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MP3: "Southpaw Cypher" f/ Shabaam Sahdeeq, Bekay, FT & More

From Who Got Next:

MP3: "Southpaw Cypher" f/ Shabaam Sahdeeq, Bekay, FT & More

Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Gant, FaMo$o, Nutso, FT, Bekay, Dov, Flo, 151 Proof & Climax:
"Southpaw Cypher"

The creation of this joint was 100% organic. One night in BK all the pieces lined up perfectly to manifest this epic 10 man cypher. Bekay was throwing a show at Southpaw (Brooklyn) featuring performances from everyone on the joint & many more : PR Dean (Hardtimes Records) rolled up with an entire studio set up, ready to record : DJ Concept (Bash Brothers) was spinning for the night & had the perfect track : A monster was born.

With the mobile studio set up in Southpaw's basement, PR Dean recorded MC after MC while the show was taking place upstairs.

The joint explodes as veteran MC & 1/5th of Infinity Gauntlet (IG), Shabaam Sahdeeq sets the tone for the joint then El Gant (IG) steps up to continue the assault. Next up is FaMo$o of Hardtimes Records followed by Nutso who both flow effortlessly over the DJ Concept soundscape. Then we bring it back to IG as The Brooklyn Beast, FT tears through the track & Bekay 'rips' it to shreds. He also introduces the 1st appearance of his prodigy, 15 year old Dov. Amidst many seasoned MCs, Dov holds his own with ease. Next up are Flo out of Brooklyn & 151 Proof (God Sunz) who both make quick work of the track. As we come to the end of the joint, Climax (Dope Rush) spits a ferocious 24 bar verse to close it out.

MP3: Jola the Trunk Boi - "GO" (prod. Stylz)

From Sam Cuddy:

MP3: Jola the Trunk Boi - "GO" (prod. Stylz)

Jola's found a new home but it hasn't been revealed with who yet. Here's a new record from the Trunk Boi. Please take the time to listen and post this. 

Video: Vinny Cha$e - "Tiffy / Baby Roli"

From Chris @ E1 Music:

Video: Vinny Cha$e - "Tiffy / Baby Roli"

MP3: Z. Cortez f/ J. Legend & Scarface - "If God Has a Face"

From M3W:

MP3: Z. Cortez f/ J. Legend & Scarface - "If God Has a Face"

* *

Famed Photographer Ernie Paniccioli Suffering From Cancer, Asks Hip-Hop For Help


(AllHipHop News) Ernie Paniccioli, the famed photographer, has
revealed publicly that he has cancer and is in dire need of support from
the Hip-Hop community.

Paniccioli, through the The Life Goes On Foundation, announced that he's
is in need of financial support to pay for medical bills.

Thus far, the photographer has accumulated medical bill exceeding
$40,000, but does not have health care coverage to pay the rigorous
cancer treatment.

He will have to endure roughly five weeks of radiation treatment to increase his chances of survival.

Friends, family and fans can donate by clicking this link.

At press time, the Hip-Hop Nation member has raised close to $1,000.

Paniccioli has faithfully documented Hip-Hop culture, in its many
facets, since the 1970's. He's photographed the likes of Chuck D, MC
Lyte, Lauryn Hill, Nas, Latifah, Tupac, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., Afrika
Bambaataa and scores of other Hip-Hop royalty.

In 2002, he
released "Who Shot Ya?: Three Decades of Hip Hop Photography," a
critically acclaimed compilation of his finest photos. He also released a
documentary on Hip-Hop in 2009.

“Hip-Hop is an art form. We should use it as an art form," he told in 2009. "We should use it as fun.We
should use it as a way to globally unite people past language, past
religion and past race and culture. That’s the positive side of Hip-Hop. And it has the potential."

For more on Ernie Paniccioli, click here.

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MP3: Trek Life - "So LA" (J Bizness Remix) + LA Times Debut

From Mello Music Group:

MP3: Trek Life - "So LA" (J Bizness Remix) + LA Times Debut

Mello Music Group is proud to premier “So LA,” the newest single from West Coast rapper Trek Life’s latest project “Wouldn’t Change Nothing.” The track will be available today for free download through its LA Times debut. “Wouldn’t Change Nothing” features twelve remixes to tracks from Trek’s Oddisee-produced 2010 album “Everything Changed Nothing,” as well as two previously unreleased tracks produced by Oddisee. Remixes on “Wouldn’t Change Nothing” are produced by Apollo Brown, Has-Lo, J. Bizness, Audible Doctor, MarvWon, SlimKat78, ST.MiC, Has-Lo, Captain, A3, Bombay, and Duke WestLake, each of whom provide a new, fresh take on the tracks in tune with the album’s warm, West Coast feel.
"So LA" is a solid contribution to the..rap anthems dedicated to the City of Angels"
- LA Times

“So LA” is a modern anthem for the City of Angels, profiling the lifestyle of the metro’s thirteen million inhabitants. Trek’s aggressive delivery flows naturally over J Bizness’ thick synths, evoking images of year-round sunshine, sandy beaches, and the countless rich and distinctive neighborhoods throughout LA. The track captures an LA apart from the oft-perceived world of glamor while still casting a flattering light upon the city. Trek says, “So LA is a quick preview of the average person in LA’s mentality.  The objective was to make folks from out of town understand that LA can't be represented by Hollywood, but by the actual people like me that are from the city and surrounding neighborhoods.”
A close friend and longtime collaborator, J Bizness approached Trek Life during the preproduction stages of “Wouldn’t Change Nothing” regarding a “So LA” remix. “The energy of the original song is like a high speed chase through the city streets of Los Angeles,” J Biz says. “Now imagine that same fast-paced scenario, add a drunk driver, put him on the I-10 freeway with no seatbelts in the car, and you have the ‘So LA’ remix!” The frenetic synths soar over a rumbling bassline and sharp cuts from DJ Buddy, creating a track that reflects both the feverish scene he envisioned and a more tranquil California landscape. “Wouldn’t Change Nothing” is now available for digital download and will be released on CD August 9.
Enjoy and feel free to post and share.
Trek Life "So LA" (J Bizness Remix) [ FREE DOWNLOAD ]
Trek Life in The LA Times Today: [ LA Times ]

PR: Vote For Your Favorite Eyedea Lyric

From Crushkill Recordings:

PR: Vote For Your Favorite Eyedea Lyric

Hope summer has been treating you well. As always, we've been busy, but will try to keep things brief.

-A few weeks back we asked all of you to submit your favorite lyric for consideration to be put on the picnic table plaque in Cherokee Park this October 16th.  We had an incredible response, receiving nearly 300 submissions. We then narrowed it down to the top 8, which you can vote on until midnight on Monday, August 15th. Go here to vote - .

As you've likely heard, we will be holding a park bench dedication ceremony will on Sunday, October 16th in Cherokee Park. There will be performances and stories all day, and the public is welcome to attend. We're working really hard to make this a free event, but we need your help.  Here are a few ways you can help us out:

-All sales from the Micheal Larsen web store go toward this event. We're constantly adding new CDs and products, including releases by No Bird Sing, Kristoff Krane, and Educated Consumers - .

Video: River Nelson - "Old Times & Good Wishes"

From Park Street PR:

Video: River Nelson - "Old Times & Good Wishes"

"Old Times & Good Wishes" is the new single from acclaimed US emcee River Nelson, where he recounts his early days in the game, sending shouts to the crew he came up with, remembering their innocent love of hip-hop, complemented by suitably nostalgic production from Beat Thief and an ingenious video from director Eric Hudson which weaves video and photos from the 90's, including classic footage of the Boogiemonsters, to poignantly capture the track's mood.
This marks River Nelson's first release with DowntownSoul, ahead of his second album with legendary hip-hop producer Lewis Parker, which they are currently recording in New York; due to be released by DowntownSoul & A World of Dusty Vinyl later this year.
River Nelson will also be performing live at Strawberry Fields Festival in the UK this August Bank Holiday (26th-28th). For more information visit the website at /> 
DowntownSoul Records Ltd, 2011

LIKE DowntownSoul on Facebook - .

MP3: Magnificent Ruffians - "The Jitterbug"

MP3: Dustin Prestige - "Rise"

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Dustin Prestige - "Rise"

The Song:

If you've been paying attention recently, you may have noticed things can get pretty tough, frustrating even, for an up-and-coming artist – and especially for an artist who's style isn't exactly the sound du jour for the city from which he hails. Dustin Prestige understands all these things, but rather than bitch and moan, the Mo. City, Texas spitter has embraced his differences, and no where is this more apparent than on his new project, The Kelly and Jessie EP, or it's latest single, "Rise."

"People in hip-hop always act like the ascension to notoriety isn't a constant struggle," explains Prestige when discussing the inspiration behind the new single. "It seems simplistic material is promoted, often at the expense of others, and it's the 'new' MC's that find themselves having to 'rise' about that." And for a single titled "Rise," the song kicks off, and runs through, with a strong dose of emphatic, aided not only by Dustin's mix of singing to go along with his boisterous raps, but also Chris Rockaway's driving production. Rockaway, who produces throughout The Kelly and James EP, brings a rolling guitar lick and percussion heavy drums for Dustin, who asks on the hook, "Must I fail before y'all feel me?/ Must I vanish before y'all see me?/ Will I always be waiting in the wing... Or will I rise?"

Download "Rise" here: .

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