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Evidence Hits Road in Support of "The Layover"

Press release courtesy of redmusic.com.


Sunday December 7
Evidence  @ Willies Blues Bar
401 S. Guadalupe Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Monday December 8
Evidence @ University of New Mexico/ Student Union Building Grand Ballroom
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131
Free to Students/ $10 for Public

Tuesday December 9
Evidence @ Foundations of Freedom
230 Coal Avenue
Gallup, NM 87301
Wednesday December 10
Evidence @ Orpheum Theatre
15 West Aspen Ave
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Thursday December 11
Evidence @ The Blunt Club
2155 East University Drive
Tempe, AZ 85281
Friday December 12
Evidence @ The Abbey Theatre
530 Main Ave G
Durango, CO 81301
Saturday December 13
Evidence @ Headquarters Lounge
19640 North Maricopa Road
Maricopa, AZ 85239
Saturday December 20
Evidence @ Club 1428
1428 West Bottoms
Kansas City, MO 64101

Tuesday December 23
Starline with Fashawn
Fresno, CA


Termanology's "How We Rock" Up For Voting

Press release courtesy of Kim Trick:

Termanology’s “How We Rock” Up for Voting on MTVu’s The Freshman!

Termanology – Politics as Usual (ST Records / Nature Sounds)
Release Date: 09/30/08

Termanology’s “How We Rock” featuring Bun B. has burned its way up from the underground onto MTV. The video is up for voting starting today on MTVu’s The Freshman. Only 5 videos make the cut each week, allowing college students to comment and vote on their favorite. The winning video is added to MTVu rotation the following week.

“How We Rock” is the lead single from Term’s latest album, Politics as Usual, which hit stores this September on Nature Sounds Records. The track was produced by DJ Premier, and the video is a who’s who in hip-hop, with cameos from M.O.P’s Lil Fame, Grafh, Consequence, and more, showing Bun B wasn’t alone when he said, “Termanology puts the MC back in MC'ing, he's a breath of fresh air in this dirty game.”

Vote at http://www.mtvu.com/music/freshmen/ .

Leaders of the New School - Sobb Story

Yes, another entry for no reason other than the fact I was nostalgic for this particular song. The video is embedded below. RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT, ONE-TWO-THREE!

Food 4 Da Brain - Second Serving

Press release courtesy Noah and Jay Soul.

Hope you're still hungry, as FOOD 4 DA BRAIN ‘THE SECOND SERVING’ is finally ready to burst out the kitchen.
FOOD 4 DA BRAIN- ‘The Second Serving’ contains exclusive tracks from some of the best that the UK has to offer including, GHETTO, M9, SHAMELESS, FOREIGN BEGGARS, MANAGE, BRUZA, TERRA FIRMA, VIRUS SYNDICATE, MR TI2BS, FIRST AND LAST, KASHMERE, GHOST, VERB T, MCD & MORE….
The latest single ‘BALLISTIC AFFAIRS’ is a tasty musical morsel, cooked up by the UK’s finest SKINNY MAN, who delivers a couple of piping hot verses with DEADLY HUNTA supplying a solid side order on the hook all served over a SHOW N PROVE beat platter.

Food 4 Da Brain is released on the 24th Nov for more info check out: www.f4db.com .
Check the link below to see the ‘BALLISTIC AFFAIRS’ animated video. …
* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXMEWu8miGw *

Avi Does Santogold

Press release courtesy of Shemspeed.

November 7, 2008

Has the rise of the remix meant the collapse of covers? Avi Fox-Rosen, the folk slingin-americana-song-writer, doesn't think so. In his latest release, Fox-Rosen recreates "Creator," Santogold's searing dancefloor cut that nudges tired styles to the side and extols originality.

Brooklyn based singer/songwriter/guitarist Avi Fox-Rosen is quickly emerging as a distinctive voice in music. Fox-Rosen's two full-length records: "One" and "The Amazing Frozen String Quartet" show the breadth and depth of his song craft and bring the return of true Americana music. The records span a huge range of sounds, textures, emotions, and settings. Ringing acoustic guitars collide with majestic string quartet arrangements; a lilting falsetto is offset by lap steel feedback; poetic musings are painted in simple melodies, rich textures, and danceable grooves.

EPK: www.shemspeed.com/does/avifoxrosen.html .

Avi Fox-Rosen, the folk slingin-americana-song-writer, with tabla and gamelan percussion plus strings replaying Santo Gold's "Creator" inna world-psych style.

Opting not to reassemble the hit from an a cappella and split studio tracks, Fox-Rosen runs his own plays with the vocals and calls on musical pals to add their own interpretations. He brought in multi-instrumental percussionist Jonathan Singer who layers frenetic tabla and gamelan hits with Benjy Fox-Rosen's cello and Balinese horns. The result is more East Village in the late 60s than Brooklyn in the 00s, recalling a time when George Benson recorded a jazz guitar cover of Abbey Road in the album's entirety... in the same year the Beatles released their original.

Avi Fox-Rosen's "Creator" recasts what remakes can be. He brings disparate sounds together in a way that challenges the listener while remaining pleasant, and the comparison with Santogold's original quickly transitions into the realization that this cover does indeed exist unto itself.

It's more East Village in the 60s than Brooklyn today, so dig.

* more info at www.shemspeed.com/creator *

| myspace.com/santogold | myspace.com/frosenox | myspace.com/frozenstringquartet |

Kirby D Waxes Poetic On Prostitutes

When you see an emcee on stage with a sly grin on his face rapping an ode to prostitution with a thumpingly danceable beat behind it you can’t help but take notice. I know I did. The emcee in question was Kirby Dominant and the California native had the crowd hooked with his song about his appreciation for those ladies that partake in the world’s oldest profession. After the show I immediately got in contact with Kirby D to find out more about his music, what inspired the prostitute song, and why you’re more likely to hear Aphex Twin coming out of his headphones than DJ Shadow.

Read the full interview at: http://adambernard.blogspot.com/2008/12/artist-of-week-kirby-dominant.html

FREE MUSIC FRIDAY: Black Friday Edition


Or at least stores are hoping to be in the black by the time the day is done. For those getting back after a long day of shopping or finishing up a relaxing day of staying home, here is some more free music for your enjoyment.

Arsonists - Created 1998 Mixtape: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=F00NUG9K

I know my underground heads remember these cats. Though they never quite panned out like everyone thought they would, the group had some solid albums. This free mixtape collects various unreleased tracks, singles, b-sides, etc.

Yah Yah - The Canibus Saliva Mixtape: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8HLAKDX1

How quickly we can forget. Yah Yah was a member of The Outsidaz, the Jersey group who made big waves almost ten years back with an EP and Eminem appearance. The man is making a comeback in the game and this mixtape is here to give you a refresher.

Esham - Detroit Mayoral Campaign Mixtape: http://acidrap.com/

I reviewed this joint a few weeks back and it is a tight little EP. only 5 tracks, but it's free and entertaining. I don't have to tell Esham fans to cop this, but if you've been sleeping on the man now is the time to check him.

Dub MD presents Hip Hop Renatus: http://www.mediafire.com/?m1ntu2mnydm

Underground heads keep rejoicing as the man Dub MD put together a mixtape with some of the hottest up and coming emcees. Included in this mix are Skyzoo, Access Immortal, Supastition, Sha Stimuli and more.

Zion I - The Search and Seizure Mixtape: http://www.zionicrew.com/mixtape/

These Oakland rappers have been putting down for years and managed to walk the fine like between underground, gangsta, hyphy, and any other style thrown their way. Very dope crew and a free mixtape makes them even doper - check them out.

Murphy Lee - Murph or Die Mixtape: http://www.zshare.net/download/50586709d4de6a81/

Showing the mainstream some love now, Murphy Lee was always my favorite Lunatic and he is making a come back this year. His first single has hit the airwaves and this free election themed mixtape is a good re-introduction to Mr. What The Hook Gon' Be.

That's it for this week, but stay tuned next week as we keep trying to give you free music and help you in the recession. For those looking to spend a little dough on music the following sites are having Thanksgiving sales:




Amazon.com (Top 50 Albums of the year for $5 a piece in DRM-Free MP3 format!)

Skillz Blog On Kanye West

Blog courtesy of Koch Records.

Skillz Blog On Kanye West

Please feel free to post…


So Im in Amsterdam and I’m bored as shit cuz its freezing rain outside and I’m listening to beats and what not outta the laptop and I had my instrumental folder on shuffle and I hear a beat I never heard before. I usually know what’s in my ipod( cuz its mine right?) and for some reason its baffling me that I don’t remember where this beat is from. Then it hits me, Its Kanye’s. Then I sit at my laptop and start going thru my library. Now I’ve paid attention to what he’s produced and what he’s put out on his own. From Game to Cons to GLC to Alicia Keys to 88 Keys and to this day I have never heard anyone spit over this track. Why do I even still have it? So I hit the net and do a few more searches and the only thing I haven’t listened to is 808’s. Im sure this beat wouldn’t be on that album. So I come across a MTV blurb where this girl is talking about Ye and how he used to hang at MTV and how he always talked about music and his beats and what not. So that took me back to when I first met him. I was signed to Rawkus and from what I hear they had the chance to sign him and passed on him but shit those dudes passed on Eminem! Well it was a guy there named Howie, I still don’t remember what his title was but he was the one STREET cat that Rawkus had. He knew all the people who for the most part wouldn’t support Rawkus’s music but some how he got them to listen and sometimes play it. So once I got signed I remember he would always ask what VA was like. Yall got hoods down there? Do the Clipse really move white? All kinds of shit, but he was cool( then). Dude used to get head in the office and all kinds of wild shit. So one day he tells me he wants to take me over Kanye’s crib to get some beats. Im like ” Who’s Kanye’? He’s like That Mos’s man. He got some shit. So then on the way to Hoboken he tells me the songs he did and how he’s not really like Jay and them but Jay & then dont fuck with him outside tracks. So I’m like ” Oh, from the Chi, he did H to The Izzo! I remember him from the video showing off his tattoo( for some reason that image was the only one I had). So we get there. An Apartment building and he’s sitting in front of a Roland 1680. A hard disk recorder. I had the same one I had let my man E borrow it. He had headphones on and was doing something with the machine. The apartment had records, sneakers, you know the usual shit. He asked me what kind of shit was I looking for and I told him what I tell every producer …” I don’t know, I just know it when I hear it.” So he played like 20 beats and I only really liked four. They all had samples in em and most of em where those sped up soul joints he used to do back in the day. Anyway he talked about music and this new Hov shit and mostly it was him and Howie talking. I wasnt saying much I was just chilling and cold..the heat wasnt on. Now I aint saying he didnt pay the bill..lol. Im just saying it was cold. So he burns the cd and we get ready to bounce and we’re walking to the door and he says my name ..
ye- Skillz
me- Huh
ye- Can I ask you a favor ,yo?
me- What up?
ye- If you decide to not use any of the beats please don’t rap over em and put em on a mixtape or nothing.
me- Oh! iiight
Ye- I’m for real
me- ummmm..ok
We leave and I ask Howie What was that all about. He explains that niggas just take shit and rap over it and put it out and that has been happening to him lately. I mean I did it with Aaliyah’s song and got pub so I knew exactly when he was talking about. He drops me off at the Time Hotel( with them small ass rooms) and I pop the cd in and listen to the beats again. I came up with a mean hook for one( I don’t have it anymore) wrote something to the last beat on the cd. I remember riding the train back to VA two days later and really wanting to track the song, or at least what I had written. And back in VA in the studio I played the cd and my homies asked who made the beats, I told em Kanye West but I probably wont use em. My man Irv was like” fuck that, we using them joints, lets lay something to it and give it to P Cutta. I took the cd out and changed the subject and started talking about the game the night before. I remembered the look in his eyes(Ye) when he asked me not to do that. I didn’t really know homie but he asked me and I told him I wouldn’t. I felt like if I did then I would be taking food from his mouth ya know? I wouldn’t want anyone to do that to me. I just listened to a interview where he said he doesn’t even listen to rap in his crib. Wow. Things change, People do too. I lost my mom too, so I know his pain when he talks about if he had never left the Chi then she prolly wouldn’t have either. I wonder if he would even know if I rapped over this beat now. Or would he even care? But I said I wouldn’t.

Hip-Hop Shop #13

Tonight on the Hip-Hop Shop we are pre-taped due to turkey day tomorrow (gobble gobble) but normally every week your hosts McFly and Stevie J bring you nothing but the hottest new tracks out today while discussing the latest hip-hop news and topics. Join us every Wednesday night at 10:00 PM EST, 9 Central via blogtalkradio.com/angrymarks and if you miss the live show be sure to look for the replay here on RapReviews or via our sponsor mrobandthecancer.com. The shows are 100% podsafe so distribute to your friends and tell them to visit RapReviews.com. Enjoy!

Download Here (right click to save)

* Dondria feat. Bow Wow - Boy Stop
* Hurricane Chris - She's Fine
* 88 Keys feat. Kids Incorporated - Stay Up (Viagra) Illmind Yo Business Remix
* Joe Budden feat. The Game - The Future
* Keri Hilson feat. Remo Da Rapstar - Energy (Remix)
* Trick Trick feat. Ice Cube - Let it Fly

Retwittered: The Break Ya Ankles Remix Contest

From Audible Treats:

E-40 Fans Invited to Submit Best Remix Tracks For Retwittered: The Break Ya Ankles Remix Contest on LOUD.COM      11.26.2008

Producer of Best Remix Will Be Flown To Bay Area To Work with In-Person with E-40 and Son Droop-E While 2nd and 3rd Place Winners Will Receive A Full Serato Scratch Live Set-Up And Ableton Live Software, Respectively

(November 26, 2008 - New York, NY) To celebrate the release of E-40’s 14th studio album The Ball Street Journal on November 25th, LOUD.com and Warner Bros. Records are proud to present Retwittered: The Break Ya Ankles Remix Contest. LOUD.com and Warner Bros. urge all budding producers and E-40 fans to submit their best remix of the hit song “Break Ya Ankles” to LOUD.com. E-40 will personally choose one winner, who will fly to The Bay Area to meet with the legendary hip-hop star and his son Droop-E in the studio. In addition, the winner will broadcast live backstage at an E-40 show using a Nokia Kyte phone. The second place winner will receive the complete Rane Serato Scratch Live set-up, which bridges the worlds of vinyl and digital audio files and while the third place winner will receive a copy of Ableton Live 7 LE, which provides musicians an intuitive interface and professional features for recording, songwriting, remixing, and DJ’ing.

Interested participants are directed to download the a cappella of “Break Ya Ankles” here: http://www.loud.com/contest/break-ya-ankles-remix, produce their own original beat, and submit their entry to the LOUD.com community. In addition to the prizes mentioned above, LOUD.com will interview the winner, post a webisode compiling footage from their studio and show experience, and post the winning remix on their homepage, E-40.com, and MySpace.com/E40.

E-40 is a rap innovator, a business-savvy tycoon, and one of the music industry’s most consistent success stories. The man with the terrific tongue returns with his most polished product to date, the imaginatively titled The Ball Street Journal. "This traces everything from the beginning to now," E-40 explains. “I’ve been through hard times and I've been through good times. It's like a discography of my life." The Ball Street Journal hit the streets on 11/25 on Warner Brothers / Sick Wid It Records. Retwittered: The Break Ya Ankles Remix Contest closes on December 9th and the lucky winner will be announced on December 30th. Good luck - but don't get it twittered!

Contest Instructions and Rules: http://www.loud.com/contest/break-ya-ankles-remix .
MySpace.com: MySpace.com/E40 / Imeem.com: Imeem.com/artists/e-40 .
Serato: http://www.serato.com .
Ableton: http://www.ableton.com/newsletter .

About LOUD.com
LOUD.COM was founded by SRC Records CEO Steve Rifkind and entrepreneur Joe Safina and is the online home of the Online Rap Battle and the Producer Challenge, which offers all registered users of LOUD.com the opportunity to download professional beats from hip-hop’s hottest producers for just .99 cents, use a unique online recording tool to craft their songs and have them judged by celebrity producers. One winner will receive $100,000 and a record deal with SRC Records, home of multi-platinum artists such as Akon and David Banner.

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