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Video: Dirtball - "Nervous System" (Teaser)

From Kerosene Media:

Video: Dirtball - "Nervous System" (Teaser)

The king of rapid fire rhyme, Dirtball has released a new video teaser for his upcoming new solo album “Nervous System” online at . “Nervous System” will hit stores on March 1st, 2011 through Suburban Noize Records, and is currently available for pre-order online at .
“When I set out to begin recording this record two years ago, I really wanted to create my own version of a classic hip-hop record,” commented Dirtball. “Albums like Eazy-E's ‘Eazy-Duz It’ and Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ are both timeless and those records were the standard that I used when I created my album. My goal was to make a record that listeners could come back to a decade later and it would still sound fresh.”
The Kottonmouth Kings’ own Dirtball is asking fans to join him on a journey through the complex, twisted psyche of his mind on his new solo album “Nervous System”. The album plays out like a twisted audio sequel to "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", as Dirtball uses his machinegun delivery to attack a collection of banging West Coast beats with monstrous results. Dirtball is joined on the album by Psychopathic Records’ Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Big B, and Kottonmouth Kings’ alumni Johnny Richter and Daddy X.

MP3: DJ Killa Kal's "Daddy's Home KillaRemix"

From DJ Lord Ron:

MP3: DJ Killa Kal's "Daddy's Home KillaRemix"

Expect to see more remixes from DJ Killa Kal in 2011!
Mixtape comin' soon!!!
Follow DJ Killa Kal @ Twitter
MP3: Mack Giles - "Center of Attention"

From Rap Star Promo:

MP3: Mack Giles - "Center of Attention"

* *

DJ EFN x Pitbull x DJ Khaled x Flo Rida - "My Block (Miami Remix)"

From Latchkey Press:

DJ EFN x Pitbull x DJ Khaled x Flo Rida - "My Block (Miami Remix)"

Here's another one off DJ EFN's recent project; "Diggin in the Tapes". This one is a Miami Beat Wave remix of a DJ EFN mixtape classic which features Pitbull, Dj Khaled, Flo Rida, Brisco, Gunplay (of Triple C's), Smitty, Garcia, Heckler and Cubo. Check out the entire "Diggin in the Tapes" project which features Cam'ron, Lil Jon, Capone-n-Noreaga, Wyclef, Redman, Bun B, Joe Budden and more for free download at

DJ EFN - My Block (Miami) Remix [dirty]

DJ EFN - My Block (Miami) Remix [clean]

Artwork #1

Artwork #2


Latchkey Recordings: Unlock Creative Independence

Ice-T Is Too Hot For Hungarian Radio (+ Classic Ice-T Video)

This story was sent to us by staff writer Matt Jost and originally featured on To summarize, a listener-supported non-profit radio station in Hungary named Tilos Radio reportedly received an 8-page letter on Dec. 13th cautioning them for playing the Ice-T songs 'Warning' and 'It's On' over the air back in September of 2010. Radio policy in Hungary is that songs with explicit language are not to be played before 9 PM local time but 'Warning' features an expletive-filled introduction where Ice-T states "If you are offended by words like shit, bitch, fuck, dick, asshole..." et cetera. Tilos released a statement in response to the media authority in Hungary contending that the majority of their listeners are not proficient in English, and can not comprehend the curse words used. The station also claims that only four percent of their listeners are under the age of 18, and would not have been adversely affected.

Ice-T's response? "I love it! The world still fears me." You can follow Ice-T on Twitter HERE.

Here's a classic old school Ice-T video for the hip-hop heads. "Now I'ma write this song though the radio won't play it/but I got freedom of speech so I'ma say it."

PR: Has-Lo Signs With Mello Music Group

From Mello Music Group:

Has-Lo Signs With Mello Music Group

Philadelphia producer and emcee Has-Lo  has signed with MMG to release his newest concept album "In Case I Don't Make It".  The project is a dark and layered album full of samples and melodic beats that fit together to form a cloudy and aggressive look at life on the edge.  The new project is his crispest to date, but doesn't lose its basement darkness. "When I signed to MMG it felt like all those years of saying "this is going to be the year" were over.  I started officially living the dream the moment the ink dried, and the journey goes public when the album comes out," said Has-Lo about the deal.  Has-Lo has previously released the well received "Fuck Has Day" and "Small Metal Objects" which featured the emotive and raw "The Quiet Things". "In Case I Don't Make It" is scheduled for March 29th release.
"They say knowledge is power and love is wealth
And to get right for what you love you go through hell."
The Has-Lo album is already receiving artistic praise from industry circles.  Respected DC producer Oddisee commented, "Has-Lo's music has such a familiar sound to it.  It reels you in with his use of drum breaks & sample based production.  Once his vocals come in, you quickly learn that this producer/mc is puting a beautiful new & dark twist to what we all know and love." Eric Coons of the influential site Bloggerhouse stated, "Has-Lo's storytelling on wax is so vivid and detailed that Slick Rick would crack a smile." Additionally, MMG chief Michael Tolle added, "The project was one I decided to listen to,  then it came on and I was silenced.  I sat in the car listening from beginning to end twice - stunned at the beauty.  I then went inside my home, called Has, had a 3 hour phone conversation, and signed him."  Has-Lo also has an instrumental album in the works for MMG entitled "The Fictitious Laboratorium of..." that is due for 3rd quarter release.
"I make pussycat rap acts boogie and dash
Like I’m dog the bookie, I bully a track."
The first MMG favorite from Has-Lo's catalog is "The Quiet Things", a melancholy yet live joint that delves into a troubled relationship.  The second track is a recent one Has-Lo contributed to "Helpless Dreamer".  It is a hip hop/Noir tale titled "Black Rose" that unravels in a ballroom during a thunderstorm amidst clinking glasses and laughter. The song is a concept piece that pushes narrative storytelling to a new level, combining the best of emceeing with the best of the hard-boiled noir detective genre, all set to an ill laid back beat.
Mp3: The Quiet Things (Free Download): .
Mp3: Black Rose (Free Download): .

MP3: Joell Ortiz - "So Hard"

From Who Got Next:

MP3: Joell Ortiz - "So Hard"

* *

Video: Wale Performs "No Hands" NYE in Denver

From DJ Smallz:

Video: Wale Performs "No Hands" NYE in Denver

NYE2011: Wale and DJ Smallz takeover The Summit Music Hall in Denver, Colorado.

PR: Block Starz Wants Female Rappers for "She Got Next 2011"

From Block Starz Music LLC:

Block Starz Wants Female Rappers for "She Got Next 2011"

German-American music company Block Starz Music LLC has released the official artwork and first three singles from its upcoming "She Got Next 2011" music compilation.

"She Got Next 2011" will be available at Amazon and iTunes in the Spring and features some of the best new indie music from unsigned female recording artists around the globe. "She Got Next 2011" is the first installment of this all-female Pop, Rock, and Urban music series.

Block Starz Music is also announcing the soft launch of the new compilation series' official website,, which will feature artist profiles, music videos, news updates, MP3 downloads, and submission guidelines for unsigned female talent.

The first three official singles from the "She Got Next 2011" compilation are "Catch Me" by Hungarian pop singer Barbara Kiss, "Where We Started" by Michigan rock band Life Size Ghost, and the urban radio-friendly "Ima Be Okay" by Indianapolis singer/model Nicole Michelle.

Barbara Kiss - "Catch Me" (Pop)
Amazon: .
iTunes: .
Preview: .

Life Size Ghost - "Where We Started" (Rock)
Amazon: .
iTunes: .
Preview: .

Nicole Michelle - "Ima Be Okay" (Urban)
Amazon: .
iTunes: .
Preview: .

Block Starz Music will continue accepting submissions for the "She Got Next 2011" compilation through the end of January.

Unsigned/Indie Female Arists Can Submit Music For "She Got Next" By:

    * Sending a friend request and/or subscribing to our channel at .
    * Following us on Twitter @ .
    * We will respond with further instructions if your music meets our submission guidelines

The mission of the "She Got Next" project is to enthuse careers, empower artists, and entertain responsibly. Block Starz Music will not accept explicit, obscene, and/or violent material. There is no charge for submitting material, but a signed release form is required.

For more information about "She Got Next", please visit .

Block Starz Music LLC is a full service online music company founded in 2008 to scout, develop, and market new independent talent.

Block Starz Music LLC
* *

MP3: Bobby Valentino & Magazeen - "What's Your Name"

From Avalanche Sound:

MP3: Bobby Valentino & Magazeen - "What's Your Name"

* *

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