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MP3: Nottz ft. Asher Roth - "Dontcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor)"

From Audible Treats:

MP3: Nottz ft. Asher Roth - "Dontcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor)"

Latest Single From You Need This Music Has Nottz, Roth Contrasting Lives

The Song:

Producer Nottz and rapper Asher Roth take a casual stroll together down memory lane on the latest single "Dontcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor)" from Nottz's forthcoming debut solo album You Need This Music to be released October 26th on Raw Koncept Media Group.

From the get-go, shimmering xylophone samples recall nostalgic flashbacks, signaling the eternal backward glance into breezy summer days and hanging out around the block. Far from simply telling their stories, Nottz and Roth invite us to join in their respective journeys with the hook, crooned by Colin Munroe, "Welcome to the world that I'm from/ Maybe you'll wanna be/ My neighbor/ They say that where you goin' ain't always where you from/ Maybe some day you'll be /My neighbor."

Fans can also expect a video for the single in the near future. Nottz and Roth are currently collaborating on the upcoming The Rawth EP. Download "Dontcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor)" here:

"Dontcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor)": .

Breez Evahflowin Says His Last Album is October 12th

From Domination Recordings:

Breez Evahflowin Says His Last Album is October 12th

With his last album receiving rave reviews for the way it dealt with the angst of dealing with personal and artistic transition, Breez Evahflowin's newest album As He Goes On... set for release on October 12, 2010 reveals the mature MC: relaxed, confident, and wise. If the last album outlined the personal battles facing Breez as an MC, his newest reveals the aftermath. Unpretentious, at peace with his status as a mature artist ready to leave the game, Breez delivers his closing argument. The verdict? As He Goes On... is the last testament of an MC. It's a title which alludes to the passing of a life.

In an interview with Breez acknowledges how he has changed during the course of his career. Coming into the scene as a combative battle rapper, he is leaving it as a songwriter who makes music "from a 38-old, for people in their 30s and maybe people in their 20s who understand what I’m talking about." If a person's music reflects their life, then As He Goes On.... reveals the changes of growing older, ultimately opening the door to the final transition. In As He Goes On... Breez steps through that door with no regrets.

Breez addresses his contemplative and final CD to the mature listeners he knows to be out there, and who have followed him through the years. This listener exists on the margins. Ignored by a music industry focused on gimmicky hooks and made up personalities, they find their music in the underground clubs, the pages of myspace, and videos on youtube. This sophisticated audience is perhaps the greatest untapped audience of hip-hop today, and they seek music more in tune with their age and experience. In Sound of My Life Breez speaks to them with clarity,

There will never be another Breez Evah' nowhere
And there will never be another you
That's if you keepin' it true
Right now we dealin' with some deeper issues
In this age of information, all the secrets is through
And you don't know me yet
Young cats who show respect
Share it with ya' peers, 'cuz this here's age appropriate
So we don't forget
What the rhyme and beats is fo'
(The sound of my life got me reminiscing through the radio)
(Got me walkin' down memory lane, thinkin' about all the things that I've been through....)

Reflective and honest, the songs contained in As He Goes On... do what hip-hop does best: tell a story. It’s the closing chapter to Breez Evahflowin's unique career. Featuring guest artists such as Rob Swift, Immortal Technique, Homeboy Sandman, and more, As He Goes On... takes one last look at a career defined by battle, but transformed by personal growth. As the MC closes the book, he delivers last rights and imparts the message of an artist at peace with his own successes and failures. His only request? Remember him for his honesty. In a new video interview with Emilio M. Junior on Breez revealed his plans to move on to other things:

"I'm feelin' the weight of responsibility at this point, y'know? It’s not the same that it was before.... For the most part, I make music for myself. And I've come to accept that. After a long time I've come to realize that.... Ultimately at this point in my life, Breez needs me more than I need Breez. And that's big, right there for me personally ... Just remember my honesty, that's all I want people to do, and it's cool."

Perhaps if someday listeners decide to rise up and demand sophisticated hip-hop for the mature listener, we'll see Breez make an appearance again. Until that time though, As He Goes On... is likely to be the last we'll hear of this multifaceted MC. It is a most fitting farewell from an artist who came to his own tested in battle, and who now sets the torch down at peace. Take it for what it is, it might be the last you ever hear. As He Goes On... Available October 12, 2010 in stores, on iTunes &

Title: As He Goes On…
Label: Domination Recording, LLC
Copyright: 2010 Little Ax / Domination Recordings

1. Ageless (feat. Dirt E Dutch)
2. Sound of My Life (feat. Paulie Ethnic)
3. As He Goes On (feat. L.I.F.E. Long, Kid Lucky)
4. Wind
5. The Best (feat. Core Rhythym, Infinito 2017, Freestyle, Rabi Darkside, Homeboy Sandman, Atari Blitzkrieg, Agent 23, Dacapo)
6. Cornerstone
7. Wanted You
8. Uplift (feat. Rob Swift)
9. 30 Minutes (feat. Ria Mate)
10. Pay 2 Live (feat. Shonuff)
11. Now
12. Sacrifice
13. Dream (feat. Rob Swift)
14. Land of the Gun (feat. Immortal Technique)
15. One Mo Round

Free Download: The Best (Dirt E. Dutch Remix) (feat. Core Rhythym, Infinito 2017, Freestyle, Rabi Darkside, Homeboy Sandman, Atari Blitzkrieg, Agent 23, Dacapo)

All songs mastered by Eric Bassriel of Little Ax media

Breez Evahflowin

A founding member of the Stronghold underground rap collective, Breez Evahflowin (born Enrique DaSilva) emerged as a leading force in the New York and national battle rap scenes during the late '90s, and was crowned the national grand champion of the famed Blaze Battle competition in 1999. During his freestyle rap days, Breez released his own independent solo 12-inch "Forsaken" in 1996, which appeared on the BBE Music compilation Hip-Hop Forever (1998) by DJ/producer Kenny Dope. In the early 2000s, Breez recorded singles for an assortment of different indie labels, including the Boston-based Detonator Records, as well as contributing a slew of guest appearances on records and tours. During his tenure, Breez has worked with several underground rap artists including Vast Aire, Slug, Chali 2na and the Molemen, and released his own solo EP "Fly" on Just Be Records in 2003. Breez Evahflowin's first proper full-length album "Troublemakers" - a collaboration with producer Dirt E. Dutch - was released on Little Ax Media in 2008, followed by the critically acclaimed “Breez Deez Treez” released on Domination Recordings in 2009.

Little Axe Media

Dirt E. Dutch is a hip hop creator and curator from Connecticut. He is a longtime host and producer for IndieFeed, the oldest and largest music podcast network featured on iTunes. He is also owner of the record label Little Ax, and CT hip hop coalition the Antfarm Affiliates. As a host and producer for IndieFeed, his hip hop show has received over 750 five-star ratings and reviews in the iTunes Store, reaching 500,000 Nielson verified listens per month. The hip hop podcast has maintained a steady ranking in the daily top audio podcasts list in the iTunes podcast directory. In 2008 IndieFeed received a “Best of iTunes” award. In 2007 IndieFeed was the featured in-store music used in Guitar Center retail outlets nationwide. In 2006 IndieFeed was selected as one of eight “Best Online Pick” by Business Week Magazine. As a music producer he released his debut LP with Breez Evahflowin in 2008 entitled Troublemakers, which made it as far as #2 on the CMJ Hip Hop music charts. He has also appeared in and/or co-produced several videos for several artists in collaboration with director Arjen Noordeman of Elasticbrand LLC. The Dutchman’s latest endeavor is Beat Fead, a hip hop instrumentals podcast showcasing the highly talented, rarely accredited producers of the genre.

Video: J-Ronin w/ Ras Kass, Illa Ghee, Sav Killz

From J-Ronin:

Video: J-Ronin w/ Ras Kass, Illa Ghee, Sav Killz

Video: Ced Hughes - "Top Priority"

From Audible Treats:

Video: Ced Hughes - "Top Priority"

Ced Hughes - Top Priority from Hamilton Perkins Collection.

PR: Houston Press Names Trae Houston's Best Local Rapper

From Nancy B:

Houston Press Names Trae Houston's Best Local Rapper

Houston, TX - Sometimes all the stars align and your best media and promo efforts all come together perfectly. Sometimes, you get lucky and great things happen in accordance with your CD release. This week, Trae Tha Truth dropped his much-touted, highly-anticipated, street album, "Can't Ban Tha Truth." As luck would have it, the Houston Press just happened to be giving out their 'Best Of' awards this week and lo and behold, honored Trae with the "Best Local Rapper" award.

This doesn't come as any huge surprise given that the Houston Press called "Can't Ban Tha Truth" a 'landmark of Houston rap' a few weeks ago, but we love them for it all the same.

Several tracks from the 19-song CD have leaked to the internet to rave reviews, including songs with features from Lupe Fiasco, Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda of Young Money and an eye-opening audio clip from the late Pimp C on his own alleged troubles with a certain radio station.

"Can't Ban Tha Truth" is available in stores everywhere and via iTunes.

Trae “Can’t Ban Tha Truth” Tracklisting:
01. Intro
02. Can’t Ban Tha Truth ft. Yung Quis (ABN) & Brian Angel (Day 26)
03. Goin Cop A Drop
04. Lil Duval Speaks
05. General ft. Brian Angel (Day 26)
06. Hood Nights ft. Gudda Gudda & Jae Millz (Young Money)
07. Dueces & Trae’s ft. Young Buck & Big Pokey (SUC)
08. I Got This ft. Young Jeezy
09. Mama C Speaks
10. The Radio Won’t Play this ft. Wyclef Jean
11. Bad Don’t Seem So Wrong ft. Lupe Fiasco
12. Pimp C Speaks On 97.9
13. That’s For Real
14. Gangsta 4 Life ft. Rihanna
15. Young Turk Calls From Jail
16. Please Respect It
17. Tear
18. Still My Nigga
19. What It Is

MP3: Yo Gotti x Wiz Khalifa x Wale x J. Cole

From M3W:

MP3: Yo Gotti x Wiz Khalifa x Wale x J. Cole - Look In The Mirror REMIX

* *

Video: Marsha Ambrosius Interview w/ Jessie Maguire

From Jessie Maguire:

Video: Marsha Ambrosius Interview w/ Jessie Maguire

The Truth About Payola

 When most of us think about payola we get visions of unscrupulous major label executives sending large sums of money to, and showering gifts on, radio DJs and Program Directors in exchange for putting a mediocre artist they’re trying to push on the airwaves. The practice of payola, however, had its start in America as early as the 1890’s, when music publishers paid to have their songs played in beer gardens.

Read the full story at:

Video: Omniscient - "Brother"

From Semp Rok:

Video: Omniscient - "Brother"

Teaser: The Hieroglyphics x GOLD COIN Capsule Collection

From Audible Treats:

Teaser: The Hieroglyphics x GOLD COIN Capsule Collection

Hieroman Toy To Be First Release From Hieroglyphics x GOLD COIN Collaboration

The Toy:

Bay Area natives and legendary hip-hop crewHieroglyphics and GOLD COIN have teamed up to create The Hieroglyphics x GOLD COIN Capsule Collection, a series of Hiero inspired clothing and accessories, with the first release from this collaboration being the limited edition Hiero action figure, Hieroman. Standing 7" tall, the vinyl toy has the classic Hiero logo face, and comes equipped with a laser engraved wooden medallion necklace. Just like the better rappers in the industry he doesn't have just one face, but two. His head spins around to reveal a signature GOLD COIN piece. Celebrating classic backpack rap, he's equipped with his own knapsack and green beanie.

Hieroman will be available mid-October as part of The Hieroglyphics x GOLD COIN Capsule Collection. More info on the full collection will become available soon, as Hiero plans musical releases in support of the Hieroman toy.

In addition to The Hieroglyphics x GOLD COIN Capsule Collection, make sure to look out for upcoming Hiero tours.

For more information on The Hieroglyphics x GOLD COIN collaboration, please visit: and .

About Hiero Imperium Records:

Founded in 1997 in Oakland, CA, Hiero Imperium Records is Del The Funky Homosapien, Casual, Pep Love, Domino, and the Souls of Mischief, made up of A-Plus, Opio, Phesto and Tajai. Coming off waves of success from earlier releases like Souls' '93 Til Infinity, the Hiero crew had already established themselves as a name in mainstream and underground hip-hop, and soon released their first collective project Third Eye Vision. Since then the Hiero team has been thriving in the hip-hop world, releasing a number of projects within the label as well as branching out for collaborations with the likes of Jurassic 5, George Clinton, Dilated Peoples, Q-Tip, Xzibi,t and Gorrillaz.


The Hieroglyphics x GOLD COIN Capsule Collection: .

SBTV Freestyle Session: .

"Proper Aim" .

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