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Nutrageous f/ KL - Wat's Poppin (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Nutrageous f/ KL (Screwball)
Title: Wat's Poppin
Label: Poor Pocket Muzik

It's refreshing to play an unsolicited single and hear something unpretentious and toe-tapping for a change. Ron Mills' produced the track, DJ Premier mixed it, and Nutrageous rapped snaps to it with his friend KL for the hell of it. You're not left with the impression they were trying to hit a homerun out of the park right off the bat, but the simple and effectively orchestrated keys were a good lead off single. In verse two guest star KL hits a sac fly to advance the runner to second: "Whether drunk or sober, I still spit spiffy/Love a hot beat and hate a rapper that's iffy." Batting third you might be expecting a big clean up power hitter behind him, but Nutrageous still drives a double to left to score the run. "Laid back like Snoop's perm as I ride through the Eastside/Still with my middle finger, fuck a damn peace sign!" It's not mind-blowing to be sure but it's not mind-numbingly stupid either. Congratulations to Nut for calling up a Screwball pitch that wasn't wild and scoring with this single.
Luch Million$ f/ Yung Ralph - I Got Flavor (Single)

Artist: Luch Million$ f/ Yung Ralph
Title: I Got Flavor
Label: Street Hustle Music Group

Luch Million$ is not lacking in confidence, as his MySpace page claims "over 5 million views" to date. Even though that could be five thousand people refreshing his page a thousand times each, let's assume the # is real and be suitably impressed. DJ Bedz certainly was as XM's own White Shadow featured "I Got Flavor" on a recent mixtape, but even though I respect Bedz' taste I'm borderline to drinking Haterade on this one. The chorus sounds like Chingy or Nelly decided to rent out saying "flav-URR" to any rapper who'd pay a small fee. Put that nonsense aside and the song is more nonsense. I'm sure somebody has used the line "I'm so high I got jet lag" before and sentiments like these are as tired as my sneakers: "Money is my mission, so I'm pissin on you broke niggaz/I peep game, I don't see you gold diggers." Lovely. I don't think Luch's swag is anything major, but if Bedz' sees potential in him I'll check his notebook for Marley Marl style future flavor. (See I can spit cornball shit too.)
Affiliate f/ Sheek Louch - Dope Boy For Real (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Affiliate f/ J. Cardim, Sheek Louch
Title: Dope Boy For Real
Label: Flophouse Records

Maybe it's "not really hood" to suggest this to up-and-coming rappers in 2008, but I think it's time to stop worrying about being a dope boy for real when so many hot MC's wind up behind bars. If you legit hustled on street corners before being discovered, give that work up and hire a bodyguard, becaue the Rap Police will look to bust you for an unlicensed gun or even an ounce of purp. Do us all a favor and don't go out like T.I. or Lil Wayne. So much talent being pissed away on unnecessary charges, not to mention money that could be funneled back to the hood to do some good. Putting my bullshit rant aside "Dope Boy For Real" is the kind of song that will blaze up mixtapes this summer. J. Cardim's beat is exactly the heavy layered synth sound so favored on D-Block releases, and it's no coincidence Sheek Louch guests on the track. Affiliate's analogies may be a little cliche but they work in context: "I'm in the rental Coupe, clean plates, dirty roof/Headed to D-Block to break bread with Sheek Louch/Affiliate, yeah I post like Shaquille/And every nigga 'round me's a dope boy for real." Cardim's rap is unnecessary but doesn't hurt the track. You'll be hearing this one soon.
8th W1 Talks lovemoneyandmusic

While some may have problems pronouncing his name (think Eighth Won), 8th W1’s goals are significantly less complicated. According to him he’s an emcee who does his best to make "good, honest, music." It’s as simple as that. The South Jersey native recently released lovemoneyandmusic and after seeing him perform at Crash Mansion on a bill that included two former Artists Of The Week, Homeboy Sandman and Kats, it was clear 8th W1 was in good company. Both his show and his album turned out to be great which is why I caught up with him this week to find out more about his music, why he creates it, and what brings out the angry little troll inside him.

Check out the full interview at:
50 Cent Says Young Buck "Lives Like a Drug Dealer"

These comments on caught me by surprise, and may be news to you the reader as well. Most of our readers are aware by now that Young Buck has been booted from the G-Unit itself, although his Ca$hville imprint is still being distributed by 50's label. Apparently 50 is less than impressed with Buck's business acumen though and made this statement during a radio appearance: "He lives like a drug dealer. When the artist spends excessively to the point where he doesn't actually have that money anymore, out of desperation he says whatever he can say to try and fix situations." He also denied rumors regarding Buck owing him money. "I never took a royalty check to recoup for anything. Yeah, he had tax trouble. I helped him like I helped everybody else." One wonders if Buck will want to continue to distribute Ca$hville through 50 when he's making seemingly humiliating statements about him on air.
Charlie Murphy on Pauly, Obama and CB4

On this past Friday’s episode of The Adam B Experience Charlie Murphy called in to promote his upcoming shows in Hartford, CT (April 18th – 20th at the Hartford Funny Bone). During our conversation we ended up discussing everything from his staged beef with Pauly Shore, to his backing of Barack Obama, to the special edition DVD of CB4 he’d love to make.

Check out both the audio of the full ten minute interview and an edited transcript of the highlights at:
Interview w/ Phenetiks of the Rawkus 50

Phenetiks is the AntFarm Affiliates group made up of Deto-22, DJ Sir.Cumference, Protégé and Roc-one. Chosen as one of the Rawkus 50 last year, these are four men from four very different backgrounds who have come together thanks to a shared love of Hip-Hop. “Come together” actually understates what they’ve done as three of the members of the group live at different corners of the state of Connecticut with Deto-22 in Wolcott, Protégé in Waterbury and Roc in Danbury, while Sir.Cumference is even further away in Boston, Mass. Despite these logistical issues Phenetiks has still managed to consistently rock stages as a group and put out two albums in two years. When they finish Dirt it will be three in three years. This week I caught up with all four of them to find out more about how they linked up, what it meant to be named to the Rawkus 50, and why they feel they’ll make a lasting impact.

Check out the full interview at:
New Videos - Talib Kweli, U-N-I, Plies, Presto

Some brand new videos for the audience to peep - Talib Kweli, U-N-I, Plies and Presto featuring Large Professor and Sadat X! We start with Talib's newest episode of Blacksmith TV.

Next up is U-N-I performing live at The Knitting Factory.

Up next is Plies new video, "Who Hotter Than Me."

Finally we close with Presto's "Conquer Mentally/On" featuring Sadat X and Large Professor!

A Melo Evening in NYC

Wednesday morning I had a blast speaking to two journalism classes at Westhill High School in Stamford, CT (big ups to Othello from d_Cyphernauts for setting that up). Wednesday evening the good vibes continued when I went into NYC to see Rue Melo perform at Pianos. If you don’t know who Rue Melo is… where have you been? I have made it no secret that I dig this woman's work and her performance on Wednesday night only added to my feeling that she is one of the most talented artists out there today.

Check out the full review plus pictures and video clips at:
Jermaine Dupri and Def Jam Launch New Hip-Hop Label

Jermaine Dupri and Island Def Jam Music Group Launch New Hip-Hop Label in Partnership with TAG Body Sprays

Groundbreaking Partnership Brings Unique Opportunity to Emerging Hip-Hop Talent

NEW YORK, April 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Island Def Jam Music Group (IDJ) and Procter & Gamble's TAG brand announce the formation of a new hip-hop record label, TAG Records. The new label will be led by hip-hop mogul Jermaine Dupri, who will act as president of the New York-based venture. As president, Dupri will set the creative vision for the label and play an integral part in identifying and developing its musical talent.

This is a milestone for the music industry as TAG Record's artists will be supported with a multi-million dollar marketing effort that is unprecedented for any new artist, including television, print, radio, digital and event marketing.

"Today, we make history in the music industry with TAG Records," said Jermaine Dupri, president of TAG Records. "This label is going to provide new artists with a chance of a lifetime. New artists will receive ten times the typical marketing support - a first in the industry. I'm hand selecting and molding these artists to make history in hip hop."

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