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Sunday March 01, 2015
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[Dark Sky Paradise] Dark skies ahead?

Big Sean Review

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Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother to Guest Blog for SLAM Mag

From Audible Treats:

Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother to Guest Blog for SLAM Magazine Online

Emcee And Sports Fanatic Pooh To Provide Fans With Insights On 2010 NCAA Men's Tournament

(March 16, 2010 – Brooklyn, NY) As the anticipation for Little Brother's upcoming album continues to build, Rapper Big Pooh, one half of the celebrated North Carolina duo, is excited and proud to announce that he will be guest blogging for SLAM Magazine's website. Pooh will be contributing his thoughts and views on the NCAA Men's basketball tournament from start to finish in the weeks leading up to the April 20th release of Little Brother's fourth and final album, LeftBack.

SLAM Magazine is one of the nation's premier basketball authorities, combining hip-hop and hoops in a way that other publications and websites have yet to achieve. "I have always been a fan of SLAM," says Pooh, "for the simple fact that they dedicate their time to one of the most popular sports in the world." Pooh will be dedicating himself to NCAA's Men's tournament this year, which begins with its Round of 64 on March 18th, and concludes with a championship game in Indianapolis on April 5th. Sports and music fans alike can expect Pooh's March Madness musings at least twice weekly throughout the tournament on his blog at, aptly titled "Pooh On Sports." In addition to his ongoing thoughts on The Big Dance, Pooh will also be writing one pre-weekend prediction post and post-weekend wrap-up post every week. When asked about the prospect of sharing his b-ball ponderings with SLAM's readers, Pooh said, "Being able to share my thoughts and opinions on the sport of basketball with their readers was an opportunity that I could, and would never, have been able to pass up."

While Big Pooh is an instantly recognizable name in the hip-hop world, his superior sports knowledge is often overlooked. A self-diagnosed sports junkie, Rapper Big Pooh is the ideal basketball buff for SLAM's commentary on this year's NCAA Men's tournament. Having grown up in the Washington D.C. area, Pooh's allegiances lie with hometown teams Georgetown and Maryland. In lieu of a career on the courts, Pooh has spent a lifetime watching and discussing basketball, even starting his own blog a while back also titled "Pooh On Sports." This opportunity at gives Pooh a chance to engage in the nation's unofficial pastime - sports debate. "The thing I'm looking forward to the most in blogging for Slam is the feedback" says Pooh. "Sports debate between people who have no impact on the actual outcome has to be one of the greatest things in the world!"

Fans can expect further announcements from Little Brother, including tour info and other interesting developments on LeftBack's road to the release.

Read Rapper Big Pooh's first blog post for .

The Background:

Little Brother, the Durham, North Carolina group formed in part by Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh, released their debut album The Listening on ABB Records in 2003. They are now gearing up for the release of their fourth album, LeftBack, which will be the last of Little Brother’s illustrious career, available April 20th via Hall Of Justus. Continuing the tradition they set with the critically acclaimed third release GetBack, Big Pooh and Phonte have enlisted multiple producers for LeftBack, both from within and outside of the Justus League camp. The album features production from the likes of Khyrsis, Denaun Porter, J.Bizness and guest vocals from Torae, Truck North, Jozeemo, Chaundon, Median, and more.

Twitter: and .

Death Row Records Presents Danny Boy - "It's About Time"

From Sasha Stoltz Publicity:

Death Row Records AND Danny Boy

"It's About Time" 

WIDEawake-Deathrow Entertainment LLC announces their next  release of 2010, Danny Boy "It's About Time" set to hit  shelves, April 20,  featuring songs produced by DJ  Quik and Devante. .  Danny Boy Steward a.k.a. Danny Boy, signed to Death Row Records in 1994, debuting his soulful vocals on the Murder Was The  Case soundtrack with R&B Charter "Come When I Call."  Danny Boy's vocals also appeared on such hits as "I Ain't Mad At Cha" on Tupac's multiplatinum selling album All Eyez On Me as well as "Toss it Up",  "Picture Me Rollin"  and "I Can't Get Enough" from the Gridlock'd  Soundtrack.  Most recently Danny Boy was featured on Death Row's 2009 sampler and Death Row's Ultimate Collection box set. April 20, is Danny Boy's time and  "It's About Time"

Follow Death Row Records:
Official  Site:



Follow Danny Boy:

“Sucker Free Daily” Premieres On MTV2

From Big Oomp Records: 
On Monday, March 15, MTV2 premieres the reinvention of the hit “Sucker Free” franchise, reminding fans that if it happens in hip-hop it happens here. Hosted by DJ Envy – the “Mixtape Legend” – viewers can catch “Sucker Free Daily” for updates on what’s new in music on weekdays (Monday through Thursday) at 3pm ET/PT and tune in to “Sucker Free Countdown” each Sunday at 12PM ET/PT for the final word on the hottest videos of the week. DJ Khaled drops by to kick off the first episode and talk about his new album “Victory.”
During the week, DJ Envy will present the hit videos taking over the hip-hop game on “Sucker Free Daily.” From club bangers to tracks that make the speakers jump, “Sucker Free Daily” is the show to see for hot new music taking over the airways. For the latest news in music, movies and entertainment, “Sucker Free News” segments will feature the biggest hip-hop stories hitting the wire. “Sucker Free Daily” will download music fans on everything from the latest online exclusives to top ringtones to the regional radio hits.
“Sucker Free Sundays” will cap the week off with a full day of non-stop hip-hop entertainment. On “Sucker Free Countdown,” DJ Envy will serve up the top 15 videos of the week. He will also sit down with the freshest faces in music, catch up with legends in the industry and get the inside scoop on everything from film to entertainment to sports. In addition, viewers will hear recaps of the top stories that grabbed the headlines throughout the week.
As host, DJ Envy will bring the legacy of “Sucker Free” to a new generation of viewers. Envy has perfected the art of mixing music throughout his career and parties it up each day with radio listeners on the afternoon radio shows: “Envy’s New at 2” on Power 105.1 and “Hip Hop Nation” on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. DJ Envy has also garnered production credits working with artists such as Fabolous, Foxy Brown, Murder Inc. and DMX.
SIN Debuts Exciting International Line-up at SXSW

From Web 'n Retail:

For Immediate Release


 The New SonyMusic Independent Network (SIN)
Debuts Exciting International Line-up at SXSW Music 2010

NEW YORK - SIN (SonyMusic Independent Network) is a new division of Sony Music Entertainment focused on releasing foreign repertoire in the United States.  A marketing services arm of Sony International, SIN functions as an extension of Sony Music territories across the globe. 

An entirely new model within the existing music business structure, SIN utilizes a network of trusted independent press, promotion and marketing companies to create customized marketing plans specific to each project.  Staffed by a core group of music industry veterans including Jeb Hart, Vinny Rich, Adam Pollock and John Porter, the group is focused on artist development and long term campaigns with the goal of bringing exciting new music to the U.S. market. 

SonyMusic Independent Network (SIN), the new independent services arm of Sony Music International, is excited to present SIN at SXSW on Thursday, March 18 from 11:00 am to 4:30 pm at Antone's.  The line-up features both emerging and established Platinum-selling international talent.  Beverages and tasty Mexican food will be served.  The event is open to all SXSW Music and Platinum badge holders, but is subject to capacity limits, so arrive early.

Bands showcasing at the event include:
Cassette Kids (SIN/Sony Australia)
Eva & the Heartmaker (SIN/Sony Norway)
Kate Miller-Heidke (SIN/Sony Australia)
Nneka (Decon/Epic)
Becca (SIN/Sony Japan)
Kasmir (SIN/Sony Denmark)
Karnivool (SIN/Sony Australia)

Hear some tracks on the jukebox here

In addition to the daytime event at Antone's, all bands are playing official SXSW showcases and other events, details of which can be found here.  There will also be a complimentary calendar in the SXSW big bag that will include all the dates and times of SIN's showcasing acts.  

The (W)rap Up - Week of March 9, 2010

Ludacris :: Battle of the Sexes
Def Jam
Author: Jesal 'Jay Soul' Padania

"Ludacris to me was always the new Busta Rhymes. Aside from making energetic club banger classics, and occasionally dropping stunning guest verses (his "Made You Look" verse is still worth checking for), there was also the flip side - I would never buy a Ludacris album. Seriously, never. Or a Busta one. They were always "Greatest Hits" dudes. But hey, Busta proved me wrong last year - I ended up making "Back On My B.S." my second favourite album of 2009, so it makes sense for me to give Ludacris an unbiased, fair crack at crafting a long play worth spinning on repeat. So how does "Battle of the Sexes" - which has almost infinite potential as a concept - manage to end up?"

Classified :: Self Explanatory :: Halflife/Sony Records
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

"At we're always open to special requests. Last week I got one asking that we cover Classified's "Self Explanatory," which I was more than happy to answer. In truth I thought we already HAD covered it since he seems to drop at least one album a year and they generally get high marks. One music industry veteran recently told me "no internet artist has even gotten large without major label support" and Classified seems to simultaneously prove and disprove that notion. His albums routinely chart in Canada and he's up for three Juno awards this year (the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy). He's the rap artist who put Enfield, Nova Scotia on the map AND he's highly regarded by the RR staff, yet I'm willing to bet 95 out of 100 hip-hop heads in the U.S. who don't read this website have never heard of this rapper/producer.  "

Count Bass D & DJ Pocket :: In the Loop :: Domination Recordings
as reviewed by Patrick Taylor

"This album is a collab between the Count and his friend DJ Pocket, a DJ who is expanding into MCing. I'm basing my review on a download, so I'm not sure if the Count or DJ Pocket are handling production, or if they trade off, Jaylib style. They trade off on the mic, or at least I think they do: they sound so similar that it's hard to tell them apart. Count Bass D's voice is a little deeper, and his rhymes are more out there, but it's easy to get them mixed up. As unpromising as the "producer-turnt-rapper" tag can be, both hold their own on the mic. Count Bass D has already proven himself as a rapper during his decade-plus career, and DJ Pocket shows that turning the knobs is not his only talent. "

Do or Die :: Headz or Tailz :: Rap-A-Lot/Virgin
** RapReviews "Back to the Lab" series **
as reviewed by Pete T.

"In 1996, the label scored a surprise hit when Chicago trio Do or Die's debut "Picture This" scaled the Billboard charts, anchored by the irresistible singles "Po Pimp" and "Playa Like Me and You" as well as the Midwest anthems "Paper Chase" and "Money Flow." Sporting rapid, melodic flows, Belo Zero, N.A.R.D., and AK-47 painted grim pictures of the Chi-Town streets with bleak crime narratives, harmonized choruses, and more than your daily dose of common pimpery over rich production. Do or Die's debut was also noteworthy for introducing the world to the dark, mechanical Midwest funk of producer The Legendary Traxster, as well as two frequent collaborators: the haunting R&B vocalist Johnny P, and a certain like-minded quick-lipped MC from Chicago named Twista."

Dot Silly :: Silly City, Vol. 2 :: Clout Media
as reviewed by Pete T.

"Brooklyn rapper Dot Silly opens 2010 with a download mixtape, "Silly City, Vol. 2," an impressive fourteen-track listen from an artist who definitely appears to be on the come-up. "Silly City, Vol. 2" serves as a showcase for the 22-year-old MC featuring all new tracks and production. Dot Silly is not a conceptual rapper, but his charisma, swagger, and energy make "Silly City, Vol. 2" a memorable listen. A telltale mark of a successful New York rapper is an insatiable hunger at a young age, and Silly is dead-set on establishing his name and his music well beyond the five boroughs. With an aggressive, versatile flow, Silly comes armed with boasts and punchlines for days that the DJ Khaled set should find extremely appealing."

various artists :: Jovonn the Last Don & DJ Suss.One Present The New N.Y. :: {self-released}
as reviewed by Pete T.

"Most of the mix features gritty street rappers rhyming over simple, minimalist mixtape beats, although a few more established names roll through with appearances. Jadakiss aids Mysonne on the grimy opener "Try Your Luck," RedCafe abets Bravo on "I'm On," and Sha Stimuli has his own track, the rugged "Follow the Leader." Early highlights include "Go Hard," where Sweet Peezy smoothly rhymes over a mean horn-laced beat, and Sikai's mellow "Like a Star." After a series of banal autotune-heavy tracks, Shinobi brings some energy on "Do It Like." Karnell and A.P. come strong on their respective late songs "Calm Before the Storm" and "Sometimes I (Wonder).""

Masta Killa :: Live :: Gold Dust Media
as reviewed by Justin 'Tha Shiznut' Chandler

"Masta Killa has remained true to the raw image created by Wu-Tang's debut "Enter 36 Chambers." He surprised the core fans when he stepped up as one of the artists to hold down the Clan when they started to slip from the top of the rap game. While Ghostface drops an album full of ghetto love songs and Method Man teams up with Red for some bouncy, dope smoking, antics (not that this is necessarily a bad thing); Masta Killa released two rock solid albums in "No Said Date" and "Made in Brooklyn." Coming March 30th, 2010, we get an album of Live recordings from the Masta."

Rascalz :: Global Warning :: Figure IV/ViK Recordings/BMG Music Canada
** RapReviews "Back to the Lab" series **
as reviewed by Matt Jost

"Even if you weren't intimately familiar with Canadian hip-hop, in 1997/98 it wasn't hard to tell that "Cash Crop," the second album by Vancouver crew Rascalz, was a landmark release for the scene. The production was on a consistently high level and songs like "Solitaire," "Dreaded Fist," "Clockwork," "Soul Obligation," "FitnRedi" and especially the post-album, guest-heavy single that would be included in the album's '98 edition, "Northern Touch," determinedly pointed towards a brighter future for Canadian hip-hop, a fact that remains acknowledged to this day. The release also provoked the greater public to take notice when the group refused to accept the 1998 Juno Award for Best Rap Recording because it was presented to them during the untelevised part of the ceremony. A year later they won again for "Northern Touch," sealing their acceptance of the award with a live performance of the song. "

Hip-Hop Shop #66 - Little Brother, Truth Universal & More

This week on Hip-Hop Shop we're featuring new music from Little Brother, Truth Universal, 40th Dimension and more! If you like what you hear be sure to e-mail with feedback or to get more information about sponsoring the show. Hip-Hop Shop features podsafe music, so give a copy to your friends and tell them to check us out every week at! PS: Be sure to check out our good friends mrob & The Cancer at K4D too!

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* Truth Universal f/ Evelyn Champagne - The More Things Change
* BurntMD f/ Copywrite, Phil Da Agony, Reks - Let's Get ILL
* Little Brother - Curtain Call
* Jake Lefco - Take it Up a Notch
* 40th Dimension - Spitsbergen 2
* Maze f/ Copywrite, Nutso - Trapped in a Maze

MP3 & Video: D.Black (Seattle) - "Wake Up"

From Sport'n Life Records:

SXSW 2010
D.Black Rocks SXSW

Friday, March 19th:

Friends of Music SXSW Instore Performance
1704 South Congress Avenue

Brought to you by:
MYX Music Label / Quality Control / iM Culture
SHOWCASE starts @ 5pm
Kam Moye
Jern Eye
One Be Lo
Crown Royal
Tanya Morgan
And more..
Hosted by Nightclubber Lang from Boom Bap Project

Saturday, March 20th:
Klub Krucial
614 E 6th St (21+)

SHOWCASE starts @ 8pm
  • 4ize    8:00pm
  • Trek Life  8:45pm
  • Moe Green   9:25
  • D.Black   10:05
  • Charles Hamilton   10:45
  • YelaWolf    11:30
  • Rhymefest   12:15

A Few D.Black Treats For You!

Collie Buddz  @ Nectar 4.28 / 4.29
 Click HERE to download "Wake Up" (taken from the album Ali'Yah)

D.Black LIVE

Click HERE to view footage of D.Black @ KEXP 90.3FM Studios

** If you're in Austin come check us out!!!


TRUTHLiVE Releases Pre-Album EP for Free Download

The Album:

Multi-talented emcee, producer, artist and owner of Interdependent Media, TRUTHLiVE continues to build anticipation for his upcoming debut album with the release of the pre-album EP, The UnLearning. The EP, now available for free download, has already created a worthy buzz of its own within hip-hop circles with leaked tracks "Tormented Genius," "Broken," "Shoot Me Down," and "Can't Hold Me Back" burning up speakers from coast to coast. Available for the first time in its entirety, the EP finds TRUTHLiVE showcasing his lyrical dexterity and using the mic to broadcast his messages about self, society, struggles, success and other matters important to the versatile emcee. Production by Vitamin D, Tha Bizness, J Zone, The Architect, Plus Wun, The Are, Martin Slo and TRUTHLiVE himself help hip-hop's renaissance man on his journey of sonic self-exploration on The UnLearning, while Frank William Miller Jr. created the original artwork for the EP. Despite TRUTHLiVE's behind the scenes efforts as the founder and owner of one the premiere indie hip-hop labels, as a rapper TRUTHLiVE understands this EP will, for many, serve as an initial introduction. "On a national level I am basically starting from scratch in regards to mass exposure to my music," acknowledges TRUTHLiVE. "People are familiar with the label - Interdependent Media - and my involvement with the label, but they may not know my music. The Unlearning is an excellent precursor to Patience."

The UnLearning is available now for free download. TRUTHLiVE's full-length debut album, Patience, produced entirely by Jake One will be available April 20, 2010 via Interdependent Media.

Download The Unlearning EP:

The Background:

Evan "TRUTHLiVE" Phillips, owner and founder of Interdependent Media, has certainly made his mark in the music industry with his wide range of talents. As an emcee, DJ, entrepreneur, and artist, TRUTHLiVE has had his hands in everything from a very young age. After a traumatic adolescent period where his health was at risk, three heart surgeries proved the artist to be quite a fighter. He explains to his new listeners, "The name TRUTHLiVE doesn't mean that I'm proclaiming myself as the truth, end-all be-all; it's more of a reminder to myself on how to conduct my life and career." The MC best summates, "My music is my truth and my life." That meaningful music will arrive on April 20th in the form of Patience, TRUTHLiVE's debut release, courtesy of Bay Area label Interdependent Media.

About Interdependent Media:

Founded in 2006 in the Bay Area by Evan Phillips, Interdependent Media has built unique strengths in the development, production, and marketing of recorded music via new methods of marketing and promotion. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of both traditional and emerging methods of marketing, iM has successfully created multi-faceted methods of raising awareness and interest in their projects. Industry veterans Ian "ID" Davis and Dominic Del Bene head operations at iM and are credited with discovering and/or developing artists such as 9th Wonder, Little Brother, Tanya Morgan, Blackalicious, Del the Funky Homosapien, the Hieroglyphics and more. In 2010, iM will be releasing multi-media projects from artists Donwill, TRUTHLiVE, Canibus, Von Pea, A-Plus, and more. For more information, please visit
"Drop The World" Remix & More From Fly Gypsy

The idea of touching the epic "Drop the World" by Lil' Wayne and Eminem would probably be considered ill-advised by most. Rhyming alongside two of the game's greatest emcees on what might well be the highlight of their careers so far could make even established artists appear better suited for the Apollo Amateur Night.

Nevertheless, Fly Gypsy's Kom and Alexei decided to give it a go. Kom added an aggressive 28-bar verse, Alexei contributed some rock-infused distortion guitar. "I was fully aware of the criticism that could come from this one, so I went hard, and I think my verse would quiet even the worst critic," says the group's emcee Kom. "I re-wrote it three times before I felt I could hold my own next to Em and Lil' Wayne, both of whom I have much respect for."

While the focus of the song is most certainly on the three emcees, the group's producer Alexei gave the synth-heavy track an added rock flavor, channeling Nirvana with aggressive guitar riffs. "To me, the song is the 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' of the current generation, so I wanted to give it that extra drive that you can only get with live guitars," says Alexei. "This is not a remix. We saw the vision of Lil' Wayne and Eminem, as well as the song's producers, and we built on it. We think that both Wayne and Em would like what we had done." 

Audio stream:


Washington, D.C.-based hip-hop duo Fly Gypsy are quickly becoming the hottest new name in hip-hop. Since its launch in July 2009, the duo have released a successful and critically acclaimed mixtape, shot a video in Jamaica with famed director Ras Kassa (acclaimed for his work with Sean Paul, Beenie Man, and Damian Marley), and was featured on over 200 websites and blogs, including the influential HipHopDX, Okayplayer, 2dopeboyz, and DJBooth. Their single "2 Step" reached No. 1 position on college radio hip-hop charts and their freestyle on DJBooth is currently No. 1 of 135 others. Music critics have praised the Washington, D.C.-based duo for their ability to attract commercial appeal without compromising their musicianship or message, comparing the duo to the Fugees, Jay-Z, and Kanye West. Okayplayer called the duo's latest release "a timeless example of the beauty in music" and Rap Reviews called the duo "a group that could change what music is and what it should be." Fly Gypsy is currently opening for Wale in several markets and preparing for a United Kingdom tour and a SXSW showcase in spring 2010. The group's latest release, Change for a Dollar, is available now in all digital outlets and on Amazon, and the Vodka & Rum Mixtape is available now for free download on the group’s website, The group's remix project FG*XL:remixtape will be released in March 2010.


"2 Step"


"You" (official video)

"I Wanna Rock" Brooklyn East Mix Official Video

Live at the 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C., 1/1/2010
Video: Devin the Dude - "What I Be On"

Devin the Dude “What I Be On” Video

“Do Not DistHerb (Suite # 420)” EP AVAILABLE TOMORROW!


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