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Tuesday September 30, 2014
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[Neverlove] Juno what I'm sayin'?

Buck 65 Review

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New Singles - Bubba Sparxxx, Brooklyn Academy, DJ Babu

Some new singles to check out on the RapReviews newsfeed!

Bubba Sparxxx featuring Ray J - She Got Me Like (Ahh Shit)
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Brooklyn Academy feat. Keith Murray- "Hide" (produced by Illmind)
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Ron Browz - Pop Champagne (Dirty Remix)
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DJ Babu featuring M.O.P. - Dearly Departed 

MarkmyWords Raps About a New Homeland Security

When one hears phrases like Nature of the Beast and Homeland Security images of a government gone wild with its power come to mind. According to Nature of the Beast emcee MarkmyWords, however, that’s not what his music is all about. Nature of the Beast is a duo made up of MarkmyWords and DJ Sinn and after checking out their album, Homeland Security, I sat down with MarkmyWords to find out what the real, very personal, meaning is behind their album's title. During the interview the Cali native also opened up about how being a skater helped him develop his love of Hip-Hop, and why he feels word of mouth is still the best form of promotion.

Read the full interview at:

Joe Biden is Down w/ The RIAA

Why couldn’t Joe Biden have just been down with OPP like Gary Hart was? Alas, Barack Obama’s pick as his running mate, is, and has been, in bed with the RIAA instead. There are plenty of other issues with Biden, including the fact that he’s listed as one of the biggest plagiarists of all time and that he endorses government spying on P2P networks, but since I write about music, and since I care about the independent artists out there, let’s focus on how Biden being the RIAA’s part time lover affects our community.

Read the full story at:
DJ Clue Partners With Sample My Melodyz


Sample My Melodyz:
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Sample My Melodyz Music Challenge:
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Sample My Melodyz MySpace Page:
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Sample My Melodyz Imeem Page:
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Sample My Melodyz Inc. is proud to announce its new partnership with world renowned turntable virtuoso DJ Clue. DJ Clue is perhaps one of the best known radio hip hop DJs in today’s music scene. The foundation for this celebrated partnership is DJ Clue’s colorful portfolio which includes “Best Mix Tape” awards, a Grand Theft Auto appearance, and remixes with numerous Top selling artists like Mariah Carey, Usher, and others. Of the partnership, Sample My Melodyz Inc. President Roget Romain says, “We are very excited to have DJ Clue as part of the team.” Romain voiced his belief that, “DJ Clue’s contacts and relationships were critical in support of the decision to bring him aboard as a shareholder.” Through these relationships DJ Clue will provide Sample My Melodyz with a vast amount of musical collaboration from both established Hip Hop producers and the newest artists to hit the scene. In addition DJ Clue will record his own Melodyz package to provide custom melodyz to all Sample My Melodyz users. DJ Clue’s original hooks will be available soon on

www.SampleMyMelodyz.Com is a creative tool for producers created by various well known producers in the recording industry today. The site is currently featuring Multi-Platinum Producer Red Spyda (credits include: Grand Theft Auto Soundtrack, 50 Cent, Eminem) Ben Grimm of The Now & Laterz (credits include: Game, Bow Wow, Lloyd, R. Kelly) and underground kings Thorotracks (credits include: Planet Asia, Poison Pen, Ali Vegas). Inc. provides users with the opportunity to purchase and download a variety of melody content from various genres of musical styles. The website also provides the ability to download legal templates for use in music industry business.

J-Zone & Chief Chinchilla Album Update




As promised, we're keeping you in the loop with the debut album from rap's favorite soprano, the Commissioner Of Crass, P.E.T.A's worst enemy, The Furglar, the Onion Ring Pimp himself, Chief Chinchilla!

For those that missed last month's initial press release (look through your inbox, I ain't re-pasting it), Chief Chinchilla -J-Zone's off the wall sidekick on the Gator$-n-Fur$ mix show- has finally recorded an album, but this is no ordinary rap album. The entire project -titled Live @ The Liqua Sto- revolves around malt liquor advertising and is based on the popular St. Ides Malt Liquor commercials of the early 1990's. Everything from Colt 45 to that nasty Crazy Horse gets an 80 second advertisement (the album is only 40 minutes long). Even fictional malt liquors -Pimp Potion, Hillbilly Beer, Calvin's Hard Lemonade- get a funky jungle. Produced entirely by J-Zone, Chief enlisted the help of some of their friends to drunkify -is that a word? ok, intoxicate- the party including RA The Rugged Man, Prince Paul...ah f**k it, here's the album track list and special guest info...

2. A MESSAGE FROM E-SWIFT (of Tha Alkaholiks)
5. MILD RIOT (ft. Al Shid)
9. NO MO' CISCO (ft. The Farmers Blvd. Liqua Sto Quartet)
10. HILLBILLY BEER (ft. Jethro The Rappin' Redneck)
11. HI-N-ERGY!
12. TOWN BIZNE$$ (ft. Ammbush)
14. LEAVE THAT HORSE ALONE! (ft. Louis Logic & The Farmers Blvd. Liqua Sto Quartet)
16. CALVIN'S HARD LEMONADE (ft. Breeze Brewin of The Juggaknots)
20. HEY MON BREW (ft. Creyesis- Jamaican MC)
22. BO$$ HOG EGG NOG (ft. Dick $tallion)
23. PIMP POTION (ft. Celph Titled)
24. PROJECT PARADISE (ft. Poison Pen)
26. FALL DOWN BREW (ft. RA The Rugged Man)
27. BIGG BUZZ BEER (ft. Crazy DJ Bazarro)
30. THE DRUG SONG (Instrumental- Bonus Track)

Funk, Ol School Rap, Doo Wop, Disco and of course straight comedy...its all there!

* *

The album will drop on old Maid/F**k P.E.T.A Ent. and will be available on itunes in early October (September 30 is the actual release date). It will also be accompanied by a VERY limited CD release (those things are Frisbees these days).

Speaking of Gator$-n-Fur$, the show will be a week or two late this month. Besides completing the album, J-Zone is going back to school and has been on the road. Chief has been dealing with rehab, probation, finding a new White Castle to pander in front of and fall shopping for fine endangered fur and reptile clothing at the Bronx Zoo with his crossbow...time has been tight. Give us a late pass and we'll get you the September show soon.

In the meantime, 3 more songs from the album have been uploaded to J-Zone's audio player on his myspace page (Hillbilly Beer, O'Douls Is For Fools! and Zodiac) along with the 3 that have been up there thus far. Enjoy, thanks for the support and stay tuned!

Sen Dog Posts Mixtape of New Material Online


Cypress Hill's Sen Dog Reveals Cover Art and Tracklisting For Debut Solo Album “Diary Of A Mad Dog”
New Songs Posted Online Now; Pre-Order Sen Dog “Diary Of A Mad Dog” Now To Receive An Autograph Lithograph Poster And T-Shirt

Sen Dog, the notorious co-frontman of hip-hop legends Cypress Hill, has revealed the cover art, tracklisting and new songs from his upcoming solo debut, “Diary of a Mad Dog”, online at The new songs can be streamed in the “Diary of a Mad Dog” mixtape produced by X-Clan’s DJ Fat Jack. The mixtape gives fans a chance to hear tracks from the album before it hits streets.

Fans can pre-order the album through to receive a copy of the album, along with an autographed poster and the t-shirt featured on the cover of “Diary of a Mad Dog”. Both items are only available to fans who pre-order through the Suburban Noize online store.

Sen Dog is ready to bite with his first ever solo album, “Diary of a Mad Dog”, which hits stores on September 30th, 2008 through Suburban Noize Records.  For his debut solo effort the hip-hop icon is joined by Cypress Hill cohort B-Real, as well as Tangled Thoughts, DJ Ace (Rhyme Poetic Mafia) and Mellow Man for an album packed with enough ammo to cement Sen Dog’s place as hip-hop’s one and only Kingpin. The Cypress Hill frontman has sold more than 17 million albums worldwide and achieved multi- platinum success.

The tracklisting for Sen Dog “Diary of a Mad Dog” is as follows:
1.  Fumble
2.  Capo
3.  Biggy Bang
4.  Hard In The Paint
5. Graceful
6.  Juggernaut
7.  Backin' Up My Gang
8.  Don't Sleep In The Streets
9.  The Sicko
10.  International
11  Hell and Back
12.  What You Wanna Do
13.  Hood Rat Love
14.  Stand Up
15.  Curtain Call


* *
* *
Wordsmith's Day in a Life Vlog Episode 3

Fundraising Auctions For Webhosting (Updated Oct. 2nd)

I'm reluctant to ask for assistance, given that I'm a pretty self-reliant person, not to mention we're all facing tough economic times these days. Nevertheless I've had a bomb dropped in my lap this week that's set to explode on Saturday morning, and even if it doesn't go off it's going to cause a financial impact. Our hosting firm, The Planet, is claiming we used EIGHT THOUSAND GB OF TRAFFIC in the last 30 days. Our own records show only 241 GB used, but supervisors are not returning our calls (or leaving voicemails at 4:55 PM and then being out of the office less than 5 minutes later) and are threatening to shut down our server (effecting, and unless we give them $570 immediately.

UPDATE AS OF 1:00 PM, SEPT. 5TH: Thanks to some generous donors we've raised almost $200 so far towards paying this bill! We appreciate your generosity and support thus far, and every contributor will be getting a personal thank you from me once this is all said and done. We've been on the phone with The Planet all morning trying to get this resolved but so far we're getting nowhere - it's still pay the bill or be turned off.

UPDATE AS OF 6:00 PM, SEPT. 5TH: Well there's some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we've been given an additional week to raise the $570, provided we give them half now and half by next Saturday. The bad news is that this $570 was only our overage for JULY. The amount for August is absolutely absurd. Fortunately we've got what caused this overage turned off in time to keep from going over in September, but we're going to be stuck with a massive bill in the meantime for August. I don't expect people to donate twice, so continue to help us raise the $570 for this bill and I'll post a notice here once we've met that goal. After we raise July's target goal I'll be having an eBay firesale to raise money for the overage in August, so whatever you bid on will actually be going towards paying the bill, and you'll get some goods in return. Thanks again to everyone for all their help and support during this crisis.

UPDATE AS OF 12:00 AM, SEPT. 6TH: We are up to $250 right now, just within a short length of the halfway point, which coincidentally or not is exactly what The Planet wants - half of the money we owe for July up front. I suspect we can reach $300 by morning when it's due. Some of you have donated up to twice what I asked for individual contributors to give, and I can't say thank you enough. I plan to do something special for every person who has chipped in. The planned eBay firesale to pay the August overage will begin next Saturday after we pay the second half of the FIRST overage. You know, you would think The Planet would have contacted us BEFORE we got to this point... but what can I do about it now other than pay? Stay tuned for more details.

UPDATE AS OF 2:00 AM, SEPT. 8TH: The generosity this weekend has completely overwhelmed me. Between claimed and unclaimed donations we are now up to $454.65, just $120 away from meeting the overage fee demanded by The Planet to keep our server online another month. The amounts donated have ranged from $1 to $150, and every single one of those donations is appreciated for getting us closer to our goal. You'll notice I said "claimed AND unclaimed" so if I haven't accepted your donation yet check your inbox for a reply as to why it's still pending. Please keep sending those donations and I'll keep an eye on the finish line for us all!

UPDATE AS OF 4:30 PM, SEPT. 9TH: We're up to $550 now, just $20 away from our goal! I'll be adding preview photos of some items for the eBay firesale once we get to $570. Thanks for all of your donations!

UPDATE AS OF 1:30 PM, SEPT. 10TH: Congratulations to everyone who contributed! We've exceeded our $570 to pay the July hosting overage, so the call for donations has now ended. Starting this evening I'll be putting up sample photos of the items to be auctioned for the August overage, and this Saturday the eBay auctions will swing into full effect. Keep reading this post for the pictures and eBay auctions link and thanks again for all your help!

UPDATE AS OF 3:00 AM, SEPT. 17TH: The massive eBay firesale continues! New items are being added for auction every day. 12 new compact discs were added within the last two hours. Visit the link below to see what's for grabs!

My pain is your pleasure! This is your chance to acquire some goods cheap to help me pay a huge webhosting bill! You'll find everything from original artwork to NES games to souvenir chairs to compact discs to wrestling videos to X-Box games and more. It's quite an eclectic list of items but it's all got to go so please check out the auctions!

UPDATE AS OF 2:30 PM, SEPT. 22ND: Thanks to all of you who placed winning bids on items over the weekend! Being a "power-seller" doesn't come naturally to me so please be patient as I communicate with you regarding payment and getting your shipping address. Items will start mailing out no later than Wednesday this week.

UPDATE AS OF 4:00 PM, SEPT. 25TH: Good news and bad news on the auction front - the good news is that over $600 was raised towards the webhosting bill, and the bad news is that only $100 of it has actually been paid for so far. For some reason the big ticket items (the WrestleMania souvenir chairs) are as yet unpaid and if the transactions are not completed I may just put them up here as a private sale on a first come, first served basis. I really hope the buyers keep in mind this bill for August and September's webhosting comes due very soon and I'm still $2,000 away from paying it off, so every delay stretches a bad situation out more. The sooner this monkey is off our collective backs the better.

UPDATE AS OF 5:00 AM, OCT. 2ND: Time for another "good news, bad news" assessment. The good news is that through a combination of fundraising, eBay auctions, freelance writing, going on a budget and dipping into savings we've come close enough to paying off the overage that this thread will soon be unstickied and let to sink slowly into the bitstream. The bad news is that two of the three souvenir chairs in the auction sales still haven't been pair for, and the worse news is that one of the buyers just reneged on his winning bid. I've made a "second chance offer" to the #2 bidder but I'm not 100% sure it will be taken, and relisting the souvenir chair would cost me even more if it doesn't sell the second time. Keep an eye on this space as I may put the chair up for sale here on a first come, first serve basis (i.e. first to offer me as much as the winning bid + shipping takes the chair).

Hip-Hop Shop #2 Archived at BlogTalkRadio

No one on the corner has swagga like McFly and Stevie J! On this second edition of the Hip-Hop Shop we'll talk about Young Jeezy's new album, Juelz Santana losing his jewels (or maybe not) and why all the haters can suck on DEEZ NUTS. Hip-Hop Shop is sponsored by and You can listen to or download the show at the link below.

* *

Former Source Editor Kim Osorio Drops New Book

Courtesy of Talk Dat Ish Entertainment:

Former Source Magazine E.I.C, Kim Osorio, Drops New Book! 

Former Source Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Kim Osorio, releases her expose' of Hip Hop in her new book, Straight from the Source. The book is to hit stores September 9th but of course Ms. Smalls got the exclusive. Before I read the book, all I saw on these hip-hop blogs were the names 50 Cent and Nas associated with it. These sites made it seem like Osorio has changed her name to Superhead and had traded her law school degree (yes, home girl graduated from law school) for a for a new car from a superstar lover.

I just think readers never understand the point of a book especially once they see that you placed in a famous name or two. All of a sudden good content is out and gossip is in. Well Ms. Osorio, who is not one to be shy with words, has discussed her associations with rappers in the book but I don't understand what's the shock. She was the head hauncho at a "hip hop bible" of course anyone would partake in the Disciples. Wait...that came out wrong.

No but seriously, she does mention the times she got her groove on but its not in a "oh my God his penis was so..." type of a way. It was more of a confessional way in which helped to tell the story not blow up the spot (as she would say). I wish she would have gotten into more details about her sexcapades because I was dying to know if 50 Cent really could blow that back out like he brags about in his songs but like a real woman, she never tells. Besides, no one wants to hear anymore lies from 50 Cent talking about someone blowing his balls. Anything can tick him off these days especially with the sad sales of G-Unit's latest effort, Terminate on Sight.

I think the book is good for anyone to read but it's mostly geared to women and not just any woman- a woman on the come up of her career. Men will see the background bashment it takes to run a magazine and the minuet beefs that can get started in the entertainment industry in a New York minute if you're not paying close attention. Women, on the other hand, will get lots more from it if they really sit down and read it. They will understand what it's like to be a woman in a male dominating industry and how lots of times if something went wrong, it would be automatically be blamed on your emotions. It will also show you how petty the entertainment industry is and why you shouldn’t deal with these cornballs in the industry because one moment you're enjoying nice love sessions in your favorite telly, the next you know your dessert of choice is blowing you up on the radio. Sad but true, there is a double standards when it comes down to men, women, and sexuality.

Dudes who work in the business and bust down chicks like Trina and Mya are given hand claps and looked up as playas and pimps while a female who gives up the booty is considered a tramp. It killed me when 50 Cent said that Rosci (who isn't one of my favorite people) was a ho because she slept with 8 guys. Newsflash 50, if every girl who slept with 8 dudes is a ho then induct almost every female in the land-of-hobelieve because it happens. I think that's what I find most disturbing about this book is the amount of references that Ms. Osorio claimed that Benzino made regarding who she messed with. Man, one thing for certain, two things for sure, you're not going to like Benzino's corny ass more after reading this book. He comes off as a power driven, Puff Daddy type but without the swag, money, or fame.

The title Straight from the Source is appropriate because most of the book is about her time at the Source which goes from exciting, to moderate, to damn near a hell zone and you start to feel sorry for their workers as if you were there. A great thing about the book is it has a lot of names and you can learn a lot about their journey in the industry and she tells the behind the scene drama behind the Eminem and Source Magazine beef. I chuckled when she explained what went down with the Eminem cover when he had his middle finger up that came with the CD in which he was talking badly about black girls, because I still have that issue in my stash. I deem that a collector's item because it was a mirror image of how dumb consumers are when it comes down to the disrespect of black woman. I was S&A (shocked and appalled) back in the day when I read that Eminem had confessed to the tape-I never liked him since. Um, goes to show ya.

Anyway, Ms. Osorio works hard to show you her personal journey during the maniacal days at the Source and under the rule of Dave Mays (wanna-be-black behind) and Benzino. I think it's a good read if you're interested in getting in the industry or was a avid reader of the Source during her tenure, 2000-2005. I give this book 8 out of 10 stars respectively because everyone knows that Kim Osorio is a legend in modern-day Hip Hop in her own right.

Cop the book via .

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