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MP3: BBU - "Jumpers"
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MP3: BBU - "Jumpers"

From Audible Treats.

The Chicago-based threesome is back once again, building momentum for their upcoming February 2012 mixtape, bell hooks, presented by Mishka and Mad Decent. Following their latest single, "Outlaw Culture," BBU brings us the Tony Baines produced track "Jumpers," showcasing their revolutionary sound in both their lyrical content and production value.

"For me it [the message] was talking about how most of the hip-hop you hear on the radio is still centered around money, consumerism, and portraying women in a negative way," explains Illekt. "This doesn't benefit or advance people of color in any way, so I touched on our day-to-day struggles, such as death, murder, poverty, and also how we are moving away from being a society of actual human interaction to a society that relies more on social networking to interact with one another. Also, I flipped some of the lyrics from popular artists, like Drake and Wayne on the radio and used them in a different way than they were originally meant to be used."

BBU wrote "Jumpers" in response to being told that they had to relocate to NYC in order to make it by "industry professionals" after their hit "Chi Don't Dance" made waves in the blogosphere last year. Says Epic, "We left that meeting like, 'Um yeah, there is no way in hell we leaving Chicago. TREATED!" He raps, "The recipe to success is to roll over / move to NY and claim that you a New Yorker / I'm from the 'Go homie, home of Hoover, not Hova." Over handclaps and a bluesy, twangy electric guitar sample, BBU's poignant rhymes and "go f*ck yourself" attitude convey each member's different message, while staying on the same wavelength and proving them to be a unique force to be reckoned with in the hip hop world.

Member Jasson Perez sums it all up perfectly when asked about the message trying to be relayed in the song, "Just that we know how to rap. And that we aren't that bad at it." Not bad at all.

Download "Jumpers" here: .

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