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LiKWUiD feat. Donwill x Adrienne Mack-Davis + 'No Regrets' EP

From DubMD84:

LiKWUiD feat. Donwill x Adrienne Mack-Davis + 'No Regrets' EP

'Sight for Sore Eyes' is LiKWUiD's second single from the 'No Regrets EP.' The song is a snap shot of a family portrait of love torn, lost and misunderstood. Guest appearances include songstress Adrienne Mack-Davis and indie Hip-Hop superstar Donwill (of Tanya Morgan).Donwill and LiKWUiD pair up to speak on both angles of how a happy marriage can go sour. Produced by Bassi Maestro.
Sight for Sore Eyes is a clever and fun interpretation of relationship matters. Interestingly enough, the song ends allowing the listener to determine who was right or wrong.

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MP3: B.o.B - "So Hard to Breathe"

MP3: B.o.B - "So Hard to Breathe"

Courtesy M3W.

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420 VIDEO: @Kottonmouth Kings - "Hold It In"

420 VIDEO: Kottonmouth Kings - "Hold It In"

Published by kottonmouthtv.

Be sure to check back for the premiere of the brand new Kottonmouth Kartoon - Stonetown! And the revealing of the artwork for Mile High and pre order launch!!!!

Video: YYou - "Javelin" f/ Mike Snow (prod. Jonathan Lee)

From YYou:

Video: YYou - "Javelin" f/ Mike Snow (prod. Jonathan Lee)

Hey folks, so I'm almost done the "Happy 2 YYou" EP mashup project featuring myself and Miike Snow. Since it's going to be a few more weeks till the full EP is ready for release, I decided to send out the first single titled "Javelin". This track is a total revamp  on "Miike Snow - Paddling Out". Below I have supplied you with the Soundcloud, and Youtube links... feel free to post whatever you like! I will be happy to supply you with cover art and promo pics if needed.  Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think... CHEERS!

MP3: DJ Soko f/ Guilty Simpson - "Biters" (prod. Gensu Dean)

From Mello Music Group:

MP3: DJ Soko f/ Guilty Simpson - "Biters" (prod. Gensu Dean)

DJ Soko (of The Left) is releasing his first limited edition 7" vinyl next week! To spread the word Soko is giving away the track "Biters feat. Guilty Simpson" that Gensu Dean produced. Soko built a beautiful track here and really goes in on the cuts. Enjoy and feel free to share!
Free Download: DJ Soko "Biters f. Guilty Simpson" (prod. Gensu Dean) .


King I Divine - Divine ScienZe Instrumentals/Beat Making Vids

From Park Street PR:

King I Divine - Divine ScienZe Instrumentals / Beat Making Videos

Meet producer King I Divine; synonymous with the MPC and the mastermind behind the 'Flipped: Jodeci Edition' beat tape, the 'Crown Jewelz 1, 2 and 3' series and the atmospheric themed 'East 54th' EP. Raised in Queens, N.Y but an ATL resident, King I Divine has been creating music since 2008. Arguably, his love affair with Hip Hop was birthed years before, considering that his early influences were RZA, DJ Premier, Pete Rock and the late J Dilla to name a few. With a growing, substantial Internet and worldwide following, his credits include producing for some known and upcoming acts.

Hosted by 2 DopeBoyz, his most acclaimed instalment to date, 'Divine Scienze" is the feel-good, hard-hitting collaborative album with Brooklyn emcee Scienze, featuring several notable artists. Known for unique live performances accompanied by his APC 40 and a sound that honours a diverse range from soul and jazz music to authentic boom-bap Hip Hop, King I Divine plans to establish his legacy in delivering authentic and timeless music for all listeners.

Described as a treat for beat heads and music lovers alike, King I Divine has released the full thirteen instrumental tracks from the fan-favourite album, 'Divine Scienze'. This is available exclusively for ONE month only!!!

Also, check out the new beat video in which King I Divine explains the process of creating the 'HERO' track as well as checking out King I Divine MPC beat making video: .

King I Divine - Divine ScienZe Instrumentals Track-listing:

01. Welcome (Instrumental) 02:12
02. Hero (Instrumental) 01:55
03. Happiness Is (Instrumental) 02:02
04. Rocket (Instrumental) 02:01
05. The Present (Instrumental) 01:46
06. Hear My Vision (Instrumental) 01:43
07. Can't Describe (Instrumental) 01:51
08. Organic (Instrumental) 02:03
09. We Rise (Instrumental) 01:38
10. High Ride (Instrumental) 01:51
11. Enjoy Tonight (Instrumental) 01:48
12. Peace (Instrumental) 01:43
13. How I'm Designed (Instrumental) 01:37

Purchase/Stream link: .

Video: The Rap Pack (New Orleans Supergroup) - "Ooh La La"

From Dove @ Tygereye:

Video: The Rap Pack (New Orleans Supergroup) - "Ooh La La"

In the 1960s, the nation was captivated by "The Rat Pack", a group of actors and entertainers at the top of their profession. Individually they were all forces to be reckoned with, but together, they were a movement. It has been a long time since we've witnessed something of that caliber; but as the old saying goes "History is destined to repeat itself." 
Now, four of the dopest lyricists from the city of New Orleans - The Show, K-Gates, Y. Luck and Dappa - come together to form The Rap Pack. This quartet is a force to be reckoned with. Individually, they have had promising solo careers. From Y.Luck's Ain't Nobody Like Me, K-Gates' Black & Gold, Dappa's Come and Get Me, and (Mannie Fresh's protégé) The Show's D.O.B mixtapes, each artist has reached a respectable level of individual success. 

MP3: Roach Gigz - "Make It Happen"

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Roach Gigz - "Make It Happen"

This summer, Roach Gigz will release his official debut album, Bugged Out. Today, his fans can breathe a sigh of relief that they won't have to wait until then to get some new music from the Bay Area rapper. First up, Roachy will release a new mixtape, Hot Air Balloons & Cinnamon Sticks. The tape will be co-hosted by DJ Carisma from Power 106 in Los Angeles and DJ Amen from 106 KMEL in the Bay, and will be released a week from today, on Roach Gigz' birthday, April 25th.

To accompany the announcement, Roach is releasing the first single from the project, "Make It Happen." "Make It Happen," which premiered on KMEL 106 last night courtesy of Big Von, was produced by DYNC3, a member of the LA-based production group The League of Stars, and the beat has all of the distinctive high-energy and synth-infused sounds that fans love to hear Roach rhyme over.

The New York Times recently referred to Roach as "The funniest rapper working," and with "Make It Happen," it's easy to see why; Roach laces the track comedic, boastful - and most of all, fun - lyrics. "I just wanted to make something to party to, and keep this Young California music going," says Roach, who adds, when promoted for a message behind the track, "Have fun tonight." 

Download "Make It Happen" here: .

Video: @ChazRaps "I Am Your Leader" Friday FC Freestyle #47

Video: @ChazRaps "I Am Your Leader" Friday FC Freestyle #47


Live from Spanish Harlem comes my 47th FEEDCLOGGER FREESTYLE! This week's request comes from TS(@seriouslyts) who requested "I Am Your Leader" by Nicki Minaj!

Video: JW (CTE) - "Up (Freestyle)"

From JW (CTE):

Video: JW (CTE) - "Up (Freestyle)"

JW (CTE) has released a hot new video off his upcoming "It's My Time" street album.  Check out his "Up" Freestyle and download the track below.  "It's My Time" will be released on April 24, 2012

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