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Friday September 19, 2014
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2 Hungry Brothers Discuss Their Table Manners

I was originally introduced to 2 Hungry Brothers, the duo of Ben Boogie and Deep (pictured Left to Right), by my friend Substantial a little over a year ago. Ever since that first conversation with Deep I’ve noticed more and more emcees I know and respect in the New York City area have been working with them. When Deep hit me with Table Manners, which is 2 Hungry Brothers’ latest release, and I saw the lineup on it, I knew it was time to find out more about them. This week I sat down with Deep, who is the more vocal of the two, and learned all I could about this dynamic duo that has both Portished and Homeboy Sandman in their CD changers, including what they look for in artists and how food brought them together.

Read the full interview at:
The Game & Young Buck - United By Division From 50

In a surprising new twist on Young Buck's high profile feud with his former G-Unit comrade 50 Cent, The Game and Young Buck have united on their first record since the pair's separate ousters from the G-Unit family. The remix to Game's "Game Pain" is even more impressive as it features Unit rivals Jadakiss and Fat Joe, as well as Bun B, Pusha T and Queen Latifah. On the song, Game raps "Young Buck, welcome home." Thanks to for this update.
To the Suprise of No One, DMX Gets Arrested AGAIN

Clearly at this point the man is trying to break a record for the most incarcerations in a one week span. DMX was arrested yesterday on charges of purchasing cocaine and marijuana from an undercover narcotics officer in Miami. According to authorities, the Dark Man X attempted to cop "30 Powder & 15 Weed" before he was bagged up. Thanks to for this update.
Boots Riley Counters Charges

Norfolk, VA – A music performance at the Bayou Boogaloo & Cajun Food Festival by Boots Riley, the well-known front man for The Coup, ended abruptly with police charges of "abusive language." Boots was charged with an obscure law even the police had difficulty finding; citing him with § 18.2-416. This law has never been applied to a performer. In this situation, Boots' lyrics were only "provoking" a good time, as the vast majority of the people in attendance were dancing and visibly upset when the festival pulled the plug. The city is pressing forward with the charge – which the city is enforcing for the first time in 26 years. Since the incident on June 21st, numerous false reports have emerged, and Riley is looking to set the record straight.

Riley claims the charges were racially motivated as they are part of a backlash from the recent Afr'Am Festival in Norfolk in which Gospel and R&B performances generated "noise complaints," despite the performers adhering to the same decibel parameters as all of Norfolk's other festivals. The Afr'am fest has been the subject of controversy since. Both festivals occurred at Towne Point Park, an area where high-priced condos have recently been built and an impending $11.5 million makeover is in the works.

"City Officials claim that they are making the statement that profanity will not be tolerated," says Boots Riley. "Obviously, since no one has been charged with this in 26 years, profanity IS tolerated. The statement they are making is that the culture and the people they feel I represent won't be tolerated. I was already off stage; the man they asked to leave the stage was Trombone Shorty, another Black man who looks nothing like me. This happened at 10:00PM, and it was far from a 'family' atmosphere, most of the audience was intoxicated after drinking at the festival's bar - 'The Missing Kidney'. There was also a VIP section where free alcohol was distributed by the keg. Anyone who has been to a music festival on a Saturday night understands the scene. I did not leave the park afterward, as was claimed by FestEvents, the organizers of the Bayou Boogaloo Festival. I stayed and debated the validity of the charge with police and festival promoters. It is clear that this is part of a larger debate that has nothing to do with profanity, one that is being dealt with nationwide. That debate is about racism, gentrification and the ownership of public space."

Neither FestEvents nor the city indicated that swearing was a concern at this paid-admission festival. Additionally, the chorus of the only song Riley performs on the album, the release of which brought him to Norfolk, VA in the first place, contains the phrase "What the F--k?”, inferring FestEvents knew what they were getting. There was never a "slew" of profanity as reports indicate, only a few words that were meant to flatter, explain a life situation, or used as a lyrical device to provoke positive thought.

FestEvents' statement that Riley's act was a "surprise" to them is false. It was and is currently posted on their website with a hyperlink to Boots Riley and The Coup’s MySpace, under the link “The Bands of Bayou Boogaloo”. . Also, FestEvents-sanctioned and paid-for advertising for the event billed Boots Riley as a featured performer, indicating the city's claim of "not knowing he would perform" is false.
Russell Simmons' Children to Get $40,000 a Month (UPDATED)

Thanks to both and for this info - Ming Lee Simmons and Aoki Simmons are to receive $40,000 each month in support from their father per an agreement filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. The monthly checks will come until 2019 for Ming Lee (8) and 2022 for Aoki (5). Kimora Lee, 33, filed for divorce in March after nine years of marriage. She has asked for primary custody of the kids and that Russell be granted "reasonable child visitation - accompanied at all times by the children's nanny and security personnel."

UPDATE - Mr. Simmons spoke to and had these comments: "The fact is, we've had a pretty good partnership at sharing the girls in the past. There have been a few bumps in the road, and those bumps have led us to negotiate a minimum amount of time I'm guaranteed to see my kids. Kimora is a excellent mother and is doing a great job with them. Their mother manages all of those luxuries and I'm happy to provide for that."
Flo Rida, DJ Khaled, Snowgoons, Dame Grease & More New Videos

Here are the latest videos to debut in the RR newsfeed, starting with Flo Rida's "In the Ayer" featuring

Next up is DJ Khaled's "Out Here Grindin'" featuring Akon, Plies, Trick Daddy and more!

And if you're interested Koch Records has this exclusive BEHIND THE SCENES clip from the video shoot.

On a more underground note here's Snowgoons' "Who?" featuring Outerspace.

And here's a video for Dame Grease's "Coke Talk."

Last but not least and JUST FOR LAUGHS here's a video of Jon Lajoie's "Show Me Your Genitals." Thanks for checking out the new videos on the RR newsfeed!

Meet Death Row's Newest Owner

From Suge Knight to Suge WHITE, times have sure changed at Death Row Records. If you want to see who the newest corporate mogul is for the Death Row label, you can meet Susan Berg and see a video of her at below.

* *
2008's Noise For The Needy Fesitval Raises Over $33K

Noise For The Needy, a Seattle-based non profit organization whose goal is to raise money for charitable causes through the production of live music shows, is proud to announce that it has raised over $33,000 for Urban Rest Stop during this year's fest-which included shows from Talib Kweli, Matt and Kim, Two Gallants, Black Angels and scores of other amazing musicians and bands.

Urban Rest Stop provides a clean, safe and welcoming facility where homeless individuals and families can come and use restrooms, shower and laundry facilities at no cost. The organization's program manager, Ronni Gilboa, explains where the money is going: "The Urban Rest Stop will use this most generous gift to assist in covering the increased daily operating costs caused by our facility expansion. With the addition of a Women's restroom , doubling our laundry capacity and waiting room space and the coming provision of on-site nursing services (in cooperation with Harborview Hospital), the Urban Rest Stop has experienced an 75% increase in service delivery. Funds will be used to pay for the increased utility, cleaning and hygiene supplies, repairs and other related costs. During the summer, the Urban Rest Stop experiences a daily foot traffic of 800 individuals , provides 225 showers, 150 laundry loads and 500 restroom uses daily."

Noise for the Needy and Urban Rest Stop would love to thank everyone who attended, performed at or volunteered for this year's festival, and wish to encourage those who haven't to visit the organizations' websites, and -both sites feature information on how to donate, volunteer and more.
First Week Phonies

By now everyone has seen the undeniably fabricated first week sales numbers of Lil’ Wayne’s latest album. Personally, when I heard the final tally I had visions of Rick Ross and Jay-Z, both of whom were given a sizable sales boost by virtue of their own label picking up a large number of their albums to create inflated numbers. Let’s set the record straight; there is no way in an industry where the biggest of artists are down 60% and rap artists, on average, are down even more, that Lil’ Wayne not only didn’t go down in sales, but went up by over 100% from his previous effort. There’s an old pro wrestling term for the folks who believe Wayne’s first week numbers are real; marks. This post isn’t going to be about all the ways I feel those numbers have been falsified, though, rather I’m going to turn my attention to the actual importance of first week sales numbers and why, in the long run, we’d all be better off if we didn’t know them.

Jacob the Jeweler Gets 30 Months in Prison

Thanks to for this update - the New York businessman known in the hip-hop world as "Jacob the Jeweler" was sentenced Tuesday to 2 1/2 years in federal prison for lying to investigators looking into a multistate drug ring. Jacob Arabov, 43, pleaded guilty in October to falsifying records and giving false statements as part of a deal with federal prosecutors, who asked U.S. District Judge Avern Cohn to impose a minimum sentence of three years and one month. Cohn decided to shave off seven months from that recommendation, citing Arabov's extensive charity work. Cohn also ordered the Russian immigrant to pay a $50,000 fine and to make a $2 million forfeiture payment to the government. "I feel ashamed that I broke the laws of this country, a country that has been so good for me," Arabov said. "I will carry this shame for the rest of my life." Arabov was arrested in 2006 at his Manhattan jewelry shop. Authorities accused him and others of conspiring to launder about $270 million in drug profits.

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