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MP3: Sutter Kain - "Where I Belong"

MP3: Sutter Kain - "Where I Belong"

Courtesy Never So Deep Records.

1. Clean

2. Dirty

3. Instrumental

4. Vocals



Youtube Video

MP3: Lloyd Banks - "Super Crack" (prod. Beat Butcha)

MP3: Lloyd Banks - "Super Crack" (prod. Beat Butcha)

Courtesy J-Ronin.

Lloyd Banks - The Cold Corners 2 Mixtape out now for free download

Video: Sketch McGuiney - "Pain Killer" (Prod by J-Scrilla)

Video: Sketch McGuiney - "Pain Killer" (Prod by J-Scrilla)

Courtesy JS.

"A day after Conrad Murray is convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter in the death of The King Of Pop, Sketch McGuiney & Cr8tive Junkfood team up for this dark, scathing analysis of the effects of pharmacuticals on American youth. Using animation to tell the story of how oxycontin is the modern day crack."

Knoc-Turn'Al f/ Willy Northpole & I-20 - "Don't Know By Now"

Knoc-Turn'Al (feat. Noah Jones, Willy Northpole & I-20) "Don't Know By Now"

Courtesy J. Melo.

Artist: Knoc-Turn'Al
Song: Don't Know By Now
Featuring: Noah Jones, Willy Northpole & I-20
Producer: J-Beam
Song Link: .

The song is just a leak for the fans. Knoc is putting the finishing touches on his new album "The Book of Knoc."

"Vapors 2012" - Dan-e-o, Big Kish, Maestro, DJ MelBoogie

"Vapors 2012" - Dan-e-o, Big Kish, Maestro, DJ MelBoogie - FREE Download!

FREE Download! (Full DJ Pack)

Courtesy of MelBoogie Media:

The classics never go out of style.  When three emcees from Toronto get
together to collaborate on a track for the love of hip hop, only goodness
can come out of it.  In 2010, when Dan-e-o was visiting Kish in L.A., the
two were taking about future collaboration projects. While reminiscing
about their favourite old school tracks, and memories of Concert Hall
shows, Kish suggested to Dan-e-o that they do a cover of Biz Markie's

After reconnecting with Maestro while he was in L.A., Kish had found the
perfect third emcee to round out the track. The only missing piece was a
DJ.  Maestro suggested his sister, DJ MelBoogie, and the rest was hip hop

This project was done out of love for the music, but even more that that,
the track marked some firsts for this team: "Vapors 2012" is the first
collaboration between Maestro and Dan-e-o, along with being the first
collaboration between Wes and his sister MelBoogie. For Kish, this was
only the second song he'd recorded after a 15 year hiatus.

To compliment the song, Kish asked phenomenal artist, Sean "Cheeks"
Galloway, who did character design for the animated "Spider-man" series,
to create some artwork to accompany the release.

Special thanks to DJ Craig Brooklyn, TJ Habibi and Sean "Cheeks" Galloway.

MP3: Drake - "Cameras (Good Ones Go)"

MP3: Drake - "Cameras (Good Ones Go)"

For Rap Star Promo.

* *

MP3: Tanya Morgan - "Whatever That's Mine"

MP3: Tanya Morgan - "Whatever That's Mine"

Courtesy Audible Treats.

Last week, Tanya Morgan reemerged on the scene, delivering ARMY Edition, the latest - and perhaps greatest in their Lessondary Radio Podcast series, with a track list of songs that included features from 9th Wonder, Skyzoo, King Mez, and more. Along with it came the announcement of their forthcoming You And What Army EP, and now the Brooklynati duo is excited to give fans "Whatever That's Mine," the lead single from the nine-track EP, which is now scheduled for a November 22nd release.

"2011 has been a transitional period, professionally and personally," explains Von Pea, now one-half of the duo alongside Donwill. "Keeping that in mind, 'Whatever That's Mine' is inspired by the idea that everyday is another chance to go for yours, no matter what it is that you're after. We were so damn down before, but now we're getting up and going for ours."

The track, produced by Von Pea, who's joined behind the boards for the EP by Exile, Astronote, AEON, and Brizzo, is feel good music in its truest form, a mix of bouncy percussion laid under guitar and vocal chops, perfect for Don and Von to get boisterous. "Playing with it ain't an option now/ You set it up, you better try to knock it down," raps Donwill. "Feeling good feels better when you ain't bitter/ And the only way to fail is being a quitter."

Download "Whatever That's Mine" here: .

MP3: Drake f/ The Weekend - "Crew Love"

MP3: Drake f/ The Weekend - "Crew Love"

Courtesy M3W.

* *

Video: The Happy Unfortunate - 89 Vibin'

Video: The Happy Unfortunate - 89 Vibin'

Courtesy URBNET.

Winnipeg, MB Hip Hop duo.
Was nominated for a 2011 Western Canadian Music Award for Rap/Hop Hop Recording Of The Year.
Charted #3 on the National Canadian Campus Radio: Earshot & Chartattack Hip Hop Charts.

Video: Charlie Clips - "Dreamchasers"

Video: Charlie Clips - "Dreamchasers"

Courtesy C.C.A.

This Video Is For The People That Go Thru The Struggle The Lenox Ave Beast 2 Mixtape Coming Soon. Make Sure You SUBSCRIBE To Charlie Clips TV.

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