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Some are starting school, but he just graduated.

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Duck Down Holds Facebook Sean Price Giveaway

He may be the brokest rapper you know, but Sean Price ain't too cheap to reach out to his fans. The Boot Camp/Heltah Skeltah emcee, whose solo LP "Jesus Price Supastar" dropped earlier this year, is giving away a number of items on the online community Facebook until June 25th. Fans who get the most people to add Duck Down Records as their friend and post Sean P's "Mess You Made" video on their profile will win a free signed copy of "Jesus Price," along with a pair of free T-shirts. Only those with Facebook accounts can enter.

Price's "Master P" mixtape drops this summer on Duck Down Records.
Charge What to The Game? Three Felonies!

It looks like one of hip-hop's biggest stars is having more problems than the law will allow. The Game, real name Jayceon Taylor, has been charged with three felonies stemming from an incident where he pulled a gun on a man during a basketball game in South Los Angeles on February 24th. The website reports that the rapper is facing charges that include possession of a firearm in a school zone and exhibiting a firearm in the presence of a police officer. Game allegedly got into an altercation with a player on an opposing team during a basketball game held at the Rita Walters Educational Learning Complex, after which he punched the unidentified man and then retrieved a gun from his vehicle to threaten the man's life. will bring you more as the story develops.
T.I.'s New Video RIGHT 'CHEA

If you want to see T.I.'s new video "Big Things Poppin' (Do It)" has your hook-up RIGHT 'CHEA. Just click on the video below to watch! Video courtesy of AB and Atlantic Records.

Def Jux Giving Away 150 Bux (Shopping Cash)

Do you want some free loot? WELL WHO DOESN'T~! Definitive Jux is holding a code breaker contest and all the details on how you can enter to win are below courtesy of our good friend Kim at - obviously I'm not eligible to win but maybe you out there reading at home can cash in!


Think you have what it takes to be an expert code breaker? Definitive Jux would like to see you try. DJX has launched a contest testing the minds of fans everywhere. Visit the front page of to receive a coded message for your chance to win a $150 shopping spree. Once you have decoded the first message you will receive instructions on how to proceed. This message will self destruct in 15 seconds.

Stay tuned for an even larger coded message to appear on the home page of celebrating the continued onslaught of El-P's new album "I'll Sleep When You're Dead" for your chance to win a trip for two to New York City!
Is Master P Going After 50 Cent?

Now if you're asking me, Master P is not really on 50 Cent's level these days in fame let alone retail sales, but apparently there's still the feeling out there that P is purposefully going head to head with Curtis Jackson by releasing their new albums on the same day. 50 Cent's "Curtis" is tentatively scheduled to hit stores on September 4th, 2007. has a story where Master P has stated he would release a collaborative album with his son Romeo called "Hip-Hop History" on the same day. P has sine claimed his choice to release it the same day is not a diss towards 50 Cent, rather it's simply his way to give fans "a freedom of choice." P went on to tell MTV News that "the date was not chosen to compete with Curtis Jackson's delayed release, but rather to create balance in the marketplace." will have more as this story unfolds.
Southern Hip-Hop's Impending Death

I’m no weatherman (whaddup Cage), but I can see quite the storm front developing over the southern region of America when it comes to Hip-Hop. Yes for a while it’s been hot, uber hot, in fact. Atlanta was named the new capitol of the culture for a minute, but now, in mid-2007, things are changing and the only people the artists will have to blame for it is themselves.

For the full story check out:
Free Snowgoons Album for Download

Snowgoons: The Joining Forces Mixtape

They say the best things in life are free, and free music is certainly no exception to the rule. After launching an attack on the rap world in February with their album German Lugers the Snowgoons urban assault squadron are back with another hot dose of lead via the Joining Forces mixtape. It won't cost you a damn thing but a dime of your time to download it and check it out, so jump on and grab a free copy courtesy of and Ap-Rock.
Lady Sov Apologizes for Meltdown

Lady Sovereign has responded regarding the nervous breakdown that caused her to storm off stage we reported about here. In a statement released last Thursday, Sov apologized for her behavior and said it was a "bad day" for her. "I know how stupid I must have looked. I was tired and not in the mood, having a bad day. But that's no excuse for letting fans down, I'm sorry to those that were at Studio B to see me." Check out her MySpace for more info and thanks to for this update.
Young Jeezy Arrested at Atlanta Strip Club

Another story dispatched to us courtesy of - Young Jeezy was arrested during the early morning hours of Thursday, May 24th for disorderly conduct at an Atlanta strip club called Stokers. According to police, the rapper was taken into custody at around 3:30 in the morning after an altercation between Jeezy's entourage and the club's security at the entrance. Jeezy is rumored to have intervened to try to calm the situation and was arrested instead, charged with disorderly conduct and later released on $284 bond. will update this story when more details are available.
KRS-One Schools Sean Hannity

Not since Chuck D was on Nightline over 15 years ago has a rap artist so thoroughly showed up a talking head who knows so little about hip-hop music and culture let alone the person who he's interviewing. You HAVE to seen this one. If the player below doesn't work click here.

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