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Sunday November 23, 2014
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One Stop Shop '09 Round Up

This recap of One Stop Shop '09 is courtesy of Melanie J. Cornish at Critical Marketing.

Canada takes the title this year

Last weekend over five hundred aspiring and established producers from the UK, the Caribbean, Australia, Canada and America, congregated in Phoenix, AZ for the ANNUAL ONE STOP SHOP PRODUCER CONFERENCE.  For the third consecutive year Sha Money XL and his team went above and beyond in presenting to the next generation of music's producers, execs, managers and artists a weekend filled with informative panels and networking opportunities.

Panels moderated by MTV on-air personality Sway, Angela Yee of Shade 45, Chuck Creekmur of and more were both educational and featured the best of the best in the Hip-Hop business, discussing all aspects of the industry. This year One Stop Shop also played host to artists such as B.o.B, Q-Tip, Reflection Eternal and more allowing attendees the opportunity to see these entertainers perform live.

The highlight of the weekend was, as in previous years, the Beat Battle which was won this year by Montreal native Mathieu 'Billboard' Jomphe. The 20 year old who had quit his job to migrate south for the weekend blew the audience away with his production. "The thing that amazed me the most about winning was the fact that my beats are more R&B," Billboard said after winning the coveted title.  "You see those huge names in  Hip-Hop on that stage and you can't help but be a little bit nervous."

Impressing the likes of Just Blaze, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Don Cannon and 9th Wonder with his versatile, polished and cohesive tracks, Billboard made a huge impact on all those at ONE STOP SHOP."The crazy thing with Billboard was his music got included for an on air beat battle I was doing with a radio station, but then he let me know he wasn't in Arizona and couldn't take part but was coming to the conference," Sha Money XL explains. "His music felt like what I would be vibing to in a club, big sounds and club rocking drums and everyone there was feeling it too."

Each year the winner of the notorious Beat Battle has hailed from a different country which proves that this conference is an attraction that reaches . With plans to take the ONE STOP SHOP on the road in the next year Sha Money XL is keen for this networking opportunity to benefit countries where there is a void in the market. "We are open to taking this concept to other countries and with that being said we might explore making the conference international. Perhaps even Toronto, Canada next.'

"Hands down, this conference has got to be the best and most influential conference for both up & coming and established music producers and tech heads. Blessed to be apart of this. See you at the 4th Annual if you missed out!! "- Hi-Tek
"This years ONE STOP SHOP was more organized with great panels and moderators. We had so many legends in one room and I just can't wait for next year!" - Kisha Scott Marketing Director
New Videos - D-Block, M.O.P., Scratch, Tanya Morgan

It's been a long time since we brought you a video update on but why not do it today? Happy Memorial Day everyone! Here's D-Block with "Get That Paper."

Next up is Nola Darling rocking "That Nola D" remix.

This video is a deeper look into M.O.P. just before their new album hits this summer.

This is a look at up-and-coming rap group Hearn Boiz.

Here's Scratch talking about his new album "Loss 4 Wordz."

Here's Masspike Miles with "The Pursuit."

Last but not least is Tanya Morgan's "What Is Brooklynati?" video.

Braille Update For May 2009

Hey hey... this is Braille.  I've held off on sending any updates this month because I've felt a little overwhelmed.  There is a lot I want to share but I haven't had the energy to type it.  Even as I type this, I feel a little slow.  haha.  It's 2 AM and I need to catch a flight in a couple hours.  I don't want to start off the newsletter sounding sour, I actually have a lot of good news.  I've just been growing in my personal life - it's been exciting and exhausting all at the same time.  I genuinely feel like I've been doing the best I know how... but I'm seeing areas in my life that I could do better in.  I've been taking the appropriate steps to learn, study and grow.

The first measure of good news - we just printed another 10,000 copies of the "CloudNineteen" CD to give away.  This was made possible by contributions from many people, as well as a a great manufacturing price from BOC Marketing (  We've already given away over 5,000 CDs this year - so with this new batch of 10,000 we are half way towards our goal of giving out 30,000 total.  Over the next week I will have plenty of opportunities to give away more CDs.  I have shows lined up in Dallas, Oklahoma City, Dodge City, Van Nuys (Cali), Chicago, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.  I will be taking 4 flights and driving 32 hours over the next 10 days so please keep me in your prayers.  I will be doing most of the traveling alone but I look forward to seeing many friends along the way.  You can check out event listings for all my shows at

Last week I drove from Portland, OR to Anaheim, CA with my wife and daughter.  My girls are troopers!!!  We drove a strait shot... like 17 hours, then woke up the next morning and went to Disney!!!!  I got a little emotional watching my daughter walk around the park.  She was so excited.  We actually went to the "California Adventures" side because they have the "Playhouse Disney Live on Stage".  My daughter got some new favorite songs during the car ride including "Yellow Submarine" by the Beattles and "Halo" by Beyonce.  She can sing the chorus to "Yellow Submarine" and she will repeat it over and over again.  After Disney I rocked some shows in Oxnard and Lancaster and then we drove back home (a strait shot again).

Last month I was able to visit Nashville, TN for the GMAs.  The highlights of the trip were - driving from Dallas to Nashville with my friend Luke Huch, spending time with the Syntax Records family, performing at the Peanut Butter and Jelly Party, catching up with many friends and making new ones.

On another note... has anyone heard of the official Braille coin?  Check out and buy a coin.  The literacy rate among blind people is extremely low.  The money made from the sales of the coins is going towards education.  You can read more about it at that link.  I was actually contacted by the National Federation of the Blind and asked to be a "Braille ambassador".  I will share more details about that later, but first... go get that coin.

That's all for now.  I will be back in a couple weeks with some updates about my label "Hiphop IS Music" and the next release on the label by Sojourn titled "Sojournalism: The Summer Articles".

peace and GOD bless

Thank you, from Braille and the Hiphop Is Music team. |
Cavalier Gets Old School, 18th Century Style

Cavalier is the type of artist who is impossible to sum up in just one sentence, or even one paragraph. To call him just an emcee would be shortchanging him. To say he’s trying to make a difference almost marginalizes the actions he’s taken and continues to take. A lifelong Brooklyn-ite, Cavalier says he remembers a time when “you only lived in Williamsburg if you were Puerto Rican or Hasidic,” adding “I was living in Crown Heights during the riots but before Japanese take-out.” His debut record, The Breaking, gave him a nice buzz despite a small press run and his free downloadable mixtape, MC Killa, has helped him to continue to grow his fan base. This week I sat down with Cavalier to find out more about his work, his thoughts on Brooklyn’s changes throughout the years, and the interesting way in which he’s been compared to 18th century revolutionary Thomas Paine.

Read the full interview at:

Pop-Rap - Hip-Hop's Gateway Drug

A few years ago there was a terrible series of anti-drug commercials that claimed marijuana was a "gateway drug." The inference was if you smoked marijuana, you'd be more easily influenced to do heroin or crack. While most people laughed this off — as they should have — I think we have a very real and powerful gateway drug that's being passed around to kids today, and it's actually a potentially positive thing. That drug is pop-rap and it's the gateway to real hip-hop.

Read the full story at

dead prez & DJ Green Lantern Release New Digital Single

From Kimberly Trick:

dead prez & DJ Green Lantern Release New Digital Single From the Forthcoming Pulse of the People

dead prez & DJ Green Lantern – “Summer Time” / “Gangsta, Gangster” / “Stimulus Plan” - Invasion Music Group / The Orchard
Release Date: 05/19/09

Paying homage to the late, great Malcom X, dead prez and DJ Green Lantern have released the first single from their upcoming album, Pulse of the People, on May 19, 2009 - the birthday of the courageous advocate.  Having taken inspiration from the life and social activism of Malcolm X, it seems only fitting that dead prez would pay their respect this way; keeping his message alive through their music.

The single release includes “Summer Time”, “Gangster, Gangsta” featuring Styles P, and bonus track “$timulus Plan” and is available everywhere digitally.

Pulse of the People is due in stores June 23, 2009.  It will be released through Green Lantern’s new label, Invasion Music Group/Boss up Inc. and features appearances from Styles P, Bun B, Chuck D, and Invasion Music Group’s own Johnny Polygon.

Cage Premieres New Video and Free EP on MTV2

From Kimberly Trick:





“I Never Knew You”, the brand new video from Definitive Jux artist Cage premiered this Monday, May 18th on MTV2’s Unleashed, airing hourly all day.  The directorial debut for actor Shia LaBeouf, who also appears in the video, “I Never Knew You” narrates the powerful story of Cage’s debut single from the forthcoming album Depart From Me.  Filmed this February at various locations in downtown Los Angeles, the video simultaneously portrays a performance by Cage, a characteristically intense experience, while the story of “I Never Knew You” unfolds. The video also featuring cameo appearances from fellow labelmates and collaborators El-P, Aesop Rock, Yak Ballz, F. Sean Martin, and Alex Pardee.  

Also happening on the 18th will release Cage’s I Never Knew You EP as a free download. The release marks the first time that MTV has offered a full EP for download, only having released individual tracks in the past. The five song EP features the title track as well as 4 exclusive songs not included on the forthcoming album Depart From Me (out July 7th on Definitive Jux).

Cage and Shia LaBeouf will be hosting an episode of MTV2’s Subterranean on Thursday May 28th. The Subterranean blog will feature multiple exclusive video interviews from the two as well, lookout for that here.

Watch “I Never Knew You” here: .

Download the I Never Knew You EP here: .

For more info:

* *

* *

Dolla Shot and Killed in Los Angeles

We received word today at that Dolla (real name Roderick Anthony Burton II) was shot in the head and killed at the Beverly Center mall, an upscale shopping location in Los Angeles, while waiting for valet service yesterday afternoon. Dolla had been in an argument with a man on his flight from Atlanta to L.A. but police aren't saying the two events are necessarily related. MTV News has the story HERE. Besides appearing on the "Step Up" soundtrack the rapper's video "Who the F--- Is That?" had been featured here on, and the rapper was in Los Angeles to work on a forthcoming solo album. Our condolences to his family and friends and to the hip-hop community as a whole for another tragic loss to senseless violence.
Sniper f/ Akon, Illestr8 - In Yo Life (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Sniper f/ Akon, Illestr8
Title: In Yo Life
Label: Future Green Entertainment

Being backed by hip-hop heavyweight DJ Green Lantern is a plus. Having Akon singing your hook is also a plus. Not being able to tell the difference between the song's alleged star and the featured guest - that's a minus. I'm assuming the first verse is by Sniper just because the song's filename is credited to him, but that's all I have to go on. This would ultimately be another minus because if that's Illestr8 on the second verse, he gets outshined by his guest star. The most frustrating part of this is that a reggae chatta seems to begin the third verse only to be prematurely cut off by an announcement for the title of Lantern's latest mixtape "The Scope's On You Volume 2." Lovely. The beat is a tolerably bouncy affair but much like Sniper himself just doesn't stand out in a crowded field. This song is best served ON a mixtape because as a single it's got almost no chance to advance.

Lil Haze f/ Ray J - Work That Body (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Lil Haze f/ Ray J
Title: Work That Body
Label: Birmingham Entertainment

So far best known for his friendship with (and a single featuring) the Ying Yang Twins, Lil Haze clearly wants to blow a much bigger cloud of smoke on "Work That Body." From reading a few interviews Haze did the beat here may be by a producer named Ole Tyma, but if it turns out I'm wrong feel free to send me a correction. Whoever produced "Work That Body" deserved the credit they were due for giving newcomer Haze a pleasant R&B crossover beat that reminds me of Plies "Put It on Ya" in the track's power to take the rapper up the crossover charts. As for actual vocal tone and delivery, think Lil Wayne and you'll come pretty close to nailing Haze's style. Ray J provides fair support on the hook even though he's never been a favorite crooner of mine - let's just say he doesn't fuck up the good thing Haze has going. "I see you're kinda shy, so I'ma be nice/You're lookin sweeter than pie so I'ma get a lil' slice." Well Haze isn't profound lyrically, but he isn't making me cringe here, so "Work That Body" may just be one of those rare gestalt tracks that is more than the sum of its parts.

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