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PR: Joe Budden Is Back with Mood Muzik 4!

From Gio at E1 Music:

Joe Budden Is Back with Mood Muzik 4!


October 11, 2010


(New York, NY) — E1 Music is set to release the highly anticipated fourth installment of the “Mood Muzik” mixtape series by New Jersey’s own Joe Budden. Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst will be released on November 9th, 2010 and features appearances by all 3 fellow members of hip-hop supergroup Slaughterhouse as well as other big-name artists Fabolous and Lloyd Banks.

In 2003, Joe Budden released the first installment of what would become one of the premiere selling mix-tapes series of all time entitled Mood Muzik: Worst of Joe Budden. With massive street notoriety, Joe Budden signed to Def Jam Records in that same year and released major hits from his self-titled album, such as the timeless 2003 Grammy- nominated hit “Pump It Up” in the category of Best Male Rap Solo.

Winner of the 2003 Vibe Next Award, Joe went on to consecutively release the legendary and still unrivaled Mood Muzik 2: Can It Get Any Worse? (2005), the critically acclaimed Mood Muzik 3: For Better or For Worse (2007) and Mood Muzik 3: The Album (2008). The resurgent Budden once widely considered a casualty of the kind of major −label machinations that have derailed so many promising rap careers, has proven irrepressible, bursting back into public prominence with a landslide of vivid new verses. Since 2007, in addition to his mixtapes, he has released two CDs (Escape Route and the narrative−heavy "Padded Room"), the internet−only LP ("Halfway House"), and a spirited collaboration with hip−hop supergroup Slaughterhouse.

Joe Budden will do a national promo tour October 20th thru October 30th and will be making his way to Europe and Canada in the coming months.

One of the most consistent artists to date, his matchless lyrical artistry continues to garner him worldwide respect and success in such places as Europe, Africa and Asia.

The tracklist can be viewed below:

   1. Intro (Pray For Them)
   2. Come Along
   3. Remember The Titans (Ft. Fabolous, Lloyd Banks, & Royce Da 5’9”)
   4. Short Summer
   5. Role Reversal
   6. Mop Salad Skit (performed by Karon “Kdotonthebeat,” Performed by parks Vallely)
   7. No Idea
   8. Black Cloud
   9. Follow My Lead (Ft. Joell Ortiz)
  10. Weekend Warrior Skit (performed by Karon “Kdotonthebeat”)
  11. Sober Up (Ft. Crooked I)
  12. Hello Expectations
  13. Something To Ride To
  14. Stuck In The Moment (ft. Emanny, Performed by parks Vallely)

Click here to watch the teaser trailers for Mood Muzik 4:

Pt. 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzo1GaBRj60 .
Pt. 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQVl-HeZw_M&feature=channel .

For More Information: www.joebuddentv.com, www.twitter.com/joebudden, www.facebook.com/pages/Joe-Budden/21720544347, www.myspace.com/mousebudden and www.youtube.com/user/cheah201?gl=US&hl=hi .

Video: Marvell - "We Know"

From 7Thirty Online:

Video: Marvell - "We Know"

Video: Wordsmith - "Show Me the Money/Touch Backdown"

From Wordsmith:

Video: Wordsmith - "Show Me the Money/Touch Backdown"

Video: Armageddon - "Run Away"

From Semp Rok:

Video: Armageddon - "Run Away"

Devo Spice Update - 10/11/2010

From Devo Spice:

Devo Spice Update - 10/11/2010

Hey everyone,

Music is happening this weekend in Ohio.  You should be there.

--== Con On The Cob’s Comedy Music Extravagasm! ==--
The venerable and rapidly decreasing in weight Shoebox of Worm Quartet has been hard at work producing the music track for Ohio’s annual celebration of games, art, freaks, and fun.  Con On The Cob is one of the most unique conventions I’ve ever attended and it’s always a lot of fun.  This year they’re planning an Iron Chef like event for artists.  And then there are the freaks.  That would be us- the people who for some reason try to make you laugh in song form.

Con On The Cob’s Comedy Music Extravagasm runs all weekend and features 16 funny type people and a couple panels thrown in for good measure.  Here’s the full run down:

8:00pm: Max DeGroot
8:30pm: Power Salad
9:00pm: Rob Balder
9:30pm: Positive Attitude
10:00pm: Worm Quartet

12:00pm: Podcasting Panel
1:00pm: Dementia Radio 10th Anniversary Panel
2:00pm: Main Stage Concert (2 hours featuring damn near everybody)
4:00pm: Soggy Potato Chips
4:30pm: Carrie Dahlby
5:00pm: ShiSho
7:00pm: 19 Action News
7:30pm: Witherwings
8:00pm: Norm Sherman (the guest of honor, from Drabblecast)
9:00pm: Nuclear Bubble Wrap
9:30pm: the great Luke Ski
10:00pm: Devo Spice (Hey, that’s me!)

11:30am: Derwood Bowen
12:00pm: Cirque du So What
12:30pm: Dementia All-Star Request Hour

I’ll be doing 2 songs during the main stage concert and then the half hour show at 10.

--== The Insider, Now With RSS ==--
Episode 14 of The Insider is now posted, and if you’re one of those podcast listening people you can now subscribe to my brand new RSS feed and get the episodes automatically!

For those who aren’t technically inclined the concept is simple.  Open iTunes, under the Advanced menu select Subscribe To Podcast and paste this URL into the field:

Now whenever you launch iTunes it will check to see if a new episode is posted and will download it automatically.  You can watch the video right there in iTunes where it will enlarge it to full screen view so you can see every nose hair creeping out of my face.

Spice Rack subscribers, who pay me money each month and get (among other things) a LONGER episode of The Insider with additional and exclusive content, should use this URL:

There.   Now there’s no excuse not to watch.  Unless you don’t like seeing my nose hairs.

--== Marco And The Red Granny Episode 2 ==--
Marco And The Red Granny Episode 2 is now live.  Hub Magazine was having some technical difficulties so it took a while to post but it’s ready now for all your listening pleasure.  You can listen to the MP3 or just read the text of the story at the official web site here:

Marco And The Red Granny is a science fiction story written by Mur Lafferty.  I am narrating the audio version for her.  If you enjoy the story please consider donating to her.  Mur is a very hard working woman who needs more purple hair dye.

That’s it for now folks.  Don’t forget to listen to The Funny Music Podicast for all your inside the FuMP and behind the scenes talk on the songs posted at TheFuMP.com.  And be sure to keep an eye on The FuMP.  I should have a new song posting shortly.


Video: DJ J-Ronin Interviews Cortez on New Mixtape

From J-Ronin:

Video: DJ J-Ronin Interviews Cortez on New Mixtape

PR: Award Winning Rapper Smokes Releases "The Bidding War" Mixtape

From Yo! PR:

Award Winning Rapper Smokes Releases "The Bidding War" Mixtape

DOWNLOAD: Smokes - The Bidding War [MIXTAPE] http://www.sendspace.com/file/dz2dq6 .

Midwest's hottest up-n-coming rapper Smokes aka Mr. Asian Pride unveils his blockbuster mixtape "The Bidding War", hostet by DJ Johnson.

"The Bidding War" features exclusive tracks with Oscar-winning Hip-Hop duo Three 6 Mafia, Philly's own Tone Trump, West Coast's new rap star Nipsey Hussle, and veteran Midwest rapper Coo Coo Cal.

Production credits include Grammy Award-winning beatmaker Vudu Spellz (Ludacris, Montell Jordan), DJ Pain 1 (Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Bun B), !llmind (50 Cent, Eminem, Lloyd Banks), Sean Divine (Jadakiss, Sonny Rich), and others.

Download "The Bidding War" now and hear what the buzz is all about!

ARTIST PICTURE www.yo-pr.com/pictures/smokes.jpg .

Official: www.smokesmusic.com .
Twitter: www.twitter.com/smokesmusic .
Facebook: www.facebook.com/smokesmusic .
YouTube: www.youtube.com/smokesmusic .

A Little Taste of Deathrow Tull

If you’re longtime readers of this site you already know who brokeMC and Dyalekt are (picture L to R w/ singer Ihsan in-between). They’ve been featured here individually, and as members of the MINDSpray crew. Recently, they decided to team up for a project they’re calling Deathrow Tull. A funky hip-hop ride that manages to be both fun and timely, Deathrow Tull is already becoming well known throughout Brooklyn for their live performances, one of which even included an MTA piñata to help them express how they felt about the potential fare hikes. This week I took a swing at finding out more about Deathrow Tull, including how it will affect brokeMC and Dyalekt’s solo careers, the intricacies of working with a live band, and what they can’t stand about each other.

Read the full interview at: http://adambernard.blogspot.com/2010/10/artist-of-week-deathrow-tull.html

MP3: Bobby Capri & Chief Grimes - "Everything I Do"

From Mic Fiend Promotions:

MP3: Bobby Capri & Chief Grimes - "Everything I Do"

* http://www.mediafire.com/?pgzfjh3z5bx4rzy *

This is the lead track from the collaborative mixtape from Bobby Capri and Chief Grimes, About To B.U.R.N, which is being released on October 10th. These 2 Virginia rappers have been grinding in the VA underground scene for awhile now. Definitely check out this track from them.

MP3: CRS (Kanye, Lupe & Pharrell) - "Don't Stop"

From Mic Fiend Promotions:

MP3: CRS (Kanye, Lupe & Pharrell) - "Don't Stop"

When I heard that there was going to be another track with CRS (Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and Pharrell), I instantly got excited. Lets hope they are still working on an album together.


CRS - Don't Stop


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