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GS Boyz - Booty Dew (Single)
Posted by Steve Juon at Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 at 12:00AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: GS Boyz
Title: Booty Dew
Label: Swagg Team/Battery/Jive Records

Depending on your inclinations GS Boyz' "Stanky Legg" is either the hottest dance craze of 2009 or the stupidest rap song of all time. "Booty Dew" will continue to split hip-hop right down the middle, because almost nothing has changed except substituting finger snapping for hand clapping. They still want you to lean wit it, drop wit it, switch to the other leg and stop wit it - in fact the title of this new single is a line from their last single. On the plus side "Booty Dew" has a better produced and slightly less repetitive beat, so I'll give Yung Hawk the credit he's do (dew) on production. To be honest I wonder less about the song itself and more what it means for the generational gap in hip-hop. Will today's kids think this is a rap classic 15-20 years from now? Will the GS Boyz be the Public Enemy or De La Soul of their generation? I can't lie - I hope not. This one will have them dancing in the club anyway.

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