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MP3: Group Home feat. Lord Jamar - "Up Against the Wall"

From Babygrande Records:

Group Home feat. Lord Jamar - "Up Against the Wall"

Check out Group Home's second single off of their upcoming "Gifted Unlimted Rhymes Universal," entitled "Up Against The Wall."  With production by L.A. OG DJ Lord Ron, and featuring Lord Jamar & MC Ace, this track conjures a truly golden age sound.  Dap and Jamar lace the head-nodding beat with incisive introspection about who they are, when and where they come from.

Listen to "Up Against The Wall" Feat. Lord Jamar & MC Ace NOW!

Click HERE to view the video and download the song HERE.

Group Home has unquestionably proven that they are one of the most important groups to come out of hip-hop’s revered “golden age.”  Set for release on September 28th by Babygrande Records, Group Home’s “Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal” is a tribute to the movement that birthed hip-hop’s most celebrated emcees and a must-have for any true fan of hip-hop.

Group Home
"Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal"
In Stores September 28th, 2010
Babygrande Records

*A portion of all proceeds from this project will be donated to Guru's son's trust fund.  Make a donation at

Otis Clapp Welcomes You to Nowhere

I first met Otis Clapp at the start of the summer at a BBQ in The Bronx. Although he told me a little bit about his music, a few artists we were mutual friends with told me a lot more. For me, this is a telltale sign that I need to keep an ear out for someone. When Otis Clapp’s album, Welcome II Nowhere, dropped I put it in my CD player and was extremely impressed by what I heard. When I sat down with him the other day for an interview, my jaw dropped at some of his very real life stories. A true survivor, Otis Clapp opened up about his extremely rough past, and how it affects him in the present. He also laid out the road map for how we can all get a first class trip to our own personal Nowhere. Before making that journey, however, I received a tour of his Nowhere.

Read the full interview at:

Free Music Friday: Awaken from Coma Edition

After going through a lazy month, I've been hearing folks who's looking for the new FMF to no avail. My apoligies to all as FMF is now back like baked crack! (Oh, you ain't heard? The fat-free white is what's in style now!)

Access Immortal :: Last Summer Part 2 The EP

[Starting FMF back off is Access Immortal with his new FreeP that serves as a preview for his new album "Last Summer In Brooklyn 2" coming out at the end of 2010.]

D. Black & B. Brown :: The Blackest Brown

[D. Black's "Ali’Yah" earned 9 of 10 here last year, so you know I ain't giving y'all nothing that's wack. Teaming with producer B. Brown (not Bobby), Black an dbrown shows how the colors really mix.]

French Montana :: Coke Boys

[For the fans of Max B. and coke rap, French Montana gives y'all all the audio white you need. This mixtape features guest appearances from Gucci Mane, Three 6 Mafia, Akon, Cee-Lo, and more.]

J. Monday :: The Sequel


[Not too sure what's the Sequel is, but after hearing couple of joints on this mixtape, I'm convinced that this serves as a prequel of good music to come.]

Stylah :: The Past, The Present, The Future

Stylah - The Past The Present The Future

[This mixtape serves as a preview to Stylah's upcoming album "Treading Water." This mixtape features appearances from Bashy, Poisonous Poets and Grath. Check this out today, tomorrow, and this month!]

Trainspotters :: Dirty North

@playlist artwork

[Every once in a while, you'll get music that makes you be like, "What is this I'm listening to?" That's my impression hearing The Trainspotters, but it's in a good way. Dope beats and rhymes that came out of nowhere, but it's all worth the /l.]

That's it for the "Awaken From Coma Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....
Video: Trends - "Smile No More"

From Trends:

Video: Trends - "Smile No More"

DL: Nappy Roots - Nappy University (hosted by Greg Street & DJ Smallz)

From DJ Smallz:

Nappy Roots - Nappy University (hosted by Greg Street & DJ Smallz)

Who's ready for some dope lyrics and real hip hop again? Well if your ready to sign up, class is in session this fall - taught by two of southern hip hop's biggest DJs - Greg Street & DJ Smallz. The Nappy Roots bring you the second installment to their "Nappy University" brandthis time featuring some of their NREG affiliates... This tape will compliment any tailgate party at your favorite college football game... it's Southern Smoke You Bastards!

* *

01. Greg Street & DJ Smallz - Class Is In Session Intro
02. P.O.N. - Infield
03. P.O.N. - Ride & Airplanes
04. P.O.N. Feat. Aleon Craft - Know Bout Me
05. P.O.N. - Fishbowl (Remix)
06. Aleon Craft - Go High
07. 40 Akerz Feat. Skinny Deville & Scales - A Million Dollars
08. 40 Akerz - When I Rap
09. 40 Akerz - Nappy Relaxation
10. 40 Akerz Feat. Alabama - Dixieland Delight
11. 40 Akerz Feat. Q Parker (Of 112) - I'm Good
12. Scales & Vito Banga Feat. Stick Boyz - Ham
13. Skinny Deville Feat. Louis Keyz - International Playa
14. Vito Banga - Rocky Top Tennessee
15. Skinny Deville & Vito Banga Feat. Mookie Jones - Everywhere
16. B Stille - Get Me
17. B Stille & Ron Clutch - Stayed Away Too Long
18. B Stille & Ron Clutch - Pray
19. Nappy Roots - A Way
20. Nappy Roots - That's How It Is
21. Nappy Roots - Po Folks (Josh One Remix)
22. Nappy Roots - Watchin' Dem
23. Sa-Roc - Valley Of The Queen
24. Dukes Of Da Ville Feat. C-Bone & 40 Akerz - Lean Back 

PR: La Coka Nostra’s Slaine Releases New Track With Statik Selektah

From Kerosene Media:

La Coka Nostra’s Slaine Releases New Track With Statik Selektah

New Solo Album "A World With No Skies" Featuring
Guest Appearances By Everlast, B-Real, Vinnie Paz
and ILL BILL In Stores October 26th, 2010
Boston rapper Slaine, of the rap super group, La Coka Nostra, has announced an October 26th release date for his upcoming debut solo album, "A World With No Skies". The album will surface on Suburban Noize Records and is slated to feature guest appearances by Everlast, Cypress Hill’s B-Real, ILL BILL, Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks, Statik Selektah, Reef The Lost Cause and DJ Lethal.
Today he has released the cover art and track listing as well as dropped his lead single “99 Bottles” on ITunes. Statik Selektah who produced 3 tracks on the album, also teamed up with Slaine on this banger “The Worst,” which is a free download and not included on the album. The track can be heard online at .
Slaine and Statik Selektah also collaborated on a song called "Run It," featured in the movie "The Town" in which Slaine plays a Boston bankrobber alongside Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner. The film is scheduled to hit theaters across the country on September 17th, 2010, and the trailer can be seen online at .
The track listing for Slaine’s debut solo album, "A World With No Skies", is as follows:
1. A World With No Skies
2. Voices of Apocalypse
3. 99 Bottles
4. When I Shoot You
5. Black Horses
6. Night After Night
7. Crillionaires (Feat. Q Unique & ILL BILL)
8. The American Way
9. Landscapes (Feat. Vinnie Paz & Reef the Lost Cauze)
10. Mistaken Identity
11. Broken (Feat. V-Nuxx & Cyrus Deshield)
12. Till the Day That We Die
13. Crazy (Feat. B Real & Jaysaun)
14. I Aint Done
15. Insomnia
16. Body of Christ
17. Ghosts
18. The Last Song (Feat. Everlast)

PR: Trends New Music, Movie and More

From Trends:

Trends New Music, Movie and More

Hey Beautiful People,
It's been a while and wanted to let you guys know what I've been up to. I have some new music coming out and a new movie.
Check out my new single "Smile No More" from my mixtape album "Honest Lies"
Click here to listen to it on You tube:
Check out the Teaser Trailer for My new Film "How to have Sex with 2 Women A Day"
WARNING: (NSFW) This Trailer contains graphic language. I don't want you to get fired at work for listening to this-lol
Click here to see the Trailer:
I wrote, produced and directed this film. It's based off of my new book "How to have Sex with 2 Women A Day" . The movie and the book will be out soon. I will keep you posted.
Get my free audio seminars "The Truth About Men" and "The Truth About Women"
This is for all of you ladies to get your game up and to learn about men. It also has tips on finding the right man for you.  This is a free audio seminar.
You can listen to a preview of this seminar here:
You can download it here:
This one right here is for the Men to listen to. Learn the truth about women and step your game up. There are tips in this audio seminar on how to deal with women and how to get more women in your life.
You can check out a preview of this seminar here:
Download this seminar here:
Thank you guys for all of your support. Please pass this along to all of your friends.
Please check out my websites
And subscribe to my you tube channels
Video: Tech N9ne Talks Lil Wayne & Being on "The Carter IV"

From Brett Morrow:

Tech N9ne talks meeting Lil Wayne and being asked to be on "The Carter IV"

Video: Lazerbeak - "Land's End"

From Pam Nashel Leto:

Video: Lazerbeak - "Land's End"

Lazerbeak - "Land's End" from

MP3: Snoop Dogg Presents MacShawn100 - "And U Know That"

From BF Blasts:

MP3: Snoop Dogg Presents MacShawn100 - "And U Know That"

* *

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