Wednesday December 19, 2018
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The Source Emerges From Bankruptcy

The latest update indicates that The Source magazine is ready to rebound from financial disaster. They re-emerged from bankruptcy last week and according to a press release, The Source essentially erases all of the sins of the previous management team. Those sins included over $30 million of debts, more than 60 lawsuits and countless other liabilities. Here's the optimistic outlook from Chairman of the Board Jeffrey Scott:  "With the conclusion of the bankruptcy process, The Source is now well-positioned financially and poised for growth." Time will tell if the picture is as rosey as the one they're painting right now.
T.I. Locked Up - They Won't Let Him Out

This news has been buzzing all weekend long and we've got as a confirmed source - T.I. was arrested Saturday (10/13) on weapons possession charges. His arrest comes on the eve of a scheduled appearance at the BET Hip Hop awards. According to eyewitnesses T.I. (real name Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr.) was surrounded at a local Walgreens after a bodyguard allegedly tipped the ATF off to illegally purchased firearms the rapper sent him to cop. From there the police raided T.I.'s Atlanta home and found unlicensed weapons in his bedroom. will keep you updated on further developments. Ironically we were just sent the link for T.I.'s new video "Hurt" this weekend, which you can check out here.
Restoring My Faith In H.E.R.

Last Friday I wrote a post about all the things that I felt ruin rap albums. The next night I covered two events, the second of which was a Hip-Hop show that featured The Rising Sun Quest and Sketch Tha Cataclysm, both of whom are former Artists of the Week here at Adam's World as well as shining examples of everything that’s great about Hip-Hop.

Read the full story at:
Crank Dat Billboard Chart

Soulja Boy posted strong numbers this week clocking in at #4 with 117,000 copies sold.  That beat out last week's top rap debut as Gorilla Zoe's "Welcome To The Zoo" could only muster up 35,000 sales and a #18 debut.  R&B has ruled the charts on the urban side in the last two weeks with Keyshia Cole making an especially strong debut last week.  Kanye West remains as the only other rapper in the top ten with 92,000 units of "Graduation" moving last week putting him at #8.  50 Cent drops out of the top 10 for those still caught up in the rivalry. 

Soulja Boy's rise to the top will likely  mimic that of another boy, Rich Boy, whose debut album posted magnificent first week sales only to fall off the charts quickly.  To Soulja Boy's credit, his "Soulja Girl" single is catching on more than anything on the Rich Boy album (outside of "Throw Some D's") so he might superman dat hoe and YOOUUUU on the Billboard chart a little while longer.

Cormega Shows Us Freestyling Ain't Dead

To promote his new album and show us he ain't scared to a drop a few bars, Cormega recently gave G4TV an exclusive video freestyle performance. See it here:

Joe Budden Done With Def Jam

We were alerted to this by so respect due. If you check the website you'll notice Joe Budden has been stricken from the artist roster. An anonymous employee of Universal Music Group reported that the rapper is "looking for a new home." A posted alleged to be Budden on the unofficial site responded to a post by a fan who asked if he was on or off of Def Jam by simply posting "off." Considering how many times his albums have gone delayed or unreleased and how underutilized he was at Def Jam, this is undoubtedly for the best.
EPMD Takes Hip-Hop Honors to Task

In a recent article Erick Sermon expressed dismay that he and Parrish Smith, collectively EPMD, haven't yet been mentioned for a VH1 Hip-Hop Honor despite the awards being around four years. "We was gonna boycott because we wasn't nominated to be inducted for the Hip-Hop Honors yet. Everyone was like, 'When they doing ya'll?'" It sounds as though Sermon suspects EPMD's appearance would greatly benefit the credibility of the awards show, and this writer is inclined to agree. Sermon did give them a small measure of props though. "I guess it's gonna be around for a while because it was successful again. I think a lot more stars showed up then the previous ones." Thanks to BallerStatus for providing this news and showing that we were not the only ones dissatisfied by the awards.
How to Ruin Your Rap Album

I listen to a lot of rap albums, far too many most would say, but that's part of the job. Usually I have more albums on my desk than there are hours in the day, but thankfully some artists have found ways to make sure they don't get a full listen, or in some cases, any listen at all. For those aspiring rappers out there wondering what makes an album terrible here are some ways to guarantee your album never gets listened to by yours truly.

Read the full article at:
MC Mars - Age Ain't Nothin But A Number

Fifty seven year old MC Mars is like no other MC you’ve ever heard and no other person you've ever met. He’s been a cab driver for over 30 years. He wrote a book about his life as a cabbie titled Don’t Take Me The Long Way and recently released a rap album to accompany it titled Letz Cabalaborate. He had the good fortune to be in the studio with George Clinton at one point, a realized dream that he wrote about in his book, and anyone who hops into his cab might be treated to a live freestyle and leave with some MC Mars related material. “I sell records out of the cab and I sell books out of the cab,” Mars explains, “I’m actually grinding it out so I’m doing pretty well.” MC Mars is also living with HIV. I met Mars at an event for Beyond Race Magazine in NYC a few months ago and this week I linked up with him again to discuss his initial thoughts on the first days of Hip-Hop, how his life has changed since he was diagnosed with HIV, and tripping while on Hofstra University’s unispan.
Kokane's Mother Passes Away

We at were contacted by Lashawn, a cousin of rap artist Kokane (also known as Mr. Kane) who told us that Kokane's mother passed away this Wednesday due to complications from bone cancer. We want to send our condolences to Kokane and all members of his extended family. It doesn't help that Kokane's career has been hurt by poor promotion and bad record deals, and since his mother had no funeral insurance Kokane has to try to cover her burial expenses himself. Lawshawn asked us to pass along that if you would like to make donations for the funeral arrangements they can go to Rose Hills Mortuary in Whittier in the name of Debra Long & Zubaidah Long. Here's the address.

Rose Hills Mortuary
3888 Workman Mill Rd.
Whittier, CA 90601

(562) 739-0601 or visit for more information.

Again our condolences to the Long family during this difficult time.

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