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Wednesday September 17, 2014
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[Dark Horse] Never coming in last.

Twista Review

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Dwele - I'm Cheatin' (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Dwele
Title: I'm Cheatin'
Label: RT Music Group/Koch Records

Generally speaking my feelings on reviewing R&B singles are well known by now but let me briefly reiterate them - I'D RATHER NOT DO IT. Still I'm making an exception for Dwele's new joint "I'm Cheatin'" for three reasons - I always liked his shit with Bahamadia and Common, the label sent the CD single without me having to lift a finger, and the song's pretty gangsta in an urban contemporary way. While G-1's beat on the song is a little TOO smooth to bump hard in the ride, Dwele definitely took the TLC "Creep" steelo to the next level with a song he raps as much as sings. Peep the verbals: "You told me never ever, send roses you would rather/Me send them to the other, and then you took off your clothes/You asked me who I wanted; the nasty one I suppose!" That's R&B with a lyrical tip I can respect. Dwele deserves his spot next to D'Angelo and Musiq Soulchild as a singer even the hardest hip-hop heads can still feel.
Speedknot Mobstaz f/ Twista - Money to Blow Remix (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Speedknot Mobstaz f/ Twista
Title: Money to Blow (Remix)
Label: Koch Records

Even though S. Dukes of the Showtime Entertainment Agency is the producer of record on this track, it wouldn't come as a shock to me if someone presumed Pharrell Williams did the beat after hearing it. In fact the first time I played the "Money to Blow" remix I immediately thought of Snoop Dogg's "Drop it Like it's Hot," which makes me wonder if the ORIGINAL mix is in the same vein or completely different. A quick guess would lead one to think Twista's verse would be the only difference between the two but more careful though on the subject causes one to recall that the Speedknot Mobstaz are the Chicago crew that Twista's been trying to put on for years with varying degrees of success. While I dare say that Carl Terrell Mitchell has made enough scrilla in his career that he has "Money to Blow" getting his homeboys over, it's still painful to see how much more charismatic he is than these Mobstaz even over the most generic copycat Neptunes style beats. As much as I like Twista I suggest not blowing hard earned money on this single.
New Videos: RZA, 9th Ward, Steinski, Plies

Time for more new hip-hop videos on! Out first entry is RZA's "You Can't Stop Me Now."

Next up is 9th Ward's "Chopper."

This one's kind of long but it's worth the time - it's a Q&A session where Steinski talks about the origin of The Lessons!

Last but DEFINITELY not least is the new Plies video for "I'm Da Man." Enjoy!

Details For MySpace Secret Show With Gnarls Barkley Finalized




LOS ANGELES - June 4, 2008 - MySpace, the world's most popular social network, today announced the final details for its 150th installment of the highly popular Secret Show franchise
(, an original concert series that fuses the online and offline music experience and further connects fans and bands through intimate, "friends only" performances. Singer Janelle Monae will open the show with indie rock super group Battles and headliners Gnarls Barkley following. Doors for the show will be 7:00 PM.

As previously announced, the show is being presented by Samsung Mobile and is being headlined by the Grammy award-winning duo Gnarls Barkley. The genre busting act's first US concert was a MySpace Secret Show, in the halcyon days of 2006. For this show, the group will be performing at Manhattan's famed Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza and will be joined by the indie rock super group Battles as well as Ms. Monae.

Gnarls Barkley is the much beloved combination of artist and producer Danger Mouse and vocalist Cee-Lo Green. The duo recently released The Odd Couple, which Entertainment Weekly hailed as "impeccably produced and impressively layered as an esoteric love letter." The album, featuring the singles "Run" and "Going On," is the follow up to the group's platinum-plus selling debut album St. Elsewhere, which was not only critically lauded but a chart-topping worldwide blockbuster. St. Elsewhere was nominated for seven Grammy Awards, with the band receiving trophies for Best Alternative Album and Best Urban Alternative Performance.

Opening act Battles is comprised of the former members of Don Caballero, Helmet, Tomahawk, and Lynx. Featuring Tyondai Braxton, Ian Williams, John Stanier and Dave Konopka, Battles have long since been touted as an "indie rock supergroup." Following their signing to Warp Records and the release of two EPs in 2006, the band released their long awaited first album Mirrored. Pitchfork raved about Mirrored as "a breathtaking aesthetic left-turn that sounds less like rock circa 2007 than rock circa 2097, a world where Marshall stacks and micro-processing go hand in hand."

Janelle Monae knows a bit about genre busting herself. Her work incorporates rock, pop and soul and was so innovative it caught the attention of Big Boi from Outkast, who discovered her while combing MySpace. The Atlanta rap superstar then recommended her to his friend Sean "Diddy" Combs, who signed her to his label, Bad Boy. Monae has since become one the label's newest success stories.

Since the launch of MySpace Secret Shows in February 2006, the series has showcased some of today's greatest artists across all music genres in cities all over the world--from The Cure in Sydney, Australia to Ice Cube in Virginia Beach to Justice in Hamburg to Slayer and Mastodon in Salt Lake City. The shows are exclusive to the MySpace community and only notified that a Secret Show is happening in their area through the site. Announces $100,000 Contest Winner

AND THE WINNER IS.....THA CROW!'s Year 1 $100,000 & record contract winner
is LA's Tha Crow
Beating out the 9 Finalists
& Representing the best of over 20,000 tracks submitted

Tha Crow will receive his check LIVE on LA's Power 106

New Contest launching SOON

Check Out The New West Coast Anthem

THA CROW "Dippin' Low Low's"

Dirty - Download ( )
Clean - Download ( )

Hear More at ( )
Twista Sends Message to Father Pfleger

Hip-Hop Icon Twista Sends Message to Father Pfleger Regarding His Recent Comments 

(Chicago, IL)- Hip-Hop Icon, Twista, is speaking out
against Father Pfleger's recent comments regarding Senator Hillary Clinton,
remarking on Pfleger's hypocrisy. A little less than one year ago, Pfleger
used funds raised his Chicago church to erect billboards across the city
criticizing rap lyrics, specifically targeting Twista among other rappers.

Pfleger also contacted McDonald's and saw to it that the rapper was removed
from a McDonald's tour that he was originally contracted to participate in.
Twista has released the following message for Pfleger.

 "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Just last summer
Father Pfleger said my words was trash to the community and I didn't deserve
to be on the McDonalds tour. It's crazy how the tables turned in just under
a year. Father Pfleger's own words and opinions of Mrs. Clinton came In the
worst way and now he expects for the world and his church to give him a full
acceptance. Do you think its right that he apologizes and gets away with his
words? Did he really lose anything? I lost a multi million dollar contract,
he embarrassed and disgraced my name in public by his billboards calling my
music trash. He even went as far as getting Bill O'Reily  to get on TV to
diss me as well, and not once did he ever call me or even ask me my opinion
of my views and music.

All it took was the young generation to expose him of his true colors, big
shout out to, for putting him on blast. Mr. Pfleger is in a much
stronger position than I am. I represent the streets and hip-hop while he is
a representative of God and I feel like he should have been a little more
careful of his words too. I don't look for any apologies from him,
McDonalds, or even little Bill O'Reily. I keep it street and 100 by saying

Substantial Growth

It is always great to celebrate one of our own and today an extreme amount of kudos, props, shout outs, whatever slanguage you want to use for praise, goes out to former Artist Of The Week Substantial, who’s video for “It’s You (I Think)” has made it into rotation on MTV2 and has even aired on MTV.

Read the full story and watch the video at:
When Words Speak Louder Than Actions

The other day I was interviewing Ice Cube when I realized something; his career and the career of Will Smith are strikingly similar with only one small twist. Yes, that’s right, Ice Cube and Will Smith have a lot more in common than most people think. Why then is Will the guy everyone wants to invite into their homes while Cube is still feared by so many? It all has to do with which medium they choose to be violent in.

Read the full story at:
Seattle's Steelo

Seattle is a city most known for rainy days, flannel t-shirts and grunge rock. Believe it or not there’s a Hip-Hop scene tucked away in the city, as well, and Steelo is one of the groups on the verge of making a name for themselves there. Steelo is the duo of A.Uno and Bobby K (left to right in picture). According to A.Uno the two met through interesting circumstances. “When we decided to go in the studio to work on a track together neither one of us had heard the other person,” he remembers, “we were just looking for the chance to make a song and split studio time. We didn't realize what we had created until our song caught on at the local club and people encouraged us to stick with it.” The song became a local hit and their latest single “Let It Roll,” is getting national radio airplay. In addition to their performance work, Steelo also makes public speaking appearances at local schools to help inspire students to find and follow their passions. This week A.Uno and Bobby K took some time out of their busy schedules to sit down with me to discuss their music, their work with the youth, and how a clothing ad they did affected one of their speaking gigs in the most ironic of ways.

Read the full interview at:
New Videos - Maino, Hot Stylz, TYGA, A. Pinks

We've got some more new hip-hop videos for you this week, starting out with Maino's "Hi Hater."

Next up is Hot Stylz "Lookin Boy" featuring Yung Joc.

TYGA is blowin up the charts with his new song "Coconut Juice." Check it out!

Last but not least A. Pinks takes a shot at Lil Wayne with "Hit the Lights (I'm On)." Enjoy the new videos!

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