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Friday January 30, 2015
Feature of the Week

[B4.DA.$$] Not bad at all Joey!

Joey Bada$$ review

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Geddy a/k/a Armageddon's "It's Over" Music Video

You heard it on Hip-Hop Shop now watch the video and enjoy!

New Blueprint Album in February

From Blueprint:

A couple years back I released a free ep called Blueprint vs Funkadelic. It was something I did for fun in the studio and to kind of pay tribute to a band who I had recently rediscovered thru the wonders of vinyl. A lot of artists and producers do “mashups”, where they take existing vocals and put them over something else, but I try to do this series of record differently, by writing original material and not recycling rhymes. If you haven’t checked out Blueprint vs Funkadelic before please check it out and get ready for the next installment.

I’ve decided to do this again, but using music from The Who. Blueprint Who will be released sometime in February. The promo version will be free to download, and the delux version will come with a free poster, sticker, as well as the instrumentals. Stay tuned for more specific details.

Thanks for the support!

* *

The (W)rap Up - Week of January 5, 2010

Justin 'Tha Shiznute' Chandler

"Kanye West publicly made an ass of himself AGAIN. Gucci Mane broke through to the mainstream, which boggles me though I originally thought the same of Young Jeezy and have since altered my negative opinion. Most albums were good enough to keep my head nodding, but not good enough for multiple listens. Then, as in year's past, there were numerous albums that I was hoping for that never saw the light of day (Saigon, Lupe, Dr. Dre???). This is a constant reality in the industry that saddens me every time these year in reviews come down the pipeline."

Susan 'SusiQ' Kim 

"*9. Zion I "The Takeover"*

I always appreciate Zion I's work even if it's the sixth time around. Amp Live's unique production still persists as he incorporates a variety of beats that he is known for. MC Zion has changed his name to MC Zumbi, but it's all the same because even after ten plus years, the duo remains strong while still maintaining a rather ambiguous sound, in hopes of not being categorized."

Eric Sirota

"A lot of big names, both underground and mainstream, dropped albums and mixtapes in 2009 - Jay-Z, Eminem, 50 Cent, Wu Tang Clan, Raekwon, Lady Gaga, Wale, Clipse, Sage Francis, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Mr. Lif, Sole, and Themselves, just to name a few. I had high hopes for Eminem, but was let down when he decided to rap in a bad Jamaican accent for half of "Relapse." I have for years been determined not to like Brother Ali, but he dropped two real solid projects in '09. I could never get into MF Doom, the stoner, but DOOM, the existential polemicist, inspired me to revisit his past works."

CookBook & Uno Mas :: C&U Music Factory :: Just-Us/Audio Sketch Book Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"It's unfortunate that a full bio on the history of L.A. Symphony and the members of the California rap group would be longer than this entire review. Their role as pioneers and inspiration to fellow "left coast" rap artists who choose to make experimental and innovative rap music should not be diminished. In fact most hip-hop fans and students will rank them with the Hieroglyphics and Living Legends as crews whose influence extends far beyond the number of albums they sold as a group. Furthermore each crew has spun off numerous side projects, solo artists, combinations with other like-minded artists and enjoyably eclectic hip-hop music. Though they're currently on hiatus as a unit, the same thing can be said about L.A. Symphony's membership, as you can routinely find new projects from CookBook and Pigeon John among others making noise in a world of jaded rap fans. Please just take my word for it when I say L.A. Symphony is a great crew that should get much greater due."

DJ Mehdi :: Red Black & Blue :: Ed Banger Records
as reviewed by Matt Jost

"For many DJ's and music producers hip-hop has been the gateway drug to the world of deejaying, dance music or even music period. Biographies especially of European DJ's often mention a past as a hip-hop DJ. Whether they are still spinning or have moved on to producing music, professionally they have left the field of hip-hop behind and moved on to abstract, downtempo, techno, drum 'n bass, club, house, trip-hop, electro, and what have you. This is a known fact of several '90s key players in the United Kingdom (J. Saul Kane, Smith & Mighty, Massive Attack, Liam Howlett, DJ Hype, Nightmares on Wax, Coldcut, Goldie, A Guy Called Gerald)."

D.P. :: Bar Tab Blues :: Sosic Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"Apparently Mister D.P. can't make up his mind whether to capitalize his name or not. When Guido Stern first covered "fortyeighthours" last May, everything including the album's title was presented in lowercase. I honestly get a little sick of these games, including Daniel Dumile's "ALL CAPS when you spell the man name" and the "let's show how unassuming, shy and nerdy I am" lower caps of mc chris. Don't even get me started on Kid Cudi - I refuse to play that shit and alternate it every other letter - that's fucking impossible to type. This is completely my own opinion and nothing to do with the review, but unless you've had a few platinum records and can be recognized on sight anywhere you go, you don't get to change your name to an eponymous unprounceable symbol, forcing everybody to refer to you as "The Artist Formerly Known As." If you're rich and famous, go ahead, be a weirdo. If you're an up-and-coming artist nobody has heard of, follow the damn rules."

Showbiz & AG :: Party Groove/Soul Clap EP :: London Records
** RapReviews "Back to the Lab" series **
as reviewed by Matt Jost

"For the sake of historical accuracy, the subject of this review should be the original "Soul Clap" EP on Showbiz Records. This would be the wax Show & A were, as legend has it, selling out of the trunk of the car. The ever-reliable Discogs database tells me it was pressed up in 1991, recorded at Jazzy Jay Recording Studios, Bronx, NY, engineered by Jazzy Jay and Skeff Anselm and mastered by Carlton Batts. But since I only own the extended 1992 CD release and all digital downloads available seem based on a 2006 Japanese re-issue of that CD, I decided to go with this later, more widespread version entitled "Party Groove/Soul Clap.""

various artists :: Soca Gold 2009 :: VP Records
as reviewed by Emanuel Wallace

"First off, I'd like to offer an apology to the good folks over at VP Records for getting to this compilation so late. I've had it in my possession for a good while, but somehow it got pushed to the backburner's backburner. I realized this about a month ago and decided that when it got cold enough outside, I'd do a write up in hopes that it would bring a bit of warmth to our readers in locations that are brick cold right about now. On a whole, I'm not overly familiar with the soca genre, but I've listened to it from time to time. The term "soca" is a shortened form of the term "soul calypso", which is a form of music that originates in Trinidad and Tobago. In my search for more information, I ended up at the Holy Grail for all things that COULD be true...Wikipedia. I took a look at the section that listed some of the genre's notable artists and many of them have songs featured on the 2009 edition of "Soca Gold"."

TYPE 4 :: As Is :: World One Records
** RapReviews "Back to the Lab" series **
as reviewed by Matt Jost

"TYPE 4, I don't know if you heard of them. No scratch that, I'm convinced you haven't, unless by some freak accident you actually have or are so intimately familiar with our publication that you remember our review from a month back. TYPE 4 existed long before the latest rap generation ever picked up a mic. Originally a hip-hop duo in the early '90s, the outfit soon evolved into a full-fledged band that incorporated funk, rock and reggae influences. As they prepare to release a new album in 2010, they sent us their older material for review. "As Is" was released in 2008, 7 years after their second longplayer, "For Sale.""

Jesal's RapReviews: The Album 2010 Update

Jay Soul has a new concept for 2010 he wants to lay on the readers of!

RapReviews: The Album
by Jesal 'Jay Soul' Padania

RapReviews: The Album
by Jesal ‘Jay Soul' Padania

Oh yeah, it's on!!

Like Donkey Kong. You read that correctly. RapReviews is going to curate an actual living, breathing ALBUM. Who are the artists that will be featured on it? Well, YOU, of course… This really is history in the making!

So let's start from scratch. I (Jesal) had the idea eight months ago on a crazy night when I couldn't sleep til 9am the next morning. We have such talented artists that get reviewed, not to mention a huge readership that are artists/producers themselves, struggling for a break. For example, I voted Grip Grand's "Brokelore" album of the year in 2008 – yet 99% of you would never of heard of him. If he were to put a track on our album, it would be exposed to a huge potential audience, one that he richly deserves. That in turn would build interest for his own catalogue. Or if you are an up and coming MC without a deal, but you have a few fantastic tracks that you want to get out into the community, this could be your ideal starting point.

The main thing to realise here is that RR will attempt to curate a real album, not a mixtape. In other words, as Executive Producer, it is my duty to help choose (with the RR staff) and sequence a well-balanced wonder album with brilliant lyrics, banging beats and a variety of topics/themes. That means, for example: that head nod boom bap shit; socially conscious records; club bangers; incredible concepts; heart-wrenching emotional shit; lyrical genius… All kinds of tracks, as we are all multi-faceted actual people.

What are the rules of eligibility? Well, the artist sends us the track. That could be any artist, at any level, ANYWHERE in the world. So whether you're from the US or UK, Jamaica or Japan, South America or South Africa, you are eligible. Whether you are completely unsigned, on a small label, on your OWN label, or on a major, you are eligible. Group? Solo? Doesn't matter – you are eligible. We have already had tracks sent in from Major labels, independents, unsigned, hailing five continents so far! BUT we need even more tracks to make sure that the album is worthwhile, so spread the word, seriously.

However, your song, on the other hand, faces stricter regulations. Get this straight, it must be COMPLETELY devoid and free of ANY samples. NO SAMPLES. So your lyrics must be original. Your chorus must be original. Your instrumental must be 100% original. Why? Well, the reasons are twofold. Firstly, it is much easier to put together an album which has completely original music, from a legal standpoint in particular. Second of all, trust in your own ability to CREATE beautiful music, not just sample some other musician. There is a lot to be said about crafting your own 100% original beats.

How about the selection process? Well, you send us your track – NOT your whole album, only your absolute best SONG – via email and we root through them all, separating the average from the good, the good from the great. After the cut off point, we whittle them down to a manageable list. Finally, the RR staff will debate over who they think should get on the album. But understand this now, it had better be fantastic. If you think your shit is "pretty good" don't hit and hope. Only the strongest will survive!

So put your money where your mouth is. Send in your absolute best track, or go and create one from scratch right now. You never know, you could make it onto the RapReviews Album and it could be the start of something big. The song itself should be mixed, mastered and ready to go straight onto the album – however, we are willing to consider very special circumstances, like if you are a ridiculously talented kid with NO money. Otherwise, you should be ready to roll (though we may request the original WAV files if we feel it needs remastering).

Regardless of anything else, the aim here is to create a great album for people to really LISTEN to on repeat. Not a mixtape, not a compilation… an album – one that, if dropped through our letterbox would receive at least a 9 out of 10. Don't get it twisted – this is first and foremost an ARTISTIC move, not a commercial one – you can't bribe us, no payolas, free gifts are futile... We all bitch about the greed of major labels and focus group-driven music-by-numbers – to that end, we will initially be making it available as a FREE download.

Send your track to once you are ready.

The cut-off date for sending in tracks is simple, 1st March 2010, and as soon as that clock strikes midnight, the sending in phase is over, and the selection process begins. You will all, of course, be in the know as the process switches stages, with regular updates on the progress. So spread the word... "RapReviews: The Album" is real, and it will be coming out in 2010. Get busy.
Hip-Hop Shop #61 - Make 'Em or Break 'Em

Welcome back for another new edition of Hip-Hop Shop! Episode #61 is entitled Make 'Em or Break 'Em, which means you get to decide whether these songs ever get spun on the show again or not. If you like a song e-mail and say so; if you don't write in to break it or just don't say anything at all and we'll drop it like a bad habit. You can also e-mail if you would like more information about sponsoring the show! Hip-Hop Shop features podsafe music, so give a copy to your friends and tell them to check us out every week at! Special thanks to Odin Smith Labs for providing background music for our show.

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* Eleven - Talk My Shit
* Skitzo - Call Me
* Black Al Capone - Wobble When You Walk
* Georgia Anne Muldrow f/ M.E.D. & Rapper Big Pooh - Endure
* V!rtu & Big Daddy XL - Keepin' Up

Wu-Tang Clan Returns w/ Raekwon, Ghostface, Meth, U-God

From Gold Dust Hype:

The Return Of The Wu & Friends Mixed By Mathematics
Wu-Tang- The Return Of The Wu & Friends
February 16th, Gold Dust
* *

Since their debut album, 1993's Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Wu-Tang has become synonymous with gritty, direct lyrics and beats that draw from classic soul, horn-blasted funk, cinematic curios, and dirty guitar licks (among many others.) With each successive album, the group solidifies their hold on hip-hop, watching over the years as rappers, trends and ephemeral styles come and go and become musical footnotes in the game.
As devoted fans clamor and salivate for anything Wu-related, Gold Dust  & Nature Sounds are proud to announce the release of Return of the Wu & Friends, produced and compiled by Wu-Tang Clan producer/DJ Mathematics and including some exclusive tracks, lost gems and old time favorites featuring all nine emcees.
The 16 tracks featured on Return of the Wu & Friends were compiled from songs recorded during the group's critically acclaimed 2000 album The W through 2008, including exclusive tracks like "Steppin 2 Me" featuring GZA, Inspectah Deck and Masta Killa. The producer also offers a slew of new remixes, including "Respect Mine" and "Clap". On the former, featuring Raekwon, Method Man and Cappadonna, the sprightly piano loop found on the original (from Mathematics' 2003 solo album Love, Hell or Right) gets flipped into a slower, more ominous track anchored by a funky slap bass line.
On Return of the Wu & Friends, every member gets their chance to shine, backed by Mathematics' acute ability to perfectly match each member's cadence and tone to the respective beat. Slower, more soulful tracks like "Da Way We Were" and "Strawberries & Cream" are balanced with classic Wu funk like "Iron God Chamber" and "It's What It Is" (the latter the new superhero anthem for the 21st century.) For anyone fiending for more Wu classics, Return of the Wu & Friends offers up an album's worth of tracks sure to fill the need for Wu bangers.
Having known the Clan since the mid-80s and produced for them since 1996, Mathematics is no stranger to the group. Starting off as GZA's DJ during the emcee's Cold Chillin' days, the producer has since gone on to create a diverse and memorable production catalog with the group, contributing tracks to The W and 8 Diagrams, as well as Ghostface Killah's Supreme Clientele, GZA's Beneath The Surface, Method Man's Tical 2000: Judgement Day and Method Man & Redman's Blackout!.
1. Wu-Tang Clan feat. Raekwon, Ghostface, Method Man, U-God- "Clap 2010"
2. Wu-Tang Clan- "Respect 2010"
3. Masta Kila feat. Raekwon & Ghostface- "It's What It Is"
4. Wu-Tang Clan feat. Inspectah Deck, RZA, Ghostface- "Strawberries & Cream"
5. Wu-Tang Clan feat. GZA, Masta Killa & Inspectah Deck- "Steppin 2 Me"
6. Wu-Tang Clan feat. Raekwon, Method Man, Ghostface, Ica da Don & Inspectah Deck- "All Flowers"
7. Method Man- "John 3:16"
8. Raekwon- "Treez"
9. Wu-Tang Clan feat. RZA, Streetlife, Buddah Bless- "What It Is"
10. Masta Killa feat. RZA & Method Man- "Iron God Chamber"
11. Masta Killa feat. Ghostface, Buddah Bless, Raekwon, Eyes Low- "Real Nillaz"
12. Wu-Tang Clan feat. Method Man & GZA- "Rush"
13. Mathematics- "Da Way We Were"
14. Wu-Tang Clan feat. ODB & Bad Luck- "Early Grave"
15. Wu-Tang Clan- "Keep Pace"
For More Information, Check Out:
* *
* *

Joell Ortiz to Drop "Free Agent" Album This March

From Gio at E1/Koch:

January 11, 2010




ALBUM FEATURES APPEARANCES BY Akon, Brother Ali, Bun B, Styles P, Sheek Louch, Raekwon, Novel, Smokey Robinson, MOP, Slaughterhouse, Maino, Jean Grae, Talib Kweili and Bobby Ray

PRODUCTION BY: Dj Khalil, Lil Fame, Dj Premier, Sean C and LV, Statik Selektah, Novel, Moss, Nottz, Frequency and Frank Dukes

(New York, NY) – E1 Music is thrilled to announce the release of critically acclaimed emcee Joell Ortiz’s new album.  Free Agent will be released in on March 23, 2010 and features Akon, Brother Ali, Bun B, Styles P, Sheek Louch, Raekwon, Novel, Smokey Robinson, MOP, Slaughterhouse, Maino, Jean Grae, Talib Kweili and Bobby Ray.  Production duties will be handled by a who’s who list of music’s finest producers including: Red Spyda, Dj Khalil, Lil Fame, Dj Premier, Sean C and LV, Statik Selektah, Novel, Moss, Nottz, Frequency and Frank Dukes.

Ortiz is coming off a tour of the U.S. and is starting a European tour on Jan 15th as ¼ of the lyrical powerhouse Slaughterhouse, along with Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9” and Crooked I. The foursome was described as “…the game’s most imposing lyrical force” by XXL Magazine. The self-titled debut album, Slaughterhouse, is in stores now.

Ortiz released his debut album, The Brick (Bodega Chronicles), in 2007 on E1 Music. The album centered on his dense, rhyme-based work, and featured notable collaborations with Styles P, Akon and the legendary Big Daddy Kane. The Brick was met with considerable critical acclaim, landing Ortiz features in numerous hip-hop and mainstream publications including a much sought after “Leader of the New School” cover story for XXL Magazine, along with Papoose, Crooked I, Saigon, Lupe Fiasco and others.

Having earned a loyal following from his lyrically-driven performances and energetic live shows Ortiz is poised to make an impact with his highly-anticipated new album, Free Agent. Ortiz is ready to deliver his fans another dose of lyrical fire.

Alan Grunblatt, General Manager of E1 Music, says, “Joell Ortiz is one the hottest new emcees to come out of New York. We had a lot of success with the first Joell release and are very excited he continues to be in the E1 family.”

The first single off of Free agent is the incredible “Call Me,” a nostalgic story of teenage love set in Brooklyn New York in the ‘90s. It will be serviced to urban radio shortly.

For more information, go to:, or .

About E1 Entertainment

E1 Entertainment (AIM: ETO) is a leading independent entertainment content owner that acquires film, television and music rights and exploits these rights in all media in more than 190 countries.

The company currently operates in Canada, the U.S., the UK, Holland and Belgium through its four primary businesses units: E1 Television, E1 Films, E1 Music and E1 Distribution.  These businesses collectively represent E1’s extensive expertise in film distribution, television and music production/distribution, Kids content, Licensing and Distribution.

E1’s content library includes more than 3,700 feature films, 2,700 hours of original television programming and 15,000 music tracks.

D.Black's "Yesterday" Up For Top Spot on MTVu's The Freshmen

From Audible Treats:

Video: D.Black's Video For "Yesterday" Up For Top Spot On MTVu's The Freshmen      01.11.2010
Winner Of Contest Receives On-Air Rotation On MTVu Channel - Plus D.Black Speaks Out On Seattle Hip-Hop Scene in Viral Video

The Video:

Seattle emcee D.Black has been nominated in this week's contest for MTV'u's The Freshman 5 for his first video "Yesterday" off his sophomore album Ali'Yah. Every week, five new and upcoming artists are presented an opportunity to gain regular rotation on the MTVu channel, which is exclusively broadcasted to college campuses and gives artists an excellent shot at obtaining exposure.

Set underneath a freeway overpass (perhaps the road that separates heaven and hell?), the video depicts an epic chess game for D.Black's soul. Light and dark versions of the emcee face off against each other, with supporters shrouding and encouraging each player. The video's lesson is to allow yourself to leave things, especially negative things, in your past. He combines this message with smooth, flowing rhymes and a classic soul feel, set over warm production by B. Brown and D. Black himself.

Fans are encouraged to vote as many times as they like starting at 11am until the cutoff – 2pm EST on Friday. Music fans can vote for D.Black on the MTVu website here: .

Also, D.Black gives his two cents on the ever-growing Seattle hip-hop scene, and how working with Vitamin D was the most rewarding and eye opening experience of his musical journey thus far in a new viral video.

"Yesterday" Video: .

Timbaland and Dr. Dre Protege Hayes Releases Street Album

From ifastfwd:

Timbaland And Dr. Dre Protege Hayes Releases Street Album

Detoit MC Hayes, Protege Of Timbaland And Dr. Dre, Releases New Street Album.

(Detroit, MI - 11 January 2010) - Rapper and actor, Hayes has released a new street album that has taken the industry by storm, entitled "The First 48". The Detroit emcee has the backing of both Timbaland and Dr. Dre, after being co-signed to both Aftermath Entertainment and Mosley Music Group, as well as Interscope.

The First 48 features over twenty five tracks consisting of mostly original production, from producers such as Timbaland, The Breakfast Club, and more. Hayes new street album follows two other successful street albums/mixtapes 24 Songs Of Power and Who Da Fuck Is Hayes.

Timbaland revealed to MTV that he is excited about the prospect of working with Hayes, saying: "I think people are gonna wanna know about [him]. Me and Dre just signed him, this guy named Hayes from Detroit..  Incredible storyteller. Incredible. Reminds me of how Notorious B.I.G. tells his stories."

Hayes is currently touring with Timbaland on his Shock Value II tour, and has been writing for the anticipated "Detox" album by Dr. Dre.


The First 48 Street Album (Mediafire D/L) | .
24 Songs Of Power (DatPiff D/L) | .
Who Da Fuck Is Hayes (DatPiff D/L) | .

The First 48 - Available now on download
Mosley Music Group/Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope
* *
* *
* *

M-Tri - Real Talk About Battle Raps & Marrying His DJ

Before I even spun M-Tri’s album, Max Talkin’ Real Ism, I had a distinct feeling it was going to be a little different from most of the other fare that had been coming across my desk as of late. His wife, DJ Leecy T, had passed me the album, and being that there aren’t a lot of wives in the scene, that instantly made M-Tri stand out to me. It didn’t take long before his album stood out to me, too. Max Talkin’ Real Ism is dope hip-hop. M-Tri’s lyrical content, and the way he delivers that lyrical content, are both top notch. That’s why this week I caught up with him to find out more about his music, one of his most memorable emcee battles, and what it’s like being married in the rap game.

Read the full interview at:

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