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PR: @Tennyson @MrCarmack @BJTheChicagoKid Team Up to Release "Thursday"

Tennyson, Mr. Carmack, and BJ the Chicago Kid Team Up to Release "Thursday"


Grammy-nominated R&B singer BJ the Chicago Kid joins teenage brother-sister duo Tennyson and Los Angeles-based producer Mr. Carmack to close out the dynamic singlestrilogy with the ethereal track "Thursday." The song, which premiered on Beats 1 with Zane Lowe, funnels intensity through a dream, its explosive drum fills carefully contained within lush synths and muffled pads that provide the perfect backdrop for BJ the Chicago Kid's effortlessly smooth vocals.

Video: @BoldyJames @RicoElite - "Do It" (@AudibleTreats)

Video: Boldy James f/ RicoElite - "Do It"

A.T.: The Detroit Spitter Pulls No Punches with New VIBE-Premiered Visual From Upcoming House of Blues Mixtape.

Audio: Candis f/ Reefy Scott - "Can't Give Up" (@SheIsHipHop)

Audio: Candis f/ Reefy Scott - "Can't Give Up"

M.S.: In today's music space, we rarely see hip hop music videos with concepts. And because of the lack of female presence in hip hop, we rarely hear the female perspective given from a hip hop point of view. Well.... DreamHouse Entertainment artist and CEO, Candis, also known as SheIsHipHop is here to change that with her latest work titled "Can't Give Up".

Video: @DeeDay504 x @itsKiddKidd - "Hold Up"

Video: Dee Day x Kidd Kidd - "Hold Up"

A.C.: When New Orleans entertainers Dee Day and Kidd Kidd collaborate, it’s guaranteed the end result will be pure, unadulterated dopeness. The visual for “Hold Up”, the first single off their upcoming mixtape “Blue Moon”, is entertaining and displays how well the duo works together. Produced by Tha Product, “Hold Up” is a hit and its vibe lays the groundwork for “Blue Moon” to be a stellar success.

Audio: CaLiCo - "BOUNCE" (@rRAPpromo)

Audio: CaLiCo - "BOUNCE"

RRP: CaLiCo is an American Hip Hop artist that was railroaded by a failed education system and stumbled into the hands of the law. Through those experiences, he leaped beyond the negative and redefined himself.

Audio: @Tae_Honcho - "Shaq Lives" (@MsRiverCity)

Audio: Tae Honcho - "Shaq Lives"

Ms. RC: Listen to "Shaq Lives" from Atlanta-based rapper Tae Honcho.

Video: @StarRiosTheView - "Your Highness" (@PRDean)

Video: Star Rios - "Your Highness"

Dean: Check out Big Pun's daughter Star Rios paying homage to her father with her first Rap Freestyle video over Eve's Who's That Girl.

The (W)rap Up - Week of February 14, 2017

If you missed any of the new reviews this past week including Homeboy Sandman's "Kindness For Weakness" then do yourself a favor and check out this week's edition of the (W)rap Up!

[Kindness for Weakness] Homeboy Sandman :: Kindness for Weakness
Stones Throw Records

Author: Gevan Brooke-Harte

"According to Stones Throw's press release for this album, the title refers to a personal resolution from Homeboy Sandman: "Mistaking kindness for weakness is a weakness I need to have more kindness for." This is typical of the Queens rapper's penchant for wordplay. It's an admirable stance that he takes, but not one that necessarily applies conceptually to the album. However even if this is just the latest collection of songs from Homeboy Sandman there's nothing wrong with that. That's because an array of Sandman's frequent collaborators provide excellent production. A couple of recognizable names that Sandman hasn't worked with before also don't disappoint; namely, Large Professor and Edan each show up accompanied by their own unique style. It's like Edan never left on "Talking (Bleep)" as he laces Sandman with a characteristically weird beat, whose warbling vocals sound like they're sampling the purposely unintelligible parents from the Peanuts television specials. Homeboy Sandman brings an equally off-kilter flow that only a rare few could pull off. Homeboy Sandman's vocals haven't been mentioned yet, but it's essential to note how stellar they are. I say vocals because it's the combination of lyrics, flow, and inflection that make him stand out. Sandman has no shortage of well executed concepts, but maybe his best asset is actually the endlessly inventive ways in which he constructs each verse; it's the delivery not the lyrics that impress in the above quote. The aforementioned collaboration with Large Pro called "It's Cold" is no less impressive.The former Main Source producer doesn't work with just anyone, so this is an affirmation of what we already know: Homeboy Sandman is a great emcee. This song calls for a different style than the track with Edan, so Sandman keeps his flow in the pocket and focuses more on rhyming. Unfortunately, this track is marred by a hook from Steve Arrington that doesn't fit the vibe. It's especially jarring that the hook is so playful when the rest of the song is in earnest. I'm not sure what the thought process behind this might have been, but even this cannot dampen the fire sparked by the meeting of Large Pro and Sandman."

Adlib :: Primitive Tomorrow :: Sensi Starr/FACTION/Battle Axe Records 
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[Primitive Tomorrow]"There's something I forgot to mention the last time I reviewed Adlib's album "The Highway" - there's more than one Adlibout there. One is Minneapolis born and Los Angeles bred, a member of Global Phlowtations, and has also released albums under his birth name of Thavius Beck. He's not to be confused with the Adlib we're reviewing here, who hails from Allentown, Pennsylvania and rolls with artists like Slaine and Madchild. It's probably not a surprise he wound up distributed by Battle Axe Records at some point. It's a natural progression for an emcee with those friends and credentials. One area the two Adlibs might relate on though is ganja, given that recreational marijuana is legal in California (if you're over 21). Adlib has certainly gone out of his way to state his advocacy on "Rebel Hippies (Light It Up)," even sampling from Bob Marley's famous speech: "Herb is a plant. I mean, herb's so good for everyt'ing." Marley also implied that government/authority doesn't want you to smoke herb because "it makes you rebel," hence the name of the song. Here's a little of what Adlib himself has to say on the subject. That really shouldn't come as a surprise if you're familiar with him though since his last album had a song called "Rolling Stoned" and he's already been on a "Rebel Hippies Tour" at various venues even before this album's release. What might be surprising though is how much he and Ren Thomas look like urban truckers on the "Work" video, repping in their Philadelphia Eagles gear while rapping at what looks like an abandoned factory in front of a semi cab."

II Tone :: New Direction: My World Overcometh :: Black Rain Entertainment 
as reviewed by Matt Jost

[New Direction]"Although the course of history forces many a popular artist to confirm to prevalent tastes, established genres like blues, rock or jazz offer a career option that lets artists do what they're best known for and hopefully best at. Playing into their hands is the fact that their fanbase advances with them in years, people who love them for what they do and are grateful that they haven't abandoned it yet. They play in a league of their own and even calling it the senior division won't diminish their standing. And if they're truly lucky bastards, what they do is so compelling, genuine and timeless that they continue to garner new fans, some born long after their initial breakthrough. American rap acts have had a hard time prolonging their careers substantially. It remains to be seen whether some rappers will be able to succeed the likes of Duke Ellington, Tony Bennett, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Cash, or the Rolling Stones in terms of extended longevity. Gang Starr would have been viable candidates, before unfortunate and then tragic circumstances befell the duo. A Tribe Called Quest just recently took a shot at it with promising prospects despite or because of Phife's death. A few others seem to have a somewhat stable future ahead of them which a chance of rejuvenating their fanbase. But while individual careers don't last particularly long, the musical movements they are part of often endure. This is quite obvious in rap music's East Coast branch, where chopped samples are still a common sound. Other regions developped their own characteristic sonic styles. Houston, New Orleans and Atlanta all have a rich history that ultimately propelled southern rap to the top, and so does Memphis, via seminal groups Three 6 Mafia and Eightball & MJG. II Tone has been a visible part of the Memphis scene for over 15 years, his most pivotal role being that of co-founder of Black Rain Entertainment together with the late Mafia member Lord Infamous. His solo debut dates back to 2000 ("In Too Deep"), and he executive-produced all Lord Infamous releases on their label. You wouldn't be wrong to expect a certain sound from II Tone, but what you might not expect is such a straightforward old fashioned album. "New Direction: My World Overcometh" is sure to remind listeners of rap from the south circa 2005-2010."
Audio: @ChampagneDuane @CeeGoodsSmacks - "Gun Control"

Audio: Champagne Duane - "Gun Control" (prod. Cee Goods)

A.R.: Another dope, well thought out single from Portland's Champagne Duane and Cee Goods addressing police brutality.

Video: @Jay_IDK @FatTrel - "A Boy's Innocence"

Video: Jay IDK f/ Fat Trel - "A Boy's Innocence"


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