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Tuesday November 25, 2014
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[Dettwork SouthEast] Speakin' with a SouthEast twang.

Blak Twang review

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Free Music Fridays: High Fan Blowin' Edition

As I'm typing this, I got two fans blowin at me at once. I know the 'letric bills'll probably make me regret doing this later, but right now I'm doing my best to cool off in this hot weather. But you know what's hotter than my sweaty self? These hot new free music for me to give to y'all. I hope you'll enjoy famz!

50 Cent - Forever King Mixtape

[Here's one of the latest mixtapes dedicated to the King of Pop Michael Jackson done by 50 Cent. He's been on fire with making free music lately!]

1. I'm Paranoid
2. Respect it or Check it
3. Suicide Watch
4. Things We Do
5. Get the Money
6. Funny How Time Flies
7. If U Leaving, Then Leave...
8. Dreaming
9. Michael Jackson Freestyle
10.  London Girl Pt. 2
11. Touch Me
12. Put that Work In


Bullet - Home Alone


[The Windy City emcee Bullet plans to be #1 with a bullet. He collaborated with Sirius XM Shade 45 DJ Mz Stylez for this free mixtape entitled "Home Alone". This mixtape features production from Cool Kids' Chuck Inglish, Christian Rich and Slot-A.]

1. Mz Stylez Intro
2. Everyone Nose (Freestyle)
3. Supersonic pt. 1
4. Get It (prod. by Chuck Inglish)
5. We Got Em
6. Sky Might Fall
7. 3 in the morning
8. Spazz
9. universal mind control
10. Shake Yo Body
11. Bullet Speaks
12. Earth Girls
13. Make it Hot
14. I, RObot
15. That Girl feat Christian Rich
16. Take it to the top


CJ The Genesis - Yea, I'm a Nerd

[No, he ain't a gun totin, white brick sellin' and b*tch slappin playa/OG. No, CJ Da Genesis is far of that. He's just an average dude like us who happens to rhyme. Yes, he's a nerd that just loves to rap. If you have a prblem with a nerd rappin', then go and play Donkey Knog with your one-minded self.]

1 Yea, I'm A Nerd (Intro)
2 Chosen One
3 Unstoppable (Ft. Criss Chords)
4 Gotta Eat
5 E-Love
6 Victim Of Circumstance
7 Nintendo 64
8 Dreamgirl
9 Tired Of Fantasizing
10 One More Chance
11 Time
12 Level Up (Ft. The Rezon & Rai-L)
13 Legendary
14 Pep Talk
15 Fight To The Finish
16 FIYAH!!!! (Ft. Criss Chords)
17 Ohh-Emm-Gee
18 Live It Up
19 Underground (Ft. DLG & M-Trey)
20 Last Breath


Fella - A Pill and a Half [Hosted by Plies]

[Here's a latest emcee from the Sunshine State. As a protege of Plies, Fella is making his way to the big scene with this mixtape "A Pill and a Half" for all to bang to.]

1. Plies Speaks
2. In A Lil Bit
3. 56 Bars
4. Iz U F**king
5. Block Now
6. Er Body Know Me
7. Plies Speaks
8. On Yac FT. Plies
9. When I Die
10. Pop A Pill
11. Throw Ya Sets (Remix)
12. Plies Speaks
13. Swag (Remix)
14. Done it All (Remix)
15. I Do It
16. Dope Boy
17. AK Chevy FT. Plies


Illmind - Blaps Rhymes & Life 3

[Okay, I had to come correct after last week, where I promised the "3" but it wasn't released yet. But here it is now and it's is full of bangin music for free. Once again, this is dedicated to Eli Matthew Ibanga.]

01.) Intro (feat. The Real "Master Shake") (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
02.) D-Black - Superbad (Produced By Illmind)
03.) Young Buck - Hold On (feat. 50 Cent) (Produced By Illmind)
04.) Skyzoo & Wale - Freshfest (Produced By Illmind)
05.) Rapper Big Pooh - Problems (feat. Jozeemo) (Produced By Illmind)
06.) Cres - Restless (feat. Termanology) (Produced By Illmind)
07.) Kaze - Dusk Til' Dawn (Produced By Illmind)
08.) Scarface - Who Are They (feat. K-Rino & Slim Thug) (Produced By Illmind)
09.) Kida - We Made It (feat. Marsha Ambrosius) (Produced By Illmind)
10.) Dominique Larue - Okay (feat. Kim Joyce) (Produced By Illmind)
11.) Kids Incorporated (88 Keys, Evidence & Alchemist) - Stay Up! (Viagra) (Produced By Illmind)
12.) Common - I Want U (Shmoove Mix) (Produced By Illmind)
13.) MindsOne - Instinct (Produced By Illmind)
14.) Thoth - On My Terminator Shit (feat. Terminology) (Produced By Illmind)
15.) Edo. G - Wishin' (feat. Masta Ace) (Produced By Illmind)
16.) Fortilive (Illmind, Mushmouf & Slo-Mo) - Cowboys (feat. 84) (Produced By Illmind)
17.) C.B. News - Bumrush The Show (feat. Torae) (Produced By Illmind)
18.) Deep Foundation - Girls (Produced By Illmind)
19.) AP - All I've Seen (Produced By Illmind)
20.) Vox Merger - Do Or Die (feat. The Far East Movement) (Produced By Illmind)


[Illmind EDIT: Heres is the single file for track #03 as the mp3 is corrupt in the main link, apologises for the inconvenience, click the link below:]

Kia Shine - 2000SHINE: The Mixtape (Cashville 2 Memphis Edition)

KIA Shine 2000SHINE mixtape album cover

[Kia Shine, the same dude who professes he's "Crispy" like a bag of Lays, is back! Here's a new mixtape if you've been wondering about his whereabouts and judging from his mixtape, he ain't goin nowhere.]

1. Intro ft. DJ Wheezy and Boog Da Great
2. Grind for the Money
3. Checkin my fresh
4. Get You Straight
5. Kia Shine checks in
6. It’s True
7. Backpack ft. Preps
8. Day and Night
9. Wow remix ft. Shawty LO & Lil Boosie
10. Why Not - Preps
11. I’m Fly
12. 90100
13. Wangin
14. Kia Shine checks in
15. Kia Shine - recession proof
16. Paperchase remix
17. Back to the Future ft. Preps
18. White Vee
19. Swag Surfin
20. Freshman ft. Preps
21. Underdog
22. Kia Shine checks in
23. Salute
24. We The Best
25. First Date Sex
26. Kia Shine checks in
27. All I Do ft. Preps
28. Outro
29. Been Gettin’ Money


Lee Bannon - Me & Marvin

[Here's another musician who starts with "M" that no one should forget, Marvin Gaye. Lee Bannon gathered some emcees to create a tribute to the same man who once asked "What's Going On."]

1. Lee Bannon - Introduction To The Man (feat. S.O.L.) (1:32)
2. Lee Bannon - Paid My Dues (feat. Singapore Kane, Termanology & Big Shug) (3:34)
3. Lee Bannon - Volume (EP Mix) (feat. Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli & Donny Goines) (2:54)
4. Lee Bannon - A New Song (feat. S.O.L., Torae, Reks & Superstah Snuk) (3:22)
5. Lee Bannon - Dark Light (feat. Uptown Suite, The Jacka & Kali) (2:02)
6. Lee Bannon - The Phase (0:20)
7. Lee Bannon - Shadows (feat. C Plus & Uptown Suite) (2:44)
8. Lee Bannon - Props To Marv (feat. Uptown Suite & S.O.L.) (3:04)

This concudes another week of Free Music Friday. As usual, if you have any free music you would like for the world to hear, e-mail me at with "Free Music Friday: {insert title here}". Peace y'all! Stay coolin. 

Drake & Kid Cudi - Sharing The Spotlight

With so many up and coming rappers choosing to beef as a way to get on it was refreshing when both Kid Cudi and Drake were so enthusiastic when I proposed the idea of a combined interview to them. A lot of artists want the entire spotlight to themselves, but both Cudi and Drake really liked the idea of showing some unity and proving to the world that the spotlight provides enough room for more than one emcee. Here are a few of the highlights from the interview:

Kid Cudi on mutual admiration:
"I know that he’s (Drake's) gonna kill shit and I’m gonna kill shit and it’s gonna be like’97 again when you had Jay-Z, DMX, Nas, Ja Rule, you had all these great artists and they were all killin shit in their own right."

Drake on mutual admiration:
"I can say on record that I have nothing but love for Cudi. Every time I hear something good about him I’m happy because I know we’re on the same climb. I always feel his accomplishments as if they were mine."

Kid Cudi on making relevant music:
"Make sure it’s important. Make sure that the kids get it and it’s gonna be something that they want to live with forever."

Drake on the added pressure having buzz brings:
"That’s not a negative pressure, that’s a little competitive edge that we should all feel. I feel like I really have something to live up to. It’s a great thing."

Check out the full interview at
Eprhyme - Combining Kabbalah and Hip-Hop

You don’t hear a lot of rappers spittin about Kabbalah, but that's just one of the things that makes well traveled emcee Eprhyme so interesting. Eprhyme grew up in Phoenix where he played the sax and did poetry readings with his brother Cannupa Hanska, primarily at a club called The House of Grooves. During that time in the mid 90’s he also started jumping into some ciphers, although he didn’t actually write any of his rhymes down until half a decade later. At 18 Eprhyme moved to Olympia, WA, for college and ended up staying for ten years before eventually moving to Brooklyn. While in Olympia he rapped with a crew called the Saints of Everyday Failures. The group would put out five albums independently. Before that he was in what he describes as an “art-noise-ritual-metal jazz band” called American Cancer. This week, intrigued by both his music and his life story, I sat down with Eprhyme to ask him about his mixing of traditional Jewish music with Hip-Hop, his openness about his religion in his work, and what Kabbalah is really all about.

Read the full interview at:

Vic D f/ Juelz Santana - Out the Bottle (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Vic D f/ Juelz Santana
Title: Out the Bottle
Label: Vic D Music

Vic D's journey through hip-hop has taken him from South Jamaica, Queens to Atlanta G-A and all the way back around again. On his return he's linked up with Juelz Santana for the single "Out the Bottle." For better or worse Santana steals the spotlight on this song, which is reminiscent of the back to basics beats that got Chris & Neef over on "Can't Stop, Won't Stop." He vows to "treat ladies like babies [and] make 'em drink it out the bottle" but if someone acts stupid he'll "beat 'em with the bottle/then get back to what we doin, yup! Drinkin out the bottle." Vic D starts and finishes off the song though and stitches it together with the hook: "What we need a cup fo', FUCK NO!" Well if your aim is to get drunk, you sure as hell don't, and this is the kind of song that probably rocks even harder if you are when you're at the club. It's a straight up booty shaker.

Tocarra f/ Yung Dro - I'm Out (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Tocarra f/ Yung Dro
Title: I'm Out
Label: Tocarra Music

Random singles come and go, but I have to admit the singer behind chorus of "I'm Out" got a laugh out of me: "I'm lit, got'cha girl slurrin and shit/I'm 'bout to post up at his crib cause you know I'ma get it." You go Tocarra, go on wit'cha bad self. Whoever's behind the beat doesn't get much credit for creativity though, as it's ripping off the stereotypical Arabian "snake charmer" melodies that are so popular these days. Dro has the best part of the song: "I tell you what I think, you wanna ride with a killer/Your girl jockin but pimpin do not wanna hear her." Actually that might be an accurate description of having a girl this sloshed all over you at the club. The song - like the attitude expressed in the hook - is an entertaining trainwreck but a trainwreck all the same.

Brown Bag AllStars - Brooklyn Queens Expressway (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Brown Bag AllStars
Title: Brooklyn Queens Expressway
Label: Brown Bag AllStars

Marink on the beat. Koncept and J57 on rhymes. DeeJay Element scratching on the 1's and 2's. Add it all up and you've got the Brown Bag AllStars, a "Don't Give a Flying Fuck" collective who have been giving away fat tracks for free for the last month - and I just caught the late pass. Better late than never though as "Brooklyn Queens Expressway" is an adrenaline fueled and humor laced romp down a crowded highway, weaving around Keith Murray samples threatening to "drink ya style down straight with no chaser." This is what would happen if DJ Premier, The Beanuts and Marco Polo all got fucked up one night and started remixing each other's shit. Koncept may rep the best out of the BBAS posse: "He's gainin' in his game, it's a shame when you lose it/When bringing up my name, I am great, don't confuse it!" My review probably won't do the banging pianos and flippant flutes justice, so I encourage you to go to the Brown Bag AllStars website yourself to check out the dopeness.

Hip-Hop Shop #38 w/ K-Murdock

Hip-Hop Shop is the precursor to K4D every week on Sunday night. On Episode 38 we're joined by K-Murdock from Panacea and Subsoniq to talk about the relationship between hip-hop and pro wrestling. If you would like to sponsor Hip-Hop Shop please send an e-mail to for more information. The Hip-Hop Shop is 100% podsafe so distribute to your friends and tell them to visit!

Download Here (right click to save)

Successful Hip Hop for HIV Awareness Campaign Continues

From Nancy B:

Massive HIV Awareness Campaign
Over 5,000 Tested Thus far  

HOUSTON (July 2, 2009) — Radio Station KBXX-FM 97.9 The Box, The Houston Department of Health and Human Services and AIDS Foundation Houston in conjunction with the NAACP Houston Branch and Amerigroup Community Care are sponsoring a city-wide awareness campaign for HIV and STD education.

Hip Hop for HIV Awareness is slated to be the single largest testing event in the United States. The goal of the campaign is to provide free and confidential HIV and syphilis screening to 15,000 youth and young adults between the ages of 15-40 in the City of Houston. Thus far, over 5,000 have shown up to find out their status. Free testing began on Monday, June 22 for four consecutive days at the NAACP Family Technology Center located at 4203 Fannin Street in Houston and will continue through July 10th  at various other locations across the city.

Hip Hop for HIV Awareness encourages youth and young adults to receive free testing and consultation.  Each person tested will receive one ticket to a star-studded concert featuring national recording artists Plies, Pleasure P, Day 26, Melanie Fiona, Bobby Valentino, LeToya Luckett, Twista, Yung Problemz, Yung L.A., G.T., Gorilla Zoe, Bun B and Ginuwine.

The concert event will take place on Saturday, July 11, 2009 in Houston at The George R. Brown Convention Center from 2:00p – 6:00p. Only those tested for HIV and receiving their results will be issued a ticket for admittance.  

The HIV epidemic is a growing concern. African Americans, women and youth are among the fastest growing population of new HIV infections. There are 18,404 individuals known living with HIV in Houston/ Harris County and an estimated 3,500 to 4,500 individuals living with undiagnosed HIV infection. Every 9 ½ minutes someone is infected with HIV in the United States.

For testing dates and locations or for additional information concerning this event go to .

Q-Tip's "Kamaal the Abstract" Due September 15th

From Battery Records:

Battery Records to release long-awaited Q-Tip album Kamaal the Abstract
Innovative recording cements Tip’s rep as greatest MC/producer of all time

New York, NY- In these hard times, we can all stand a ray of hope. Hope in hip-hop now comes from the legendary Q-Tip, he of A Tribe Called Quest fame. His long-delayed album Kamaal the Abstract, slated originally for release in 2001, is finally dropping September 15th on Battery Records. A musical hybrid, Kamaal was commendably avant-garde at the time of its creation. Amazingly, it’s even more apropos in 2009; given the dearth of musical merit and capable MCs in today’s hip-hop, the time is ever-so-right for Tip.

Kamaal the Abstract is an intensely idiosyncratic and revealing record. To that end, Q-Tip produced the entire album himself, even playing several instruments. What comes from Kamaal is a daring mélange of soul, supa-cool jazz, headnodding hip-hop, and organic pop magic in the vein of Stevie Wonder or Prince. Check for the superlative figures of saxophonist Kenny Garrett, a one-time member of Miles Davis’ ensemble, on the breathy “Abstractionisms.” Or the fluid flute lines of Gary Thomas, another Davis sideman, on “Do U Dig U.” Elsewhere, note Tip’s ambitious production, arrangements, and even sung stylings.

But make no mistake: Kamaal the Abstract still boasts all the earmarks of Q-Tip’s inimitable mic control. Listen to him blaze through a spiced narrative on “Even If It Is So.” Or paint vivid images on “Blue Girl.” The album has been re-mixed and re-mastered for sonic impact, though it retains the original album artwork.  Neil Levine SVP/GM of Battery Records is proud to release this buried treasure from Q-Tip:  “Kamaal the Abstract/Q-Tip is a true visionary and ahead of his time. These songs sound more contemporary now than when they were first recorded”. Kamaal the Abstract drops September 15th. Better late than never.

#              #              #


If you post any of the information in this document, please send me an email to let me know.

Also, feel free to contact me for more information, contests, promotions and interviews. Thank you.

Remember the Time: Pre-Free Music Friday's Tribute to MJ

Okay, so it's been a week since the unexpected passing of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. So many mixtapes and free music has been put out, giving a tribute to MJ, during the past week. So let this be a PRE-Free Music Friday, with every single mixtape placing as a tribute to Jackson in any way shape or form.

DJ Ayres’ Michael Jackson Mix

[Here's a mix of MJ's greatest hits done in chronological order for FREE 99 DOLLARS.]


DJ No Phrillz - The Official Michael Jackson Tribute Mixtape

Cover - Michael Jackson Tribute Mixtape

[Here's a Coast2Coast affliate MJ mix known as the "Official Tribute."]


DJ Premier - R.I.P. Michael Jackson Tribute Mix
[Y'all already know whenever Primo hit the turntables, it's equivalent to an atom bomb. However, this special explosion is dedicated to the man wearing a silver glove as he Moonwalks into history. Primo digs into the crate playing all of Michael Jackson's greats. You should already know to check this one out!]


J.Period Presents Man or the Music

[J.Period really knows how to make tributes to all of the well-deserving artists, dead or alive. This is a very fitting dedication to MJ and this proves that J.Period does not prove any different. THis contains his greatest hits as well as exclusives and never-heard-before demos and rarities.]

1. Workin Day & Night (Demo Version)
2. Workin Day & Night
3. P.Y.T. (Re-Edit)
4. Wanna be Startin Somethin
5. Mama Say/Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough (Interlude)
6. Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough (Demo Version)
7. Let’s Dance (Shake Your Body Down to the Ground)
8. Dancing Machine
9. Billy Jean (Demo Version)
10. Can You Feel It?
11. Off the Wall
12. Rock With You
13. Say Say Say
14. Smooth Criminal
15. In the Closet
16. Remember the Time
17. I Wanna Be Where You Are
18. It’s Great to be Here (Remix)
19. Can’t Help It
20. Ah One Two
21. Heartbreak Hotel
22. I’ll Be There
23. Right Here Interlude
24. Human Nature
25. It’s Your Thing
26. Rockin Robin
27. I Want You Back
28. ABC
29. Bonus: Man in the Mirror
30. Bonus: Stranger in Moscow
31 Bonus: Lady in My Life 


LD101 - He Made Thriller Mix Pt. 1

[Here's a mix showing MJ's precense in hip-hop, which his songs are sampled in MANY, MANY, AND MANY hip-hop songs (videos coming soon on RapReviews).]


Those are all as a MJ tribute for now. If you have any MJ tributes you would like to send to RapReviews, please send them to "Free Music Fridays: Raise Up the Heat Edition" coming tomorrow!


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