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Latest News Headlines Updated - The Year 2010 in Review

Welcome to for the week of December 28th, 2010! It's a podcast heavy week to wind down 2010 which includes The Adam B Experience (ABX) Podcast #41, Hip-Hop Shop #104 - What's New For 2011? and Subways & Sidewalks #8 f/ DJ Deja. We're also doing The Year 2010 in Review with new entries from Adam Bernard, Joe Howard, Patrick Taylor and Pete T. with more to come!

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MP3: No Swag Needed (SciFi Stu's Pro Rock REMIX)

From Domination Recordings:

MP3: No Swag Needed (SciFi Stu's Pro Rock REMIX)

No Swag Needed Feat Remarkable Mayor & John Robinson
***SciFi Stu's Prog Rock REMIX***

Free single download

OUT NOW SciFi Stu's new album "From The Heaviest Heart To The Coldest Soul"
SciFi Stu, a jazz, hip hop and soul producer from Edinburgh, UK has been a musician and promoter for around 10 years. Influenced by the 'golden era' sound, SciFi got into hip hop through a friend around 1990 and enjoyed listening to Public Enemy, EPMD, Wu Tang Clan and all those classic sounds while growing up. "From The Heaviest Heart To The Coldest Soul" sees SciFi Stu bring classic and modern elements together with a genuine love for the art of Hip Hop. The new album features Moka Only, L.I.F.E. Long, Count Bass D, John Robinson, Vast Aire, TzariZM, Dillon and much more. "From the Heaviest Heart to the Coldest Soul" is now available on CD and digital download.

1. It Works feat. D-Strong
2. Study On Us feat. Nebz Supreme & Moka Only
3. Where Ya At feat. Venomous 2000
4. Tape Pop feat. Shinobi Stalin
5. Deep Thinkers feat. L.I.F.E. Long & Elohem Star
6. The Recipe feat. Hus Tha KingPin & Nebz Supreme, Count Bass D
7. In the Air feat. Veteran Assassins
8. No Swag Needed feat. Remarkable Mayor & John Robinson
9. Never the Same feat. Spon
10. The Touch feat. Ill Poetix
11. The Reason feat. Moon Blazers
12. The Will feat. Vast Aire, 4th Place & Jonwayne
13. Tuesday feat. TzariZM & Nebz Supreme
14. Break Loose feat. Dillon

Free Download: SciFi Stu Album Sampler

"From the Heaviest Heart to the Coldest Soul" CD|Digital available at Amazon:
From the Heaviest Heart to the Coldest Soul

More SciFi Stu news
- The Wonderful World Of Carminelitta: Album Review
- Producers to look for in 2011

PR: Lil B The Based God Signs to Amalgam Digital

From Tania Celestin:

PR: Lil B The Based God Signs to Amalgam Digital

December 29th, 2010

Lil B The Based God Signs To Amalgam Digital, Preps New Albums

After a year of leveraging his social networking platforms releasing highly controversial statements from his twitter account; threatening both Kanye West and comedian Lil Duval with rape; calling himself a “pretty b*tch”; starting and ending a dispute with Joe Budden; as well as flooding his fans with wide range of his “rare” music as free downloads via Hulkshare; and utilizing YouTube to unleash a massive influx of home grown videos such as “Looks Like Jesus”, “The Pretty B**ch is Back”, “Paris Hilton”, and “Ellen Degeneres”; it should come as no surprise that the self proclaimed Based God, Lil B takes his internet social savvy and signs to the pioneering new media outfit, Amalgam Digital. The rising entertainment company comprised of a destination site, major label roster, and distribution powerhouse is most known for launching Hip Hop’s first genre specific digital store, also serving as an open platform for all independent artists. In a short period of time, the company has dominated the independent sector showcasing it’s unique brand of artist development and has become a launching pad and label home to acts such as Joe Budden, Max B, Young Riot, Curren$y, Saigon, Peedi Crakk, Dj Benzi and many more.

Now that the ink is dry, Lil B The Based God will be releasing his first official digital-only solo album “Angels Exodus” on January, 18th 2010 as a prelude to his forthcoming “Glass Face” album, both on Amalgam Digital, which will handle the marketing and worldwide distribution of these releases exclusively.

Lil B’s albums will be made exclusively in the digital-only format and available at the online store. Regarding the nature of the releases and his relationship with his new label, Lil B made the following statement:

“This is Lil B. Shout outs to Amalgam Digital, they been ahead of this for a while. We are putting out these two albums called Angels Exodus and then Glass Face. It’s  going to be historical works of art with these albums. On Angels Exodus it’s going to be real hiphop and sticking to the script. I’ll be going far outside of the boundaries and staying far away from the script too. The Glass Face album will live up to it’s name. These albums are something everyone will understand. They are the reason why I’m 10’ tall and everyone else is just 6’7’’…no diss. You know I love everybody”  – Lil B The Based God

Lil B is widely recognized for his association as 1/4th member of The Pack, a rap group that was instrumental in ushering in the Bay Area’s “Hyphy” movement and most known for their hit song “Vans”. At the age of 19, Lil B was the first rapper to author a book, titled “Taking Over” which demonstrates his positive philosophy of “anything is possible”.

With the new media revolution in full force, and the backing of the digital music space innovators Amalgam Digital, Lil B is now poised to deliver his music and message to both the long time fans as well as the first time listener. Be on the look-out for leaks and videos from these upcoming projects.


A Note About "The Year in Review" from the RapReviews Editor

For those who have been asking where our "Year in Review" update is, all of the editorials we have received for 2010 will be published tomorrow/December 30th no later than 5 PM Eastern, 4 Central. Thanks for your patience with this update and have a safe and Happy New Year!
Video: Macsen Apollo - "HeartBreaks Official Promo"

From ISLH:

Video: Macsen Apollo - "HeartBreaks Official Promo"

Free EP: Nottz Raw & Asher Roth - "Rawth"

From Audible Treats:

Free EP: Nottz Raw & Asher Roth - "Rawth"

Unlikely Duo Converge To Create 8 Remarkable Tracks For Free Download

The EP:

Taking advantage of the lull between holidays, Asher Roth and Nottz have blessed us with an EP entitled Rawth, which is available for free download from Nottz' label's site, In just 8 short tracks, Nottz demonstrates his wide-ranging production talents to match Asher's honest and clever lyrics. Featuring guest appearances from D.A. of Chester French, Rhymefest, and Kardinal Offishall, the album deftly combines the sonic influences, lyrical abilities, and subject matter from a rare mix of talents to create the ideal album.

The Rawth EP will be made into a special limited-edition 7” box set, which will be available in early spring.

Download the EP for free here: .

The Background:

Since 1998, some of Virginia-born Nottz' biggest records to date include, Snoop Dogg Ft R.Kelly "That's That," Kanye West Ft Lil Wayne "Barry Bonds," and Scarface Ft Trey Songz "Girl You Know." Adding to those credits, he has collaborated with artists such as Notorious B.I.G, Swizz Beats, The Game, 50 Cent, Dwele, and Murs just to name a few. These past few years he has built fan base and earned his stripes as a respected and talented artist and, on October 19th 2010, he is set to release his self-produced debut, You Need This Music. All of Nottz' hard work has been, in his words, "to take over the world one day with my sound.

MP3: Eminem f/ Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent - "Syllables"

From M3W:

Eminem f/ Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Stat Quo, Ca$his & 50 Cent - "Syllables"

* *

PR: Brockway Ent presents: 2011 Canadian Rap Future Superstars

From Brockway Entertainment:

Brockway Ent presents: 2011 Canadian Rap Future Superstars

Ottawa, ON - In continuing with their annual holiday tradition, Brockway Entertainment has compiled their 22 favourite Canadian rap tracks of 2010 and packed them all onto one album. The '2011 Canadian Rap Future Superstars' compilation is non-profit initiative aimed at providing exposure for up-and-coming Canadian rap artists. The album can be downloaded and ordered for free from

The diverse 2011 compilation features 34 Canadian artists, 8 Canadian DJs and 17 Canadian beatmakers, spanning 10 Canadian cities from Halifax, NS to Victoria, BC.

Brockway Entertainment increased its community collaboration in 2010 as Moncton's Nayles provided the album design, and Montreal's Asher Media Relations will be providing publicity assistance again this year. Anyone interested in getting involved with next year's compilation is encouraged to contact troy(at)

The 2011 track listing features:

  1. DJ Jayceeoh (North America) - GO OFF! feat Scratch (Of the Roots), Skratch Bastid, Shiftee, Hedspin, Dopey, Mat The Alien, Marvel, I-Dee, Spryte, Excel & Wundrkut
  2. Alex Dimez (Toronto) - All Out (remix)
  3. JD Era (Toronto) - You Know This (radio edit)
  4. Pip Skid (Winnipeg) - Back Rub Rap feat Yy & Silly Willy
  5. Langdon Auger (Victoria) - The Drive Through
  6. Perfeck Strangers (Toronto) - Work To Do (radio edit) feat Drake
  7. Plex (Edmonton/Toronto) - Spare Change feat Rellik, Touch & Leemai
  8. Indelible (Vancouver) - Gets Me High feat Blaming Taylor
  9. The Extremities (Halifax/Toronto) - Lost Souls
  10. D-Sisive (Toronto) - I Love A Girl (Grizzly Bear Hijacked)
  11. Ski (Toronto) - 4Evr Young (Dj Unknown Remix)
  12. TRP (Windsor) - Execution
  13. Magnum K.I. (Winnipeg) - Sleep feat Süss
  14. e.d.g.e. (Vancouver) - Target Practice feat Dave Ryan
  15. D-Sisive (Toronto) - West Coast
  16. Louwop (London/Toronto) - For the Love
  17. Metawon (Calgary/Vancouver) - Joy + Pain feat Just B
  18. Gee Wunder (Toronto) - Pressure Busts Pipes feat Mad Child
  19. Mullet N Steps (London) - Can't Have Me
  20. Baf (Moncton) - Believe me (remix) feat iNTUiT
  21. Underground Realroad (Montreal) - Be Who U-R feat Miss Tee
  22. Nayles (Moncton) - People Playin'
The compilation began in 2003 as a handful of burnt CDs made by executive producer Troy Neilson for friends & family during the winter holidays. In 2005, Neilson made extra copies, which were sent to campus radio and other media outlets. Since then, the success of the compilation has continued to grow, while annually topping the campus radio rap charts.

"As an artist, I understand the struggle", states Neilson. "For years I wrote reviews and features via to provide exposure for Canadian rap artists. By 2005 I was starting to run short on time, so I explored other ways to give back to the community. That's when the compilation series really began to take shape."

Artists wishing to be considered for next year's compilation are encouraged to submit their music via SonicBids ( link coming soon ) or by sending full CD to Brockway Ent, PO Box 90014, Ottawa, ON, K1V 1J8.

Full Album Information including download link, album cover, track listing, etc :

Brockway Entertainment was impressed by several independent Canadian rap releases in 2010, and is glad to have the opportunity to share with you some of their favourite tracks. We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and you enjoy our 2011 choice selections.

Happy Holidays!


Video: DJ Smallz Talks 2011 Plans

From DJ Smallz:

Video: DJ Smallz Talks 2011 Plans

Mixtape: Mr. Peter Parker - "Get Your Buzz Up Vol. 3"

From BF Blasts:

Mixtape: Mr. Peter Parker - "Get Your Buzz Up Vol. 3"

* *


Track 1- J Clash 'I Got Nothin For You'
Track 2- Jumz 'Victim'
Track 3- Romey 'BMF' Freestyle
Track 4- Feek Figgas 'The Statement'
Track 5- Young Money Dre 'White Boy Swag'
Track 6- NBS 'Jump Up' F/ Thea Ried (Produced by J Cardim)
Track 7- S.H.A.H. Cypha 'If U Got It'
Track 8- Lady Lyric 'Rain Gun Fall'
Track 9- Provolone P 'Don't Kare' F/ Torch of Triple C's
Track 10- Loch 'Going In'
Track 11- Phresh 'Bad 4 The Money'
Track 12- Leff 'Ask Me'
Track 13- Maico Stonez 'The Champ'
Track 14- Holladay 'Conversations' (Produced by Focus)
Track 15- Evil Love 'Brag About Us'
Track 16- Fonz 'I Run This'
Track 17- The Pitcherman 'Hate In Ya Blood' f/ Amandi Music
Track 18- V.I.T.O. 'Go DJ'
Track 19- Tron 'Oh My God'
Track 20- DistantStarr 'Infinite Soul' F/ Nex Millen
Track 21- Mark Merren 'Last To Know'
Track 22- Cash Profit 'Grindin' (Yamz)
Track 23- Tha Jis 'Huh'
Track 24- International Show 'Wish You Could' F/ Cyrus
Track 25- NYM 'On Point'
Track 26- Universol 'I Need You'
Track 27- Arsiney 'Amazing'
Track 28- Big J 'Almost' f/ Caine & Nico The Beast
Track 29- Da Boy Bake 'When It's Time'
Track 30- Simply Hood 'Gotta Have It'
Track 31- Rich iCoast "Everyday'
Track 32- Mo-Better 'Drunk'
Track 33- Big Steve 'Guns & Roses F/ Styles P (Produced by Drawzilla)
Track 34- Koda 'Tell'em' (Produced by Drawzilla)
Track 35- BigTyme 'Baby Making Music' F/ DC Don Juan & V Rich
Track 36- MC Rob Lo 'High'
Track 37- OneLife 'Suicide Doors'
Track 38- Cut Castro 'Let's Ride'
Track 39- Jay O 'What The Hell Are Yall On'
Track 40- Staccz 'I Was Lookin'
Track 41- Thorobreadz 'Flies To A Flame'
Track 42- PeppaBoy Trill McCoy 'Waves On Da Top'
Track 43- Anna Simpson 'Fire Burns'

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