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Jake One - The Truth DVD

From Critical Marketing and Media:

Seattle Super-producer calls on Rik Cordero to direct debut video from White Van Music
London, England November 25th 2008

Having premiered yesterday on MTV2 and mtvU, Jake One's debut video from his critically acclaimed album White Van Music, released through Rhymesayers Entertainment, is already making its way around the internet having been featured on some of Hip-Hop's most prominent online portals.

The Truth, directed by the highly esteemed video producer, Rik Cordero and the crew of Three 21Media, was shot on location in Philadelphia and Minneapolis. This successful union is also responsible for the up and coming sophomore video from the album Trap Door which features MF Doom.

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Akon to Perform MySpace Release Show

Press release courtesy of Tito Belis and


MySpace Music is proud to announce that Akon will be performing a free show for his MySpace friends at China Club in New York City on Monday, December 1, 2008 - a show being powered by AT&T. Doors for the 21+ Release show will be at 8 p.m., and admittance will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis with a printout of each person's profile displaying Akon in their top eight.
An internationally recognized, Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum selling artist, producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Akon is one of the most influential voices in music today. In addition to having two multi-platinum albums, 21 songs on the Billboard Hot 100, Gold or Platinum status in over 23 countries, and over 145 guest appearances with artists such as Michael Jackson and Gwen Stefani to his credit, Akon is the only artist to ever accomplish the feat of holding both the number one and two spots simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100 charts twice.
In addition to his accolades, on November 19, 2008 Akon announced that his third album, "Freedom," will be available on "slotMusic™, a new form of DRM-free MP3 music on a microSD card beginning Tuesday, December 2nd - the same date his album will be released digitally and on CD. The new slotMusic card will give fans a chance to enjoy Akon's album in a variety of ways and on a host of devices - from their microSD-enabled mobile phones to their computers and MP3 players. Going beyond the original thirteen songs that are on the CD version of the album, the slotMusic "Freedom" card will carry a mini-documentary video on Akon's life and influences, the new video for "Right Now (Na Na Na)," and exclusive hi-res images and songs including fellow SRC artist Tami Chynn's debut single "Frozen" featuring Akon.

Please visit Akon's MySpace page to preview his new album "Freedom" before it hits stores 12/2 starting this Friday 11/28: .

For more information on MySpace Music Release Shows, please visit: .

China Club
268 W. 47th St.
New York, NY 10036
(212) 398-3800
* *
About MySpace Music:
MySpace Music is a landmark joint venture among MySpace, The EMI Group, SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony ATV, and whose independent music distribution partners include The Orchard, IODA, Alternative Distribution Alliance, RED, Fontana, and Caroline. MySpace Music offers an ever-growing catalog of freely streamable audio and video content, user-friendly e-commerce solutions, personal music players, and user and artist playlisting. MySpace Music aims to empower major, independent, and unsigned artists to monetize their content through multiple revenue allowing the MySpace community to freely stream premium content in an ad-supported environment, purchase MP3s and ringtones, create and share playlists, and ultimately buy merchandise, concert tickets, and other digital and physical goods.  MySpace Music also connects artists and fans in the offline arena through various concert series and live events including Secret Shows, MySpaceLIVE!, Transmissions, The Release, Front to Back and The List. Round 10 Rapper Winner is Iron Solomon


Round 10 Rapper Winner - Iron Solomon

New York, NY (November 25, 2008) - HIP-HOP!, The Finalists 2 is at long last upon us! The last emcee and the last producer have been chosen and we are only seven days away from making history once again. To everyone that participated along the way, both artists and supporters, we applaud you for your efforts and constant elevation – that’s what hip-hop has always been about. We encourage you to register, login and vote to be a part of helping SRC chose the next artist to be welcomed into the family. One rapper is going to be a record deal and $100,000 richer, and one producer is going to have $15,000 and a three-song production deal in his pocket, too. So if you aren’t already… get familiar.

Before we get to the particulars, though, would like to formally congratulate our Round 10 Rapper Winner, Iron Solomon! The battle legend was at the top of the leaderboard and came with some bangers, but the competition was heavy! We’d be remised if we didn’t shout out Kaze and Silent Knight for their extraordinary effort. Big ups to everyone that came out for Round 10!!

Brand new to the Finalists 2 this year will be the addition of Nokia Kyte Channels! Follow our competitors live as they make their way through the various challenges we’ve set for them. This is real-time interaction and access like never before. If you see they need some help, hit them up and offer it one-to-one! We’d also like to announce that we have a special guest producer providing beats for our Finalists! He’s produced for 50 Cent, Nas, De La Soul, Planet Asia, E-40 and MF Doom, so we’re happy to have him onboard! Check back next week and find out who it is…

Now, a few other quick items of note:


    * A winner will be announced December 2nd
    * Submissions are now closed until the next competition!
    * Someone is going to win this contest and be $15,000 richer with a sweet production deal from SRC/Universal Motown!!


Official Finalists 2 Trailer!

The Finalists 2 Official Trailer

    * Check out the trailer and get a preview of the rappers who will be competing for $100,000 and a record deal
    * Finals start December 2nd
    * Catch all our Finalists live via Nokia Kyte phones!
    * Watch for the announcement of our special guest producer... he's a MONSTER!!

Audible Treats Best Videos of 2008

From Audible Treats:

We've already given you our list of the best albums we've worked so far this year, and now here are our picks for the best videos we've been involved with this year. Keep them in mind as you make your end-of-year lists!

The Contenders:

Opio - "Some Superfly Shit" (Hiero Imperium)
Featured on YouTube homepage, 200,000 views and counting
Also, check the Remix Feat. Del the Funky Homosapien and Guilty Simpson and the 7 other videos from Vulture's Wisdom, Vol. 1

J*DaVeY -"Mr. Mister" (Interdependent Music)
And the remix:

Black Milk - "Give the Drummer Sum" (Music House & Fat Beats Records)

Fatlip - "What's Up Fatlip? (Breakbot RMX)" (Delicious Vinyl)

Rostarr & TRUTH & SOUL- "Percussive Movement No. 5" -Timelapse" (Truth & Soul)
Featured on YouTube homepage, 200,000+ views

Ill Bill - "My Uncle" (Uncle Howie & Fat Beats Records)

Doomtree - "Game Over" featuring Mictlan, Paper Tiger, and Turbo Nemesis (Doomtree Records)

Keelay & Zaire - "The Times" featuring Blu, Fortlive and Nino Moschella (MYX Music label)

K'Naan - "Soobax" (Interdependent Media)

Kanye & John Mayer give props to Souls of Mischief

Juels Santana Talks "Bad Santa"

From Koch Records:

Hip-hop superstar Juelz Santana, along with Dipset Capo Jim Jones and comedian Mike Epps, is pleased to bring you, A Tribute to Bad Santa, the new Holiday album on Tuesday, November 25th. The album features 15 new Christmas bangers and hilarious new skits from Mike Epps.

To preview of 4 of the new Bad Santa tracks, please click here: .

For a glimpse into the album’s recording sessions, please click here: .

Bad Santa Video

E-40 Ball Street Journal Webisodes

From Audible Treats:

E-40 Ball Street Journal Webisodes

40-Water's here to give y'all a little insight on the tracks from his brand spanking new album, The Ball Street Journal. In this series of webisodes, the ambassador himself pontificates on the origins of "E-40." Also featured are lessons on how exactly one achieves the bounce of a poor man's hydraulics, the importance of hustling, when and where it's proper to employ the phrase "wake it up," and also how to make one's show a "sweatbox." You smell him?


E-40 Explains "Hustle"
* *

E-40 Explains "Ambassador"
* *

E-40 Explains "Poor Man's Hydraulics"
* *

E-40 Explains "Break Ya Ankles"
* *

E-40 Explains "Wake It Up"
* *

E-40 Explains "Sweatbox"
* *

E-40 Explains "Earl"
* *

The Background:

He's a rap innovator, a business-savvy tycoon and one of the music industry’s most consistent success stories. Yes, E-40 is all those things, but he's probably best known as a slang creator, a man whose distinctive gift of gab gets lifted and used in the rhymes of Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and others. Now, the man with the terrific tongue returns with his most polished product to date, the imaginatively titled The Ball Street Journal." Anything that rolls off the tongue slick and is catchy, that's where it's at," E-40 explains. "The Ball Street Journal just flew off the tongue and it's memorable. This traces everything from the beginning to now. I've been through hard times and I've been through good times. It's like a discography of how my life has been, because I touch down on a lot of different angles on the album. It covers all angles of the game." The Ball Street Journal is available online and in stores nowon Warner Brothers / Sick Wid It Records.

Decomposure Album Press Release

From Fanatic Promotion:

A compilation of hundreds of recordings (vocals, textures, instruments, etc.) stitched together to form an album (it’s a bit more complicated than that, but as a basic premise), Decomposure’s most recent work, Humidity Patient Guide on Blank Squirrel Records is the result of 40 micro-songs crammed into 50 diverse (folk, rap, noise, electronic, pop, ambient, spoken word, industrial, chants, field recording) minutes. The album is available for free download. There is an option to donate via Paypal or Credit Card if you like the album. Includes a 25 page booklet of album art.

For the FULL Story of Humidity Patient Guide, click HERE.


* *
* *
* *

Urb Magazine - Next 1000:

The album features the graphic-artist-by-day's slightly sugary blend of electronic-pop that channels a little bit of The Postal Service, but in no way mimics them, or anyone we've heard recently. Decomposure is definitely a delight, and no doubt will be making its-slash-his mark on the scene soon.


Vertical Lines A absolutely fulfills the promise of At Home and Unaffected, and then some. Not only does it deserve a spot in the list of last year's best albums, it might have made a run at the top, given the right circumstances...It's hard to explain exactly what makes Vertical Lines A such an incredible album, except to say that the combination of elements that Mueller has put in here works. When a Beatles-esque, melodic stanza gives way to an Anticon-inspired set of ludicrous speed spoken-word, which then gives way to a literal chorus of Muellers in a hypermelodic feat of multitracked a cappella, you expect it to crash and burn under its own weight, especially when the whole process happens twice over the course of the song. And yet it doesn't crash and burn. Rather, it soars, pummeling the listener with cool idea after cool idea, fitting them together with taut threads that never seem to snap...It's an album that represents unchecked ambition, one man striving to live up to his influences and the organized noise in his head. It's the type of music that constantly makes you smile as you hear what the artist was trying for alongside what he accomplished. Vertical Lines A deserves all of the accolades that could possibly be thrown at it.

Amplifier Magazine:

Imagine Eno on steroids. Or Barry Bonds in a recording studio. This wacky yet ingenious collection from organic noise whiz-kid Caleb Mueller (aka Decomposure) is a listenable collection of engaging songs manufactured from sounds most folks would consider annoying: crackling paper, moving typewriters, static electricity, kitchen utensils, clacking wood, clanging metal, and bodily functions coupled with an occasional acoustic guitar or piano. Mueller's introspective art-rock identity (a la Beck, Bright Eyes or the Velvet Underground) emerges intact despite the continuous onslaught of poly-rhythmic mumbo-jumbo.


So, with string untied, present opened and music pouring out of the speakers, Vertical Lines A only furthers its uniqueness with a sound that defies any easy categorization, or rather any categorization at all. Decomposure, better known as Caleb Mueller, has both an emotive, expressive tenor and a high speed nigh rap delivery, backed by dense electronic soundscapes that are one part glitch to one part shoegazer. Needless to say, finding a contemporary to this sound proves difficult, though if you can imagine Anticon and The Postal Service crossing paths, you're on the right track. The tracks themselves, titled 'Hour 1' through 'Hour 11' (in order, mind you), jump around a bit themselves, from the Brian Eno gone hip-hop 'Hour 2,' to the slightly emo 'Hour 3' to the sci-fi poetry of 'Hour 4.' And there's merely one more new surprise with the changing of each track, showing the varied aspects of Mueller's musical identity, and invigorating the senses with new layers of electro-funk, distorted IDM and gentle ambient waves. It occurs to me, listening to 'Hour 5,' that Mueller is like the IDM Justin Timberlake. He's got soul and can definitely groove, but in ways that evade commercial viability and with the utmost of artistic innovation. With the unwrapping of this elaborate package, the listener truly is given a musical gift, one that rewards and surprises repeatedly and consistently. Now, getting that string to tie back around the thing is another to keep this one open.

Stylus Magazine:

Mueller’s music is a mess of noises that are not supposed to work together but somehow make funky, mechanical sense. He’s at his best when he walks around his apartment and clangs random objects, while crooning in a spit-shined tenor. Pots, pans, books dropped on chairs, telephones, and other random objects around his apartment are clanged, recorded and then digitally stitched together into a brilliant symphony. His math crunching rhythms that skitter and nearly fall off the tracks are much akin to the tomfuckery of Venetian Snares, Akufen, and most notably Hrvatski’s abuse of his household in his sadly underrated 7", Raume.

The Adam B Experience (ABX) Podcast #6!

The Adam B Experience

Adam B had this to say about the sixth episode of The Adam B Experience (ABX): "I'm tired and I don't have time for any flowery prose." Well we feel you homey, and when you provide us with an hour of dope music no flowery prose is required! Dig in as he serves up the latest underground jams and remember that you can hit up Adam B at and let him know what you're diggin about the show. The Adam B Experience is 100% PODSAFE and TOTALLY FREE for listeners at so no worries about downloading or sharing this show. Tell your friends to check it out at!

Download Here (right click to save)

Official Statement From MC Breed's Family

MC Breed's Family, Management Issue Official Statement On His Death
(Monday, November 24, 2008 - Chatterbox Publicity)

The family and management of MC Breed would like to release the following statement:

"We are saddened by our great loss.  More than just an artist, we mourn the loss of a beloved father, son, brother and friend.  We are overwhelmed by the tremendous outpouring of love and support during this difficult time.  We are thankful and blessed to have been in his presence and want him to be remembered for his creative, caring, talented and hard-working spirit."

Statement from Breed's Management, Darryl and Lisa Morris of Vanglorious Entertainment:

"Managing Breed changed our lives for the better.  He was more than an artist, he was family.  He touched so many and is credited with inspiring many of the hip hop acts in music today.  Words can't express how much he will be missed."

Eric T. Breed, known as MC Breed, born June 12, 1971, passed away on Saturday, November 22, 2008, in Flint, Michigan.  Breed, a loving father, leaves behind to mourn 5 children- Kiara Monique (18), Erica Ariel (16), Alexis Cymone (14), Marco "MC" Chene (9), and Eric Jalen (1).  Survivors also include his parents, Roy LeEster and Willie Breed, brothers, Pete and Kevin Breed, sister, Bridgette Breed, his soul mate Natasha Gist, nieces, nephews and friends.

Funeral arrangements are being made in Breed's hometown of Flint, Michigan by Lawrence E. Moon Funeral Home.  No additional details are available at this time.
DJ Shadow Releases "Handlebars" Remix

Courtesy of DJ Shadow:

DJ Shadow's remix of the Flobots' hit single "Handlebars" on a 45 (7") record is NOW SHIPPING! Shadow re-creates the track to give it a bit more boom-bap, and re- structures the hook. This is a rare Dj Shadow remix, and a must have for vinyl heads!

The 45 also includes the album version, and comes in a limited gatefold vinyl 45 jacket. We have very few of these, and we probably will not be able to re-stock them, so grab one NOW while they are available:

And for those of you who have not yet picked up The 4-Track Era Vol. 3:


OPTION 1: Purchase the 4-track Era Box Bundle (includes all 3 volumes in a shrink-wrapped collection slip-case! + tees, stickers, buttons, and a bonus disc!). 10 Lucky customers who purchase the 4-track Era Box Bundle will receive a free DJ Shadow/Paul Insect signed Outsider print, a free Hard Sell Hollywood Bowl Poster, and more!

Go here for more info on Option 1:

OPTION 2: Purchase any 2 tees and receive The 4-Track Era Vol 3 CD + The 4-track Era Collection Slip-Case FREE

Go here for more info on Option 2:

Option 3: Purchase any 1 tee and receive The 4-track Era Vol 3 CD FREE.

Go here for more info on option 3:

Info on Volume 3:

This is the one all hardcore Shadow fans have been waiting for! Following on from Volume 1: Best of the KMEL Mixes and Volume 2: Best of the Remixes and Megamixes, Volume 3 reveals, for the first time ever, eighteen of Shadow’s earliest original compositions. NOTHING ON THIS CD HAS EVER BEEN AVAILABLE, ANYWHERE, until now.

Among the highlights:

-The original “DJ Shadow’s Theme,” with multiple breaks and cuts colliding for a playful but intricate mission statement

-An alternative mixdown of “Lesson 4,”

-The follow-up to “Lesson 4,” “Lesson 5” which was intended to showcase 45s only (this is 1991 we’re talking about, folks!!)

-Several beats for early MC collaborators T-Mor and Paris

-“The Source Is Serious Business,” Shadow’s entry into a (never released) compilation commissioned by the Source Magazine of all “Unsigned Hype” column winners

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