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PR: Ominous Red Releases Concept Album "SERIAL"

From Yo! PR:

Ominous Red Releases Concept Album "SERIAL"

Ominous Red "kills" The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Nas, Aesop Rock, LoDeck, Common, ODB, Ice Cube, GangStarr, and EPMD
Tossing his own contribution into the rare collection of conceptual albums that Hip-Hop has provided over the years, Ominous Red drops an independently produced and performed album that attempts to do something that has never been done before or has it?

The art of storytelling is nothing new. A format of songs outlining a sequence of events is nothing new. Fantasies about cops, robbers, strippers and drug kingpins is nothing new. Wordplay is nothing new. Heavy kicks and snares is nothing new. But arresting an old dirty hobo who has 8 different personalities with hints of what appear to be a tribute to Wu-Tang... well that is unique. Take that idea and bury it into a book of several chapters of tributes to great emcees like Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie and Aesop Rock while telling a story that is a metaphor for the journey that Ominous Red took to from starting out as a fan to becoming an emcee and you have a very clever audio book in the form of a Rap album.

After remixing over 100 songs, Ominous Red took a page from Common's album "One Day It'll All Make Sense" and continued the art of storytelling by weaving an intricate murder mystery of a cop on the trail of a serial killer.

Underneath the story is a concept. The album "SERIAL" is a metaphor for what Hip-Hop is to Ominous Red. It is a tribute to the artists who have had the greatest impact on his definition of the art form.

The key to understanding the concept of "SERIAL" is identifying the 2 main parts of the metaphor. Fans are like police. They decide what is allowable in the world of Hip-Hop. They determine what is law and what is criminal. You cannot steal lyrics. You cannot be corny. You cannot sell out. Emcees are like serial killers. They kill the microphone. They slay any emcee who challenges them. They publish their albums in a series and fans/police are always on the lookout for public enemy number one.

You can listen to the whole album via YouTube and download all of Ominous Red's beats thus far on Bandcamp. "SERIAL" is available for purchase now on iTunes or Reverbnation.


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MP3: D-Loc's "Shake Them" feat. Kurupt

From Chris at Koch/E1 Entertainment:

MP3: D-Loc's "Shake Them" feat. Kurupt

* *

“Playa” feat. Saint Dog video

* *

“Made For Kings” Album


AUGUST 17TH, 2010!

Pre-Order Available Now @ .

G. Dep To Release New Album, "Ghetto Legend"

Former Bad Boy Artist, G. Dep, To Release New Album, "Ghetto Legend", Due In September

* * * * * * * * *
Former Bad Boy Records Rapper, G. Dep’s Recently Completed New Album, Scheduled For September Release.

Miami, Aug. 11 /QuickTrackz/ - Famous Records president, Jeffrey Collins is happy to announce that former Bad Boy recording artist G. Dep, recently signed with Famous, for the distribution & promotion of his new album “Ghetto Legend”.

G. Dep’s first commercial release for several years will be released worldwide in late September, through the Universal digital network and will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and over 100 other online retailers.

G. Dep says “I am thrilled that I finally chose Famous Records as my new label and am quietly confident that with Mr. Collins vast experience in the Music Industry, that Famous will be my home for some time to come. Only good things will come from this move”. Jeffrey Collins added “G. Dep is a welcome addition to the Famous Family that includes:- Father MC, KRS-ONE, Ernest Kohl, Colonel Abrams, Frukwan from the Gravediggaz, Ram Squad, Shan Shizzy and a host of up & coming new artists, in every genre of music."

G. Dep, “Ghetto Legend”, available in September.

# # #

G. Dep
Ghetto Legend - available Sept. 2010
DJ Automatic's "Common: Theater of the Mind" Mixtale

From Nancy B:

DJ Automatic's "Common: Theater of the Mind" Mixtale

There are many who say the mixtape game has become formulaic and certainly, there are few names in the mixtape world that stand head and shoulders above the crowd but once in a while someone's imagination is sparked with an idea and something brilliant emerges. This would be one of those moments.

While listening to the limited edition of Michael Jackson's Thriller album, which features interviews with some of the legendary people he had worked with over the years like Quincy Jones and Rod Temperton, DJ and music afficianado, Merritt Reiland aka DJ Automatic (Shadyville/Vinyl Pushers DJ's) got the idea to make mix tapes with established artists that let them tell the story behind their career, catalog and inspirations, interspersed with blends of their music chronologically, and the MixTale was born.

Multi-Grammy-winning Chicago native, Common, was a natural selection for this conceptual CD, not least of which because he's one of Automatic's favorite MC's. Common is now a household name, not only because of his tremendous success in music and affliliation with some of the best to ever do it, but also because of his burgeoning acting career. This edition of MixTales, for there will be many, is entitled Theater of the Mind and will become available for download on August 24th. It's a chronology, both spoken and musical, of the artist that is Common, in his own words, past to present and beyond.

A self-proclaimed music geek who avidly studies the credits of all the albums he buys, Automatic aims to educate. "The reason I chose Common for this project is that he is not only one of my favorite MC's of all time," says Automatic, "but he has an entire career of music behind him that young music lovers don't necessarily know. They see him in movies and have heard his newer releases but have no idea that Common was one of the rawest MC's throughout the 90's. Although I have followed his career from jump, it was still an honor to sit down with him in person and let him take me on his personal journey."

With an on-air career at several radio stations over the past few years, gigs across the nation and several eclectic mix tapes, including 2008's MixTales featuring TI (2008) under his belt, DJ Automatic's love of music is a given and he wants it made clear that his MixTales opportunities are open to artists of all genres. As he so eloquently puts it, "I am officially married to Hip Hop, but I cheat on her all the time."

For more gems from DJ Automatic, follow him on Twitter via @djautomatic or visit his Facebook page at .

Audio: Cankoone ft Juelz Santana - "My City Never Sleeps"

From Zac Einhorn at Dice Music:

Everyday's SpringBreak Entertainment is proud to announce the official release of CanKoone's first Single "My City Never Sleeps" featuring Juelz Santana  AND the launch of his website WWW.CANKOONEMUSIC.COM. "My City Never Sleeps" is also the first single to be taken from his forthcoming mix tape, titled "30-year Old Virgin", which is expected to be released in September 2010. CanKoone is set to perform several shows in the US and Europe in the months to come including such venues as club Mondial in Beek, Netherlands and the finale of New Voices Tour at Apollo Theater in New York.

CanKoone is an American rapper, song writer and record producer. Born in the Bronx, New York, CanKoone started writing lyrics at the age of 11 and decided to pursue a professional career in music at 20. While performing in college and beyond it, he released two successful mix tapes and had numerous performances in different states. His recent accomplishments include being the opening act for Rapper Fabolous at the Howard Homecoming 2009 Concert, being featured on Global Grind's "Moguls in the Making" reality show alongside Aaron Reid and New Voices Tour Executive Producer James Smith, and having sold his songs to different artists including Pleasure P, just to name a few.  

Now after almost six years in the music business CanKoone has a wide variety of songs in his repertoire and is set to release his newest mix tape titled "30-year Old Virgin" in September 2010. His first single of the mixtape "My City Never Sleeps", which features Juelz Santana, has received overwhelming acclaim from industry insiders so far. The single and the mix tape will no doubt catapult CanKoone to the next level of his career.
Video: ToNe - "Want To Be A Rapper"


Iraqi Born Detroit raised rapper ToNe has just released the music video to the song “Want To Be A Rapper” the song tells of all the struggles ToNe goes through trying to make it in the music industry and also sheds light on the fact that everyone and their mother wants to be a rapper these days.  

On coming up with the song “Want To Be A Rapper” ToNe says

“Just seeing thousands of people on My Space that are rapping but aren’t very good brought it to my attention that everyone thinks they can be a rapper, I was also watching a few reality shows at the time on TV about rappers trying to make it and of coarse most of them had no talent, it made me want to make a song about everyone that was trying to rap, no disrespect to anyone that’s actually good and making music but just to the people that should remain Hip-Hop fans” 

ToNe and his family moved to Detroit, MI in 1991 barely escaping the gulf war alive, ToNe was only 4 years old at the time, he started rapping at the age of 13 and since then has created quite a buzz working with artists like Young Noble, Sean Kingston and also opening up for artists like Trick-Trick, Kevin Lyttle, and more! 

For more information on ToNe visit:,,  

MP3: J. Monday "Fastlane"

From Clout Media:

MP3: J. Monday "Fastlane"

Harrisburg, Pa. emcee J. Monday has been building a steady presence for himself and his city. With his mixtape The Sequel on deck for Monday, August 23, The Capital Kid expresses the thrill of living life in the "Fastlane." The track is produced by Harrisburg producer Trizz.

Stream/Download: J. Monday "Fastlane" (prod. by Trizz)

Alternative Link @ LimeLinx


Video: SL Jones "Power (Remix)" - No Expiration Date

From Clout Media:

Video: SL Jones "Power (Remix)" - No Expiration Date

MP3: Cassidy - "Drumma Bass"

From Chris at Koch/E1 Entertainment:

MP3: Cassidy - "Drumma Bass"

* *

C.A.S.H (Cass A Straight Hustla)

Produced by : Top Notch

* *

Canibus to Release "C Of Tranquility" on October 5th

From Audible Treats:

Canibus to Release "C Of Tranquility" on October 5th

(August 11, 2010) - New York, NY - Acclaimed and controversial Jamaican-born emcee Cannibus is proud to announce the release of his brand new LP entitled C Of Tranquility. The 15 track album will be available on October 5th from Interdependent Media, the label responsible for releases from Tanya Morgan, Finale, J*DaVeY, Moe Green, K'Naan, and co-founded by Evan "TRUTHLiVE" Phillips.

C Of Tranquility, Canibus' tenth studio album, features production credits from DJ Premier, Jake One, Scram Jones, The Bizness, J-Zone and Slopfunkdust and proves that he is just as on point now as when he was first hand-picked by Wyclef Jean for the sensational debut LP Can-I-Bus. in 1998. His widely-known lyrical prowess, along with a knack for creating songs that double as personal statements, is even represented in some of the track titles on the release. "Merchant of Metaphors," "Free Words," and "The Messenger's Message" all deliver on their promise of insightful and dexterous wordplay. Having been deemed by several rap magazines as being one of the best lyrical freestyle rappers, Canibus recognizes this record as his opportunity to showcase his skills once again, implying that C Of Tranquility is the culmination of years of practice and progress. "Sometimes life will beat you down just to remind you that you're alive," Canibus said during a 2009 interview with Conspiracy Worldwide Hip-Hop Radio. "There's no better time than the present to try and actualize your dreams."

Canibus' career dates back to the early 90's, when he managed to make a name for himself by engaging in emcee battles with Wu-Tang Clan and the Def Squad, even before the release of his much-anticipated 1998 debut, Can-I-Bus. The record first appeared on the Billboard 200 at position No. 2, behind Lauryn Hill's The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, and went on to sell more than 500,000 copies in its first year. In 2000, he entered into the world of acting, holding a supporting role as "Mo Blak" in the Spike Lee satire Bamboozled. The same year also brought about 2000 B.C., his sophomore follow-up featuring the first collaboration of The HRSMN, a hip-hop supergroup composed of Canibus, Ras Kass, Kurupt, and Wu Tang's Killah Priest. They would next come together on The Horsemen Project - a collection of demos and outtakes originally recorded in 2001 - which was released in 2003, immediately following his critically acclaimed fifth studio album, Rip the Jacker. This past February, Canibus' Melatonin Magik entered in at the #91 spot on the Hip Hop Billboard charts. The single, "Airstrike," was an internet sensation, garnering 1 million downloads in its first week.

On C Of Tranquility, Canibus is in peak-condition, establishing that nothing can slow him down, not even service in the United States Army or being lauded -prematurely, perhaps - by fans and critics alike as hip-hop's next "Great One." Ultimately, what has made him the rapper - and the man - he is today is his ability to persevere and to look to the future.

Canibus' C Of Tranquility drops October 5th via Interdependent Media.

The Background:

Canibus has worked with more than his fair share of top name artists and producers, including Wu-Tang Clan, Def Squad, Wyclef Jean, DJ Premier, and many more. In 1998, his debut, Can-I-Bus, entered the Billboard 200 at #2 and went on to sell more than 500,000 copies in its first year. Over his career as an emcee, he has toured the globe and amassed a great deal attention from fans and critics alike. He recently joined forces with Interdependent Media to release his 10th studio album, C Of Tranquility, a record that highlights his unique style of honest lyricism with an expansive vocabulary. Canibus has been both a rising star and a fallen soldier, but now is his time.


Bio, pictures, and streams available here: .

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