chicago, MP grew up listening to Jazz (Stan Getz and Oscar Peterson) as well as the electric and eclectic sounds that permeated the urban streets, which defined the city. Drawing from moody blues to soulful house, Chicago hip-hop is known for its distinct musical influences that have produced a bevy of artists and styles not easily defined and refusing to be pigeonholed.

MP's affinity for music began very early in his life helping his father, a professional pianist. By the age of 8, MP began to learn the process of setting up gigs. As he grew older his love for Jazz naturally evolved into his love for hip-hop. Understanding that music business can be a difficult and tedious trade, he enrolled at Full Sail Real World Education in Orlando, FL. There he attained the knowledge and art of composing a greater quality of music while also learning the fundamentals of the business. At the age of 20 he bought his first turntables and shortly thereafter began to DJ at in-stores, club dates and a weekly radio show at WKRP Rollins College where he dedicated his time to incoroprate independant hip hop artists.

With a mass of opportunities before him in Orlando, MP decided to return to Chicago and rep his home. Armed with newfound knowledge and a desire to work, MP was quickly hired to engineer projects for other artists often leaving him with little time to focus on his own work under his own production house, Mulatto Patriot Productions which he launched in 2003. Faced with the pressure of what to do, a sudden twist of fate changed his destiny to run Mulatto Patriot Productions as a full-time career.

Even though music was his lifelong passion, it wasn't until a near fatal experience that served as the launching pad for this young artist's career. At 27, MP's appendix ruptured, landing him in a coma for over six weeks. What started as a minor stomachache landed him in the emergency room fighting for his life. "12 hours later and I wouldn't be around" recalls MP.

Now, at the age of 29, MP has released" Sonic Visuals", a producer's album featuring MCs from across the U.S., Canada and Germany. Artist features include Ras Kass, Casual (Hieroglyphics), Pumpkinhead (Brooklyn Academy), Eternia. Pugs Atomz , Anacron, Decay (Molemen) and DJ Intel to name a few. This debut album and its key tracks were featured on,,, and radio stations across the US and Canada. He believes his music is diverse, reflecting different styles while still keeping the vibes that got him to love hip-hop in the first place. "At the end of the day there is something for everyone [on the album]"says MP. "I feel there is a lot to take from this album, but beyond diversity in the styles displayed and in the selection of beats, the obvious feeling you get is that a lot of work and time was put into making the album. I want people to know that this is 100% Chicago Hip-Hop."

2009 Ohio Hip Hop Awards Show & Music Conference Weekend





D. Lorand Jackson  - ESP Enterprises

1266 w. 6th Street Suite 203

Cleveland, OH 44113

Phone: 216-574-2211  

The 2009 Ohio Hip Hop Awards Show & Music Conference Weekend 

Cleveland, OH – August 27, 2009 – The 4th annual Ohio Hip Hop Awards show returns to Cleveland to commemorate the achievements of the state's most influential artists and industry professionals. The 2009 Awards weekend begins Friday Sept. 18th with the official preparty at Earth Nightclub in downtown Cleveland at 9pm. The pre-party will include performances from artists & DJ's around the state, as well as the highly anticipated state wide freestyle battle semi-finals. Also included at the pre-party  is the OHHA Model Search, where the OHHA staff will be looking to find new modeling talent to network with and promote. Saturday Sept. 19th the Awards show red carpet reception kicks off at 3pm at the Cleveland Convention Center Music Hall, with interviews from various TV, radio, magazine, and internet media. The reception will have a full service bar set up and numerous backdrops and media photo-ops.  At 6pm the show begins inside the Music Hall theater, hosted by Latin Assassin (WENZ) & DJ Dimepiece (WIZF). With special performances from Young Ray, Machine Gun Kelly, R.O.B., Mz. Moone, Grind Time Central, Khadijah, Nessacary, Chevy Blue, Flame Gang, Mz. Nikki, T.G.P, Da Kreek, Crazyy Tee, Young Dunny, Paper Chase, Tucept, D.O.C. Showstopperz, Jay Rush, Mz. Skittles, Young Shank, Fly Union, and Notice. The Ohio Hip Hop Awards show is a red carpet, black tie affair with theater seating.   

The official 21 and over OHHA after party will go down at Earth Nightclub at 11pm featuring the Mayweather vs Marquez prize fight as well as the VIP loft with additional interviews and photo shoots. The 18 and over after party will be taking place at the Metropolis night club with a live broadcast from Z107.9 fm personality Latin Assassin. Sunday morning September 20 at 10:30am, world famous poet Nikki Giovanni will be hosting a brunch and open forum discussion on her latest book “Hip Hop Speaks To Children.” (Brunch location will be announced at the week leading up to the event.)  At 1pm we will return to the Crowne Plaza hotel for our “Learn to Earn” music business conference. After the seminar the OHHA weekend will conclude with the “Get It In Ohio” showcase & concert featuring national recording artist Cam'ron at Peabody's concert club! 

Tickets are on sale at all Ticketmaster locations, and online at General admission is $25 with a special “Buy 3, Get 1 Free” promotional offer. First Class seating is $50, and VIP seating (includes admission to red carpet reception party) is $75. All Access weekend passes are available for all events exclusively at . $150 for VIP All Access, $100 for general All Access.  (Cam'ron Showcase excluded.) 

Press passes are available, please contact for more information.
Neosonic Productions - Panacea on Bandcamp!

From K-Murdock:
I got hipped awhile back via my man J. Nota (of ReDefinition Records) to a dope site for ALL indie artist to sell/manage their music digitally- Bandcamp. After using it sporadically the last few months, i have decided, from this point on, to make it the 1-stop shop for ALL Panacea downloads- both paid and free! That said, the project i chose to kick off this newfound partnership is actually OUR very first album, "Thinking Back, Looking Forward".
For those who cop the album via bandcamp, you'll get an EP's worth of bonus material exclusively available via my Neosonic site on the service. For more details, peep the latest Panacea video update below...

Peace & thanx for supportin' us the last 6 years strong,

C-Tweet Hip-Hop

Twitter has become one of the most popular ways for artists to let fans into their lives. While it may seem beyond mundane to hear about what your co-worker did on a random Thursday night, when that kind of information comes from a celebrity suddenly it's infinitely more interesting, especially when you can comment back about it.

As we continue to build our hip-hop scene here in Connecticut, one issue that continues to plague us is the lack of information disseminated about the scene. People are more likely to say "I had no idea we had a hip-hop scene" than to be able to name a favorite local artist. Twitter can help with this. All it takes is for people to "follow" a few Connecticut hip-hop artists to get information about shows, albums and everything else going on in the scene, to really get the scene flowing. With that in mind, this edition of The B-Side is dedicated to the Connecticut hip-hop artists that you should consider following on Twitter today.

Check out the full column at

FREE DOWNLOAD: Big Stat - Don't Quit Your Day Job



Sullee - From VH1's White Rapper Show to REAL Reality

Boston emcee Sullee is probably most recognizable from his time on The White Rapper Show. The VH1 program put him in a national spotlight until he became fed up with what he was being asked to do and packed his things and left, pride and self-respect in tact. Sullee’s musical journey, however, started long before that experience. Born in 1985 to a young mother and an incarcerated father who didn’t fully become a part of his life until after Sullee’s sixth birthday, Sullee had a budding music career as a member of a kids singing group before he even hit double digits in age. After the group disbanded Sullee focused on sports, but at about 15 he realized his NBA dreams weren’t going to become a reality and decided to pursue music full time. This time, however, it wasn’t about singing - Sullee was focused on being an emcee. Now with The White Rapper Show behind him and an album ready to be released in the fall, Sullee is poised to take the next big step in his career, which is why this week I sat down with him to find out more about his music, where he and his fellow Bostonians get their defiant attitude from, and the impact a traveling cartoon mouse had on him.

Read the full interview at:

Free Music Friday: Unlimited Edition

Welcome to another week of "Free Music Friday" and this is the Unlimited Editon. Why? 'Cause there's no limit to how many of these free music you can cop. You'll think it's illegal, but it ain't - trust!, DJ Jack Da Rippa, & Goodshyt Ent. Present On the Rise Vol. 2

[This mixtape focuses on the upcoming Midwest emcess on the rise, such as RH Bless, Twizted Mind, and Mr. 44. Hear them out!]

1. Mr. 44 Ft. Jus Mic, and Embezz Pierre - Your A Man (Remix)
2.Twizted Mind - Mr. Disrespectful
3.Gerald D. Ft Corey Bapes - Loud!
4.GTC - Grind Till I Get It
5.Proph The Problem - Cleveland Girls
6.Mr. 44 Ft. Twizted Mind - I Am
7.Jus Mic - Whos Saving Me
8.Soul Kryziz - 33 Missed Calls
9.RH Bless - Who Are We
10.Mr. 44 - Oh My God
11.Jus Mic - Misery
12.Caine - Slo-Money
13.Twizted Mind - Drink'n & Drive'n
14.R.O.B. - We Get It In
15.Un - Bring It Back
16.Cashcool - Lawless
17.Big Nik - Snatch Up
18.Chevy Blue - Shortie
19.RH Bless - I'm Just Chillin
20.Mr. 44 - 44 for President (Remix)
21.Summer Azul - Ima Rockstar

BloodyChuck MusicOnPlay Present March Drops ‘09 (Hosted By Ca$his)

March Drops

[Yes, the mixtape is titled "March Drops" as in March the month. It's very evident that the mixtape was supposed to be out last April. But due to some personal snd scheduling problems, the mixtape was Detox'ed back until now, that is. THis mixtape features some of the best cuts of the first quarter of '09 and some exclusive Ca$his joints. I'll still say it's well worth a listen or two, no matter how old.]

1. Ca$his – Intro
2. Ca$his – Capo
3. Killer Mike – Hoes ft. C-Bone & Slimm Calhoun
4. 8Ball & MJG – Boo ft. T.I.
5. Rick Ross – Usual Suspects ft. Nas
6. Brother Ali – Good Lord
7. Crooked I – If You Ever Hear Me
8. Ludacris & Shawnna – Everybody Drunk
9. Slim Thug – I Run (Remix) ft. Chamillionaire & Z-Ro
10. Ca$his – What Up ft. Chamillionaire & Carlito Rossi
11. Saigon & Statik Selektah – The Rules
12. Redman & Method Man – City Lights ft. UGK
13. Jim Jones – How To Be A Boss ft. Ludacris & NOE
14. Fat Joe – One ft. Akon
15. Jadakiss – Pain & Torture
16. Slaughterhouse – Wack MC’s
17. Ace Hood – Overtime ft. Akon & T-Pain
18. Fabolous – Throw It In The Bag ft. The Dream
19. Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana – With One Arm
20. Twista – On Top ft. Akon
21. UGK – Still On The Grind ft. Raheem DeVaughn
22. Nas – If I Ruled The World (09 Remix) ft. Marsha Ambrosious
23. Ca$his – Outro

Chilla :: Timebomb (Hosted By DJ ON & ON)
Chilla - The Countdown (Mixed By DJ 2Thirteen)

[Chilla dropped "The Countdown" on Free Music Friday week ago, now it's time's up as Chilla drops in like a "Timebomb". For those who aren't yet familiar with his "Haymaker Rap" style (using metaphors, not similes in rap), they can certainly find it out here. Check this joint out!]

1. Intro
2. Here We Go
3. I Get Dough (Ft. Ahmir)
4. On My G-Rind (Ft. Millyz & Ahmir)
5. My Buisness (Ft. Greed & Rod)
6. Fresh To Death
7. I'm Too Strong (Ft. Ahmir)
8. I'm From The Bean (Ft. Bay Holla, BR & Mizzo)
9. Warriors (Ft. Rod & Greed)
10. Diamond In The Rough
11. Soul Searching
12. Forgiven (Ft. Ahmir)
13. The Story
14. Can't Stop The Rain
15. Downward Spiral
16. Lonely Day
17. What's Really Going On (Ft. Millyz & Ahmir)
18. Remember Me
19. Time Bomb (Ft. Fly-C)
20. Outro
21. What's Really Goin On (Remix Ft. Millyz, Whispers, Lunox & Ahmir)

Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 93 (Hosted by Jay Rock)

[It's Coast 2 Coast Mixtape, you alreayd know what it is! CA rapper Jay Rock hosts in this volume and C2C brings the hottest joints from North, South, East, and West.]

1. Jay Rock - I'm Official
2. Jay-Z Feat. J. Cole - A Star Is Born
3. Drake Feat. Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem - Forever
4. Kurupt Feat. Reed Dollaz, Tekneek & Gillie Da Kid - Tha House (Remix)
5. Jay-Z Feat. Young Jeezy - Real As It Gets
6. Jay Rock Feat. Honey - Street Life
7. Bone Thugs N Harmony - DOA
8. J. Cole - Back To The Topic Freestyle
9. Jay-Z Feat. Drake - Off That
10. St. Laz & RH Bless - The Black X-perience (Prod By Casaone)
11. Jay Rock - Change Gone Come
12. Nipsey Hussle - Hussle Is My Last Name
13. Jay-Z Feat. Kanye West - Hate
14. Darq Feat. Cuban Link and Young Bugz - BX (Remix)
15. BizZ - Okay, Im Hot
16. LieFocals feat. Passion & E-Skeed - Oh No
17. Derty Den - The Industry Needs Me
18. Rahzel Jr. & S.N.R.C. Ent - The Overachieva
19. Killebrew - What Else Ima Do
20. YEAH YAMS - Dont Know What To Do
21. Chriss Floren Feat. Lil Fats - Your Beautiful
22. Hardware - Moving On Up
23. ROX - Without You
24. Jay Rock - Outro

DV Alias Khryst :: Counteraction Vol. One

[Wow, that cover is provocative, huh? Most folks remember him from De La Soul's classic joint "Thru Ya City" and now D.V. is linking up with DJ Whoo Kid to create "Counteraction Vol. One". Although he's been slept-on, D.V. already received props from his peers, including 50 Cent (who calls him the "Chosen One"). Check it out!]

1. A Load Off
2. Any Ol Postion
3. Let Em Out
4. I Got Choo (feat. Retsam Da Prince)
5. Swag Tag Don
6. Girls Go Crazy (feat. Swagg Munchkins)
7. Over Sea's (feat. Retsam Da Prince)
8. Fall Back (feat. Billy Danze of M.O.P.)
9. Lucifer
10. So Nu (feat. Toren)
11. Don't Get Caught (feat. Maino and Uncle Murda)
12. Greatness (feat. Retsam Da Prince)
13. I Don't Need You
14. Attraction (feat. Toren)
15. It's Nothing to a "G"
16. I Put On


Diamond :: Can't Tell Me Nuth!n'

[Formerly from Crime Mob, Diamond has made a pathway on her own while many still reminisce on her Crunk days. However, Diamond says that she wants to show off something more adult/mature and beyond knuckin' n' buckin'. Check this mix out to see if the Diamond still glistens.]


1. The Arrival/Always Strapped (feat. DJ Dammit)
2. Superbad (feat. Cee-Lo)
3. Wazup With That Pussy
4. Tag (feat. Lil Scrappy)
5. Diamond Speaks
6. Every Bag In The World
7. The New Chief
8. Tore Up
9. Sicknan
10. My Skittles (Rokk-Da-Spot Remix)
11. Turn My Swag On
12. Dance For Me (feat. Will)
13. Independent (Remix) (feat. Webbie & Lil Boosie)
14. Like A Hoe
15. Break Ya Ankles (Remix) (feat. E-40 & Shawty Lo)
16. Outro
BONUS: Role Model (feat. Nicole Wray)

Famoso meets Dilla & Premo (Hosted by DJ Mickey Knox)

["Puerto Rican, look White and sound Black!" is the first phrase I remember from him. Reppin' NYC is a rapper named Famoso and this mixtape showcase him spittin over Dilla and Premo beats.]

1. Intro - Famoso & DJ Mickey Knox
2. Fresh Audio
3. 40 Glock Style
4. This Is Hip Hop
5. Pop Darts
6. Hustlers Heart
7. Super Star
8. Product of My Environment
9. Assasin's Tears
10. Clear the Way
11. Iron Jungle
12. Trouble
13. Stylistic
14. Memoires
15. Hardtimes Army (ft. Minnasota Phats, Tools, Mokeout, Enormus Tha Ox& War Bixby)

Jozeemo, Joe Scudda, Chaundon, & Rapper Big Pooh :: Reservoir Dogs

[HOJ is the movement! If y'all ain't know already, they're gonna prove it to you Tarantino style. Jozeemo plays Mr. Pink, Joe Scudda plays Mr. Yellow, Chaundon plays Mr. White, and Rapper Big Pooh plays Mr. Orange in this Justus League supergroup-mixtape known as "Reservoir Dogs."]

1. Intro
2. HOF Fam
3. Chaundon - Back Up
4. Dream
5. Man Up
6. Joe Scudda - Trunk Rattle
7. Til Infinity
8. Reservoir Dogs
9. Quentin Tarantino
10. Jozeemo - Call Me
11. Streets Are Talking About
12. 3 Words
13. Bury Ya Squad
14. Rapper Big Pooh - Got Em'
15. Next Selection
16. Not Your Regular Club Song
17. Pancake
18. HOJ Get Money
19. DJ Skillz Speaks
20. Takin' Over
21. Outro


K.I. :: I Want In (Hosted by DJ Invizible)

[K.I. is a rapper reppin' from Connecticut and he wants in. Really, he wants in, it's in the title of this mixtape. Known as a member from Port Authority, K.I. is looking to make it big in the industry and this street tape may be a start.]

1. What it Is
2. Shake That
3. Radio Call In (Skit)
4. Get Out Of My House feat. Uncut
5. Anger Management
6. Squad Up feat. Uncut
7. The City feat. Vildig'it
8. Still the Same
9. I Want In feat. Vildig'it
10. Old School Cool
11. In the Streets
12. Living Life Fast
13. A Day in the Life
14. I'm Falling feat. J-Dash
15. The Porch
16. Sail Away
17. D.O.A. feat. Jay-Z (Next Level Remix)
18. Hood Hop
19. Southern Comfort (Skit)
20. You AIn't Shit
21. Don't Be Mad at Me feat. Peaches
22. Nasty Girl
23. The Come Up

KJ Hines & DJ Grip :: B4 My Time

[This 20-year old emcee has big plans for this year. Raised from Austin, Texas, he went from being in a Christian band to becoming a full-time rapper. Check out this mix to see what this young Texan has to offer]

1. DJ Grip & KJ Hines - Intro
2. My Name
3. All The Above Remix
4. 512 Anthem Ft. Nook, KJ Hines, Jonsense, Gerlad G, Nacim, Bavu Blakes, J Kapone
5. Hip Hop Ft. Fitness
6. Maybach Music Ft. Young Day
7. Best I Ever Had Remix
8. KJ Hines Freestyle
9. Feel This Remix Kidd Ft. KJ Hines
10. Lonely (Prod by T. Bailey)
11. Magnificent Ft. Blaque Pat, Rrog G
12. Dreaming (Prod by KJ Hines)
13. Famous (Prod by Johnny Astro)
14. I Got A Feeling
15. Ignition (Prod by Johnny Astro)
16. Give Me One Night Ft. Ter'ell Shahid (Prod by Johnny Astro)
17. Payd Ft. Lil Miles, Y2JJ
18. She Likes (Prod by T. Bailey)
19. You Sexy Ft. Jonsense (Prod by T. Bailey)
20. Up Town Remix
21. Birthday Sex Remix
22. Wetter Remix
23. You Are Not Alone (Michael Jackson Tribute)


Rock City & Don Cannon :: P.T.F.A.O.: The Saga Continues

[Alright, long story short. Akon signed these duo, known as Rock Star, to a deal on his Konvict Label. Rock Star then went in the studio and finished a album for the world to hear. Problem is Interscope is pushing back on the release for whatever reasons, so they made a movement to the label called P.T.F.A.O. ("Put The Fucking Album Out," for short). Instead of whining and complaing, Rock Star linked up with Don Cannon to drop some free mixes to keep the fans satisfied until the label does put the effing album out.]

1. PTFAO Motion Picture
2. Ruler's Back
3. 4 Minutes Tops
4. I'm Leaving (feat. Akon and Swizz Beatz)
5. D.O.B. (Death of Bullshit)
6. THe Rhythm
8. Hip Hop Props
9. Big Trouble (feat. Raverty)
10.Break Up (feat. Verse and Lunch Money)
11. DOne Talk
12. In the Clubs (feat. Strings)
13. It's OK (feat. Chubbie Baby)
14. Keep it Going
15. Sucessfull (feat. Trey Songz)
16. Feels Like I'm FLoatin
17. We GOtta Make It
18. Ransom (feat. Chris Brown)

Vohn Beatz and MPAK :: Peer Pressure

VohnBeatz & MPAK - Peer Pressure
[This album is a FULL proof that anyone born after 1995 can make some real hip-hop music. Don't believe, check out this 11 year-old producer named Vohn Beatz and a 14 year-old emcee named MPAK. Them kids ain't followin er'ry trend and dance routines out there either, so check this one out!]

1. Free Flow
2. Let's Get It
3. Out Of Time
4. Candy Bars
5. Take COntrol
6. Savage
7. How to Be a Hater Part I Interlude
8. Nursery Rhymes
9. How to Be a Hater Part 2 Interlude
10. Crazy World
11. Keep to Myself
12. Free Flow Part 2
13. Boombaptism
14. Man Up

That's it for the "Unlimited Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all!  Two fangas, one love....

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