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MP3: Savant & Big Meridox - "The Beat & the Best"

From Savant:

MP3: Savant & Big Meridox - "The Beat & the Best"

The first #CrashCourse check point of 2011 makes a stop in Tucson, AZ as Savant links with one of the city's staples, Viet.Kong.General stalwart and renown microphone bully, Big Meridox. Directly inspired by Meridox's most recent release (the energetic and bone shattering, "If Not the Best, Then At Least a Beast"), the Jelo Jeleń laced jawn "The Beast & the Best" sees the two emcees provide audio illustration of album's title.

Song Title: The Beast & the Best (prod. by Jelo Jeleń)
-  1st verse: Big Meridox
-  2nd verse & Hook:  Savant

Video: 3rd Rail Jam w/ Raekwon - Venomous2000 & DJ Priority Open

From Johnny Nobody:

Video: 3rd Rail Jam w/ Raekwon - Venomous2000 & DJ Priority Open

MP3: Charlie Wilson & The Gap Band's Hip Hop Legacy

From Semp Rok:

MP3: Charlie Wilson & The Gap Band's Hip Hop Legacy Mixed by DJ Synapse

Copy: The influence of Uncle Charlie Wilson on r&b and hip-hop is extraordinary. From being the main force in the legendary Gap Band, who's classic songs "Yearnin For Your Love", "Outstanding" and "Dropped A Bomb On Me" have been sampled in countless hip-hop, r&b and pop songs, to being featured on many newer artist's current songs. Join DJ Synapse, who takes listeners through some of the greatest Charlie Wilson compisitions and Gap Band songs, and the songs that sampled them, as well as newer songs by Kanye West, T-Pain and Lil Kim that have featured the seminal r&b star.

Make sure to look out for Charlie's new album "Just Charlie" and the single "You Are" which is getting mega-airplay on urban radio.

Track Listing: Outstanding: Charlie Wilson & The Gap Band's Hip Hop Legacy: Mixed By DJ Synapse

1. Yearning For Your Love - Gap Band (Original)
2. Runnin' (Jay Dee Remix) - The Pharcyde (Samples "Yearnin' For Your Love")
3. Life's A Bitch - Nas (Samples "Yearnin' For Your Love")
4. The Joy FT. Pete Rock, Jay -Z - Kanye West
5. There Goes My Baby - Charlie Wilson
6. All Of The Lights - Kanye West (Feat. John Legend, The-Dream, Ryan Leslie, Tony Williams, Charlie Wilson, Elly Jackson, Alicia Keys, Fergie, KiD CuDi, Rihanna & Elton John)
7. Download (Remix) - Lil Kim Ft. T-Pain, Charlie Wilson, The-Dream & Soulja Boy
8. Computer Love Remix - Zapp Feat Shirley Murdock & Charlie Wilson
9. Boy You Knock Me Out - Tatyana Ali feat. Will Smith (Samples "Outstanding")
10. Happy - Ashanti (Samples "Outstanding")
11. Summer Bunnies  - R. Kelly (Samples "Outstanding")
12. Alright (Humps For Your Trunk Mix) - Kris Kross (Samples "Outstanding")
13. Da B Side - Da Brat Feat. Notorious BIG (Samples "Outstanding")
14. Every Little Thing I Do - Soul Four Real (Samples "Outstanding")
15. Outstanding - Gap Band
16. Blow Your Mind - Redman (Samples "Outstanding")
17. Snoop's Upside Ya Head - Snoop Dogg Ft. Charlie Wilson
18. Oops Upside Your Head - Gap Band
19. Mo Pussy - DJ Quick (Samples "Oops Upside Your Head")
20. Burn Rubber On Me - Gap Band
21. Humpin' - The Gap Band
22. Supa Sexy - Charlie Wilson Feat. T-Pain
23. You Dropped A Bomb On Me (Remix) - Gap Band
24. Fake Hair Wearing Bitch - 2 Live Crew/No Face (Samples "Oops Upside Your Head")

About DJ Synapse:

Synapse has been a fixture on the New York scene for over 10 years, and he's known as a "culture purveyor", as he schools his audiences on way more than just music. His connection to the founders of DJ culture is undeniable, becoming respected by the originators, and the new guard.

MP3: Black Bobby - "The Prince Akeem Theory"

From Black Bobby:

MP3: Black Bobby - "The Prince Akeem Theory"


I'm dropping this today for FREE as an A-Side/B-Side single with The Prince Akeem Theory on the A-Side and my 6'7' Flow on the B-Side.

The Prince Akeem Theory is dedicated to the memory of my good friend from Tufts- Naeem Webster.  He died in a terrible car crash on the way home, late, Thanksgiving Eve and his body was burned beyond recognition.  Naeem was a great dude.  He loved Hip-Hop.  He wanted me to get him the Rick Ross Diamond Supply hat from Foot Soldiers.  He was also a big Kanye fan.  I wrote this song with him in mind and I think he'd appreciate it a great deal.  So, the actual "Prince Akeem Theory" is something I came up with to describe my mission.  I left a successful career in politics in Boston to be here living Hip-Hop.  I literally had a moment (in NYC) where I felt like Prince Akeem throwing away his crown for love.  I think following your dreams is more important than a pay check.  But, my theory is that by chasing my dreams I will get what I ultimately really want.

The B-Side singe is my 6'7' Flow over the Bangladesh beat that Lil Wayne used for his single.  I know a gang of rappers are on this beat already but none of them are me.  I haven't heard anyone in Miami on it.  And, I crushed it.  I wanted to pair this single with the other to further illustrate that I'm an Indie rapper, not underground.  My music is a little of both mainstream and underground.  And, I plan to keep it that way.

I'm planning a big Hip-Hop show for April 3rd.  I don't have many details yet but I can tell you that we're basically trying to throw a show with live acts in one room and Dubstep DJs in the other room.  For me, this will be one of my last performances in Miami before I head to DC.  I'm doing some time there in the late Spring networking and setting up shows.  Then, this summer I'll be on a mini-tour.  I have show invites in DC, NYC, Chicago, Boston and NJ for the Atlantic City Film Festival.  I'm thinking about opening a Kickstarter account to raise money to fund the tour.

THANKS for all of your support.  Check out the tunes and let me know!

MP3: Wiz Khalifa - "G'd Up"

From M3W:

MP3: Wiz Khalifa - "G'd Up"

* *

MP3: Paulie Rhyme & Vic Freeze - "Everything But the Burden"

From ISLH:

MP3: Paulie Rhyme & Vic Freeze - "Everything But the Burden"

The Song:

Bay Area based Browntown Wreckords is proud to announce the release of the new collaborative project between Paulie Rhyme (Less Than Zero, Public Radio) and Vic Freeze (Far From Home, Down Goes Frazier) produced by San Francisco up and comer C. Avery entitled ”The Talented Tenth Ep.” Recording over two days in San Jose, CA, these frequent collaborators and tour mates decided to start the year off with a precursor for their respective soon to be released solo projects. Inspired by the idealism of W.E.B DuBois and his essay of the same title, Rhyme and Freeze trade bars and verses on many topics on this 6 track Ep, including struggle, love, family, and overcoming in spite of. The first single, “Everything But The Burden”, a guitar-laden, rust belt influenced track is a fine example of what to expect: in your face heartfelt lyrics back by a neck-snapping beat. The Talented Tenth Ep will be released for free via on Martin Luther King Jr, Day (January 17, 2011).

Free Download:

Paulie Rhyme & Vic Freeze - Everything But The Burden.mp3 .

MP3: 2 New Exclusives From Creative Juices Music

From CJM:

MP3: 2 New Exclusives From Creative Juices Music

We have 2 new exclusive singles we are leaking out today. The first is "StoneCutters" ft IDE, Lord Lhus and Alucard. The first track is a leak from a upcoming project from IDE and Alucard. The second single is an exclusive track from NYC battle vets Team Homi; "CrossHairs" ft. Swave Sevah, PH, P-Stacks, Amzilla, QB, and Ike P. We want to thank all the DJs playing the new material from Creative Juices Music. We really appreciate the love.

* IDE, Lord Lhus and Alucard - *

* Team Homi, Swave Sevah & More - *

MP3: Brown Caesar - "4 thA Crown"

From B.C. Santotzin:

MP3: Brown Caesar - "4 thA Crown"

The Gangster & The B-Boy Vol. 2

The Gangster & The B-Boy Vol. 3

PDX Pop Never!

Brown Caesar - 4 thA crown

(A Broken Homes Product)

[HIP-HOP] The greatest gift an MC can have is a recognizable voice, and Portland’s Brown Caesar (formerly Santotzin) certainly fits that bill. While his lyrical stick-and-move brings some comparisons to mind—a touch of Cypress Hill’s B-Real, a little GZA, perhaps—his voice is pretty unique: conversational, boisterous and empathetic all at once. On 4 Tha Crown, Brown Caesar uses that talent for good, coming across as that rare bully who stands up for the little guy; the introspective, thinking thug.

On “Clarity,” Brown Caesar speaks to everything from his own run-ins with the law to the street community he calls home and wanting a better life for his sisters. He raps: “Killer, drug dealer, but I’m realer/ And trying to do the right things with bigger/ Vision than most who still living in close proximity to Brokesville, population me,” before slipping back into self-preservation mode.

Even when he’s not talking about building a better community, B.C. is more elegant than most of his peers. On “Hip Hop is Hardcore,” he skitters across a throwback funk beat, painting a compelling picture of the music as a creative refuge from a darker urban reality. He explains the struggle so well on the string-fueled “Thought U Knew” that it provides a better understanding of his swag on the hard-repping, sprawling title track.

But B.C.’s finest moments come to pass when his songs’ conceits match the uniqueness of his voice. The Latin-tinged “Movement” is a smart, bittersweet epic that manages to mesh a damning indictment of U.S. capitalism with a brief salute to murdered Portland MC Blue Crush. “T.W.I.O. (Working Man Anthem)” is even more radical, and it finds B.C. outshining guest MC Killah Priest by spinning rhymes about government corruption and environmental destruction that doesn’t sit right with him. Having a voice is a gift, and Brown Caesar knows how to use his. That’s revolutionary. CASEY JARMAN Local Cut /

MP3: Star Murphy - "Let's Do It"

From M3W:

MP3: Star Murphy - "Let's Do It"

* *

MP3: Deonte f/ Mr. Pookie - "Picture Us"

From Jin Ent:

MP3: Deonte f/ Mr. Pookie - "Picture Us"


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