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Hip-Hop Videos - M.O.P., Nut-Rageous, Lushlife, iCON the Mic King

It's been a while since we've put new hip-hop videos on the RR newsfeed, so now seems like a good time to start! Our first entry this morning is M.O.P. performing live at Rock the Bells in Boston, MA.

Next up is Nut-Rageous with the video for "Play the Field."

Want to hear some classic hip-hop DECONSTRUCTED? Then check out Lushlife's version of Jay-Z's "Dead Presidents."

This La Coka Nostra update shows them recruiting The Alchemist.

Last but not least is the video for a song we've featured on Hip-Hop Shop - iCON the Mic King featuring Awar with "Fall From Grace."

Dorrough Debuts at #1 This Week

If you haven't already checked out our review of Dorrough Music now might be a good time to do so! Press release from E1 follows.


(New York, NY) – Leading independent E1 Entertainment announced today that Dallas hip hop artist Dorrough’s new debut album, “Dorrough Music,” has debuted at #1on the Billboard Independent Chart.  The album sold over 12, 000 copies and also debuted at #3 on the Billboard Hip Hop Chart. This release is E1 Entertainment’s 195th album to debut at #1 on the Independent Chart through its music label, E1 Music (formerly KOCH Records).
E1 Music has also just released the highly anticipated debut, self-titled album by hip hop supergroup Slaughterhouse yesterday. The album is positioned to be the labels’ second consecutive #1 debut next week.
E1 Music President Alan Grunblatt says, “Having our records debut at #1 on the chart is fantastic. We have some surprises coming out in the 4th quarter that we are looking to debut at #1 on the Top 200 chart!  More to come!”
Dorrough has garnered over 400,000 digital transactions to date between digital and ringtone sales.  Dorrough’s smash single, “Ice Cream Paint Job” has over 5,000 spins at urban radio with over 34 million in audience. The single is currently #9 on the iTunes Hip Hop Singles Chart while the album is at #8 on the iTunes Hip Hop album chart. The ringtone for the single is currently at #1 on the Nielsen RingScan chart.   The video for “Ice Cream Paint Job has been the #1 most played at both B.E.T. and MTV2 networks.
“Dorrough Music” was released last Tuesday, August 4th.
About E1 Entertainment

E1 Entertainment (AIM: ETO) is a leading independent entertainment content owner that acquires film, television and music rights and exploits these rights in all media in more than 190 countries.

The company currently operates in Canada, the U.S., the UK, Holland and Belgium through its four primary businesses units: E1 Television, E1 Films, E1 Music and E1 Distribution.  These businesses collectively represent E1’s extensive expertise in film distribution, television and music production/distribution, Kids content, Licensing and Distribution.

E1’s content library includes more than 3,700 feature films, 2,700 hours of original television programming and 15,000 music tracks.

HipHopFriends, Inc. Brand Joins OGPR

From Nancy B:

HipHopFriends, Inc. Brand Joins OGPR

Whilst we have certainly enjoyed each and every client we have repped over the years, it is the independent artists that have been the primary bread and butter for OGPR. We love the spirit of the independent artist and thrive on the creativity it takes to help them flourish. In this failing economy and a music industry rife with uncertainty, it is only those with the indomitable spirit to forge new paths towards success that will stand the test of time. HipHopFriends, Inc. embodies that spirit and OGPR is proud to welcome them aboard as our latest client.

Comprised of CEO's/artists/tour bookers/promoters and internet radio station owners and operators, Feygens "ChuckieBigBux" and Erick "DirtE Dread" Saint-Joy aka The E&J Brothaz; who are actually siblings, HipHopFriends, Inc. has been quietly building a brand that is getting them recognition far afield of their native town of Elmont, in New York's Long Island borough. Their current single, Private Party, is in fact impacting cities in every region - speading slowly from coast to coast - with close to 1,000 spins currently and counting. Produced by GiftRAP, a Santa Barbara, CA up-and-comer, Private Party infuses the best of East Coast lyricism with West Coast swagger and a dash of Southern spice.

Taking advantage of the love the Southern market has shown them, the two paired up with franchise DJ's Bigga Rankin and DJ Smallz last year, dropping successful mix albums with each, both released on USB drives and downloaded digitally to over 20,000 HipHopFriends™ fans across the country. Bigga Rankin was in fact so impressed with the duo's hustle that he bestowed upon them his coveted Ghetto Diamond Award in the "Go Gettaz" category - the only New Yorkers to date to have received such an honor.

Although HipHopFriends™ and The E&J Brothaz began releasing music in 2004 and have several award-winning videos to their credit (The Golden Aurora Award, The Communicators Award & The Platinum AVA), their music hustle is not the only thing receiving accolades. HipHopFriendsOnline, the duo's web radio station, recently won an SEA (Southern Entertainment Award) for "Best Internet/Satellite Radio", proving once again that the HipHopFriends, Inc. brand defies geographical boundaries.
Self-titled promo tours in cities as diverse as their radio impact markets have been sponsored by the likes of IAR (Institute of Audio Research), Sam Ash Music, Royal Blunts, Azzuré Denim and Lyrical Legends™, ensuring HipHopFriends™ an ever-widening, nationwide network of fans.

With another round of stations set to add Private Party in the coming weeks, a music video in the works and their own IAR-sponsored event (DIY: Starting Your Own Record Label) aimed at schooling others in the indie music game, coming up in NYC in October; their third such event, HipHopFriends™are the paradigm for today's independent label. While others whine about how difficult it is these days to get fans to remain loyal to a brand, HipHopFriends™ are not only doing it but happily showing others how it's done. Stay tuned! Pay attention! And you might just learn something.

Private Party is currently available on iTunes.

* NOTE ~ The HipHopFriendsOnline radio station site is currently under construction pending installation of an upgraded streaming technology.

Sketch Tha Cataclysm - Travelin Man

In 2008, Fairfield County Weekly readers voted Sketch Tha Cataclysm their favorite hip-hop act in the area. A handful of months later, he felt it was time to see where else he could make an impact.

"My idea," he explains, "was to come out to another area of the country and try to get something started the way I was starting to build up things in Connecticut and regularly return to Connecticut, not abandon it, but be really supportive of my state. I love the people there."

Read the full story at

Looptroop Rockers Press Release

Looptroop Rockers Press Release


European Hip-hop Ready to Hit the United States
Looptroop Rockers Set To Release Album

Los Angeles, CA - European hip-hop pioneers, Looptroop Rockers, are set to release their album, Good Things (Bad Taste Records), on August 25.

Good Things features some of underground hip-hop’s most influential artists such as Timbuktu, Mapai, and the legendary Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples.  This new collection of songs characteristically displays the group’s ever-expanding musical explorations to their message laden lyrical depth.  Good Things is expected to be an all-star debut into the United States by the European heavy hitters.

As forerunners of the budding independent movement, Looptroop Rockers began releasing their own records in 1996.  In 2000, the release of Modern Day City Symphony solidified their position as the new kings of European underground.

The Looptroop Rockers have previously released three albums on Burning Heart Records, which have made high entries in the Swedish sales charts.  They have toured Europe extensively, appeared at some of the continent’s biggest festivals, and have also managed international tours to Asia, Australia, and North America.  The Looptroop Rockers have toured with names such as Xzibit, Atmosphere, and the International Noise Conspiracy and are presently featured on CunninLynguists’ Strange Journey Volume One.  Ready to bring their hip-hop styles across the pond once again, the group is presently planning a United States tour in the late fall.  

For more information from Looptroop Rockers, visit

Pugz Atmoz "Roof Top" Press Release

Pugs Atomz "Roof Top" Press release

This new digital awareness has brought about plenty of lacklustre artists asking for handouts before securing a fan base on their own. Pugs Atomz, on the other hand, has been a prominent name in the Chicago Hip Hop scene for several years with an established fanbase and track record, including his own radio show on CTA that streams worldwide. With a few albums under his belt, including a release on NY's Raptivism records and prior national tours, and working  with  proven  producers (Dj Vadim, DJ Hitek, Molemen, SC, Rashid Hadee & Young RJ) Pugs Atomz is a seasoned up-and-coming artist on the "Roof top", which features Sadat X, Naledge (Kidz In The Hall), DJ Vadim, Black Spade, Rashid hadee, Sc, and others. We are excited that his first two single, “Wait And See” f/ Sadat X  and "Get it on" has gotten tons of love from  many websites and blogs such as  Nah right, Hip Hop DX, 2Dope Boyz etc... and has broken into college radio charting in the top five. Three music videos are scheduled to follow the release, along with tours of Europe, Canada, and the US along side DJ Vadim for the remainder of the year. The first video, shot and directed Pugs is "Get It On" you can watch it here "Roof top" was also  selected for a feature exclusive Album Preview.

Pugs Atomz explores and precisely proves the growth of his artistry through both body-moving and thought provoking lyrics, which ultimately conjures self-reflection and reminiscing. Pugs Atomz seamlessly executes scintillating soul music on "Get it On", "Wait & See", "You Got That Right", and "What You Want Me To Be"; while amplifying his style and attitude on tracks like "Blue Blazer"  "The Nacrobat" and  "Fire". With all seriousness aside, Pugs Atomz also incorporates lighthearted humor with his witty wordplay to vary the lyrical tone of this release on tracks  like  "The Finger, and "Kings Theme music".

|01..| Rooftop Feat. DJ Intel
|02..| Get it On Feat. Primeridian
|03..| We Are Building Feat. DJ Intel
|04..| Roof Top
|05..| Blue Blazer Feat. Rashid Hadee, Theo & Dj Edikut
|06..| From the Door
|07..| The Finger Feat. Shala & Awdazcate
|08..| Fire
|09..| Roof Top Reprise (Interlude)
|10..| The Nacrobat
|11..| I’m Gonna Leav Feat. Naledge, Gravity & Carlos
|12..| Wait and See Feat. Sadat X
|13..| You Got That Right
|14..| What You Want Me To Be Feat. Suzi Analogue & Black Spade
|15..| Kings Theme Music

Pugs Atomz - Saturday- Pugs Atomz and Dj Vadim

Pugs Atomz - The Gent's Right on time

Pugs Atomz media tools (Bio, Songs, Photos, etc.) here-

Subnoize Souljaz Release Cover of NWA Classic

From Kerosene Media:

Subnoize Souljaz Release Cover of NWA Classic
“Fuck Tha Police” Featuring Daddy X, Judge D
and Saint Dog

Subnoize Souljaz “Blast From The Past” Featuring Classic
Hip-hop Tracks From NWA, Snoop Dogg and More
Subnoize Souljaz have posted their cover of the classic NWA track “Fuck Tha Police” online at The track features Kottonmouth Kings Daddy X, Saint Dog and the long awaited return of Judge D. The track appears on Subnoize Souljaz new album "Blasts From The Past", which lands in stores on August 25th, 2009 through Suburban Noize Records.
"When NWA released 'Fuck Tha Police' it was so radical and shocking. It was a hip-hop track that was punk rock in its attitude and delivery in every way. The song was just so scary and controversial, but this was before the LA riots. I remember at that time the LA police were in a complete Nazi state that they used to raid punk rock shows with mace and billy clubs," says Daddy X about the inspiration behind recording the hip-hop classic. "At the same time I remember unheard of acts of violence and intimidation within the black communities that set off a firestorm of rebellion. We thought it would be a great song to cover because it was such an important piece of music, not only to us as musicians but to the history of hip-hop. This was our way of paying respect."
Subnoize Souljaz "Blasts From The Past" features the entire Sub Noize battalion covering your favorite hip-hop tracks in one explosive new album. The album includes Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog and Daddy X from Kottonmouth Kings rocking the Public Enemy/Anthrax anthem "Bring The Noize”, Dirtball covering "Microphone Fiend" and DGAF's Chucky Chuck spitting fire on Snoop Dogg’s "Murder Was The Case". The album is also packed with gems like Judge D paying tribute to LL Cool J with "Mamma Said Knock You Out", while Potluck covers the Luniz "I Got 5 Five On It". With 14 tracks of classic hip-hop, SubNoize Souljaz "Blasts From the Past" reignites a collection of highly influential songs with a fresh spin.
* *

J-Zone Blogs About Current (& BAD) Fashion Trends

From J-Zone:

Good morning/afternoon. Here are some recent editorials I've written for your Monday boredom.

Am I right in thinking this androgynous fashion is getting out of control, or has time passed me by? This is just my two decide...

Are men the new women? Read on (click this link), and help me out here!


Find out why I'm boycotting Pop culture until Mr. T is paid a sum of $500,000 (click here)

Thanks to those who have been supporting my editorials/column (I hate the word "blog", it sounds like some type of fungus you catch on your feet). Feel free to leave (relevant) comments, these are open discussions. If you wish to be removed from getting these e-mails, get at me directly and I'll give you your release. I hate having my inbox flooded with crap I don't care about, I feel your pain. Never did figure out how to set up an unsubscribe, oh well. Either way, let me know.

Have a pleasant day.

Jay, J-Zone, Chief Chinchilla, Delonte West's twin brother or whoever the hell you know me as.


Joe Budden's "Escape Route" on AmalgamDigital

Joe Budden's "Escape Route" on AmalgamDigital


Joe Budden to release “Escape Route” on AUGUST 11th, 2009

Following the success of “Halfway House” and the much-anticipated “Padded Room,” Joe Budden and Amalgam Digital are excited to announce the release of “Escape Route”. The digital-only album will be made available exclusively on August 11th, 2009. “Escape Route” marks the third installment in Budden’s inspired saga sequence that has already brought fans such releases as “Halfway House” and “Padded Room,” and will culminate with the groundbreaking “The Great Escape.”

Escape Route aims to set a new precedent for Budden as he begins to map out his escape by enlisting guest appearances from Wale, Slaughterhouse, and Young Chris as well as production from 9th Wonder, Streetrunner, Chad West, and J. Cardim. When asked about his latest endeavor Budden had the following to say:

“Escape Route is a precursor to what may very well be the best Joe Budden album ever… The Great Escape. It’s filled with the lyricism and passion that Joe Budden fans have come to love me for....‘THE GREAT ESCAPE’ coming soon!”

Following “Escape Route” Joe Budden will return to the Amalgam Digital label roster to release the final and most compelling installment of the series entitled “The Great Escape” another groundbreaking album that will signify his ultimate salvation and departure from the traditional norms of mediocrity that continue to confine the creativity of many artists today. With the momentum garnering around his supergroup Slaughterhouse’s performances on tour at the Paid Dues and Rock the Bells hip hop festivals, Budden’s latest album is sure to reinforce his commitment to his craft while also justifying his sustained success throughout the past several years.

Bonus content will be offered when the album is downloaded from .

Joe Budden “Escape Route” (Amalgam Digital)

01.   Intro
02.   Anti
03.   Never Again
04.   World Keep Spinnin’
05.   Forgive Me
06.   State of You
07.   Good Enough
08.   No Comment
09.   We Outta Here feat. Slaughterhouse
10.   Clothes on a Mannequin
11.   Freight Train
12.   Connect 4 feat. Young Chris

New media outfit Amalgam Digital is hip-hop’s first digital retail store and independent record label. The company offers digital distribution services as well as a new User Generated Content module, which now allows independent artists to directly upload content to the store, making their music immediately available for purchase.

Neosonic Productions: Mood Muzik Vol. 2 aka "Piano-rama"

From K-Murdock:

Piano-ramaWhen i launched this blog back in March, i kicked it off by posting up the first volume of my "Mood Muzik" series for FREE! Now, almost 6 months later, i am proud to announce that Volume 2 will soon be released in both physical and digital formats! The art above is from the Japanese edition which drops September 16th on River City Music. The US edition will be out later this fall/winter with its own artwork courtesy of my man Pointblank. Stay tuned for more details and in the meantime, download/enjoy this track which didn't make the final album...



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