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Audio: Justin White - "Impromptu" (@wannasituphere @IStillLoveHER)

Audio: Justin White - "Impromptu"

Wanja: After seventeen years behind the scenes, Justin White finally unleashes his scathing debut, "Impromptu." Described as a public service announcement to hip hop and American society as a whole, White details the deterioration of his mental state parallel to the current decline of human decency using intricate rhyme schemes, crafty wordplay, and unforgiving metaphors over a soundtrack of stellar production.

PR: AZ's @TeammateMarkus Drops 'Prices' LP (@DiamondMedia360)

AZ's Teammate Markus Drops 'Prices' LP | Now Available Through All Major Digital Retailers & Streaming Outlets!

DM360: After releasing several notable projects over the past few years, Teammate Markus shares his most impressive and remarkably produced effort to date with Prices. It serves as the rising Tempe, Ariz. rapper's full-length debut and, fittingly, captures everything you'd want from an artist in his first proper showing.

That being said, Markus' previous releases allowed for growth and maturation, because while still young, there's a weight to the emcee's words throughout this record. And you hear it right from the jump with "We Out Here," a magnetic and energetic opening cut that he's been playing live recently to the joy of his crowds.

"It really sets the tone for the whole record," Markus says of "We Out Here," while adding that other personal Prices standouts include "About You" and "Cup of Tea." The former is a surprising slab of funk, fueled by Markus' fun vocals and producer Harry Mars' bright instrumentation. "Cup of Tea," which received the video treatment, is also fun, but in more of a stunt-on-your-haters type of way.

Harry Mar's bright instrumentations provides the lush canvas for the entirety of Prices, and that becomes evident with each track that plays on the album. He and Markus are a natural duo—they also play together in the band Without Feeling Weird—and like-minded studio rats. That, too, is evident when you hear a cut like "Drunk As Me," which boasts thoughtful production from Mars and world-weary wisdom from Markus.

"My goal for this record is to really make a statement," Markus says of Prices. "I want people to know that in our little corner of the valley we are making music at a seriously high level, and I want people to feel as proud of it as I do."

One listen to Prices and it's safe to say you'll feel that pride, and then some. Prices is now available through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms!


VIDEO: "Cup of Tea"


01. We Out Here
02. One Hundred and 1
03. Drunk as Me
04. Pretty Neat
05. Med Card
06. About You
07. Price (feat. Cam Meekins)
08. Celebration
09. Cup of Tea
10. Promises
11. Impressive
12. Simple
13. In My Soul
Video: @RealTonyMason f/ Tre Cartel - "Fresh Off The Boat" (@dvmetfm @zaytovenbeatz @onlyjfloyd)

Video: Tony Mason f/ Tre Cartel - "Fresh Off The Boat"

M.S.: Toronto rapper Tony Mason now living in Atlanta decided to start off the year right and hit us with a video for his DVME (@dvmetfm) produced track titled "Fresh Off The Boat" Ft. Tre Cartel. This also comes off his highly anticipated "FREE MASON" EP dropping end of January with production from Atlanta Super Producer Zaytoven (@zaytovenbeats), Only J Floyd (@onlyjfloyd), Dvme (@Dvmetfm) and features ranging from 36 Mafia's own Project Pat, Rich Homie Quan, J Money etc. This is going to be a project you want to own and listen too. Shot and Edited by Ledoox2, the video displays Tony enjoying the city of Atlanta.

Audio: CaLiCo - "Bounce" (produced by Anno Domini Nation) @rRAPpromo

Audio: CaLiCo - "Bounce" (produced by Anno Domini Nation)

RRP: CaLiCo is an American Hip Hop artist from the Tampa bay area in Florida. CaLiCo was railroaded by a failed education system and stumbled into the hands of the law. Through those experiences, he leaped beyond the negative and redefined himself.

.@IAmSubstantial's The Past Is Always Present In The Future Now Available on Cassette (@HiPNOTT)

Substantial's The Past Is Always Present In The Future Now Available on Cassette

HiPNOTT: It's only been a week since Substantial released his fourth solo album, The Past Is Always Present In The Future, yet the album has received so much praise from fans and media outlets alike. It's currently the #1 best selling Rap album on Bandcamp.

"Substantial strings a conceptual string through the past, present and future on his new effort titled “The Past Is Always Present In The Future”. As per usual, substantial delivers yet another emotionally powerful body of work, mixing his life experiences, current events and much more with that oomph that makes his style unique." -

"Substantial has gifted listeners many insights into his artistry and personal experiences for over a decade, and with this release it's breathtaking to hear just how far he has come. Substantial seems to effortlessly supply introspective and powerful lyrics over smooth, soulful, and mesmerizing production." - knowar, fan

"A beautiful, thoughtful, and powerful work of art crafted to impact you with skillful lyrics, amazing features, exceptional beats and stunning production. Substantial marvelously connects the message that your past, present and future are all closely tied and is always with you." - Calvin Williams, fan

Today we announce the release of Substantial's new album on cassette tape. It's the very first album Substantial has released on cassette... and it's limited to only 100 copies. So get your copy of #TheGoldenTape before they run out! The Past Is Always Present In The Future is also available on Compact Disc and as a mp3 download. The album is currently being pressed on vinyl; release date to be announced soon!

* *


1/28: PG Album Release Party - North Brentwood, MD​
1/31: Bmore Album Release Party - Baltimore, MD​


Intimate and laid back, this newly released contemporary hip-hop gem features visceral beats and cunning lyrics that enlighten and inspire. New songs and new arrangements of earlier songs from his recent EPs, taking listeners on a journey through the past, present and future. The Past Is Always Present In The Future cements Substantial's musical legacy as one of Maryland's proudest and most prolific sons.

TPIAPITF includes production from DC producer, Oddisee, Seattle producer and 1/2 of Bop Alloy, Marcus D, Mello Music Group producer, Gensu Dean, label mates The Other Guys & JSOUL, Algorythm of The Stuyvesants and Good Compny Drummer, Jon Laine. Substantial's fourth solo album also features guest appearances by QN5 Music's Tonedeff, fellow Nujabes collaborators Cise Starr of CYNE and Uyama Hiroto, GRAMMY nominated singer/songwriter Wayna and more.

TWITTER HANDLES: @iamsubstantial | @HiPNOTT
The Top 10 JonTron Videos

Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

[courtesy @JonTronShow]On a bad day when I need a good laugh Jonathan "JonTron" Jafari is often the cure I'm looking for. I can't say I was down since day one as no doubt many of his subscribers can, the same people who can remember when he reviewed the awful Nintendo 64 game Daikatana back in 2010, but what's certain is that his comedic and cinematic take on reviewing things struck a chord with large numbers of people (over three million subscribers as of this article). This in turn led to a partnership with Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson for a YouTube series called GameGrumps, which ironically is how I discovered Jon's work.

You see I learned about JonTron through becoming a fan of the Grumps after JonTron had already left to concentrate on his own projects, something which became a source of controversy among fans of the Grumps. The coincidence of a new spinoff show called "Steam Train" being announced at the same time as his departure only fueled the anger of his fans and led to a lot of conspiracy theories, which ironically is what led me to his work. All I knew of the Grumps was the team of Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan, the latter of whom received the brunt of the vitriol from people who liked the original team of Arin and Jon, so I had to know. Who was JonTron and why were so many Game Grumps fans talking about him? What was "EGGGH?" Why did they make references to him? So I did what any of us would do - I Googled his name - and it only took watching one video to make me a subscriber.

I'm not here today to address any of the numerous conspiracy theories that exist on the internet about how or why Jon left the Grumps. (1.) Those reasons are Arin's and Jon's and it's their business to discuss it as little or as much as they want. (2.) There's nothing the internet does better than speculate and gossip and if you want to do that plenty of Reddit threads on the subject already exist - go read them and have a ball. (3.) They're clearly still friends given that Arin appeared in one of JonTron's "StarCade" videos, which coincidentally is in my Top 10 below. So instead of contributing to the large internet pile of speculation that doesn't matter and changes nothing, let me just say Jon is one funny m*therf#$!er and is perfectly capable of holding down a show on his own. Best of all he's not held to just video games -- the JonTronShow channel may cater to gamers but it also covers other slices of pop culture with the same irreverent wit and humor he brought to video game reviews. So take a seat, grab your popcorn, and enjoy this list of JonTron (and Jacques') best performances.

1.) The Zoo Race

2.) Titanic: The Legend Goes On

3.) Plug and Play Consoles

4.) Disney Bootlegs

5.) StarCade Episode 9: The Star Wars Holiday Special

6.) Hercules Games

7.) Takeshi's Challenge

8.) Home Alone Games

9.) BIRDEMIC: The Best Worst Movie Ever

10.) Foodfight!

Video: @Snowgoons f/ The Flatlinerz - "Give Me Room"

Video: Snowgoons f/ The Flatlinerz - "Give Me Room"

Andreas: The Snowgoons team up with Horrorcore pioneers The Flatlinerz to release the 5th video off their latest album "Goon Bap".

Audio: @LupeFiasco f/ Gizzle - "Jump"

Audio: Lupe Fiasco f/ Gizzle - "Jump"

K.H.: 13th January, London UK - Grammy award winning rapper Lupe Fiasco releases Jump feat. Gizzle via his own label 1st & 15th / Thirty Tigers.

Jump, which features critically acclaimed female MC Gizzle and is produced by Lupe's long-time producer Soundtrakk (who produced Kick Push and Sunshine), was premiered on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 show. It is lifted from Lupe's forthcoming album Drogas Light (out 10th February 2017), which also features Pick Up the Phone, Wild Child and Made In The U.S.A.

Audio: Imperial - "Hiatus" (@illect @ImperialBeats)

Audio: Imperial - "Hiatus"

Illect: Thanks for checking our submissions in 2016. Here is our latest, a cooled out boom bap track from, UK based producer, Imperial.

Audio: "Custom" by @ohnothedisrupt @iamtristate @WESTSIDEGUNN @HusKingpin @LyricJones @HieroImperium

Audio: Oh No & Tristate f/ Westside Gunn, Hus Kingpin & Lyric Jones "Custom"

Matt: Super producer Oh No & and Gold Chain Music’s Tristate team up for a new collaborative project entitled, 3 Dimensional Prescriptions; which will be released on 1-13-2017 via Hieroglyphics Imperium.

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