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Cali Swag District to Release "The Kickback" on July 12th

From Greg Miller:

Cali Swag District to Release "The Kickback" on July 12th


Los Angeles, CA, June 6, 2011 - Inglewood rappers Cali Swag District set July 12th release date for their debut album The Kickback on Sphinx Music Entertainment/319 Music Group distributed by Sony RED. "Burn Out (Drive Fast),"' will be the next official single off the album and a music video will follow soon after.

Cali Swag District, nominated for Best Group at the upcoming 2011 BET Music Awards, exploded onto the music scene last year with the platinum selling first single "Teach Me How To Dougie." The Dougie dance sensation has swept the nation captivating American Idol's Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Lopez while the first lady Michelle Obama did her own version during her "Let's Move!" initiative.  Altogether the Dougie movement has taken over YouTube with over 100 million video streams.   

Their new single "Burn Out (Drive Fast)" is an adrenaline pumping car and street anthem produced by Sanchez and Disco.  "This is one of my favorite songs on the album.  I hope the fans have as much fun rockin' out to it as we did making it," states Smoove. "This is the type of song that I blast in my car to get amped up for the clubs." adds JayAre.


The group will be releasing their debut album in memory of fallen member M-Bone who was tragically murdered on May 15, 2011. "We're sure that M Bone is doin' the Dougie at the gates of heaven and we know he would want us to keep the movement goin' here," says Yung. Cali Swag District recently released the Deeper Than The Dougie mixtape hosted by DJ Kay Slay that features the M Bone tribute song "How To Do That."  The mixtape is available for download from their official Twitter (@CaliSwagDstrct) and Facebook (

MP3: Mary J. Blige - "Miss Me With That"

From M3W:

MP3: Mary J. Blige - "Miss Me With That"

* *

MP3: Virghost - "Dr. Manhattan"

From Joe Left Hand:

MP3: Virghost - "Dr. Manhattan"

Virghost - Dr. Manhattan
Bio: Durand James Somerville, better known by his stage name, “The Virghost Poet,” is a Spoken Word Artist/ Rapper/Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Promoter based in Memphis, Tennessee. His stage name has a double meaning, with the “Virgo” being his zodiac sign and the “Ghost,” representing him living eternally through his words. He draws inspiration from the likes of Gil Scott-Heron, Nas, Marvin Gaye, and Lauryn Hill. He is best known for his powerful stage presence and how he demands and grabs the attention of the crowd during his breathtaking performances. He is also known for his brilliant studio mind using his creativeness to produce many classic underground hits. He has a unique ability to merge the rhythm of Hip-Hop music with the poetics of the Neo-Soul genre, displaying thought-provoking lyricism and composing beautiful pieces of written and spoken art.

Video: R.A. the Rugged Man Bloopers & Deleted Scenes

From Nature Sounds:

Video: R.A. the Rugged Man Bloopers & Deleted Scenes

MP3: Natural - "Seeya Later"

From Major Music:

MP3: Natural - "Seeya Later"

* *

After years of standing by as a spectator, a fan and avid lover of Hip-Hop, Natural, also known in many circles as Nasty Nat, felt it was no longer enough just to listen. A writer his entire life, Natural had produced various forms of storytelling through many different mediums. From novel writing to screenplays, poetry classes to philosophy groups, Nat always felt the need to share his personal experiences along with the people around him. It wasn't until 2009 that he finally recognized hip-hop as his true calling.

Born in Boston, Natural split time between his household in Milton and his cousins residence in Dorchester. The oldest of five in a close knit Irish-American neighborhood, Natural was responsible for his siblings from a very young age. He credits the high level of responsibility his parents entrusted to him along with his entire family's unwavering support in all avenues of artistic creativity as major reasons for his progression as an artist.

In late 2009 Natural began the beginning stages of recording. He started small with a cheap mic and industry beats in his bedroom. He slowly started to show recorded material to people he knew would give it to him straight, and the high level of positive response gave him the final push of confidence he needed.

He contacted Peter "Needy" Needham, a friend of his cousin, who had majored in audio production in college and created the "Stay Puft Productions" group. Within weeks, Natural began to write and record original material over these beats, and the two began a blueprint for the future--It was here they found a Natural fit.

Nat's music invites listeners into his own world, one guided by family and the close bonds within his small circle. His words are marked with a realistic portrayal of himself and feed off of his surroundings in the small city of Boston--his story is just one of the many tales shared through his music.

Despite his suburban background, Nat's deep routed connections with the inner city have allowed him lines of sight from both sides of the tracks. Employments and experience range from his current position at an inner city public school all the way to working with troubled youth groups over in Ireland. Bartending and bouncing in some of the roughest areas of the city while also holding down jobs in some of the trendiest spots downtown. Either way you spin it, Nat draws from a plethora of experiences and carries a unique ability to connect with many different demographics of people.

On June 21st Natural will be dropping "The Bartender". In his first release, Natural shares stories from his personal life and the lives of others, lending people a voice to confront the harsh realities and problems we all face on a daily basis. Nat also leaves room for the good times shared with the fast living collective of family and friends around him. The 16 track release encompasses life from all angles: Happiness, struggle, love, hate, employment, stress, the illegal dealings of the underworld, corruption, politics, sports, police brutality and community. It is an uncompromising vision from an artist that has finally found his calling. His style is a mix of aggressive wordplay, sharp lyricism and heavily sarcastic whit that creates a deeply honest and passionate vibe. Armed with a keen sense of self awareness and an unapologetic flow, Nat epitomizes confidence with the microphone. Hip-Hop has a new voice, and Natural's uninhibited honesty and no holds barred approach refuses to be silenced. Listen up and watch the rest unfold.

PR: Hip Hop Pirates - Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew

From Big Machine Media:

PR: Hip Hop Pirates - Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew


Would The Real Captain Dan Please Stand Up?

Hip Hop Pirates- Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew Release Double Single  "Would The Real Jack Sparrow Please Stand Up?" & "Rum & Juice" TODAY For FREE Download On Facebook

New York, NY – (June 6, 2011) – Hailing from the eastern seaboard, Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew, the world's first rapping pirate troupe, featuring the rap skills of Captain Dan Dolan, Brad "Sea Dawg" Podray, Scott Free, DJ SyKo, ZealouS1, MC Treasure, and Admiralty are no strangers to success on the high seas or by land. Melding the sound of Top 40 Hip Hop with the classical pirates of 1630-1720 may seem a little out of left field at first, but Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew manage to produce what is today's gold standard in pirate music.

Since launching the video for "Black Beard's Treasure", a single from the group's album -Authentic Pirate Hip-Hop, the clip has received over 310,000 views and has quickly become a favorite for pirate lovers worldwide.

Captain Dan and crew are thrilled to see the fruits of their labor "Rum & Juice" and "Would The Real Jack Sparrow Please Stand Up?" released today. The witty, swashbuckling parodies are available for FREE download here NOW: .

Additionally, the group has posted a brand new animated video created by animator Matt Beaudoin for their original song "Broadside". "Arrrr, the video captures the spirit of our song bringing it to life. Ye won't be disappointed!" says Captain Dan. The single "Broadside" is set to be released on the groups forthcoming full length album titled- Divide The Plunder: The Best of Pirate Rap (due out on iTunes July 19). See the "Broadside" video here: .

Captain Dan adds, "I be excited about the new upcoming album- Divide The Plunder. For years fans have loved me swashbuckling rap technique, but never before have they had all me best works on one fine release. Avast, Divide the Plunder will have something for old and new Captain Dan fans alike- we are releasing new unreleased tracks as well as remixes and live tracks! We are bringin' back the fan favorites like "Flintlock Glock", "Mutiny", "Sea Monsters", "Yo Ho Ho", "From the Seas to the Streets", and MORE!

At this time there are no other competing pirate rappers that can even come close to the Captain's genius. Using a unique slang, attitude, and lyrical style (as well as traditional Hip-Hop beats and melodies) Captain Dan & Crew stake a claim to bring something fresh and vibrant to Rap Music. The Scurvy Crew tackle all staples for rap culture with a slight twist- highlighting the similarities and appreciation rappers and pirates share for the love of bling on their chains, guns, booty, and oh yeah, some even walk with a limp!
Tracklist for Divide The Plunder: The Best of Pirate Rap (Due out July 19, 2011)
1) 7 Seas
2) Yo Ho Ho
3) From the Seas to the Streets
4) Broadside
5) Divide the Plunder (New Original)
6) Mutiny (Radio Edit)
7) Sea Monsters
8) Ninja Hater (New Original)
9) Pirates Code
10) Flintlock Glock (Radio Edit)
11) Broadside: Salty Sea Dawg Mix
12) Sea Monsters: Nautical Mobsters Mix
13) Live @ Nerdapalooza: Diggin For Gold
14) Live @ Nerdapalooza: Black Beard's Treasure
15) Live @ Nerdapalooza: It's All About The Booty

MP3: Kosha Dillz - "Span-Hebrish (Ech Ani Olech)"

From Diamond Music Group:

MP3: Kosha Dillz - "Span-Hebrish (Ech Ani Olech)"

After two consecutive years performing at Hot 97's Summer Jam (2009, 2010), Kosha Dillz debuts his own summer jam by unveiling his tri-lingual single "Span Hebrish (Ech-Ani-Olech)" on a float at the NYC Israel Day Parade that was held this past Sunday, June 5th, 2011. This performance comes just one week prior to the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade...let's see if the ever so progressive Dillz will be making the parade rounds and performing his tri-lingual diddy there next weekend. The track, produced by Shuko, contains lyrics in Spanish, Hebrew and English can be found on Kosha's latest EP, Gina and The Garage Sale which is now available through iTunes.

DOWNLOAD:  "Span-Hebrish (Ech Ani Olech)"

MediaFire: MediaFire/?ykjym3pb64t9vbg


Kosha Dillz joins forces with German production team Shuko and Fonty to create Gina & The Garage Sale, a nine track EP that follows up his acclaimed debut album, Beverly Dillz. The EP, which is inspired by his close friend Gina who passed away of an overdose, emphasizes many of Kosha's darker struggles via crime, drug addiciton, and death. However, the project also contains quite a few tracks that represent Kosha's light hearted attitude. When combined, all of the songs comprise a balanced and cohesive body of work that contribute to Kosha's rites of passage into an artist that learns to deal with both the ups and downs of every day life. Gina & The Garage Sale is now available through iTunes.





Video: Big K.R.I.T. feat. Ludacris & Bun B - "Country Sh*t (Remix)"

Music video by Big K.R.I.T. performing Country Sh*t (Remix) (Director's Cut). (C) 2011 The Island Def Jam Music Group

Video: Shady Nate - "Gimmie Da Loot"

From Audible Treats:

Video: Shady Nate - "Gimmie Da Loot"

Shady Nate & DJ Fresh collaborated a few years ago on Based on a True Story, which was loosely formatted in the style of Fresh's long-running and classic Tonight Show series. The project earned both the rapper and DJ/producer high praise and strong sales, and now, the original CD album will be re-packaged and accompanied by Nate's and Fresh's latest collaborative effort, Still Based On A True Story, with the dual-album release hitting retail on July 19th via Clear Label Records.

For the latest single from Still Based On A True Story, Nate and Fresh are excited to release the video for "Gimmie Da Loot," a song built around DJ Fresh's hazy yet knock-heavy production, blending effect-drenched vocal chops with crisp claps and beating kick drums, along with Shady Nate's smoothly flowing gangsterisms ("I gotta chop' in the drop that shoots from hella far") that come off smoother than ever thanks to Nate's complex, multi-syllable rhyme patterns.

Shady Nate's new album, Still Based On A True Story, will be available July 19th via Clear Label Records.

Video: Pusha T - "Alone In Vegas"

Directed by Orson Whales (Shahan Jafri + Alex Germanotta)

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