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Video/PR: Rolling Stoned - "Space Cake LP (Promo)"

Video/PR: Rolling Stoned - "Space Cake LP (Promo)"

Courtesy 95Labs.

Enter Miami rap group Rolling Stoned... A group of 5 cannabis loving MC's blending a variety of southern, alternative, and underground rap creating a movement of positivity, weed advocacy, and ill Hip-Hop.

We had the chance to catch up with Rolling Stoned members Marii Jane, Joey Duz, Salazar, and Shottie and asked the some questions about their upcoming Space Cake LP, the role of weed in their creative process, the music industry in South Florida, and more.

Can you tell us about the first time you smoked weed?

Shottie: I was homie bought a dime bag of some bullshit regs & we
rolled up two poor excuses for joints. We smoked them at the lake and
we been high ever since!

Salazar: It was under a canal bridge wit my homies in 93.

Marii Jane: I had to be about 12 years old up to mischievious behavior with my
brother Heber. We watched our older cousins and uncle smoke everyday.
We also knew where their roach stash was, so we started going in on
their roaches. My uncle always wondered where they went.

Read the full article here: .

MP3: Billie Slum f/ Fiend - "Cadi Keys" (prod. Drum Gang)

MP3: Billie Slum f/ Fiend - "Cadi Keys" (prod. Drum Gang)

Courtesy DJ Smallz.




Video: Sands on Sports #76 f/ The Pharcyde

Video: Sands on Sports #76 f/ The Pharcyde

Courtesy BUKA Entertainment.

Mixtape: Louie Gonz (Spit Supreme) - "The Extras 2"

Mixtape: Louie Gonz (Spit Supreme) - "The Extras 2"

Courtesy DJ J-Ronin.

You know him from the All Elements Mixtapes and Sav Killz projects.  
This All Elements Crew artist from Worcester, Mass has been grinding for a while. 
Check out his new mixtape.  We appreciate the support.

Download here >>>>>>

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MP3: Jaz-O - "Be There" (Main & Radio Version)

MP3: Jaz-O - "Be There" (Main & Radio Version)

Courtesy PR Dean Multimedia.

PR: J.U.i.C.E. Presents 4th Annual Hip Hop Festival @ Ford Ampitheatre

PR: J.U.i.C.E. Presents 4th Annual Hip Hop Festival @ Ford Ampitheatre

Courtesy Julio Trejo.


Performance to be taped for KCET’s new series, “Live @ The Ford”

LOS ANGELES (September 15, 2011) – Award-winning, nonprofit community dance collective, J.U.i.C.E. (Justice United in Creative Energy) is proud to present the “4th Annual Hip Hop Festival” on September 30, 2011 at the Ford Amphitheatre at 8:30pm. The all ages show will bring together the top street dance and B-Boy crews from around the world to showcase their amazing talents and share their vision of the night’s theme: world peace. This year’s performance has been selected to be part of KCET’s new series, “Live @ The Ford.” KCET will be taping the show and airing it at a later date.

Joining the festivities are Antics Performance, Baby Boogaloo, Demolition Crew/Spread Expression, Lux Aeterna, Machine Gone Funk, Buddha Stretch, Illstyle, Peace Production (Philadelphia, PA), ShyGuy & Tsuyoshi featuring Kiminari & Kairi from Hiroshima Japan, and Versa-Style Dance Company West Bound. The evening will also feature the lyrical talents of Toquon (Soul Elevation) and Scatterbrain. Special guests include Los Angeles artist, SANO, and Japanese artist, Shiro, who will each create original paintings to the funk, classic, break, and hip-hop tunes spun by DJ Kenzo. D. Sabela Grimes will be hosting the festival.  Amy “B-girl CatFox” Campion, Jacob Kujo Lyons, and Emiko Sugiyama are the Artistic Directors of this year’s exciting new production.

A special component inspired by the story of Sadako Sasaki has been added to this year’s show.  Sasaki is the young Japanese girl who died from radiation exposure after the drop of the atomic bomb near her home in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.* A old Japanese saying has become closely associated with Sasaki. The saying states anyone who folds one thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane.

Audience members will be asked to create their own origami crane to symbolize a unified call for world peace. Volunteers from the J.U.i.C.E. organization will be on-hand before the show and during intermission to teach guests how to fold their own figures. With an expected crowd of over 1200 people in attendance, J.U.i.C.E. hopes to produce over one thousand pieces.  Featured duo from Japan, Kairi & Kiminari, will return to Hiroshima to personally deliver the cranes to the Children’s Peace Monument.

The idea of creating the cranes stemmed from Emiko Sugiyama’s (producer/dancer/

choreographer) recent visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum shortly before the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.  Sugiyama was deeply moved after reading the inscription on the plaque at the foot of the Sasaki statue in Hiroshima Peace Park that reads: “This is our cry. This is our prayer. Peace on Earth.”  Sugiyama describes, “Sasaki is a symbol for world peace.  Along with thousands around the world, we carry on her legacy. We decided to incorporate the making of origami cranes into a hip hop program because as a culture, hip hop has the power to bring people together in spreading a unified message of peace through creative self-expression. For our thousand cranes, we wish for world peace.”

For over a decade, J.U.i.C.E. has promoted peace through the arts. Its acronym, Justice United in Creative Energy, has reflected the group’s dedication to bridging communities in Los Angeles. Its successful no-cost after school program has served as a model for other community arts programs. It has proven over the years that their innovative curriculum has the ability to heal lives and transform communities by offering emerging dancers, performers, and visual artists the technical skills to help them develop their self-confidence and create meaningful relationships with mentors. The “4th Annual Hip Hop Festival” is a celebration of the group’s hard work throughout the year.

*In the non-fiction book, Sasaki and the Thousand Paper Cranes (1977), American author, Eleanor Coeer wrote that Sasaki was inspired to fold one thousand origami cranes while in the hospital after hearing of an old Japanese saying where one is granted a wish in exchange for one thousand of the intricately folded paper cranes. Sasaki was only able to complete 644 cranes before her death. Friends are said to have completed the remaining cranes and buried them in Sasaki’s grave to fulfill her wish. It has become customary for the thousands of visitors to the Hiroshima Peace Park to place origami cranes near the Sasaki statue during the annual Obon Festival.

Be sure to join J.U.i.C.E. on September 30 at 8:30pm for the “4th Annual Hip Hop Festival” at the Ford Amphitheatre.

Tickets are priced at $25 for adults, and $12 for full-time students with ID and children 12 and under. Tickets are available at or 323 461-3673 (for non-visual media 323 GO 1- FORD). Purchase by September 23 and pay only $20. Group discounts are available at 10% for 8-15 tickets, and 20% for 16+ tickets.

For more information on the J.U.i.C.E. organization, please visit

The Ford Amphitheatre is located at 2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East, Hollywood, CA 90068, just off the 101 Hollywood Freeway across from the Hollywood Bowl and south of Universal Studios. The grounds open two hours before showtime for picnicking. The Ford offers a number of dining options: a variety of food and beverages is available on site and box dinners for evening events may be ordered in advance. Patrons are welcome to bring their own food and drink.

The Ford is disabled accessible. Portable wireless listening devices are available upon request. On-site, stacked parking costs $5 per vehicle for evening shows and $1 per vehicle for morning family shows. For evening shows only, FREE non-stacked parking serviced by a FREE shuttle to the Ford, for evening amphitheatre performances only, is available at the Universal City Metro Station lot at Lankershim Blvd. and Campo de Cahuenga. The shuttle, which cycles every 15-20 minutes, stops in the "kiss and ride" area.

This event is part of the Ford Amphitheatre 2011 Season, a multi-disciplinary arts series produced by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission in cooperation with Los Angeles County-based arts organizations. For a complete season schedule, directions to the theater and parking information, log on to
Press Release: Myka 9's New Album "Mykology" Out This Fall

Press Release: Myka 9's New Album "Mykology" Out This Fall

Courtesy Matt B.


Myka 9 New Solo-LP, "Mykology," To Be Released On 10.3.2011 On SoundVise Records, New Freestyle Fellowship Reunion LP To Be Released This Fall!

"To say that Freestyle Fellowship significantly influenced West Coast hiphop is like saying that Jesus was a pivotal figure in Christianity." –Pitchfork

Freestyle Fellowship will be reuniting for the first-time in over a decade and releasing a new LP, The Promise, on Decon Records this fall. Yet, before the Freestyle Fellowship reunion project surfaces, Myka 9 will release his fifth solo-LP, Mykology, on 10/3/11 on SoundVise Records. Produced by Organized Elements and Myka 9 himself, it's full of the meticulous and intelligent rhymes that Myka has become so revered for. Mykology's first teaser "I Must Cross," finds Myka poignantly dissecting the often-debated immigration crisis from a human rights perspective. The projects lead-single "Oh Yeah…Alright" finds Myka trading verses with Freestyle Fellowship member Aceyalone along with Casual, Sunspot Jonz & Kirby Dominant.

Myka 9 is a founding member of one of the West Coast's most-influential and creative groups, Freestyle Fellowship, (which also includes Aceyalone, P.E.A.C.E., Self Jupiter and J Sumbi) and the group is still a very instrumental figure in the LA Hip-Hop community. Known for his rapid cadences and incorporating singing into his melodic jazz infused sound, Myka is one of the West Coast's most stylistically advanced rappers and he has had an indelible impact on the underground hip-hop scene and freestyling as an art form. Myka is featured in the award-winning 2008 documentary This Is the Life, chronicling the music movement that was birthed at The Good Life Cafe in South Central Los Angeles. The Good Life is the open-mic workshop where he first performed with Freestyle Fellowship in the early 1990s.

Myka's imprints on Freestyle Fellowship and the artists they would later influence is evident as Myka's ‘7th Seal" from Freestyle Fellowship's debut, To Whom It May Concern, (1991) has been dissected and combed over by fans, artists and critics alike for years in an attempt to crack the code and help shaped the next generation of West Coast emcees and sound that would emerge shortly thereafter (Hieroglyphics, The Pharcyde etc., and Myka even ghost wrote two tracks on N.W.A.'s 1987 debut album N.W.A. And The Posse). Released in 1993, Freestyle Fellowship's second LP, Innercity Griots, is a landmark of LA Hip-Hop and genuinely considered one of the best Hip-Hop LP's of the 90's; and the group's videos for "Inner City Boundaries" and "Hot Potato" from Innercity Griots took their sound and movement worldwide.

After the release of Innercity Griots in 1993, Freestyle Fellowship went on hiatus due to the four- year incarceration of Self Jupiter. Upon his release, the Fellowship reunited to record Temptations which was released in 2001. In 1999, Myka formed an underground super group, Haiku D'Etat (self-titled release), with Aceyalone and Abstract Rude; a track ("Non Compos Mentis") from that self-titled release was featured in Tony Hawk's "Pro Skater 4" video game (one of the top selling video games of the year).

Tracklisting & Credits for Myka 9 Mykology LP:
1.) "Bright Flashbacks"
2.) "Mind Right"
3.) "Where Would You Be"
4.) "Oh Yeah…Alright" f/Aceyalone, Casual, Sunspot Jonz & Kirby Dominant
5.) "Hey"
6.) "Breathin' Down Your Back"
7.) "I Must Cross" f/Viveca Hawkins
8.) "Trimming"
9.) "Tell Me"
10.) "Face Of A Waterfall"
11.) "Don't You Go"

Press Release: Kurupt Executive Produces Bi-Coastal LP "The Academy"

Press Release: Kurupt Executive Produces Bi-Coastal LP "The Academy"

Courtesy Matt B.

LP Includes Appearances From Kurupt, Raekwon, Method Man, Redman, Royce 5'9, Crooked I, Styles P, Jadakiss, Sean Price, Pete Rock, M.O.P., Keith Murray& Many More

Since the inception of Hip-Hop, compilation projects have been a staple in providing fans across the board with the means of enjoying new music from a myriad of their favorite artists. Whether in the form of Motion Picture Soundtracks such as "Juice", "Menace II Society," "The Show" and "Friday" to just name a few and the genre was further supplemented by labels such as Death Row, Ruff Ryders and No Limit Records, and perhaps more prevalent than ever the advent of the "mixtape" has allowed DJ's and Emcee's to collaborate together in introducing an influx of music to the general public.

2011 marks the return of the Compilation like you have never experienced it before, with the birth of The Academy, a bi-coastal merging of the minds that provides an undeniable unity long since forgotten amidst the landscape of popularized feuds, beefs, and unfounded media hypes. "The Academy" was released on 9-13-2011 courtesy of Terminal 3/Penagon/Bonzi Records.

The material is 100% new, the collaborations are out of this world, and the production value makes "The Academy" the new standard in Hip-Hop excellence. Over 55 MC's representing the realms of "Major" and "Independent", "New & Old School, "Legendary" and "Soon to Be" make "The Academy" release a shoe in for fans to feed their need for a superior quality product from a vast makeup of the artists they love and respect in a landscape where subpar albums and scaled back budgets have become the norm.

Executive produced by Kurupt, fans can expect "Academy" appearances from such notable talents as Raekwon, Jadakiss, Kurupt, Pete Rock, Royce Da 5'9", Redman, Styles P, Crooked I, Sean Price, Method Man, Canibus, LA the Darkman, Keith Murray, Planet Asia, Rass Kass, K-Solo, LA The Darkman, Billy Danze (M.O.P.), Pack FM, Pete Rock, Keith Murray, Chino XL and many more all backed by the breakthrough soundscapes Marlon Price & JP Beats of Terminal 3 Productions (who previously oversaw projects from "Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture", "The Four Horsemen" and "The Undergods").

Tracklisting For The Academy LP:

1.) Welcome To The Academy f/ Method Man & Redman
2.) Mashout f/ Canibus, Agallah, & Styles P
3.) Samaryda f/ Raekwon, Kojoe, & Kurupt
4.) Still No! f/ Ras Kass, Phillie, & Rock of Heltah Skeltah
5.) Triple Seize f/ Crooked-I, Copywrite, & Chino XL
6.) Rich Righteous Teachers f/ Jadakiss, La The Darkman, Sav Killz & Billy Danze of M.O.P
7.) Lets Go f/ Royce Da 5'9", Bronze Nazareth, Sean Price, & K-Solo
8.) Code Of Conduct f/ Pacewon, El Da Sensai & Illah Ghee
9.) Pick Your Vice f/ Labba, Pack FM, Udi, Dzk, & Stack-A-Dolla
10.) Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal f/ DJ Absurd
11.) Kill Everything (Squad Up) f/ Kurupt, Tri- State, Ruste Juxx & Kevlarr 7
12.) Body Down f/ Styles P, Kojoe, & Jaecyn Bayne
13.) Rock This f/ Pete Rock, Copywrite, & Planet Asia
14.) Paperwork f/ Keith Murray, Sean Price & Big Lou
15.) The Alliance f/ Timbo King & Math Hoffa
16.) M.O.A.N (remix) f/ Prodigal Sunn, 60 Second Assassin, Killah Priest, & Hell Razah (Sunz of Man)
17.) Keep It Movin f/ M-Eighty, Son One, & Jaecyn Bayne
18.) Thief In The Night f/ K-Solo, Born Sun, Killah Priest, & Goldie
19.) Where There I s Nowhere f/ Reef The Lost Cauze, Chopp Devize, & Timbo King
20.) Change The World f/ Matilda, Goldie, & Rusty Redenbacher (of The Mudkids)

Video: Styles P f/ Jada - "Live From the Juice Bar Ep. 3"

Video: Styles P f/ Jada - "Live From the Juice Bar Ep. 3"

Courtesy Chris @ E1.

MP3: Headnodic f/ Jern Eye, One.Be.Lo - "Durty Diamonds (Remix)"

MP3: Headnodic f/ Jern Eye, One.Be.Lo - "Durty Diamonds (Remix)"

Courtesy Matt B.

Headnodic's "Red Line Radio" LP is out now and mark's his full length debut as a headlining artist; and it's also a firm indication that his musical explorations are already becoming the classics of the future.

DL Link to Headnodic f/Moe Pope, Bru Lei, Very, Jern Eye, Nightclubber Lang & One.Be.Lo "Durty Diamonds" (Remix): .

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