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Meyhem Lauren review

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Video: @LeVarsity - "#DCMS (Don't Cramp My Style)"

Video: LeVarsity - "#DCMS (Don't Cramp My Style)"

A.T.: The Brooklyn Rapper Delivers a Vibrant Visual for His 4TUNES EP Standout.

Audio: Early - "In the Mourning of..." (@itsEarlyMusic)

Audio: Early - "In the Mourning of..."

James: For Early hip-hop is more than just heavy bass and punch lines – he pays close attention to every detail regarding the music making process to ensure the greatest quality for his fans. His debut album is entitled "In The Mourning of..." which stretches the spectrum of his influences from 90s Boom Bap Hip-Hop to R&B and soul.

Audio: @ApeDrums @LilUziVert Rizzoo Rizzoo - "LFUTP" (@Biz3)

Audio: Ape Drums f/ Lil Uzi Vert, Rizzoo Rizzoo - "LFUTP"

Biz 3: Ape Drums lives up to his namesake with the gorilla-in-the-trunk bump of new single "LFUTP" Feat. Rizzoo Rizzoo & Lil Uzi Vert, out now on Fool's Gold. The bad boy DJ and in-demand collaborator (A-Trak, Diplo) returns to his Houston hometown for this raucous jam featuring Texas MC Rizzoo Rizzoo and reigning rap upstart Lil Uzi Vert. Party tested at Ape Drums shows around the globe, "LFUTP" deserves nothing less than to be played at maximum volume while driving through a residential neighborhood.

Audio: BFG - "Eventually" (@DMVLIFE1 @BFG301AMC)

Audio: BFG - "Eventually"

DMV: The talented Maryland emcee BFG (@BFG301AMC) just dropped a dope new track on us, "Eventually". Bar after bar BFG goes in over the beat, and the result is an undeniable track ready for the masses.

Video: @HeronGibran - "How I Paint It" (@ChopNShootFilms)

Video: Heron Gibran - "How I Paint It"

LS: Introducing Heron Gibran is to introduce you to a world of creative impulse. Painter. Filmmaker. Writer. MC. He is all of these things and much more. These facets of such a care-free whole are never more apparent than in the visual for his song “How I Paint It”, filmed in Amsterdam by Hot 97’s Langston Sessoms of Chop-n-Shoot Films.

Audio: D.P. Da Prophet - "Letter to My Daughters" (@DPDaProphet @IStillLoveHER)

Audio: D.P. Da Prophet - "Letter to My Daughters"

Wanja: On his new soulful song D.P. Da Prophet pens a touching letter to his daughters about life, being a father and the love he shares for them.

The (W)rap Up - Week of June 14, 2016

If you missed any of the new reviews this past week including Moka Only's "I'm Delighted" then do yourself a favor and check out this week's edition of the (W)rap Up!

[I'm Delighted]Moka Only :: I'm Delighted
URBNET Records

Author: Steve 'Flash' Juon

"The "Delightro" to open "I'm Delighted" by Moka Only is like an all-star cast of underground hip-hop leaving voicemails for one of their own. In a matter of seconds I've heard Myka 9Dan-e-oVon Pea and Donwill leave their messages of support for Moka's new album declaring just how delighted they are to be part of the project. The moment that track ends is precisely the moment where "I'm Delighted" becomes a box of "Donuts." That's not a bad thing in any way, because as the late great James Dewitt Yancey knew, donuts are a sweet treat that don't take long to eat. Unlike this year's previous Mokaalbums, which are coming at a rate faster than I can keep up with (even though I alone seem to be reviewing them), this one features none of Moka's vocals -- not even his alter-ego Ron Contour is here. I thought I'd be reviewing another of the prolific Moka's musical creations and in fact I AM, it just caught me by surprise that this is more like one of Deep's albums. In truth an instrumental album was the mental electric relaxation I needed this week as I stare down a mountain of work where I don't seem to be getting any closer to the top because the peak keeps getting further away. I don't know if Moka is ever going to reach his peak either, unless he simply burns out on the task he's set to produce more music than perhaps any other rap artist in history. It's hard to catch a specifically poor moment on "I'm Delighted" that would give one that impression, unless you counted outright stylistically copying Dilla's steelo on tracks like "Gotta Automate." That to me isn't a flaw though -- the flaw is that just when you get in a groove bobbing your head the song suddenly ends."

Kris Kross :: Totally Krossed Out :: Ruffhouse/Columbia Records 
** RapReviews "Back to the Lab" series **
as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon

[Totally Krossed Out]"I sat and pondered three different ways to tell the Kris Kross story before writing this review. The first way would be to talk about the rap group fad of the early 90's that involved discovering and marketing younger emcees artists who could put a more friendly face on hip-hop. Believe it or not even your 1990's hardcore QB hip-hop favorite Mobb Deep started out in "Juvenile Hell" dealing with "Peer Pressure." Their contemporaries were groups like Da Youngsta's and Another Bad Creation, although arguably the most famous and successful of all these crews was the Jermaine Dupri fronted creation and the "Totally Krossed Out" album covered here. It was such a crossover smash (four times platinum) it even briefly created a national fad of wearing your jeans backward. You'll think I'm kidding but I came of age when this album hit big in both pop AND hip-hop, and my high school actually had a "backwards day." The success of the marketing of this group was something else. The second way to tell the Kris Kross story would be to focus on the fact their rise to super stardom at such a early age created the same phenomenon we see with saw with so many actors on shows like "Diff'rent Strokes," showered with money and adulation and little responsibility or guidance on how to deal with both. This turned out to have fatal consequences for Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly later in life, as each album after "Totally Krossed Out" had diminishing returns with increasingly higher expectations to repeat their initial success. That pressure led to drug use and abuse which caused Kelly to spiral further and further downward. A fourth album recorded in the early 2000's was never released, and his final performance with Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith was at their mentor Dupri's 20th anniversary concert for his So So Def imprint. Ironically Kris Kross was never even part of the label, as it was their success with Ruffhouse/Columbia that launched Dupri's career as a producer and gave him the clout to start So So Def in the first place. Kelly died of an overdose on May 1, 2013."
Audio: @MackensonBP - "Gwap A Lot" (@rRAPpromo)

Audio: Mackenson - "Gwap A Lot"

RRP: Canadian rapper and producer Mackenson is back with the new banger, "Gwap A Lot." Mackeson, who now resides in Miami, FL, is known for his high-energy songs with uplifting melodies and though-provoking lyrical flows.

Audio: Madecipha x @MCEstoeric @MCJohnnyWae - "Unbreakable" (@VillainsDC)

Audio: Madecipha f/ Estoeric, MC Johnny Wae - "Unbreakable"

Villains: This song appears on Madecipha's 5th record, "Arapnophobia" and is Available Now on Spider Bite Records. "Arapnophobia" features Esoteric (CZARFACE/Army Of The Pharaohs), DJ Kwestion (Jedi Mind Tricks), C-Lance, MC Johnny Wae, Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox) and many more!

Video: @NovaRockafeller f/ Hot Karl - "Who I Be"

Video: Nova Rockafeller f/ Hot Karl - "Who I Be"

NR: Serious thanks to the RAID dance team for all their sick moves, and JAMMYPACK for hooking up the gear!

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