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Monday March 30, 2015
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Lost Verses From QM's "Happy Hour"

From Routine Fly:

May 26, 2010

Like we said last week, QM’s debut album, Happy Hour, will be released on June 18th.  This week we have some exclusive verses from the Happy Hour recording sessions.  These verse’s are from songs that didn’t make the album, however couldn’t stay under wraps forever!  A quick little dose of QM to get your appetite ready for the feast on June 18th.  The Happy Hour will be hitting the airwaves sooner than you think.


Direct Download:

Video: Moe Green - "Ride"

From Michelle at Audible Treats:

(May 26, 2010 - Brooklyn, NY) Burgeoning MC Moe Green, hailing from Vallejo, California, looks to be a beacon of hope for a town in search of a hero. One of California's fast rising talents, Moe Green is preparing the release of his debut album, Rocky Maivia, this summer on Interdependent Media.

The current economic crisis caught more than just individuals in the financial crossfire. Entire American towns went bankrupt, the largest of which is Vallejo, California, home to a once thriving and profitable music scene where artists like E-40, Mac Dre, and Celly Cell carved out a niche. Aware of the times, and the history of his hometown, Moe Green's music eschews the gangster trappings of the city's hip-hop pioneers. Green chooses, instead, a more earnest approach to his music, earning the emcee comparisons with today's rising stars credited with offering an alternative to a genre that has long relied on, often fabricated, street credibility for success. "It's a documentation of your everyday dreamer trying to make his dreams reality," says Green about his debut and his musical direction.

Recently being announced as a part of KMEL's 2010 Bay Area Freshmen 10 class, the 22-year old rapper has been garnering both local and national attention. The nod of approval was generated with the help of interest in a handful of leaked material, including the chillingly narrative "Hometown" and the debut leak from Rocky Maivia "Non-Title Match." Leading into the summer, as Green prepares the release of Rocky Maivia, fans can look forward to of a slew of singles, videos, and media content from the project, including the newly released video for "Ride," directed by Chris Kiker, and shot in Moe Green's hometown of Vallejo.

To eagle-eyed professional wrestling fans, the title for Green's debut single and the album itself will ring bells. An avid wrestling fan himself, Moe Green named his album after superstar wrestler/actor The Rock - Rocky Maivia served as The Rock's moniker when he first debuted in the ring. Green sees his debut album as the Rocky Maivia phase in his own career. "It's a metaphor for the newcomer with great potential entering the professional leagues," says Green.

Be on the lookout for Moe Green's first foray into the ring with Rocky Maivia this summer.

Check out the video for "Ride," from Moe Green's forthcoming album, Rocky Maivia:

About Interdependent Media:

Founded in 2006 in the Bay Area by Evan Phillips, Interdependent Media has built unique strengths in the development, production, and marketing of recorded music via new methods of marketing and promotion. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of both traditional and emerging methods of marketing, iM has successfully created multi-faceted methods of raising awareness and interest in their projects. Industry veterans Ian "ID" Davis and Dominic Del Bene head operations at iM and are credited with discovering and/or developing artists such as 9th Wonder, Little Brother, Tanya Morgan, Blackalicious, Del the Funky Homosapien, the Hieroglyphics and more. In 2010, iM will be releasing multi-media projects from artists Donwill, TRUTHLiVE, Canibus, Von Pea, Moe Green, A-Plus, and more. For more information, please visit


"Ride" Video:

"Going For The Kill" Video:

"Non Title Match" Video:



Label site::
New Updates From Diamond Music Group

From Matt At Coalmine Records:

Cimer Amor - "Another Classic" (feat. Burke, Torae, Side Effect & DJ Waxwork)

"Another Classic" featuring Burke, Torae, Side Effect & DJ Waxwork is the lead single from the forthcoming producer compilation Taking Nowhere, Somewhere from the Philly based beat-smith, Cimer Amor. "Another Classic" is currently charting through college radio stations across the country and was among the top five hip-hop records added to last week's charts. Cimer, who represents one half of the CAEN Project has been the boardsman behind several underground, indie smash singles over the years. Cimer boasts an impressive discography that includes placements among a who’s who list of underground hip-hop icons such as Sabac Red (of Non Phixion), King Syze & Doap Nixon (of AOTP), Louis Logic, Side Effect & more. "Another Classic" is just a sneak preview to what will be featured on Taking Nowhere, Somewhere, a producer compilation that will be sure to earn its ranks among the stand out producer albums of 2010, stay tuned! In the meantime, feel free to stream "Another Classic" below. Feel free to support this single by purchasing it from iTunes by either clicking here or on the cover below.


Another Classic (feat. Burke, Torae, Side Effect & DJ Waxwork) by CoalmineRecords






Jermiside & Danny Diggs - Middle Classic (LP)

Amidst an industry where many rappers claim they're either from the hood or already ballin' when they're usually neither, it's refreshing to hear an artist like the Atlanta-based, Cincinnati-raised rapper Jermiside represent where he's really at in life. On Middle Classic, Jermiside joins forces with the soulful production talents of the Vancouver-based, Irish-bred producer Danny Diggs to deliver a project worthy of the word 'classic' in the title.

"I can whole heartedly say after 5 or 6 front to back listens, this is one of my favorite projects to date. The mix of Jermiside's sharp bars combined with Danny's chops and snares is just sublime. Make sure you got space on your ipod for this one." - Donwill (of Tanya Morgan)

In promotion for the release of Middle Classic the good people at HiPNOTT Records are pleased to present you with the video premier for "Afraid", featuring Maverick Sabre. This stunning video was written, directed, and edited by Illyas (of Tanya Morgan). The song itself is an excellent example of the type of feel good hip hop Middle Classic represents as a whole.


Click here to purchase "Middle Classic" through Amazon

Jermiside & Danny Diggs - Middle Classic (LP)

Release Date: 5.25.10

Middle Classic is now available through all major digital retailers, please show some support for this tremendous album by purchasing through Amazon!! Click here or on the album cover (left) to download. In case you missed it the first time around, you may also download the album's debut single "Didn't I Tell You" feat. Von Pea (of Tonya Morgan) by clicking here. Feel free to stream it first below...thanks for your support!!




Crooked I Set To Release "Hood Star" On June 15th

From Sasha Stoltz Publicity:

WIDEawake Death Row

Crooked I "Hood Star"

 WIDEawake- Death Row Entertainment LLC announces Hip Hop artist Crooked I' s first solo release.  Crooked I "Hood Star" set to hit shelves June 15  features 15 unreleased tracks with guest appearances by, Juvenile, Too Short, Sisqo, Danny Boy, Eastwood, Kurupt and Ray J, just to name a few.  When first signed to Death Row, Crooked I appeared on a number of compilations such as "Too Gansta For Radio,"  "Dysfunktional Family,"  "Tha Dogg Pound's 2002,' and Tupac's " Nu Mixx Klazzics."    The Hip Hop artist also took time out to work on sound tracks for the movies, "Ride" and "Caught Up" collaborating with such artists as Snoop Doggy Dogg, Tha Eastsidaz and The Luniz.   In 2005, Crooked I created an Internet buzz for himself with "Boom Boom Clap," with the video receiving almost 500,000 hits on youtube.   In 2007 he took a different approach to the game with the creation of his Hip Hop weekly internet series, that got him voted the MC with "the best shot of taking over the game" and landed him on the cover of XXL magazine in the fall of 2007.  In 2009, Crooked I, along with MC's Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden and Royce Da 5'9" created the group Slaughterhouse and went out on a successful nationwide Rock the Bells tour last summer.   Crooked I's popularity has sustained over the years, with over 2.5 million Myspace views and 21,000 followers on Twitter an over 5,000 friends on Facebook, Crooked I has proved he is here to stay.

  The force behind Crooked I "Hood Star" and a mentor of Crooked I, is music producer, Big Hutch aka Cold 187um from the multi-platinum group Above The Law.   Big Hutch was a producer at Death Row Records in the late 90s, overseeing projects such as 2Pac's album " Until The End Of Time."    The multi talented producer works with independent artists helping them find their place in today's Hip Hop community.   Big Hutch will be available to discuss the music and the process behind Crooked I's "Hood Star"
Free EP/Video: The Niceguys - The Green Room

From Audible Treats:

Free EP/Video: The Niceguys - The Green Room EP/EPK Video

The Niceguys Announce New Video, Give Fans A Chance To Catch Up On Prior Releases

The EP:

The Niceguys' EP, The Green Room, is evidence that the Houston-based group is truly a Supreme Team. Having met and formed while attending school at the University of Houston, The Niceguys bring together elements of the North and South to offer a versatile collection of sincere hip-hop with The Green Room EP - MC Yves Saint hails from Queens, New York, while DJ Candlestick, and producers Free and Christolph call various parts of Texas home.

For the Niceguys, the plan for putting together The Green Room EP was clear. "We just wanted to keep the formula simple," says Free about the seven-track EP. "Dope beats, dope rhymes and no nonsense." Presented by leading hip-hop outlets and Fatlace, the EP continues to garner the foursome acclaim and accolades. The song "Not At All" reveals the group's undeniable energy and ability to pair catchy hooks with rewind-worthy verses, while the EP's opening track, "Supreme Team", serves as a Niceguys anthem, showcasing both their musical and lyrical abilities with a mix of boom-bap, bouncing basslines, and growing instrumentation paired with Yves Saint's winding flows. After a colorful introduction that travels all over the place musically, it is hard not to keep listening to the rest of this EP.

The Niceguys have also given us an inside look on their straight forward, yet effective formula with an EPK, which also offers fans insight into the founding and history of the group. Says Yves Saint, "The EPK really just gives an in depth look into how The Niceguys started, to where we are now, and where were going." In leading up to The Green Room release, The Niceguys have also released six online shorts called The NiceShorts, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the group.

As The Niceguys continue to put the finishing touches on their Fall-scheduled debut LP, The Show, they're planning the release of a series of videos from The Green Room, the first being the official video for "Not At All," which fans can expect in the coming weeks.

Check out the mastered version of The Niceguys' new single, "Not At All": .

Download The Green Room EP here: .

Watch The Niceguys EPK here: .

The Background:

The Niceguys epitomize the law of dynamics. They stimulate development and progress, and they also thrive off their own original ideas. The Niceguys' MC, DJ, and Producers consist of four young men by the names of Yves (MC), Candlestick (DJ), Free (Producer), and Christolph (Producer), respectively. Experiencing The Niceguys' chemistry live on stage is when the audience can witness that there is more to the group than meets the ear. The guys' personality and talent, as well as the lyrical content of their music, combine to provide a feel-good atmosphere for whoever is around. Having released The Green Room EP for free download in late 2009, The Niceguys have been quickly garnering attention from writers, bloggers, and tastemakers alike. The Niceguys' debut LP, The Show, will be dropping in the fall of 2010 via The Pi Group.


"Not At All": .

Download The Green Room EP: .

The Niceguys EPK: .

Fat Joe "Find Your Love" Remix + Sneaker Lick Video

From Chris at E1 Ent./Koch:

Fat Joe "Find Your Love" Remix + Sneaker Lick Video

Fat Joe “Find Your Love” Remix

* *

Fat Joe Talks Famous Sneaker Lick

* * - - gets Fat Joe to speak on his famous sneaker lick, and how it has become so popular since he was seen licking the Olympic Air Jordan 7 on MTV Cribs.

* *

A Message From Reef The Lost Cauze

From Well Done Entertainment:

A Message From Reef the Lost Cauze


If you don't know by now, one of my best friends in music and life Ethel Cee just dropped her first true release on Bee Eater Records last week. Dirty Samples is a project produced entirely by my brother Fel Sweetenberg and is available for download for free RIGHT HERE. I'm so proud of all the hard work EC has put into it and I want all of my fans to support one of Philly's most gifted artists in making her mark.

In support of this occasion, we are giving you the video for "Not That Easy", our duet off of my last album "A Vicious Cycle" now available in stores and online by CLICKING HERE. We shot this a few months back with Hezikah over at 3crates Productions and were waiting for the right time to release it, feeling there couldn't be a better time then now.


This video contains people dancing and having fun and talking about sex. I'm even dressed up a bit. I know most folks would rather not here my fat ass talk about such things but hey that's their loss, I need love to. The fans who need the hardcore punch you in the mouth have a whole album of that, dropping June 8th, called Fight Music (plug plug). What can I say, I'm a man of many styles, never can I be boxed in. I might do an electro folk album next (Editors Note: be on the lookout for Reefs new electro folk band "Happy Birthday, Spiderman").

But in the meantime, please enjoy this dope video for this dope song with dope mcs who are soon to take over your headphones. Ladies and Gents I Present...

Cimer Amor: "Another Classic" f/ Burke, Torae & Side Effect

From Coalmine Records:

Cimer Amor: "Another Classic" f/ Burke, Torae & Side Effect & DJ Waxwork

"Another Classic" featuring Burke, Torae, Side Effect & DJ Waxwork is the lead single from Philly-based producer Cimer Amor's forthcoming producer compilation album Taking Nowhere, Somewhere.  The album which drops on June 29th through Coalmine Records boasts features from Sha Stimuli, King Syze, Baby Blak, Jakk Frost, Equinox, Side Effect and more...stay tuned!!

Download | MediaFire: .

Another Classic (feat. Burke, Torae, Side Effect & DJ Waxwork) by CoalmineRecords
Blestenation Debut 'In A Hurry' Video On MTVU Freshman

From Kerosene Media:

Blestenation Debut 'In A Hurry' Video On MTVU Freshman

Blestenation have released their new video for "In a Hurry" online at . The video has been selected as this week's MTVU Freshman video, alongside new videos from Sam Adams, Sons of Sylvia, Cali Swag District, and Wiz Khalifa. Fans are encouraged to vote for their favorite MTVU Freshman video at the link above.
"It's dope that MTVU picked up on this video for their Freshman show," commented FAFU from Blestenation. "I'm glad they're finally giving us a shot and they like the video. We're always trying to do something different and not just rehash the same ideas that everyone before us did. Please take a second and check out the video and vote for us."
Blestenation recently released their debut album, "MBugout City", through Suburban Noize Records. The album ranges from arena rap anthems to dark melodic acoustic songs, as the group creates their own brand of misfit hip-hop.
* *

Wu-Tang Clan Return w/ Pollen: The Swarm Part Three June 22nd

From Tonia Samman:

Wu-Tang Clan Return w/ Pollen: The Swarm Part Three June 22nd

The lineup for the 7th annual rap tour Rock The Bells was just announced yesterday, and headlining the bill this year are hip-hop heavyweights performing their seminal albums in full. Wu-Tang Clan is very excited to be among them, doing all of their legendary 1993 debut Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) live at each date. 

After yesterday’s announcement, we received some more good news from the Wu camp: this letter from the guys which describes their upcoming album, Pollen: The Swarm Part Three, that’s due June 22nd from Wu Music Group. Here it is, in their words, unedited and raw, just the way they like it:

Read the Letter Below:

In the uncertainty of the new age industry and wake of  new media one thing is for sure and that being there’s never a shortage of WUTANG WANNA BEEZ, imposters, opportunists, posers and fakes rushing in to imitate, cash in and lay claim to the “WUTANG” name. WARNING: don't be fooled or duped! There is only one WUTANG CLAN AND BRAND. With the surge of official authentically branded  Wutang products, projects and a wave of  critically acclaimed album releases in the last year such as Raekwon’s Only Built for Cuban Links franchise and the follow up of  “Wu Massacre “ featuring  the Wutang Clan’s Method Man , Raekwon and Ghostface, The Wu Music Group in following and furthering WUTANG tradition in its truest and purest form will release the 3rd installment of the official swarm franchise dubbed POLLEN: THE SWARM PART 3 due this SUMMER JUNE 22, 2010. Why Pollen? Because it’s WUTANG authentic! Word to Shaolin!!  This installment is complete with new songs from the RZA as Bobby Digital, MEF MAN himself Johnny Blazing a track with the GZA, GHOSTFACE “Smooth Sailing” on the remix featuring Trife and Solomon Childs, and unlocked from the Wutang vault, the late great ODB with a fresh splash from his son and new comer BOY JONES on “Dirt’s the Boogie”.

The SWARM represents the Wutang Killer Beez on the move. The first album in the trilogy introduced fans to other emcees in the Wu empire from east to west coast and across the seas. In true killer bee fashion, this album wouldn't be complete with out new music from the Killer Beez themselves 12 o clock, Prodigal Sun, Killer Priest, Street Life, Remedy, JoJo Pelligrino, the Rev Burke, and others. This is history once again in the making with the Wutang massive disciples and its affiliates aligning to swarm, bringing the ruckus and creating a frenzy to massacre the masses across the globe. This album will effectively pollinate and enter your senses and is guaranteed to inspire and buzz the ears of any true Wu fan looking for that real WUTANG indulgence and experience without leaving out the this generation’s expressions of  hip hop and those still to come.  At press time the RZA of the Clan says “Wutang is forever and we will continue to shine light and spread music to the world.” The Swarm executive producer Power adds “As for anyone and anything else you may need to refer back to the WUTANG’S first suggestion which is to certainly ‘PROTECT YA NECK ”. Wutang Killers Bees and Yellow Jackets are on the Swarm part 3 and in full effect!!                         

 authored by OG.

Listen to teaser of never before released track by the late O.D.B. & Y.D.B. Boy Jones, “Dirts The Boogie”: .



For More Information: .

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