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Video - Cold Men Young - "Time Bomb"
Posted by Emanuel Wallace at Monday, November 21st, 2011 at 10:55AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

From Microphone Phelps:

Every once in a while it happens.

The perfect storm of political climate and creativity, a clash of frustration and resilience to widespread apathy, a melding of art and the desire to make change in a city/state/country that has been promised so much and delivered so little. You know the feeling. The helplessness at the gas pump. The desperation at a job fair. The gnawing ache in your head every time another bill shows up or collector calls trying to squeeze blood from a stone. You know what it’s like to tip-toe around complete and utter psychological detonation. We’ve all been there, and we are increasingly fed up. We want to change our surroundings but it takes all we have to simply not explode.

tick tick tick…
You’re a daisy chain. A landmine. An IED.
You’re a mother. A father. A student. A human just trying to make it from one day to the next.
You’re a Time Bomb.
And you are not alone.
“Literally I’m livid with how limited my living is.”
Once again the Detroit based hip hop group ColdMenYoung has put together a track that speaks for all of us who know “grinding” isn’t as simple as the radio makes it sound. “Time Bomb” doesn’t prattle on about moving “weight” or driving expensive cars, instead it directs its focus to the struggle of daily living in a city that has seen better days and has little to offer the average inhabitant. This quartet knows all about that, each of the four members leading average lives while brandishing above average verbal talent. Following the success of their debut project, “Champagne Nights/Red Stripe Budget”, ColdMenYoung is poised to make even larger waves with the soon to be released followup, “YSBAF”. They have continuously demonstrated a dedication to viscerally depicting real life in a real way, a mission overlooked in an all too consumerist society.
Stay up to date with their music at, and download past projects at
Get inspired. Let your fuse burn a little more slowly. Harness that energy, and take ColdMenYoung along for the ride.


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