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PR: Jason James & Rodney Hazard Present "Marvelous World Tour"

From Jason James:

Jason James & Rodney Hazard Present "Marvelous World Tour"

Jason James & Rodney Hazard have teamed up with Ambog Booking, Last Dayz Clothing, Crownn Records and BCBF Group to present The Marvelous World Tour in support of their critically acclaimed album, Marvelous World Of Color. Kicking off in November, they have booked straight through until January and are actively booking in 2011. The first round of dates will be announced within the next 2 weeks. If you’re interested in bringing Jason James & Rodney Hazard to your city in the new year, please contact Jerome Bo Fitts at This is definitely a show you don’t want to miss.

If you have yet to listen to/download the album, you can check it out here: 

You can also watch the EPK here:


MP3: SciFi Stu feat. Tha Connection - "Miss Stress"

From Domination Recordings:

MP3: SciFi Stu feat. Tha Connection - "Miss Stress"

With two well received singles under his belt, SciFi Stu releases his debut album 'From the Heaviest Heart to the Coldest Soul' November 2nd 2010 on Domination Recordings.

As a taster of the album and the SciFi Stu sound check out free download single 'Miss Stress' featuring respected New York Hip Hop duo Tha Connection.

Free Download: "Miss Stress" feat. Tha Connection at

SciFi Stu's digi-singles have featured renowned hip hop artists such as "The Will" feat. Vast Aire (of Cannibal OX) and "No Swag Needed" featuring John Robinson and Remarkable Mayor.  His tracks have received airplay across the world from BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix to the Ready Cee Show in New York.

Peep the "No Swag Needed" video featuring John Robinson & Remarkable Mayor.

Album features include Count Bass D, John Robinson (Scienz of Life), TzariZM, Illustrate (Grey Matter), Dillon, L.I.F.E. Long (Stronghold), Tha Connection, Vast Aire & many more...You can pick up the Limited Edition CD or download the album from iTunes, Amazon and other outlets. NOVEMBER 2ND 2010.

SciFi Stu "Around My Way" EP

For further listening please check out the new SciFi Stu EP 'Around My Way' on Digi Crates Records to be released Sept/Oct 2010 featuring Prolifical, Ill Poetix, Vast Aire, Mikial & Tha Connection.

MP3: John Legend & The Roots - "Little Ghetto Boy"

From M3W:

MP3: John Legend & The Roots - "Little Ghetto Boy"

* *

PR: New Leak From "Can't Ban Tha Truth" Trae ft. Lupe Fiasco

From Nancy B:

New Leak From "Can't Ban Tha Truth" Trae ft. Lupe Fiasco







* *

Stylah's "Treading Water" Available October 4th

From Ian at 7Thirty Entertainment

Stylah - Treading Water

Stylah's debut album 'Treading Water' will be released digitally on October 4th and will be in stores November 8th.

01 Intro
02 Prologue
03 Killa featuring Smiler
04 Treading Water
05 Childhood Sweetheart
06 Devils
07 Money
08 Them Boys featuring Memphis Bleek + Young Safi
09 Poetry
10 Hard Way
11 What's Your Poison?
12 Evening
13 Girl Is Mine featuring Tony D
14 Please Listen
15 Epilogue

MP3: Yo Gotti feat. Gucci Mane - "For the Hood"

From Chris at Koch/E1 Entertainment:

MP3: Yo Gotti feat. Gucci Mane - "For the Hood"

Live From The Kitchen
December 2010

Buckshot Presents: "The Common Knowledgy Of The Entertainment Industry"

Available November 23rd

Buckshot is the co-founder of Duck Down Music & the lead MC for Black Moon & Boot Camp Clik. In 2005, Buckshot reinvented himself with his group project with 9th Wonder, entitled, Chemistry. The duo released a second title, The Formula, in 2008 and are currently in the mixing process of their third album, The Solution, in stores in 2011. In 2009, Buckshot teamed with KRS-ONE for their group album, Survival Skills.
2010 marks the 15 Year Anniversary of Duck Down Music. Buckshot has taken his 15 year experience and has crafted a pamphlet entitled The Common Knowledgy Of The Entertainment Industry. The pamphlet is comprised of three stages. Buckshot first educates readers on the 'Basics' of the entertainment industry providing his definitions for terms associated within the business. Buckshot then transitions to the 'Framework,' or inner-workings of a music label and answers commonly posed questions that he receives from fans & interviewers. In the final stage, Buckshot unveils 'How It All Works,' and illustrates the process of putting the knowledge to use & executing proposed goals.

Accompanying the pamphlet is a 13-track album provided as a download card, which can also serve as a page place-holder. The album features original Buckshot music based on the concepts from within the pamphlet.

Buckshot, along with co-owner of Duck Down Music, Dru Ha, has been the Executive-Producer of each title released by the long-standing and resilient Independent label. He's been part of over 3 million records sold, toured the globe performing his hits & worked with greats such as: Mary J. Blige, Aaliyah, Tupac Shakur, Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes, Talib Kweli, Funkmaster Flex & more. Buckshot has created original music for ESPN, The History Channel, Pizza Hut, Belvedere, HBO, Smirnoff, 2K Sports & others. He's been a part of campaigns through Duck Down's marketing arm, Vision, for companies such as: Coca-Cola, Mark Ecko Brand, Sketchers, 2K Sports, Scion, Olde English, Rockstar Games & more. Within the pamphlet, Buckshot provides insight on the many caps he wears, ranging from recording & performing artist, label owner and marketing executive.

Audio Download Card Track Listing: 
1) What Is Entertainment?
2) What is Street Team?
3) What is a Producer?
4) What is an Executive? 
5) What is Radio?
6) What is a Retail Rep?
7) How Do I Make A Record?
8) What is a Road Manager? 
9) How Do Record Label's Function?
10) How Do I Become An Artist? 
11) How Do I Get My Record To A DJ?
12) What is a CEO? 
13) How Do I Get My Beats To MCs?
14) How Do I Sell At Digital Retail?
15) What Is A Marketing Campaign?
16) Outro
Video: Erk Tha Jerk - "Perfect Mistake"

From Audible Treats:

Video: Erk Tha Jerk - "Perfect Mistake"

Video: Boxguts & Lo Deck - "They Know"

From Dunn Deal PR:

Video: Boxguts & Lo Deck - "They Know"

MP3: Lil Wayne - "I'm Not a Human Being"

From M3W:

MP3: Lil Wayne - "I'm Not a Human Being"

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