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Free Music Fridays: One Day Late Edition
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Hey heads, I apologize for the super delay. An urgent situation happened that ended up with my internet being disconnected for the day. But no worries, we back like cooked crack...or some cooked chitlins! Either way, we stay funky and addictive. Because we provide y'all with some of the the best free-ness money's too jealous to buy. Check them out!

Diamond District – In The Ruff (Clean Version)

[Huh man! If you don’t know about Oddisee, X.O., and YU just yet, then you’re missing out on some soulful type of music. This mixtape should be in your eardrums just once and it’s guaranteed to give you something you’ll like. Diamond District may be “In the Ruff,” but it stays so smooth at the same time.]


00 Intro
01 Streets Wont Let Me Chill
02 Who I Be
03 Back To Basics
04 I Mean Business
05 Get In Line
06 In The Ruff 
07 The Shining  (Produced by Dunc)
08 The District
09 Make It Clear
10 Off The Late Night (Produced by Slim kat 78)
11 Let Me Explain
12 First Time


DJ Mensa Presents: Take it All With You

[Here's a new mixtape from Toronto's own DJ Mensa called "Take it All With You." It includes all the dope joints from Foreign Exchange, Little Brother, Carlitta Durand, Darien Brockington and more. Take a listen!]

Take it All With You


Rhymefest - The Manual....produced by scram jones....

[A super cool rapper from the Windy City name Rhymefest has been in the game for a bit, so he and Scram Jones decides to make a manual of it aptly named "The Manual". This mixtape is full of dopeness and it should keep the heads satisfied until "El Che" comes out].

1. Who is Che? [Intro]

2. Coolness [prod. by Scram Jones]

3. Native Tounge Medley Pt 1 [prod. by Scram Jones]

4. Native Tounge Medley Pt 2 [prod. by Scram Jones]

5. Native Tounge Medley Pt 3 [prod. by Scram Jones]

6. Deal's A Deal (ft. CL Smooth and Haffa) [prod. by Blick & Scram Jones]

7. Rhymefest vs. Big Daddy Kane [prod. by Scram Jones]

8. Think About It! (ft. Sadat X) [prod. by Scram Jones]

9. Tender Thug (ft. Mike Payne) [prod. by Scram Jones]

10. SuperSonic (Chucky Cheese) [prod. by Scram Jones]

11. Wup Your Ass (ft. Nice Peter) [prod. by Nice Peter]

12. Pulls Me Back [prod. by Matrax]

13. Party 4 Free (ft. Gregg Nice) [prod. by Scram Jones]

14. Overpaid Lover [prod. by Scram Jones]

15. Exodus 5.1 [prod. by Animal House]

16. Goin In (ft. Queen Latifah) [prod. by Dub Sonata]

17. Memory Lane (Doo Wop, Scram Jones, and Nature) [prod. by Scram Jones]

18. Rgyme Slow, Rhyme Quick (ft. Scram Jones) [prod. by Scram Jones]

19. Prove Myself (ft. Hafta) [prod. by Scram Jones]

20. RNQ [prod. by DJ Premier]


Sniper - The Scope's On You Vol 2 (Hosted by Green Lantern)

[This English-bred rapper named Sniper is making his big bang this year by releasing a sequel to his well-known mixtape "The Scope's On You" with DJ Green Lantern. This "Part 2" edition proves that Sniper got his aim on the bull’s-eye and the ears on all the heads wanting some bangin’ music .]

1. 3Fifty7

2. S.N.I.P.E.R

3. Movemaker feat. Memphis Bleek

4. In Yo Life feat. Akon and Illestr8

5. Manga (Greko Beat)

6. Around the World feat. Memphis Bleek (Merzerio Remix)

7. Area (Euromix) feat. Curtis Young and Rick Ross

8. DJ Crazy feat. DJ Green Lantern, Freeway, and Copywrite

9. Bitch

10. Greatest Cost feat. Trackman

11. Champion

12. You Should Be Here feat. Nyce


Truck North and DJ Bear-One present...Truck Jewels

[Straight outta Philly is a crazy hip-hop group called Truck North. This group earned respect from many, including the legendary Roots crew. So you know this ain’t no joke here. Check them out!]


1. Live at the Knitting Factory (Black Thought, ?uesto & Truck North)

2. Money on the Floor (feat. Reef the Lost Cauze)

3. Flyer Then the Rest (feat. Wale)

4. What More Can I Say?!?!?

5. Money Making Jam (Black Thought, Dice Raw & Truck North a/k/a The Money Making Jam Boys)

6. Git Ready (feat. Indy)

7. What It Has 2 Be (feat. Roscoe P. Coldchain)

8. 09' Mentality

9. The Never Ending Flip

10. Hard Times

11. Sucka Niggas [prod. by ?uestlove]

12. D.Y.B

13. Trapped Maybe

14. Spaz

15. Showuhow2hustle

16. Can't U See (R.I.P J Dilla)

17. On [prod. by Khari Ferrari]

18. Gimme a $ign (R.I.P J Dilla) (feat. Get Low)

19. Last Flight...


If any or the readers have some free dopeness they would like to spread around (or have some dope freeness of their own), e-mail me at I'll be waiting for 'em!

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